01x12 - Last Grimm Standing


[Dog barking]

Maybe Ruby found another raccoon.

Well, I just hope it's not a skunk, 'cause we don't have any tomato juice.

It's not the tomato juice I'm worried about.

It's who's gonna pick her up and put her in the bathtub.

Well, I can tell you who it's not gonna be.

Good luck.

You know the great thing about being married?

I never have to make a decision.

[Dog yelps]

Oh, God, now what?


Come here!


[Branches crackling]

There you are.

What's wrong? What are you doing?

Come on.



[Door opens]


Are you all right?





[Horse whinnies]





Morning, fellas.

This is, uh, Ed and Lois Weller.

Married 26 years.

Ed here is a lumber exec, recently took early retirement.

Probably not what he had planned, huh?

We got lots of prints.

Techs even found one partial in blood.

It's more like he was ripped open.

Yeah, too savage for a "b" and "e."

Something else was going on here.

Drugs maybe?

Well, the steak's raw.

Looks like someone was gnawing on it.

Animal could've gotten in here after.

Door was open.

Why would it leave the steak behind?

A lot of horse tracks.

It's not that unusual out here.

Lots of people have horses.

Yeah, except these people don't.

Let's see where they go.

Hooves are everywhere.

Hey, look at the path of these tracks.

Yeah, they came in one way...

Then doubled back.

Lot of hoofprints here and these drag marks next to them.

Ging what, a rake?

Or something clawing at the ground.

Could be something off a saddle?


You're asking the wrong guy.


No barns, no horses.

What were these horses doing on private property?

What do you think?


Hey, what's up?

Some very exciting laundry.

Ah, no wonder you called.

Actually, I'm going to the grocery store, so I wanted to check in with you about our anniversary dinner.

You do remember that, right?

Dinner? When have I ever forgotten dinner?

Ha, okay, so you're saying you want peanut butter and jelly tomorrow night?

No, I'm saying that my time with you has been the best three years of my life, and I wouldn't change a second.

And, uh, flank steak sounds great.

Okay, anything else?

Uh, no, just you.

Do you want me with green beans or asparagus?

Just butter.


I love you, I think.

I love you too.

[Phone beeps off]

We got a hit on one of the bloody prints from the cabin.

A Dimitri Skontos.

Three priors for misdemeanor possession, served one year off a cocaine rap, released on probation last month.

Nothing more violent than possession?

Drugs are a slippery slope, in case you didn't know that.

Yeah, I've heard rumors.

Well, I've got registration on Dimitri's car.

Put out an APB. What do you got?

His parole officer. Leo Taymor.

He's waiting for us at his office.

Let's go.

So, what did he do?

We placed him at a murder.

Oh, hell, I didn't expect that.

Share any details?

Couple out in forest grove.

Broke into the house. Murdered them.

Wait a minute.

You... you sure you got the right guy?

That doesn't sound like Dimitri.

Well, we've got his bloody fingerprints at the scene of the crime.

Ugh, damn.

Look, from what I know about the guy, he didn't go into prison bad.

And I know this'll come as a shock to you.

Time behind bars doesn't always change a man for the better.

He was having a hard time on the outside.

So how'd he get paroled?

Heh, that's not my job.

When was the last time Dimitri checked in with you?

Oh, um, you know...

Actually, he was...

A no-show this week, and then I didn't violate him.

Figured I'd cut him some slack.

Maybe that was a mistake.


So, does Dimitri have a job?

Um, yeah, he, uh... He works for his Uncle over at the boxing gym on eighth.

I know it.

Oh, you know, it's too bad.

Dimitri was hoping to be the next sugar ray.


Stick and move.

Come on, stay on the balls of your feet.

All right, stay at it.

Gus Pappas?


Uh, we understand your nephew Dimitri Skontos works here.

Yeah, that's my sister's kid.

Well, we need to talk to him.


A married couple was murdered last night.

There's no way Dimitri could have anything to do with that.

Well, there's evidence that puts him at the scene.

So if you know anything, sir, you should tell us.

Well, I haven't seen or heard from him in a couple of weeks.

And that doesn't worry you?

Well, yeah, it worries me. But he's a grown man, he can take care of himself.

What about his mother?

She died about four years ago.

I'm the only family Dimitri has.

Look, he's a good kid.

He did some drugs a while back, but he's straightened out.

He couldn't kill anybody.

Anybody else in here know him?

Well, most of the guys do.

Uh, Bryan there probably knows him best.

Would you happen to have any recent photos of Dimitri?

Oh, yeah, up in my office.


Looking good.

What the hell?

Yeah, I have that effect on some people.


Look, we don't have to go there now.

I'm here for another reason.

I think I can take you.

Listen to me.

I got a double murder, and I want you to answer some questions, so you can either answer them or, you know, I can let you cool off in jail for a couple days.

Sorry, okay?

I just got a little worked up when I saw you, that's all.

All right.

So where can I find Dimitri Skontos?

Don't know.

Last time I saw him was a couple weeks ago.

He came in, we worked out.

Then he went for a run.

This photo was taken last month.

Yeah, yeah, we threw a party for Dimitri getting paroled.

Well, where you guys run?

Forest park.

Man, all the guys here run there.


I'll show you.

I'm getting ready to go for a run now.

You two can follow me.

That is, if you can keep up.

[Chuckles, grunts]

Oh, to be young.

Now this is a good place to run.

It's cool up here, the air is clean.

Not too many people around, so you can clear your head.

Now what's your usual route?

You're looking at it.

Usually do about ten Miles, couple hours worth, up and around trapper's peak.

Why? You coming?

Have fun.

All right.

So how long you think it'd take us to do ten Miles?

Depends on how fast we drive.

You know, the murder site's only six Miles from here.

And that's significant why?

Well, he could have come from here to commit the murders.

That's horse manure.

Hey, it's as good a theory as we have.

No. Over there.

More horses.

[Phone ringing]

Well, it's not exactly evidence I wanna present in court.


Yeah. The address?

Yeah, I know where it is.


Patrol found Dimitri's car near an abandoned warehouse in Linnton.

They're sitting on it till we get there.

[Rap music]

Welcome to paradise.

You always take us to the best places.

Okay, so, we've got an abandoned '91 Acura registered to one Dimitri Skontos.

Gone over by the local scavengers.

There's not much left.

Engine's gone, tires are gone, radio's gone...

Seats are gone.

They left some beer bottles in the back.

Empty, and, uh, they took the steering wheel.

No bodies or blood?


Better have it gone over just for old time's sake.

Just waiting for you to give it your blessing, sir.


Guy checking us out.



Just went back inside.

If he was here last night, he might have seen something.

It's worth asking.

We're not gonna get anything from Dimitri's car.

Okay, where'd he go?

Oh, we got some blood here.

Hey! Police!

Anybody here?

Well, there was someone here, I saw him.

There's more blood.

Here, call forensics. We'll keep looking.

Oh, man.

Whole mess of blood and weird-ass symbols.

The lettering looks Latin.

Looks like some kind of arena.


For something bloody.


That'd be some pretty big chickens.

And wearing some big shoes.

Or maybe some kind of bareknuckle fighting.

It's a lot of blood for bareknuckle fighting.

Maybe they're using more than their fists.

You have any idea what these symbols are?

It's not any taggers or gang signs I've ever seen.

A part of a morning star.

Medieval weapon.

There's some pretty sick stuff going on in here.

Looks like the strap we found outside the house.

Hey, guys, over here! He's running!

I caught him for about two seconds.

What happened to you?

[Motor revving]

He had something in his hand.

I don't know what it was, but it hurt.

We better get you checked out, come on.

The son of a bitch is fast.

Come on.

I'm okay.

[Rap music]


Crossbows, morning stars, whips.

Good God.

So we're dealing with some kind of combat fighting, like a gladiator fight club.

And who signs up for that?

Friends, Romans, and countrymen.

So how does Dimitri's car end up down by an abandoned warehouse in Linnton?

He's a boxer. We found evidence of a fight.

So how does Dimitri end up in the woods, killing two people?

And who in the hell speaks Latin?

Scire mori sors prima viris sed proxima cogi.

"Man's first happiness is to know how to die.

His second... Is to be forced to die."

Took a bit of Latin back in high school.

Thought I was gonna be a doctor.

So who the hell are these people?

We don't know.

We found a leather strap at the murder site, and a similar piece of leather at the warehouse where we believe fight was held.

It looks like they're using ancient weapons.

And based on the amount of blood, I'd say it's pretty brutal.

We just got a lab report back which matches blood found on the strap with blood found at the fight.

It's Dimitri Skontos' blood, our prime suspect in the murders.

Do we know how this all ties together yet?

Not until we find out who's behind this fight.

Right now, our best lead is tracking down whoever owns that warehouse.


What the hell is your problem?

You're my problem.

Your little blood sport has gotten out of hand.

We had one escape. We caught him.

After he murdered two people.

Not a perfect world.

You screwed up.

You know what happens when they get a taste of it.

[Scoffs, chuckles]

We had an agreement.

I gave you a list.

There were specific names on it.

You were not to deviate from it.

Dimitri Skontos was not on that list.

He was on my list.


You have no list.

There is only my list in my canton, under my conditions.

Gangbangers and meth addicts don't make good fighters.

They don't even know how to die.

Where's the sport in that?

So you decided to pick one of your ex-cons out on parole, with family in this city.

He's exceptional.

He's won six straight fights.

He loves the taste of blood.

The purse is the largest it's ever been.

You'll get your tribute.

I don't care about the money.

Shut it down...

Before your greed and stupidity ruin us both.

I don't know if it's your call anymore.

There's too much money involved.

Times have changed, your highness.

Royalty ain't what it used to be.

You're right.

In the old days, I would've had you drawn and quartered.

Now clean up this mess, or I'll clean it up for you.

You and I are in this together, whether you like it or not.

So I'd be more careful on how you treat me.

[Vehicle approaching]

[Vehicle doors open and close]

[Knock on door]

Nick, it's me.

No, no, it's cool. I took care, man.

I did what you said.

I went around my block three times, once through the park, down through the northeast.

I took one trolley and then another one back to my car.

Thank you for coming.

No, dude. Thank you.

I mean, I know what you must have gone through to confide in me about this, and then to let me in here by myself.

I mean... actually, I guess it took a Siegbarst beating the crap out of you.

But, dude, this place is like...

The national archives or the freakin' Smithsonian of Grimmology.

I mean, just the sheer historical value of everything in here is... is...

Really nothing I would ever share with anyone else ever.

So what do you need from me?

What do you know about Lowen?

Ah, well, I know they'll rip your face off and then eat it.

I know that.

Yeah, well, what about, uh...

Combat fighting?

Oh, you're talking about gladiator Lowen.

They are fierce.

They're fueled by generations of bitterness.

You know, just imagine... One day, you're king of your own jungle, right?

Minding your own business.

Then suddenly you're in a net being dragged off to Rome and thrown in a gladiator pit.

Could these fights be happening today?

Oh, well, I don't know.

I mean...

Fighting for sport isn't unique to Wesen.

If there's money in it, I'm sure they could be pulling that gladiator crap today.

Okay, well, what if a... Lowen...

Was capturing other Wesen and forcing them to fight?


Look, a hundred years ago, there was always a Wesen disappearing from some Hamlet, you know?

But nowadays? I don't know.

If these fights were happening today, how could I find out more about them?

I don't know, man.

Lowen keep to themselves.

The pride mentality.

But I do know a guy who knows a guy who's, like, marginally into the fight thing.

I could...


Can you imagine getting hit with one of these?

That's gotta be a bell ringer.






Sauly here?

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

All right, after tomorrow.

No, no, no, no, seven to four.

You get that?

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

You're covered.

You know I'm good for it.

All right, beautiful.

You Sauly?

I'm on the phone.

Buddy of mine says you could find me some action.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Yeah, yeah, sorry.

Sorry, I'm back.



All right, all right, look, I got, uh, pigskin, hoops.

Got a line on a greyhound, five to three.

100% guaranteed return.

For you, on the house, no juice.

I don't bet on dogs.

I'm looking for real competition.

Something with a little more, um...

Life and death to it.

What makes you think I got that kind of thing to offer?

Word is, you track the hardcore stuff.

You're talking Lowen games.

I don't cover them.

Bet you know who does.

Be here by 6:00.

Someone will meet you and give you directions to the fight.

It's tonight. That's all I know.

What about a bet?

[Both laughing]

They'll take care of you ringside.

Of course.


[Phone ringing]

What do you got?

I got a line on the fight.

It's tonight.


I don't know.

I'm supposed to meet some guy at 6:00.

Yeah, and he's gonna tell me where.

As soon as you find out where the fight is, call me. I'll take it from there.

You don't want me to go?


I did a little boxing in college, you know.

It's just way too dangerous.

Just call me, okay?

Okay, no, fine, if that's the way you want it.

Got a line on the owner of that warehouse.

Died years ago.

The place is in probate.

City's trying to get rid of it, but nobody's taking responsibility.

Abandoned warehouse, nobody around.

Perfect place for a fight.

That's what I'm thinking.

Did you guys interview a Bryan Cooney in connection with the Weller murders?

Yeah, we talked to him yesterday at the gym.

He was a friend of Dimitri Skontos.

Well, a missing persons report was filed on Bryan late last night.

Last place you saw him was at the gym?

No. Forest park.

He was going for a run in the last place Dimitri was known to have gone.

Well, Bryan's car was found abandoned by that warehouse where the fight was held.

Where we found Dimitri's car.

Bryan and Dimitri both had the same parole officer, right?

Leo Taymor.

We didn't know Bryan was out on parole, but we talked to Taymor about Dimitri.

Now Bryan's missing.

You need to talk to Taymor again.

He might know more than he's telling us.

Nick can follow up on Bryan's car.

I'll talk to Taymor.

Be careful the way you handle this.

Taymor works for the department of corrections.

So my advice to you, you visit him at home, all right?

Let me know what you find out.

If I had known they were gonna dump another vehicle, I would've just slept here last night.

Same M.O.

Both guys went running in forest park, both guys wind up missing.

[Phone rings]

So I guess they just dump the cars down here to keep you off track.

Yeah, Burkhardt.

Hey, I'm freezing my tail off out here.

They got me waiting off the St. Helen's highway, but nobody's here.

So what do you want me to do?

St. Helen's highway? Near Linnton?

Oh, no, wait a minute. Here comes somebody.

Yeah, it looks like a... A truck pulling some kind of horse trailer.

A horse trailer?

Monroe, you gotta get out of there right now.

Why, I...



Stay with the car. I gotta go.

Monroe! Monroe?

Put your hands where I can see them!

Get the hell out.

Don't shoot.

Don't shoot me.

Where'd they take him?

Tell me!

Take it easy! I'll tell you.

[Clanging, cheering]

I was trying to make a bet, man!

You got the wrong guy!

I am not a fighter!

What the hell?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, guys.

No, no, no, no.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, guys.

This is never gonna work.

I am not the Blutbad you think I am.

We'll find out soon enough.

Think about the fight. Better get ready.

Guys? Hey, hey, hey, guys!



Aw, man, you don't look so good.

Are you one of the fighters?

I mean, that's what's going on here, right?


What's the problem?

You got something stuck in your hand?


Hey, hey, hey.

Take it easy, all right? I've been there.

When life's not treating you so good, you blame the first guy you see, but it seems to me, we're kind of in the same boat here.

We should be working together, planning on how to get the hell out of here.

What is wrong with your hand, dude?

Your hand.

You got something in it, or what?

Let me take a look. Maybe I can help.

I know a little first-aid, really.

Scouts, man.

Let me take a look.

I'm not gonna hurt you.


Oh, buddy, that is nasty.

No wonder you're a little touchy.

All right, now, let me just see if I can get a hold of it.

Oh, one quick thing, this is probably gonna hurt!

[Sharp grunt, groans]

I have no idea how that got in there, but it's out now.

[Excited grunting]

As appetizing as that might have looked to me at one time, I'm sort of doing a no-meat thing, so if we could...

Wait a minute.

What kind of meat...

Has a tattoo?


We haven't one of the Blutbad for our games for quite a while.

And thanks to Sauly.

We've got one.

Don't thank that little ferret so fast.

I'm not gonna fight.

Oh, you can fight...

Or you can die, it's entirely up to you.

But you're getting in the ring.

Get him ready.

And, uh, just in case you're thinking about fighting before you get in the ring.


[Electrical zapping]

That's the spirit.


Mr. Taymor?

It's Detective Griffin.

Leo Taymor.

[Horse whinnies]

Leo Taymor.

[Bats squeaking]



Yeah, where are you?

In a tack room at Taymor's house.

Found some horses and a whole lot of weapons for some nasty hand to hand.

What about Taymor?

Not here. Where are you?

I'm about three Miles up Jordan creek road at a barn at the end of the road.

Monroe got a lead on a fight tonight.


Uh, some bookie he knows.

My guess is, Taymor's there.

I'm coming to you.

Bring back-up.

[Phone beeps off]

[Crowd cheering, jeering]

Haec Lowen turpis elit!

Grata ludos Leo.

Hoc vespere...

"Sanguinis lavacro" facies maximis...

Propugnator Dimitri!


Wish to hell I knew what that meant.

Arma sumo vestri!


Dude, hang on, man.

I'm the guy who pulled the thing out of your hand, remember?

We got no beef.

Oh, crap.

[Light whimpering]



Come on, Blutbad!

Kill the Blutbad!

Kill him!


Fight's over. Let him go.

Leo, that's an appropriate name for a Lowen.


You're a Grimm. Unbelievable.

Monroe, get out of there.

He stays. This is a fight to the death.


If it is, it's gonna be your death.

Go ahead, shoot.

Today is a good day to die with honor...

[Crowd cheers]

Amongst my brothers, who won't hesitate to take revenge.

The privilege of leaving the Lowen games alive belongs only to the champion.

Those are the rules.

One more step and he dies.

We're both gonna die.

But the Blutbad dies first.


Stop it.

I'll fight in the Blutbad's place, for both of us.


You said the privilege of leaving alive belongs to the champion.

We don't allow guns.

And why should I trust you?

You shouldn't.

But you don't really have a choice, do you?

Give me the gun, get in the ring, or the Blutbad dies.


We have a new challenger.

Hey, get off me.

And this one is going to be a very special contestant.


Oh, dude.

Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.

But that's not why you're here.


I have an issue with a fellow parishioner.

He has... Lost respect.

So we have one who has strayed.

I'm afraid so.

You've made an attempt to return him to the fold?

I have, but he no longer fears the sword...

Here or hereafter.

Sometimes the lost lamb is the most important to God.

Is he beyond redemption?


So you don't need my forgiveness.


I need your wrath.



Give me a few minutes to get changed.

"As it was before..."

"So shall it be again."

Hace Lowen turpis elit!

Grata ludos Leo.

You're crazy, Nick.

Well, maybe that'll help.

All right, what are his weaknesses?

He doesn't have any.

Hank is coming here with back-up.

I just need to buy a little bit of time.

This isn't gonna take that long.

Arma sumo vestri!

Oh, man.

All right, here we go.

Listen to me. All right...

No, no! That's your shield.

You are gonna have to dig deep within yourself, and, like, pull up the history of your ancestors, and I mean all of them, man.

Bring it, and just do whatever you have to do.

Because whatever they have done to that guy over there, has removed any shred of humanity.

You are dealing with pure killer.

Oh, wait, wait. One more thing.

His right hand is weak, okay?

You can do this.

I hope.



That's it!

[Sirens wailing]

That's it, Nick. You got him.

You got him!

Dimitri, I'm not your enemy.

I don't wanna kill you.


What happened to a fair fight?

Hey, man.

I just wanted to say thanks for saving my life back there.

Yeah, however long that lasts.

Here it comes.

Bring it on!

Don't say that.

[Crowd jeering]

[Sirens wailing]

Police! Move out of the way.

That's my cue.


Everybody, down on your knees!

Get on your knees now!

Get out!

You okay?


Who's that?

It's Dimitri Skontos.

Is he alive?

Yeah, he's breathing.

Where's Taymor?

I don't know.

Think he got away.

You, up.

All right, let's go.

Move it.

Come on, keep moving.

[Phone ringing]


Hey, honey, I'm on my way home.

I hope it's not too late.

No, no, it's okay.

Okay. I'll be home in a few.

Love you.


[Phone beeps off]

[Footsteps approaching]

You did this, and you're going to pay.

Well, one of us is.


[Hissing, panting]