01x16 - The Thing with Feathers

Previously on Grimm...

Can I buy you dinner?

Sure, sounds great.

So how are things going with our Detective?

He's not interested in me.

You know how to make yourself irresistible.

I do.

Well, the sooner, the better.

Blood of the deceived.

I was doing some baking.

Now, don't go giving those away. I made them just for you.


You got the Burroughs report?

Gave it to me.

And the autopsy on Clyde Harrington?

It's not coming till Monday.

What about ballistics?

Nick. Go.

The wheels of justice will keep turning, at least for one weekend.


Okay, I'm going.


You're not leaving.


What if she says no?

She's not going to say no to a romantic weekend.

Oh, man. This is it. You're bringing it.

I can't believe it.

You're finally taking the big leap in front of the bus.

Yeah, I'm thinking, uh...

Yeah, maybe dinner tomorrow night, someplace quiet, romantic...

Look, take it from me.

The where doesn't matter as much as the who.

Well, if you need me...

I won't.

I wrote down the number of the place I'm staying right there.

"Whispering pines: For the rest of your life."

Will you get the hell out of here?

Yes, I'm going, okay? Good-bye, you're gonna miss me.

Au revoir, auf wiedersehen, arrivederci.

Where are you?

I'm sorry, my just car broke down.

I can't stay here any longer.

I'm waiting for a tow.

We'll have to do it tomorrow.

Tomorrow? I... I was barely able to get out today.

If... if he finds out...

I know. I'm doing everything I can.

Okay, tomorrow, but please promise me you'll be here, okay?

I don't have much time left.

I will do my best.


Any big plans for tonight?

Um, no. You?

You bet. Gonna curl up on that couch with my cat Samson, watch tapprentice marathon, and have a bite to eat.


Another badass Portland Friday night.

You got it.

[Horse whinnies]



You know it's not safe for you to be outside.

I... I just wanted some air.





It's time to eat.


No, please.

Come on, you know how important it is for you to get your vitamins in your condition.



You sure you know where we're going?

We're looking for pine meadows drive.

The house has a name. It's called "owl's nest."

♪ Give and take ♪
♪ we catch our breaks ♪
♪ we all learn to survive ♪
♪ oh, but don't look now ♪

This is where we're staying?



Then why are we here?

Oh, this is where I stop to ask where we're staying.

Be right back.

[Knocking at door]

Hey. Can I help you?

Uh, yeah.

I'm Nick Burkhardt. Uh, sorry to bother you.

I'm staying at a house called "the owl's nest."

It's on, uh, pine...

Pine meadow drive. Yeah, you've arrived.

Sorry, it was, uh, a drunk driver knocked down the sign last weekend.


[Glass breaking]



Uh, sorry, in middle of cooking.

Uh, the house is just up the road there.


Yeah, thanks.

It's not a problem.

Damn it, Robin.

You know what we're gonna have to do now.

[Car door opening]


It's just up the road.

And for the record, I was not lost.

Drunk driver hit the post.

Hey, you okay?

I get a creepy feeling from that place.


Fortunately, we're not staying there.

Oh, my God, look at this place!



Wow. It's a lot of wood.

You don't like it.

No, I love it.

I would love an igloo with you.




[Both laugh]

[Phone trilling]

[Phone message]

Hi, this is Adalind.

Sorry, I'm not here to take your call.

Please leave a message and I'll call you back.



Well put.

Gonna get some glasses.




Get inside!


Oh... you got to do something.

What's wrong?

Down at the house, they're having a huge fight, and he just grabbed her and dragged her inside.

Oh, wait, wait.

How do you know?

I just saw it.

Are you sure?


All right.

I'm gonna call the local police.

If there's trouble down there, they might already know about it, and if they don't, they should.

Yeah, this is Nick Burkhardt, I want to report a domestic disturbance at 1800 pine meadows drive.

Thank you.


Sheriff's on his way.

[Whimpers] No. No, please.

No more.

Sorry, baby...


But it's got to be done.


[Whimpers and gags]


[Gulping, gagging]

[Muffled screams]

Can I help you?

You can help yourself.



You can get in the car, you can drive away, and you can never come back.

All right. Hey, pal, I don't know...

I'm a cop.

And I do not repeat myself.


[Engine starting]

[Knocking at door]

We received an emergency call about a domestic dispute at this residence.

May I come inside?

It looks like the sheriff's got it from here.

I was so excited to be getting out of Portland, but somehow... I don't know.

Does it feel like trouble is following us?

Well, I don't know. Maybe.


Trouble again.

Maybe we should talk about this.

Talk about what?

The stuff that's been happening lately.



Who comes for her?

Yeah, it's... Been a lot.


And we haven't talked about it. Not really.

Listen, Juliette, listen to me.

All that stuff is gonna calm down.

I don't believe it.


Why isn't he arresting that animal?

If there's no obvious signs of assault...

So what, this sheriff's just going to ignore the whole thing, and pretend like it never happened?

If the wife doesn't press charges, there's nothing we can do.

Maybe she'll press charges next time.

Maybe next time she'll be dead.

Hey. Look. I know it's a lousy answer.

I wish I had better one, but I don't.

We did everything we could.


It doesn't feel like it was enough.

How'd it go?

He threatened me.

If I stayed longer, I don't know what he would have done.

Then it's going well.

Is there anything else I can do, sir?

I'll let you know.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

You're welcome.

[Clears throat] Good night.

[Phone ringing]




Hey, Monroe. It's Nick.

Nick... It's 2:30.

Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.


I have a Bikram class at 6:00 a.m., and hot yoga on too-little sleep is how groin pulls happen.

Aren't you supposed to be on vacation?

Yeah. I am.


But you need my help.

Well, I can't exactly bring the trailer with me.

All right. I get it.


What do you got?

All right, I got a cat. It's not a lion or a tiger, but it's not a house cat either. It's something in-between.

Like an alley cat?



Klaustreich. Total jerks.

Women love them, but it never ends well.

Isn't that always the way?

I don't know.

This could be a, uh, spousal situation.

No surprise there.

Molly, my girlfriend from high school, left me for a Klaustreich, so I might be a wee bit biled up about them.

He told her he loved her. He got her pregnant.

She ended up delivering his litter at prom.

Her parents were not thrilled.

Um, hate to say it, but getting pregnant in high school isn't exactly unheard of.

Well, maybe not that part, but when she told her folks who the father was, they went to the cops.

He paid her a little visit before he skipped town.

As a good-bye, he slashed her face.

Ooh. I hope they caught him.

Well, they didn't, but...

Somebody did.



All right, well, sorry for calling so late.

Hey, don't worry about it.

Especially if it's about a Klaustreich.

Sleep with one eye open.

Now, I have the whole day planned.

Tell me.

Well, it starts with a trip into beautiful downtown whispering pines...


Where, uh, you can drag me through as many antique shops as you want to until I pass out or beg for you for mercy.

Really, you want to do that?

Well, not really.



I need to pick up some groceries for our special dinner.

Ooh, sounds intriguing.


You have no idea.


6:00. Bring the money.

Can we do it later? It'll be hard for me to get out after what happened yesterday.

Look, Robin, I'm taking a real chance here.

The sooner we get out, the further you'll get.

Excuse me.

Hi. I'm Juliette. I'm actually staying at the house up on the hill behind yours.



I'm Robin.

You're lucky you live in such a beautiful town.

We don't get away from Portland that much.

I'm a vet, so weekends are bad, and Nick's a cop, so he's busy pretty much all the time.

Your husband's a police officer?

Detective actually, and he's not my husband.

Not yet, anyway.


Excuse me.

[Laughs sheepishly]

[Item thuds]

It's okay. I got it.

It's okay. Happens all the time.


I'm sure this is none of my business, but if you're in some kind of trouble, or you need help of any kind...


It's time to go.

[Squawks softly]

Look, I really appreciate you helping me out with all this.

Well, you never know when I might need a discount on...

Tincture of prickle poppy?

Yeah, that's for, um, romantic stamina.

Oh. Well...

No wonder I didn't know what it was.


Found something.

Oh, maybe it's money.

It's not money.

Passports from Brazil, Canada.

And Germany. Wonder who they belong to.

Isn't that your brother?

In all of them?

Yeah, with different names.

What was he, a spy or something?

I have no idea.

[Phone ringing]


Hey, Nick, I thought a vacation for you kind of meant, you know... Vacation for me too.

Look, I'm sorry.

You know, this wasn't part of my weekend plans either.

Hey, how was hot yoga? You pull a groin or anything?

My groin is fine. Thank you.

All right, I'll make this fast, but it is a weird one.

Some kind of bird-like creature.

Big golden eyes, uh, golden plumage...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Is this a joke?

No joke.

That sounds like a Seltenvogel, if they weren't extinct.

A Seltenvogel?

Sounds like it.

Are you with someone?

Yeah, I'm with Rosalee.

I'm helping her out in the shop, but let's get back to the Seltenvogel.

In ancient times, they were highly-valued, usually kept prisoner, you know, like a concubine or a parakeet.

Well, what made them so valuable?

Once in their life, a Seltenvogel produces this kind of large, glandular thing.

I think it's called an "Unbezahlbar."

Easy for you to say.

She thinks it's called an...



My brother has a book.

Hang on, we're looking.

Here it is.

[Clears throat]

Oh, here.


Uh, it is a dense mineral deposit which grows in the throat sack.

It develops something like an egg.

Anyway, um, yeah, if the stone gets too big, it needs to be delivered, and the trick is getting it out intact, because if it's damaged, it's, you know, worthless.

Okay, but what made them so valuable?

Well, it's unbelievably rare, for one thing, but it's also supposed to be mostly gold, if you believe in that kind of thing.

What, and I'm guessing a Klaustreich would know this too?

Oh, man, this is the woman who's with the Klaustreich?



If he's anything like the guy I went to high school with, as soon as he gets what he wants, she is going to be in big trouble, man.

And when I say big trouble, I mean she's gonna get plucked.

Okay? Big time.


You scared me.

That's a compliment, coming from you.

What are you doing here?

It appears Detective Griffin is...

Taking favorably to your cookies.

He's left a dozen voicemail messages as of this morning, if you call that a response.

And he threatened your visitor last night too.

I wish he'd done more than threaten him.

Do you realize that Peter suggested that we sleep together to ensure our authenticity?

He's lucky I let him leave in one piece.

The next time Griffin calls, I want you to answer.

It's time to move this up a notch.

I hope you realize how dangerous this is...

For me.

You can handle it.

Let's hope so.

Just be... Who you aren't.

I can't believe you remember what we had on our first date.

How could I forget that?

That was the most expensive date I've ever had in my life.

Not if you add in what happened afterward.

Ooh. Yeah, or after that.

She has your card, she knows she can call us.



We did everything we could do.

You're right.


We did, now back to us.


You should try the tea. It's new.

I'm not so thirsty.

[Phone ringing]


What, right now?

Uh, no.

Okay, no.

I'll, uh... I'll be right over.


Who was that?

It was Kevin. He needs a hand.

He, uh... he hit a deer. His car's in a ditch.

He's waiting for, uh, a tow, and needs a ride home.

[Clears throat]

Got no idea how long this is gonna take.


You do the crabs, I'll finish chopping.

Ooh, thanks.



Gotta melt the butter.


That's weird.

Glad you said it first.

She didn't call.

Maybe she couldn't.

What about the crab?

It can wait.

Okay. I'll, uh, just check to see if she's okay.

You want me to go with you?

No, no.

If it's something serious, it's better you stay here.

I know. Go.

[Phone ringing]




Uh, it's Hank.

I guess I just expected to get your voicemail again.

I've been completely off the radar.

Work's been crazy. 18-hour days. I'm so sorry.

I was just actually just about to call you back.

That's okay. Really.

It's just good to hear your voice.

It's good to hear your voice too.

[Clears throat]

I was thinking, uh, maybe we can see each other.

I mean, whenever is good for you.


I'm free for dinner tomorrow night.

Tomorrow. Perfect.

Um, I'll pick a place and call you back.

How's 7:00 sound?

Sounds lucky, can't wait.

[Branches rustling]


Hey, hurry up, we got to go.

[Bird squawks]




[Screaming and gasping]

He was on time, but you're a little too late.

You killed him.


You killed him.

You should have never involved him in our business.


[Phone ringing]

Sheriff Munson.


Detective Burkhardt, Portland pd.

I'm the one who called 911 about the Steinkellners.

What's the problem?

There's been a homicide.

Homicide? Are you kidding me?

No. Victim's name is Gary Cardero.

At least, I think that's him, he's torn up pretty bad.

Where are you?

I'm on what looks to be a forest service road about a mile or a half-mile behind the Steinkellner's house.

I'm coming out.

Hey! Get out!

Get... Robin! Get out!

This is your fault!

[Phone ringing]


Where are you? I just saw him driving her up to the house.

I'm on my way back.

Just stay in the house until I get there.

Get inside!

Timothy, please. I can't.

We've already done this once today.

Once is never enough when you're expecting, sweetie.


[Sighs] Open up.


Okay. Okay, let's put a little...

A little weight on that baby.





Turn it off.


Yeah, you're a Klaustreich. Now, turn it off.

[Whimpers, gags]



It's gonna be okay.

[Gasping and coughing]

It's gonna be okay.

You're gonna be okay.


I'm gonna get you out of here.


Oh, my God, you poor thing.

What did he do to you?


He told me he loved me.


Let me get you a glass of water.


You're a Grimm.

Um, yeah.

Why are you helping me?

[Quietly] Uh, can we talk about this later?



Look, I called the sheriff, he's on his way.


Yeah, he's pulling up to the house right now.

[Siren wails]


The sheriff is Tim's cousin. He... he knows all about this.

He's part of it.



Where is she?

The guy from up the hill took her.

He was here. He had a gun.

He's a cop.

He's a Grimm.

He wants her for himself.

That's not gonna happen.

All right, we need to get you out of here.

No, you don't understand.

There's only one road and they'll be on it.

They're coming.

Go after her.

But what about you?

I'll sneak outside and call state police.

You've gotta help her, Nick.

Oh, Juliette.

I know, but this is why you bought it for me in the first place. Now, go.

Car's still here!

They gotta be around here somewhere.

Not gonna get far with her in her condition.




Oh, man.


We gotta get you out of here.

It's time.

Oh. I don't know how to do this.


You have to...

Take it out.


[Phone ringing]



Hey, Nick Burkhardt here. I need your help.

What's wrong?

Well, I'm with... Robin, the Seltenvogel.

Nick, you need to get that stone out of her before it cuts off her airway.

Yeah, I know, but how?

Is that Nick?

He called you? You called her?

Can you guys do this later? That girl needs help.

She says I need to take it out.

You grab the book. No, you... no, you need to cut it out of her. Do you have a knife?

Uh, yeah, I do.

Okay, right here. Oh, boy.

Okay, the cut should be made vertically along the widest point of the Unbezahlbar.

The... the skin should be pretty tight, so you just need to press the knife through the flesh until you feel the hard surface of the stone.




Nick? Update.

Uh, a little busy here.

Oh, it says be really careful not to cut the jugular.

Uh, not helping.

You want to get close, but not too close.

How will I know if I'm too close?

Dude, you'll know. Tons of blood.

Trust me, it's not pretty. I've been there.

Okay. Okay, okay. I think I'm, uh... I'm done.

All right, now slip your hands into the cut and gently detach the Unbezahlbar from the Faserig membrane holding it in place.

You should feel a slight pop when it separates.



Okay, it popped.

Okay, that's great. Just, um...

Just simply lift it up and out.

Oh, God.





Oh... wow.

How is she?


Seems to be breathing a lot better.

I think she's gonna be okay.

Nice goin', dude.


Hey, call me later, will you, when this all calms down, okay?

[Phone beeps off]



I think this is yours.

I don't want it.

[Clears throat]

I never did.


Real nice job you did there.

Yeah, saved us a lot of trouble.

From what I understand, if this thing breaks...


It's worthless.

Okay, and so are you, if you're dead.

All we want is the stone.

Yeah? How about a little catch?

No, no, n... Now, take it easy.

Look, we're not greedy, we can cut you in.

Do you have any idea how much that is worth to us?

Oh, really?


Are you insane?

Well, I'm in the woods, I just cut a golden egg out of a girl's neck.

You tell me.

Hey, sheriff.




Keep the gun on him.


Well, you know what they say, Tim.

In order to make an omelet, you got to break a few eggs.


Okay, look, I know that this weekend didn't turn out the way I planned.

And, uh, I think the thing of it is, you kind of have to make your own perfect moments.


Juliette, will you be my wife?

I can't.

I love you so much.

And I really, really want to marry you someday.

But I can't right now.

Because of what? I'm a cop? Is that...

It's not because of your job.

It's... you.

I feel like you've been keeping things from me.

You've been so closed off.

I know how hard Aunt Marie's death was for you.

But until you can let me back in again...

I can't say yes.