01x22 - Woman in Black

Previously on Grimm...


What have you done?

I don't have any powers.

You've taken everything.

Farley Kolt.

Put the coins on the bed.



You'll never find them again.

What the hell?


[Breathing heavily]

He's not himself.

He's been acting weird.

I'm just, you know, worried about him as to what he saw.

Has he said anything?

No, but I can tell there's something not right.

Hank's got to be shook up about this in some way.

You know, I mean whether he's talking about it or not, when I saw him looking up at me, he was freaked.



And it's a look I've seen before, let me tell you.

I'm sure you're hoping it will just go away, and he won't say anything, but look.

This is not, like, your ordinary nightmare, okay?

He knows he was awake.

And his brain is trying to process the unprocessable.

I mean, what did you think when you first saw one woge?


I thought I was going crazy.

Right, well...

Hank's probably going through the same thing, you know?

You know, with you, it was one thing.

He was hit. He was knocked out.

He was a little dazed.

But I mean, he saw Brinkerhoff change.

That is so not going to make it any easier.

Trust me, mental hospitals are chock-full of people who have spent their lives trying to wrap their minds around things they've seen and can't explain.


But hey, look, with Hank, He's already seen a bunch of crazy stuff.

With any luck, it'll wear off in a couple, three years.

[Inaudible dialogue]

[Camera shutter clicking]

[Camera shutter clicking]

[Phone rings]


I found your friend.


It's time for you to get on a plane to Portland.


You don't look like you slept too well.

I didn't.

What's going on?

The usual suspects, tossing and turning.

Must have been something I ate.

What did you get from Interpol?

File on Akira Kimura.

Ah, yeah.

One of the guys responsible for killing your parents.

It's a great way to start your day.

And get this, they tied him to the beating death of a coin collector in hamburg.

Turns out the victim was the dealer who sold the three gold coins to Sam Bertram here in Portland.

I'm not sad those coins disappeared.

You know, that's a nasty-looking guy.

The hell is that thing on his face?

It's called the Aegishjalmur.

And it means what?

Helm of awe.

It's a symbol the vikings wore for invincibility.

You know what?

I'm going to trust my flak jacket.

We got our last known whereabouts on Mr. invincible?

Lisbon. 14 months ago.

[Ominous music]

♪ ♪

Welcome to the Portland governor, sir.

Where's Marquesa?

I found a lot more than him.

[Tense music]

I've got something very special for you.

[Cat meows]

Why don't you come out and see your new home?

That's a good girl.

Marquesa was tied to a jewelry store robbery here in Portland 2 1/2 months ago.

The owner, Sam Bertram, was killed during the robbery.

Now after that, Marquesa killed a police officer, gained access to the precinct using his uniform in an attempt to get at a police captain.

That's where I became intrigued.

I couldn't figure out why Marquesa went after a police captain after he pulled off a heist.

So I did a little more digging on your behalf.

And that's when I found out...

There were three gold coins discovered in that jeweler's stomach the night he was killed.

Now I got all this from the coroner's report.

How did you get this report?

'Cause ex New York City cops generally get what they want, which brings me to my next subject.

These are the two detectives that handled the case and killed Marquesa.

This is captain Renard, the guy Marquesa went after.

This guy?

I don't know how he figures into everything.

He's a local guy. Repairs clocks.

I believe he's a police informant.

And I think one of these men either has the coins or knows where they are.

Our deal was for me to find Marquesa.

Well, I did that.

These coins, however, present a whole new business opportunity.

So you want to be my partner?

This is the guy Marquesa went after.

That's him coming out of his condo.

I got names and addresses on all of them.

You need me.

Not anymore.




So, Mr. Adams, you must have found something that wasn't good for you.


Hi, Juliette. I'm glad you remember me.

Of course I remember you.

Well, I just wasn't sure if I should come by since things didn't work out with Hank, you know.

Oh, stop.

I don't take my patients based on their owners' social lives.

I'm glad you came in, and I'm glad you brought your cat.

Well, I am relieved to hear that because Majique seems to be pretty sick.

Oh, no.

What seems to be the problem with miss Majique?

She's just not herself.

She's sluggish. She won't eat.

I'm pretty worried.

Do you think it's serious?

Well, I hope not, but I'm probably going to want to keep her overnight to run some tests.

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

[Cat purrs]

Oh, you seem to have the touch.

[Cat yowls]



I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

Yeah, it's an occupational hazard.

I'm sure she didn't mean it.

She's a good kitty, aren't you, Majique?


[Trunk slams]


Where's the body?

First floor, room at the back.

It's a little messy.

Well, what do you we know?

Uh, male, mid-40s.

Looks like somebody took a weed wacker to this throat.

Checked in three weeks ago under the name Nathaniel Adams.

Clerk says he kept to himself, paid his rent, listed his home as New York City.

There was no sign of forced entry.

Maid discovered the body about an hour ago.

You weren't kidding about the weed wacker.

Looks more like a hatchet.

Except his head's still here.

Who rolled the body?


That's the way the maid said she found him.

Well, this body's been rolled.

The pattern on the carpet matches the blood on his shirt.

That could have been the killer.

There's no wallet, nothing in his pockets.

Maybe a robbery.

There's nothing in the room except for a coat...

Got it.

Hanging behind the bathroom door.

[Police radio chatter]

There's a key here. Let's look around.

[Car beeps]

There we go.

Hey, we got some equipment back here.

Cameras, lenses, monopod.

Let's see what he was taking pictures of.

[Phone rings]

[Computer beeps]

Download's done.

Let's see what this guy was shooting.

I hope it's not something too gross.

What the hell?

Was this guy watching us?

I don't know. Better find out.

All right, we better tell the captain.

I'll call him.

Might be a good idea to put some uniforms at our houses.

Got it. I'll send one to the captain's.

[Elevator bell dings]

[Suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

Oh, no. Patty.

[Cell phone rings]


[Ringing continues, growling]

Where are the coins?


Where are the coins?

Where are the coins?

Where are they?

[Landing blow]

Who are you?

I'm the one who asks the questions.

Where are the coins?

[Groans] I don't have them.

They were taken from me.

Give me his name.

Farley Kolt.

Kolt does not have them.

I found him in Los Angeles.

I wasted three days finding out he didn't have them.

I don't plan to waste that much time with you.

[Breathing heavily]

Look, I told you, I don't have the coins.

Where are the coins?

[Hisses] [Knocking on door]

Captain? Sergeant Wu.

Detective Griffin wanted me to come over and check on you.

[Knocking on door] Captain?

If you can hear me, please open the door.


Listen, I'm not sure he's home.

I'm going to get the key from the super.

Stay here.

[Siren wailing]

Hey. You locate the captain?

No. Not yet. Knocked on his door, no answer.

Checked his car. It was in his parking space.

Just got the key to his condo from the building super.

Let's do this.


He's down!

Radio for backup.

I'm going to need backup and an ambulance at the captain's residence.

[Door closes]

He's alive.

His housekeeper's not.

He wanted the coins that were stolen from the jeweler.

I told him Farley Kolt had them.

And he said he found Kolt in Los Angeles, spent three days with him, and was sure he didn't.

You might want to check with LAPD if Kolt's body has been found.

I doubt he left him alive.

And if he didn't wind up with the coins, who did?

Maybe he got rid of them before this guy caught up with him.

I don't think this guy thought so.

That's why he's here in Portland.

He had photos of all of us.

Me, Nick, and you, captain.

They were taken by a private investigator from New York.

His body was found this morning at a downtown hotel.

And we found a camera in the trunk of a rental car.

Downloaded the photos. That's why we came after you.

That's lucky for me.

He had no intention of leaving me alive.

You get a good look at him?


Asian, mid-40s, he had a tattoo on the side of his head.

Sounds like the picture of the guy out of New York.

What picture?

Akira Kimura.

Who is he?

Yeah. That's the same guy.

Akira Kimura.

He was somehow connected to my case on Roth and Flynn.

The guys who came for the coins.


God knows those coins aren't healthy to be around.

And we did a little more digging, found out Kimura is tied to a secret organization called the dragon's tongue.

It was founded in 1901, connected to the Japanese imperial army.

It went underground after the Japanese defeat in World War II.

But it appears the organization has resurfaced with ties to the Yakuza.

We got a report that Kimura was identified by state police in hamburg, Germany, three months a, now he's here.

I want you to tear this town apart and find this son of a bitch.

We think he hired a private investigator out of New York.

We found photos of you.

And me, Hank, the captain, everybody on this investigator's camera.

The same investigator we found dead today.

We think Kimura killed him.

Why would he kill the guy he hired?

Remember those coins I was telling you about?

Oh, yeah. Everybody died?

Why would this guy come after me, man?

I've never even seen the coins.

He probably won't, but we don't know that for sure.


Now all three guys involved in the jewelry store robbery were also involved in the killing of my parents.

I just found out Kimura was tied to them.

He might be the last link I have to find out why my parents were killed and who killed them.

Okay. I got it.

He's super dangerous, and you want to catch this piece of garbage alive.

I want him alone and not in an interrogation room.

So you want a little Grimm time?


I could probably help you with that.

I think I found just what you need.

Says here this Grimm captured this Siegbarste with his trusty crossbow and an arrow filled with schlaftrunk, which is basically a sleeping toxin.

He was able to subdue the big fella with one shot to the neck.

And they were able to keep him alive?

Uh, yeah.

Just long enough to draw and quarter him, which is not actually as easy as it seems.

You need a lot of ropes and chains and, like, a minimum of four horses, but all you need is some schlaftrunk.

Let's hope your aunt has some.

Got it.

How much do we need? There's not much left.

[Flipping pages]

Um, they don't really say in the book.



If you're supposed to use an eyedropper, I'd say a little probably goes a long way.

It better.


Thanks for looking out.


I'm upstairs. Coming down.



I don't really feel like cooking.

Do you?


Where do you want to go?

I was hoping that you would ask.

I made a reservation at Laurelhurst market.

One at 9:00 in your name and one at 10:00 in my name just in case, you know.

Just in case what?

I don't know.

Things have been going pretty well lately.

Knock on wood.

Uh-huh. Keep going.

Well, you've been around a little bit more.

A little bit more attentive.

Mm. And?

Ooh. What bit you today?

Not a bite. It's just a scratch.

From a...










Guinea pig, sidewinder, what?

Just a cat.

Just a cat?

You never talk about your patients that way.

What, you have to put one down?

No. I wasn't going to tell you.

Tell me what?

You promise you won't get mad?

About a cat? Why would I get mad about a cat?

It was Adalind's cat, and I know that you don't like her, and she knows that too.

She didn't even want me to tell you.

Let me see that.

Nick, what's the matter with you?

Take it easy.

How long ago did this happen?

Today, just before lunch.

Baby, I get scratches all the time.

Not like this you don't.

You don't understand.

Yeah, I don't understand.

You're getting all worked up about nothing.

You don't know her like I do. Okay?

You know, you said that once before. What does that mean?

Okay, we need to get you to a doctor right now and get that thing checked out.

I'm not going to a doctor for a cat scratch.

Listen, your life could be in danger.

That's ridiculous.


I'm tired of this.

You don't understand what she is.

What? What is she, Nick?

She's an attractive, successful woman.

You saved her life once.

I don't know what it is you have against her now.

What is it that you're not telling me?

Do you have some kind of relationship with her?


Then what is it?

She's a witch, okay?

You're going to need to try a little harder, Nick.

What? Does she ride a broom?

Because I distinctly remember her getting into a BMW.

You don't know what's going on here, Juliette.

Then isn't it about time you tell me?

You're going to the doctor.

I told you, I'm not going to a doctor till you tell me why you're acting so crazy.



You want the truth?

Yeah, the truth would be nice.

Get your coat.

I told you, I'm not going to a doctor.

I know. You want the truth, you're going to get it.

All right, I guess I should have figured this would have something to do with aunt Marie.

Nick, I've been inside your aunt's trailer. I've seen all the crazy stuff in there. I don't know what you expect to show me that I haven't already seen.

Juliette, please.

Look, if you want to understand why I was attacked in our house...



If you want to understand why my aunt was attacked on the street...


And if you want to know why you were kidnapped by that crazy woma..

Time for you to scream.

Time for you to scream.


You're just going to have to trust me on this one.


How often do you come here?

Whenever I have a problem I can't figure out.

What kinds of problems would lead you here?

Something started happening to me around the time my aunt died.

I guess it was destined to happen.

I just didn't know about it yet.

I started seeing things I couldn't explain, and I thought I was going crazy.

But before she died, she told me that some of my other relatives have this same problem, ability-- whatever you want to call it.

This trailer is filled with things you can't believe.

It's the history of my ancestors who were-- now stay with me-- sort of like hunters.

What did they hunt?

See, this is where it gets a little difficult to explain.

Yeah, you're going to have to try.

I know. I know.

Okay, this is going to sound a little weird, and I know it's going to sound a little weird, okay?

[Inhales deeply]

Here goes.

I can see things that--

That what?

That most people can't.

You mean, like, ghosts?

No. No. Not the dead.

Well, that's good.

Look, apparently, my ancestors from Germany, the Grimms, well, I guess I'm related to them. My mother's side of the family had the same ability.

What kind of ability are we talking about?

See these books? They're filled with drawings made by my ancestors and some other people who had the same ability. And the drawings are of Wesen, which is how they like to refer to themselves.

Who, the Grimms?

No, the Wesen. And that's what I can see. What the Grimms could see. And there are all kinds of them. They're kind of like species that exist within us-- some of us. Anyway, there's Blutbad and Bauerschwein, Fuchsbaus, Eisbibers. Remember that fire dancer Ariel?


She was a daemonfeuer.

A dragon thing.

And they're all in these books. Look.

Lowen are a kind of lion.

Look at the picture here.

Juliette, I mean, I'm not making this up. I mean these lowen were running an illegal fight ring that dates back to the time of the gladiators. They were fighting with these. Ancient weapons.

This is a morning star.

There's a rifle in here that shoots special bullets to kill Siegbarstes. But first, you have to dip them in this stuff here.

This stuff right here. Siegbarste gift.

Gift means poison in German.

The point is I can see these Wesen in what you would see as a perfectly normal person. When they go through something called the woge, which is kind of like this emotional surge, that's when I can see them. I know how this must sound, but I swear to God, it's all true.

Look, you want to see who Adalind really is? This is what Adalind really is, a hexenbiest.

Juliette, you got to read some of this stuff. I mean, the stuff's that's in English because most of it's in German. And there's actually some of it in French, Spanish, and even Latin. Oh, there's some of it in Japanese.

They all look like stories you'd read in a book, but they're not. They're real.

There are things in this trailer that you can't believe.



And film of Hitler and the Verrat shooting people in 1936. The Verrat worked with the seven royal families, which I'm just beginning to learn about. Juliette, I can't tell you how it all fits together.

Even my parents were killed because of this. My aunt was a Grimm all these years. I didn't even know it. Look. I can show you film right here that will blow your mind.

[Door closes]


I know how this sounds. This is why I didn't want to tell you. This is why my aunt told me I shouldn't be with you.

You need to talk to somebody, Nick, but it's not me.

Juliette, I'm trying to explain.


Okay, remember that hair you found on the horse when it was attacked? You couldn't figure out what it was. That is what I'm talking about.

You need professional help!

No, Juliette.

Look, yes, I understand why you're saying that. There's one more thing I can do to prove to you--

Nick, please. Stop, okay! You're really scaring me!

I don't want to scare you. I just want you to know the truth.

Come with me. Just give me this one last chance.

Hey, Nick. Juliette.

What a pleasant surprise.

I think.

Come on in.

All right.

So, um, can I get anybody a drink or--

Okay, you need to tell her.

Um, tell her--

About you, about me, about everything.

You know, I'm really sorry.

I have no idea what he expects you to do.

Monroe, you need to show her what a Blutbad is.

Okay, I-- you want to explain to me how we suddenly arrived at this crucial crux kind of a zenith pinnacle moment?

Juliette got scratched by a cat.

Um, well, that's too bad, but I'm not sure how that qualifies--

The cat belongs to Adalind.


That's actually not so good.

And I took her to the trailer.


No, Juliette.

I-I showed her everything, I told her everything.

She thinks I'm crazy.

Ho, okay.

So we're just kind of jumping out of the old airplane without a parachute here, huh?

Monroe, you're my last chance. You have to do this.

Nick. Enough.

Juliette, I don't care if you believe me anymore. I'm just worried about you.

You're worried about me?

You don't understand what Adalind is capable of.

I'm going home. This is ridiculous.

[Sighs] Okay, okay.

Just give me a second to get into it.

Juliette, wait, wait.

Okay, Juliette.

Monroe is going to show you something right now.


Just wait.

Now, Juliette, remember, what you're about to see is just me.


Oh, God.

What happened?

What did I do? I-I warned her.

I told you what would happen if--

Look, this doesn't have anything to do with you.

We have to get her to a hospital.

Oh, dude.

[Glass shatters]

[Woman singing in foreign language]

We're canvassing the area hoping to find someone who's seen the suspect.

Yeah, I've seen him.


Checked in this morning. Paid for three days, cash.

What room is he in?


Hey. Hey, stay where you are.

Robinson, stop her!

Ma'am, stop now.

Hold up.


[Sirens wail]

[Tires screech]

[Tires screech]

[Train whistle blares]

What else did she tell you about this cat? Anything?

Just that Adalind brought it in, and it scratched her.

And she wouldn't believe anything I said about Adalind.

That's why I brought her to the trailer.

That's why I brought her to you.

Okay, I get it.

But I got to tell you, it was a little on the short side for a warning.

When did she get scratched?


Look, Nick, I know you're hoping the doctors are going to be able to do something for her, but you saw what happened to Hank, you saw what happened to your sergeant.

We got to get our hands on that cat, man.

Detective Burkhardt?


We have her stabilized.

If this is an infectious disease, she'll need to stay quarantined.

Normally, cat scratches are not that dangerous, so there may be something else going on here.

The tests are going to take quite a while to run.

There's nothing more you can do right now.

I suggest you go home.

As soon as we know something, we'll call you.

Look, Nick, I know you want to stay here and be with Juliette.

I do.

But that's not going to help. Let's find that cat.

All right.

[Cell phone rings]



Sergeant Wu got a hit on Kimura at the palms motel.

But when they went to check on the room, they were attacked.

Are they okay?

For the most part.

But it wasn't Kimura. It was a woman.

And we're thinking he's working with a woman who's not to be messed with.

So watch yourself.

You too, Hank.

We keep the cats on this side.

If we kept them with the dogs and the birds, they'd be screeching and hollering all night.

Okay, how do we know which is the cat we're looking for?

Well, the name of the owner is on every cage.

Do you know the name of the owner?

Yeah, Schade. Adalind Schade.


Oh, hello, Majique.

You don't look very sick to me.

[Cat yowls, cage rattles]

Yep, that's probably the one.

How's it going? Everything all right?

Yeah, there's nothing happening out here.

All right. See you in the morning.

All right, stand back. Stand back.

Don't get too close. We got to knock this thing out.

If you don't have any drugs that'll do it, a 2x4 would be fine by me.

How's Juliette?

We don't know yet.

I'm so sorry, Nick.

You think you can figure out what this is?

I'm going to do my best.

First, I have to test the cat's claws, but if I can't get it from the cat, I'm going to have to go see Juliette.

Okay, are you good here for now?

Not really.


Hey, where you going?

I'm going to find Adalind.

[Cat yowling]

[Cage rattles]

[Cat yowls]

Maybe it just doesn't like me.

Blutbaden and house pets don't really mix.

Except, you know, as the occasional between-meal treat.

I'm going to start with some valeriana officinalis.

[Cat hisses]

[Cat screeches]

All right.

[Suspenseful music]

[Footsteps approach]

No, no, no. Don't shoot.

Hey, come on. Put it down.

Who were you shooting at?



[Cell phone ringing]


He was here at my house, Nick.

Tore it apart.

All right, I'm on my way home.

If he hit your place, he's probably going to hit mine.

Is Juliette home?


Well, don't let her go home.

She's in the hospital.

What? What happened?

Is she okay?

I don't know yet.

But I can meet you at your place.

No, you stay. You take care of yours.

All right. Then call for backup.

Don't worry. I will.

[Glass shatters]

You sure this is going to knock that feline out?

It won't knock it out, it will paralyze it for about 30 minutes.

That should give us enough to check its claws and saliva.

Okay, lift the cover.

[Cat screeches]

[Dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[Medical equipment beeping]

[Beeping faster]

[Footsteps approaching]



You are the Grimm.

You have the coins. Give them to me.

I'll give you this!


You killed my parents!


Why did you kill them?


Find what you were looking for?


[Hisses, moans]


Nicky, it's me.