02x03 - Bad Moon Rising

You're gonna have to talk to your counselor tomorrow if you want to change those classes.

But I don't want to change them.

Yeah, I know, but in my humble opinion, five A.P. Classes is a bit much.

It's your senior year for crying out loud.

You've gotta save a little bit of time for fun.

I'm pretty sure that's what college is for, dad.

I'm gonna go finish my essay.

Love you. Love you too.

You want me to wake you up in the morning?

No, I only have a few more days to sleep in.

I'll go see the counselor tomorrow, but I'm not promising I'm dropping all the A.P.S.


Got it.




I know you.

You're the policeman that brought me to the hospital.

Dr. Saliman told me all about you.

I owe you a thank you. No...

It's no problem.

Those are pretty.

They're for you.

What's that for?

These are some pictures.

Of what?

Can I just show you?

Yeah. Yeah.

How you feeling?

I'm okay.

I just want to get out of here.

What did the doctors say?

Not a whole lot.

They said I looked pretty good for a girl who's been in a coma for three days.

And what about that scratch?

That cat scratch? They don't seem to think it's a big deal.

I don't really know.

So what are these pictures?

That's you and me in front of my house.


It looks like we know each other pretty well.

She works at the clinic with me.

And that's bala. I delivered that dog.


So you remember where you work?

Yeah, of course.

I've worked there for five years.

All right, this was taken two years ago at Chris and Melissa's house.

Chris and Melissa Becker.

Well, I guess we really know each other pretty well.

Like... like really well.


Like sleeping together well?

We live together.


For how long?

Three years.

I don't know what to say.

You don't have to say anything.

It's just... can I hold on to that for a little while?

Absolutely. Yeah.

I guess I'm feeling a little tired, actually.

I'll stop in later.




There once was a man who lived a life so strange, it had to be true.

Only he could see what no one else can... the darkness inside.

The real monster within.

And he's the one who must stop them.

This is his calling.

This is his duty.

This is the life of a Grimm.

We don't know the extent of Juliette's memory loss, or even which areas of her brain are affected.

Well, she seems to be remembering a lot of stuff.

[Quiet chuckle]

People, places... Dogs.

Just not me.

There is the possibility of prosopagnosia, when a patient has trouble recognizing familiar faces.

I've seen cases when a mother can't recognize her own children, but as I said, we won't know until we've done more tests.

So there's nothing I can do?

For right now, the best thing you can do is be patient and try and help her remember.

Why can't I remember you?

Come on.

Come on.

She's not gonna come out?

I'll come get you out.

There you go. Come on.

[Muffled] No... No...

Come on. She's kinda feisty.

Hey! Hey!

I got her, Todd.

[Muffled cries]

Yeah, there we go. There we go.

Ooh, we've got the perfect place for you, little lady.

This'll cool you off.


[Muffled cries]

You got it?

Yeah, I got it. Come on.

It's okay.

It's okay. You got it?

Here we go. It's okay.


Easy does it.

[Muffled cries]


Sleep tight.



You said you were having trouble sleeping and some periods of anxiety?


Yes, that's right.

How loas this been going on?

A few weeks.

Can you describe your feelings?

Just... Jumpy.


I'm on edge all the time.

A lot of strange stuff going on lately.

Like what?



[Rats squeaking]

It's kinda hard to explain.

And when did the nightmares begin?


I was on a murder case.

Witnesses were having trouble remembering what they saw.

My partner and I secured a suspect at a theater.


[Cries out]

I shot him.

That must have been very upsetting.

It's what happened after that.

He... he changed.

What do you mean?

After... after he fell, after I shot him...

What do you see?

What are you remembering?

Detective Griffin?

[Strained groan]

He changed.

I know he did. I saw it.

Detective Griffin...

[gasps, cries out]

Detective Griffin!

Detective Griffin!

[Panting] I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that.

II think we just need to go a little slower.

Why don't you sit back down?

Yeah, you're right. The, uh...

Shooting got to me.

Well, there's a lot more to it than that.

Please, sit back down.

Look, uh, thanks, but I gotta be getting back to work.

Well, we still have some time.

I appreciate your help...

But I've gotta go.

All I'm saying is, odds are, if she doesn't know you, she's not gonna know me.

I know, but we were the last two people she saw before she went out.

That, actually, might not be such a good thing.

Oh, I forgot to bring her flowers too!

Nick, you know, just don't get your hopes up, that's all.

They're not up. I'm just thinking maybe seeing us together will help jog her memory of me.

That's assuming she remembers me, which I seriously do not think is gonna...


What are you doing here?

Uh, wha... I...

Just wanted to see if...

I mean, we, Nick and I... we wanted to see if you, you know, how you're doing?

You remember Nick?

I'm trying.

You remember Monroe?

Yeah, of course. He saved my life.

Actually, Nick was kind of primarily the guy who saved your life.

You were?

Sort of.

Hey, I got a... just... remember that dinner party you had at your place, and you made that delicious honey pepper cedar plank vegan salmon?

Right. I gave you the recipe.

Yeah. So you remember who was there?

You and me.

Well, I'm gonna go.

Why don't you two talk a bit?

You know, catch up and all that.

Okay, sure. I mean, why not?

All right. Bye.


I'm glad you dropped by. How have you been?

Oh, good. Yeah.


And you've been... you've been here.

I have been here.

How are they treating you?

How do you know Nick?

Oh... Uh...


I guess she's calmed down, you know?

[Pulley squeaking]


Who are you?

Don't you remember, Carly?


Last time I saw you, you were finger painting on the side of my house and your mama got real mad.

Mm, not as mad as we got when you all took off.

Your daddy brought shame down on us when he took your mama and you away.

What are you gonna do to me?

We're gonna take you back into the pack.

It's good to see you again.

Any suspects?

Not yet.

It was a hell of a fight.

We checked with her place of employment, but there was none.

Her house is paid for, so is her car.

Plenty of money in the bank, so whatever she was up to, it was a cash business.

You think she was dealing?

Her house was full of herbs, roots, medicinal stuff... and a lot of mirrors.

We've got the lab tech sorting through it now to see if there are any controlled substances.

She have any relatives?

A daughter.

We have a name?

Adalind Schade..

Yeah, I remember her. She was, uh...

One of the lawyers we had to protect... very pretty.

We know where she is?


She disappeared.

Her landlord says she took off around the time her mom was murdered.

No forwarding address.

Her cell phone was canceled.

You think the daughter might have done it?

I think we need to find her.

So do I.

[Phones ringing, chatter]


How are you doing?

Hanging in there.

You don't sound like it.


Look, I've been doing this a long time, and, uh, I think maybe it's starting to get to me.

Well, there's been a lot of stress lately.

I put three bullet holes in my closet, Nick, and there wasn't anything there.

I just came from seeing a therapist, and to be honest, I lost it.

You're a good cop, Hank.

I was. I'm not so sure anymore.

Hey, look...

Now, I know a lot of weird stuff has been going on lately, but...

I'm thinking about going to the captain, Nick.

I'm not sure I can do this any more.


Look, I don't trust myself.

And that's not good for either of us.

Listen to me.

You and I need to talk, you know, about some of these things that have been going on lately.

I Hank.

There's a guy here asking to see you.

Seems pretty upset. Says he knows you.

Jarold Kampfer?

Yeah, I know him. Where is he?

Coming at you.

Hey, man, what's going on?


I'm sorry to bother you, Hank, but I think something's happened to Carly.

Carly? Are you kidding?

Here, sit down. Thanks.

Jarold, this is Detective Burkhardt, my partner. Nick...



Jarold Kampfer, old friend.

Now, you think, uh... is Carly in some kind of trouble?

Yeah, I don't know.

Um, she was supposed to meet with her school counselor this morning and she didn't show up, and that's not like her at all.

When was the last time you saw her?

Uh, last night, before she went to sleep.

Uh, I left early this morning for work, so I didn't want to wake her up, so I didn't check on her.

And then I got the call at work from her counselor asking where she was, so I went home, checked in her room, and her cell phone was there.

She never leaves her cell phone at home.

Her laundry was there, her bed was made.

She never makes her bed, so I don't even think she slept in it last night.

All right, was there any sign of forced entry?

No, no, no.

I mean, Hank, I don't know where she is.

Have you or Carly received any threats?


How old's your daughter?

She just turned 17.

Right, right, right.

A couple weeks ago. Yeah.

She still seeing that Robert guy?

No, no, they broke up last month, but I called him. I called her friends.

Nobody's seen her. Nobody knows where she is.

What about her mom?

No, Lisa passed five years ago.

It's just Carly and me.

Was there anything missing from her room?

Um, clothes, computer?


Was your daughter involved in any groups, gangs?

No, no, she's never been in any kind of trouble.


It doesn't make any sense at all.

And I didn't want to call the police until I was sure something was wrong.


Is there anything we need to know about your personal life?

You know, uh, work, associates, anybody you might owe money to?

Nick, I-I've known Jarold since high school.

We were on the football team together.

Carly's my goddaughter.

I'm really, really worried, Hank.

I know.

Now, let us check out a few things before we file a missing persons report.

I'm gonna need the names and numbers of anybody she could be with or anybody who might know where she is.



I promise you, we will find her.

I'm gonna go run some predators.

All right.

Coyotls. Ugh.

Mean, nasty, little bullies.

The kind of guys you don't want to run into in a dark alley or a parking garage, under the bleachers.

Okay, we're talking street gangs of the wesen world?

Yeah, pretty much, I mean, minus the black leather jackets and the steel-toed boots.

So it would be a big deal to leave the pack?

Dude, the biggest.

I mean, they're like, "once in, never out."

It's a serious no-no.

You really know a coyotl who did and lived to tell about it?



These look like fertility symbols.

You have any idea what that means?

Uh, well, Nick, when a mommy coyotl and a daddy coyotl love each other very much... okay.

Typical coyotl.

I mean, it's all about breeding.

Or inbreeding, as the case usually is.

The female is taken by a member of the pack into the fertility matrix.

That's the stakes with the skulls, I'm guessing.

So are we talking about some kind of mating ritual?

According to this, that's how they introduce females to the pack.

[Scoffs] No wonder Hank's buddy moved back to Portland.

Talk about in-laws.

Says here they must complete the aseveracion, or "ritual consummation" after the female's 17th year.

The whole ceremony starts with ritual feasts, where coyotls slaughter dogs and other small animals.

Interesting footnote: The number 17 represents immortality, which supposedly breeds strength and longevity into the pack.

Does it mention when after the 17th year this consummation is supposed to take place?

Sure does. It's one of the classics.

Under the full moon.

Well, let me guess, that's...


It's not a good night for me. I'm staying in.

Well, I gotta go.

Hey, don't you want to hear how it went with Juliette?

Well, does she remember me?

Uh, well, no, but listen, doesn't it seem strange that the only thing Juliette doesn't remember is you?

Like, maybe that was Adalind's plan all along.

Yeah, but I've gotta find this girl.

Okay, thanks for talking to Juliette.

I'm gonna call you. Okay.

Oh, man.

I don't know, Hank, these are all her friends.

None of these people have it in for her, and I've talked to most of them already.

We've got to talk to all of them.

How you guys doin'?

Got a long list, that's about all.

What about you?

Nothing concrete.

Hey, Jarold, I'm gonna get some coffee.

You want some?

Yeah, that would be great.

Thank you.

Look, I'm gonna tell you something, and you're probably gonna get all upset, but I want you to know, I am on your side.

Look, I know what you are.

What are you talking about?

Uh, you're a coyotl... I hope I'm pronouncing that right.


I'm a Grimm, and I'm gonna help you find your daughter, but we don't have a lot of time to talk before Hank gets back, so if there's anything you think I should know, now would be the time.

Does Hank know about me or about you?


No, and that has not been easy to deal with.

Yeah, I know.

Could there be a coyotl connection to your daughter's disappearance?

I don't know.

I never thought about that.

It's been so many years since we left.

Lisa and I wanted to raise Carly in a more normal environment.

Look, what do you know about theaseveracion?

I know it is a barbaric ritual we don't want any part of, but that's Lisa's family, and they live back in Texas...

Oh, my God. What?

You just come up with something?

Yeah, Lisa's family...

[Clears throat]

In Texas were pretty angry that we left.

Uh, accused me of breaking up the family, and things got pretty heated, which is why I left the way I did, but I haven't spoken to them in over ten years.

I know you never liked them, man, but in all these years, you never talked about them like they were crazy enough to do something like this.

Yeah, well, there are some things about your family you don't even tell your closest friends.

All right, give me a name.


It's his sister I married. Hayden Walker.

Do you really think this is... Well, it's a start.

What happened when your wife died?

Did they come to the funeral?

No, they treated her like she never even existed.

I thought you said Hayden Walker lived in Texas.

Yeah, he does.

Not anymore. He's here.


Even got himself a record.

Four traffic tickets in two months.

One disorderly conduct.

Yeah, that sounds like Hayden.

Is he a mechanic?

Yeah. It's the one thing he can do.

I know where he's working.

See anyone you recognize?


All right, we'll talk to the boss.

Now, if Hayden is here, leave it to us.

Stay in the car.

[Clears throat]

Mm, mm.

I know what you're thinking.

First you get the bike, then you get a tattoo, next thing I know, you're driving to Sturgis, South Dakota.

I don't know about the tattoo.

What can I do for you two gentlemen?

We're looking for Hayden Walker.

Yeah, me too. He called in sick two days ago.

Well, he listed this address as his place of residence.

Yeah, I let him stay here when he first got to town, but he found a place.

We need the address.


Where is he?

Hayden's not here, but we do have his address.

If he has Carly...

Jarold, all we know is he's in town, it doesn't mean he's got her.

Now, we're gonna take this one step at a time.

Hayden Walker, Portland police!

Open up the door!

You smell that?


Dead body?

Smells like.

[Door opening]

[Groans, coughs]

[Flies buzzing]

[Retches] Oh.


You all right?


No, I'm not all right, and neither is the son of a bitch that lives here.

We need to tear this place apart, find out where he is and fast.


[Coughs] Mm.

Hey, Nick, I think I got something here.

[Well pump squeaking]



[Tense music]

♪ ♪

Time to wash up.

Want you nice and clean for the ceremony.

[coughs, gasps]




What happened? Was he in there?

No, but we know where he might be.

We found a deed of foreclosure for a place called renniker farm out on sawmill road.

Now, Jarold, here's the deal.

You might be right about this guy.

Nick and I are gonna check the place out and drop you off at home.

No, I'm going with you.

That's not a good idea.

Hey, I know Hayden. You don't.

He might be a help.

Helpful or not, I gotta go.

It's my daughter. Hank, it's Carly.

All right, but you stay in the car until we figure out what the hell is going on.

Put it on.

[Eerie music]

♪ ♪

It's not gonna be so bad. You might even like it.

I remember when your mother went through this too.

She didn't learn.

You don't turn your back on your family or your traditions.

[Whimpering] No.

The world you ran away to doesn't understand what you are.

It's the pack that protects you.

Please, don't do this.


[Intense music]

♪ ♪


Welcome home, Carly.

Oh, man, it looks like we got trouble.


Some cops came by the shop looking for you.

They say what for?

No, no.

But Marty gave 'em your address.

So what? We're not there.

Well, they sure as hell know about Hayden, and they knew to look at the shop, so you might want to be a little more concerned.

We have to finish this.

We will.

So what else did you find in Hayden's apartment?


Yes, you did.

I can smell it on you.

Okay, look, there were some dead animals in there.

Now, Jarold, whatever this guy's into, it's not good.

No, it's not good, Hank.

I know what this guy is capable of.

I know him.

All right, then tell me, what is he into?

We're here.

[Rock music playing]

♪ ♪

Don't worry.

Play it cool.



Okay, that's him.

That older guy, right in the middle.

That's Hayden.

And I'm guessing those two other guys are his sons, Todd and Kyle.

They were kids last time I saw 'em.

All right, listen, just stay in the car.

Let us handle this.

[Car door opens]

[Rock music continues]

♪ ♪
♪ baby, take it slow ♪
♪ I'll show you what I know ♪
♪ give this dog a bone ♪

Hayden Walker?


Have I done something I don't know about?

No, we just want to ask you some questions.

Turn down the music, Todd.

[Music lowers]

What can I do you for?

Happy to help you any way I can.

What's the problem?

We're looking for a missing girl.

Your niece, Carly Kampfer.

Carly's missing?

Well, that's terrible.

I haven't seen her in years.

It's sad to say, but we don't have much contact with that side of the family.

You came all the way out here from Texas, and you didn't bother to reach out to them?

Didn't think we'd be welcome.

Why is that?

[Car door opens]

Where's Carly? I know you have her, Hayden.

Where is she? I know you have her!

It's awful to hear that Carly's missing.

I know you have her, man! Where is she?

Get back in the car.

I was just telling the detectives I have no idea.

Where is she?

Get back in the car!

Detectives, now, I don't know what he's told you, but he took my sister from our hometown, and I haven't seen her in years.

How would I know where Carly is?

I haven't seen her since she was five.


I got him.

Well, that fella's a loose Cannon.

It's a shame you drug yourselves all the way out here for nothing.

How'd you find me?

If you don't mind me asking.

I don't mind you asking.

[Floorboards squeak under footsteps]

Oh, my God.

This is bad, Hank.

Yeah, it is.

[Stifled screams]





Looks kind of upset.

Hey, Nick.

Let me see you for a second.


Remember the motorcycle we saw at the auto body shop?


Just saw it at the back of the barn.

So they knew we were coming.


Then I think we ought to tear this place apart.

I say we bring these guys in and sweat 'em.


Look at that.


I want my daughter back, you son of a bitch.

You got my daughter. I want her back!

If I only knew where she was.

My daughter!

I want my daughter!

[Stifled screams]

Come here! Son of a bitch!

Give me my daughter!

Give me my daughter!

Dad, they're at the well.


Get the guns.

Yeah, come on.






It's gonna be okay, Carly.

Quit your firing.

You'll hit the girl.

Come on.


Don't let them get me. Don't let them get me.

We're not gonna let that happen.

You don't know them! They're gonna hurt me!

I need you to calm down and listen.

You don't know what they're gonna do to me!

No, no, no. You can't go out there!

They'll kill my dad! Then they'll get me!

Let me go! Hey, no.


No. I'm not gonna hurt you.


I'm not gonna hurt you.

Don't kill me, don't kill me.

He's gonna kill me!

Carly, he's my partner!

Let me go!





Hey, don't! Get out of the way!

It's just Carly.

No, it's not Carly.

You don't see what I do. She's changed.

Now, I'm not crazy! I saw her.

I saw her too.

No, you didn't. Nobody does.

I saw her change. Hank, you're not crazy.


Hank, what you saw really happened.

And I saw it too.

[Morphing squelch]

Okay, I see what they are.

But right now, she's just Carly.

You ain't going nowhere.


She might be hurt.

This is all his fault.

He's the reason why the cops are here.

Let's kill him now.


We got something special for you.

We'll get rid of the cops first.

Time to show 'em what we're really made of.


You couldn't see what I saw.

I can, Hank.

Just like I saw brinkerhoff and the wildemann and others that you haven't seen.

Yeah, then you're crazy too.

I thought I was.

Then I found out it was a lot more complicated than that.

Look, we don't have a lot of time to talk about it right now.

Just, you have to believe me, Hank.

I know what you've been going through, and I know what you've seen, and I've seen a lot more of it for a lot longer.

I'm sorry, Hank.

I didn't mean for that to happen.

I just...

I thought he was gonna kill me.


He's a Grimm.

That's what they do.

A what?

A Grimm.

It's sort of a family problem.

Look, I promise I'll explain it better later.

But right now, you just have to trust me.


We need to talk!

I want to come in.

I'm unarmed.

We can work this out where nobody gets hurt.

He's lying.

But if anything happens to me...

Jarold dies.

You good with that?

What's he trying to pull?

He thinks he's got an advantage because of what he is, but he doesn't know what I am.

So we're gonna let him in.


Is he gonna do what Carly did?

I think so.

You've got to be ready.

Oh, I'm ready.

Hayden, come on in!

[Tense music]

♪ ♪

There's no need to get serious.


[Guffaws] I just want to talk.

Not armed.

Glad to see you're okay, sweetie.

Don't talk to her.

You're under arrest.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Oh, come on, guys.

You know this is never going to court.

[Laughs] You fellas, you have no idea what you're dealing with.

Let me show you why.



Coyotl, right?

Yeah, Hank.

That's the second one today.

That's right. He's a Grimm.

Anything happens to me, they'll kill you all!

It's time for you to scream.


Let's go.

He's killing them!

Make him stop!

When they're done...

There won't be nothing left.

She's mine.


[Guns cocking]

[All growling]

Guns on the ground.

He's a Grimm.

Put your hands up.


[Both grunting]

[Bottles clatter]



[Laughs] [Gun cocks]

[Metallic thud]


Daddy, daddy! Baby.

I got you.


I got you, I got you. It's okay.

I got you.

It's okay, it's okay.

Who was in your room that night?

Kyle and Todd.

They got in through the window.

And about what time was that?

I think about 8:45.

I'm not sure exactly.

You all right, Hank?

You know, I've filled out a lot of reports.

They're always pretty straightforward: Names, dates, who did what to who and why.

But... This...

This one, I don't know.


It's the first time I can't really write what I know.

Well, you don't have to put everything down, do you?

You saved Carly's life, Hank.

I hope that's all that matters.

Hey, man, you know it does.

I mean, it's not easy being this... Different.

I would have told you the truth if I could have.

Nothing's changed, okay?

I'm just glad you came to me.

Hey, so let me get this straight.

In the last six hours, you've arrested six villains, saved a damsel in distress, and reunited a family, while I filled out three dozen overtime reports and scrubbed out the coffeemaker.

Yeah, we've all put in a rich, full day.


Hank, I know today has been... don't even try.


Today's been one of the better days of my life.





Because I might be crazy, but now I know I'm not alone.


[Cell phone rings]

It's the hospital.


Hello, Mr. Burkhardt. This is Dr. Saliman.

Juliette is ready to be discharged.

You can pick her up this evening.



Well, Juliette, this must be really weird for you.

Like, I'm a stranger in your house.

But, to me, this our house.

Well, the doctor said familiar surroundings should help.

So, I think, in a little while, things will start to come back.

Yeah. No. Um, I'm sure you're right.

Did that window break?

How did that happen?

[Grunting] [Glass shatters]

That was a bird.



I'm pretty tired.

Good night, Nick.

Good night, Juliette.

A 12 to 18 inches in some