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01x12 - I Got This
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Previously on Pure Genius...

When I opened Bunker Hill I made a promise that I would save everyone who came through these doors.

Cheng: This is Louis Keating.

He's been diagnosed with GSS.

Bell: It's a neurological disease.

Brockett: Extremely rare.

I've been assigned to Mr. Keating.

I'm Nina Cooper.

I did have the genetic test done, and it came back positive for GSS.

I need more data from the animal models for approval of a human trial.

The study wasn't approved.

Do you regret the decision you made back in Ohio, giving the boy with leukemia the unapproved drug?

What the FDA doesn't know can't hurt them.

Mattress for Ms. Ray?

Uh, second floor.

All of it.

What's in the boxes?

Oh, probably 1,200 thread count sheets, lavender aromatherapy candles, and animal crackers with the elephants removed.

I may or may not have read her rider.

Um, quick question.

I need your help. Okay.

Uh, my mom hasn't been feeling well lately.

Cramps, she says her back hurts, she's been nauseous.

I swear it's these stupid Chinese herbs she's been taking. She refuses to see a real doctor.

So she's meeting me for lunch today, and I was thinking you could maybe bump into us?

You know, talk her up in Mandarin.

Do your whole charming priest thing and trick her into seeing you.

Angie, if you're really concerned about your mom, why don't you just have a real and honest conversation with her?

Yeah. We don't do that.

Courtyard, 1:00.

Thank you.

ID, please.

I'm chief of staff.

Can you remind me why this patient is worth all this ridiculousness?

I had to fight my way through paparazzi to even get in here.

Oh, come on. That voice?

Plus, she's America's sweetheart.

Four Grammys, six platinum records, and no celebrity feuds.

Also, the best love life ever.

Her song "You Got This" is about breaking up with Drake.

Or Harry Styles or an underwear model, it's unclear.

Channarayapatra: It'll be all right, it'll be all right, 'cause you got this.

You got this. Good morning, Dr. Channarayapatra.

Is everything all right?


Y-Yes. Yes, I'm fine.

I-I've just got to operate on the larynx of one of the world's greatest pop singers, but I am not nervous.

♪ You've got a big ♪
♪ Ah... hey ♪
♪ Bang bang into the room ♪
♪ I know ya want it ♪
♪ Bang bang all over you ♪
♪ I'll let you have it ♪

Yeah. Just another patient.

♪ Ah... hey. ♪

Hey. (whispering): Hey. How's he doing?

Any progress?

It's been less than 12 hours since we gave him the treatment.

Okay. It's so early.

You got to have faith, Bell.

Okay? You believe in this treatment, right?

I do.

Then it's gonna work.



But in the meantime you can't keep visiting him every five seconds.

People are gonna wonder what's up.

I will keep you completely updated, okay?



Go run your hospital.

Okay, thank you.

Is the rumor true?

Georgia Ray is here?

Oh, right. Have to go say hi.

I can't believe you know her. What is she like?

Couldn't be more normal.

Rose hip tea, it's very important, you don't understand.

It's for the Georgia Ray.

I need 20 pieces of assorted sushi, no unagi or I will send it back.

Georgia: Those lilies are reminding me of an ex.

Get them out of here and replace them with hydrangeas.

Assistant: On it, Ms. Ray.

And I need something else to wear.

I-I feel like a whale in this thing.

We do have other colors available, Ms. Ray.

No. Don't even think about it.

That's why I have a staff.

(bird chirping)

Okay, everybody, shut up.

The doctors are here.

We want you to know, Ms. Ray, that we understand what a scary diagnosis this is for an artist.

The good news is your laryngeal cancer is stage I.

It is very treatable.

Verlaine: And even better, Dr. Channarayapatra here has been developing an incredibly precise type of laser microsurgery.

So we can remove your cancer without damaging the other healthy tissue in your throat.

And what about my vocal cords?

We won't know with absolute certainty until we go in.

From your scans, it appears that your vocal cords aren't affected.

And we have a new technology that will tell us for sure.

Dr. Verlaine.

Check it out.

We've been working on these gold nanoparticles.

They stick to the cancer cells and show us exactly what tissue we have to carve out of the throat, so we don't touch anything we don't need to touch and we only go in once.

Ms. Ray, we are gonna do everything possible to get you healthy and to protect your voice.

Well, James says you're the best there is, so I'm gonna put my faith in you.

Bell: Georgia.


I'm so sorry I'm late.

How are you? Apart from the cancer, which, don't even worry about it, you got the dream team here.

You're basically cured just being in the same room as them.


No. James.

You are so kind to have me here.

When we first met, we were just yacht-hopping.

Bell: Yacht-hopping's the best.

You don't actually hop between yachts, you just walk; it's a misnomer.

Georgia: And he said, "I'm starting this new hospital.

"Any time you need anything, just call me."

I had no idea a year later...

Well, here I am.

Bell: Don't even worry about it.

We got you covered. If you need anything to make your stay more comfortable, I'm here.

Everything is perfect. You don't like your flowers.

They're gonna bring me some hydrangeas instead.

I got this.

(laughing): Ah. (laughs)

Got this. Oh...

Brockett: Skylar Stevens.

She had a root canal two years ago.

Her doctor prescribed her OxyContin.

She got addicted and then accidentally got pregnant.

She tried to get clean but then relapsed.

Couldn't get a prescription for Oxy anymore, so she turned to heroin.

She overdosed a week ago.

Was treated at County, but she's been unable to control her addiction.

How far along is she?

30 weeks.

Using a drug implantable's very risky, especially on a pregnant woman.

As a pediatrician, I've seen this happen way too often.

If we don't get this woman clean there will be another tiny little baby born completely screwed by the choices the mother made.

I can't not do something.

Hi, Skylar.

Good to see you again.

This is Dr. Wallace.

Thank you so much for taking me.

Of course.

Skylar, these are the drug implantables I was telling you about.

We want to implant four of these in your upper arm.

They would continuously release low doses of buprenorphine over the next ten weeks.

That way, when your baby comes, you will be drug-free and so will your baby.

Thank you.

I-I-I don't know how I got here.

When I got pregnant I thought, I want to keep this baby.

I would do anything for her.

I would get clean.

And I did... for a couple of months.

But it is so-so hard, you guys.

Before we agree to administer the implantable, I need to know that you're absolutely committed to getting clean.

If we put the drug implantable in you, and you continue to use heroin, you'll overdose and you could die.

Dr. Wallace, I'm having a baby girl in ten weeks.

I will do anything.

I have to get clean before she comes.

I promise you I'm ready.


Let's schedule an appointment for the implant.

Thank you.

Verlaine: I'm injecting the gold nanoparticles.

They're attaching to the cancer cells.

What's up?

The cancer's more invasive than we thought.

And it spread to her vocal cords.

Can you get it out safely?

Believe so.

What's that gonna do to her voice?

(sighs) I don't know.

But it's her voice or her life.

Okay, let's do this.

What's going on?

Just got an alarm.

Skylar's having severe stomach cramps and her heart rate's spiking.

It could be withdrawal.

And it could be pre-term labor.

Let's see what we've got... Skylar, tell me what you're feeling.


Really bad, Dr. Wallace.

Okay, let's check out that baby.

Brockett: Fetal heart rate is dropping.

A prolonged decel.

(monitor beeps)

This baby's in serious distress.

Oh, my God, oh, my God.

Okay, Skylar. It looks to me like you're in premature labor.

The baby's ready to come out.

I can't have this baby. I can't... It's too early.

This baby has to come out.

Right now. Let's do it, let's go.

Stay calm.

We may have just ruined one of the greatest voices of all time. Now what?

We didn't have a choice, okay?

We saved her life.

What about a voice box transplant?

Yeah. We could do that.

You transplant the trachea, larynx, nerves, and vocal cords from a donor...

Who's the donor gonna be?

Adele's not giving hers up.

Channarayapatra: Hey, James.

Unfortunately, we're not gonna be able to give Georgia back her exact voice.

Unless we grow it.

Verlaine: Here we go.

What? We grow stuff all the time.

So you're saying artificial vocal cords?

Cheng: Yeah. An exact replica of her original vocal cords.

We'd extract bone marrow...

Isolate the stem cells...

And grow them into cords.

Is she okay?

You both made it through the C-section very well.

When can I see her?

Well, she's in the NICU, but I can show her to you on the monitor right away.


That's her?

She's so tiny.

Three pounds, eight ounces.

Skylar: What is Dr. Brockett doing with that blindfold?

Is everything okay?

Adjusting to the harsh stimuli of the outside world can be very uncomfortable for a baby detoxing from heroin.

Dr. Brockett is trying to limit her exposure to loud noises and bright lights to reduce her stress.

I should be in there with her.

We're gonna do everything we can for your baby, but in the meantime you need to focus on recovering from your surgery and getting off drugs... that's gonna be hard enough.

I can administer a low dose of morphine for your pain.

No. I don't want anything.

It will also help you in the early stages of withdrawal.

I don't want any drugs in my system ever again.

Look what I did to her.

(monitor beeping)

Wait, what's going on?

Right now you need to rest, and I need to be with your baby. I promise you, we will take good care of your daughter.

Dr. Wallace...

(wailing) Shh. Let's get some oxygen, some suction.

Yes, Doctor.

She's seizing.

I saw.

Skylar last used 12 hours ago.

We need to give her morphine. Prepare two migs of morphine right now. And then what? It stops the seizing but causes respiratory depression.

She won't be able to withstand that ventilator for very long.

We've got to stop this baby seizing or there won't be a next step.

(wailing continues)

Okay, shh...

(wailing stops)


If James Bell is some big fancy billionaire, why do you have to work in a garage?

Well, anyway, it's not actually a garage.

It-It's an incredibly cool workspace.

You do not have an office, you do not have a desk, you don't even have a computer.

How do I know you really work here?

Mom, what are you doing?

Dr. Zheng...

Okay, first off, Dr. Zheng is not a doctor.

That stuff takes away your appetite.

Scott! Hey.

Uh, Mom, this is Dr. Strauss. He's a... he's a friend of mine who works here.

Hello, Dr. Strauss.

(speaking Mandarin)

(speaking Mandarin) _

(chuckles softly)

Angie, if you'll excuse us, I'm gonna take your mom for a quick exam.

Wait, now?

If that's okay with you.

(chuckles, speaks Mandarin)

Wait, what was that?

Nothing. She was just kidding.



Hey, Louis.

How are you doing? It's good to see you.

What are you doing?

(chuckles softly)

I'm stretching out his muscles.

He's been bedridden for a couple weeks, so... this'll help his mobility when he starts walking again.

Otherwise, it'll be tough on you, Louis.

What's the...?

It's a feeding tube.

He's having trouble eating.

Swallowing, actually.

It's okay. It's not as bad as it looks.

It kind of sucks putting it in, but... then it's fine. I tried it once, 'cause I didn't believe a doctor.

You tried it once?

On yourself?


I want to know what my patients are feeling.

He's very lucky to have you.

It's okay.


If anything changes, I'll find you.


Bye, Louis.


The good news is we were able to remove 100% of the cancer.

(hoarsely): I don't understand.

You should probably rest your voice as much as possible.

You said it was stage I. Now you're saying I could've died?

As I said before, we wouldn't know for certain until we got in.

Unfortunately, there was more cancer than we had anticipated.

But you got it all.


And what about my vocal cords?

We did have to remove a small part of your left vocal cord.

You removed p-part of my vocal cord.

That's my voice.

This is cancer, Ms. Ray.

I had to save your life.

Oh, my God.

Ms. Ray, we have a solution.

We'll rebuild your vocal cords in our lab using your stem cells and transplant them back in.

And we hope they'll help restore your voice.

You hope?

We can't give you 100% assurance, but we're pretty optimistic.

Why should I believe anything you have to say?

Everything okay in here?

No, it is not.

It has not been okay since your doctors made the decision to hack up my vocal cords without asking me.

Georgia, Dr. Channarayapatra is one of our very best. She's dedicated her life to medicine.

You're very lucky to have her.

If this job is your life, you should probably be better at it.

Georgia, I promise you, if you let us do this procedure...

No, this is not what you promised.

You promised me that this was the best hospital in the world and that you performed miracles here.

This is not a miracle.

This is a freaking nightmare.

Your doctors are incompetent!

Th-This room has terrible feng shui.

These are grocery store lilies.



Can I have a second with Ms. Ray?

James, it's okay...


All yours.

First off, I had these lilies flown in from Macedonia.

They're not grocery store lilies.

Second, this room has excellent feng shui.

I studied the San Yuan method in China.

Finally, those two doctors that you just called incompetent are two of the most innovative and brave physicians... and human beings... I have ever come into contact with.

And they just saved your life.

And you didn't even thank them.

There are people dying in this hospital, Georgia.

There's someone dying in the room next door to you.

And they're good people.

So, if you can't be grateful for what we've done for you, maybe you shouldn't be here.

In fact, could you please just get the hell out?

You are not seriously kicking me out of your hospital.

I seriously am. I'll be sure to refer you to an excellent hospital for your follow-up.


(indistinct chatter)

Strauss: ...within a few hours.

It won't take long at all.

Sound good? Okay, great.

Wallace: Right now, we're fighting time.

She needs the morphine to control her seizures or she'll have permanent brain damage.

But, of course, the morphine suppresses her breathing.

She needs to be on a ventilator, which her lungs won't tolerate for long.

So it's a catch-22.

We got to choose between destroying the baby's lungs or brain?

This baby's not ready to be out of the womb.

So let's put her back in.

Brockett: The womb simulator?

You think that could work?

Even 24 hours would give us time to wean the baby down from the morphine and load her system with a milder opioid, methadone, for a safer withdrawal.

Cheng: Wait, hold on. The simulator's nowhere even close to being ready.


What are the problems?

Okay, we can give the baby nutrition through the umbilical cord, but if we use it to oxygenate the blood, it'll cause blood clots.

What about liquid ventilation?

It's-it's basically an artificial womb.

What if we made synthetic amniotic fluid with oxygen-carrying capacity?

Bell: That could actually work.

It sounds sci-fi, but it's liquid you can actually breathe oxygen in.

Liquid would exert less tension on the lungs than the air, so they won't rupture.

Will take a little bit of time to configure the machine to infuse liquid oxygen.

Okay, let's go.

We only have a few hours to figure this out, or we will lose that baby.

We're planning on putting her in an artificial womb filled with an oxygen-rich fluid that the baby breathes.

This lets us protect her brain while we slowly wean her off morphine and... she can go through the withdrawal without having to breathe on her own.

She'll only need to be on it for approximately 24 hours.

And that really works?

We're gonna monitor her very closely.

If anything goes wrong, we'll remove her immediately.

And then what?

Let's take this one step at a time.

Just tell me straight.


Honestly, we don't know.

The reason we had to put your baby on morphine was because the drug withdrawal was causing seizures.

And it took such a high dose of morphine to stop the seizures that it basically stopped her breathing, too.

Which is why she's on the ventilator, but her tiny lungs aren't tolerating it.

We're gonna do the best we can, but heroin-induced seizures are very hard to control.


Can you take me back to my room, please?

Can you hand me that coupling valve?



Okay. Lay it on me.

It was the ginseng, right?


Did you tell her that Dr. Zheng is not a real doctor?

'Cause she won't listen to me.

Angie, your mom is my patient now.

I can't tell you how it went.

But I was the one who asked you to see her.

Yeah, and me talking about how it went would be an invasion of her privacy.

If she wants to tell you...

Uh, no, no, no, no. You-you don't know my mom.

She has a very skewed view of the truth.

One time she told me Dr. Zheng cured her pneumonia by humming to her.


I mean, come on.



How's the mom doing?

Not great.

She's about to hit some pretty serious withdrawal of her own.

And she's punishing herself by refusing any kind of medication.

You okay, James?

Hmm? Yeah. No, I'm fine.

Why would I not be okay? I'm peachy.

'Cause you're acting weird.


Is something going on?

Not that I know of.

This about that nurse?

Yeah, okay, it is.

I haven't asked her out.

I'm still waiting to find the right time.

Don't get in your head about it.

There's too much important stuff going on here.

Her lung pressure's critical.

Soon as we get the word from Angie, we need to get her umbilicus cannulated and get her off that machine as quickly as possible.

I'm ready.

Yeah, I just need to remind you if something goes wrong, she may be your patient, but I make the call.

I understand.

This baby's mother may be addicted to drugs but she's our patient too, and she's working as hard as humanly possible to get healthy.

She asked us to give it to her straight.

Yeah, and I wanted to slow that information down, for the sake of the mother, and you did not follow my lead.

I know.

You're right. I'm sorry.

Zoe, I know how much you care about this baby, and you should.

And I'm not gonna tell you to not get emotionally invested in your patients, but you can't let it cloud your judgment.

The baby's cannulated.

You guys ready?


Here we go.

Nurse: Heart rate is consistent.

Brockett: Come on, baby, breathe.

Cheng: Holy crap, it's working.

Oh, my God.


24 hours.

I have an update for you.

Your daughter's doing well in the womb simulator.

We should be able to bring her out by this evening.

I... I feel like I'm gonna die.

You're in your first 48 hours, so I...

I promise you this is as hard as it gets.

I can't do it.

I think you can.


I can't be her mother.



I was saving this in case I needed it.


You still think I can be a mom?

Yes, I do.

Two days ago you would've taken this.

Today you handed it to me.

I'm terrified I'm gonna mess her up.

I mean, of course I'm gonna mess her up.

That's not being a drug addict, that's being a parent.

Listen, I did an atrial septal defect closure on a four-pound baby.

But when my own daughter was born I was... terrified.

I was so scared I was gonna drop her.

Your love for your child... hits you so hard.

But it also makes you stronger.

Yeah, but... you had a wife.

And a family.

It's just gonna be me.

You can call me.

I'll be here.

The love you have for your daughter is stronger than this.

You've proven it already.

James. Since when do you come in this late?

Since when do you keep track of when I come and go?

Georgia Ray checked out of the hospital this morning.

I know. You're welcome.

What? You asked her to leave?

She's a truly terrible human being.

(scoffs) James, do you know how many patients I've had that are truly terrible?

Sick people aren't all rainbows and sunshine, but you don't just kick them out.

I'm not gonna let her talk to my staff like that.

She's acting this way because she is scared, James.

That is what people do when they are scared... they lash out.

Well, she's already flown back to L.A., so it's too late.

Hey. Then you go and you get her. Okay?

We will do the surgery tomorrow morning.

We will build her vocal cords.

You bring her back here.

(both sigh)

James, I have never seen you pass up an opportunity to fly your private jet.



Hey, how's it going?

Well, we've used the growth hormones to multiply the fibroblast and epithelial vocal cord cells. Now we're hoping they'll take to the protein scaffolding and grow naturally.

Uh, can I ask you a question?


What kind of test is this?

Uh, that's an STD panel.

Wait, what?

Is it yours?

No, it's my mom's.

Wait, Scott ran an STD panel on my mom?

I mean, what kind of woman does he think she is?

I mean, just 'cause he's this high holy priest doesn't...

Wait, I'm sorry.

How did you get that?

I hacked into the system.

Look, I-I really don't need your judgment right now, Malik, okay?

Scott thinks my mom is some kind of floozy.

Wait, what if he's right?

What if my mom is having s*x?

Hey, Scott.

Judge any patients lately?

Excuse me?

Just so you know, my mom is a conservative woman.

She goes to church. And the only man she ever sees is her herbalist.

Oh, my God, she's sleeping with her herbalist.

Angie, did you talk to your mom?

She won't talk to me. Nobody will.

She hacked.

I was forced to use alternative methods to gain information.

You know what, I'm glad I did. Because you're painting a scarlet letter all over my mom's sweater set.

Angie, I understand how you're feeling, but...

(short chuckle) No, you don't.

You seem worried, all right?

And maybe your mom is, too.

But the best thing that you can do right now is to let her know that you're there for her, 'cause she will talk to you when she's ready, okay?

She's never going to be ready.

She still sees me like a 12-year-old.

And now you're treating me like a 12-year-old.

Guess I know why you two get along.

All right, she's made it 24 hours.

It's time to take her off.

I've delivered a lot of babies.

But I've never delivered a baby who's already been born.

She'll be okay.

This little girl's a fighter.

Yeah, so's her mom.



Oh, thank God.

Look at that, she's hungry.

Now we just need to get her to eat.

I'll do it.

Shh, shh, shh.

Come on.

Babies can feel your stress.

She's not gonna take it if she feels anxiety from you.

Come on, baby.

(car door closes)

(doorbell chimes)

♪ ♪

Right this way, Mr. Bell.

♪ Walls will crumble ♪
♪ Disappear ♪
♪ When the time comes ♪
♪ We understand ♪

I'm okay.

♪ Outstretched arms ♪
♪ Hand in hand ♪
♪ We go side by side ♪

How'd you get here?

♪ We are one ♪
♪ We unite... ♪

Private jet.

I love private jets.

Me, too.

♪ Through the dark ♪
♪ Into the light... ♪

Come back to Bunker Hill.

Let us do the surgery.

I know I got frustrated.

You kicked me out.

Well, you were a lot nicer in Saint-Tropez.

Well, so were you.

Well, I don't like it when people yell at my doctors.

They're kind of like my family.

I shouldn't have shouted at you.

♪ We are one ♪
♪ We unite ♪

I can only imagine what it must feel like to face losing your gift.

The very thing that makes you special.

Oh, it's not just my gift.

It's... it's everything.

Without it, I'm... not anybody.

It's okay to be scared.

I'd be scared, too.

♪ Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh ♪
♪ Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh ♪
♪ Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh... ♪

When I built the hospital, I truly thought we could do anything.

♪ Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh... ♪

And usually, we can.

I mean, we really go to the ends of the earth for our patients, all of them, but... some of them we still can't save, and it's very, very hard.

♪ Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh... ♪

But I really think that we can help you, Georgia.

♪ Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh... ♪

Please let us try.

♪ Oh, oh-oh ♪
♪ Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh ♪
♪ Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh. ♪
♪ ♪

Good morning.

How are you feeling?

I'm realizing now it's not a great idea to yell at the person who's about to take a knife to your throat.

Well, luckily for you, I have a very steady hand and nerves of steel.

I'll see you in there.


Good morning.

How is she doing?

She took a bottle.

She took three bottles.

How'd you get her to do it?

I forgot the first thing we tell our patients.

Skin to skin.

She just needed to feel safe.

Well, Skylar's feeling better now.

She's ready to see the baby.

Are you ready?

You trust her?

How do you know?

How do you know she's not gonna harm this baby?

Sometimes you just have to have faith.

Did it work?

The surgery was very successful.

Those cords fit in beautifully.


When can I sing again?

It'll take some work to train your voice to get to where it was, but you can try it out whenever you are ready.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

I know I was kind of, like... a massive bitch.

(both laugh)

I've had worse.

I really should thank you.

I am a huge fan of your music.

Oh. Your song...

"I Got This"...

I mean, it got me through a really tough time.


Oh, no, no, no.


Doctor. No social life.

When I moved here for my residency... my family... they weren't supportive.

I didn't know a soul here.

And there were moments when I really wondered if I'd made a huge mistake.

So I played your song when I was driving, when I was walking, when I was in my tiny apartment.

And it made me feel like I could do it.

Like I made the right choice.

So, everyone... they say your song is about some underwear model.

But I know it's not about some stupid guy, because it is so much deeper than that.

No, hang on.

It's totally about a stupid guy.


I mean, I like your interpretation better, but don't give up on finding some stupid guy, either.

You never know.

There's always a chance he ends up being some great love.

She's doing great.

Is it okay that she's so small?

Well, Dr. Brockett says she's eating like a champ.

She'll put that weight on fast.

You want to try?


I-I don't even...

I-I don't think I even know how to hold her.


I've been using the football hold so it'll be easier on you with your stitches.

(baby cooing)

Shh. It's okay.

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Like this?

Seriously like... just like a football.

(sighs) Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.




She doesn't want it.

Wallace: Well, it might take a minute, but you'll get it.

No, I-I don't think she wants me.

It's okay. Just rock her.


Babies can feel your stress, so just... I know it's hard.

Just try to stay calm.

Don't worry too much.


I really suck at being calm.

(softly cooing)

Yeah, there you go. Oh, my God.

There you go.

Wallace: You did it.

Oh, my God.

She's looking at me.

Yeah, she is. Shh, shh.



I'm your mom.

I've been thinking about...

(sniffles) ...what I want to call you.


I wanted to name you Adelaide.

That was my grandma's name.

Your great-grandma.

She was like... the strongest, most bad-ass lady I've ever met.

Is that okay, Addy?


Can I call you Addy?




Know what you're gonna say.

Got too attached.


Actually, I was going to say that you saved that baby's life.

Now the hard part is letting go.


I found her.


Mrs. Cheng, do want to talk to Angie?

You-you tell her.


Angie, your mom had an abnormal pap smear, so I ran a CBC, a CMP, a TSH, and we also did a colposcopy, which led to a cervical biopsy.

Wait, what?

Your mom has cervical cancer.

It's stage IIIC. Unfortunately, it spread to her other organs through her bloodstream.

The good news is that your mom is in otherwise excellent health, and she's young.

And you are gonna be a wonderful advocate for her, Angie.

And we're gonna come up with a treatment plan, and you can be as involved as you want.

We're gonna fight for her, okay?

And we're gonna be here for you.

Georgia: ♪ I was a wreck ♪
♪ Stuck in my grief ♪
♪ Taking on water ♪

(clears her throat)

♪ Waiting to sink ♪

(clears her throat, sniffles)

♪ I was a shadow ♪
♪ Of what I could... ♪

(clears her throat)

♪ You will be stronger than you know ♪
♪ Just fight ♪
♪ Till the storm breaks in the sky ♪
♪ Till the darkness feels like light ♪
♪ It'll be all right ♪
♪ 'Cause you got this, you got this ♪

(guitar strumming)

♪ I was a wreck ♪
♪ Stuck in my grief ♪
♪ Taking on water ♪
♪ Waiting to sink ♪
♪ I was a shadow of what I could be ♪
♪ But how can you fly ♪
♪ With a broken wing? ♪
♪ I wasn't me until I realized ♪
♪ That the struggle is the best part ♪
♪ The struggle is the best part of our lives ♪
♪ When you carry the weight around ♪
♪ When your world comes crashing down ♪
♪ You will be stronger than you know ♪
♪ Just fight ♪
♪ Till the storm breaks in the sky ♪
♪ Till the darkness feels like light ♪

Oh, my God.

♪ It'll be all right ♪
♪ 'Cause you got this, you got this ♪

It worked.

♪ This time. ♪

From the first moment you met It was love at first touch And all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection That's why only Pampers Swaddlers is the #1 Choice of Hospitals To wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection...

Mom: “Oh hi baby”

So all they feel is love Wishing you love, sleep and play. Pampers

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

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