02x03 - And What Lies Beneath the Stones

All: [Chanting] Off our land! Off our land!

[Truck horn honking]

Off our land! Off our land! Off our land! Off our land!

Man: You'll destroy what is not yours!

The blasts always get them riled up.

Yeah, tell them it's the sound of progress!

Good morning, Boss!

What the hell's so good about it?!

Pace we're going, we ain't never gonna get that damn pond drained!

Well, we're still waiting on that last permit, Isaac.

Protesters slowing everything down.

We got this job based on our reputation for being fast... real fast.

It's Oklahoma.

You know better than anyone how the locals feel about their tribal lands and whatnot.

Yeah, I do.

Never should've given those people anything anyway.

Now, look, I want you to lay this last section, get that damn pond drained and finish this job, otherwise, those gassers are gonna be looking for a whole new crew.

Soon as that last permit comes in, we'll be...

I got the permit.

Well, records say it ain't on file.

Well, if I say I got it, Andy, I got it.

You just go on and do your job, will you?

You're the boss.

[Rumbling, cracking]




Hang on! We're coming for you!

Rope and ladder! Go get rope and ladder!


[Indistinct shouting in distance]



[Wind whistling]

Isaac: Hold on there, Andy!


Get ahold of that, Andy!

Come on, get him up there.





You all right?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I think I just hit my head.

All right, sit him down over there, get him some water.

Come on.

[Keyboard keys clacking]

Next page.

I brought you some more fuel.

Oh, well, thank you.

Been working on this secret project for a while now, which...

Wouldn't be so secret if you shared it with someone.

I'm writing an academic criticism on Colonial Architecture.

Take everything you know about Dutch influence on the Hudson Valley... Throw it out the window.

I'll try my best.

"Dr. Oliver Thompson."

You're still publishing under fake names.

You know, you can be you now.

Well, I worked really hard on these identities.

You know, they have their own reputations.

Helps get the work out there, plus, you know...

Secret library.

Yeah, but Flynn did all sorts of research and seminars when he was the only librarian.

This works for me.

Ezekiel: Who's up for movies?

I've got "night," "day," "dawn," "land," and "City of the living dead."

Unbelievable... We finally get the library back, and you just want to use the theater.

Yeah, movies are just books with better pictures and less of those words and stuff.


Anybody else's individual...


So, who's it for?

Baird: Come on. How bad is it?

I am concerned.

Oh, you're past concerned.

You have a tell when you're very upset.

There it is.

Well, I admit I've never heard of anything happening like this in the history of the library.

I mean, rooms rearrange but always with some order, not this random jumble.

I would venture to say that some rooms may actually be missing.

And perhaps Mr. Carsen...

Made it clear he will not be joining us.

He's on his artifact hunt.

Clippings book went off.

There's a giant rift in the earth near Wagner, Oklahoma.

Okay. It's only a couple hundred miles from where I grew up.

Mysterious rift in the earth... I call poltergeist.

I've got this one.

Jenkins: Uh, Mr. Jones alone in Oklahoma is a version of the Rogers and Hammerstein classic no one should ever see.

I don't know.

Jacob: I mean, uh, we've done pretty good the last couple of months on our own.

Maybe if the four of us went together...

Baird: Nope, the three of you are.

I've got a broken library to fix with Jenkins.

You're all full librarians now.

Such you've come back, you've had issues working together as a team again.

You need to figure that out, but between yourselves.

Can't rely on me just ordering you around.

Technically, that is just ordering us around.



[Electricity crackling]

Was that wrong?

That was wrong.

I should go, right? No, I shouldn't.

I should just sit down and shut up.

Thanks for the pep talk, Jenkins.

All: [Chanting] Off our land! Off our land!

Off our land! Off our land!

Munsi: Police stand around, watching us, while these atrocities go unmarked!

What did it cost to get you in their pockets, Sheriff MacReady?!

You know, Lyle, if you knew half as much as you think you do, you'd be a genius.

[Chanting continues]

Oh, well, who is this now...

Oil and gas lackeys?!

No, um, we're the librarians.

You the folks the state sent down from the archaeological society.

That's us. We're here.

Yes, we are here to check out the collapse.

It's a Choctaw burial ground. It's sacred!

There's ancient tribal art under the surface, and they are desecrating it.

You folks come through.

You'll see it's nothing but a big pit.

Native American burial grounds.

Three words... Pol... ter... geist.

[Chanting continues]

Choctaw's not even local.



'Cause they've been here since the 1800s.

Uh, I meant from before.

Uh, look, we've had equipment failing left and right.

Them protesters are to blame.

Folks, just walk on that direction.

Did the locals fake a burial site?

Why would they slow down their own dig?

So, you believe that guy?

Do you automatically believe the protesters?

Why believe either of them? Everybody lies... except me.

Wait, do poltergeists lie?

Hey, where's your foreman?

I haven't seen him since this morning.

Where's the nearest bar?

What's makes you think we're gonna find the foreman here?

Just a hunch.

Okay, great.

Well, you tell him you're the archaeology expert, we need to stop the dig, and then we get in there and see what magic has to do with this.

Yeah, I don't think that's gonna work.

Why not?

[Isaac sighs]

The hell you doing here?

[Country music playing]

Hey, Pop.

Hope you didn't come back here sniffing around, looking for a job, Jake, because if you did, you're out of luck... I'm all crewed up.

Ezekiel: Honestly, I thought the whole "bad dad" thing was just a cover.

Shh! I want to hear every word of this.

What's this trouble I've been hearing about?

Eh, those protesters have been yapping at us for weeks.

Now they're trying to get us shut down over this hole.

State says I got to wait around and wait for some conservation eggheads to sign off on it.

Well, we're the eggheads.

[Country music plays]

[Scoffs, chuckles]

Well, unless they're handing out degrees for digging holes and chasing women, you ain't much of an expert in anything, son.

This is like the best reality show ever... "Stoned again."

"Stone age."

"Family Stone."



Here's your expert, Pop.

This is...

Dr. Oliver Thompson.

Doc, this is my dad, Isaac Stone, sole proprietor of Stone family rigging and pipeline.

That's right.

Nice to meet you, sir.

Jacob here is our field assistant...

A fine man, if a bit of a blunt hammer.

Who's the pretty little lady... Your secretary?

Actually, I'm his expert in p-wave ultrasonic imaging for geographical tomography.

Is that right?

So, you find the stuff, and you examine it?

What do you do, Jake, drive the truck?

Doc, my dad's company is laying the foundation on a branch of the natural gas pipeline that's gonna be running through...

We started breaking dirt on a new section.

Andy got sucked into some sort of magical sinkhole.

Magic? Sorry.

We got a line of red Clay here.

That's supposed to be solid ground.

Best I can figure is, those protestors must've got in there and messed with our survey equipment.

Well, t-the angle...

What are you doing?

You said he was the expert.

I'd like to hear what he has to say.


Anything, uh, down in the hole?

Remnants of an old mine.

Local kids get down in there and dig tunnels and write graffiti on the walls and stuff.

What type of graffiti?

Ah, I don't know.

All kinds of garbage... Kid stuff.

If I could just confer with my associates for one moment.

Weird burial grounds, creepy markings, mysterious accidents.

How is this not totally a poltergeist?

Okay, we just need to get down there and see it for ourselves.

He's not gonna be too happy about that.

Pop, we got to get down there and take a look.

"Take a look"? What are you trying to do?

I'm trying to do my job.

Your job?

This the one you turned your back on your family for?

All: [Chanting] Off our land! [Truck horn honking]

Come on!

Off our land! Off our land!

Off our land!

You're taking them down there?!

You can't make a legal determination of that site without one of us present.

Well, I ain't letting a punk like you in there.

The permit states a tribal observer must be present for appraisal.

Is that right?


Well, why don't you come back when you're not wearing diapers anymore?

Just stop, Pop, you can't talk to him...

Remember when you told me you want to take somebody to the ground, you bring them in close, you get ahold of them first... You might want to try that.

You know I don't let civilians on a work site.

If you don't, he's just gonna call the conservation office and have the permit sent over.

[Chanting continues]

Get in! Doggone it.

Off our land! Off our land!

Off our land! Off our land!

Munsi: You're sealing it up?!

That's why you didn't want me to see it?!

Hold on there! Whose authority are you working on, Jerry?

Yours. Andy said you ordered it closed up.

Andy? Andy!

What the hell you doing giving orders without my permission?!

I just got here, boss. I've been getting my head checked out.

Uh, I thought you ordered it.

Get your head checked.

Shut those loaders down! I'm going in.


Put this on, Munsi. What are you doing?

He's the expert.


Come on, doc.

Jones, Jones, turn your... Doc?

Let me, uh... I know you're used to more advanced equipment, so let me just give you a rundown of this real quick, and I'll explain it to you.

There's a camera right here.

Everything you see down there is gonna be recorded, and it's gonna be a live feed back up here to us, okay?

You need to talk to me, you do that via the earpiece, okay?

In case you want me to take any notes.

Yeah, yeah.

Okay? Hey, hey?

In case you want me to take any notes, all right?

Thanks, mate.


You really think it's that unsafe down there?

I think anywhere near that man is unsafe.

Yeah, my people put extra support down here on account it's unstable, and we're all about safety.

Munsi: That's definitely Choctaw.

Choctaw? Hell, it looks like something a child would draw.

What you know about Choctaw, old man, could fit on the head of a pin.

Jacob: Oh, a few cave paintings don't necessarily mean jurisdiction.

You got to have historical significance.

Look for symbols of the sun.

So, this whole... Thing with your dad...

It's about a nine on the old awkwardness scale?

Family ain't easy.

I know.

I just would've thought that lying about who you are for all these years would've been more complicated.

Trust me, seven fake identities...

It's easier than one honest conversation with him.

He wanted me to take over the family business.

Said we were gonna do great things...

Stone and Son, but he never called it that.

He never changed the name.

Every ti... Um, regardless of the name, he ran it into the ground, okay?

Part from the drink, part from sheer stubbornness, he broke it.

What is it?

I'm sorry.

Uh, just...

There's s-something weird about these tunnels.

Ah, that is most interesting.

If only I had something else to say other than "most interesting."

Um... Choctaw...


This is fascinating.

These symbols are not actually Choctaw, Mr. Munsi.

They may actually pre-date the Choctaw.

South Abskin.

Athabascan... South Athabascan!

South A-Athabascan. [Clears throat]

I wish Jake had a fraction of the brains you do, Doc.

Only thing he can wrap his head around is a football playbook.

Yeah, that and the Greek text I taught myself to read at night.

Isaac: Tried to get him to stick around, be part of the family business.

Was gonna call it "Stone and Son."

He's lying.

But he didn't want to have any part of it.

I-i-i believe it was out of sheer stubbornness.

Wait, j-Jones, go back.

What is that?

That is a... Giant snake.

In technical, archaeological terms, s-snakus gigantus is... What we'd call it.

Snakes aren't part of the Choctaw tradition, not in the last 10,000 years anyway.

Uh, these symbols are actually not traditionally Choctaw.

So, this ain't a burial ground?

You hear that, Munsi?



Cassandra: You know, there's...

There's definitely something off about these tunnels.

I... I don't know.

It has something to do with the dimensions.

[Electricity crackling]

They're here!

I told you this place was unsafe!

Let's get the hell out of here!

Get out of there!

All: [Chanting] Off our land! Off our land!

Off our land! Off our land!

Who did this to you?

He's lying.


I haven't said anything yet.

Well, I'll bet the little b*st*rd said I did.

Sheriff, I was the first one down there.

This gentleman here was already on the ground, then a couple seconds later, my dad showed up.

"My dad"? How convenient.

What's that supposed to mean?

This all sound right to you?

[Chanting continues]

So, we're going with he hit himself.

Well, he had to say something once he heard the Doc say that wasn't a burial ground.

Don't leave town.

[Siren wails, chirps]

I didn't need you to lie for me.

I'm trying to buy us some time so we can figure out what happened.

What happened is, he hit himself in the head or something, walked into a falling rock to make it look like I did it!

You think I did it.



Well, your fancy friends do.

You don't understand what I'm trying to do here.

Oh, I understand what you're trying to do, and you did it...

Make me look like a fool.

Well, now, why don't you just go back to your professional assistant's job, get your bosses a cup of coffee?

You're welcome.

He didn't do it.

We saw what we saw.

You don't know what you saw.

Okay, look, someone around here is using magic.

People are getting hurt and blaming others.

And your father...

My father what?

Has the most to gain?

He's the one here with the most to lose.

That's called motive.

He's a lot of things. He wouldn't go this far.

You said yourself he was a dangerous man.

That's not wh... I'm not...

See, you're taking what I said out of context.

Don't... you...

Still nothing on that locked room in the basement.

Hmm, yes, I thought for a moment that the large animal room had moved, but...

Wait, what? "Large animal room"?

Just how large are we talking?

Oh, I guess...

Nessie is probably the largest animal down there.

When you say "Nessie," you don't mean Loch Ness Monster?

Colonel Baird, "monster" is such a label.

Can we take a quick break?

Your last quick break wound up being a 95-minute lunch.

That shrimp, by the way, was so good.


Well, Neptune's recipe... He hated those little buggers.

[Telephone rings]

Hey, guys, you okay?

Colonel Baird, we have a bit of a situation.

Well, Cassandra, you can't come running to me at every speed bump.

You have to learn to fend for yourself.

Actually, it's more of a quick question for Mr. Jenkins.

Oh, Jenkins?


Quick question.

Yes, Miss Cillian? What is your nimble inquisition?

Hello, so, we've encountered more accidents where the seemingly guilty party is nowhere near the actual accident.

Also, Stone's father is here.

Wait, what?!

The pipeline company?

Yep. Stone's father, Isaac Stone.

Well, that does thicken the roux.

You have followed the clue paths, right?

Arrive, investigate?


Well, I would suggest you get back to the source...

In this case, the site of the original accident, the rift.

Do your best not to cause any more injuries, but you must get back to the source.

I may have a theory soon.

And, by the way, you had no question.

I guess all answers lie beneath.

Back to the caves?

[Wrench rattling]


Come on now. Come...

[Rattling stops]

[Rattling resumes]

Broke down again?

Eh, I just got to know how to talk to this baby.


Give me the wrench.

How much longer are you thinking on putting time and effort into this old beast?

Find something good, you stick with it.


Pop, sometimes things aren't as good as you think they are.

Sometimes you got to move on.

Stop trying to fix things that are always broke.

[Sighs] This will fix you up.

No, thank you.

Listen, I know you didn't hurt that Munsi fella.

[Scoffs] Yeah, you don't seem to have a problem letting your friends think I did.

The choke.

No, it's not.

Yes, it is. Yes, it is.

No, it's not. No, it's...

That's why nothing ever gets fixed around here.

Truck is cursed, just like me, just like the business.

Everything's cursed. Pop, it's not a curse when you lie about the permits!

I ain't got time to sit around and wait for no damn permit!

I lose this contract, I lose the family business!

We're broke... Bankrupt because of you!

Because of me?! No, no, no.

Yeah, you!

When I was here, all the accounts were balanced!

This place could've gone five, six months without a contract!

Well, you must've done something to screw up the finances!

Should've known better than to trust you with the company finances... A hammerhead like you.

Where'd the money go, Pop? Huh?

Where'd the money go... Brand-new 12-gauge?

[Groans] Chasing an inside straight down at jawbones?

Watch it.

[Engine turns over, revs]

Or did it all just go into the flask?

You just keep your yapping, see where that gets you.

I ain't too old to knock your ass through that wall.

[Engine idling]

Son of a bitch.

Thought you went to get your seismic thing or whatever.

I decided we needed to find Stone instead.

Well, Jenkins said we should get back to the source.

Yes, but we need stone for that, right?

You go check the flats. I'll see if he's out by the shed.

Uh... Whatever.

Those seismic documents they have didn't make any sense.

Okay, you're messing with me, right?

What are you talking about?

You just told me back there that we should...

Together: We need Jenkins.

[Keys jingling]

Hey, where's Jones?

I don't know.

Maybe he walked off, just like you.

I was looking for my father.

I'm dealing with a lot of stuff right now, okay?

No, you are dealing with a world of lies that you created.

Can we just find Jones so we can find out what's causing this and go back to hunting sorcerers in Madrid or Bali and just get the hell out of here?

Is anything in your life true, or is it all lies?

Cassandra, this is really not the time.

Let's go find Jones. I'm gonna go find Jones.

You coming with me?


You're on your own... Just like always.


So, you're saying it's not a poltergeist?

Mr. Jones, I'm saying that all shapeshifters owe allegiance to poltergeists.

However, the basic type you are familiar with, from your adolescent taste in cinema, migrated, mainly to Finland in the early '90s.

Big fans of curling.

When you say "shapeshifter"...

What we're dealing with is not your classic villain with an obvious endgame of world domination or soul possession or removing the letter "r" from the English language.

What villain did that?

Please, just stay on point.

Now, throughout time, there have been multiple variations of shapeshifters, so subtle in their methods as to be undetectable by the untrained eye.


What happened?


Tell you what... Never believe that slop about the pen being mightier than the sword.

Skin crawlers, face dancers. [Sighs]

They are a pain.

Eye gossamers, uh, so on and so forth to the more rare types as throat jumpers and nose stealers.


Seriously, really, I mean, the most pointless of all shapeshifters.

The one commonality is that they all feed on lies and the chaos wrought by lies.

The more lies, the more chaos they can create.

So, why hang around this small town?

Why not head for...

Washington, D.C., home of lies?

Well, shapeshifters require an enormous amount of sustenance to survive.

We can assume since we're just hearing about this one now that this beast has only recently arrived.

Perhaps it has not had enough time to feed to leave the area yet.

And you must stop it before it's able to grow in power.

If you don't, I promise you, the consequences will be catastrophic.

How catastrophic?

Historically? Limitless.

Uh, well, l-let's just say that the French revolution had less to do with economic disparity and more to do with inviting a face dancer to a party at the Marquis de Sade's house.

[Sniffs] Some images one cannot unsee.

If it's not your classic villain, what is its endgame... To continue to consume?

That is its life-force.

Shapeshifter is a trickster God of sorts, very heavy in native American lore, probably what you're dealing with there...

Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.

Their endgame is simple... fun.

They are entertained by chaos and destruction.

It's Saturday morning cartoons to them.

Oh, we don't have those anymore.

Wait. How do we stop it?

Very difficult to kill, but relatively easy to trap.

I would say that this one must've been trapped for a very long time until a combination of the blasting and perhaps evolution gave it just enough of an opening to take someone's shape.

Stone's there alone. We have to go back.

I'm coming.

Cassandra: No, we got into this mess.

We'll get ourselves out.

Besides, shapeshifter.

The more there are of us, the more chance for it to fool us.

We got this.

[Electricity crackling]


Proud or sad?

Little bit of both.

[Indistinct conversations]


Did you come back for round two?

Beg your pardon?

Telling me I'm a horrible person, I should be on my own?

I never said that.

You said it to my face.

Ever occur to you that it wasn't her?

You calling me a liar?

Ever heard of a shapeshifter?

I missed it.

You missed what now, mate?

We never had a conversation at the demolition shed?


Told you... shapeshifter.


You drinking some new kind of German beer?

I should've seen it. I'm sitting here.

I'm absorbed in my own problem. I'm dealing with my father.

It was right in front of me.

What is it?

Hoklonote is a shapeshifter.

It's a native American trickster God.

It feeds on lies... Telling them and hearing them.

Well, that's what Jenkins said, minus the hoke-pokey stuff.

Lies, every single lie... My dad's lies about the permits.

Mr. Jenkins said that if we don't stop it, it's gonna keep feeding and getting stronger.

And chaos will escalate.

Well, how bad do you think...


[Breathing heavily]

Stop there, munsi! You're under arrest!

For what?

Destruction of police property and attempted murder!

[Scoffs] You think that I did that?


You told me to meet you here!

You told me to meet you here!

Wait, wait!

I can explain this.

Oh, boy.

[Siren wailing in distance]

Maybe not!

How do you know it wasn't him or his father that did that?!

'Cause we'd have blown up your car, not the sheriff's car!

[People screaming]

Go. Go, go, go.

We need to get that thing back in its hole.

But if this hoklo-bloke can pose as anyone, how do we know who to track?

In tribe mythology, it devours lies.

That's what gives it strength.

Children were taught if they told the truth, Hoklonote is powerless against you.

So, we just get people to start telling the truth?

Good luck with that.

We've got to identify him first, and then we got to get him to the hole.

He's gonna want that hole destroyed.

We better move fast, guys. Come on.


That's my head! It can't use my head!


When I was watching your footage earlier, I could tell something was off with this place, but it's as if the walls...

Aren't really where they are.

How could you tell from a video?

You know that thing where you're watching TV and you subconsciously compute the size of the sets based on the height of the actor and the number of steps it takes them to walk the width of them?

Like, how Nathan Fillion is 6'2".

Takes him 43 steps to walk across the Serenity, so you know that the spaceship is 204 feet across.

No. No one knows that thing.

Well, I do.

And when I was watching your footage, based on your height and the survey maps...

"V" equals 15.


Times seven, plus the square root of five...

Over four times "a" to the third.

And then the area.

Square root of two...


So that's it. This is it.

This wall should be 5 meters further back than it is.

[Sighs] Snakes.

Sign of violence...

And revenge.

Symbol on the central coil... It's out of alignment.

[Locks disengage]

[Door creaking]

Cassandra: What is this place?

A tomb?

These paintings...

These beasts are being held against their will.

Why do I hate this room?

'Cause it's a cage.

This is it.

This is where it was trapped. Hey.

I was in this prison for a thousand years, sealed away from the mouths of men, starving without a lie to feed on.

But then your father dug where he wasn't supposed to and set me free with that first lie.

Okay, this is the freakiest Friday ever.

I had all the lies I could consume...

So many from one man.

Now I have the strength to leave this tiny town and cause some real damage.

Goodbye, my little liars.

[Locks engage]

These stones are from antiquity.

Native pre-settlement trapped Hoklonote.

The Choctaws adopted the story.

Somehow, he was chained to these walls.

Trickster God.

Magic is power, focus, and effect.

The more lies, the more power.

He's the focus, and the effect is chaos.

With enough lies, he could plunge the world into a war.

If a door has a lock, then it has a key.

I just can't figure out what this key is.

Wait, magical theory suggests that power is a dual current, which means that whatever is keeping us here can also be reversed.

Dual current... that's it. That's what it is.

That's what they told the children... the truth.

You're not about to say that truth will set you free.

I'm saying...

Look, I was...

I didn't want to admit, even to myself, I was worried...

That maybe my dad do it... Attack Munsi.

[Door creaking]

Do it again. Keep going. Say something!

I lied to my father because I didn't want him to know that I thought he was a failure and that I resented him.

[Lock disengages]

There are few sounds in this world that I love more than a door being unlocked, and that, my friends, is a door being unlocked.

That's three. We got two more to go.

Uh, Cassandra has red hair.

True, but not... Not a truth.

The truth has to have emotional weight.

You got to say something important.

I don't have any lies.

What... what about the team thing?

Colonel Baird once mentioned that you have another FBI file.

You were in the FBI?

Do I sound like a yank?

I was recruited into MI6 after my first big score.

Happy now?! Ezekiel Jones stole for Her Majesty's Secret Service.

I'm not proud of it, but it's the truth.

[Lock disengages]

When they told me about my tumor, they told me I was gonna die.

But I decided when.

I want to die on my own terms, so I picked a day...

A day when I choose to die.

[Lock disengages]

[Door creaking]

I'm sorry.

Save it.

It's not today. Let's go.

Whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

We got... we got to keep the door open.

The door has to be open to get the trickster back.

So one of us just stays here and keeps telling the truth.

Have fun, Cassandra. No, no, it doesn't work that way.

The truth only works if you share it.

Emotional weight, remember?

Okay, Jake, you go.

W-we'll keep the door open.

Here. I'll bring him back.

Come on, get to truthing.

Uh, um, I stole the sheet music from "Aladdin" to my grade-school music class!


Not exactly a criminal mastermind, but we all have to start somewhere.

Hey, what are you doing?

Your dad says we're blasting the hole.

That's all I know.

Isaac: Who laid this dead line?!

Pop?! Did you order the demo on this hole?!

You're damn right I did!

I got people down there!

Well, get them the hell out of there!

What the hell is wrong with you?!

You're gonna destroy your own work to cover up your lies?!

I'm doing what I got to do to save my company!

Andy, set the primer!

Will you listen to me for once in your miserable life?!

Why in the hell should I listen to you?!

Because I'm a genius, Pop.

I'm a genius!

I speak nine different languages, and I can read over a dozen more!

I have honorary degrees at universities on four different continents!

I... I'm the first one they call when they discover a new piece of art, and I'm the one they're scared to call because I'm the best in the world at discovering a fake!

And I didn't tell you because I knew that you'd see anything less than chasing the family business as a betrayal!

And even though I-i don't want this life, I couldn't live with the fact that that's the way you'd feel.

I'm sorry I lied to you all those years.

That's a whole lot of lying, son.

How am I supposed to react to that?

You tell me.

You are my son.

And I love you.


One more thing.

What is it, son?

My father would die before he ever told me that.

[Both grunt]

You have a weakness.

You can't hurt your friends.


I know they're all you.

So, go ahead and bring on anyone you want.

And any woman who says she hasn't is lying!

I have an irrational fear of ravioli.

I always wanted to be Vietnamese.

Oh, and I hate babies. Like, I hate them!

I'm much stronger than you.

I'm still feeding off your lies, Jacob Stone.

Or is it Dr. Oliver Thompson?

Or James McKelvie?


Or the... the Celtic history expert Griffin Griffould?

I bet you can't even pronounce...

I'm afraid!

[Both grunting]

I'm afraid to use my real name!

Because then I can't pretend it's my father's fault anymore.

I could live with being a failure in my old life.

But I was too afraid to be a failure in my new one.

My daddy always taught me if you're gonna fight the devil, you got to bring him in close.

[Both grunting]

'Cause you can't take him to the ground unless you get ahold of him first.


[Breathing heavily]

The truth hurts. [Groans]

And I watched the light go out of his eyes.

Ezekiel: Oh, thank God.

[Body thuds]


Is it dead?


But it's gonna wish it was.

How do we know it's the real you?

I didn't stay with you guys after Peru...

Because I didn't know if I could get the job done.

And I didn't want you to see me fail.

[Snake rattling, hissing]

The truth binds it.

I didn't stay with you after Peru because I wanted to prove that I could do it alone.

I liked having you there.

But I knew you thought I was sick.

[Snake hissing]

Let's go.

Think that'll hold it?

Once it's locked in without a body to shift into, it'll never be free.

Where's Isaac? H-has anybody seen Isaac?!

Isaac: Andy, what the hell is wrong with you?!

You told us to blow the hole.

I've been down there talking to the sheriff.

She showed up, and I've been talking the workers out of a riot that you damn near started.

What's the matter with you, boy?!

I am really getting tired of all this.

What happened to you?

The truth.

The truth is...

I don't care if you know the truth anymore.

I don't need your approval.

Bye, Pop.

[Electricity crackling]

One, two, three librarians.

Hmm. Ah.

Cheers, mate. Thanks for the confidence.

Just out of curiosity...


Very powerful enemy. Nicely done.

I take it you've locked that thing away for good?

Then, well, everybody is back where they belong.

Is the team functioning together again?

You worked out all your issues?

I think so, yeah.


I knew you could do it alone.

Everything work out satisfactorily?

Yeah. Thought we covered that?

No, I was referring to the extracurricular part of the mission.


It's all good.

Fathers and sons... Complicated dynamic.

That's, uh [Chuckles] that's one way to put it, Jenkins.


Mr. Stone, uh...

I've walked places I should never have gone.

I have seen things and done things...

Uh, uh, my point being...

We cannot help where we come from, but we can choose how it manifests itself.

You're saying what we're made up of...

Is different than what we're made of.

I'm saying family ain't easy.

[Scoffs] But, then again, neither is anything else.


[Keyboard keys clacking]