02x05 - And the Hollow Men


Baird: [Over radio] Cassandra, are you there?

Sorry. Sorry.


[Taps, frequency whines]

We are all good here.

If you can hear me, I can hear you.

[Lowered voice] Copy, Cassandra. We're good.

So once you are inside, you are looking for a sort of... stone... globe-y thing with crystals, or a, uh, crystal globe encrusted with stones.

It would be great if you could narrow that down to an actual description.

Yeah, it would be great if the Bronze Age Librarians weren't quite so poetic.

"The eye of Zarathustra is the key to the door of lost knowledge, the staff summoned by sun and rue."

I see your point.

Are you even inside yet?


Mostly. We're mostly in.

I think.

Someone said he could crack the world's most expensive security system in...

What was it? A tick?

[Whispers] I don't know.

Honestly, I think his accent's gettin' worse somehow.

Three ticks. We're only at two.

[Electricity powers down]


"Thanks, Ezekiel. You're a genius, Ezekiel," said none of you, ever.

[Door squeaks]

Baird: Do you have anything better than "globe-y crystal thing"?


Not crystal.


Mr. Jenkins, you're... back.

Yes, from the thrilling adventure that was the Library's secondary subbasement.

The Xenobia wing is down there, which is extremely odd considering that for the past five centuries, the Xenobia wing has... [Loudly] been in the attic.

Wait, how does a room move from an attic to a basement?


A room should have the decency to stay in one place.

Ah! How is the communication pendant working?

Oh, it's... it's good. It's just a little pitchy, but it's... - Hello!

Breaking and entering here!

Jenkins: "Cast of endless sands,"

sand used to make glass.


The Eye of Zarathustra is a glass globe, making it officially...

The 73rd thing to disappear... [Loudly] from this Library!

So how'd this wing-nut billionaire with interesting taste end up with this thing, anyway?

Well, his e-mails to his lawyer say somebody just showed up and donated it to his collection... for safekeeping.

Yeah, I cracked his e-mails.

So you buy that?

It's the key to lost knowledge, mate.

If Prospero did steal it, he went to a lot of trouble just to give it away.

Maybe this is some sort of a deep game.

Any information on the alleged donor?

No. I haven't found anything out yet.

[Metal creaks]


Aah! Uhh!

[Loud clattering]


[Grunts] Hey.

How did you get in here?

I smuggled myself in...

[Strained voice] as an art object.

Why are you here?

To gain access to the Eye of Zarathustra, of course.

Hey! Jenkins is trying to get the communication stones to work.

Copper. That is a very interesting choice.

Wait. What are you doing here? I thought we decided that you would get to the bottom of Prospero's plan while I went around and gathered up all the artifacts we don't want him to get his hands on.

We did not agree, and that is a goal, not a plan.


This is usually a lot more banter-y than argue-y, this thing that we do.

But we're way over here in argue-y.

I know it's difficult for you to work with... be with other people.

I know you were alone for a long time.

But you don't get to just give orders and expect them to be followed.

Ezekiel: Found it!

These people are Librarians just as much as you are.

Dropped it!

[Ball clatters and rolls]

Dropped it!

[Rolling continues]


Stone: Just pick it up, man.

Let's start again.

Hi. Missed you. Still my favorite person.

Favorite thing... the way your eyes look like the ocean during a storm...

[Inhales deeply] when you're angry.

So your story is you were a jerk and ticked me off to get...

The stormy eyes.

Look, I'm trying.

I'm trying to trust. I'm trying to open up.

I am trying to shed some of my emotional armor.

[Chuckles] See what I did there?

And that means that I trust that you can go out there and do your thing while I go out and do my thing, and we cover twice the ground and we don't always have to check in with each other.

And yet, here we are, on the same ground, because...

We didn't check in with... each other.

I see what you did there.

Get it through your head... this is the team now.

It's not just you.

Wait. I'm sorry. I wasn't listening.

This is a team now.

Team now, not just me.

Not just... not just you.

I get that. I get that.

What are you doin', Jones? Pick it up so we...

[Pan flute playing]

Whatever's wrong with the Library... rooms rearranging, doors to nowhere... it's only getting worse.

Now this is the first missing artifact to show up in public...

The Eye of Zarathustra.

And Jenkins wants to figure out why.

You're here because...

Because the Eye of Zarathustra is allegedly a map to the Staff of Zarathustra.

Okay, stop showing off that you how to pronounce "Zara..."


- Zara-Thu-stra.


Ancient powerful staff of knowledge.

And since Prospero's looking to rebuild his magical staff...


The most likely explanation for the public appearance of the only artifact which would get both of us in the same place at the same time...

This is a trap.

Total trap.

Jones! Jones, we're leaving! We're...

[Pan flute playing]

Uh-oh. The Magical Flutes of Pan!



The Magical Flutes of... [Snores] Pan!


The Magical Flutes of Pan!

It makes you wanna go to sleep!

[Flute continues playing]



The Flutes of Pan should be here in the Library.

[Electricity whirs, ground rumbling]




Look out!





What are you doing, Jones?

Baird: Stone? Jones?

Where's Flynn?

Where's the Eye?

Uh... I'm looking.



Baird? Why aren't you using your pendant?

[Electricity crackles]

[Huffs] Jenkins, the pendant's gone.

So is Flynn.

[Huffs] So is the Eye of Zarathustra.

This whole mission has gone pear-shaped.

Yeah, well, the situation is worse than you think.


The back door has become unstable.

And unless you guys can get back now, I can't... - [Electricity crackles]

I... oh!

What happened?

Look at this. And now Flynn's missin'?

This is Prospero making a move.

Prospero. Not Prospero. We need to find Flynn.

Uh, how? Not like they're gonna let him have his one bloody phone call.


Yeah, I think he is calling.

[Snoring continues]

[Switches click, electricity warps]




[Snores and snorts]



Flynn? Flynn, it's Eve. Can you hear me? Flynn, if you can hear me and you're not alone, make a noise. Make any noise. The pendant's active. It should be able to...

[Whispers] Yes, yes, I can hear you. I'm here. I'm fine.

Oh, thank God.

Listen, Flynn, it's been two hours since they took you.

Do you know who they are? Do you know where you are?

Any landmarks? Are you hurt?

No, no, no, and no.

I'm in some kind of metal room. There's no windows.

I think I hear water.

And there is a surprising amount of Librarian trivia on these walls.


[Whispering] The artifacts are here, the ones from the Library.

The chess set from the Mirror Lands...

The First Caduceus and...


The Eye of Zarathustra.

[Sighs deeply]

Man: [Distorted voice] No!

No! No! No! No! No!

You give it back! You sit!

You sit!

[Muttering] Sun and rue. Two of six.

[Static crackling]

Sun and rue. Two of six. Sun and rue. Two of six.

I think we got off on the wrong foot.

My name is Flynn Carsen.

Now is not the time for naming.

Now, right now, I catalogue, and you sit!


Who is this guy?

Someone extremely powerful.

Maybe a-a rogue dragon or a minor god.

Hey, can we use the pendant to track Flynn?

I think there... there's too much magical interference from the artifacts there...



[Rhythmic crackling]

[Pounds table]

It's Morse code.

[Rhythmic crackling continues]

Numbers aren't making any sense.

[Rhythmic crackling continues]


That's a Chinese telegraph code.

[Rhythmic crackling continues]


The Chinese language is a pictographic language.

With each code burst, you get more information with fewer dots and dashes.

All right.

All right.

Now is the time for naming.

I'm Ray. Ray Glasney. And you...

You are Flynn. Flynn Carsen.

Who are you?


You tell me! I don't know what you're talking about.

No, you must know.

[Distorted voice] You must know! You're Flynn!

You're the one I need!

Two of six and the sun and the rue.

[Rhythmic crackling continues]

[Mutters indistinctly]

The orb is the eye, the eye finds the staff.

You are looking for the, uh, Staff of Zarathustra?

Okay, good. Okay, well, nobody's been able to find that for about a thousand years.

[Crackling stops]

No! No!

Jenkins, I need the Back Door up again.


Stone, I need a ley line map, North America. Big one.

Cassandra, Washington D.C., is the start point.

How far could they have gotten in under two hours?

Assuming a car, most people drive a little bit over the speed limit... a hundred miles?


How many towns in that radius near a river?

37 near a river.

Oh, perfect. This one has the magical hot spots as well as the ley lines.

Flynn said Glasney had lots of powerful objects unshielded.

[Normal voice] You were talking to someone.

Yeah, you were tapping Chinese telegraphy.

[Distorted voice] Why were you talking to the Chinese?!

Boom. Easton, Maryland. Right by the water.

I can key the Back Door to the most powerful source of local magic.

I can send you directly there.

But if you're gonna go, you've gotta go quickly because it's all tied to the Library, which is currently...

Do what you can to keep it open.

First priority... find Flynn.

I think you're having some cognitive difficulties, and I think I can help you, actually. I think...

No. No. No. No. You'll run.

You're a runner. You're like the Gingerbread man.

But not this time, mnh-mnh.

[Whispers] Not this time.

[Playing pan flute]




[Electricity charging]


[Electricity crackles]

[High-pitched whine, door whooshes]

[Bird caws]

[Detector clicks and chimes]


Wow. You got out of those fast.

Just pop a shim into the pawl and... poof!




[Electronic beeping]


It's an adventure!

It's gonna be great.

Just you and me, Flynn.

[Engine starts]

Could this place be any more stalker-y?

No, no, there is a pattern here. I just...

I can't quite see it.

But there's definitely an organized mind at work.

Jenkins, this is Glasney's place.

No Flynn, but a lot of artifacts.

That's why the door sent you there, strongest magical signal.

Now gather every artifact you can.

We can't leave them lying around for Prospero to find.

Grab what you can, anything magical.

Any idea how Glasney's doing this?

No. None. None.

Obviously, what he's done takes phenomenal power.

We are dealing with an extremely dangerous being.

[Slurps] Do you wanna tell me why you've brought me and the Eye of Zarathustra to a diner in the middle of nowhere?

See our waitress over there?

I look at her and I can tell you with 100% certainty that she is a married mother of three who was raised in the Mississippi Delta, she's worked and lived here for five years, and she plays the cello.

I look at you...

And I get zero. Nothing. Zilch.

That's why I need you and the staff to help me figure out who I am.

Get my memories back.

All I know is...

[Whispers] There's wild magic loose in the world.

It's in the woods, in the... in the sewers, in the cradles and the morgues.

And it's... it's... It's out. It's out!

It needs to be in.

Okay, now... now we're gettin' someplace, because I totally agree with that.

It needs to be back in the Library.

Well, all I know is that I felt bad before we were together, and now I feel good.

I feel good.

Dewey Decimal. Ha!

That's how Glasney organized it.

Who thinks in Dewey Decimal?

Who indeed, dear lady?


You are behind this.

I've been tasked with finding magic for Prospero.

But between us, I think this "magic" is just a fancy word for some unknown field effect randomizing the quantum properties of matter.

That's what I think.

Maybe extra-dimensional intrusion multi...

Cassandra, please do not fangirl over the archvillain.



Let's not be tiresome, hmm?

I see your Mr. Carsen is not here.

As we do not have him, I must conclude that he in danger from... a third party?

Okay, you're pretty smart.

But are you smart enough to accept my offer, hey?

Hand over the magic, stay out of my way.

Perhaps I'll take the Duchess dancing sometime.

I'm, uh... [Chuckles]

I'm just a country boy, but, uh, I am smart enough to know that these containers have two doors!



Ha ha.




Well, well, well.


Your service is required.


We've stumbled onto something, haven't we, sprite?


Go! Go, go! Go, go, go!


Aah! [Grunts]

Baird, hurry!

Baird, hurry up! Door's closin'!


[Laughs] Does this make it better?

Does this make it better? [Laughter]

Who the hell are you, Ray?

Why do you seem so familiar?


It's Akkadian crystal?

Gloss is, uh... [Smacks lips]

Judean date palm extract, extinct since 500 A.D.

"when sun and rue meet, thus is revealed the Temple of Zarathustra."

"When sun and rue meet... "

Hey, mister, you need to come quick.

Something's wrong with your friend.

[Indistinct conversations]


Ray? What happened?

I don't know. I was... talking, and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground.

It happens sometimes.


Oh, my head!

It feels like it's gonna explode.

It's happening more and more.

When was the first time?

Four months ago. It's gettin' worse.

What about before then?

I don't remember before then.

Are you saying that your memory only goes back four months?

[Snapping] Ray. Ray. Ray. Ray! Focus. Focus.

Are you saying... [Grunts]

That your memory only extends back for four months?

And that you reach into your pockets and you pull out artifacts from the Library?

I don't know where they come from.

You're connected to the Library, somehow... a Library that's constantly rearranging itself randomly, as if it's got no... reason.

You're the Library.

I'm the what?

You're the Library.

Jenkins always said the Library acts with intention.

Intention means intelligence. That's you.

You're the intelligence, except separated... made flesh, made into a person.

I can talk to you, they can talk to me.

You can answer questions.


I have so much that I wanna know! [Giggles]

I-I don't know what you're talking about.

Thousands of years of history, all those mysteries never s...


I-I don't remember any of that.

Okay, okay. With me.

I mean, the years we spent together.

11 years. We've been through a lot together.

Aah! [Inhales sharply] Look, I...

I don't remember Judson. I don't remember us.

It just hurts. My head, okay?


That's why you need the Staff of Knowledge, to get your memory back.

And the longer that we wait, the longer that we're separated, the worse this...

No, no. I'm gonna help you.

We're gonna find the staff.

You will?

Yeah. Together.

We'll take our check.

And a milkshake to go.

No, no, you've had enough.

Just the check.

Come on.


One more milkshake.

What the hell are you doin', Jenkins?

We gotta get back out there and find Baird.

Wherever she is, it's certainly safer than here.

We have a bigger problem. The Library is dying.

The Library can't be dying. Buildings aren't alive.

Really, Mr. Jones?

After all the time you've spent in it, haven't you learned anything about the Library?

It's origami.

Folds inside folds inside folds, all adding up to two parts... the infinite folding space, the body of the Library...

And the other part is what? It's the operating system?

Intelligence, yes, that organizes the space, defends it.

The Spirit of the Library, for lack of a better term.


So you're saying that when the Library came back, its spirit was stripped by Glasney?

Yeah, well, either that or the trauma of its return from the void left it vulnerable to a powerful predator.

Whoever Ray Glasney is, he has left the Library without nourishment.

The Library eats now?

[Sighs] Yes, Mr. Jones, and what it is eating is itself.

That's what... all these shadows, that's what they are.

And when it goes completely dark, the Library is dead.

Which brings us to...

[Exhales] The ghost lights.


Beautiful and mechanically inclined.

[Cocks gun]

I do prefer you modern women.

Now, now, Duchess, we've been over this.

You can't kill me with that.

Five seconds.

Make your point, or bye-bye, knees.

Simple arithmetic... you wish to find your Mr. Carsen, I wish to find the staff for my... employer.

We're heading in the same direction. QED.

Again with the QED.

I can find him on my own.

Ah, yes. But I'll wager that Ariel can find him faster. [Whirring]

Now you need a guide, Duchess, and I... need transportation.

I have not yet, I'm afraid, learned how to drive.

Why should I trust you?

Because I am under duress.

You know I was summoned and serve Prospero against my will.

We find your Mr. Carsen and the Staff of Knowledge, we use some of this knowledge to break the spell Prospero has over me, make me a free man.

You'd betray him?

If you don't trust my virtue, trust my self-interest.

[Sighs deeply]


And we get to spend a bit of time together.


You're not as charming as you think you are.


I'm precisely as charming as I believe I am, to the decimal place.

[Taps door]

[Brakes squeal, gears shift]

[Engine turns off, door closes]

Well, you seem better.

I mean, you look, uh...

[Claps hands]

This is good.

I have to tell you, I just have so many questions for you, though.

Do you know what happened to the 10 missing Librarians?

And you know that... that locked room in the sub-subbasement, what is in there?

I thought maybe it's a Kraken. Jenkins says it's a Grendel.

I don't remember any of that! I don't remember anything.

That's why we're here. Well, not here, but someplace close.


Nope. Over there.

Down here!


Down there?

Nearly there.

I still can't believe it.

I mean, the Library in human form.

I believe I'm the only Librarian in history to ever get a chance to talk to the Library in person.

Ray, look at me and tell me that you don't remember anything.

Not even one little thing?

I don't remember anything.

Okay, that's... this is... yeah, good.

But tell me, why are we stopped here?

I don't know.

What I do know is, this...

This is exactly where we're supposed to be.

What? No.


This way!

Ghost lights sit in every theater in the Western world.

They absorb all of the emotions, all of the life expressed there.

When they're full of life, they come here.

Activate these bulbs, the Library will feed off of their life energy, stay alive long enough for Mr. Carsen and Colonel Baird to find and stop Glasney.

What are you not telling us, Mr. Jenkins?


Quite a lot, I suspect.

Over the next ridge, at least.


Come now, Duchess.

No need to be so stiff.

I wager you'll quite like me once you scratch below the surface.

[Scoffs] Well...

First... [Clears throat]

I'm kind of seeing someone.

"Kind of"? Hmm.

Am seeing someone who's not fictional.

Second, I'm not really in the bad guy business.

"Bad guy"? Relative term.

Holmes and I were almost partners, you know?

Uh-huh. He turned you down?


No, I didn't want to work with him.

You've read the stories... never settling, flitting from case to case.

Always running... running, running from himself, running from boredom.

No, I wanted to build something.

Oh, you built a criminal empire.

Because that's all they would let me build.

I ask you, what would you do if they wouldn't let you breathe?

If they wouldn't let you open any door?

You would make your own.


Both your world and mine, there are those of us who run and those who build.

You and I?

We're planners. Strategists.

We're builders, in for the long haul.

What type is your Mr. Carsen, pray tell?


This is it!

It should be here.

The temple should be right here. Where is it?

Yeah, I'm... starting to think that maybe walking through the Pennsylvania woods... not the best way to find an ancient Sumerian temple.

Why isn't it here? It's gotta be here somewhere!

It's just trees and rocks and moss and...

I don't need a forest. I need a staff. Where's the staff?!

Look, calm down. I think maybe you need to focus?

I don't know where I am! I always know that.

That's what I need to know.


Come on, Ray.

Come up here!

I'm gonna solve this.

[Crying] I'm gonna solve it right now.

I'm gonna solve it by myself.

[Continues crying]

[Singsongy] Here I go!

Rue and sun.

Here we go.

[Continues crying]

Ray, look, it's working!



Ray, look. Yeah.

Here comes the sun.

Yes! [Chuckles] Yes! Yes! It's...

[Chiming stops]


It's not working.


Why isn't that working?

Sun and rue.

Ah... [Sobbing]

Sorrow... rue?

Sadness, rue? Could it be that simple?

[Chuckles] Those clever Sumerian bastards!

Come on! Get up here.

Oh, it doesn't matter. We're already defeated.

Come on. Come on.

It's a metaphor. The Sumerians were poets.

To them, the sun was hope.

I'm feeling very hopeful, so that's why this is glowing.

"Rue" means sorrow, what you're feeling right now.

This is an eye. How does an eye show sadness?



The Temple of Zarathustra.

The Staff of Knowledge is inside.

I always knew you'd find it.

Come on.

Element puzzle.

Earth above, water below.

Shouldn't we go faster?

Ah. "Unreasonable haste is the road to error."

Judson used to say that. Okay.

[Arrows whoosh]

Whoa! Jeez.

Okay. So there's only one path.

Some of them are safe.

[Arrows whoosh]

Whoa! Oh! [Grunts]

Or not.

Daedalus built something like this.

[Gears clank]

Oh, you hear that? Reset interval.

Sloppy Sumerian trapwork.

Okay, here's how this is gonna work...

I'm gonna jump forward and then jump back to avoid the arrow, and then jump forward again on the reset.

You do the exact same thing, and it'll never have a chance to reset...

Once we do the first one. Ready?


Okay. Here we go.

[Arrows whoosh]



[Arrows whoosh]

Now you!

Oh, okay.

Now me.


Now you. Good.


[Arrows whoosh]


[Arrows whoosh]


[Arrows whoosh]



[Arrows whoosh]



Isn't this fun?


[Arrows whoosh]


[Arrows whoosh]


Still warm. They're not far ahead of us.


I appreciate your zeal, Duchess.

Just let little Ariel ferret out... keep it in your pants, English.

They went this way.

Stay close.


Ever my intention, Duchess.

My heart, it's beatin' so fast, and my skin's all wet.

What's happening?

You're scared, Ray.

Just try to take a deep breath.

Okay, elements, elements.

What's the next element?

Look at you.

You seem like you're having fun.

Do I? Well, I love ancient temples.

You see, the whole thing with temples is, you just kinda gotta get into the spirit of the fun of the whole thing.

Just relax, enjoy yourself.


You went first last time. My turn.

Wait! Ray! Ray!


That's my last one. Now what?

Now nothing.

Mr. Stone.


That's it. It's done.

At the rate they're going, we only have a few minutes left.

And then what, huh?

Jenkins? Tell me you got a plan "B."

Yes, uh, Mr. Stone.

I do.

[Flames whoosh]

Ray: Aah! Aah!

Fire! Of course that's the next element.







Ray, can you stop shouting so I can figure this out?

[Flames whooshing]

Okay, let me figure this out now.

[Arrows whoosh]


Traps are Flynn's department.

Must be some sort of reset interval.

Uh... uh...

Uh... oh, yeah, I'm gonna ask you a couple of questions.

No! I don't have any answers. I'm hollow!

That's why I need the staff. That's why I need you!

Yes, and I need you! We need each other to get through this.

Uh, Ray, do you see, uh, any raised circles on your wall?

Yeah, two. No, four.

Okay, those are dials.

When I say so, turn the bottom two two clicks to the left. Okay?


Ready? Go!


[Flames whooshing]

Good. Now the top two.

Ready? Go!

[Clank, flames whoosh]


We did it!

We did it?

[Laughs] Hey! We're a team!


Library, Librarian... that's how it works.

Let's go get the staff.


Holy crap, that was scary.

Wait, that's it?

I thought it'd be more...



Maybe we have to... touch it.

Yeah, maybe that.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Just make sure there are no more traps in this room.

I don't think there are any.

And you'd be quite right about that.

All the traps are behind us.


Eve, look out! Moriarty!

I know. He's with me.

Wait. What?

Wait, how did you guys get... wait. What?!

You had a team-up with him?

I... had to find you and warn you that Ray is not just pulling things from the Library.


Is the Library.

Pretty sure I was about to say he's destroying it.

He... he is the Library?

The spirit of it.

[Electricity crackles]

I think it got pulled free when we brought it back from the void.

But yeah, that sweet, affable guy is the Library.

Wait. You had a team-up with him?

So you're not in any danger, then?

[Ray groaning] - No, not anymore. We just came to get his memory fixed and then...

You call that fixed, then?

This looks worse.


This could not be worse.



Flynn, it's coming back to me!


Every law, every theorem...

[Rumbling continues]

All the lost languages, and the songs of Sumeria, every poem and story and novel in every language ever written!


But it's too much! Aah! It hurts!

What's happening to him?!

He's overloading! There's too much power!

Too many memories are coming back!

I think one of us will have to go over there.


[Debris falling]

One of you will have to go over there!

You have to go back to the Library, Ray.

Just let go off the staff.

No! It's too powerful!

It'll backlash through the ley lines!

Someone has to take it!


Cassandra: It's accelerating.

Miss Cillian, all of you, it's time for you to go.

When the last ghost light goes out, the Library will grab hold of the greatest source of life it can find, and that's me.

That's your plan "b," to let this place eat you?

If you think we're gonna leave you here alone, in the dark, you're...

I don't know what you are, but we're not doing that.

Well, Cassandra, it's the math. I'm immortal... semi.

You're not. My life can keep this going longer...

Dude, we're not doing it.

Actually, I might consider it.

It's getting pretty dark in here.


[Crackling continues]


Give it to me! I'll take it.

No! It'll kill you!

The Library cannot kill a librarian.

Then me!

It's my job, Flynn.

A noble sacrifice, Duchess.

Once again, you rise in my esteem.

Are you still here? You're the villain.

Shouldn't you just be running away somewhere?

All that information, all that power?

Bound to burn out any mortal who handles it.

Don't you see the solution yet?

Moriarty, wanna sh...

By Jove, I think he's finally got it.

It's the only way.


Give the staff to Moriarty.


No! It's what he wants!

He's immortal. He's fictional. It's the only way.

He planned this! You know he did!

It doesn't matter.

Ray, I'm the Librarian. Give Moriarty the staff.

[Crackling continues]



[Crackling subsides]

Can't die like other men.

[Inhales sharply] Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.

[Breathing heavily]

Meant every word I said, Duchess.

You remember that.

Ray, say something.

I remember.

You remember the Library?

I remember Judson.



Wise and brave and kind Judson.

Your true father.

A-and I remember Charlene.

Funny and tough and loving Charlene.

Do you, uh...

Do you remember me?

[Chuckles softly] Of course I do, Flynn.

You're my best friend.


[Grunts] Aah!

Uh, okay, we gotta get you back to the Library.

Come on. [Grunts]

It's the last one.

Yes, but... this is moronic.

You can't all stay.

I offered to go.

Problem with you lot is...

[Whoosh, powers down]

Stone: Jenkins, what's going on?

Jenkins: I have no idea. We should all be...

[Powers up]


Ah! Ha!

Flynn: Whose idea was the ghost lamps? That's...


Colonel Baird!

Hey, everybody.


Hello, Jenkins.

Very pleased to see you're both still alive.

Well, we had a little help.


I'd like you all to meet...

Ray, the Spirit of the Library.

Ray, these are the Librarians.


I'm sorry. How...

How is that possible?

Kind of a long story.

Which we don't have time for.

She's right. We gotta do this now.


Um, uh, uh...



It's good to have the team back together.

You seem upset.

I just feel like we didn't really get a chance to talk.

I mean, really talk.

You're the only one who has a frame of reference for my life, and I just want you to know what you've meant to me.

I already know.

You need to stop Prospero.

He's more dangerous now than ever.

Yeah, but I have so many questions.

I can't answer everything for you.


The journey is more important than the destination.

And you, my friend, are about to go on an amazing adventure.

[Exhales deeply]


No questions.

Will I get to talk to you again?

[Chuckles] You talk to me all the time.

And you don't have to yell. I can hear you.


I don't know how to say goodbye.

No need.

I'll be here, where I've always been, where I'll always be.

[Inhales deeply]

[Exhales deeply]

You okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I just... yep.

[Clears throat, claps hands]

Well, we... got a hundred acres of Library to clean up, so let's get to it.

You better go find a broom then.

You know where the brooms are.

I don't know where the brooms are.

[Exhales deeply]

Running again?

The Library wants me to go after Prospero, make sure that he doesn't get his hands on those artifacts.

He told you to stop Prospero. Running's your choice.

I'm the Librarian.

This is the only way that I know... how to be me.

No kiss this time.

I think.