03x02 - And the Fangs of Death

Woman: Flynn.

(distant whooshing)

(distant clatter)

Flynn: Hello?

Woman: Flynn.




He's coming.


We're scaling this cliff because of a bad dream?

Not a dream. An apocalyptic vision.

And Charlene is the only one who can stop it.

I'm still confused.

How can Charlene stop it?

Exactly. How. That's what we have to find out.

(stone scraping)

And you're sure she's here?

Professor friend of mine at the Peruvian Anthropological Institute telephoned me after he spotted her on a bus surrounded by Tarantilla guerillas.

The Tarantilla are a brutal cult who worship ancient Incan gods.

They perform human sacrifices!

Last the professor saw, they were headed to this very temple.

(woman groans)

That's Charlene's voice.

I'd know it anywhere.

How many?

Three sets of shuffling footsteps.

Heavy breathing from two others.

One lifting something heavy, the other applying pressure.




Oh, Flynn. Eve.

You're a sight for sore eyes.

And a sore neck. Esteban, can you... ah, thank you.

We thought you were in danger.

Oh, don't be silly.

I just needed a little distraction.

After I lost Judson, I needed to clear my head.

Nice clearing.

Thank you.

These are our brutal cultists?

No, no. They're just misunderstood.

I just had to show them the understanding of a mature, sensual woman.

Whew. You used an enchantment artifact.

What? No. Oh, I am offended.

You made them think that you were an Incan goddess.

So sue me.

I just needed a little affection.

Is that so wrong?

Well, good for you.

It's important to take personal time once in a while.

Thank you.

Gentlemen, take five.

Take four.


I missed you so much.

I... I can't breathe.



You're still wearing it.

I haven't taken it off since you gave it to me.

You know, I don't think that I've ever even told you how much...

We need you back at the Library.

That's why we came.

No, no. Uh, no, I can't do that.

We wouldn't ask you if it weren't important.

Oh, I'm sure that's true, but, uh, this is where I need to be, and nothing you can say is going to change my mind.

Cassandra's been doing the accounting.

What? No!


She knows math, but she knows nothing about accounts pay...

I see what you did.

Ooh, I like her.

I'm sorry, but I just haven't finished balancing my emotional checkbook.

Apep is back.


(speaks foreign language)

Take them to the guest chamber.

I assume you don't mind sharing a bed.

No, you know...


Whatever's easiest.

We leave at sun up. Go. Go.

Go, go, go!

Wow. Great view.

Great view.

You know, this reminds me.

We really need to take that vacation we keep talking about.

We could use some unwinding.

Unwinding, unraveling... decoding, deciphering...

Same thing.

Come on.

I love our adventures, but I'm talking like a real vacation, you know.

One where we just... are.

Okay, I promise. We will.

You know, it's not really sun up until the sun clears Mt. Waytapallana.



I'm actually really excited.

You know, Charlene and I, in all these years, we've never been on an adventure together.

All the years together, we've never been in the...


He's dead.

They all are.


Esteban has finger bruises on his neck like he was strangled.

Above the bruises, scratch marks.

First scratch mark is a third deeper than the rest.

His index fingernail's a third longer.

You're saying he attacked Esteban?

I'm saying they attacked each other.

Judging by the bruises, the scrapes, the abrasions, they ripped each other to pieces.

Why would they do that?


Mr. Carsen, I implore you, reconsider.

I won't reconsider. I will reconfigure.

I created the door to find places, not people.

It is simply not designed to do what you're asking.

Oh, pishky posh, Jenkins.

You underestimate yourself.

This remarkable piece of machinery has endless possibilities.

I don't... can... can you talk some sense into him?

And stop the show? Not a chance.

He's like a kitten on catnip.

Simply a matter of focus.

I just have to alternate the frequencies.

No, sir, it's not that simple.

I've spent years experimenting.

Trial, error after err... no... after error fine-tuning the technology.

You can't expect an entire overhaul like this to work just like that off the bat.

Why is Flynn rewiring our door?

He's trying to use it to find Charlene.

Can it do that?

Most emphatically no.

Unless it can.

Instead of honing in on a specific location, I have reconfigured it to home in on a specific human resonance.

Emotionally-charged vibrations which we store where?

In our... hearts?

The objects we hold dear.

Oh, the pendant you gave her that she wears around her neck.

Precisely. She said she never takes it off.

It is loaded with emotional resonance.

Yeah, no, but for your theory to work, to make that kind of connection, you would need another object of equal emotional strength on this side of the door.

Something that Charlene loved as much as or even more than that pendant.

Charlene's accounting ledgers. Where do you want 'em?

Right on the end of that table.

Still don't get it, man.

What does Apep want with the Library's accountant?

She was far more than an accountant!

Is there something we don't know about Charlene?

Tell them.

Ch... Charlene was... is... a Guardian.

Not just any Guardian.

The most important Guardian in the history of the Library.

Guardian to the original Librarian, otherwise known as Judson.

I had no idea.

Her connection to the Library is a deep and profound...

Inexorable. I mean, she's the one...

Who must be found.

Everything is in place. Everything is secure.

Okay, let's give it a whirl.

No, no, Mr. Carsen. You cannot do this.

We don't know where the pendant is.

It could be at the bottom of the sea.

You could be beamed into solid stone.

You cannot go through these doors.

Is that the invisible Cloak of Perseus?

No, no, I brought that upstairs to... oh.

Well, I guess I'm going with him.

We all will.

All of us?

Of course. Whatever he faces, it won't be alone.

And I can't sway your decision?

Don't worry. I'll keep an eye on him.

Ah. You ca...


Where's Baird?

Door collapsed.

I can't get a cell signal.

Cassandra: I got a bad feeling about this.

Stone: What is this place?

Pressurized rooms, pumped-in oxygen, high-voltage cables, temperature maintained and controlled at 68 degrees, and judging from these wall reinforcements, I'm guessing that we are in an underground...

Supercollider facility.

We're in a supercollider facility?

The question is why.

Why would Apep bring Charlene here?

Question is what the hell happened here?

This place has been ripped up.

Freeze! Hold it right there.

Who are you people? What are you doing here?

It's okay. We're the Librarians... oh.

How do I know you're not infected?


How do I know you're not one of them?

Because... we're the Librarians.

From government census?

To inventory the assembly records?

Why does that always work for you?

We're looking for a woman. Her name is Charlene.

She's roughly 5'5", blond hair, very sarcastic.

You people are the only ones I've seen besides our crew.

Or what's left of them.

Wait, what happened to your crew?

(alarm beeps)

East perimeter's been breached.

They're coming this way.

Hurry! We gotta get out of here.

Somewhere in a five-mile radius in this?

Sorry. Best I could do. Told you before.

I know, I know, I know, I know.

The door wasn't made to find people.

All right, got it.

We'll find high ground, scanning as we go.

If we average a ten-minute mile, we should cover about one radius per hour.

We'll find them.

If they're still alive.

They have to be.

This is not a time to be getting drunk.

I can think of no better time.

We should never have split up.

It's against protocol.

You know what? Screw protocol.

How long do you think we'd last here without supplies?

He's out there risking his life for us, which is supposed to be your job, Lt. Becker.

Oh, and if they got me, who protects the rest of you, huh?

Greg, the drunken male nurse?


Tom. Thank God.

Who are you people?

Hey, I'm the head of security here.

I know every face in this facility.

They're okay, Becker. They're Librarians.

You know every face? How about this one?

Never seen her. I would know.

Unless she was transferred here this morning.

She could have come before we went into lockdown.

Lockdown? Did something happen with the collider?

We were setting the collider for a test run when the synchrotrons overheated.

There was an explosion, fried the phones, communications, most of the computers.

If somebody was transferred here, that would be recorded somewhere?

You can check the entrance logs.

All right. What happened right after the explosion?

They started killing us is what happened.

Killed? By who?

The crew. Or whatever they turned into started attacking, tearing people apart.

I'm sorry. So everybody started attacking each other?

No. Something infected some of the crew, made them crazy.

They attacked the rest of us.

Could it have been radiation poisoning?

More like some damn alien virus.

They attacked, our dead rose up, became just like 'em.

And now they outnumber us two to one.

Flynn: What about security video?

Can you pull up an image from the cameras?

No. No, the explosion wiped out the hard drive.

We can't even override the lockdown.

That's why we're stuck inside.

But you have backups.

In the server room.

Okay, where is that?

Oh, you're not going anywhere.

This is the only room that's safe.

Oh, six-inch door, pressurized locks.

I can see why.

Wait a sec, Becker.

Going to the server room might not be such a bad idea.

If the main SAT line wasn't damaged in the explosion...

Maybe we could gerry-rig it to override the lockdown.

Look, we step out there, we have no idea where the hell those things are.

Uh, Ezekiel, did you notice any fire detectors in the hallways?

I reconfigured the facility's fire detectors to pick up any fluctuating heat changes from here.

They make any movements in the hallways, we'll be able to see.

Cassandra: Look at 'em. It's like evil Pac-Man.

Stone, you and Cassandra stay here, monitor their movements.

Ezekiel, you're with me.

I need you to help me search the servers.

I'll hook up the SAT lines and come back to you.

You better.

Come on, Becker. It's a level-four clearance room.

We're gonna need your retina scan to get in.

Flynn, this only tracks the hallways.

I mean, they could be in any room you walk by or go into.

Okay, whatever's out there, we can deal with it.

I mean, they're just people, right?

(creatures howling)

Or not.

All right, so far so good.

You're all clear.

Flynn, you got company coming.

Why the hell are you stopping?

(distant growling)


(walkie talkie crackles)


Run! Run!

Through here, Hurry!

Whoa! You ain't kidding.

I told you they were vicious.

Tom. Tom, can you hear me, Tom?

We're all right. Don't worry.

Is there another way to the server room from here?

Follow me.

What kind of infection would give them the strength to do this?


What the hell is that?

Werewolves, mate.

And not the dorky Taylor Lautner kind.

Here. This one's working.

Okay, bring up the security footage and find me Charlene.

Hold up. Werewolves? You're not serious.

Accounts of werewolves date back to 75,000 BC.

They're found all over the globe.

Japanese have the Kitsune, the Greeks have the Leycaeon.

Almost all the files are corrupted.

Look, my crew didn't turn into werewolves.

Well, I'm sure you're right.

Lots of people have yellow eyes and howl.

Okay. Got something.

Give me the radio.

Cassandra, Stone, do you read me?

We're all here. What about the SAT line?

Not gonna happen. Sorry.

I knew it. I'm gonna die in here.

Ezekiel is sending the feed through.



That is the most powerful supercollider I've ever seen.

All looks normal so far.

Wait a second. There should only be four there.

Who is that walking to the computer?

Tom: Ezekiel, zoom in.

Come on, Ezekiel.

Yeah, I'm trying, but I'm dealing with the digital equivalent of wet paper.

Right, we're back up. Here's the footage from earlier.

Who's that man?

That's not a man.

It's a woman. Look at the earring.

It's a woman with blond hair.

It can't be.

Is that...?


Oh, my God.

Military gate guards are trained to be uncooperative, hostile, and unfriendly.

Just let me do all the talking.

(clears throat)

Colonel Eve Baird, NATO. Spot inspection.

We're gonna need immediate access.

NATO? I don't think we ever had anyone from NATO around here.

That must be exciting.

You get to travel around the world, eh?

I had a cousin who dated a guy in NATO.

Frank something? Maybe you know him?

Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank...

Strange guy. Collected glass figurines.

Obsessed with them.

Think he was a little touched in the head.

Well, interesting, but we're on a very tight schedule right now, so...

Where's my manners?

Sgt. Rubin, Canuck Defense.

So you wanna get to the underground lab?

Lab? Lab. Yes, lab.

I haven't been able to raise the place for hours.

Something of a pickle.

We better get there right away.

Sure. Except the humvee's dead and the foot path is rough, but you can follow me.

All right, great. We'll follow you.

Get it back. Get the footage back.

I need to see more.

Yeah, I'm trying, but it's not working.

Just do it. I need to know for sure!

She survived for thousands of years as a Guardian.

She may have survived this.

Cassandra, any luck on your end?

Yeah, I think I might be able to help.

Digital video stored in a series of bitmaps?

If I can access the binary codes, I might be able to reconstruct the video.

I mean, it's gonna take a while, but...

Do it. Give her access to the drives.

Back to the explosion.

What did you do with the remains?

What did you do with the remains?

What little there was, we took to the infirmary.

Where is that?

Back two hallways.

We passed 'em when we came here.

But I wouldn't...

Your friend's gonna get himself killed.


(both sigh)

What in the hell are they doing?

They're running right towards 'em.

Tom. Tom, can you hear me?

You're headed straight for them.

Tom. Tom.

I can't get through.

I can.

(door opens, closes)

(distant growling)

It's me! It's me!

Where you going, buddy?

The infirmary. I have to look for Charlene.

I know, I know, but I have to be sure.

All right, we will, okay?

But right now, we gotta get out of here.


Move! Move! Move! They're behind us!

Go! Come on!

This way! This way!

Go, go, go, go!

(barking and growling)

It's this way.

The bridge. We can pull these pins.

We can collapse it right under 'em.

I've spent my life on catwalks.

I've got this. Go! Go!

Let's go, McCormack!









We should have never left the security room.

I told you that was the only safe place.

Where are the remains?

Didn't you hear what your friend said?

McCormack just died up there.

So will countless others, which is why right now I need to see those remains!

And just what are you hoping to find?

It's what he's hoping not to find.

And what the hell is that?

Charlene's pendant.

Guys, can you hear me?

I was able to reconstruct some of the video.

I'm sending it to you now.

Hey, we didn't see this part before.

Wait, Cassandra, freeze that.


I think so.

He possessed Charlene.

He possessed her so he could kill her.

The only way that an immortal can be killed... from the inside.

There's something else. Take a look at this.

What the hell is that thing?

Anubis, the jackal-headed Egyptian lord of the underworld.

The original werewolf.

But how... how...

Guys, we're in Canada, right? Whereabouts?

Alberta. Ring Rose Peak.

Flynn, that is right on a ley line.

Apep must have been able to use the collider to create a space-time rift and bring Anubis back to life.

This doesn't make any sense.

This doesn't make any sense.

Why would he bring Charlene here to turn on the supercollider?

That could have been anybody.

Why her?

"In Alexandria, the Library was born in my defeat.

My resurrection begins the Library's end.

Starting with you."

Is he talking to us?

He knew that this is where we'd find the pendant.

He knew that this is where we'd see his message.

What does all that mean?

It means it's a trap.

The entire thing. He lured us in.

He brought Charlene here because he knew that we would follow her!

And he knew that the explosion would throw the facility into lockdown.

And he summoned Anubis here to kill us.

And every person Anubis turns into a werewolf becomes another soldier in Apep's army.

Why did I not see this coming?

You mean to tell me that those deaths, that blast, those werewolves, that was all because of you?!


Get off me!

You sure this is the only way to get to the lab?

By foot? Yes.

We could walk the roadway, but it's nearly twice the distance.

Uh, no, it's fine. Just lead the way.

Jenkins, why are you here?

Uh, well, that's the eternal question, isn't it, Colonel?

Why are any of us here?

I mean specifically here, now, with me.

Whatever do you mean?

Well, it's impossible to get you out of the Annex.

It's like pulling teeth to get you out in the field.

Yet as soon as you had the door fixed, you went through it before I did.

Well, I created the door. I feel responsible for it.

Don't lie to me.

Oh, I never lie, Colonel.

Omission is as good as a lie.

There's something you're not telling me, Jenkins.

Something Flynn's not telling me.

I kept asking about Charlene.

He kept ducking my questions.

You started to tell us something, he cut you off.

And now the Librarians, my Librarians, are somewhere in these woods, and I'm completely in the dark.

I deserve to know what's going on.

Couldn't help overhearing.

You lost contact with some of your friends, did you?

Uh, military colleagues.

We sent them ahead to do a spot check.

Oh, sure. People get lost around these woods all the time.

So these friends of yours, you think all four of 'em went into the lab?

We never said there were four.



Your chaos spell won't work on us anymore, remember?

But that will.

The only reason I've kept you alive this long is I needed to know your precious Librarians were in my trap.

And now that I know,

I can join my soldiers and watch as they kill your friends.

Then there will be no one left who can stop me from releasing pure evil.

Colonel, I have an idea, but you're gonna have to trust me.

Oh, now you wanna talk about trust?

(gasps, coughs)


Jenkins. Jenkins, are you all right?

Missed the river by that much.

How did you do that?

One of the advantages of being immortal.

Can help break the fall of your friends.

Oh, God. It doesn't mean I'm not in extreme pain, though.

We could... we could still track her.


Tracks are like fingerprints.

Her right foot kicks out further than her left.

Come on.

All right, go, go.

I got it. Ah.

Oh, oh, oh. That's a bone right there.

Guys, we gotta come up with a plan.

All right? We...

Hey, what's with your arm, huh?

Is that blood?

Would you believe I had a tattoo removed?

You got bit. This is serious, all right?

We gotta do something.

Maybe you should just lock me in here so I can't hurt anyone.

Let me see your eyes.

Pupils are clear. Heart rate's still regular.

Okay, you haven't started to change yet.

We still have time to do something.

Right, Flynn?


(alarm beeping)

Cassandra, what's going on?

Someone's activated the self destruct.

Where's Becker?

Cassandra: Becker, what have you done?

When the collider blows, this entire facility will be destroyed, including those monsters.

We can't let this spread.

It's protocol.




(firing continues)

(gun clicks)

(growling continues)



Guys, how do we override the self destruct mode?

You can't.

So what do we do?

We let it blow up.

It's the only thing we can do.

I'm sorry. Let it blow up?

What are you talking about?

The lieutenant is right.

If Apep's gonna create an army of werewolves, this is the only way to stop 'em.

And what about the people here?

What about us?

This is not like you, man, all right?

You're the one that taught us we don't give up, okay?

There is nothing we can't solve no matter how bad things get.

How did I miss this? How could I have been so blind?

Everybody has blind spots, brother. All right?

Sometimes you feel so deeply about something you miss the big picture.

How many other people are gonna die because of me?

Oh, no, no.

The question is how many more will be saved?

I've got it!

What if we shut down the main power?

Wouldn't that stop the self destruct?

You'd have to shut down three power lines in the supercollider chamber.

Low-level, RF, and bias lines.

All simultaneously.

Good luck to the man trying to get in there.

The hallways are swarming with those monsters.

What if you're more monster than man?

What are you... absolutely not!

Yeah, think about it, okay?

I've been bitten. I'm turning into one of them.

If I can get amongst those beasties and distract them somehow, then you lot can go and shut the power down.

Ezekiel, you haven't even started changing yet, all right?

You don't have the eyes. You don't have the fangs.

They'll tear you to shreds.

Not necessarily.

Lupine parvovirus attacks the sudoriferous glands before it moves on to the ocular and aural nerves.

Right. What he said.

Meaning that if Ezekiel was changing, it would start with his scent.

He would smell more like friend...


...than foe.

Okay, so if Ezekiel is right, how do we get 'em out of the halls?

With steam.

Yeah, uh, the one back at the catwalk, he copped a face full of it, and he screamed bloody murder.

Of course. Parvovirus is related to rabies, which presents as an acute fear of water.

The steam will totally repel all these creatures.

If we can get Ezekiel into that main radiator...

He could blow all the lines in the hall, creating a path.

Once he's done that...

We'll be able to get to the supercollider, pull the plugs, and shut down the self destruct.

Guys, I think we have a plan.

Come on, Jenkins. We have to stay on her.

Yeah, good Lord.

You know what? I have not been in this much pain... ugh... since I jumped off the Hindenburg.

Look, just because you saved my butt back there...


Don't think I'm letting you off the hook for keeping secrets from me.

Yes. You're right.

I should have been more forthcoming.

Guardian needs to be able to trust the Caretaker.

And vice versa.

All right, so you know that Apep is trying to release pure evil.

What you don't know is that we are in the midst of the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Before the Library was created, Apep managed to release pure evil, but Judson and Charlene were able to banish it.

Now... Judson gone, Apep back, Charlene is the only one who knows how to stop it, and if we don't find her...

We're doomed.

Oh, we are so...


Okay, we're ready when you are.

Ezekiel: I'm ready.

I could be wrong about the whole werewolf scent thing.

Well, at least then I'll die happy... knowing you were finally wrong about something.

(door opens, closes)


Nice doggies... just another member of the wolf pack.


(steam escaping)

(panicked yipping)

Cassandra: They're leaving the hallways.

It worked.

They're breaking up.

Okay, stay here. You guys will be safe.

The hell is that?

Supercollider surging before the overload.

We need to shut it down.

Cassandra, the power lines!

Yeah, low level, RF, and bias. All at the same time.

On three, two...

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Wait? What do you mean wait?

This thing is about to create the exact same space-time rift that it did before.

Don't you see? If we time this just right, we can send Anubis back through it.

Yeah, if the field doesn't destabilize, and if you can get Anubis next to the field within a 43-second window.

Guys, that's a lot of ifs.

Ezekiel! We need you to turn off the steam.

Let me guess. You have a cunning plan.

I'm on it.



Something's wrong. The steam's still on.

Ezekiel, we're running out of time!


Someone has to shut off the steam.

I'll do it.

Since when did you get courage?

What do you think I have this for?

It's just like the others.

He'll be one of them any minute.

Steam's off!


Be ready!

Okay, get the other one.



Hey! Need another soldier for your army?

Try me!

That's it. Come on.

Get ready!

Come on. Come on. That's it.

Wait, wait, wait. Uh-oh.

(Apep speaking foreign language)


The field's starting to destabilize!

It's now or never, Flynn!

You kinda suck at the whole trap thing.

I mean, I'm still here.

Then you shall die at my hands.

I've always wanted to kill a Librarian.

Come and get me.

We can't just leave him like this.

There's nothing I can do for him.


(gun firing)


Ezekiel, what happened?

Apep. Hurry.

Jenkins, keep an eye on him.

Tapetum lucidum in the eyes, hyperactive follicles.

He's turning into a werewolf.

No, he is not. Not yet.

What's the matter? Are you scared?

Did you really think I would be so foolish as to fall into your trap?

You underestimate me, Librarian.

I have thought of everything.

There is no escape.

Today you will die.

You forgot something, Apep.

You forgot the most important thing if you're gonna kill a Librarian.

And what is that?

His Guardian.



(frightened yipping)

(Apep yelling)

(both shout in foreign language)


Cut the power!

(groans) What happened?

Who are you?

I can't believe it.

You did it. It's over.

I'd raise a glass, but I'm all out.

(sighs) That's my last cup of wolfsbane tea.

I'm officially cured.

Think that did it, huh?

Go get it! Go get it!

That's never gonna get old.

Gonna be okay?

I don't know that I'm ever gonna be able to accept losing Charlene.

Maybe you won't have to.

I was able to reconstruct more of the video.

Thought you said you weren't gonna be able to get any more of that.

With their computers, no, but using magic, however...


Just used a small reconstruction spell from "Merlin's Remedial Sorcery," and... well, just look.

That's not Charlene.

Nope. I looked her up.

Her name's Corporal Victoria Moore.

She worked perimeter security, had full access to the base.

That's who Apep possessed?

That means at the temple Apep got the pendant but Charlene got away.

Of course she did. She's a Guardian.

Flynn? Flynn?

I'm afraid he's already gone.

He... he left this.

Flynn: "How lucky I am to have someone who makes saying goodbye so hard.

That's a paraphrase of Winnie the Pooh, but I mean it.

As you've probably guessed, I've gone to look for Charlene.

She holds the key to stopping Apep from releasing pure evil, but I'm going alone because after what happened, I refuse to put you and the other Librarians at further risk.

Because of me, lives were lost.

Because of me, we almost lost Ezekiel.

I cannot let that happen again.

But I swear once I find her I will return.

And then, Eve, I promise we'll take that vacation."