04x01 - And the Dark Secret





Monsignor Vega, We found the map to the stones.

Bring it to me immediately, my son.

When we have the other three stones, there'll be nothing to stop us.


- Mr. Stone.
- What?

The wreaths... uh, under the lions, please.

Under the lions. Mr. Jones, these candles will not light themselves.

And what is the Spear of Destiny doing here?

There are no weapons in this ceremony, gentlemen.

"Bonded together. Bonded together through everlasting unity."

What do you think? Up or down?

(CHUCKLES) So exciting.

Is he even here yet?
I bet he isn't even here yet.

Don't worry. He'll be here.


Five more minutes.




- Wait, wait, wait, wait. What is that?

Pan's Flute. A little mood music.

No, sir. This is not a Zamfir concert.

- Please put it back.
- She's ready!

Very well. Places, please.

Mr. Jones! Thank you.

Um, what? Wait. Where's...


Sorry. I'm late.

Love what you've done with the place.




You look beautiful.

I know.

Librarians, Artifacts, we are gathered here today to witness the eternal union of Flynn Carsen and Eve Baird.

Today they take a sacred vow that has been passed down through the centuries. Oh.

May I see the ceremonial ring, Mr. Carsen?

BAIRD: Ahem.

(CHUCKLES) You thought I forgot.

- Oh!

Your hair!

Oh, no. I'm so sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

Is it bad? You know what?
Is there a towel?

If you're not going to take this rehearsal seriously...

- We are taking it seriously.

We've been practicing this thing for months.

And it's not like they're actually getting married.

It is much more important than a marriage.

Tethering is the most important ritual in the Library.

When a Librarian and a Guardian tether...

They become immortal and create a spiritual connection with the Library.

Anchoring it to humanity.

And it can only happen during a vernal equinox, we know.

We must take this seriously.

Anchoring to humanity is the one thing that ensures the Library remains a force for good.

Charlene was the last to be tethered after Judson passed.

Now that she is gone, the Library is unprotected, and each passing day that it remains untethered, it is vulnerable.

From what? I'm... I'm not trying to be cocky.

I'm just saying we defeated Apep.

We cancelled the apocalypse.

And the ley lines are back down to normal.

Yeah. Aren't we supposed to be, like, good?

No, sir, we are not good. Apep was prophecy.

We knew the ultimate battle was coming.

It was foretold. But now that we have defeated him...

We are past the point of prophecy, meaning we don't know what's going to happen next, meaning anything can happen.

Meaning we have to rehearse this again.

It's called the Maid of the Mist. Right off the end of the dock.

You can't miss it.


RANGER: Hey, what in the goddamn hell do you think you're doing?

Oh, sorry, Father. I didn't see the...

- It's quite all right.
- Look, this is park property.

You can't go smashing it with crow...

Hey, what's that you got there?

Tell me... do you believe in God?

Um, yes.

Good. It's time for you to meet him.

BAIRD: "In bibliotheco mio vido... "

"Mia vita. Mia vita."

How much longer do we have to do this?

Until we get it right. Now, repeat after me, Mr. Carsen.

- Mr. Carsen!
- (GASPS) Mr. Carsen.

- Yeah.

- What's that?
- BOTH: The Receiver!


Just as I feared. One of the stones has been unearthed.

The stones? What stones?

One of the four cornerstones of the Library of Alexandria.

STONE: Alexandria? See, now that, that's a library.

Built in Egypt around, what? B.C.?

It was the most famous center of knowledge in all of the history of ancient civilization.

And it was also the original magic Library.

That is until B.C. when old Caesar came along, invading Egypt and torching the place.

What remained was protected by the Librarian at the time,

Agathocles the Nimble, who removed the stones, effectively transporting the Library from this reality...

To the alternate dimension that we know today.

He hid the stones all around the world so that it could never be reassembled and the Library could never be made physical again.

Let me guess.
Because that would be bad.

Imagine, if you will, the Library is cloud storage and we are the phone.

And there's this massive cloud up there.

It's getting bigger.
And it's getting bigger the more information we put up into it.

Now imagine that cloud physicalizing.

All of the data would become real, the weight of which would...

The Library would implode.

Okay, so some baddie's found a cornerstone and is probably now after the other three so he can destroy the Library.

We just have to get there first.

Librarian .

Just one small little hitch.

We have no idea where in the world they are.

That's not small.

Well, you just said a Librarian hid them. Didn't he leave a map?


How about a clue?
Tell me we got a clue.

We have no clue.

What about the Receiver and the woop, woop, woop, woop?

Yes, when the stone is unearthed it emits a distress signal like a call for help, but we only know after the stone has been taken.

- So we're stuck, then.
- Hey...

Jenkins? What is it?

- What? Nothing.
- What?

Jenkins, do you know something that might help us?


Well, yes. But... no.

Jenkins, please. If this is as serious as Flynn says it is, we need all the help we can get.

Never been down here before.

Yes, well... (EXHALES SHARPLY)

...this may come as a shock.

Who is that?

My Guardian.


you're alive.

Hello, Flynn.

Surprised to see me?

Please, sir, no. Please step away from the door.

- But why is she locked up in here?
- Mr. Carsen, just...

We have to get her out.
She shouldn't be in here.

- Flynn, what's going on?
- This is Nicole Noone, my first Guardian.

She helped me find the Spear of Destiny.
She taught me everything.

I mean, years ago I'm having a cup of coffee and Nicole shows up.

She tells me somebody's stolen H.G. Wells' time machine and we have to get it back.


Hello, gorgeous.

So we tracked the ninjas to their hideout, and, after a fight, there was a malfunction with the time machine and it... it blew up. I watched you die.

And yet here I am.

How is that possible, Flynn?

The explosion must have created a rift, sent you back in time.

years to be exact.

But who's counting?

Oh, how I waited for you to come rescue me, Flynn.

I waited and waited and waited.

But you never came.

- Um...
- Pardon me? years?

How are you still alive?

Immortality artifact, which she stole.

Along with countless others.

You see, Ms. Noone became immortal in order to exact revenge on those she thought had abandoned her.

She wanted to hurt you, Mr. Carsen.

She wanted to hurt the Library and nearly succeeded.

A hundred years ago, we discovered she had found the cornerstones to the Library of Alexandria.

- CILLIAN: She found the stones?
- Three of them.

Very clever though. She hid them before I had the chance to apprehend her.

Wait a minute.

You locked her up?

You let me believe that she was dead.

You never told me! I could have gone back in time and saved her!

No, sir. No, sir. In order to survive the ultimate battle, everything had to flow exactly according to prophecy, which meant you could not know the truth.

Hmm. Well, now that we're all caught up, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?

Ah, the cornerstones.

Someone's found one of them, haven't they?

And you want me to tell you where I hid the others.

- We don't have much time.
- What do you know of time?

Nicole, please, help us.



Well, we can't sit around all day waiting for her to change her mind.

Jenkins, where was the first stone taken from?

. degrees north by . degrees west.

- That's Niagara Falls.
- Okay, you three go to Niagara Falls.

See what you can dig up. Find out what we're dealing with.

And we'll try and get Nicole to talk.

Come on. Let's get him in the truck.

Well, it looks like we're in the right place.

Excuse me, hi. What happened here?

It was an accident.
Park ranger fell into the Falls.

Or he was pushed.

I'm sorry. Who are you?

- CASSANDRA AND STONE: We're the Librarians.
- JONES: I'm the Librarian.

- What did you just say?
- You always get to say it!

You can't say it together or it doesn't work!

Guys, guys.

Look over there.

This is Annie Edson Taylor's barrel.

First person to make it over the falls successfully.


That was over years ago.

Do you think Nicole could have hid one of the cornerstones in there?

Well, why would she hide it here, huh?

- What's Nicole's pattern?
- Her pattern is that she's insane.

I mean, you heard Jenkins.
She's in that cell for a reason.

Yeah, but since when did we start locking people up in secret dungeons?

And a Guardian, what's more?

Thought we were supposed to be the good guys.

She tried to hurt the Library.

I mean, what did you expect Jenkins to do?

- Give her a time out?
- Still, makes you think.

What else is the Library not telling us?

Guys... it's a priest cassock.

Tell by the black piping. Hung out around a lot of Catholic schools when I was a teenager.

Or at least a lot of Catholic schoolgirls.

Sorry, but...

Okay, so our bad guy is some evil rogue priest.

- How are we gonna find him?
- Ready, one, two, three. Good job.

- I've got an idea.
- Great. One more expression.

Oh, yes! Cheesy tourist photos! Mind if I...?

- You know, I just... one...
- Hey! Hey.

- What are you doing, man?
- We're looking for a priest, right?

One that passed by here in the last couple of hours.

Well, if we're lucky, our photographer has got him in the background of one of these pictures.


FLYNN: Nicole, come on. Talk to us.

We're not leaving here until you tell us where the stones are.

You were a Guardian once. It's not too late to still act like one.

I never stopped being a Guardian.

I kept my oath. You only think I meant to do harm with the stones because that's what Jenkins told you.

But, really, I was keeping them safe. I was doing my job.

But then why not give them to the Library?

Because it can't be trusted.

Me being in this cell is living proof of that.

You two blindly work for this place, accepting all the rules.

Believing the Library is all-good and all-knowing.

But it's an institution just like any other.

It can make mistakes.

- This is ridiculous.
- Shh! Jenkins!

- I want to hear what she's saying.
- What's the matter, Galahad?

Afraid they'll learn the truth?

She is trying to manipulate you.

She wants you to think she is innocent.

She stole artifacts to hurt us.

If that's the case, why hadn't I used any of them?

In the hundreds of years before you threw me in here, did I ever use an artifact against the Library?

Against anyone?

The immortality artifact.

She used the immortality artifact.


On myself.

And you know why?

For you, Flynn.

I became immortal in the hope of seeing you again.

I never stopped loving you.

All right, Colonel Baird, Mr. Carsen, please listen to me.

No matter what Nicole says, the fact remains she is an immortal.

That comes with a very heavy price, believe me, I know.

Going through the centuries watching everyone die, watching loved ones die, it darkens one's soul.

It takes every inch of fiber to stay connected to humanity.


Charlene did that for me, but Nicole's immortality has twisted her soul beyond redemption.

You cannot trust her, believe me.

Believe you? The man who let Flynn think I was dead?

If what you say is true, Nicole, if you really are still a Guardian, prove it.

I will.

But I'll only tell him.

And you're sure these Priests took the stone?

Yeah, and they left a piece of clothing behind.

We even got their mugs on camera.

Zoom in on the cross.

Flames. Oh, dear.

I don't like it when he says, "Oh, dear."

Yeah, well, that... that symbol marks him as a member of the Heretic Order of Shadows, a sect hidden deep within the Roman Catholic Church.

The symbol represents the fire that destroyed the Library Alexandria.

The order was formed in the s as a revolt against Age of Enlightenment.

And the Order of Shadows' primary purpose, it's reason for being, is to reestablish the Dark Ages.

BAIRD: That explains why they want the cornerstones.

Destroy the Library, destroy all knowledge and enlightenment.

The rumor has been for years that one of the stones was already in the possession of the Order.

Which means, including the one at Niagara, they now have two of the stones.

Flynn better come through with Nicole.

You look fit, content.

She's taking good care of you.

She's an excellent Guardian.

That she is.

Tell me, do you date all of your Guardians or just the blonde ones?

What is this?

You've got me here alone, now what?

Relax. I just want to talk.

We used to talk all the time, remember?

What would you like to know?

Favorite color?

Most painful childhood memory?

Tell me about the day I disappeared.

Why? You were there.
You... you know what happened.

I'm years old, Flynn.

Refresh my memory.

Well, it was, um, like I said, we followed the ninjas back to their hideout and, uh, it was a malfunction with the time machine and it blew up while you were near it.

Ah. That's right.

A malfunction with the time machine.

And why do you think it malfunctioned?

I don't know. I'm not a time machine repairman.

But you're a Librarian. Guess.

Well, core overheated. Fusion capacitor could have come uncoupled.

Could have been any number of one of those things.

Yes, it could have.
But it wasn't, was it, Flynn?

- I don't... I don't know.
- Do you remember what you said to me right before it blew?

You... you called out my name as if to warn me.

Well, we were fighting ninjas, you know?

No. You yelled out to me as if you knew it was going to explode.

I don't know what you...

How did you know it was going to explode, Flynn?

- How could I know? I didn't know.
- How did you know?

- I couldn't know. How can I poss...
- How did you know?

It wasn't supposed to explode!

While you were fighting, I rewired the machine so that if the ninjas tried to use it, it would suspend time and freeze anyone that came near it.

I thought I was being clever.

But I screwed up... and it exploded and it... it cau... it caught you in its wake and...

I'm the reason all this happened to you.

You put your faith into me.

I failed you.


Jupiter's moon at the house on the lake.

That's where you'll find the stone.

"Jupiter's moon at the house on the lake"?

Good God. Couldn't she just put an address in Google Maps and be done with it?

And that's all Nicole said?

What the hell happened down there?

Okay, so Jupiter has moons.

Europa, Io, Callisto, Aoide, Ganymede...

Wait, wait, wait, wait.



Flynn, it was named after a Greek muse.

The Library of Alexandria was dedicated to three muses.

I don't even know how all this... how can I not come up with that?

Come up with what?
What did you not come up with?

Along with the map, Nicole must have devised some sort of mnemonic device that allowed her to remember where she hid the stones.

Each stone is connected to a muse.

That's why we found the first stone at Niagara Falls.

It was connected to Melete,

Muse of Thought, symbolized by...



She must have hid the next stone somewhere connected to Aoide, Muse of Song.

So where do we start looking?

Le Palais Garnier, otherwise known as the Paris Opera House.

Legend had it it was built over a subterranean lake in the s.

"House on the lake."

- Jenkins!
- Door to Paris coming up.

You three grab the stone, come right back.

I've got some things here to take care of.





Would you look at this?

Huh? Would you look at this?

I don't know if you guys know it,

Gaston Leroux based "Phantom of the Opera" right here.

- Right here.
- ♪ Really I did not know that

♪ Well I'm not lying.

All right, the cornerstone is here. Guys, split up.

Let's find it.


Find the stone. Kill anyone who gets in your way.


Find anything?

I don't even know where to look. This place is massive.

Hey, guys, check this out.

Guys... this is the Emperor's chair from the s.

Built for Napoleon III himself. Best seat in the house.

Well, it depends on what you mean by best.

What are you doing?

- Opera glasses.
- Oh.

JONES: What do you see?

STONE: I see beautiful architecture, my brother.

Something that goes right over your head.

- Oh.
- What is it?

STONE: Nicole, you're very sly.

(GASPS) Jenkins! Jesus!

Sorry. So you've discovered the cameras in her cell.

Flynn was right, you know.

Innocent or not, you should have gone back for her.

No soldier left behind.

We had no choice. Everything she did over the last years was prophecy.
It had to happen as it did.

Jenkins, if it was me...

would you have done the same thing?




(GRUNTS) No bingo.


Looks like a thick quartz, maybe crystal.

Sealed from the inside.

Wait a minute.

Nicole used the Muse of Song as the key to her hiding place, right?

Maybe that was only half of it.

Maybe the key to getting the stone is with song.

If we can estimate the size and thickness of the crystal, we can calculate the resonant frequency at which it vibrates.

The human voice is a series of air pressure waves with the pitch related to the frequency of the waves, so if we can match our pitch to the frequency of the crystal, the vibrations should cause the crystal to break.

Two octaves above middle C.

Well, uh, go for it, Pavarotti.

We all need to do it together.

Oh, uh, no, no, no.

The crystal's too thick. We need the intensity of all of our voices.

Yeah, but I'm not really into opera, so...

Did you not hear what she just said?

You want the stone or not, Jones?






All right.

All right. Let's, uh... let's get out of here.

- Let's go. Come on.

Go on. I'll meet you guys at the door.

I got news for you, I don't know how comfortable I am hitting a man of the cloth.



(GRUNTS) Take this! Go!






We found them inside.

And they were going after the stone.


- Who are you?
- We protect what you seek to destroy.


Should we kill them?

They've been gone too long.

We heard the signal, we know they got the stone,

- Where are they?
- Perhaps the Order got there first.

Now they have the stone and our Librarians.

Then they're probably headed to the final stone as we speak.


I'm trying. It's not that easy to find Nicole's hiding spot.

But you said they were connected to the muses.

Yes, but the last muse is Mneme, the Muse of Memory.

What does that tell us? That she hid it some place in the past?

Some place personal?

Tell me where you hid the final stone.

I already told you where the other one was.

If you have that, you don't need the last.


You didn't get it, did you?

Boy, Librarians just aren't what they used to be.

Tell me!

- JENKINS: Colonel!
- FLYNN: Eve!

- JENKINS: Colonel! Colonel!
- FLYNN: Eve!

- Eve!
- Colonel!

Librarians' lives are at stake.

No more riddles, no more games.

Why should I help you?

Because I'm a Guardian.

Like you. And we both know protecting the people we love is the only thing we give a damn about.

Please, Nicole, help me save them.

All right.

But not in here.

I'll take you to the stone myself.

Absolutely not. She'll run the first chance she gets.

- FLYNN: You don't know that for sure.
- JENKINS: I know this woman

- is guilty.
- Really? 'Cause I'm not certain of that.

Mr. Carsen, you cannot see this clearly.

- You cannot trust her.
- Maybe I can, maybe I can't...

- Enough! Jenkins, open it.
- Colonel.

This is a horrible mistake.

It's a risk I'm willing to take.

JENKINS: I can't believe you.

Where are we again? Lake...?

Maracaibo, Venezuela. But why on Earth would you hide the stone here?

Really, Flynn?

I thought you would have
figured it out by now.

- FLYNN: Of course.

Muse of Memory was born of lightning.

Lake Maracaibo is the lightning hotspot of the world.

Not too bad, eh?

Not bad.

Well, no time to dilly-dally.

- Follow me.

- How much further?
- Not far now.

Do you remember our adventure in the Amazon?

Ha! How could I forget? We almost died in a Mayan death chamber.

We had to waltz across a field of...

- And you were a horrible dancer.
- Well...

Good thing it wasn't a tango or you'd be dead.

Of course. When we got to Mongolia, that's when things got really interesting,

especially in our hotel room.

(CHUCKLES) I... I don't remember.


Stone's hidden underneath.

That's the Machina Meteorologica.

The first lightning rod ever designed by Prokop Divis in the s.

NICOLE: If you pull the lever, it'll raise the rod, and it'll contain the lightning long enough to get the stone.

Yeah, but you have to get across the field first.

Without the tree cover, we're sitting ducks.

Unless you want to...

Oh, no. I only said I'd take you to the stone's location.

I never said I'd get it for you.

- I'll go.
- What? Eve, no, no, no.

It's like the assault course in basic training.

They used to fire live rounds at us to keep us frosty.

I was always the fastest.

Okay, but you're gonna need some help.

What are you looking for?

Mineral ores. They have a high metallic content.

I can throw some of these up in the air and they might draw away some of the lightning.

There we go.

Excuse me. Okay.

- Wait for the seven-second window.
- You can do this.

You can do this. Ready?

- Go!



You two are an amazing team.




Whoo-hoo! You did it!

- That was amazing!
- Oh!

- Oh, oh, toasty! Wow.
- I'm toasty. Careful.


- I'll take that.



- Cassandra?
- I'm so sorry.

Get back! Move!

Come on, go! Move!

"And behold, from the darkness, the righteous did arise.

And the false prophets were cast forever into eternity."

It's not from the Bible. I made it up.

The stone?

The stone, or your friends will die.

Destroying the Library won't change anything.

People will always seek out knowledge.

They already have too much knowledge.

Too much information.

People don't know what to believe.

Once the Library is destroyed, they'll believe only in us, the Order of Shadows.

Wisdom is not the key, my child.

Ignorance is bliss.

What's wrong?

Knowledge, Monsignor.

In your quest to destroy it, you've forgotten you might actually need some to make the stones work.

Don't you just love the irony?

So why don't you tell me how to make them work?

That's for a Librarian to know, and the last time I checked, you are no Librarian.

I will. I'll show you how the stones work.

I'm not a Librarian, but after years,

- you pick up a few things.
- Nicole, no.

Sorry, Flynn, but the world is a better place with the Library not in it.


Why did you bring her?

It was the only way to find the stone and you.

Jenkins said we couldn't trust her.

- Boy, is he going to flip...
- Enough with Jenkins.

The Library is gonna implode.

We have to get past these guys and deactivate those stones.

Any ideas? Flynn?

Cassandra, double check my calculations.

-degree angle, assuming for
-foot-per-second velocity?

I'd go with degrees to be safe.


Father. Father, please. Hear my confession.

- Get back.
- Father, I've sinned.

Cleanse my soul, Father! (GRUNTS)


Nice try, but you failed.

Did I?



Come on!


Step back!

I have waited for centuries for this moment.

Do you think I'm gonna let you stop it?

- Hey!
- No!

I need all four stones.

If you throw that in, it will be lost forever.

And the others will be useless.

That's what I was counting on.


No! No!




- Nicole!
- The vortex!

Without the power from the fourth stone, it's collapsing.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait!
You're gonna go in after her?

I'm not losing her. Not again.

When you feel a tug, pull hard.

No! If it collapses while you're on the other side, you'll be trapped!

Flynn! The vortex! It's collapsing!

We need to find a way to boost the power to make up for the missing stone.

The lightning. We'll harness the power from the lightning.

Are you crazy?

Maybe, but each of the stones has an electrical charge, either positive or negative, and the lightning has a negative charge.

If we can send the electricity from the lightning through a wire and attach it to a negatively charged stone, we can boost the power!

- Go!
- Just like jumping a car.

Yeah, yeah, but which stone do you... you... put jumper cables on the wrong terminal, you blow up the entire car!

Leave it to me, all right?
Go out there and get ready!

All right. Helios.


Selene, moon goddess.

Why am I bloody doing this?


These two blocks are the same.
Helios is the sun god.

Sun is positive, moon is negative.
It's this one.

- Okay!

Watch your hands. Ready!




- It's working!

It's Flynn!



Flynn, are you all right?

Thank you. You saved the Library.

No. I saved him.

Protect the people we love, right?


What do you want to do with these guys?

Tie 'em up. I'll put a call into DOSA.
They owe us a favor.

Well, after five minutes in an interdimensional vortex, I need a drink. I think Nicole w...


So, I'm still confused.
Was she innocent or not?

You saw what Nicole did. She tricked him into opening up the vortex, disposing of the stone.

Yeah, but she said that was to protect Flynn, not the Library.

Indeed. She could be plotting her next act of revenge as we speak.

Don't forget, she ran.
Who runs if they're not guilty?

I don't know. Maybe people who are unjustly incarcerated for a hundred years.


Maybe she ran because she'd had enough.

All the years of being a Guardian, all the sacrifices.

Maybe she just wanted a little time to reevaluate everything.

Yes, well, we may never know the truth about Ms. Noone's actions, but what I do know is that there are days, hours, and seconds left until the next vernal equinox, which means we must start rehearsing for...

ALL: The Tethering Ceremony!

- Come on, man,
- The Library will not tether itself.

Mush! Mush!

Everything okay?

Yeah. Just a little tired.

No, I mean us.

Are we okay?

If you're talking about Nicole, I don't have any feelings for Nicole. I'm not talking about our relationship, Flynn.

We're about to make a huge commitment, tethering to the Library.

And it's forever.

Are you still on board?

I was, but after everything Nicole said... what if what she said about the Library is true?

What if we can't trust the institution?

An institution is only as good as the people in it.

That's us.

Trust us.

- Yeah.
- JENKINS: Colonel! Mr. Carsen!

(GROANS) He's like
nightmare wedding planner.

- You coming?
- Yes, yes.

Actually, I should put these cornerstones away.

I'll meet you there.