03x17 - Chapter Fifty-Two: The Raid

[JUGHEAD] Previously on Riverdale...

[BETTY] Your mom can't start dealing drugs without a lab to make them in.

Your mother and I are separating.

You always say, "Family is the most important thing."

There is no family anymore.

Today, the Serpents start a new chapter.

You're no longer outlaws, you're law keepers.

Are you Kurtz?

You're all wanted for making and dealing Fizzle Rocks.

Only the worthy will ascend.

Mr. Lodge gave me a list of the places his dealers used to go to, where G&G players congregate.

I have someone who can help you.

A friend of mine from the Farm.

[BETTY] Groups like the Farm prey on emotionally vulnerable people.

You're actually buying this Farm crap that some huckster named Edgar Evernever is selling you?

You don't just meet Edgar.


I knew my dad would like it.


- [JUGHEAD] Perimeter's clear.

Moving in.

- Sweet Pea, duck!
- [SHERIFF KELLER] Bang, bang!

You're both dead.

Always check your six, Deputies.

It's a deadly mistake.

This is just a simulation, but you don't get any do-overs on the street.

Which makes it all the more obvious that you boys aren't ready for them.

You wanna stop the rogue Gargoyles? Work as a team.

Till you've proven you can do that, I'm not letting you out there.

Do it again.

Let's go, Jug.

[SIGHS] Is there any way that maybe you can see this divorce as a good thing?

I'm trying to find a lining of even tarnished silver, but... my parents raised me to believe that family is the most important thing in the world.

I'm so sorry, Vee.


Veronica, hi. Do you mind if I hang some fliers?

The Farm's having an open house tomorrow.

An open house?

Yes, we are opening our doors to visitors.

Everyone is welcome to tour our renovated premises, meet with Farm elders and learn about our values and practices.

Go ahead, Evelyn.

Thank you.


Of course I'll go with you.

[GLADYS] Hey, hon.

Why the long face?

One of my deputies found our old trailer... or what was left of it.
It was burned to a crisp.

They found drug cooking material inside.

Oh, my.

In our trailer?

Our little town can't seem to catch a break.

Remove one cancer, another one takes its place.

Come on, Dad, we're missing the Saturday morning cartoons.

All right.

Did you really think

that blowing up that decrepit trailer would change anything?

Oh, I'm not gonna stop until you are out of Riverdale.

Well, you better buckle up then, 'cause I ain't going anywhere.

And here's a tip.

Don't cross me again.

If you cross over this way, here you will find two of our more artistic members expressing themselves.

- Hi, Megan. Hi, Garrett.
- Hi.

At the Farm, we like to nurture everyone's unique talents.

It's like Hockney meets Heaven's Gate.

Now, would anyone like to guess what this room's used for?

[SOFTLY] Ritualistic drownings?

Sorry, Betty. I didn't hear you.

Hey, what's behind there?

That is just the janitor's closet.

Now, if everyone will follow me, I'll show you the garden.

- Betty!
- Mom.

Go ahead, Vee. I'll catch up with you in a bit.

I didn't think you would come.

Well, everyone's welcome, so...

[SIGHS] Well, enjoy the rest of your tour.


That's it?

We haven't talked in forever, and that's all I get?

"Enjoy the rest of your tour"?

You forsook me, Betty, not the other way around.

So if you'll excuse me.


Would you be interested in one of our quick and easy interviews?

Uh, yeah. Sounds great.

If you'll follow me then.

Betty. These interviews are for people interested in joining the Farm.

Well, let's say that I am.

Where's your dad, by the way?

He's around.

Well, let's get started, shall we?


Betty Cooper.

- Occupation?
- Student.

Do you ever bite your fingernails?


Do you ever feel stressed?


Doesn't everyone?

Would you consider yourself a cold person?



Great. Thank you.

Is that it? Aren't you going to ask me about my secrets?

No, that's all we need for now. Thanks.

We'll call you.

No, I should be there, if only for appearances.


Damn it, Hiram!


Your father is finally opening that damn prison of his.

There's gonna be a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Governor Dooley in attendance.

And he has very selfishly decided that I, the Mayor, am not invited.

Well, you did try to kill him, twice.

It's just a photo op, Mom. Don't spiral.

No, Veronica, you don't understand.

It's just a matter of time before our enemies find out about the divorce.

Without Hiram's protection, my life could be in danger.

Why would they go after you?

I've made moves. There are people with grudges.

In our line of work, when a marriage unravels, the wife of a mafia boss often simply... just disappears.

One good thing about being your neighbor is I got two kitchens to raid for grub now.

Yeah, no worries, Jug.

How's it going with your mom?

It's cold war.

I mean, the nuclear option is that I tell my dad everything, but that could spell mutually-assured destruction.

So instead, the Serpents and I are just dismantling her drug trade piece by piece.

Up next, we're gonna drive the Gargoyles out of town, and her cook Kurtz.

I am gonna make Riverdale a very unwelcome place for Gladys Jones.

And if she does go, what happens to Jellybean?

Still need to figure that out.



[OPERATOR] Would you accept a collect call

from the Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center?

Uh... sure.


- Archie, it's Mad Dog.
- Mad Dog?

- Dude, what's up?
- I need your help.

The drug trade has reared its ugly head in Riverdale yet again.

Now, my dad doesn't think we're ready, but we're going to be Riverdale's unofficial DEA.

That means we're gonna make life miserable for the Gargoyles and run them out of our town.

But first, we're gonna hit the hotspots.

Make sure Gladys isn't using any of Hiram's old infrastructure.


[ARCHIE] Mad Dog, what's happening?

They're finally shutting down L&L.

That's great.

Because of what happened to Warden Norton?

That's what they're saying.
But really, it's 'cause they're opening up that new prison on the Southside.

Hiram Lodge's private prison.

But that's not for juveniles.

Apparently a wing of it is.

We're all being transferred there, Red.

And the L&L guards who made us fight here...

they're all gonna work over there.

They're gonna start the fight club again?

My parole hearing was canceled out of the blue.

Baby Teeth, Thumper... theirs, too.

They're doing whatever it takes to fill Lodge's cells come opening day.

I tried to call my family, but no one's answering.

Well, Mad Dog, listen to me.

You risked your life to help me escape.

Believe me when I say you will not step one foot in Hiram Lodge's prison.

Nice digs, Archie.

So my dad just gave you this gym?

Well, it's a long story.

Ronnie, Mad Dog and the other guys can't be transferred to your dad's prison.

Those guards are sadists.

You worked so hard to get me out of there.

I broke you out. Remember?

Yeah, but before that.

You worked with the Innocence Project petitioning the Governor.

As a matter of fact, I happen to know that Governor Dooley is in town.

Perhaps an appeal in person might do the trick.

[VERONICA] Hope the traffic wasn't too bad, Governor Dooley.

Right this way.

What is this?

I thought I was sitting down with your father.

No. That was a pretense to lure you in here.

This is my ex-boyfriend, Archie Andrews.

Governor, I need to speak to you about the transfer of inmates from Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center

to Hiram Lodge's private prison.

You can't let it happen.

I don't know who you people are, but I'm not staying here for this.

Walk and I take my story to every -hour news channel and paper in the tri-state.

What story?

While my friends and I were forced to box for L&L's illegal fight club, you and Warden Norton were at fundraisers having lobster dinners.

And there are five other inmates who will swear that you attended these illegal fights with Warden Norton as his personal guest.

They'll testify in court.

What exactly do you expect me to do?

You're the governor, aren't you?

Pardon them. Today.

Thank you for agreeing to help me, Cheryl.

I haven't agreed to anything yet.

Infiltrating the Farm...

Isn't this more a mission for you and your beanie-headed beau?

I've already tried. But Evelyn doesn't trust me.

She was, however, definitely trying to woo you during the musical.

What's your obsession with the Farm?

Yes, they wear white after Labor Day, but beyond that, are they really that horrible?

They're a cult, Cheryl.

And it's not just my friends and family that they've targeted.

Juniper and Dagwood, your niece and nephew, are being raised as toddler Farmies.

And looked perfectly happy and healthy last time I saw them.


What about Jason?

He told Polly they were running away to the Farm.

Don't you wanna know why?

Please, Cheryl, believe me.

If I could go undercover, I would.




Is everything okay?


Oh, Cheryl.

What is it? Is there anything I can do?

[SOBBING] It's over.

Toni and I broke up again.

For good this time.

I don't know what to do.

You know, it might help you to talk about it with a friend.

I'm in, cousin.



Hey, man.

Can I help you?

Yeah. Do you, uh, do you think I could get a little... game enhancement?

That's a limited edition.


Everything good?

Not for you.


Hey, there. Remember me?

Last time I was here with the Red Paladin.

And that day I was in a good mood.

But today...

- ...I'm in a bad mood.

But you can help me with that by telling me where all these drugs are coming from.

The Gargoyles are dealing again.

Where are they selling from?

We've been to all the hotspots.

No, it's old school. Street corners.

But you can tell by the gargoyles on wires.

- What the hell does that mean?

In some cities, when you see a pair of sneakers on telephone wires, it means that there's a drug den nearby. But he's saying...

Look for gargoyles instead of shoes.


Search this place.

Confiscate any contraband or drugs or gaming equipment.

Don't make me come back here.

And how exactly did you obtain all this detective gear,

- Betty Snooper?
- My mom had a box of this stuff from when she worked at The Riverdale Register.


Now all you have to do is just go in there

and be yourself.

Keep the conversation going.

Answer all of their questions honestly, okay?

What's your favorite color?

Red, obvi. But if I had to specify, I'd say Pantone's "Flame Scarlet."

Do you ever bite your fingernails or cuticles when you're stressed?


My manicurist would kill me.

- [EVELYN] Dad. Hi.

[SOFTLY] Oh, my God.

This is Cheryl Blossom.

It's nice to meet you, Cheryl.

Thank you, honey.

My dad will be finishing your interview now.

You're in good hands.

Shall we jump back in?


Have you ever experienced a loss of a loved one?

Yeah. My brother Jason.

And when he passed, did you find yourself able to grieve?

Honestly there's so much I don't remember.

I was in a dark place.

Elucidate that for me.

Jason was my twin.

And when I lost him, I lost a piece of myself.

I wanted so desperately to reunite with him that I...found myself on the frozen bed of Sweetwater River.

When I fell through the ice,

I saw him down there.

Afterwards, I was changed.

It was like my spirit had finally returned to my body.

So much so that I burned down my childhood home.

So you've already been baptized.

And been reborn in fire.

I... I suppose.

But yet the memory of your brother, it still hurts, doesn't it?

Cheryl...memories are often painful.

But they don't have to be.

They can be a... a path to revival.

I believe the Farm can help you see that.

[MAD DOG] I gotta give you props, Red.

One minute we're headed to Hiram's prison, and the next we're walking out of L&L, time served.

Now you're out, what's next?

What's the plan?

I'm gonna go find my family.

Some of these guys got no place to go.

I mean, I got no one, so...

Hey, don't worry, Baby Teeth.

Think I got a place.



It's not fancy, but it's a hell of a lot better than a cell in L&L.

Set some cots up around the place.

You guys can stay as long as you want.

This is yours?

- You own a gym?
- It's a long story.

Guys, this is Mr. Keller.

Trainer extraordinaire.


Mr. Keller, these are the guys I was talking to you about.

[SHERIFF KELLER] Good to meet you, fellas.

Glad to see that Archie's gonna finally have some competition around here.


Mad Dog, what do you say?

Jonesing for a rematch?

- So long as there's no guards betting on us.

[JUGHEAD] All right, what's your ?

We broomed out the Gargoyles

at the intersection of Baker and Main.

Good work, Sweet Pea. Move to the next corner.

Lovers' Lane is all clear.

Gargoyles took off quick.

Copy that, Fangs.

[SWEET PEA] Took care of Sixth and Benedict, boss.

Great job, keep it up.

What you got for me?

First and Maple? Nice work.

Got it. Well done, James.

[SWEET PEA] One more corner to go if you wanna get in on the action.

I'll meet you there, Sweet Pea.



No, no, no. Hold up.

We're just here for the Gargoyle.

You screwed up, kid.

Damn it!

You ruined my bust.

What the hell are you thinking, boy?

[FP SHOUTING] What the hell were you thinking?

Are you out of your mind?

He was gonna lead me to the cook! To Kurtz!

You asked me to be your eyes and ears.

I told you to report back to me!

What the hell is going on here?

We can hear you all the way up in JB's room.

Your son thought that he could cure Riverdale's drug problem by cracking a few skulls, didn't you?

I had it under control.

You know, Jughead, maybe your father is right.

If it's as dangerous as he says it is, maybe this whole deputy program... maybe it's not such a good idea for the Serpents.

Your mother's right, boy.

No, don't listen to her.

If I see or hear about any other Serpents trying to take the law into their own hands again, I swear, I'll throw your asses in jail.

Looks like you'll be sitting the next few rounds out, sugar.

Keller trained you up good, huh, Red?

Yeah, a little.


What the hell are you doing here, Elio?

I heard this old gym had reopened. Thought I'd drop by.

Quite the stable of fighters you got here.

If I'm not mistaken, I've seen a few of these faces before.

- Who's this clown?
- He's a crook.

No one you need to know.

I'm a boxing manager looking for new talent.

So, the moment you boys wanna start earning some cash money, come see me at Casa Grande Gym.

Elio, no one here is looking for your business.

Okay? So take a hike.

Leave, or I'll throw your ass out myself.

[VERONICA] Mom, Dad...

I have an idea.

If you're open to it, I think you should consider seeing a marriage counselor.

- [SCOFFS] Veronica...
- You want us in therapy?

You wouldn't be the first mobster to see a therapist, Daddy.

There is nothing for us to discuss.

Maybe I should call the Monsignor to remind you that marriage is ordained by God, and therefore, non-negotiable.


Mom, what do you think? You have the most to lose.

Veronica, I'm not gonna beg for forgiveness or mercy from your father.

He's clearly given up.

Well, I haven't.

I'm still fighting for this family after everything. After...

How many times did you try to kill Archie?

- Water under the bridge.

Really? You trying to murder my boyfriend is water under the bridge?

You raised me to believe that family was the most important thing in the whole world.

And I stupidly believed it.

- And it cost me Archie.

[VERONICA] When he came back and you were in the hospital, I chose you over Archie.

I broke up with him because you were on death's door.

And I thought, "We need to come together, all of us.

We need to rally around Daddy and give him strength... so that he doesn't die." And now... you have the gall to break apart our family.

You made your point.

But this ship has sailed, mija.

So grow up and accept it.

[BETTY] What's he like?

Younger than I thought.

Also, count him among the Hot Dads of Riverdale,

because Mr. Evernever is a yummy snack.

He's also a great listener.

Cheryl, this is huge.

You're in with Edgar, which means I have a few questions I need you to ask him, okay?

Why did Edgar decide to come to Riverdale now, and how many members does he plan on recruiting? And most importantly...

Excuse you! We are having a private conversation.

Can you leave?

Go on, cousin.

You said Edgar recorded your interview.

I need you to find out where he stores those tapes.

If I can get my hands on my mom and Polly's, then the Farm won't have any leverage over my family.

I'll try my best.

TBH, I kinda enjoyed talking to Eddie.

I swear, if I never eat anything other than these burgers again,

- I'd die a happy man.

Hey, Mad Dog. You all right?

I finally found my grandma and little brother.

They moved into some apartment building that's falling apart.

It's been taken over by drug dealers in weird masks.

- What, like gargoyle masks?
- Yeah.

They're cooking drugs out of some vacant apartments and my grandma and brother are right there.

We'll get them out.

What, we're gonna move my family into the gym?

No, not your family.

I'm talking about the Gargoyles.

We're gonna get rid of the Gargoyles.

[HERMIONE] It was right there on my desk.

I got the message loud and clear.

They want me dead.


Someone looking for payback.

One of our enemies.
Maybe the St. Clairs.

Or your father.

Oh, my God, Mom.


[ARCHIE] I drove past the building.

Jug, Mad Dog was right.

I saw Gargoyles coming in and out like they own the place.

- [JUGHEAD] How many?
- A lot.

That must be where Kurtz is doing his cooking.

Well, should we go to your dad?

No, that's the nuclear option.


Besides, my dad doesn't even want us on the street.

I'll talk to the guys.

See if they're willing to risk their necks against the Gargoyles.

Or my dad for that matter.

Well, count us in, too.

Me, Mad Dog and the crew.

They can fight.

- Every last one of them.
- More the merrier.

[CHERYL] Before we begin, Mr. Evernever, may I ask you a question?

These tapes you're making, what are they for?

Many of our members like to refer back to them from time to time.

Track their growth.

And where do you store these tapes?

In a secure location.

[CHERYL] On the premises?

Why are you so concerned about the tapes, Cheryl?

Oh. No. No concern.

Just... curious.

Curious? Hmm.

Before we get back to the interview, uh,

I'd like to show you something first.

Something I think you'll find very... illuminating.

- If you'll follow me.
- I'd be honored.

[BETTY] Cheryl...

No, no, no, no, no.

[EDGAR] It's just down this hall.

You asked about our files. They're right here.

[CHERYL] But that looks like a broom closet.

[EDGAR] Tomorrow night we're having a get together for new members.

Will you join us?

[CHERYL] Sounds unmissable. Will all of the Farmies be there?

[EDGAR] Ah! Here we are.


After you.

[CHERYL] Uh, wait.

What happens in here?



Cheryl, I called you a dozen times.

I was beyond worried.

Why? I texted you I was fine.

Well, what was in that room Edgar took you to?

None of your business.

Also, I'm done being your mole.

It's disrespectful, not to mention illegal.

Okay. Well, I was gonna say the same thing.

You should stop going to the Farm before Edgar catches on to you.

Oh, I'm still going to go.

I'm just done working for you.

- Cheryl...
- Toodles!


Did you send dead fish to Mom?

What on earth are you going on about now?

Mom's back at the Pembrooke hysterical because someone wants her sleeping with the fishes.


I can't believe we're still having this conversation.

But here we go again.

I had nothing to do with whatever happened to your mother.

Well, then it was one of your associates.

- Or enemies.

Are you sure it wasn't just a prank?

It was a lot more than a prank.

It was a not-so-veiled threat to her life.

- Daddy, you have to protect her.

What would you like me to do?

Don't get a divorce.


Okay. Barring that, don't shun her in public so the whole world sees that she's alone, left twisting in the wind by her all-powerful husband.

[BETTY] I think I can get to the tapes

Edgar has on my mom and Polly.

On a scale of one to ten,

how dangerous is you sneaking into the Farm gonna be?

Well, they're still having the open house, so... not as dangerous

as you and Archie raiding a building full of Gargoyles.

[CHUCKLES] This is the best pillow talk ever.


Today not only marks the opening of the Lodge Detention Center, it also represents a milestone for our town.

This building is our promise to you for a safer future.

Today, we put our beloved families first.

And on that note, I wouldn't be here today if not for the love and support of my daughter Veronica and that of my wife, Hermione, the love of my life, or as most of you call her, Madame Mayor.


All right, listen up.

This is it.

Thanks to Mad Dog's recon, we have a pretty decent idea of the layout of the apartment building.

But we still need to be vigilant in there.







You're good, Jug?

Yeah. Thanks.

- Good job.

I'll take care of them.

Go find that scumbag cook.




You gotta be kidding me.


[JUGHEAD] Grab his hands.


[JUGHEAD] Let's go.


You go.

I got Kurtz.


Hey, Jughead.

I'm ready to ascend.

Are you?



[ARCHIE] Jug...

Don't let Kurtz get away!

- Always good to see you, Hiram.
- Ah, thank you, Monsignor.

Monsignor Montgomery.

What was the Monsignor doing here?

Delivering the news in person.


That our marriage has been annulled.

- What?
- You should be happy.

It's much less public than a divorce.

And so far as our community is concerned, your mother remains under my protection.

But in the eyes of God and the church, it's as if our marriage never existed.

That's not what I wanted.

Clearly not.

Since you did send your mother those dead fish.

What are you talking about?

You know, it took me a while to figure this one out.

It was one of your more creative tactics.

Threaten your mother's life, so that I had to protect her.

That is what happened, isn't it?

I thought if I could get you two together in public you'd have to pretend.

And... if you pretended long enough, you'd start to feel the real thing again.

But it's over.

Isn't it?

No matter what I do, it's over.


It's over, mija.



You've got guns now?

I just led my Serpents into a buzzsaw.

It's a miracle that none of us were killed.

You wouldn't be dodging stray bullets if you kept your nose out of my business.

- I told you to stay out of it.

I think it's time that you, Dad and I have a big talk

Put all the cards on the table.

I don't care if his heart breaks.

He needs to know exactly what you're doing.

No, he doesn't.

He and Jellybean aren't a part of this.

This is between you and me, kiddo.

Mano a mano.


You caught us by surprise tonight.

That won't happen again.

Slowly but surely, I'm going to choke your whole operation to death.

- [EDGAR OVER] Brothers and sisters.

Good evening.

It warms my heart to see so many new faces with us here tonight,

including our newest initiate, Cheryl Blossom.

Welcome to our community, Cheryl.

Damn it, Cheryl. Why? Why?

[CHERYL] May the one become many,

- and the many one.
- [CULT MEMBER] And the many one.

It's an alphanumeric system.

[EDGAR] Brothers and sisters,

you've all come here tonight under great scrutiny

and judgment from your friends and neighbors,

and possibly even your own family.

But only through great sacrifice will your lives be full.

[BETTY] Cooper. Cooper.

[EDGAR] The greater the sacrifice, the greater the bounty.

Plant your seed.

Brothers and sisters,

plant it in the earth...

Two down, one to go.

...and watch it grow.

Spread it to others.


Hey, Mad Dog.

Any sign of Baby Teeth?

No one's seen him since the raid.

Not yet.

Some of the guys are out looking for him.

- How's your family?
- Oh, they're good.

They'll be even better when I get them out of that building.

Where to? You got a place?

I do.

Elio hooked me up with a house on the Northside.

Elio did?

So, what? You have to fight for him?

Come on, man. You saw that place.

That's not where I want my grandma living, my little brother growing up.

I hear that, Mad Dog, but you can't trust Elio.

Of all the options before me, his is the best.

I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for you, Red.

I'll never forget that.

[CHERYL] What's this?

The tapes of your recorded session with Edgar.

They have nothing on you now. You don't have to go back.

But, Betty, I want to.

- I'm going to.
- Why?

You don't listen to anyone, Cheryl, why Edgar Evernever?

It's not about Edgar, Betty. It's about Jason.

They let me see him.

Edgar took me to a room, closed the door and... inside there was Jason, my dearest brother.

Um, I don't understand.

[STUTTERING] You heard his voice?

- Like a séance?
- No.

It was Jason.

I know it sounds crazy, but I saw him, talked to him in the flesh.

I thought I would never see him again, but the Farm gave me back my brother.


[BETTY] Thanks for meeting me here, Mom.

I had something that I wanted to ask you in person.

What, honey?

[EXHALES] Is the reason you're so obsessed with the Farm because they let you talk to Charles?



Yes. I see my son.

And it's like I never lost him.

Oh, you...

You would love your brother, Elizabeth.

He's the most beautiful boy I have ever seen.

Being with him is unlike anything I can ever imagine.

And it's all because of Edgar.

Edgar brought me my son.


can I meet him?



Hmm. Well...

I was wondering when we'd finally meet.

Me too, Mr. Evernever.

You've been busy.


You know, Betty, I could always ask your mother and sister to give their testimony again.

And who's to say I don't have copies of those tapes in storage?



So, please, tell me.

What do you want to know?


Start from the beginning.

[L&L FIGHTER] Archie.

Found this outside.

Is there Fresh-Aid in this?

No, but there's a Quest Card.

"Defang the wolf cub."

Looks like a tooth.


Baby Teeth.

Or what's left of him.

[FP] Terry, I'm getting close to the clearing that the... the hiker called about.

But I don't see any...