02x02 - Tell-Tale Hearts


You're one of the Monterey Five, right?

The Monterey Five?

You were there the night the guy fell.

Where did you hear that?

It was just the way he said it.

RENATA KLEIN: How exactly was that?

Like we all have scarlet letters on our backs.


Are you all right?

BONNIE CARLSON: I killed someone.


DR. AMANDA REISMAN: Do you see yourself as a monster?

I guess I still feel... responsible.

- MARY LOUISE WRIGHT: Celeste. Celeste. Celeste?

MARY LOUISE: I wanna know what happened that night, but I doubt I would get the truth, would I?



♪ Did you ever want it? ♪

♪ Did you want it bad? ♪

♪ Oh, my ♪

♪ It tears me apart ♪

♪ We can try to hide it ♪

♪ It's all the same ♪

♪ I've been losing you ♪

♪ One day at a time ♪

♪ And I know ♪

♪ In my heart In this cold heart ♪

♪ I can live or I can die ♪

♪ I believe if I just try ♪

♪ You believe in you and I ♪

♪ In you and I ♪

♪ In you and I ♪

♪ In you and I ♪



♪ Be on my side I'll be on your side, baby ♪


♪ There is no reason For you to hide ♪


I must have taken my eyes off the road and... and... and then I don't...

You don't remember?

I was... I was driving and...

Ma'am, have you had anything to drink?

No, I haven't.


I couldn't sleep last night, so I took a pill at : a.m.

And you don't even remember getting in the car?


But you passed the Breathalyzer?

I did.

(SIGHS) Babe, you gotta be careful with Ambien.


Hey, Bonnie! What are you doing?


In the middle of nowhere?

This isn't the middle of nowhere.

MADELINE MACKENZIE: Well, you're on the side of the highway.

I was hiking.

- Okay...
- BONNIE: What are you doing?

Do you need a ride?

Why would I want a ride if I'm on a hike... Madeline?

- Are you on drugs?
- Am I on drugs? What are you...

- Are you on drugs?
- MADELINE: I'm sorry...

- I'm just walking. Can I walk?
- That just came out... I'm sorry.

My God. Do you see what I'm saying?

I have to get Abigail out of her house.

That woman's not well.

- GORDON KLEIN: Thank you. Here.
- No, it was eight women.

GORDON: Uh-oh. What?

You are a f*cking incredible publicist.

- Thank you. Goodbye!
- GORDON: What?

Guess who's going to be on the cover next month of the number one women's magazine

- in the US of f*cking A?
- I have no idea.

- Oh, I think you know.

I think you know because you're f*cking married to her.

- Oh, baby. My cover girl!

- MICHAEL NELSON: Gordon Klein.
- I've always known you were...

Gordon Klein, Special Agent Michael Nelson with the FBI.

- Whoa. Stand back, dude.
- Please put your hands on the hood of the car.

- RENATA: I'm sorry, what...
- What's going on?

- Hands on the hood now, sir.

- GORDON: What the f*ck?
- NELSON: Do it!

AGENT: Stop interrupting, ma'am.

What are you... Hold on! Hold on! There's confusion, sir.

AGENT: There's no confusion.
Please step away from the car.

That's my husband, Gordon Klein.

NELSON: Count , that's securities fraud, Title ...

- Renata, call Walter, all right?
- What the f*ck is going on here?

What are you doing?
You can't just assault somebody in the middle of a f*cking public place.

NELSON: You have the right to have an attorney present...

- GORDON: Ow! Goddammit!
- ...during any questioning.

Call Walter now!

- RENATA: You can't.
- AGENT: Please step back.

Ma'am, we need you to relax.
You need to relax.

They're taking my f*cking husband in handcuffs.

AGENT: We understand.
We will get you the information.

You had me worried sick.

You know what, it's my fault.

I had a bit of an emergency this morning, and Celeste came to my rescue.

Where's your car?

It broke down.

Are the boys okay?

Uh, yes, they're getting ready for school.

- You went out like that?
- CELESTE: Well, I had to.

MADELINE: It was an emergency.

Wh... What kind of an emergency?

The kind short people have?

You don't like me, do you, Madeline?

I'm sure you mean well.

You know, when I was very young...

my family just moved, and we... I was going to a brand-new school, so I was especially scared, and my father gave me the best advice.

He said, "Mary Louise, you just seek out the bully...

- and make friends with her.

Am I the bully in this scenario?

(SIGHS) On your awesome days,

I suspect you are a godsend.

But on your bad days... decidedly less so.

MADELINE: f*cking weirdo.


(SCOFFS) What?


COREY BROCKFIELD: So, did you think about our practice date?

- Our practice date?
- COREY: It's like a trial run.

You know, we could... we could shower, we'd put on clothes, we go to a restaurant, we eat, we talk, and if it's not a total disaster, then we could do it for real.

Yeah... um...

I don't want to offend you, but you are...

I do think you're a very genuine person, but you're a very...

(WHISPERING) You're very strange.


You know, one of the last socially acceptable bigotries

- is the one against weirdos.

COREY: For what it's worth, I'm emotionally intuitive.

I get a feeling about people sometimes.

JANE CHAPMAN: Hmm, you have one about me?

To be honest, no.

- But...

You're... You're really tolerant and you're friendly, and you're really pretty.
You look good in waders.

How could I least not make room

- for the possibility.

Are you and Dad going to get divorced?


Honey... No, of course not.

What makes you say this?

Dad never makes you laugh.
And you seem mad at him.

Well, I am not mad at him. Okay?

Who are you mad at?



(RADIO PLAYS) ♪ I've got a Great big bundle of love ♪



♪ And I have saved it all for you ♪

♪ Oh, but I'm gonna demand A little favor ♪

♪ Honey let your loving be true ♪

♪ You have the whole world Wrapped up in your hands ♪

- ♪ All in one little man ♪
- SKYE CARLSON: Who was that?

I still miss him.
I don't think it's ever gonna stop.

When you talked to me about dating again, it felt like an affront.
Like, preposterous, even.

I only want him.

DR. AMANDA REISMAN: I'd like to try something.


Think back to one of the times he was abusing you.

The time in the closet after his office Christmas party.

I want you to close your eyes to replay that incident.

- Please, don't ask me...
- It's important. Can you try?


DR. REISMAN: I want you to close your eyes.

To replay the incident.




DR. REISMAN: Now, I want you to put a close friend in your place.


Let's make it Madeline.

Put Madeline there instead of you.

- Excuse me, I can't...
- Let's make it Madeline.






DR. REISMAN: Did Madeline deserve that?

Should Madeline stay in that relationship?


OFFICER: Jacket?

Thank you. (SIGHS) Not today.

- All right.

- Are you f*cking kidding me?
- Step over here please, ma'am.


- Arms like an airplane.


RENATA: Oh my God.


What the f*ck?

What the f*ck!


GORDON: I'll be out on bond, so...


- Talk to me!
- I, uh...

I made a big bet to short some stock with, um...

Saul Hoffman's company.

Phederol, I think I told you about them,

- it's the anti-coagulant.
- The anti-coagulant.

So? I thought that was a bust?

GORDON: It was. Oh my...

Um, which I knew, but, uh... no one else did.

- Uh...
- RENATA: (SIGHS) f*ck.

So, then the test results completely tanked, so I started shorting big time.

Do you have to do time for that?

- (SIGHS) Okay.
- RENATA: Oh my God. Oh my God.

(GROANS) That's not the worst of it.


I kind of bet the ranch.

Our ranch.

There's gonna be civil lawsuits to follow that.

- No.
- Um...

We stand to be broke by the end of the year,

- and it might even be sooner.
- Hold on. Hold on.

Hold on. I don't...

GORDON: Listen, listen, listen.

Amabella's gonna be okay.
They can't touch her trust.

- It's irrevocable.
- But I didn't sign anything.

- I didn't do anything.
- No, no, I know.

I know you didn't.

- RENATA: My money is safe.
- I know you didn't, all right, but it's community property. Amabella's trust is... is...

f*ck! Goddammit!

(QUIETLY) Gordon...

I'm not gonna not be rich.

- I'm not gonna have you...
- Listen, I was thinking that...

This... This could be like a positive thing.

You know, that... that... like, there are chapters of life

I will not not be rich.

♪ All I'm askin' ♪


♪ All I'm askin'... ♪

He's really smart.

I don't think there's much faking it to him.

He's very... think "what you see is what you get." (CHUCKLES)

He's weird, though. He's like...maybe Aspergery or something.
Like, there's just something...

I don't know.
I've never really met anyone like him.

They fake that sometimes, you know.

- What? Having Asperger's?
- Yeah.

- Get away with saying dumb sh1t.

- Mom.
- Hey, baby.

♪ Not a single day, baby... ♪

BONNIE: Hey. What are you doing here?

Surprise. (CHUCKLES)

Your husband called me.

- ♪ All I'm askin' ♪
- What?

You had no right.

It's not about being right.
It's about being scared.

- BONNIE: Scared of what?
- Of losing you.

Nathan, if you're scared of losing me, why don't you try talking to me?

I f*cking tried, and you know it.
I've tried.

You know that.

You know what, it f*cked me up some when my marriage to Madeline ended.

Divorce creates trauma.

Think something is gonna go on forever and it doesn't.

Then you're on the other side of it, and you just... you don't really trust the ground underneath your feet.

I've never lost sight of the fact that marriage is fragile.
That it can all go away.

And you...

I don't know where you've gone, but you're not here.

He's in prison, and he might stay in f*cking prison, and he's lost all our money.

Maybe he gets out, what, for days?

- What? What?
- Until they f*cking... Yes!

He's lost f*cking everything.
My money too! His money.

Okay, okay, come here, come here.

No, no, no, we can't go in there.

We're not going in there.

RENATA: Babe, this is a disaster.


Oh my God!
This fucker put me back in the hole.

This fucker put me back in the hole.

This is my f*cking childhood.

This is everything
I've worked to get out of.

And then Quinlan was there,

- and I am telling you...
- What?

...I think she's been watching, and she, like, tipped somebody off.

MADELINE: What do you mean?
I thought it was the FBI.

Well, but then who the f*ck is tipping them off?

And why is the FBI taking my f*cking computer?

- They went to my office.
- They took your computer?

- They took my iPad.
- What?

I just... Okay.
I need to call an estate lawyer.

Okay, and I need to do a list of assets.
You're right.

Do you need a Xanax or...


When we swallow our feelings, especially the bad ones, sometimes they can turn into really ugly monsters, which is not a good thing.

I want you to know that it's perfectly okay to come and talk to me, okay?

You can talk to me about anything, whether it was over a put down, something that happened here, something that happened on the news, anything you need to talk about,
I'm here.


What about a dead father?

He said it quite simply, without any sense of trauma, so... whether that's better or worse...


Are they still getting counseling?

CELESTE: Um, yeah.

MICHAEL PERKINS: I'm really sorry about this.

- Did I do something wrong?

It's good to talk about what we feel.

I just...

I just think it's best if you talk to me, you know, rather than at school.

But you don't like to talk about it.

That's not true.

JOSH WRIGHT: You like to pretend everything's okay.

CELESTE: (SIGHS) Well, I shouldn't do that.

I... I... We're a family, and... and a family is meant to be open and honest with each other, so.

I don't think we're that kind of family.

CELESTE: What? Yeah, we are. Of course we are, Max.

Of course we are.


JOSH AND MAX: Grandma!

CELESTE: Put it on the counter, please.

MARY LOUISE: Hi! What happen...

CELESTE: Something came up at school.

It's like you said the other night...

They're still grieving.

It's all just so hard, you know?


- MARY LOUISE: I do. I do know.

Right after the accident, after we lost Raymond, I was sure I would not be able to go on.

I was never sure about anything in my whole life, that I wouldn't go on, but I did.
Because of Perry.

And so will you because of the boys.


What happened this morning?

I don't know. I just...

I took an Ambien when I couldn't sleep, and before I knew it, I was driving a car.

- Has that ever happened before?
- No.

I've decided to rent an apartment locally, so that I can, um, be nearby but not... you know...

I wanna be here when you need me, Celeste, and not when you don't.

I'm so grateful to you for everything you've done, but a little space might be good.

Madeline told me that you and she had words.

I don't like her.

Well, you have to try.

Well, I have tried, but she's not a likeable person.


She's been a lifeline to me.
She really has.

- She's a wonderful person.
- Hmm, well, you're mistaken.

Did I ever tell that she once saved Max from drowning?

- Really?
- Uh-huh.

Huh. Where were you?

- What?
- I feel like you always look at me with such...

- (SIGHS) suspicion.
- No, I don't mean to.

I do look at you as a... a... an enigma.

That's how Perry first described you to me.

(CHUCKLES) Did you know that?


- Stop, you idiot!
- Hey!



- That's enough.

Stop it. I said... That is enough!

Stop it!

That is enough.

- f*ck off!
- CELESTE: What did you say?


No! You will not be like him!

You... (PANTING)

Max, I'm sorry. Can I see?
Maxie, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


Oh my God...

Josh, come here. Are you all right?

- Huh? Are you okay?


ELIZABETH: You smell that?
Clears your sinuses right out.

We have all this newfangled stuff to improve ourselves.

Self-help apps all over our phones.

Sometimes, all we need to do is just...

stand still and breathe.

(INHALES) Just breathe in the air that's all around us.

BONNIE: Is that for me, Mama?

You want me to breathe better?

Tell me what's going on, Bonnie.

Nothing, Nathan's just... trippin'.

ELIZABETH: Nathan is a complete dolt.

When it comes to emotional, social intelligence,

oh, Bonnie. (CHUCKLES)
He's as dumb as a rock.

But I often wonder...

if that's why you married him.

You are out here surrounded by people who don't even get you.

They don't look like you.

I haven't seen one other black person since I've been out here.

Is that why you're here?

I mean, 'cause we all know... (CHUCKLES) how fond you are of your walls.

You are out of control.

ELIZABETH: Something's in the air, Bonnie.

And I don't like it.

NATHAN CARLSON: You know I d... I decided to run.

ED MACKENZIE: For office?

I swear to f*cking God, man.
No, I decided to take up running

because Bonnie likes running.
She's obsessed with it.

I'm trying to embrace her interests.

So I'm off the hook for lunch, then?

NATHAN: You remember what you said to me last year about "give me a reason"?

ED: Mm-hmm.

Should we just get this out of our system, man?

Okay, so you've asked me to have lunch with your wife, and now, you... challenge me to a fist fight.
I mean... (SCOFFS) do you have a preference if I can't squeeze in both?


- NATHAN: So, that's a no, huh?
- Okay.

- Don't, buddy. Don't.
- Okay.

NATHAN: Warning.

CLERK: Case six-two-seven-three. United States vs. Gordon Klein.

JAMES TAYLOR: James Taylor on behalf of the United States, Your Honor.


STEVE GARDNER: Steve Gardner on behalf of Mr. Klein,

Your Honor. Plead not guilty.

Mr. Klein.

You're being charged with security fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud, violating Section A of the Securities Act of and Rule of Regulation M of the Exchange Act.

- Question of bail?
- TAYLOR: No priors, judge.

I ask that the defendant post bail in excess...

(CHUCKLING) of one million dollars in light of the severity of the charge.

One million sounds excessive. (LAUGHING)

One million bond.

Five hundred thousand dollars cash...


JUDGE: We'll conference on Tuesday

- to set a schedule.

- TAYLOR: Thank you, Your Honor.
- GARDNER: Thank you.

NATHAN: You know, I swear someone's gonna do a startup, and they're gonna make, um, like, the perfect French fry.

It's gonna be, like, nutritional and healthy and no cal.

It's gonna be a gold mine.

Remember when you used to call 'em "pomp freaks"?

- BONNIE: Mm-hmm.

French fries.
When she was little, I told...

I told her they were called, "pommes frites," and she started calling them "pomp freaks."

NATHAN: I never even noticed you eating a French fry.

BONNIE: I eat French fries.

Yeah, you're right.
You just didn't notice, did you?

That's your thing, isn't it?

Wait, what?

Don't get all sensitive with yourself.

NATHAN: No, no, I'm not.
I'm not being sensitive.

- I'm just... What do you mean?
- Honey?

NATHAN: No, I notice things.

I mean...

Like, I noticed sh1t, and then I asked you to come.

- So...
- Well, I'm here...because you're ill-equipped to connect with your wife.

BONNIE: Mom, you're drinking again.


I mean, it's just one glass.

One glass is fine.
One hundred, not so much.

Those days are over.

Your problem is you're oblivious.

- BONNIE: Will you stop?
- ELIZABETH: You call me...and you say that something's wrong with Bonnie.

"Bonnie's not herself."

"Been going on six months to a year or so."

Can you narrow that down a little bit further for me, Nathan?

I mean, can you pinpoint a specific date?

Instance. Anything?

Because I can.

It was after that event.

You all went to that student gala.

Where the man died, and Bonnie was there.

Your wife watched a man fall down the steps and bust his goddamn head open and splatter all over the place and die!

I don't know, from then to now, she's probably been dealing with post-traumatic stress.

- I'm fine.

We're in a restaurant, honey.

What does that mean, "We're in a restaurant"?

What, we should just glaze over it?

Act like everything is okay?

Things are not okay.
Your daughter is not okay.

And this mope-a-dope sh1t, it clearly is not working for your husband.

And I doubt very much that it's working for your child, and from what I see, it is not working for you.


I'm really happy you're here.

MARTIN HOWARD: Can we just have a dinner like a normal family?

ELIZABETH: We are having dinner like a normal family.

Getting in each other's business, that's what families do.
That's why he called.


CELESTE: So you don't have any siblings?

- PERRY WRIGHT: I had a brother.

He passed away when I was five.

CELESTE: Oh... sorry about that.

What about you?

I'm an only child.

- I mean, as far as I know.
- Oh yeah?

Yeah, I'm not very close to my dad, so... Right?

You never know.


So... your mom passed away, and you don't have any siblings as far as you know, and you don't talk much to your dad.


Now, I don't mean to be presumptuous, but... if this works out... I would have you all to myself.

MARY LOUISE: Boys are tucked in.

Thank you, Mary Louise.

MARY LOUISE: They must have been exhausted.

Max is asleep already.

They tell me they have a brother.

- Evidently, Perry had a son...
- What?

MARY LOUISE: ...with another woman.

And the boy's in their class.

Seems I have another grandchild.

Might you have the decency to tell me... his name?


Then how could they possibly know?

I don't know. You know what, we did tell that detective.

That f*cking bitch,

- she probably let it slip...
- Mom!

I'm sorry. You know what, Celeste, just find out what the boys know exactly

and then call me right back, okay? Bye.

ED: What now?

Celeste... just stuff with the twins, and...

Did they find out Ziggy's their brother?

Who told you that?

I heard you talking on the phone once.

Did you tell Max and Josh?

Only that they have a brother in the second grade.

- Chloe, good God!
- I didn't say who.

- Did you tell Ziggy this?
- Mm-hmm.

Wait, Perry Wright is Ziggy's father?

- You know what, go to your room.

Give me your phone.

I'll deal with you later.

MADELINE: I'm so sorry. She's grounded.

- I got... I gotta go.
- MADELINE: Okay, I...

(WHISPERING) Oh, f*ck.

Hey. Talk for a sec?

- ZIGGY CHAPMAN: What'd I do?
- You didn't do anything. Um...

Did Chloe Mackenzie say anything to you about... about who your father is?

She said it was Max and Josh's dad.

Is it?


How long have you known for?

Since August?

Ziggy, you've known since August and you haven't said anything to me?

ZIGGY: Figured you'd just lie.

JANE: I didn't know.

All of those years of you asking me where he was or who he was, I...

I didn't know who he was.


I didn't know until Trivia Night.

- And...
- But why didn't you tell me?

Because I didn't know how.

I just thought that I would wait.

- Till when?
- Till you got older, I guess.

Did Chloe tell you anything else?

She said something about Mr. Wright giving you salt.

That's how it happened. He salted you.



Then what did she mean?

JANE: Can I sit down next to you?

I think what Chloe overheard was the word "assault."

ZIGGY: What does that mean?


MADELINE: Look, I wanted to tell you.

Yeah, but you didn't.

Well, I was trying to protect Jane and Celeste's privacy.

- But I'm your husband. Okay?
- Okay, but can you understand and maybe contemplate for a minute the fundamental violation of a woman's privacy when you're talking about rape?

ED: How about the fundamental violation of our family, of our marriage. I mean, I'm your husband. I am supposed to help you with this stuff.

I mean, of course she's gonna hear you whispering on the f*cking phone, Madeline.

I mean, look what our daughter did.

What are we, people who keep secrets from each other?

Is that our thing now? Come on.

- Jesus.


I'm really sorry again.

(SIGHS) I know you are, honey. I know.

You can't tell your friends private things that you've overheard us say on the phone.

Okay? No more eavesdropping, young lady.

Is Daddy mad at me?

Daddy's mad, but that's the thing about families.

Is that you can be mad and you can fight, but you get over it, and you always come back together.

That's wh... That's what families do.

- So we're gonna be okay.
- Okay.

Can I have my phone back?


MARY LOUISE: So this thing was supposed to have happened when?

Like nine years ago?

When you two were trying so hard to have a baby? Please.

When did you find out about this alleged affair?

It wasn't an affair.
It was a rape. Rape.

- When did you find out?
- The night he died.

Then how can you... This woman, she could have had multiple partners, you know.

She could have been drugged.
She... You don't know her.

She could have been...
What if she got it wrong?

Aren't you desperate...

- She didn't.
- ...for her to be wrong?

Aren't you desperate to know that he wasn't unfaithful?

To believe that he... he wasn't capable of doing the things that she said.

He wasn't.
I'll... I'll never believe that.

Your son wasn't an innocent man.
He beat me up.

- I don't believe you.
- Many times.

Why wouldn't you go to the police?

- I probably should have.
- But... you didn't.

- No, because it wasn't simple.
- I don't believe you.

I don't understand why you're so willing to believe her.

I don't know why you...you are willing to assassinate his character, his memory,

- who he was. I...
- It's so hard.

I'm telling you what it was.

I'm not saying I was blameless.

I'm just telling you we were violent with each other, and sometimes... (VOICE CRACKS) sometimes, it would lead to s*x.

I don't... I...

- CELESTE: We loved each other.
- Hmm.

- We... We were...
- But he beat you up.

CELESTE: We had a sickness.

And you didn't go to the police?

I just... (SCOFFS)

I'll go to the police.


To get some answers.
You left some things out, didn't you?

The fact that he fathered another child.

You left that out.

That you planned to move, that you rented an apartment.

You left that out.

That you were planning to leave him the very night he died.

You left that out.

And that you...you... learned of his infidelity just ten seconds before he... went falling down a flight of stairs to his death.

Oh, you left that out, too.



How's Ziggy?

He's uh... (CHUCKLES) I don't know.

And you?

Um, I gotta tell you something. I...

I told Ziggy about the circumstances.

- The violence of it?
- Mm-hmm.

- CELESTE: What?
- Just a little bit, but he knows that he cannot share it with Max and Josh.
That it's just for him.

- But we had an agreement.
- I know. I know.

We were gonna wait.

I know, but I can't lie to him anymore.

- I can't...
- No, I...

- His entire life...
- Jane.

...has just been built on a foundation of lies.

I can't just... I can't continue.

And I know that you have to protect your boys, but I have to protect mine.

I have to be honest with him.

Ugh, God, this is so f*cked up.

Have you told your boys about Ziggy?

N... Not yet, no. I just...

(SIGHS) I will, I mean...


- Hey.
- Hey.

- Could you talk for a second?
- Sure.

Um, this is in no way...meant to blame you or Nathan at all, for that matter, but with that said, I...

I just feel strongly that Abigail come stay with me.

Yeah, she needs more than I can give her.

What's going on? Are you okay?

No, I'm not okay.
I told you I wasn't okay.

I'm having a hard time with the whole thing.

Sometimes, I wake up at night in a sweat with this... feeling.

It's gonna get us.
It's gonna get us all.

What... Who are you talking about?

The lie.

I gotta go.


♪ As I walk this land Of broken dreams ♪

♪ I have visions of many things ♪


GORDON: You used to like that song.

RENATA: I used to like to sit on your face, too.

You think that'll happen again?

Give me one f*cking reason.

I wanted a Gulfstream.

Ow! What the f*ck?

RENATA: f*cking pitiful.

We're creatures of want. Jesus.

You know, we are.
Me, you... God, especially you.

- What?

- GORDON: What the f*ck

- are you doing?
- What the f*ck?

What are you doing?

- Are you f*cking kidding me?

Did I ever explain to you that I wanted more?

- Is that what I said to you?
- Maybe I wanted more!

- RENATA: Just get the f*ck out.

- GORDON: Oh, please.
- RENATA: Please.

Just stop being dramatic and drive, will you?

Oh my God, you're gonna blame me?
You're gonna blame me?

GORDON: Did I say I was blaming you?

Are you f*cking gonna blame me while you lost my f*cking money?

- I didn't say... I'm just say...
- Get the f*ck out of my car!

- Nothing happens in a vacuum.
- This is my f*cking car.

- Come on... Oh my f*cking...
- Out of the f*cking car!

- RENATA: Oh my God!

- RENATA: Oh my...

(SCREAMING) Will somebody give a woman a moment?

- Goddammit!



ABIGAIL MACKENZIE: I'm not resisting the idea of coming back here.

Well, that's a relief.

As long as the main goal isn't trying to convince me to go to college.

The endgame is to move you into a stable environment where your executive decision-making skills are nurtured.

That's a good one.

MADELINE: Can I just say one thing though?

I think you're being rash, honey.

Life is a series of building blocks that you stand on and you grow on, and I feel like you are kicking the most fundamental building block, which is education, right out from under you.

You used to claim that family was your most fundamental building block.

MADELINE: Well, of course. It's very important.

What, you just, like, kicked that one to the side?

What do you mean?

You were f*cking the theater director last year, so...

That's so inappropriate, Abigail and this is not about me.

Well, you're being really hypocritical,

- and I'm just using the ref...
- This is about you and your future.



What's going on?

We were just talking about college.

Is that it?

What's this about f*cking a theater director?


- You misheard that.
- ED: Huh.

- Where are you going?
- ED: Uh, to get my ears checked.


(WHISPERING) You said he wasn't home!

- But we already know him.
- No, but now you'll... be meeting him as... I mean, as brothers. That's...

We're already friends.
What difference does it make?

I don't know.

This is what I do know: He's part of your family now.

And, I mean, family is always everything, but...sometimes it is.

- Is Daddy a bad person?
- No. No, no, no.

Your daddy was a wonderful person.

A beautiful person.

He could be weak... like we all can.
He could make mistakes, but your... your daddy was a beautiful... wonderful man.


(QUIETLY) Okay, um...

Thank you for coming back.

I, um... (SNIFFLES)

At best as I... fathom, and I cannot fathom what I've done, I...

This was about me, and I...

I'm so sorry. I...
This was not about you.

- Maybe about us as a couple.
- Mm-hmm.

And I think we should get therapy.


MADELINE: But I need you to know that this has nothing to do with you.

- This happened so long ago...

...and it has nothing to do with how much I love you because I love you so much, and... and I just need to know what you're thinking.

That you would... keep the secret that you kept about Perry and Ziggy. (SNIFFLES)

That you would be unfaithful. Um...

That you would tell Abigail about it.

I know. That is... That happened in a moment of weakness.

ED: When?

Last year.

So she's known a year?

My daughter, and yes, I do think of her as a daughter, has known this for a year?

Yes, I'm sorry, I f*cked up. I, um...

But I'm gonna do anything I can to fix it.

- ED: Does Chloe know?
- No!

No, of course not.

- How can you be so sure?
- No, Ed, I promise you, she doesn't know. I'm so sorry, she...

Look, this just isn't about you.
It's about me. This is about us.

When you say "us," what...

I mean, what... what d... what does that even mean?

'Cause it can't mean honesty.

It can't mean truth or... or trust.

I mean, it can't mean you and me confiding in each other, so what... what's "us"?

You asked me what I'm thinking.
I'll tell you.

I think we're done.



I do appreciate you coming, Mama. I do.

Meaning... enough.

BONNIE: I do not want any of that in my family's life.

We're not having that conversation again.

I have been having visions lately, Bonnie...

- I know you've had some too.
- Mom.

- They are strong, baby.
- Don't. Don't.

- Somebody's drowning.
- Stop.

I see lots of water, and somebody's drowning.

I see you drowning right now in a way.


Who's gonna protect you, baby?

BONNIE: I do not need you to protect me.

Not from evil spirits or your visions...

From what, then?

Tell me.

What have you done this time? Hmm?

I do want you to go.

- I love you, too, honey.


BONNIE: Okay, you invited her, you get rid of her.

NATHAN: Get rid of her?

Like... Like, maybe with rat poison?

Or a weekend with Maddie?

BONNIE: Seriously, though, can you tell her to go?

Can you tell me what's going on?

(WHISPERING) Be patient, baby.




♪ When no one else Can understand me ♪


♪ When everything I do is wrong ♪

♪ You give me hope and consolation ♪

♪ You give me strength to carry on ♪

♪ And you're always there To lend a hand ♪

♪ In everything I do ♪

♪ That's the wonder ♪

♪ The wonder of you ♪

♪ And when you smile The world is brighter ♪

♪ You touch my hand and I'm a king ♪

♪ Your kiss to me Is worth a fortune ♪

♪ Your love for me is everything ♪

♪ I guess I'll never know ♪

♪ The reason why ♪

♪ You love me as you do ♪

♪ That's the wonder ♪

♪ The wonder of you ♪

♪ Wonder of you ♪

♪ I guess I'll never know ♪

♪ The reason why ♪

♪ You love me as you do ♪

♪ That's the wonder ♪

♪ The wonder of you ♪

♪ Wonder of you ♪