01x06 - Rear View Mirror

Previously on Chicago Fire...

Let's go, let's go!

I need a favor, Anna.

Be careful with these. Take 'em only when necessary.

What do we got?

Trapped arm.

One, two...


I'm going with him.

No, you're not.

This ain't up to you, lady.

You have a bit of a track record lately, wouldn't you say?

This isn't enough to warrant suspension.

Be ready for the possibility.

Evacuate immediately.


Honey, this is my old girlfriend.


Anna, I'm just gonna lift your shirt and make sure everything's okay with the baby.

Why don't you, um, give me a call?

Just stay the hell away from us.

I'm not retracting my statement.


[Siren whoops]

Talk some sense into your man.

Excuse me?

I'd really hate to see things get uglier than they already are.



Thank you for meeting me.

Yeah, of course.

I hope it wasn't an inconvenience.

No, no, no, no. Not at all.

I know you and Matt are close.

Oh, uh...

Can I get you something to drink?

Coffee's fine, thank you.

I didn't want to go to the Chief about this because...

God, I'm so sorry.

Oh, it's okay. What's... what's wrong?

It's the Detective Voight thing.

I didn't, um...

I know your brother's been trying to help.

Yeah, that's right.

It's just I have never seen Matt like this, and I have a feeling that something bad is gonna happen.

I'm really sorry for everything you're going through, Hallie, I am, but I'm not sure what I can do.

Matt's deposition is scheduled after his shift.

Once he testifies against Voight's son, it's... it's not worth it anymore just to prove a point.

And I'm thinking more and more that Matt shouldn't go through with it.

You should tell Matt.

I did. Last night.

He wouldn't listen.

But I think he would if it came from you.

[Motor humming]

Hey, hold still. Just relax.


I didn't do that!

Of course not.

Look, this is as far as I can go.

You gotta come the rest of the way.

You mean drop?

That's right.

Zito... big-time tagger.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've seen his name around.

He's hit every "L" train, bus stop, and mailbox in Chicago.

You president of his fan club?

No. There's a street art exhibition at the MCA.

This clown's in the museum?

What a country. Right?

Just slide on down nice and easy... I got you.

You called the cops!



All right, now! Just drop!

Coming down.

Copy. All clear.

All good?


Graffiti artist got stuck up there, Chief.


You got no reason to be here.

Oh, collecting gang intel, Chief.

Big new tag like that... gotta make sure it doesn't spark a turf war.

You've seen it. Now leave.

You might want to take a step back there.

I don't want to charge you or one of your men with interfering with a police investigation.


Pack it up. We're outta here.

Oh, hey, Casey.

You got your deposition tomorrow.

Come on, let's go.

Let me ask you, is that cute little fiancee of yours gonna be there too? 'Cause I gotta tell you, the other night, when we were talking, she seemed kinda, I don't know, shut down.

But by the end, she really started to open up.


Hey, come on.

Your day's coming. Your day's coming, Voight!

Close the door.

You all right?


What do you want to do?



You want to go out on calls, stay here in the house, take some time off?

Go out on calls.

Then you have to do it right.

I have been.

You've heard me say this a million times.

In this job, regardless of what's going on in your life, you take your eye off it for one second, people can die.

You're right. I have heard you say that, and we're in agreement.

I wish I could do more to fix this, but right now, it is just a matter of trusting the system.

Look, Matt, there won't be another warning.

Hey. Hey, look...

Look, man, you wanna hit somebody, my buddy has a boxing gym over in Bucktown.

You get a trainer, you glove up, you hit mitts.

$5 a round. We could head over there after shift.

Yeah, I'll think about it. Thanks.

Not to sound like my father-in-law, but this is what's wrong with America.

What's wrong with America, or what's great about America?

Are you kidding me?

3,000 clams for that, and I'm out there doing side jobs for $20 an hour?

Hey, the Mouch is looking for you.

Do you know how much the taxpayers of this city pay for graffiti removal?

50 million a year.

Uh, that... that sounds high.

Look it up. All right, stop.

All right, so it's more like 25 million or something.

Either way, it's a lot of money.

And then this little wannabe hood rat...

Herrmann... it's bold. It's provocative.

Ha. You're just trying to get a rise.

And look at these high society douche bags lapping it up.

You see, this is why, when my kids get out of high school, Cindy and me, we're moving to Chain O' Lakes 'cause...

I can't deal with this insanity.


How long am I looking at? Realistically.

Somewhere between 0 and 100 days.

Oh... do you understand the definition of "realistically"?

There's a lot of moving parts to this.

They're on your head.


Have you ever even been to a suspension hearing before?

Of course.

Your case is a two-demerit issue, and so we're gonna keep it friendly.

And the more aggressive you come across, the more guilty you'll look.

Keep your responses short and to the point.

All right, cool. So you're saying you got this, right Mouch?

Yeah, but we still gotta prep.

Where you going?



Sorry, just what you needed, right?

One more person asking how you're doing.

Better than nobody giving a rat's ass, I guess.

So... how are you holding up?

I'm just hoping that luck's on my side because in terms of me being able to control the situation, it hasn't worked out so well.

Uh... but I guess there is one more thing you could do to end this whole thing, right?

Have you thought about retracting your statement?

Would you?

I would think about it.


Now that you have...

[Sighs] why would you advise me to do something you wouldn't?

[Alarm whooping]

Ambulance 61, truck 81. Gunshot victim.

25 East Halstead Street.

[Siren blares]

[Horns honk]


Where's the victim?

In the back.


Gone. I swerved when I heard the shots.

Cruz, Mills, in the bus.

Cones and flares. Get these cars moving.

Shot to the neck. Not breathing. Weak pulse.

Guys, we need your help.

All right, get him down here.

Down here's good. Watch his head. Watch his head.

Okay, you gotta get an open airway or we're gonna lose him right now.

Here, open this.

We can't tube him. Too mush mouth trauma.

All right, surgical cric.

Not approved in the field, Dawson.

Excuse me, sir, does that really matter to you right now?

No? Oh, okay, good.

Give it to me.

I got it.

Dawson, give it to me, now!

All right, give me the tube.

We'll get the backboard and stretcher.


Hey, keep it moving! Let's go, let's go.

Surgical cric?

We could've waited for approval, but then he would have been D.O.A.

It was my call, Chief. I'll take the hit.

[Tires screech, horns honk]

What was that?

Huh? No, you're gonna wait.

Oh, you're gonna do that? Go on.


Your shift is over.

Oh, come on Chief.

No, no, no, no. Go home.

Head for the house. Whatever you want.

But you are done for today.

[Radio chatter]

Where's Casey?


I'm not taking any more chances.

He's doing the right thing.

He's getting his ass kicked for it.

You don't think I know that.

Then he needs to be here where we can keep an eye on him.

Kelly, I tried that already.

So he's better off out there by himself, pissed off, not thinking straight...

This is a firehouse...

Not some of the time. Not for some of the calls.

Any man who walks through that door, he gotta be ready.

If he isn't, he's gonna be walking in the other direction.

'Cause I am a Chief first and I am a friend second.

Casey's just gonna have to find his own way from now on.



Ambo bag?


Do you also want me to tell you how much gas 'cause, apparently, all I'm good for is inventory and driving now.

Listen, one more black mark on your record between now and Friday...

Why even go to the hearing if you're already suspending me?

Maybe I don't want to ride around with a half-assed reliever for three months.

Ever thought of that?

Listen, Chief did the right thing.

Gave him some time to cool off.

He's gonna be fine.

We should eat, huh?

Make a sandwich.

So Casey's out for how long?

Chief knows that, not me.

I got a suspension hearing to prepare for.

Send Dawson in, if you see her.

You know, I feel like we're sitting around while we let Voight push our boy around.

Why can't we take the ball game to him?

I got a wife and four kids who don't need their dad fired or locked up.

How 'bout you, Mills?

Why aren't you asking me?

Because I'm not talking about toilet papering Voight's house, ho.

How 'bout it, Mills?

I'm down.


The both of you, shut up.

Nobody's gonna do nothin'.

So we just sit by?

Then go!

Put on a ski mask and take on a dirty cop, and see how far that gets you.

[Cell phone buzzes]

What's the latest?

Nothing yet.

What are you say... what, we're still at zero? Score one?

What do you mean "nothing"?

I've been doing plenty.

But if you're asking if I have anything conclusive at this moment, the answer's no.

Well, what have you been doing, Antonio?

I would love to know, because this whole thing is unraveling for Casey.

Voight's put the word out on the street... we know that.

So we're looking for someone to wear a wire.

Yesterday, we busted a kid for possession.

He's in a gang with ties to Voight.

I offered him a deal if he'd flip.

Had him this close, but he wouldn't go.

So offer him something else.

It don't work like that.

As long as Casey doesn't take the bait, this thing's gonna play out the way we want.

So sit tight.

Have a little faith in your brother.

Why don't we just leave?

We both have vacation time built up.

We could even go longer, I'm sure they would give you a leave of absence.

When we get back...

Voight will have forgotten all about it?

We go where he can't find us, and we give the cops enough time to bust him.

Come on, baby.

Let's get out of here. Let's regroup.

[Knock on door]


Matthew Casey?


We have a warrant to search your home.


We got a tip says you're in possession of cocaine.

Either we can search your house, or you can produce the cocaine and your cooperation will be taken into consideration.

It's Voight. Detective Voight... he put you up to this?

No. I don't know any Voight.

I just know we're coming in.

The warrant allows us to search the entire house, and you're allowed, by law, to stay in the house if you remain cooperative.

I'm a firefighter, Station 51.

My fiancée is a doctor at Lakeshore.

Do we really look like cocaine users to you?

If you could please both go wait in the front room.


Antonio Dawson. He's a detective in Vice.

He'll tell you we're being harassed by this cop.

I have Antonio's number on my cell.

Will you please just take a second and talk to him?


Yeah, this is Officer Madden.

We have a search warrant for...

It's all right, baby.

It's gonna be all right.

He says they're clean.

If I ever have to come back here again, no favor is gonna get you out of it.

[Police radio chatter in background]

[Door closes]

It was under the table.

Oh, my God.

That's 15 years right there.

Call Antonio back.

Flush it down the toilet.


Flush it down the toilet!


[Tires screech]

You just committed a couple felonies.

I'm ready to commit a few more.

Because I'm telling you, it ends now, or you're the one that's gonna disappear.

I can respect that.

Go ahead.

Use it.

You retract that statement against my son... or you pull that trigger.

Because that's the only thing that's gonna stop me.

Muffled heart sounds. It was clearly Beck's triad.

She had a sternal fracture, a large hemopericardium and mediastinal hemorrhage, all of which indicate that a periocardiocentesis is obviously...

You're already talking too much.

The question was what did you see?

Uh, I saw a young girl in danger of dying, and so I felt it was necessary...

Feelings... no feelings. Thoughts. Convictions.

Fine. I thought that...

I knew that I had to do something immediately, and that something was...

Just answer the question posed to you.

Don't elaborate. And smile.


Go ahead.


Smile. Let me see it.

Oh, Mouch, come one.

Let me see it.

I can smile.

Come on. Contrite, not smug.

Welcoming and innocent.

We're gonna work on that.

[Sighs] I'm hitting the rack, boys.

Yeah. 'Cause you're getting buried.


No, all good.

That's an "I'm with the program" kind of walk.

You were right.

Voight had me spun out.

I let it get to me.

Won't let it again.

I need to work.

I'm willing to trust the system.

So I'd like to resume my duties, Chief.

Welcome back.

[Laughs] Hey...

Yeah, there he is, huh?

All right, all right, all right, all right.

Don't turn it into a Greek wedding.

Come on, everybody, normal day.

Everybody go about your business.

Let's go.

[Siren blares]

Truck 81, engine 51.

Squad three, ambulance 61.

Building fire. Indiana and 28th Place.

[Sirens blaring]

Hey, Chief. Dumpster fire. Nobody called it in.

Flames went up the service elevator shaft, spread out on the fifth.

Find me the super. I need occupancy numbers.

What about the main elevator?

He's just cleared it. He's coming out with a few more tenants.

[Radio chatter]

Five more ambos, and Chief Hatcher's on the way.

We're gonna need 'em.

Anticipate at least five reds in there.

We can't wait for Hatcher with this many non-responsives.

We've gotta set up triage.

Do it. You're in charge here.

All right.

This is ambulance 61. Give me an EMS plan one.

Hey, Chief.

She'll be fine.

I know. But where are all the people?

No one's coming out of the other side of the building.

Squad three, check out the West Side fire stairwell.

Already on three. Must be a blockage.

Capp and Hadley have the east.

I'm sending you Casey, Cruz, and Mills.

We need to check out those upper floors.

On it.

You're kidding me!

You all right?



Hey, I'm clearing a path.

Hey, is there anybody back there?


They can't breathe.

It's pitch black in there. There's people in the hall.


If you're mobile, keep walking.

Slow and steady. There's paramedics waiting.

Hey, I'll take this.

I'm going up further.


[Signal clicking]

Got at least four reds heading to triage.

All right, we got another red.

Shay, this one's yours. Yeah, got it.

All right.

There's three more up on six.

Any burns?

Not on six.

But Casey, Cruz, and Mills went higher.

Capp, Hadley, meet us in the west stairwell.


You're going in there?

You need to get back behind the lines.

Mouch, get this kid safe.

Come here, pal.

You gotta get that tube down her throat.

I can't. There's too much swelling.

Then cric her.

I've never done it.

Dawson, you've gotta cric this woman, or she's a goner.

All right, hand me a scalpel.

Who's the lead here?

You're looking at her.

You may as well keep looking over my shoulder, 'cause this is definitely gonna be an infraction.

Hand me a size five tube.


All right, bag her.

Lungs are good.

Get me the fastest driver we've got.

Next available ambulance, now!

Copy that. Car 816, respond to triage.

Seven is clear.

Casey is on eight.

I got it. I'm on my way up.

Fire department. Call out.

[People coughing] Come on!

Come on.

Casey, retreat. Go back. You won't make it.

Retreat. You won't make it!

Go back to the apartment.

Casey, go back!

Get down.

Casey plus two on eight.

East corner unit. Move that ladder now!


Mayday! Mayday!

Not sure how long I can hold it back.

Eight is a reach. No choice.

Get that ladder as close as you can.

Hug the building if you have to, capp.

I need a clear path to the east corner.

What's your name?

[Coughing] Curtis.

Okay, Curtis, you're gonna put that on her.

Make sure it's tight around her face.


Good. Now I want you to open the window.

We ain't gonna make it.

Open it!

We're gonna have three coming down from eight.

I need two ambulance crews ready at the base of truck 81.

Copy that. Truck 81, we'll have two ambos...

We're coming for you, Casey.

Better make it fast. It's getting hot in here.

All right, tell 'em to stand in three, two...

One. All right, Curtis, get your mom up. Come on, you go first.

Okay. Come on out.

Turn around.

Capp, take her.

Hang on.

All right. Here... slow step backwards.

Come on!

Not until he's out.

Let's go.


All right, your turn.

No way.

Not until you're out of range.

Not moving. Let go now!

All right, here I come.

All right, hang on, keep your head down.




Can't get up.



Grab my... grab my arm.


Come on. I got you.


Thanks, Chief.

Hadley. Good job.


That was pretty close, huh?

Plenty of time.

[Scoffs] Really?

Listen, if you see Hallie at the hospital, don't tell her about this.

Ok? I've given her enough to worry about lately.



Chief says you should hit it so you can make it to your hearing.

Who's gonna cover?

EMT certified. Good luck.

Good luck.

Yeah. Okay.

Take care of your mom, okay?


Are you Casey?


You're the one got the problem with Detective Voight, right?

Yeah, that's right.

Man, I can help you out.

Curtis is gonna do it.

When? Where?


He already put in a call to Voight for a meet.

I'm gonna prep him while my techs wire him up.

Then we're good to go.

Now, we got one shot at this.

Down the drain, so don't say anything to anyone.

Don't even mention his name out loud, 'cause Voight's got ears all over this city.

I'll let you know once it goes down.

I want to be there.


Fine. Let's go.

The charges you face, Miss Dawson, are both very serious and very troubling.

We disagree wholeheartedly, sir.

Miss Dawson chose to perform a procedure that was clearly outside of her jurisdiction, and that could have mortally injured the patient in her care.

To refresh my memory, could you please read the full charges out loud?

I believe we have that right.

Gabriela Dawson is charged with willful neglect of protocol, and of practicing a medical procedure that she was neither trained nor cert...

No, I have been trained in that procedure, and I knew exactly what I was doing, and how much time we didn't have.

I'm also currently taking pre-med classes, where I've re-studied every procedure...

I'm sorry.

And I am studying for my pilot's license, Miss Dawson, but that does not mean I can land a 747 in a blizzard.

But you'd sure as hell try if you were about to crash.

You are lucky that girl is alive, or there would be criminal charges pending against you.

If saving a kid's life is now a criminal offense, then maybe it's your damn protocol that's out of whack, and the wrong people are making the rules.

Ten-minute break?


You didn't even remember the charges.

I was stalling for time.

What? Why?

We're ready.

[Footsteps] Ah...

Hey, Madeline.

I'm sorry. Are we too late?

Uh, please enter into the record witnesses number two, three, and four.

There's a reason sky divers pack two parachutes.

[Cat meowing]

Here we go.

What's happening, young blood?

What's up with you, V?

Deshawn said there's money to be made on the firefighter.

I want his deal.

He tell you who it is?

Yeah, but I wasn't really paying attention till he said something about the money.

His name is Casey.

How much?

Depends on services rendered.

Well, Deshawn said his boys got 5 for jumping him.

I figure I could do a lot worse for a grand.

Brother, you stop him for good, I'll give you 2.

We got it? Move it in.

[Siren whoops]

They ain't here for me, bro.

Let's see your hands!

Don't move!

Come on, get 'em up!

Yeah, look at me.

I got him, I got him.

Enjoy it while you can.

This is entrapment.

You're cooked, young blood.

Get in.

Got it. Oh, that's great.

That's great to hear.

Yeah, okay. See you at the Shindig. Bye.

That was Mouch. Dawson got a three-shift suspension, but we'll be throwing her a suspension party so how much money does she lose, like, 2 grand?

A little bit more.

But if we all chip in 20 bucks, we might be able to put a dent in it.


And it has this lovely unfinished quality to it.

He almost fell to his death while finishing the "O."


Can you hold on one second? Thanks, pal. Hello?

Hey, serge, how are you? Listen, I'm gonna have to give you a call back.

I'm on the other line with a different buyer.

But if he starts dragging his feet, it's all yours, buddy.

All right. Thanks, pal.

Hello? All right, 2,000.


You gonna slap me in the face like that?

You're gonna slap me in the face with 1,000?

You... [Laughs]

I'll take it.

There we go.

What's this?

Just drink it.

Congrats to Dawson. Could have been worse.

Thank you. Cheers.

Both: Cheers.

All: Oh!

Shiver me timbers.

Thank you so much for your help, Mouch.

You really pulled it out.

You weren't... worried about me, were you?

Oh, no. Never.

[Sighs] Thomas Kincade?

Okay, I get that.

You know, you look at his paintings...

God rest his soul...

But yeah, that's art. That's worth money.

But this?

The scourge of a civilized society, man.

Chain O' Lakes, guys. Chain O' Lakes.

That's where you'll find me. [Cell phone rings]


Okay, great. We'll bring it right out.

It's the buyer. He's here.

Grab an end. I'm not touching it.

Chain O' Lakes.

Hey, guys, I'll help you.

Hey, thanks, Dawson.


Thanks, D.

I'm not gonna ask.

I didn't see it. I didn't see it.

I'd have thrown the book at you.

[Both laugh]





I heard about Voight.

He got it worse than me, huh?

Rear view mirror, baby. Rear view mirror.

Well, then, you've come to the right place.

You can see my friend Peter Mills at the bar over there.

Oh, yeah, you did an okay job.

Oh, thanks. What a ball-breaker, huh?

You can handle it.

Any chance Voight beats this?

No shot.

Speaking of shots, where are they?

Over there.

Where's Hallie?

Meeting me here.

I'm really happy for you.

You too.

Hey... come here.


I am glad it is over.

It is. Thanks for everything, Chief.


Are you... drunk... Chief?

Yeah, a little.

I'll be joining you momentarily.

Good. Glad to hear it.

Just ask him.


He'll think I'm sniffing around.

How do you think I'm gonna come across?

Here he comes.

He thinks I'm a curmudgeon.

Would you just do it for me?

Peter Mills.

Hey. Lieutenant.

What's up?

Great party.

Thank you for hosting it.

Yeah, no sweat.

And it's a really cool space.

And what kind of food do you guys serve?

Well, its a diner, so diner food.

Oh, hey, um, is your sister Elise here tonight?

No, she's out with some friends.

Oh. All right.




Oh, Hallie's here.


It's over.

We're all right now.

[Whispers] We're all right.