01x12 - Under The Knife

Get Crowd Control before they kill that man.

All right, everybody back now!

We're not going anywhere.

Back up, or I'll knock you on your ass.

Previously on Chicago Fire...

Do you talk to your sister?

It's still hard for her.

Look, I need to turn the page on this too.

Maybe you should've thought of that before you killed dad.

Nothing excuses what she did.

I'm not asking you to forget.

Would you think about coming out to visit me?

Yes, I will come visit you when I can.

Flaco's dead.

Help me! Please!

We take this to the grave... just me and you.

Um... I need help.

I'm so damn proud of you, Kelly.

Listen, uh, the Christmas party... there's some stuff I'm dealing with... stuff I got to figure out.

I hope it works out, whatever it is.

[Groans softly]


[Spatula scraping pan]

[Chuckles] Good morning.

Morning. Wow. What time is it?


Ooh, what do we got going here?

Uh, just a little veggie scramble.


There's the culprit.

Did we kill this whole thing last night?

Yeah. Yeah, we did.

Wine... I don't know why I do it.

Ugh. Every time.

Every... every time what?

I just get... drunk.

[Both chuckle]

You don't have to worry.

I'm not gonna tell anybody at work.

Um, it's not like I'm gonna be embarrassed...

Hey, don't explain. We're on the same page.

This is our thing... nobody else's.

Enjoy your eggs, and I'll see you at work, okay?


Hey, Peter.


Hey. Yeah, I know, Chief.

It's just that the classified ad, it runs today, and...

I just need to make back what I put into her.

And I need my driveway.

Okay, yeah. I'll finish up on the curb.

[Engine sputtering]

It's so damn cold. It just needs a little extra.

[Engine sputtering]


Could be worse.


[Cheers and applause]

Just a little fender bender, that's all.

No big deal.


How's the noodle?

Hard as ever.


That's what he said.


Just a little something from us.

Oh, my... you guys.

Oh. Ha ha!

Added protection.


Oh, I love it.

Welcome back.

Thanks, Chief.

Thanks, guys.

I'm gonna tell him... today.




[Station alert]

Truck 81, squad 3, ambulance 61, police assist, 4000 South Kildare and West 44th.


[Horn honks]

Abandoned truck.

And there's something funky inside.

It's padlocked shut.

Capp, grab the k-12.

Got it.




Came back stolen from a minivan in...

San Angelo. Wherever the hell that is.

[Knock on truck door]

Everyone quiet.

Someone in there? Call out.


I didn't hear that before.

[All coughing]

Holy hell.

[Loud, filtered breathing]

We have multiple victims... women, men, maybe 15 of them.

They all look D.O.A., but we need to check vitals.

[Groans] Damn it.

There are children.


Hey, Dawson!


I know this is scary, but if you come with me, we can help you.

Me llamo Gabriela.



Dehydrated, borderline hypothermic.

Warmed her with blankets, hot packs, and 200cc bolus of warm fluids.

No English. Undocumented?

Yeah, found her in the back of an abandoned smuggler's truck.

How old?


Let's make sure three is clear.

Prep warm saline, and heat up some blankets.

And someone alert I.C.E.

Wait, do we have to call immigration right away?

She's been through enough.


No! No, no, no, no!

Can... can we have a quick moment?


[Both speaking Spanish]






You need something?

Nah, I'm all good.

Hey, no one's heard from Cruz, huh?

[Dramatic music]

[Door opens]

Shouldn't you be at work?

I traded shifts.

I registered for class today over at Truman.

[Laughs] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'll show it to you another time.



How'd it go?



Yeah, n... no...

'cause here's the deal.


On the last call, I ripped off that lock like it was bolted on with paper clips.

No pain, nothin'.

I moved back in because you said you talked to Boden.

What's going on?


Have you heard from that Rick character?


Who's he?

This lawyer who's working with mom.

He asked me about mom's trial and specifically about the house key.

Well, what? What about it?

I don't know where he was going with it because I told him that was... your business and to talk to you about it.

I'm just giving you the heads-up that this guy might be trying to contact you, and it might be about the key.


I appreciate it.

I gotta get going.

Hey, Christie.


The C-5 vertebra.


That's what the doctor said.

How long ago was this exam?

You don't want to know.


This doctor may be a little eager to get you under the knife.



'Cause they're not gonna know anything until they do an MRI.

We are not gonna go worst-case right now.

Gonna let the CFD medical give a fully informed diagnosis.

Chief, I don't ask for a lot of favors.

But since I feel fine 90% of the time, I'd like to stay on squad while this whole thing runs its course.

In the meantime, I'll set up an appointment for after shift.

I'll get in there the next opening they got.

What's going on?

Off duty till the results come in.

[Engine starts]

[Engine revving, tires squealing]

When's the appointment?

Later today.

And then... how long did the first doctor say that you'd be out?

Six months.

You know...

I was a gymnast growing up.

Knew you must have got your flexibility from somewhere.

And after I placed in Nationals, I got invited to the Olympic trials.

Weekend before...

I took my bike... down to the lake, and this cab door opens up, and there you go.


But... I was up and walking two months later.

Were you ever a gymnast again?

No... probably not the best pep talk I could have given.


Let me ask you this.

Does, um, being on squad involve having to stick a full twisting double layout?


Oh! [Laughing]

Well, you're gonna be fine.

When are you leaving for Madrid?



I can push it.

No, no, no. No, do your thing.

Tell me you're gonna come visit me.


Once I get my back squared away.

I'm calling it right now.

Two months. Max.

All right. I'll take that.

Thought you were out for the shift.

Well, yeah, I resolved things a little bit early.

Okay if I jump in?

Suit up.

What happened to your hand?


Yeah. Yeah, I understand.

And... and I'm so sorry for your loss.

Well, please let me know what happens, and, uh, I'll keep a good thought for Rosa.

Si. Okay.



Rosa's Uncle... he hasn't been able to get to the hospital to see her.

She getting deported?

I don't know yet.

I can't imagine they would, though, with everything she's been through.

Where are her parents?

They were in the back of that trailer.

Oh, man.

Well... let me know if I can help in any way.

Can I talk to you for a second?

Delivery for a Gabriela Dawson?

Oh... great.

No card.

Doth milady have a secret admirer, perchance?

[Station alert]

Engine 51, truck 81, squad 3, ambulance 61, battalion 25.

Aircraft down, Bosworth and Waveland.

[Sirens, indistinct radio chatter]

This is 81. We're gonna need two more ambulances to north Bosworth and Waveland.

Guys, fan out!

Herrmann, with me.

We'll take that car.

You guys okay?

Yeah, yeah. We're fine, we're fine.

Check the driver.

My husband!

How's my husband?

Okay, stay right there. Stay calm.

Hey... he's gone, man.


Sir, just stay where you are.

We'll take care of you.

No, I don't need that thing.

Just let me out of here.

Get him out.

All right, let's go.

Nice and easy.


How old are you, sir?

85, and don't blame this on my age.

The tower fed me the wrong coordinates.

It's not my fault I landed short of the runway.

Short of the runway?

You're 5 miles from the closest airport.

Well, take it up with the FAA.

I was just following the...

Oh, no. No, no.

I thought I missed that car.

Don't look that way. Come with me.

[Drill whirring]

Hey, we gotta pull her out headfirst.

You have clearance on her feet?

Nah, I'm just out of reach.

I gotta hit it from another angle.

Just put this around your head to protect you.

[Woman screams]

Mills! With me!

[Screaming continues]


This is Casey. We're gonna need a medic.

61, on our way.

Mills! Let's go!


Weak pulse.

A lot of blood outside.

We got to move him.

Ready? Nice and smooth.

One, two, three.

[All grunting]

Okay, roll him over.


In my bag. Abdominal trauma pads.

How many?

All of 'em.


The blass broke through his abdominal wall.

We need to pack him right here before he bleeds out all over the place.


Press down, not too hard.

There might still be glass.

Hold the dressing right here. Keep the wound covered.

That's good. A hand here. Pressure.

Let's get him on the board. All right.


Casey, as we lift him, keep your hand here, or else this is gonna be a recovery.

You got it?


All right. Let's get him up.


All right, go... push, come on.


Come on! Come on.

For the love of Pete, my six-year-old's got more upper body strength than you two.

Herrmann, is the parking brake on?

[Parking brake unlatches]


Okay, guys. Come on, just push, then.

Go. Got it?


You sure?

I think I got it.




Sorry it didn't work out, man.

Yeah, thanks, buddy.

Listen, I want to thank you for helping me get my head straight over that Flaco thing.

Are you back to work?

I am.


Welcome back.

But you and me, we never talk about that again.

Not another word. Clear?


Sorry, Lieutenant.

Hey, you know what's wild?

I just now realized that your last name and Tom Cruise's last name are pronounced exactly the same.

People ever misspell it like his in the mail or whatever?

Not really.

Are you okay, buddy?

You've really been off your game lately.

Do you need to talk to someone?

I'm your friend.

You can tell me anything.

Hey. Yo, Alfredo sauce. Made it from scratch.

I thought we had an agreement about the other night.

And now, suddenly, flowers?

Delivered to me in front of everyone?

That is exactly what I was trying to avoid.

I don't know, maybe this is my fault.

Maybe I'm missing something here.

But what exactly happened to "this is our thing, nobody else's"?

I didn't send them.


Found this out front.

Delivery guy must have dropped it.

The flowers are actually for the both of you.

Some lady wanted to thank you for saving her, "even though you had to drug my dog."

Yeah, great. Thanks.

You're welcome.





What are you doing here?

Ah, I just cleared some stuff from my schedule.

Mm. Hi.


Oh. Didn't realize you had a guest.

Dr. Kessman, this is my... girlfriend, Renee.

It's good that you could make it.

So today's CT scan shows that the hairline fracture on your C-5 here extends further than we thought.

So surgery?

Yeah, as soon as possible.

And the recovery time, that's the same six months?

Unfortunately not.

Um, forget whatever you were told before.

It's a year at best.

Look, some guys who come in here on the job, they're rolled out in the chair they're gonna live in the rest of their lives. You're lucky.

Everything I see tells me you should make a full recovery.

A year?

A year if you hope to return to squad.

I'll be honest, I've never seen anyone return to full duty after this surgery.

Much sooner, though, four or five months, you can come back in an administrative capacity.

So you may want to set your sights on that.

That's much more realistic.

I'll give you two a minute.

Uh-oh, looks like someone's still dropping their laundry off at mom's house.


Not that she hasn't offered, though.


Yeah, um... so that was kind of weird, what happened earlier.

Which part? Oh!

Oh, you mean the whole thing.

Look, I was out of line. I should have known...

Yeah, well, at least now you know I mean what I say.

I know.

And I should have known that.

And I still want to apologize.

Oh. Hey, Chief.

Briefing room, everybody.

As you can imagine, Kelly is still processing all of this.

I'd give him a little time before you call him.

And there is no reason that, before or after the surgery, Kelly shouldn't be in this house, feeling at home and around his family.

So will you all encourage him to do that?

Look... there is no denying we are a good man down.

We do not have the luxury to act like it.

So the upside of this... it is a stark reminder injuries do not get swept under the rug on this job.

Nor do they get self-diagnosed or self-medicated, 'cause what is that?

Pride, friendship, stubbornness, fear... whatever the reason, it isn't good enough to hide an injury.

Kelly dodged a bullet on this one.

So did the people he helped rescue this past month.

[Cell phone vibrates]

'Cause it could have gone real bad, for him and for them, real quick.

Hey, Ernesto.

I'm sorry to bother you like this.

No, that's no problem at all.

I'm so sorry about what you and Rosa are going through.

They're deporting her.

I don't even know what to say.

W... did they give you a reason?

They found out she was 16.

A year younger, she would have been eligible for refugee status.

What's this?

To help her get home.

Immigration will only take her to the border.

Can you please get it to her?

[Station alert]

Ambulance 61, truck 81. Pulmonary distress.

2500 West Ogden and Roosevelt.

It usually doesn't take this long to go back to normal.

Sir, when you're in this kind of pain, you can't just ignore it and hope it goes away.

Yeah, I know, but I hate going to see the doctor.

My health care plan's a joke.

Yeah, we work for the city too, coach.

You're preaching to the choir. [Grunting]

[Heart monitor beeping increases]


Heart rate's at 185.

He's in V-tach. BP's 70 over 50.

We don't have time for the drive.

We gotta do this here.

All right, Travis, change of plans.

We're gonna need you to lie down, all right?

All right, I'm gonna start an iv.

So I just need you to stay as still as possible, all right?

Why? What's happening?

Well, we gotta get you back into rhythm.

We're just gonna apply some electricity to your heart.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're gonna shock me?

I don't know... what, is that gonna hurt?

A lot less than the full cardiac arrest you're about to have.

You just have to trust us, Travis.

Okay, pushing 5 mils of Diazepam.

Shocking at 100.

Stand back. Clear.

[Thud] Agh! Aah!

[Rapid beeping on monitor]

Oh, God, it's done. It's done.

Almost. No, no, no.

It's done.

Travis, almost. Almost.

We gotta do it again, all right? You have a stubborn heart.

Come on, there's gotta be something else you can do.

This is it, Travis. We have to.

You heard coach... he said he didn't want it!

Shocking at 200.

Stand back.

[Beep] Clear!



[Panting] Please no more.

Please... no more. [Heart monitor beeping rapidly]


All right, one more time.

Come on, I can hold on.

Just get me to the hospital.

Travis, I'm sorry. You just gotta trust us, okay?

Okay, shocking at 300.

Stand back.

Clear! [Thud]


[Heart monitor flatlines]

Otis, I need chest compressions!

Coach! Is he all right?


You're killing him!

Hey, step back, man.

Hey, you hear me? Move back!

Mills! Back off.

Kid just wants to know what's going on.

[Mouths words]

Stop compressions.

Damn it! Still in V-tach.

All right, pushing 150 mils of amiodarone.

Stand back, shocking at 360.

[Beep] Clear.


[Rapid beeping] Come on.

[Slow, steady beeping] We got him.

Okay, we need a lift, guys.

[Steady beeping continues]



Oh, hey.

[Laughs] Hi.

You must be, uh...

Yeah, I'm Renee.

Renee, of course.

Yeah. Nice to meet you.

You are Shay.

I have heard amazing things about you.

Yeah, you too. Uh, is he here?

Yeah, he is just up taking a shower right now.

How's he doing?

Trying to figure it out.

Yeah. I was worried.

I've been trying to get a hold of him.

He's definitely not up for taking phone calls.

Okay, yeah, I'll just have him download me on it later.

Okay. Um, you know what?

There's some extra coffee in there, if you'd like.

Thanks. So when do you leave for Madrid?

In a couple days.

Oh, that sucks.

He's been telling me you guys have really hit it off.

Who knows what the future holds?

Well, you shouldn't worry. I mean... if you haven't figured it out already, he's basically indestructible, and...

I'll be here to take care of him, so... don't you worry about a thing.

It was nice to meet you.

You too.

[Whispers] Idiot.

Hey, I'm Gabriela Dawson.

I'm one of the paramedics who responded.


Uh, do you think I could talk to her for a second, just to see how she's doing?

No sweat.

Thank you.

[Indistinct P.A. announcement]



Hola, Rosa.


[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]


My greatest achievement.

You look so handsome. I'm so proud of you.

It's good seeing you, mom.

Rick Savrinn.

I've heard so many good things about you, Matt.


Um... so what's going on?

How are things?

You tell me.

Looks like there's something you guys want to talk about.

I just want to tell you how grateful I am that you're gonna speak up at the hearing.

I'm sure you understand.

Yeah, I do.

So I was talking to Rick, and he brought up a really good point.

I know it's a difficult subject, but if we could just talk it out, and then we can decide whether or not to bring it up in the hearing.

The house key.

That's right.

See, I've talked to an attorney.

And he said that...

You're not an attorney?


I'm just a friend and advisor to your mom.

I met Rick through the pen pal program, but he has consulted an attorney.

All right, so what about it?

Imagine I'm the parole board.

Just tell me what happened.

I left the key to my dad's house out on the counter.

My mom took it.

That's how she got into his house at 3:00 A.M.

And... then she shot and killed him.

And how did that make you feel?

Well... guilty.

Every time I replay that day, I wonder if my dad would still be alive if I hadn't been so careless with that key.

I'll ask you w what you were asked 15 years ago.

Is there a part of you that left that key out intentionally because you were angry at your dad for the way he was treating your mom, and you wanted him to pay for it?

Is this really what you want to hear, mom?

No, this is not about blame. We're not retrying the case.

This is about sympathy for you.

For your mom. That's enough, Rick.

This could go so...

That's enough!


Just forget I said anything.

You don't have to say a word.

It's gonna be enough for me just to look over and see your face... the one person who's never turned his back on me in this world.

Yeah, I gotta go.

I love you so much. [Sobs]

Yeah, fine.

Hey, Chief.

I just wanted to let you know I'm selling that limo off to a scrapyard.

It'll be off the curb by end of shift.

How much?

200 clams.

I got another option for you.

We're due to run a vehicle drill.

I got a budget of $800. It's yours... if you can get it towed to the academy.

Ah, Chief, man, all right!

All right. Hey, Mills, um... my office, real quick.

Now or... you guys need a minute?


[Door shuts]

Doing a good job, Mills.

Thank you, Chief.

But you're still in your probationary period, right?


Still on the outside looking in.

Any mistakes, you can get dinged anytime.

You know the deal.


Yeah, I do. [Chuckles]

Can I give you a word of advice?

Keep your personal life on hold.

Devote everything to your training.

When you get on the other side, then you can worry about complications, you know...

Yeah. You're right.

Yeah, I am a novice in this business.

But every time that I walk through that door, I am all ears.

Whatever your orders, I'm on it.

I mean, to the word.


But... when it comes to my personal life, my personal relationships, I'm not a novice.

With all due respect, Chief, that's my business.

Then let me be a little more direct.

Sit down.

Yes, sir.

Young man like yourself, a few months in.

Be real easy for you to get a reputation as some kid more concerned with chasing ass than he is with mastering his job.

Kelly Severide...

I'm pretty sure he's worked his way halfway through Chicago right now.

But those first two years as a candidate, he did not look sideways at a woman that he was working with.

He put in the hours, mastered his craft.

So what I'm saying is, Peter Mills, maybe you should get there first, 'cause that way, people in positions of power, people like me, can reach down and pick you up to the next level.

Yeah, Chief, there... there has to be...



Good morning.

Can I... oh. Thanks.


Uh, hey, I might just take you up on your offer to help me out with that Rosa situation.

Sure. Of course.

Thank you.

Actually been meaning to talk to you.

Oh, okay.


I've been dealing with something, and the whole situation's a bit... well, embarrassing's not the right word.

But I realize I've been a bit distant recently because of what's going on.

And so what's going on is my mom is up for parole, and I'm trying to help her get out.

I just didn't want you to think I was blowing you off or anything.


I... I thought that you were dealing with Hallie and all that.

No, that's been over for a while.


So, uh... how can I help with Rosa?


Well, I've... I've been written up twice, so I've got a bit of a credibility issue with the Chief, and, uh... this is really big, what I'm about to ask you.

So only if you really want to do it.


Yeah, Chief. At the scene, Rosa told me she was turning 16, and when I was at the hospital, I mistakenly told the E.R. doctor that she was 16, and somehow, that became gospel.

I don't know a lot of Spanish, Chief, but I heard Rosa say it too.

[Speaks Spanish]

This is significant how?

Since Rosa's really 15, she qualifies for temporary refugee status but only if there are other special circumstances.

If Rosa agrees to give information against those who smuggled her, that would be enough to give her a temporary "U" visa as the smuggling case is being investigated.

And since her closest relative, her Uncle Ernesto, lives here in Chicago, she could live with him while she applies for the I-130 for permanent residence.

Okay, bring her in. [Indistinct chatter]


[Speaking Spanish]

Thank you.

You got it.

[Cell phone ringing]



Tonight? I'll be there.


Unless you want to get knee-capped, I'd get away from that bumper.

That thing goes up, it's gonna blow like a cannon.

It's gonna take you right with it.

Otis, get a hose in that cab.

Keep that fire from making it to the back.

Hood's open!

Need co2 on that block. We're losing time.

[Spray hissing]

Fire's out.

Come on, let's move!

And... time.


Not bad.

Herrmann! [Clang]

First time I have s*x in six months, Cindy's pregnant again.

What's that, like, four?


Carry on.


[Glass smashing]


Hell of a day, huh?


Tell you what.

After surgery, forget rehab.

Park it down at the house.

I'll put you through truck drills.

We'll make a firefighter out of you yet.

Yeah, about that. Listen... just to let you know first.

The girl I'm dating, Renee, she's transferring to Madrid for her job and found a great rehab unit.

Well, great.

How long you staying?

I'm moving there.


You're messing with me.

I'm not.

Bought my plane ticket an hour ago.

Well... I guess... cheers to that then.