01x24 - A Hell of a Ride

Severide, you need to pull her out.

Pull! Pull!

Previously on Chicago Fire...

I'm gonna push to fast-track Peter Mills to Squad.

Why is it so important to you?

Because I wanna be an elite firefighter, sir.

And this has got nothing to do with your father ?

This is about me.

Can we talk?

Boden and my mom?

And you knew about this how long?

I wish you would've told me when you found out.

It wasn't my business.

It was your business. I was your boyfriend.


I think I need some time.

Stabilize that car so you can get that woman out.

Ma'am, you need to remain still.

I've been dating a Japanese woman.

We haven't actually met yet.

An Internet girlfriend.

Part of me feels horrible because of what Casey's going through.

Here I am with butterflies in my stomach because I'm getting ready to get pregnant.

Hallie! No!

Let me... let me ask you something.

What kind of equipment do you use for your podcast?

Oh, the podcast you call "dummy-vision?"

Now you're interested.

All right, listen.

The baby's due in a couple of weeks and Cindy, she wants me to set up a video journal or something.

You got a video camera I can use?

Herrmann, you got a hi-def camera on your phone.

Why don't you just take some footage, I'll edit it for you?

Aw, thank you, Otis.


All right.

"Ladies night specials."

You're kidding me.

See? I told you she'd be pissed.

You know why?

'Cause it's sexist.

Yeah, sexist against men.

It just feels a little desperate.

Oh, look at the new shop.

Great. Great.

Now it's gonna be construction traffic that's gonna clog up the block?

Hey, easy, negative Nancy.

This is gonna be good for us.

You know, it's probably gonna be a bunch of new condos.

Nature food places.

I told you guys, the neighborhood, it's up and coming.


You're messing with me.

No. Women love it.

You would not believe how many nerve endings are...

Morning, Lieutenant.

Don't stop with the s*x advice on my account.

How you doing?

You know.

Just taking it day by day.


I'm fine.


If there's anything I can do.

Thanks, man.

Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Leslie Shay.

Did you get your blood drawn this morning?


Yeah? Where are you on your cycle?

Um, I'm a day late.

I didn't wanna take a home test 'cause they're not 100% so Kelly and I went to the doctor and they're gonna call us later on with results.

Oh, my God.

I get to throw the baby shower, right?

Don't jinx it.

It's too soon to be talking about that stuff.

You and Mills ignoring each other?

Uh, not completely.

I mean, we pass each other in the halls and say "good morning, see you later."

You were trying to protect him.

It's crazy if he can't forgive you.

Well, you gotta be able to trust the person you're with, right?

And if you can't...


Wanted to give you a heads up.

Boden got word.

Squad decisions are being made today.

This could be your last shift on truck.

Hey, Severide, I got something for ya.

What the hell is this?

It's a pregnancy pillow.

Cindy used it up to the 7th month.

It helps with back issues and whatnot.

You give that to Shay when the time comes and you will be her hero.

Okay. Thanks.

All right.


Having a kid is the best thing you'll ever do.

Yeah, that's what I hear.

[House alert blares]

Squad 3, Truck 81, Engine 51, Ambulance 61, Battalion 25.

Structure fire. 3015 South California Avenue.

[Sirens blaring]

Don't worry, Mills.

These kind of calls usually aren't too serious.

What kind of calls?

Over there. Up against the curb.

You in charge?

Facility director, Rick Esposito.

Okay, what are we looking at?

We got smoke in pod four, a dorm area we set up for overcrowding.

Thought you were evacuating.

Well, I pulled most of my staff out.

But I think it's best we don't move the inmates.

We have vents that'll draw away the smoke.

Are the sprinklers turned on?

The inmates were turning 'em on to cause trouble.

So I had 'em deactivated.

Will you turn 'em back on now please?

Right now?

Find Roy. Tell him to turn the sprinklers back on.

Casey, build a small team together. Go inside.

Severide, I want squad standing by for RIT rescue.

RIT rescue?

Rapid Intervention Team.

All right, Cruz, Herrmann, Mills, leave your irons.

Bring a pry ax, pike pole, two silver bullets, 1 3/4 hose.

[Security door buzzes]

[Shouting in distance]

Back up! Come on, follow me.

What the hell you looking at?


Keep your eyes open and you backs to the wall.

Hey, baby.

Don't take any lip from anybody, got it?

[Banging on glass]

Thank you.

For not spilling the beans about my lady friend in Japan.

Your steamy online affair's still going?

As a matter of fact, Mari lands at O'Hare tomorrow.

We're finally gonna meet.


That doesn't sound very Japanese.



Now did Mary ask you to carry anything back to Japan for her or, you know, make deliveries of any kind here in the states?

Right. I understand.

I'll let Herrmann know.

Christopher Herrmann, can you read me?

What's up, Chief?

Cindy just went into labor.

Your folks are bringing her to Lakeshore right now.


How about that?

For once in her life, the woman's early.

I'm sending someone in to come get you right now.

Eh, that'll take too long.

We're almost there.

I can smell the smoke.

Master control, what do you see in pod four overflow?

Can't see anything. Too much smoke.

[Muffled shouting]

Let's go, let's go.

[Door alarm buzzes]


We gotta get into pod four overflow now!

Copy that, Lucci. Opening pod.

Get down!


Locate a standpipe.


What happened to the exhaust?

I don't know.

Get down on the floor!

[Pod door buzzes]

All right, get down.

Back up! Get low!

Let these guys work!

On the floor!

Stay low!

We've gotta get these guys out of here.

I gotta clear that through master control.

Then clear it.

Move back!


Back off.

Lieutenant! This guy's hurt!

[Inmates coughing, shouting]


I said back off!

We've gotta get this guy out.

We ain't waiting for permission.

Okay, who started the fire?

It's Lucci again. We're coming out with an injured guy.

Cruz, clear off that vent.

Got it. Herrmann!

[Pod door buzzes]


He's all yours, candidate.

Hey, I need your help, man.

We've gotta put pressure on these wounds.

Hey, I need your help, man!

Put pressure on these. Come on.

Come on, man.


Stay down, stay down.

All right?

Chief, we got a victim here with multiple stab wounds.

Mills, can you transport the victim out?

Uh, no, negative, Chief.

Bleeding too heavy.

Hang tight, Mills.

Shay and Dawson are on their way in to you.

I'll grab the bag, you grab the chair.



All right, stay down, buddy.

Keep holding.

What's wrong with you, huh?

You wanna die?

Knock it off!

Where the hell's Lucci?

Now we're gonna get you to a hospital, okay?

Hang in there.

Hey, what's your name, what's your name?

Bite me.

Name's Randall.

[Scattered coughing] Get those flames out.

I'm out!

Yeah, they're through.

Stay back!

Back off!

Lucci, where you at?

Up here.

Hey there, you got a name?


It's Randall.

What's yours, sweetheart?

Yeah, now you change your tune, right?



Okay, we got stab wounds to the thorax... left flank, left and right abdomen.

All right, get me gauze. Lots.


All right, I gotta get back in there to my Lieutenant, man.

Fojas, you got this?


Open up pod four.

Give us a few seconds, Lucci.


All right.

Okay, this is gonna hurt.

[Chuckles] What's gonna hurt, baby?

You don't feel this?

How's your back feel, Randall?

Did you take a fall during that scuffle?

All right forget the stair chair.

He's not going anywhere without a backboard.


I gotta get out.

I can't leave her alone with him.

[Door alarm buzzes]

Mills, stick with Dawson.

Let's go.

Watch out.

[Scattered coughing]

Okay, we're done.

Let's go.

Amen to that.

[Multiple alarms buzzing]

Oh, this ain't good.

Hey, guys, what's going on with the power here?

We'd really like to get out of here now.

We have no way to open that door.

I advise you to let yourself into the pod and wait for a power reset.

This way.

Deeper into this hellhole?

Okay, let's go.

It's gonna be a minute now.

We got a power outage, Shay. Standby.

Mills and Dawson are alone in there, Chief.

We gotta get back inside.

You can't.

The perimeter doors fail-safe to a lock position.

Don't you have a backup generator?

It's not a problem with the grid.

The system just shut itself down.

It'll reset soon. Hold tight.

Get me the blueprints to this prison.

We need to find a way out for my guys.


This is creepy as hell.

All right, Lucci can move about within the pod, but every point of exit is remotely operated which requires power.

Is anyone trying to get the power back?

Well, Roy, my facilities guy, he went down to the basement to deal with the sprinklers and now he's trapped.

We're trying to reach our other guy, but he's off site today.

Do you have an emergency plan to get my firefighters out of there?

My emergency response team's ready to go.

But until the power's back up...

[Cell phone rings]

[Cell phone beeps]


[Scattered coughing]

Lovely clientele you have here.

Yeah, smoke up the place just to conceal the shivving.

They did it by tampering with an outlet.

Must be what overloaded the system.

Don't worry, it'll reset itself.

Any minute now.

Hey, Chief, this is Mills.

Any idea how much longer it's gonna be?

Our victim is bleeding out in here.

Just do what you can for him, Mills.

We'll get you out as soon as we possibly can.

We are not waiting anymore.

Do what you gotta do, Chief.

Get 'em out, Lieutenant.


Is that the doctor?


It didn't take.


It's official.

We're trapped until further notice.


Hey, hey!

Easy, player.


You want me to finish what those guys started?

[Ragged breathing]

Hey, Randall?

Randall, you with me?

Hey. [Chokes]

That sound...

Yeah, that's stridor.

He's got a hematoma pressing on his trachea.

We need to intubate.

All right.

Come on!

No, he's fighting me.

Um... we gotta do a nasotracheal intubation.

Um, get me a... a size seven E.T. tube.

Have you done this before?

In the O.R. room in training.

Okay, hold his head back for me.

Do not let him move and keep that flashlight on his face.

Come on.

[Frustrated grunt]

Boy, they don't make this easy, do they?

Well, that's kind of the idea.

Well, bolt's pretty hard to get to.

I'm gonna take the hinges instead.


[Motor sputters]

Hey, Chief, you got any updates on Cindy?


Shay's gonna call the hospital right now.

Hang in there Herrmann.

Thanks, Chief.

Hello, can I get an update on Cindy Herrmann up in maternity?

[Door squeaks]

You guys, close that door.

Whoa, what the hell is this?

We'll check upstairs.

Come on, move back.

What are you guys doing out here?

We were getting smoked out.

Corbett opened the cells.

So where's Corbett?

He just opened up your cells and left?

Hey, Corbett, where are you, buddy?

Got a little bit of explaining to do.

There's smoke here too.

Chief, we got a second fire smoldering somewhere in the HVAC system.

Probably an electrical fire caused by the inmates tampering with the outlet.

Copy that, 81.

See if you can locate that fire.

Severide, you making any progress?

Hey, Chief, just finishing the first door now, but we're going through a lot of blades.

Security studs?

You watched me cut through all these hinges and you didn't tell me that they got security studs?

I didn't build the place.

Ed, Capp, prep the torch.

We gotta cut through this bolt after all.

All right. You got it.


Is it in?

Uh, I think so.

Attach the ambu bag.

Give me a few breaths.




I don... I can't... I... I... I don't know.

I can't tell if it's in the trachea or not.

I hear breathing sounds everywhere.

I gotta get in there to see.

Yeah, the... that may work.

Hold that steady.


Okay, uh, hand me that stylet.

If the tube's in the right place we'll see the light shining through his skin.

Oh, Gabi, Gabi, it's in.

[Exhales, laughs]

Oh, my God.


[Both laugh]

Chief, if the fire's electrical, it might be keeping the power from resetting.

We should try shutting down the cell block circuit.

Got it. Keep looking for that fire.

It gets out of control, we will not be able to evacuate.

Hey, Chief, any news about Cindy?

Standby, Herrmann.

The baby's in distress.

They have to do an emergency c-section.

No news yet, Christopher.


Where's your substation?

ComEd should have someone over here in about 40 minutes.

But if you wanna give it a shot, the substation and switch gearbox are on the east side.


Don't worry, Herrmann.

We're gonna get out of here.

Hey, Lucci, is this some kind of maintenance access?




This guy's cold.

Chief, we got a real bad situation here.

We got an officer down.

Looks like his throat's been cut.

He's dead.

Bled out.


Where are his keys?


Hey! They got his keys!


Holy cow.

What happened to the old-fashioned fuse box?

You remember the power outage at the Super Bowl?

We're the guys everyone's waiting on to fix it.

Great. No pressure.


Who did it?

Which one of you scumbags did it?

On the floor!

On the floor now!

Get down!

On the floor now! Everybody, let's go!

Got it?

I got it.


Hey, Chief, we're through the first door.

Maybe we should turn back and start cutting our way to Casey.

Negative, that would take too long.

You keep going.

Find Mills and Dawson.


This whole thing with Boden and your mom...

I messed up.

But I had good intentions.

I... I appreciate that.

So maybe we... we put it past us and start over?

Day one?

Clean slate right here?

You want a clean slate?

You just tell me honestly that you don't have feelings for Casey.

All right, you tell me that and this right here becomes day one.

[Metal banging]

Dawson, Mills, you in there?

It's Mills.


Acevedo, you did it?


Then tell me who did or you're going down.

You're all going down for this.

Everybody just take it easy.


On the floor!

Whoa! Whoa! Hey!

Nobody move.

Nobody move.

Back off. You understand me?

You're going down, Rios.


Everybody just take it easy.

You think you're gonna get away with this 'cause the cameras are down?

No way.

Back off.

And you get us out of this smoke.


Here's what we do.

Is there some place we can move these guys.

You wanna move these lowlifes?

Yes. Let's get out of the smoke.

Get 'em some place they can calm down.


Okay. We, uh... we can move 'em to the chapel.

All right.

Everybody, just take it easy.

All right.

Chief, we're making our way to the chapel.

One of the inmates has a knife to Herrmann's throat.

You tell them that we have a hostage situation and they have got one of my men.

The guy's still a half-hour away.

We don't have half an hour!

I mean, there's gotta be someone at ComEd who can talk us through this procedure.

They're not familiar with our setup.

He's barely hanging on.

Chief, victim's on his way out to you.

Thank you, Severide.

Now you get to the basement and the quicker the better.

'Cause apparently this facilities guy is the only one who can get the power back up.

[Inmates shouting]


The smoke's not so bad in here.

Let's talk now.

Now let my man go.



My guy there, he's got a baby on the way.


He's got four more kids at home.

Let him go.

Come on.


You want a hostage?

I'll be your hostage.

Casey, don't.

But you let my man go.


I don't want you.

Then what do you want?


I want him.

Huh? Huh?

I'm going down, I might as well finish what I started, huh.

I am not handing someone over so you can kill them.

Then you ain't getting your man back.

Hey, yo, Mr. Fireman, you wanna trade or what?


How do you reason with these guys?

Reason with them?

They're animals.

They just don't like their zookeeper.

Do not leave his side, Fojas.


I can't tell you what you need to hear.

It wouldn't be the truth.

I'm sorry.

[Siren blares]


Roy? Anybody down here?

[Banging on door] Over here!

Down here.

I'm trapped! Help!

Hey, Chief, we found Facilities Roy.

Good news.

Get his ass out here.

We're out of cutting rods.

Damn it.

Hey, can you talk someone through resetting the electrical system?

It's against union rules.

There's a firefighter being held hostage.

I think they'll give you a pass.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chief, he's gonna relay instructions.

Mouch, Otis, you listening?

Yeah, we're ready.

Uh, first, uh, look at the indicator panel on the switch gear.

Make sure that it's green.

That means it's ready for operation.

Okay, look at the... the indicator on the switch gear panel.

The switch gear.

And make sure that it's green.

And then it's ready for operation.

Looking for an indicator.

You see a green indicator?

Is that it? Where is it?

Right here, right here.

Okay, got it.

Go ahead.

Got the report.

Is the airway secure?

Think so.

Stats are 100%.

Nasotracheal intubation.

Get him to room one.

Excuse me, I need the status of a patient up in maternity.

Cindy Herrmann.

Casey, the power reset's gonna take a minute, but Otis and Mouch have their instructions.


Hey, Severide, if you're still in the basement see if you can locate the supply duct for pod four.

You got it.


What are you talking to them about, huh? Huh?

We still have a fire burning in the vent system somewhere.

I'm trying to put it out before the smoke kills all of us.

What do you think?

Casey, can Herrmann hear me?

Yeah. What's up, Chief.

Go ahead, Shay.

Christopher, they performed an emergency c-section on Cindy.

It's a baby boy.

There were some complications.

The baby's in ICU.

Back off.

I don't care about no damn baby.

Are they okay? Is everyone okay?

I'm trying to get more details.

Back off...

Try to get Lucci!

Get Lucci!

Hold 'em off!

Come on, in here.

Get Lucci! Get Lucci! Get Lucci!

You're dead, Lucci.

You ain't coming out of here alive.

Severide, did you find that supply duct?

Yeah, big problem, Casey.

We got the fire.

We're putting it out now.

No, not yet.

We need the smoke.

There should be a smoke damper.

It should have closed when fire alarms went off.

You hear me, Lucci?

I'm gonna kill you.


Smoke damper!

Severide, right there.

Got it!

Okay, break the linkage on the damper and open it manually. Hurry.

Otis, Mouch, get that power up.

We need the fan to start blowing.

Damper's open.

Otis, Mouch, where's the power?

Uh, it's coming up.

M... momentarily.

[Generator whirring]

[Fan buzzes]

All right, the fans are blowing, Casey.

Power's back up.

Get my men out. Go.

[All coughing]

Rios. Rios!

Let me and my firefighters go.

You can have Lucci.

We're not dying for him.

Just let us go.


Come on out, Lucci.

Thank you.

Herrmann, it's the hospital.

Yeah, this is Christopher Herrmann.

What's happening with them? Huh?


Okay, yeah.

No, I... I'm on my way.

I'll be... I'll be right there.

They said the baby's not getting enough oxygen.

Get him out of here.

[Siren blaring]

My wife, Cindy Herrmann and my baby boy?


But, sir...



What... what happened, honey?

[Baby fussing]


Say hello to your son.

Oh, man. [Chuckles]

Come here.

Hey. Ah!

[Both laughing]

Look at him.

Yeah, he's beautiful.

We got a real good one here, huh?



Hey, pops.

Oh! Isn't he cute?


Oh, my God.

There's my boy.


Thank you.

Oh, my God.

What do you think, Chief?

[Chuckles] Fantastic.

[Cell phone ringing]


It's a little Herrmann.

It's a little Herrmann!

Herrmann, this kid's the cutest thing I've ever seen.


You're gonna make that W.C. fields face?

Who's that?


Hey, Mills.

Can I talk to you?

Just had a call from the higher ups.

Unfortunately, you did not make squad this time around.

These things are political.

A few names float to the top of the list.

This is not a reflection on you or your hard work.

I have seen men brood, lose focus when they didn't make it into Squad.

I'm hoping that you can rise above all that.

You keep working hard, you keep up with the latest training methods, and I am sure your chance gonna come back around.

That's good to hear.

So anything else?


That's all.

You got something you wanna say?


See you in a bit, guys.

Hang on.

Gonna take him back to the room, all right?

Congrats, brother.

Oh, hey, hey, hey, you guys?

Cindy wants to see you for a minute, okay?

[Kids laugh]


Hey, there.

Come here, you guys.



Thank you.

Knock it off.

So Cindy and I wanted you to know, if you're... well...

We were hoping that... we want you to be Kenny's godparents.

You don't have to answer right now.

I'd be honored!

Yeah. Hell yeah, man. Me too.

[Both laugh]

Thank you.

Thank you.


What the hell?

Is your finger blocking that circle on top?

'Cause that's the camera, honey.

Cindy, I know that.



Your ma's kind of a control freak.



All right. But you'll learn quick.

We do whatever the lady says, so she wants me to impart some wisdom to you to start you off right, so here we go.

Day one: Little Kenny James Herrmann.

It was kind of a rough one.

[Construction sounds]

At least until you came along.

You've gotta be kidding me.

Bunch of us took some knocks today, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Might as well hear it now.

I'd like an application please.

You came along and you made a lot of people really happy.

Not just your old man.


You're a lucky guy.

You were born into a really big family.

A lot of people gonna have your back no matter what.



Nothing... nothing makes sense.


I know.

Like I said, it's not gonna be all sunshine and roses.

But I can promise it's gonna be a hell of a ride.

You okay?






I... I didn't... I didn't know that you'd be in town.

Well, I just wanted to tell you in person.