05x11 - Who Lives and Who Dies

Hey, Stella.

I put your name down as my emergency contact for the procedure.

I take my duties very seriously.

And when you come out, I'll be waiting.

[both laughing]


Me and Louie...

I haven't been able to stop thinking about him.

I want to fight for full custody of my son.

Excuse me?

I love him so much, but this isn't about us.

What kind of people would we be to deny Louie all of this?

[distant crashing and banging]

[objects clattering]

What are you doing, babe?

Nothing. Packing.

It's 3:00 in the morning.

This is a guest room.

It's going back to being a guest room.

You know, Louie's dad didn't... didn't want that stuff.

You gonna take it to Goodwill?

I said I'm boxing it.

I didn't say I'm getting rid of it.


I'm gonna go back to bed.



Hey, Kelly. How's Anna feeling?

Night and day.

Well, you got high-octane bone marrow.

How are you?

Eh, little sore.

God, does he ever stop whining?


Son of a bitch.

We got a rat.


Yeah, he got in the Raisin Bran.

Got in the oatmeal.

What is it?

Rat got into the cabinets, Lieutenant.

Maybe if this place wasn't such a dump...

I don't think...

Hoover duty in the kitchen and common room.

Top to bottom... every crack and crevice.

Throw out all the outdated food and polish every surface.

I'm not messing around. On it.


[alarm blares]

Ambulance 61, person down.

300 North Central Park Avenue.

Garfield Park?

I think so.

It's a student on a school trip.

Says she can't get up.

Watch your back, guys. Look out.

On the bus, Darla said her stomach hurt.

We thought she was carsick.

But when we got inside, she buckled over.

[groans, gasps]

Hi, Darla, honey, can you tell me where you feel the pain?

My back... and my stomach.

I'm Gabby, and this is Sylvie. We're gonna take care of you, okay?

Can you roll on your back, sweetie?

[gasping] It hurts so bad.


Any tenderness?

It's on the inside.


Uh, we're gonna need all the students out of this area.

Okay. All right, guys.

Follow me... now.




You're having contractions.

What's that?


Honey, do you know you're pregnant?

What? What?

I can't be pregnant.

Can't's got nothing to do with it. You are, honey.

Brett, we got to transport her.

Yeah. Come on, sweetie.

[exhales] Okay.

Oh, no, no, no. No, no! Oh!


What are you feeling, Darla?

It's... it's like pressure down there.

Okay. All right.

Turn over on your back for me, sweetheart.


This baby's on its way.

Oh, my God.

I'll get the OB kit.

It's okay, honey.

We're good at this, I promise.

Done it lots of times.

My dad's gonna kill me.

We're here for you.

We'll talk you through every step, all right?

Now let's worry about you, all right?


All right.

Give me one good push, okay?


Okay, stop pushing.

Baby's breech.


I'm gonna reach in and try and ease the baby's legs out.

Okay, tough girl, let's do this.

Get ready to push again, okay?

I'll try.


On three... one, two, three.



Why isn't it coming?

You're doing great. Let's try again.

Gentle push... nice, easy breaths.


Okay, the baby's shifting.

This is our shot.


Got one leg.

Two of 'em.

Got a little girl on the way.

Just keep it up.


I've got her to her shoulders, but...

Gabby, the head isn't coming.

[whispering] Okay.

You need to reach in with your hand... create an airway for the baby till the next contraction so she doesn't suffocate.


Girl, I know how tired you are.

But this is it, right here.

Next contraction, I'm gonna need you to push with all your strength, okay?

I can't. I can't.

Hey, you are strong. I know it.

I ca...

Okay, this it.

Here we go, Darla, now!


Come on, come on, give me all you got!

Yes, yes, yes!


All right, the head's out.

Okay, we got her. We got her.


[whispering] Thank you.


Come on.

Is she... is she okay?

[baby moaning]


See for yourself.

[baby wailing]

No way.



I'm confused.

Am I supposed to see my face in this kind of surface or not?

Just keep polishing.

Does anybody notice that Mouch cleans things at eye level and eye level only?

And that is why I have perfect posture.

Hey, Casey, we're almost done here.

Come on, guys.

Move the refrigerators; pull out the stove.

You know how this works.

Casey, that's third shift's locker.

They've got a bunch of old peanut butter cups that are attracting rodents.

Get 'em out of here.

Come on!

Do it half-assed, you have to do it a second time.

Do it right, or do it again.

No, we're on it, Lieutenant.


Hey, uh, Lieutenant.

Is there something you want to get off your chest?


Get to the hardware store and buy every rat trap and poison they have.

Or send Otis. I don't care.

Just get it done.


But if you want to talk, I'm...

I'm good.

The nurses will bring the baby in after they do all the standard exams.


My God, Darla.

Are you okay? Is she okay?


Uh, she's fine.

She just had a bit of a scare.

What the hell's going on? They s... they said you had a baby?

Yeah. I didn't know. I thought I was sick.

How could you let this happen?

I'm sorry.

Sir, your daughter's really exhausted right now.

This is none of your business.

Okay, Dawson, we should go.

Look, I... I know I messed up, but, Daddy, you have to see this baby.

You have no business raising a child, Darla.

You can barely take care of yourself!


Don't talk to your daughter like that.

She needs your support right now, not your judgment.

Do you have any idea what you're getting in the middle of here?


Everyone always knows best but me, right?

You, your... your friends at school, these people.

You want to keep the baby?

Then go live with your Aunt Therese.

What? No, Dad...

Mr. Thompson, let's go for a walk.

Calm down.

No need.

I'm leaving.

Don't come crawling back to me when all the boys at school move on to the next easy girl.

You have humiliated me enough.

Hey... he didn't mean that.

He's just in shock is all.



What's up?

Fueling up the rig, thought I'd swing by, check on a patient.


Uh, delivered a surprise baby.

The girl's father didn't take it so well.


You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm a people person.

I know what you're up to.

You heard that I was up and about, and you figured I'd be wearing my hospital gown, open in the back, and get a little peep show.

[laughing] You figured it out.

Yeah, well, too bad for you, this robe's from Grandma Turner, and it stays firmly in place.

Does your nurse know that you're wandering the halls?

Yeah, she made me.

Says I have to be "ambulatory" in order to get me discharged.

When you out of here?

Mm, they're vague.

Maybe at the end of the week.

I think they like to keep it a bit of a mystery.

That soon?


Then what?

Home is calling.

That's great.


Could you pick up the pace?

[laughing] Shut up.


Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up... get it off.

I'm trying if you'd just stop moving.

Hm, couldn't resist the cheese, huh?

You try setting that medieval contraption.

Hey. You okay?

Lousy call.

Not under the console, Herrmann!

Put it behind the trash can!

What was the call?

Never mind.


I got to get supplies.

Hey, doesn't Truck carry a rabbit tool?


Then what the hell are you doing using this Stone Age technique?

You're missing the point.


Point is, if I'm not over here drilling, then I think Casey wants me to clean the urinals.

And I am avoiding that at all costs.

Anna was asking about you.

Asking what?

I think she just wanted to say thank you... you know, for being there for me when I was laid up.

I mean, I did that for you... not for her.

You need a hand with that?


Truck 81, Squad 3, Engine 51, Ambulance 61. Structure fire, 3281 West Palmer.

[sirens wailing]

Is everybody out?

I own the building.

I said, is everybody out?

Well, nobody's seen Carly and her daughter.

They live up in the top front unit.

We may have victims trapped upstairs.

Let's do a primary search.

51, let's get a hose line in the first floor.

Protect the stairway.

Mouch, position the aerial.

Herrmann, Otis, Kidd... let's go.

Copy that.

Cruz, with me.

Fire department! Call out!



Let's check the basement.


We'll take the top floor.

Hey, Herrmann, Otis, take this floor.

Copy that.

Fire started in the basement.

We need a hose line down here, Chief.

Copy that.

Over there, Kidd.

Fire department!

Fire department! Call out!


Help me!

Help! Get me out of here!

My leg is stuck!

Okay, hold on.


[groaning] God!


Hurry up! I can't!

Hey, hey. Hey, easy!

Sir, easy!

I need you to relax.

Can you pull your leg out?

No, it's stuck!

Fire department! Call out!

Help! In here!

Fire's in the structure. You're running out of time.

Don't you leave me here!

I'm not going anywhere.



Come on! Pull!



I want everybody out of that building.



Evacuate the building immediately!

Lieutenant, I need help!



Hey! Hey!

You get me out of here.

Come on, come on.

Come on, I need everybody out of there.


Lieutenant, I can't get 'em both!


Oh, my God. Please.

All units, report.

I will kill you, I swear. I will kill you!

Help! Help her!


I'll come back for you.


No! Noooo!


Got her?


I got one more inside. His leg's pinned.

I just need someone to help me.

You see the color of that smoke?

I know I have time, Chief.

I'll go with him.

Okay, one minute. Not a second longer.

Let's go.

Hey... stay back till I tell you it's safe.

What are you talking about?

He's got a gun.

Fire department!



[indistinct shouting]

Careful, down!

Let's go!



You okay, Lieutenant?

Should've been able to get him out.

Did all you could.

And plus, you know, you saved a little girl.

Fire's knocked down.

It's safe to go back in.


A guy you're trying to rescue points a gun at you... you tell me right away.

You wouldn't let me go back in, Chief.

You're damn right I wouldn't.

Guys, let's go get him.

Herrmann, grab a body bag.

Severide. Give me a hand.

The hell?

It's got to be the wrong spot, huh?


This is where he was.


Lieutenant, you sure you're looking in the right place?

I'm sure.

It's just with all the smoke, sometimes...

This is the right place, Otis!

I left him right here.


Take Truck 81 home.

Not until I find him, Chief.

51 will finish the overhaul.

Squad'll stay too.

Go ahead.

81, pack it up.


Seriously, Mouch? A Charleston Chew?

Any left?

So we went through the wreckage, splinter by splinter... no body.

We turned the scene over to OFI.

They'll bring in search dogs, look for any traces of him... if you're saying there's still someone inside.

Well, I wasn't hallucinating, so yeah.

That's what I'm saying.



Um, we got about 15 minutes left on, uh, shift.

And we couldn't catch that rat, but the place has never looked more spic-and-span.

So, ah... we're gonna wind it down.


You want to go get some breakfast and talk?

I know losing Louie wasn't what...

I don't.




Wow. You look amazing.

Oh, you are... you are a terrible, terrible liar.

It's gonna take a lot more bacon cheeseburgers before I'm back to my fighting weight.

But they are gonna let me out of here soon.


Um, I'm really glad you came by.

I wanted to thank you for helping Kelly throughout all that madness.

He said you were really there for him.

Yeah, you know, he, uh... he's kind of helpless, so...

I just... figured he could use some backup.

Can I ask you something?

Are you and him... are you guys together?

Uh, no.

No, we're not.

Anna, we need to...

Yeah, yes.


I'll get out of your hair.

Thanks for stopping by... and for everything.


When we went to the spot on overhaul, no body... nowhere.

And this is in the basement, Gabby.

So where'd he go?

Maybe things shifted when the roof came down and took the pressure off his leg.

I mean, you know as well as I do, weird things happen in fires.

And then what, he just walked out the front door and no one saw him?

I don't know.

Guess you just got to chalk it up to one of those things.

I just...

Just feel like I'm losing my mind.

I'm gonna run out for a bit.

Dawson, this is Therese, Darla's aunt.

Oh, cool.

I was just about to check in on your niece.

This is the medic Darla was telling you about.

I heard about how you talked to her father.

Yeah, well, he wasn't being very supportive.

Charles raised that girl himself.

Did you know that?

His wife walked out on them when Darla was just a baby... moved to Miami, never came back.

That man has put up with more than you will ever know.

He's blaming himself for all this, but he did the best he could for her.

Took a demotion so he could be home when she got out of school.

Coached every soccer team, showed up for every school play.

So maybe before you judge him for not being supportive...

Maybe you should try to see this shock through his eyes.


You're right.

I'll let Darla know you stopped by.

OFI has closed their investigation of the West Palmer fire.

No human remains were found anywhere inside.


But there was this: "A small hatch was discovered in the basement leading to the alley on the west side of the structure. It is possible that the unaccounted for victim escaped the fire through this hatch."

Did they figure out who the guy is?

No identifying items survived the fire.

Building residents didn't know anyone fitting his description... didn't know anyone living in the basement at all, for that matter.

Weren't there some guns left behind?

ATF trace led to a private dealer.

No paper trail. That's not unusual.

He would've been burned, Chief... severely.

Why didn't he come to the medics for help?


The man pulled a gun on you.

He was squatting in the basement.

You are trying to attach rational behavior to this man.

You aren't gonna find any.

Point is, he's alive.

You don't have to worry about him anymore.

Thanks, Chief.

You're welcome.

I know you want the apparatus floor cleaned, and we're all over it.

Tell 81 we're going for a ride.

Excuse me.

Rick Denton?

Hi, there.

You looking for an apartment?

No. My name's Matt Casey.

I'm a lieutenant with the CFD.

Oh, I see.

I wanted to ask you about the man living in the basement at 3281 West Palmer.

There's no basement unit in that building.

I know there was a report of a victim being trapped down there, but, uh, I can tell you, there's nobody living in that basement.

Well, I saw him.

Now, I'm not trying to get you in trouble.

If you were renting to him under the table...

What? Wait, are you accusing me of, uh...

I'm just trying to find out who he is.

Mr. Denton, I want to find this man and make sure he's okay.

I feel responsible.

I had to choose between him and a little girl.

As a firefighter...

I don't know who he is.

If he was squatting, no one told me.

All right?

And that's the last thing I'm gonna tell you or the cops or anyone else who comes by.

Now if you'd excuse me, I have some work to do.

Mr. Thompson.

I just need five minutes of your time.

I'm sorry to bother you.


I apologize for the way I talked to you at the hospital.

[exhales] I did everything I could for that girl, and...

I don't know where I blew it.

Kids do stupid things, Mr. Thompson, no matter how they're raised.

I see it every day.

But whatever happened or whoever messed up, you're still her father...

The person she loves and respects the most.

Honestly, I, um...

[clears throat]

[exhales] I don't know what to do.


I'm lucky enough to know how it feels to hug my own child and tell him that everything's gonna be okay.

And how I remember it...

It's the best feeling in the world.

So do that for your daughter, for your granddaughter, for yourself.

Because, these moments... you don't get a whole lot of time before they're over, you know.


[knocks on door]


I thought I wasn't gonna see you till after your shift.

I know.

What, are you, like, afraid I was gonna leave without saying goodbye or something?


What's going on?

Don't go back to Springfield.

Why not?

Come on, you feel it too.

There's something here.

Stay in town a while.

There's great doctors here.

I'm here.

Let's figure it out.

You know, you've only known me as, like, this sick girl laying in a hospital bed.

That's not me.

This... is me.

I know.

That's who I always saw there.

Squad 3, can you take a medical assist at 2175 West 18th Street?

Yeah, uh, copy that, main.

They're gonna discharge me at 10:00 a.m.

I'll be here.

What's the story, guys?

Guy called 911 from this address.

Says he cut his leg with a saw.

But nobody's answering, and we can't get inside.

Hey, Capp, why don't you check the back there and see if there's another way in?

Copy that.


Cruz, see if you can peek inside.

Tony, give me a hand.


Hey, grab an end.

Guy bleeding.

Got to get in there now.

All right, Cruz, Tony, get back here.

Hey, Capp, what do you got back there?

Steel door back here, locked tight.

All right, come up around front.

Tony, grab the rabbit tool.

Looks like he severed his femoral artery.

We might be too late.

Hey, you get us in there, we'll be able to help him.

Ah, it should've popped by now.

There's probably a surface bolt on the inside.

Damn it!

Tony, you get another hose.

I'll steal one from the jaws.

Hey, we don't have time.

Grab me that Halligan.


All right, give me a hand, guys.

Ready? Go!

[all groaning]

All right, one, two, three.

[whispering] Come on, come on.

I got a pulse!

Stone Age technique saves the day.


I had to marry Halligans to pop a door.

While I wasn't there to mock you.

Such a shame.

Timing's everything.

Yeah, it is.

Hey, did I ever thank you?

For being there for me when I was laid up?

Yeah, you did.

I mean, you had a concussion, so I just assumed that you were delirious.

But... yeah.

So Casey's still making you spit polish the place, huh?



Well, if you guys want some extra practice after shift, I got a few closets that you can go over at home.

Ha ha.

[sighs] You know what?

Enough is enough.

Okay, thanks for checking.

I'm calling hospitals and urgent care facilities to see if they had any walk-in burn patients in the last few days.

So far, no luck.

All right, Lieutenant, if you don't mind my saying...

I do mind, Herrmann.

Uh, no, you're gonna shut up and listen.

Pardon my French.

Everything okay here?

Yeah, Herrmann was just about to tell me what's bothering him about me.

You know what?

You both need to listen, what with all these bees in your bonnet, all right?

That young girl's situation with the baby, you know, you cleaning house, and looking for this John Doe... something bad happens, and we try to exert control.

But sometimes, it is better to live with the pain for a little while.

Process it, you know?

Losing Louie was a real blow.

There is no harm in admitting that to yourselves.

I'm gonna leave you two to it.


Tell the guys to put the supplies away and order some barbecue... on me.


Oh! Gabby!


We, uh, just... we just wanted to drop off some things we thought the baby might be able to use.

Oh, wow, thank you.

Oh, sorry, this is my husband, Matt.


The boy who had these loved them.

I'm sure your daughter will too.

Um, Gabby, That's what I named her.


Can I... can I hold her?



Come in, come in.

Hey, sorry, I'm looking for Anna.

Uh, discharged about a half hour ago.

She left that.

Maybe you can get it to her.