08x03 - Badlands

I know who I want.

For Otis's spot, you mean?

- Blake Gallo.

- No, he's a daredevil.

A long time ago, you had a fool of a young rookie on Squad.

You made me a better firefighter.

You can do the same for him.

Welcome to 51.

You and I are gonna go get Brett back.

She's not happy at Fowlerton.

Kyle, you're such an amazing guy.

Fowlerton's just not my home anymore.

51 is.

You need to come home, Brett.

Let's go.


Are you trying to put me in the nuthouse?


Explain to me why you put all these gizmos right in my way.

We need access to the power line.

Then put them up on the roof, all right?

Someplace that they're out of my way so I can do my inventory.

Sir, the SMART station is an integrated system Wait, what, now?

Software Management To Accelerate Response Time.

- It's a real-time data system.

- Uh, y-you know what?

Save your techno-hoodoo for the suits downtown, all right?

I know snake oil when I smell it.

I'm gonna go talk to my chief.




ALL: Surprise!

You should have seen your face!

Aww, you guys are horrible.

I thought a simple "welcome home" banner would suffice, but no.

The donuts were my idea.

I missed you every damn day, roomie.

Welcome back.

You don't have a renter yet?

It's just you and me.



Oh, Tuesday!

- Hi, honey!

- Tuesday missed you too.

You're the sweetest doggie in the world.


All right, come on, come on, come on.

- Hey.

- Hey.

Come here.

Ugh, 51 just hasn't been the same without you.

- Feeling's mutual.


Who's that?

It's Blake Gallo.

I heard you were taking a while to fill the slot.

Yeah, well, uh, we wanted to be careful.

How do you like the new guy?


Jury's out.



I missed that squeak.


So how does it feel to be back?



It was kind of a rollercoaster leaving Fowlerton and leaving Kyle.

I know it was the right thing to do, but it'll be good to throw myself back into work again.


Just so you know, it's not the same 51 you left.

Ever since the factory fire, you know, things have just been different.

And I'm not just talking about the video arcade that they're installing in-house.

Yeah, what is all that?

Some new tech that they want us to try out.

You want to hear an earful, just drop a quarter in Herrmann and watch him go.

I already heard.

"Save the technical hoodoo for the suits downtown.



- Ambulance 61.

Injured person at the County Youth Detention Facility.

3421 North Darmen Avenue.

Priority yellow.

What is "priority yellow"?

No idea.


Infirmary is down the hall.

Usually we handle these things in-house, but our nurses are limited on what they can do.

What's the extent of his injuries?

Uh, it's pretty bad.

Five inmates jumped a smaller kid.

Kicking, stomping.

Whoa, I'm I'm sorry, you are?

Paramedic in Charge Sylvie Brett.

We were dispatched by 911.

Okay, well, someone jumped the gun.

Our nurses have the situation under control.

That young man could have a concussion or a broken arm Maybe I wasn't clear.

This is a secure area, so you two can leave right now or I can have you removed.


No, that boy could have an esophageal laceration.

- Whoa, whoa - He's drowning in his blood.

If he dies, I swear, everyone in your chain of command will know you kept us from helping him.


Hey, he has blunt force trauma to the chest and head.

Uh, possible concussion.

Looks like his arm is broken.

We could tell right away he needed to go to the hospital.

That's why we called.

No pneumothorax.

Portable suction.

- What's his name?

- Isaac.

Okay, Isaac, I need you to hang in there for me, okay?

We're gonna use this machine to clear your airway.




- All right, got him.

- It's okay.



I I'm sorry.


It's okay, it's okay.

- I'll get the stretcher.

- Okay.


It's a quick ride to Chicago Med, Isaac.


My mom used to work there.

Oh, yeah?

They have good apple pie in the cafeteria.

Oh, really?

I never knew that.

I'll have to try it out.


I was so scared.

It's okay, Isaac, I'm right here.

Tell them I'm sorry, okay?

I won't say nothing, promise on my life.

I can't take this anymore.

What tell who?

What can't you say?

Welles here will travel with the inmate.

- Uh, that's okay, I think - Department protocol.




The tools menu is where you adjust admin privileges, run general updates.

Not to be confused with the utilities menu, which lets you review data logs, adjust various heuristic settings.


I just want to thank you for keeping an open mind about this beta test, Chief.

Orders came through from headquarters.

I'm just trying to accommodate.

Great, so, uh, let me walk you through the troubleshooting and, uh, data reboot process.

Yes, please.

- Hey, Chief.

- Yeah?

System troubleshooting.

Excuse me.

Looked over the names you gave me last shift.

Nominees for that leadership conference in Springfield.


Well, some of the city's best on here.

All solid smoke-eaters, can't go wrong with any of them.

But no one stands out?

Uh, CFD's full of power hitters, but natural born leaders?

- Those are hard to find.

- Thank you.



System diagnostics complete.

Ah, hey!

Gallo, this is Joe Cruz.

Hey, great to meet you.

Uh, huge opportunity working next to the best rescue squad in Chicago.


This you?


Not this one.

You can pick any other locker you want, but this one is off limits.



Belonged to Otis?

- Yeah.

- [SIGHS.]

Damn, should have thought to ask.

There are gonna be some bumps, Gallo.

Look, my advice?

- Always refill the coffee - [LAUGHS.]

Never take Mouch's spot be responsible for your tools, and don't take things personally.

Copy that.

And that's pretty much all there is to the IT.

It's amazing tech.

We license our patent from a coal plant in PA, and by our estimates, the new exhaust filters should cut emission leaks by 70%.

Sounds great.

Well, uh, I'd better get back, so You're not a fan of all this, are you?

Diesel exhaust is what makes this place smell like a firehouse.

My dad was a firefighter in San Jose.

- No kidding?

- It's true.

I, too, have a fondness for the smell of diesel exhaust in the morning.


I wouldn't expect things to be buddy-buddy over there between inmates and guards, but this is different.

Something was off.

The CO's behavior, Isaac's response, the way he just clammed up.

We wouldn't hesitate to report suspected abuse to DCFS if it were a parent-child relationship.


We received this 20 minutes after you left the facility.

"Eye witness accounts confirm "patient's injuries were sustained from an unprovoked attack by fellow inmates.

" That is the fastest report I ever received back from any city agency.

They're on the defense.

Look you have my support know that but if you implicate County Correctional guards, your case has gotta be air tight.

Otherwise, you're just painting a target on that boy's back.

Hey, how much longer do you have?

Got one more load, why?


I pulled a home address for Isaac.

I thought maybe we could go for a ride, reach out to his mother.

Let her know what we think happened today.

Are you sure that's smart?

Just after what Boden said about retribution?

No one at County Corrections needs to know.

That's between us and the mother.

She has a right to know what we suspect.

What she does with that information is up to her.

I'll meet you at the ambo in five.


Software Management to Accelerate Response Time employs a data-centric model that is revolutionizing the fire service for the 21st century and beyond.

Using state-of-the-art field tested equipment designed and endorsed by industry professionals Am I interrupting something?

Not in the slightest.

Just wanted to drop off some equipment requests.

Drill supplies to help Gallo get some time in with the team.

- Casey asked for this?

- No.

I just figured I had a good sense of where we need work fitting Gallo in, and this will help so that we're not stumbling into each other on calls.

So this was your idea?

Yes but I cleared it with Casey.

No, no, no, no, that's good.

It shows good initiative.

Oh, thanks, Chief.

Before you leave, um Mm-hmm?


Springfield training ground next week the IAFF, they are hosting an event for future fire service leaders, and I would be very grateful if you represented our district.




If you're willing.

I I am, sure.

Uh, but S-Severide or Casey They already have experience.

You you show great potential.


It would mean a great deal to me.

Of of course, Chief, yeah.

- Yes?

- Yes.


Then I'll handle all the details.

- Okay.


- All right.


All right.

I just don't see where I fit into all this.

What do you mean?

I don't have any leadership experiences to share.

Chief thinks you do.

Yeah, but he's got a lot on his mind.

I mean, maybe he didn't read it all the way through.

Maybe he thinks that because I'm a woman No, no.

HERE, LOOK: there's a whole breakout group on scuba rescues.

Kelly, I've never "scuba'd" in my freaking life.


- It's stop.

Stop, it's not it's not funny.

Stella, breathe.

You're working yourself up.

No one cares if you can dive or not.

You don't know that.

I need to get back to work.




Miss Davis, I'm Sylvie Brett, this is Emily Foster.

We're paramedics with the CFD.

- This about Isaac?

- Yes.

He's he's stable now, but there was an incident.

They called me.

We have reason to believe this might have been an abuse situation.

Assault from one of the officers.


Is that it, then?


Uh, if if you wanted to file a complaint or - No, no, I do not.


Rudy, get your sister her chair!

Miss Davis, if your son is a victim of abuse, you can That boy knew he wasn't going to summer camp when they found that gun on him.

I don't like it, but better a whooping in there than face down in these streets.

I have three kids left to bring up they're waiting for dinner so I don't know what you want from me, but I don't have it to give.

Isaac made his mistake.

He's on his own.

Excuse me.


What are we supposed to do with that?


Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambo 61.

Accident, 3720 South Racine.


This is awesome.

Just stay on my hip.

No freelancing.

You leave it to me and the Chief to make the life or death calls, understood?

100%, Captain.



This way, the WindyWheel just lost a car.

The thing fell right onto Carl.

Severide, get this victim!

- Cruz, grab the spreaders!

- Copy that!

We got out everyone we could, but there's still a girl up there that we couldn't reach.

Mom, Dad!

Help, please!

Get some struts in place.

Mouch, position the aerial so we can free the passenger.

- Copy that.

- Hang in there, Carl, we got you.

Come on, Mom, Dad!

Someone get me down!


Mouch, keep going!



I can't get any closer than this, ladder's fully extended.




- Mouch!

This is the best I can do, Casey!

We gotta move the truck!

Kidd, move the truck around the other side!

Wait, wait, Captain, leave it where it is.

I can get to her.

You're not jumping off that aerial.

No, we can bridge the gap with the roof ladder.

It's the fastest way.


Let's do it.

Kidd, truck stays.

Hey, it's gonna be okay, all right?

Look straight at me.


Everything's gonna be okay.

Do you want to try to come out on the ladder?

On the count of three, all right?

One, two, three.

- There you go.

- Be careful, sweetie!

You're doing great.



- Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I got you.

Take your time!


All right.

Yeah, look at that.

You're okay.

You're okay.

Come on.

You got this, you got this.

Don't look down, don't look down.

Come on.

Here you go, come around.

That's it, go slow.

I got you.



- One, two, three.

- Here you go.

- Just like that.

There you go.


Mom, Dad!

Help the squad stabilize that junk heap.

You got it, Captain.


So this guy goes scrambling across that ladder like it's nothing.


Okay, I gotta hear: what's your story, Gallo?

How'd you join the CFD?

Well, um, when I was around 12 years old, the two-flat we were living in near Midway caught fire.

I woke up to smoke filling my bedroom and got the bright idea to hide in the closet, like that was gonna save my ass.

Anyway, next thing I know, closet door flies open and standing there is the biggest guy I've ever seen, so I was dead sure it was the Incredible Hulk.


He swoops me up, carries me out, and next thing I know, I'm breathing in clean air instead of smoke.

From then on, I spent pretty much every day after school at Firehouse 131 with big Chief Burkett and his crew.

Other kids were messing around in the park, running in the streets.

I was becoming a junior firefighter.

I always I always knew this was where I was meant to be.

Eh, still you had to apply.

You had to hope that your number came up in the lottery.

- Those are some stiff odds.

- Yeah, I know it.

But, uh, the big guy upstairs must have kept an eye on me, 'cause you're looking at the luckiest punk in Chicago, [PENSIVE MUSIC.]

I know what you're gonna say.

You wanted Gallo on a short leash, but he had a good situational I'm not here to second-guess your decision on that call but you do need to be careful about encouraging this young man's heroics.

I'm not sure he fully appreciates what the stakes are.

He needs to know he's not living out some comic book fantasy life here.

This a dangerous job.

He's not bulletproof.


April said the county's putting pressure on the hospital to discharge Isaac back to their custody.

Ugh, the idea of him going back to that place hurting.

His mom's not even looking out for him.

That's the guy.

Uh, excuse me, Mr.


- Are you a process server?

- No, we're paramedics.

We got your name from a friend at the 21st Police District.

She said you're the attorney who represented Isaac Davis.

I'd say yes, but I barely remember my caseload from last week.

Isaac's being abused physically at the County Juvenile Center.

And you have an eyewitness, some video footage?

- No, that's not something - Cooperation from the victim?

Isaac was scared to talk, but he strongly indicates Yeah, well, let me clear my schedule, then.

I'm sorry, but you have better odds of proving the existence of God Almighty than proving an excessive force claim against a corrections officer.

You want to help your friend?

Drop cash in his commissary.

- Good luck you to and Daniel.

- It's Isaac.


Excuse me?

I'm sorry, did I hear you mention Isaac Davis?

Young man serving a gun charge?

Yeah, that's him.

Though it's hard to believe the gun part after meeting him.

Isaac's no gang-banger.

I'm a social worker.

I did some GED tutoring with Isaac.

I heard he's in the hospital.

That true?

Esophageal tear and broken bones from a physical assault.

What would you say if we told you we thought a CO was responsible for what happened?

Officer Houghton.

Houghton has a rep.

Word is, he singles out inmates.

Traumatized kids.

Smaller, unaffiliated.

Isaac, basically.

He uses them as an example to control the others.

The problem is, this is word of mouth, hearsay.

Nothing actual, or I would have said something.

Ryan, we gotta go.

Right behind you.

Ryan Pace, by the way.

Social services.

Uh, Sylvie Brett, Emily Foster.

CFD paramedics, Firehouse 51.

Sorry to meet and bail, by the way.

What I can do I can ask around.

Get the scuttlebutt from the kids inside through back channels.

While I'm at it, I'll check the facility records, see if anything noteworthy jumps out.

That's something.


Chief still all up in your business about Gallo?

He just needs a little time to see what I see, that's all.

Where's Kidd?

On a mission to read every firefighter manual in existence.


Oh, my date just arrived.


- You asked out SMART girl?

- Mm-hmm.


BOTH: Hey.


This place is great.

- Firefighter bar, love it.

- Yep.

Well, this is the real deal.

- Can I, uh, get you a drink?


Uh, I don't suppose they serve hard kombucha?

I don't know what that is, but I can ask.

Uh, screw it.

When in Rome, right?

Help yourself.


I'm surround by a bunch of cocky tech bros all day bragging about their keto diets, so a grounded, physical guy like you?





- Is that the scar?

- "The scar"?

Yeah, from when you took that bullet.

The hostage crisis.


How do you know about that?

Um, the internet.

Wait, wait, wait, you Googled me?


You were an alderman for a while.

You were married once.

I know everything there is to know about you.







I know you.

Yeah, I'm Sylvie.

I was in the ambulance with you.

I, uh, thought I would just come and check up on you.


Oof, fractured ulna.

See, and for me, it was the radius.

I just got my cast off a few weeks ago.

How'd that happen?

On a job.

Floor collapsed during a fire.

- Took me with it.

- Wow.


What about you?

Stupid fight, that's all.

Did you get any of that famous apple pie?

No, just pudding.

But, hey, I'm not complaining.

It's better than anything I ever got at County.

Well, still, I'll get somebody to grab you a slice in the cafeteria tomorrow.

Not sure I'll be here.

Heard I was getting bussed back by then.

Isaac [SIGHS.]

Maybe if you told me something about what's happening at County, maybe I can help you.

You can't help.

You're gon' be there when they slam the doors and lock me away in the Badlands?

No, nobody will be there but me.


What's that?

Forget about it.

There's nothing you can do, trust me.


Try and get some rest, okay?

Can you maybe stay a little longer?

I I'll sleep better if someone were here with me.

Yeah, of course.


How'd it go with SMART girl?

Looked like you two were hitting it off.

- Oh, we hit it off, all right.

- Uh-oh.

Yeah, may have rushed into that one.

Couple red flags went up and I blew right past them, so now I'm thinking I need to extricate myself.

- Just not sure how.

- My advice?

When in doubt, do nothing.

These problems have a way of solving themselves.



That's a fun sound.

First shift says that these bells have been going off the past six hours.

Did you try unplugging it and then plugging it back in?

- It's the sensors.

- What does that even mean?




- Casey.

- Yeah?

That woman from the tech company who gave you the walk-through - Yeah, about her - Call her, get her over here.

You got it, Chief.

In the meantime, I expect you all to comport yourselves like the professionals I know you are, because right now, I am [HISSES THROUGH TEETH.]


Everything okay?

You never called me back last night, so I'm just a little Look, I I know you were trying to help the other day, and I shouldn't have snapped at you.


This may be hard for you to get, but I'm just not like you.

You know, I [SIGHS.]

I didn't spend my whole life being groomed for command.

I wasn't raised around a bunch of men in white shirts saying that they expected great things from me when I grew up.

I was one of two women in my academy class, and we were treated like it was a gift for us, you know, just to be there.

So, you know, um, something like this like a a nod from Boden [SIGHS.]

Just not something that I that I gamed out before in my head.

That's called self-doubt, which I know is foreign to you.




What I'm saying is, you're not alone.

I've dealt with plenty of it myself.

But you know who I've never doubted?

Not once?





Bad news?

Isaac's back at county.


Ryan, right?

- That's right, uh - Did you find out anything?

Well, I looked into the incident report.

They generate these when there's an altercation.

From the statement, Isaac was attacked by four boys, all who were disciplined after.

Houghton wasn't there when the fight occurred, so Isaac said something about getting sent to the "Badlands.

" That's the nickname of another wing.

Bear with me while I check something.

Here here we go.

This makes sense now.

Isaac was transferred to a new wing the day before the attack.

Why would that matter?

When I was at Lakeshore, we made it a point to keep gang-related gunshot patients separated by neighborhood.

That's exactly it.

Isaac was taken out of the West Side wing, where he'd been since day one, and placed in the South Side wing, AKA, the Badlands.

Bet you a billion dollars I know who signed the transfer order.

So Houghton engineered an attack on Isaac.


George Pineda, superintendent of this facility.


Thank you for meeting us on short notice.

Of course, we take allegations very seriously.


I believe you already know Officer Houghton.

Uh, I thought this meeting was confidential?

I don't entertain accusations against my officers unless they're present to defend themselves.

Officer Houghton is a senior member of our staff.

Been with us close to a decade and, uh, received two commendations?

Yes, sir, that's correct.

Plus a handful of misconduct allegations or did I read the file wrong?

Unsubstantiated and dismissed.

It's my understanding that this is about a recent case.

Uh, Mr.

Isaac Davis?

Yes, we have reason to believe Officer Houghton engineered an attack against Isaac.

I see, and what evidence do you have?

We have records right here that indicate [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]

Mr. Davis, come on in.

We were just discussing your allegation against Officer Houghton.


No, sir, I didn't make an allegation.

Can you speak up?

Sir, I said I didn't make no allegation, sir.

That's that's not me.

I'm sorry, I'm I'm just puzzled here, because it seems that the victim of this supposed abuse isn't even making a claim.

Is that correct, son?

You you don't need to answer that, Isaac.

What kind of person are you?

Trying to railroad a 15 year old child.

I see, you're emotionally invested.

No, Isaac has been in the infirmary eight times in four months.

I have read each of these reports.


They're excruciating.

You two are supposed to keep him safe.

Now, I can't prove your intent, but for whatever reason, you are knowingly placing him at risk.

It's all there on paper.

Well, admirable.

This city's very lucky to have someone with your diligence under its employ.

However, given that I don't see any evidence of misconduct, I'm afraid I'm going to have to dismiss this allegation.

Officer Houghton, thank you for your time.


Isaac, if you speak up about what's going on, I swear, we will stand with you.

Isaac, Isaac!

No, I'm not gonna let you!


- Hey - You can't do this to me!

- Hey, hey!

- Stop this!

Get him out of here!

- Get off me!

- Come on, get out!

Tell them what you said you'd do to me!

- Get out!

- Come on, come on!

- He's hurting him!

- Stop!

Tell them what you said you'll do to me if I snitched!

- You're hurting him!

- Get off me, man!

Hey, hey.

Whoa, whoa.

Guys, tell them!

Tell them what he does!

Tell them how he transfers us to beat on each other!

Let's go.

- Isaac!

- Move.

- Hey.

- Hands off.

He stole money my mom gave me!

He told lies about me!

Said I was a snitch so I'd get beat on.

Tell them about the Badlands, Houghton!


You have two paramedics who will testify in front of every alderman in this city about what's going on here.

If anything else happens to Isaac, we'll make sure you go to prison for the rest of your life.

Try us if you don't think we'll make that happen.


No, I pressed that already.

Look, just tell me: is there a button to turn it off?



- Yeah?

- Did you call what's-her-name?

Um, Jessa?

Whatever her name is.

- Yes.

- And?

Well, I I texted her, but [BUZZING, BLARING.]

Please help me.

I cannot take this noise.


You almost don't hear it after a while.







Jessa, I we had Lose my number.




Resolved itself.


I gotta hand it to you, those County guys are no joke.

Takes some serious grit to go up against them in their own house.

What's the fallout?

County Corrections placed Officer Houghton on administrative leave pending a full investigation, and we're working alongside Office of Professional Review to take a look at misconduct throughout the facility.

Word is, there's a good amount of it, but you've got inmates and parents talking now thanks to you two.

What about Isaac?

Transferred to another facility hand-picked by your friend in social services.

It's the best shot he has at a fresh start.

I can't tell you how good it is to hear that.

Well, I promise you, I won't let this be an administrative fallout.

I'm personally on it, both barrels.

I hate that place.

Glad to take it down.

Thank you.

And Sylvie?

Welcome back.

Thank you, Chief.








Over here!


I was 100% sure you would text me the wrong address.


This is your surprise date?

Gonna teach you some scuba basics.

You won't become an expert, but you won't have to say you've never done it before.

- Kelly, you didn't have to - I know.

Try this on.

You know, now that you mention it, this actually would be a pretty good look on me.

Did you want to come help me try it on?


Yes, no?



Who's Boden with?

Ah, chief from West Lawn.

Old friends.

So no word from Isaac's mom?

I'm not giving up.

Trauma this deep is hard to come back from, but I've seen some families do it.

Well, they're lucky to have you on their side.

Listen, I was thinking Isaac's gonna need some support settling into his new digs.

Think you'd wanna come with me to visit?

Yeah, yeah, I'd really like that.

Hey, here he is!

The new guy!

Come on, pull up a chair.

Hey, glad you made it.

- Hey, you guys.

- What can I get you?

Uh, anything on tap is good.

First one's on the house.



Looks like he's fitting in pretty well with your people.

Oh, yeah.

Nobody gives a warmer welcome.

Thanks for agreeing to meet.

I hope I'm not coming across as overly protective, I just just have a soft spot for that kid.

We're looking after him.

Mostly trying to save him from himself.


That is the challenge.


- Yeah.

It's just nice to see a happy ending to that story.


What do you mean?


We pulled that kid out of a rolling house fire when he was 12 years old.

He lost everyone.

Mom, dad, little sister.


Then he started coming around to our station all the time after that.


Looking for a new family, I guess.

Maybe he finally found one.

I'd better go say hi.




- Hey.

- Hey!