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08x07 - Welcome to Crazytown
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I had an investigator on the scene within an hour.

He didn't clock anything suspicious.

I'm telling you, something is off.

Look at this.

Pan with the rags, and then the rags are what really got the fire going.

You may have missed your calling being a detective.

Ryan Pace, by the way.

Social services.

Isaac's gonna need some support settling into his new digs.

Think you wanna come with me to visit?


Yeah, I'd really like that.

Good morning, Slamigan fans.

Oh, what's this?

This is a shirt supporting the best damn tool in the CFD.

Invented by our very own Joe Cruz.

These are pretty sharp.

Oh, Firefighting Expo is this week.

Yup, that's right.

And the Slamigan's got its own booth with a demo and everything.

My buddy Nick Porter's gonna run it.

You guys, can you feel the excitement?

Oh, hey, Brett, heads up!

Oh, uh, thank you.

Um, hey, so I just got a message from Ryan, the social worker who helped us with the county youth detention facility.

Oh yeah, Isaac's advocate.

Yeah, um, he says that Isaac is being released early.

Ryan's been visiting a lot, and apparently he was a model inmate.

I was gonna visit next week, but he's already gonna be home.

- Well, that's really good to hear.

- Yeah.

Ryan's the guy you're dating, right?

He seems really invested, which makes a difference in those situations.

Yeah, I I wasn't dating Ryan.

We had a drink once at Molly's to talk about Isaac.

Hmm, either way, it's nice to know there's someone in the system advocating for kids like that.

Um, huh.

Why was I so defensive about Ryan?

That's super weird.

Don't ask me, partner.

So I bought a scratch and win ticket.

One of those ones where you match the exploding bombs to the targets?

- Okay.

- I lost.

Sorry to hear that.

I never win those things.

I mean, not even where the prize is another scratch off ticket.

Severide, Van Meter called.

There's a new lieutenant at OFI he's sending over to talk to you today.

Uh, about the arson case?

I assume so.

He didn't give any details.

Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61, Battalion 25.

Hostage situation Go.

Casey, 51, hold tight.

Copy that, Chief.

You gotta leave your rigs here.

Deputy Garwood doesn't want to spook the guy.

Garwood's in charge?

Where is he?

Up there at Command Center.



- Hey, Chief.

- Hey.

- Welcome to Crazytown.

- Yeah, so what's the story?

Oh, units responded to a domestic dispute.

Male suspect went loco.

He's all jacked up on something.

- He took a hostage?

- I'll do it!

I will do it, I swear!

I will kill her!

- Chief?

- Yeah.

What are we looking at?

Domestic dispute turned into a standoff.

One male suspect took his ex-girlfriend hostage.

They're negotiating.

You're not taking me!

We're gonna be here a while.

Just tell us where you need us.

Stand by just in case this nutbag tries to burn down the building, and have your medics take a look at the victim's kids.


This mom, she's a smart one.

She shooed 'em out of the apartment when things went south.

They're in the back of the squad car.

- Casey.

- Yeah.

- And Hermann.

- Yeah.

Pull 51 closer just in case you got a lead out.

- All right, copy that.

- Wait, hold off on, uh, moving the rig around.

This guy's real jumpy.

Okay, belay that, Hermann.


Who's this?

Grace and Gabriel, this is Sylvie and Emily.

What about our Mom?

We can't see what's happening from back here.

Police are looking out for them.

And we're gonna look out for you guys.

Are you hurt anywhere?

We're fine.

Our mom's the one in trouble.

Luis has a gun.

Is Luis your mom's boyfriend or Ex-boyfriend.

She kicked him out because he has problems, but he won't leave her alone, and now he's high and he has a gun.

I wanna go back there.

Hey, Grace, um, I'm really worried about your little brother.

Can you help me keep him calm?


Well, I bet he looks up to you.

You think you could an example for him?

Show him how strong a big sister can be?


Don't worry, Gabe.

It's gonna be okay.

I can give you a rough idea of the interior layout of this unit.

Yeah, that'd be great.

Better than going in blind.

Chief, can we get some ladders up here just in case?

- Yeah, do it.

- Okay.

Mouch, Gallo, as quiet as you can, I need a 20-footer and a 12-foot up to the front of the building, stand by.

Come on now, Luis.

You know I can't do that.

He wants us to fall all the way back to the end of the block.


Well, tell him to send out the woman, we'll give him all the space he needs.


Well, if I see one cop face out there, I I will shoot her, I swear to God!

Uh, Luis, I'm working on it.

You've got to give me more time.

Yeah, the hell I do!

Just get them all out of here!

Luis, you still with me?

The window.

Watch out!

Looks like he's done talking.

Luis, come back and talk.


Please, don't!

- Shut up!

- Please!

He only has one endgame, and it's not happily ever after.


Go and get her, whatever it takes.

- Go.

- Go, go, go!

Garwood, is squad gonna use any pyrotechnics up there?

Explosives, flash bang grenades?

Flash bangs, tear gas, and nothing's off the table.

Then we need our fire engine hooked up to that hydrant right now.

Absolutely, do it.

Doherty, pull that rig forward.

We're gonna tie it to this hydrant.

Go with the tear gas.

Hey, can we get the squad car moved?

I'm a little busy.

Or didn't you notice?

We got a hostage situation.

Uh, yeah, no kidding, but I'm under orders to get my engine connected to that hydrant.

Yeah, that sounds like your problem, not mine.


The hell are you doing, huh?

That's CPD property and you don't look like a cop to me!

All right, get out of the way, sir.

Get your hands off me!

Get your hands off me!

You okay, Lieutenant?

Yeah, I'm good, buddy.

All right, come on.

Let's get ready to work, guys.

We're in place.

Say the word.

Tear gas is working.

Move in.

I don't think that's tear gas.

Fall back!

Fall back!

What the hell is happening?

Suspect fired at us through the door.

He is not incapacitated.

That's not tear gas.

That's smoke!

If he smothered the shell with blankets or towels, they could've ignited.

All right, we've got a fire in there.

Hermann, get that water canon ready.

No, please!


If he doesn't kill her, the smoke will.



She's alone.

She got away from him.

Can we pull her out?

- We can try.


- Help!

Mouch, Gallo, get that ladder in place.


Help me, please!



Take cover.

- Hey!

- Move, now!

Come on!

I will shoot her if you try that again!

If my men can keep Luis distracted at the door, can your guys try again?

Hey, Chief, we can rope down from the roof and pull her out that way.

Okay, get ready.

We're still at the door, but he's not responding.

Good to go!

Don't get shot.

Luis, talk to me.

You're pushing me!

Don't push me!

You're clear.

You come through that door, I'll kill you!

I'll kill everyone!

I don't care!

You hear me?

You hear me?

Be reasonable, Luis!

Don't tell me to be reasonable.

It was all good until you showed up.

Everything was under control.

I just want everything under control again.

Okay, okay.

I got you.

I got her.

We want everyone to walk away from this.

Come on.

Come on.


- Hey!

- You still there?

We want to help you.

I don't have the shot.

- Luis?

- Leah, where'd you go, baby?

Luis, come back and talk to me.


Don't you hide from me!

- Luis - Okay, pull us up.


What's going on in there, Luis?

Don't do anything you're gonna regret.



No, no!

Let's go!

He's down!

Get in there!

Go, go, go!

Down, stay down!

We got him!

Repeat, we got him!

Ritter, Kloke, grab your hose, shoot, and go!

Copy that!

I got you.

All right.

Step over here.

Here you go.

You good?

We're at the ambo.

- Mom!

- My babies!

Mom Hey.

- Hey!

- How's the mom?

Um, shaken but okay.

A couple of minor cuts and bruises.

You were great with those kids, the way you coached the older sister.

Well, you brought their mom back to them safe and sound.

It's all they wanted.



Uh - Great to see you.

- Yeah.

I figured I'd give you the Isaac update in person.

Just came from the hearing.

He's going home to his mother tomorrow.


Uh, last I saw her, she'd pretty much given up on him.

Thing have changed on that front.

After you guys exposed the abuse at the facility, she started visiting regularly.

She got a lot more involved in his life.

I'm really glad to hear that.

Can I take you out for lunch tomorrow as a thanks for all you did for Isaac and the other kids?

Oh, no, you don't have to do that.

No, I want to.

Um, sure.



I'll, uh I'll text you the details later.

- Yeah?

- Lieutenant Severide?


Hi, I'm Lieutenant Wendy Seager from OFI.

- Good to meet you.

- Same here.

Captain Van Meter told me about your work on the South Bell arson.

It was pretty impressive.

Team effort.

Well, I did a little digging.

Found out you've done lots of great work on arson cases, just like your dad did.

How can I help you, Lieutenant?

Well, I'm new to OFI, but the main reason they brought me on was to help clear up a backlog of cases.

I told Van Meter that with the right team, I could do it.

I'd love for you to come work with us, Severide.

I appreciate the offer, but I'm happy where I am.

Yeah, I thought you might say that.

But maybe take a little more than half a second to think about it?

I mean, this would just be a detail.

Doesn't have to last forever.

And you know how challenging and fun fire investigations can be.

I respect the work that OFI does, I do.

But for me, the Squad is home.

This morning we rappelled down a side of a building to rescue a hostage.

It's gonna be hard to beat.

Okay, well, thanks for hearing me out.


Your expression, when I introduced myself, I've I've seen it a lot in the CFD.

I mean, people are always surprised by how young I am to have this rank.

But there's a reason I made lieutenant by the time I was 28.

I don't give up easily.

It's not a date, right?

Drinks or dinner is a date.

But lunch, that's daytime, which means it's professional.

I need carrots to win, but I keep getting these little green things.

- What are those, apples?

- That's broccoli, girl.

Does anybody care about my crisis?

I'm sorry, I do.

But it's just that the guy at the deli said that this is the game that people seem to win the most.

If it's just the two of you, it's a date.

- Ugh, really?

- I don't know.

Lunch doesn't really say romance to me, and it definitely doesn't say s*x.

I'm gonna have to disagree with you there.

What is so wrong with a date anyway?

I just got out of an engagement.

I'm not ready to start dating again.

That was months ago.

Ancient history.

Yeah, it's time for you to get back out there, and Ryan is pretty cute.

- Yeah.

- For a do-gooder.

- No, I'm gonna cancel.

- Damn it.

Sorry, it's just No, it's not you.

Uh, I just scratched my last box and it's a tomato.

So lost again.

The only way you'll know for sure is to go.

I guess so.

You'll be okay.

Hey, Hermann.

Oh, hey, Chief.

What's up?

Did you get into some kind of scuffle with an Officer Hartle on the scene of the standoff?

Uh, scuffle?

I that is not how I would describe it.

So how would you describe it?

I don't know.

More like, um, a tussle?


The bonehead would not make way for the engine.

He could've cost us the save.

It was it's not a big deal.

No harm, no foul.

Well, Hartle's account differs from yours somewhat.

He says you laid hands on him.

Now he's filing a complaint with the CFD, accusing you of assaulting an officer.

- Hey.

- Hey, Burgess.

- Thanks for coming.

- Of course.

What can I do for you boys?

Listen, one of your brothers in blue, he's been jamming me up pretty good.

Boden suggested that we reach out to you guys and ask for a little help.


Trudy said you might know this cop, Officer Hartle?

Bob Hartle?

Sure, I've had the distinct pleasure.

What's he doing to you boys?

Well, he and I, we mixed it up at that standoff in West Town this morning, and now he's accusing me of assault, which is a bunch of crapola and he knows it.

Yeah, Hartle's a beefer.

He's the kind of cop who's always filing grievances against other cops, blaming everybody else for his own problems.

Well, you think you might be able to talk some sense into him for me?

Is it not obvious by my tone I've had my own run-ins with the guy?

No, Hermann.

There's no talking sense into Hartle.

What you can do, maybe, is appeal to his sense of victimhood.

- How?

- Do a mea culpa.

Say you made a huge mistake and that you're really sorry.

You know, extend an olive branch.

Or maybe Voight could wrap him in duct tape and lock him in a car trunk until he changes his tune.

Olive branch.

Good luck.

- Thanks, Burgess.

- Yeah.

She didn't do anything!

You were looking for me, Chief?

Yes, I was.

I was hoping you could explain this transfer slip that I received a few minutes ago.

This is a mistake.

So you're not moving to OFI?

Of course not, and I made that clear to Lieutenant Seager.

Not clear enough, apparently.

I have no interest in changing departments, Chief.


I'll go see her right after shift.

I'll clear everything up.

That's a really good idea.

I got his voicemail.

Hi, yeah, it's, uh, Lieutenant Christopher Hermann from Engine 51.

Listen, Hartle, uh, I think things maybe got a little out of control yesterday, and I want to apologize for my part.

So why don't you come by my bar, Molly's, on West Wolcott, and we can hash out this whole, you know, assault business, you know, over a beer.

My treat.

So, um, uh, I'll have a cold one waiting for you, okay?

Uh, take care!


Hey, this is gonna work.

I know it.

Uh, you know what?

I feel filthy!

Oh, hey, Hermann, you're still on board for the expo load-in, right?


Now who's gonna help us with the Slamigan booth?

Ask Gallo.

He's up for anything.

I'm in.

What are we doing?


Okay, uh, 11-05.

06 and 07.

Then 08.

Where's 11-09?

Over here.

Hey, hey!


Mouch, you old dog!

How you doing, buddy?

Mick, Mick, what is this?

This isn't even a booth.

Well, sure it is.

Best one we can afford anyway.

Well, how the hell is anybody supposed to see us back here?

Are you kidding me?

Cruz, look, you're right by the bathrooms.

I mean, think of all the foot traffic.


Now here's a kid with a future in sales, huh?

Nick Porter.

I'm the Slamigan rep.

Blake Gallo.

I work at 51 with Cruz.

Where's the practice door?

Oh, yeah.

Uh, that's stuck in traffic.


The freight company has promised me it'll be here before the expo opens.

Relax, Joe.

Everything's under control.

I'm sorry to bite your head off, Nick.

I just I got a lot riding on this.

Joe Listen to me.

The Slamigan is an outstanding product.

You could bury it in the woods and people would still find out about it.

You're gonna do great.

What is that?

This is for the Halli-Hammer booth.

The what?


They ripped me off.

They ripped me off!

This is my favorite secret spot in the city.

It's never too crowded, great ambience.

Yes, it's really nice.

The lighting is so moody, you'd never know it's daytime.

I got this.

Are you sure?

We could split it.

Mm-mmm, I insist.

I'm the one who invited you.

Thank you again for lunch, Ryan.

I mean, you didn't have to thank me for helping Isaac.

I I love what I do for a living.

I could tell.

It's a great quality.

Well, I better be going, so Ooh, that's Did did I misread things?

I'm I'm sorry.

No, I'm sorry.

I I just got out of a relationship, so I'm not ready to jump back in.

I should've put that out there right away.

I get it.

I just thought this was friendly, you know?

- It being daytime.

- Okay.

Thank you again, Ryan.

You're awesome.

So are you, Sylvie.

It's a little far apart - Captain?

- Hey, Severide.

There's been some kind of mistake.

Your new recruit came to see me about putting in for a detail to OFI?

Uh, yeah, I heard.

I explained that's not gonna happen.

I'm happy where I am.

There's no mistake, Severide.

You can't transfer me without my approval.

You don't have that kind of authority, and neither do you.

No, we don't, but the transfer didn't come from us.

It came from Commissioner Grissom.

Hey, Officer Hartle.


Aww, come on.

Wait up.

Look, I I am sorry to ambush you at work.

I tried give you a call.

Did you get my message?

Yeah, I got it.

Okay, well, I was hoping that you'd stop by Molly's.

Okay, um, anyway, look, uh, this whole thing at the standoff, uh, you know, tensions were running high, and, um, you know, you had an armed head case to worry about.

And me, I had a fire I had to get under control.

And I guess we stepped on each other's toes, you know?

A little bit.

Listen, hey, the point is we're on the same side, and I lost sight of that for a minute, and I see that now.

And want you to know that I'm really sorry, okay?

Um, this is a nice IPA we're serving, and it gets a lot of love from the beer snobs.

So Hartle, come on.

The complaint that you filed, do you have any idea the kind of headache you're making for me?

Listen, this is gonna be a blot on my record.

Even if I beat the rap, which I will because you know this is a bunch of baloney.

Hey, you laid hands on me, you misappropriated my vehicle, and then you got physical.

That's not baloney, that's a fact.


How did Grissom get involved?

I did some recon on Lieutenant Seager.

Turns out she came up under Grissom.

She was his second-in-command at 36.

If Grissom thinks he can treat me like some pawn, toss me wherever he wants Look, I don't like it either, but we need a smart approach.

Any thoughts?

Well, if the Commissioner made the request, there is only one course of action that is to talk to him and get him to change his mind.

Which I'm more than happy to try, but the truth is there is only one person at 51 who has that kind of sway with Grissom.

That's you.

Hell yeah, I'll talk to Grissom.

You cannot go in there hot.

He should've came to me himself.

It's like he's looking for a fight.

Look, whether we liked the way he handled it or not is irrelevant.

This is high praise from the commissioner.

Just remember that when you talk to him.

Can they actually make him do it even if he doesn't want to?

I don't know, but he's talking to Chief right now.

Oh, it was a date.

- Knew it.

- Here's your reward.

- For me?

- Mm-hmm.

Super simple, just scratch the boxes, and if there's a prize underneath, you win.

Did you have fun on your lunch at least?

I lost.

I'm luckless.

Um, it was fine.

I mean, he's he's a sweet guy.

And maybe I should be getting out again, but with everything I've been through, I don't want just a sweet guy, you know?

I want the one.

Like what what you have with Oh, he does not look happy.


I need to talk to Grissom, change his mind.

If anybody can handle that assignment, it is you.

I just won $50!

Check it out!

Hey, Severide, uh, are we gonna gas the Squad?

At some point, why?

I was thinking we could swing by McCormick Place.

Be nice to pop by the expo and make sure my business isn't cratering.

Sure, why not?

Excuse me, folks.

Thank you.

Where's your booth?

It's, uh - Nick, what are you doing?

- Oh, hey Joe.

Hey, have you seen the stitching on this bunker gear?

Who's watching the booth, Nick?

Oh, it's fine.

We're only getting one or two visitors an hour, and, well, they're usually looking for the men's room anyway.

You're supposed to be demonstrating the Slamigan.

Yeah, and as soon as the practice door shows up, I will.

The door still isn't here?

Hey, Cruz, you seen this?

You still got your sledgehammer.

You still got your halligan tool.

But a new age is dawning Yeah, it's a counterfeit.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Halli-Hammer, a revolutionary new addition to your firefighting arsenal.

Hey, you stole my patented design.

The Halli-Hammer is entirely different from other hybrid forcible entry tools.

For example, it features an ergonomic, non-slip grip, and it's made from a lightweight alloy developed for Formula 1 racing.

It is very light.

I sent you people a cease and desist letter.

This is patent theft!

You can't do this!

Cruz, Capp, you said five minutes.

Let's go!

Would you like to take a brochure?

- Come on.

- No, no!

You can't do this, all right?

This is not right!

It's not right!

Well, the bad guys win again.

What happened?

I just got off with HQ, and they will not dismiss the cop's complaint.

In fact, they escalated it to conduct unbecoming an officer.

What do they have in mind, a suspension?

Oh, I wish.

Uh, they say I stand to lose command of Engine 51.

- What?

- No way.

So, um, they can stick me at a desk someplace pushing papers until I retire.

I gotta talk to Chief.

Did you take the remote?

In your experience, this conduct unbecoming thing, how serious is it?

It can be pretty serious.

Guys have lost their jobs over it.

This isn't fair to Hermann.

I've learned a ton working under him.

And he's one of the good ones.

I mean, he could've ridden out his career in the rank and file, like most of us, but he he put it all on the line to become an officer.

I hope to hell he doesn't lose his command because of some power-hungry cop with a chip on his shoulder.

Truck 81.

Vehicular accident.

Steve Chikerotis Golf Course.

Ah, there it is.

My apologizes.

Here you go.

Here, over here.

Yeah, I was driving the cart and zipping around this bunker and I guess I took the turn too fast.

Because next thing I know, we're rolling ass-over-elbow, and the whole thing lands square on top of Todd.

- Sir, how are you feeling?

- I'd love to get this off me.

We went to flip it back over, but he started screaming about something digging in his sides.

So we called in the pros.

All right, Mouch, Gallo, get these clubs out of the way.

- Kidd, can you assess him?

- Yeah.

Hi, I'm Stella.

Firefighter paramedic.

I am just gonna take a look and see oh!

Captain, we need an ambulance, stat.

81 to Main, can we roll an ambulance to our location?

We've got an impalement.

Oh, Jesus!

Mouch, Gallo, get the sawzall, some cribbing, and the ram.

- And a backboard.

- Copy!

Whoa, what's happening?

He's been pierced between the ribs with a broken golf club.

And the other end's caught in the basket, so that's why it hurt when you moved the cart.

Oh, God!

Todd, buddy, are you okay?

I I think so.

Oh, I've read about this.

If you try to remove it, he could bleed out and die.

We're not gonna remove it.

They do that at the hospital.

Uh, Todd, I am so sorry.

I shouldn't have been driving so fast!

Can you let us work?

Maybe I should get his wife on the line, you know?

Uh, just in case.

Todd, I'm gonna get Elaine on the speaker phone so that you could talk to her.

Why the hell would I wanna do that?

Hey, come here.

Listen to me, your friend is gonna be okay, but I need you to help me keep him calm.

- It's very important.

- Yeah.

Yeah, okay, how do I do that?

Just set an example for him.

Stay tough.


- You're gonna be okay, Todd.

- Oh, will you shut up, Derek!

You'll be out in no time.

All right.


Mouch, raise it up a couple of inches.

Stand by.

He's free.

Watch your under.

One, two - You good?

- Yup.

All right, great job.

Let's get him to the medics.

Can I, uh, go with him in the ambulance?

Uh, it'd be better if you drive separately.


Mouch, I'm freaking out.

I need to have people come to this expo to pretend to be interested in the Slamigan, but this house is crazy right now.

And with everything that Hermann and Severide are going through, I just I don't wanna bother anyone with all this.

So please, please just tell me you're gonna be there.

I'm going to be there.

Thank you.

Oh, uh, after I sign for some deliveries at Molly's, - then I'll be there.

- Wait.

For sure.

For sure.

Not looking forward to facing the firing squad at that hearing next week.

Just blindfold me and give me a cigarette already.

Yeah, I'm sorry you have to go through that, man.

- It's not right.

- Yeah.

The cop's a jerk, but me and my stupid temper.

It's just a matter of time before it got me in trouble.

But, uh, I've been thinking.

You know, maybe losing my command isn't the worst thing because maybe I wasn't cut out to be a lieutenant in the first place.

Hey, Hermann.

Leadership is big decisions in tough moments.

If it wasn't for that move that you pulled with the cannon, me, Casey, and that hostage might all be dead.

You're right where you should be, Lieutenant.

The Halli-Hammer is a next generation firefighting tool, an entirely new solution to your forcible entry problems.

Not entirely new.

No longer will you need two pairs of hands to place and set a Halligan tool.

Now one firefighter can do both jobs.

Yeah, because the Slamigan already solved that problem!

Sir, please don't make me call security.

You know what?

Enough talk.

Who wants to see the Halli-Hammer in action?

I'd like to see the original.

The Slamigan.

All right, here we go.

First, place the wedge between the door and the jamb.

You might want to get a real firefighter for that job.

Uh, next, pull back on the hammer attachment and Technical difficulties.

That's why the Slamigan uses drop-forged steel.

Uh, Ron, could I get another demo model?

Here comes the Slamigan!

The Slamigan!

Accept no substitutes!

Now taking orders in booth 11-09!

Right by the men's washroom!

Follow me!

Make yourself comfortable.

The Commissioner is just coming up now from a news conference.


- Kelly.

- Grizz.

I was wondering when you'd stop by and visit me in my gilded cage.

Can I get you a cup of coffee?

Come on, you know why I'm here.

Detailing me to OFI?

You think I'd take that just lying down?

OFI is a respectable career path, Kelly.

Hell, it was good enough for your dad.

You know how I feel about you trying to help my career along.

There's the misunderstanding.

You think this is about you.

I look after the entire department now.

My Office of Fire Investigation is understaffed, and you have demonstrated a real talent for reading a fireground and sniffing out arsonists.

I have other talents too.

Sit down.

You want to be master of your own fate, I get it.

When I was a candidate, I had my whole career mapped out.

Get assigned to a busy house, distinguish myself in the line of duty.

And then I got transferred to the "Victor Schlaeger," a fireboat on Lake Michigan in January.

Eight of us, freezing our asses off, crammed onto that floating coffin for 24 hours a pop.

I made one save in 18 months, and thank God I was there to make it.

That assignment might not have been in my plans, but it put me on the path that brought me here.

And I'm thankful for it.

Public service isn't about doing what you want to do, Kelly.

It's about sacrifice.

It's about doing what others need you to do.

Right now, OFI needs help, and you are uniquely qualified to provide it.

Go help them clear their backlogged cases, and then you can decide whether you want to return to 51.


But first, I need you to do something for me.

All right, we got ten units for Des Moines Fire & Rescue, six units for the Lansing Fire Department, and two units for Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

Station 1.

How'd you do?

Tell 'em, Joe.

Well, it's not gonna cover a destination wedding to Bora Bora, but I'm ahead.

Way ahead!



Next drink is on me.

What's your pleasure?

- Oh, uh, really?

- Mm-hmm.

I will take a glass of the good rosé that still hides behind the bar.


What did I do to deserve this?

I used your trick with the big sister on a golfer today.

Oh, well, I'm glad it worked out.

Like a charm.

So how's everything with the, uh, not-boyfriend?

Don't don't be mean.

Especially when it's pretty obvious I mess up everything I touch when it comes to romance.

Oh, come on.

Sure, you've had some ups and downs lately, but who hasn't?

My money is on you finding exactly what you want because that's what you deserve.

- The same plan.

- No, no What's up, Hermann?

You okay?

Yeah, I just got the weirdest call from my union rep, and the CFD brass has decided not to move forward with my conduct of unbecoming charges.

You're kidding.

Yeah, no hearing, and I get to keep my command.

Yo, this is the best news I've heard in a long time.

Whoa, wait.

How did that happen?

I have no idea.

You are a good man, Kelly Severide.

You look out for people.

But I am really going to miss seeing you at 51 every shift.

I'll make up for it in other ways.

I promise.


You really okay going to OFI?

As long as I get to come home to you, I'm okay wherever I go.

I am without a doubt the luckiest girl in the world.

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