01x08 - Look Before You Sleep

(branch rips)

(branch reattaches)

Rarity: Hmm...





(branch rips, crashes to ground)

Applejack: (spits) Just take the broken limbs down, Rarity.

Don'tcha'll care 'bout nothin' more than prettifyin'?

Rarity: (defensive) SOMEpony has to!

You were making an absolute MESS of the town square, Applejack.

Applejack: Yeah, well, the storm's gonna make an even bigger mess if we don't prune all these loose branches so they don't tumble down on anypony.

Rarity: I simply CANNOT imagine why the pegasus ponies would schedule a dreadful downpour this evening and ruin what could've been a glorious sunny day.

Applejack: (sighs) Think more practical-like, will ya?

Applejack: (kicking tree) They accidentally skipped a scheduled sprinkle last week, so we need a doozy of a downpour to make up for it, is all.

Rarity: (whining) Oh no! My wonderfully styled mane shall be ruined!

Applejack: Ya shoulda hurried up and finished the job, already.

Rarity: (yelping frantically) It's coming down too fast!

(yelping) Help me!

Applejack: Uh...there.

Hunker down to your heart's content whilst I finish this.

Rarity: (panting) Oh, no, no, no!

Applejack: What now?

Rarity: I prefer not to get my hooves muddy.

Applejack: (scoffs) There is just no pleasin' ya, is there?!

Everything's gotta be just so.

Rarity: And how does muddying my hooves serve ANY useful purpose?

Applejack: Y'all wouldn't know useful if it came up and bit'cha.

Rarity: (laughs condescendingly) That doesn't even make any sense.

Applejack: Does so.
Rarity: Does not.

Applejack: Does so.
Rarity: Does not.

Applejack: Does so.
Rarity: Does not.

Applejack: Does so INFINITY. Hah.

Rarity: Does not infinity plus one. Hah.

What say we go our separate ways before one of us says something she will regret?

Applejack: I reckon Y'ALL are gonna say something YOU'LL regret first.

Rarity: On the contrary. I believe it shall most certainly be you who says something you will regret first.

(loud peal of thunder)
Rarity: (trembling) Per-perhaps we should stick together for now and find some shelter.

(wind whistling)
Applejack: (uneasy) Uh-huh, perhaps we should. Sounds fair.

(theme song begins) My Little Pony, My Little Pony, ah, ah, ah, ah,

(My Little Pony) Twilight: I used to wonder what friendship could be

(My Little Pony) Until you all shared its magic with me

Rainbow Dash: Big adventure

Pinkie Pie: Tons of fun

Rarity: A beautiful heart

Applejack: Faithful and strong

Fluttershy: Sharing kindness

Twilight: It's an easy feat

All: And magic makes it all complete yeah

(My Little Pony) Do you know you're all my very best friends

(distant thunder)

Applejack: Nice and dry under here...sorta.

Rarity: Oh! Unacceptable.

Twilight: (distant shouting) Applejack! Rarity!

Twilight: (slightly louder) Applejack! Rarity!

Applejack and Rarity: Twilight?!

Twilight: Come inside, girls! Quick!

Applejack: Whoa, Nelly. Is inside a tree really the best place to be during a lightning storm?

Twilight: It is if you have a magical lightning rod protecting your home like I do.

Come on in!

Rarity: Hah! (graciously) We are most grateful for your invitation.

Applejack: Thank ya kindly for your hospitality.

Rarity: (patronizing) Uh, DO be a polite houseguest and wash up, please. Won't you?

(Applejack grumbles)

Applejack: (under breath) If I gotta stand one more second with that fussbudget Rarity today, I can't be held responsible for what I'm gonna do.

Twilight: Some storm, huh?

The pegasus ponies sure have outdone themselves this time.

I hope you and Applejack don't have any trouble getting home.

Rarity: (shifty) It may indeed be a problem...

Twilight: Well, you're welcome to stay if need be.

Spike is away in Canterlot on royal business.

I'm home all alone tonight.

(gasps) You and Applejack should TOTALLY sleep over!

(clapping hooves)
We'll have a slumber party!

I've always wanted one of those!

Rarity: (blink blink, stalling) Oh! Uh, goodness. Uh, I do believe I have another engagement scheduled for this evening that COMPLETELY slipped my mind until just now. (nervous laugh)

Ah, silly me. I couldn't POSSIBLY stay here all night... (under breath) with Applejack.

Rarity: (reading) "Slumber :

All You've Ever Wanted to Know About Slumber Parties but Were Afraid to Ask."

Twilight: (gushing) My OWN personal copy!

It's a fantastic reference guide.

You should see the Table of Contents!

I've been waiting for a chance to use it.

And TODAY'S the day!

This is gonna be SO GREAT!

Rarity: Yes...great... (nervous laughter)

(water spraying, Applejack grumbling)

Applejack: (gasps) What in tarnation?!

(Rarity slaps mud on Twilight's face)

Now, wait just a gol-darn minute.

Ya make me wash the mud off my hooves, but it's okay for y'all to have mud all over your faces?!

Rarity: Silly! This is called a mud MASK.

It's to refresh and rejuvenate your complexion.

Twilight: (squealing in delight) We're giving each other MAKEOVERS!

(high-pitched laughter) We have to do it. It says so in the book.

Applejack: (reading) "Slumber : Everything You-"

(nervously) Oh, hey, wouldja look at the time!

I gotta skedaddle on home quick. I'm powerful late for, uh...somethin'.

Uh, g'night!

(loud peal of thunder, Applejack yelps)

...Ooor, maybe I'll stay here for a spell.

Twilight: (clapping hooves) Hooray, slumber party!

(mud slaps face)

(squish squish)

(Applejack grunts)

(Applejack gags)

(cucumbers slap onto eyes)
What in the world is this for?!

Rarity: (exasperated sigh) To reduce the puffiness around one's eyes, of course.

Applejack: Puffiness-shmuffiness! (licks off, chomps loudly, swallows) That's good eatin'!

(Applejack chewing loudly)

Twilight: Teehee! Isn't this exciting?! We'll do everything by the book,

(clapping hooves) and that will make my slumber party officially fun!

Rarity: (patronizing) Did you hear that, Applejack?

YOU certainly would not want to do anything that would ruin Twilight's very first slumber party, WOULD YOU?

Applejack: Of course not. 'N you wouldn't either, I reckon.

Rarity: So do we have an agreement?

Applejack: You betcha. (spits on hoof)

Rarity: (disgusted) OH! GROSS!

(haughty) You know, there's messy and there's just plain rude.

Applejack: Y'know, there's fussy, and there's just plain gettin' on my nerves.

Rarity: Fortunately, I can get along with anypony, no matter how difficult SHE may be.

Applejack: Oh yeah?! Well...I'm the get-alongin'-est pony yer ever gonna meet!

Rarity: (flatly) That's not even a word.

Twilight: (gushing) This is gonna be the bestest slumber party ever! YAY!

Applejack and Rarity: (unenthusiastic) Yay.


Rarity: (condescending) So, how are you "getting along" over there, Applejack?

Applejack: (snarky) Jus' fine, Rarity.

Twilight: This is SO awesome! (giggles)

Makeovers, check.

(magical poofs)

Ooh! It says here we have to tell ghost stories!

Who wants to go first?!

Applejack: ME!

I'd like to tell y'all the terrifyin' tale of the prissy ghost who drove everypony crazy with her unnecessary neatness.

(making ghost noises)

I'm sure Y'ALL are familiar with that one?

Rarity: Never heard of it.

But I have a MUCH better one.

It's the horrifying story of the messy,

(hyperbolic) INCONSIDERATE ghost who irritated everypony within a HUNDRED MILES!

(making exaggerated ghost noises)

Applejack: That's not a real story. You made it up.

Rarity: It is a GHOST story. They're ALL made up.

(thunder, ponies scream)

Twilight: I've got one!

This story is called...the Legend of the Headless Horse.


It was a dark and stormy night, much like this one, and three ponies were having a slumber party, just...like...this one.


Twilight: ...and just when the last pony thought she was safe, there, standing right behind her, just inches away was...


(thunder, Applejack and Rarity gasp and scream)

Twilight: Ghost story, check.

(singsong) Now, who wants s'mores?

Rarity: ...then you place one marshmallow on the top of the chocolate and be sure it's centered - that's critical - and then carefully put another perfectly square graham cracker on the top.

Aaand...done! Ta-da! (self-satisfied giggle)

Twilight: Ooh!

Applejack: Nah, ya just eat 'em!

(chomp, loud chewing, lips smacking loudly)

(loud belch)

Rarity: (repulsed) You could at LEAST say, "Excuse me."

Applejack: Aw, I was just about to, but you interrupted me.

...(insincere) Pardon.

Twilight: S'mores? Check.

Now, the next item of fun we have to do is Truth or Dare.

Rarity: I dare Applejack to do something carefully and neatly for a change.

Applejack: Oh yeah?! Well, I dare Rarity to lighten up and stop obsessin' over every. Last. Little. Detail...for a change.

Rarity: I think the TRUTH of the matter is that somepony could stand to pay a little more attention to details.

Applejack: And I think the truth is somepony oughta quit with her fussin' so the rest of us can get things done.

Twilight: Um...I don't think this is how the game's supposed to work.

(reading) "You have to give an honest answer to any question or do whatever anypony dares you to do."

Applejack: I dares YOU to step outside and let your precious, tidy mane get ruined again.

(Rarity gasps)

Twilight: You HAVE to! It's the rules.

Applejack: HAH!

Rarity: FINE!

(Rarity sobs, slams door)
(Applejack snickers)

(Applejack chuckles)

Rarity: Okay, I dare Applejack to play dress-up in a fru fru, glittery, lacy outfit.

(Applejack gasps)

Applejack: (embarrassed) Happy?!

Rarity: (curtly) Very. (giggles)

Twilight: Um, do I ever get a turn?

Applejack: I dare ya to enter the next rodeo when it comes to town.

Rarity: I dare you NOT to enter the next rodeo that comes to town!

Applejack: I dare ya to not comb yer mane a hundred times before bed.

Rarity: And I dare you to comb yours just once!

Twilight: I, uh, I think we should check off Truth or Dare and move on.

Let's see what our next fun fun fun thing is, shall we?

Hm, what does THIS mean? "Pillow fight?"

Rarity: Oh, please. I am not at all interested in participating in something so crude.

(Rarity grunts)

Oh! It. Is. ON.

(Rarity grunts)

(pillow hits Applejack)

(kicks pillows)

(Rarity grunts repeatedly)

(kicks pillows)

(pillow whips through air)

(magical humming, sound of bullets whizzing past)

(pillows whiz past)

Twilight: (oblivious) Oh, I get it!

Pillow. Fight!

Fun! (pillows impact, Twilight grunts)

(dazed) Uh, girls? Maybe we should take it down a notch?

Applejack: I will if she will!

Rarity: She started it!

Twilight: (spits) Maybe we should just call it a night and get some sleep?

Rarity: Keep your muddy hooves on YOUR side of the bed!

Applejack: My hooves ain't muddy!

Rarity: They WERE. There might still be a little on them.

Applejack: There ain't. See?

Rarity: Ewww!

Applejack: Now who's bein' inconsiderate?!

Rarity: I have to make the bed again so the blanket will be right.

Rarity: Get up!

Applejack: Hey!

(blanket ruffles)

Rarity: (tut-tutting) You'll RUIN it!

You have to do it like this.

(grunting delicately)


Applejack: Yeah...that's not gonna happen.


Rarity: HEY! (crash)

(Applejack ahh's)

Rarity: You did that on PURPOSE.

Applejack: (sarcastic) Um. Yeah?

Rarity: Get up so I can fix it again!

Applejack: Can't hear ya! I'm asleep. (feigns snoring)

(Rarity grunts)

Applejack: I ain't budgin'.

Rarity: (mouth full) Ru rill if ru rant any branket.

Applejack: Give it back!

Rarity: I will not!

Applejack: Yes you will!

Rarity: Won't!

Applejack: Will!

Rarity: Won't!

Applejack: Will-

Twilight: ENOUGH!

It says RIGHT HERE that the number one thing you're supposed to do at slumber parties is have fun!

And thanks to you two, I can't check that off!

Applejack: I've been tryin' my darnedest to get along!

Rarity: No, it is I who've been trying MY best.

Applejack: No, it was me.

Rarity: No, it was I.

Applejack: Me!

Rarity: I!

Twilight: I hope you're happy.

Both of you.

You've ruined my very first slumber party!

The makeovers, the s'mores, Truth or Dare, the pillow fight...

I mean, is there ANYTHING else that could possibly go wrong?!


(meekly) Sorry I asked...


(all gasp)

Applejack: Ya see? That's why we needed to take down all those little branches in town, not spiffy 'em up!

Rarity: (defensively) But I-

Applejack: Outta my way, Missy! Time's a-wastin'.

(rope twirls)
Rarity: Wait! Stop! DON'T!

Applejack: No waitin'! No stoppin'! DOIN'!

And that, my friends, is what we call, "Gettin' 'er done."

(Rarity and Twilight scream)

(tree crashes into house)

Rarity: (whimpers) I TRIED to tell you it would come crashing down in here!

Applejack: Well, you shoulda tried harder!

I'm mighty sorry, Twilight.

Twilight: It's...well, it's not okay!

There's a giant tree branch in the middle of my bedroom.

And the book doesn't say anything about having a giant tree branch at your slumber party.

Or at least I haven't found the entry yet.


Applejack: WHAT in tarnation are y'all doin' over there?!

Rarity: Cleaning up this mess SOMEpony made!

Who was that again? Oh, right, that's YOU!

Applejack: We gotta do somethin'!

Twilight: "Baking...BFFs...Brothers..."

There's nothing in here about branches!

(Applejack grunts)

Applejack: Rarity, for pony's sake, stop sweatin' the small stuff and help me get rid o'this thing!

I said hustle over here and help me!

Look...I'm sorry, all right?

Rarity: What was that?

Applejack: I said I'm sorry!

I shoulda listened to you when you noticed where this here branch would end up.

Yer annoyin' attention to detail woulda saved us from this whole mess.

But right now, ya need to stop bein' so dang fussy pickin' up all those little things and help me move the one big thing in here that actually matters!


Rarity: (pouts) But I'll get all icky!

Applejack: Consarn it! (stumbles over words) I mean, yes, ickiness is often a side effect of hard work!

But y'all need to get over it, on account I just can't fix this mess I made myself.

I need your help.

Rarity: Ohh...(determined) Let's do this.

Twilight: Well, they do have a section about backyard slumber parties.

Is that what we're doing right now? Does this count as camping?

(Rarity strains)

(musical chimes)

(Applejack grunts)

Rarity: (shocked gasp) I look awful...

(mud sloshing)

Applejack: Better?

Rarity: Heh...thanks.

Twilight: Oh, pretty! Where did these come from?

...They're not in the book either.

(all giggling)

Applejack: Is it bigger than a barn?

Twilight: (giggles) Nope!

Rarity: Is it smaller than a saddle?

Twilight: (giggles) No! Only three of your questions left!

Applejack: We're never gonna guess what y'er thinkin' of, it could be anythin'.

Rarity: Are we getting warmer?

Twilight: Why? Is it too cold in here for you? I can turn up the heat.

Applejack: She means are we gettin' any closer with our guesses?

Twilight: Oh! No. And that technically counted as a question, so only two more left!

Applejack: Is it... a six-legged pony with a purple polka-dotted mane and shootin' stars comin' out of his eyes?

Rarity: Who flies through the air all over the world to hide magic, sparkly eggs?

Twilight: That's it!

Applejack and Rarity: It is?

Twilight: No. (light chuckle) It's that.

But it was just so nice to see you two finally getting along, I wanted you to be able to win together.

(Applejack and Rarity laugh heartily)

Twilight: See? We could've been having fun like this all along!

Applejack: If only somepony hadn't been so persnickety.

Rarity: Well, maybe she wouldn't have been if somepony else hadn't been so sloppy.

Applejack: Sorry for being such a pain in the patootie.

Rarity: Oh, no, I'm sure I was much worse.

Applejack: That's kind o'ya to say, but I'm the one who's sorry.

Rarity: Oh, I'm much more sorry than you are.

Applejack: Are not.

Rarity: Are too.

(both laughing)

Twilight: I declare my first slumber party a success!
(all cheer)

Have fun? Check.

(Applejack and Rarity laugh)

Rarity: Now take two steps to your left. Uh, no, my left.

Applejack: Whu, which is it? (crash) Whoa! That mess is your fault, not mine. (laughs)

Rarity: (giggles) Sorry.

Twilight: (voice-over) "Dear Princess Celestia, It's hard to believe that two ponies who seem to have so little in common could ever get along.

But I found out that if you embrace each other's differences, you might just be surprised to discover a way to be friends after all.

(aloud) So, who's up for another slumber party tomorrow night?

How about a week from Thursday?

Oh, how about two weeks from Saturday?

A month from now?
(Applejack and Rarity laugh)

(ending theme begins) My Little Pony

My Little Pony


My Little Pony, friends