01x09 - What Was Hope Doing In Your Dreams?

- Previously on Legacies...
- We need to learn more

- about Landon's past.
- Who are your parents?

My mom's name is Seylah.
Pretty much all I know.

She gave me up for adoption when I was young.

- I don't even know your name.
- Landon.

That's a beautiful one.

Pretty sure you gave it to me.

CLARKE: What happened here?

MAN: Unscheduled absorption.

Any idea who it was?

Of course not, but I did find this.

What I don't understand is why I can't remember how we found you.

Do you want to be my boyfriend?

What brought this on?

I'm really happy that you're back.

I can lie to Landon about all of this, but I'm sorry.

Dr. Saltzman, I just can't lie to you.

I take it that's the urn I don't remember.

I figured it was better to have it here

than to leave it laying around.

So what happens now?

I think we're about to find out.

No record of any employee named Seylah.

You sure she worked here?

I can't think of any other reason

she'd have our logo around her neck.

I need access to the backup archive.

Access requires a password only granted to employees

with the highest level security clearance.

Takes longer than a couple months here

to work up to that, young buck.

Echo four-seven-seven Kilo Foxtrot Victor.

That wasn't so hard, was it?

♪ ♪

Absorption date?

If you went into the pit years ago,

how the hell were you here last night?

SECURITY GUARD: You all right back there?

Find what you're looking for?

No. I guess I was wrong.

First time for everything, right?

I'll show you out.





♪ ♪



CHILD : It's just a bad dream, Pedro.

CHILD : Go to sleep, Pedro.

How long do you think it'll be

before the next monster shows up?

It's hard to say.

I've never actually seen an artifact glow before.

Where did you hide the urn, by the way?

- I'm not sure I should tell you.
- Excuse me?

Isn't it safer if only one of us knows where it is?

Then that one of us should be the adult.

Funny, because I thought it should be the one of us

with high-level superpowers.

What do we tell everyone else?

We should probably warn them

before a cyclops crashes exam week.

It's usually best to start

with some form of the truth.

What about those times the truth is the one thing you can't say?

Are you sure you want to keep all of this from Landon?

I mean, I understand you wanting to protect him, but...

He's been wondering about his mother his whole life.

He finally meets her and then she dies.

If I can keep him from knowing

what that feels like, then it's worth it.

[SIGHS] Look, it's my secret to keep, Dr. Saltzman.

- Please.
- Okay.

Thank you.

The trick is to give everyone the right amount

of information without giving away too much.

We've been through this before with the knife,

so it shouldn't come as too much of a shock.

This is our chance to do things differently,

more responsibly.

Yesterday, I came into possession

of another Malivore artifact.

It was my hope to find a method of containment

before it signaled another monster,

but given the emergency meeting

I've just called, I'm sure you can guess how well that went.

- Do you see Hope anywhere?

ALARIC: But rest assured we are taking every precaution.

Sheriff Donovan has been kind enough

to open the doors of the Lockwood Mansion to us,

so Mr. Williams and Ms. Tig are now in the process

of evacuating our students from the lower grades.

Why don't we just evacuate the damn artifact?

We are much more well-equipped

than the world at large to handle the arrival of a monster.

Once we know what we're dealing with

and the problem is contained,

then we can reassess what to do with the artifact.

If any of you would like to evacuate,

please talk to Dorian or Emma. However,

exam week will continue as scheduled,

wherever you are. I know. I'm sorry.

I can't exactly call the state accreditation board

and tell them that we're cancelling the exams

because of monsters.

We'll get through this, I promise.

Try and get some rest, okay?

Good night.

- You evacuating?
- Hell no, man.

I got four exams in the morning. Need my beauty rest.

- Hope's M.I.A.

Yeah, she's probably suiting up in her battle armor.

Girl's basically Wonder Woman. [LAUGHS]

Either that or she's realized she's made a mistake

bringing me back here 'cause where I go, danger follows.

[SIGHS]: My God.

Come on, bro. Now, this one's not on you.

I mean, her being distant today has got to have something to do

with us waking up in a field with amnesia yesterday, right?

Look, until one of you

can remembers how you guys got there, I just...

I-I just wouldn't think about it.

Look, you're here. Think about the good things in your life

instead of getting caught up in the bad for once, bro.


Uh, I'm gonna grab my bags

- and hit the library.
- Okay.

I'll see you at breakfast in the morning?

Yeah, see you at breakfast.

Hey, Lan, I'm glad you're back.

♪ ♪





I passed out, huh?

[CHUCKLES] You're very cute when you sleep.



Um, sorry, but I thought you said, um...

You know what, forget it.

My brain's fried.

Then maybe you should take a break.

- Where is it?!
- Kurt?

- What are you doing here?
- You pathetic little punk.

- Where the hell is it?
- Where's what?

You know what I want!

[CRYING]: I don't know what you want. I don't know.

You know...

...what I want.


I don't know what you want!


ALARIC: This happened to you in a nightmare?

Are you sure?

Look, I know that it sounds crazy,

but I was studying and then I fell asleep,

and then I just started dreaming about...

About what?



One of my old, uh, foster dads.

He was in the library, and he had this old belt

that he used to use on me.

Do you remember anything else?

Yeah, there was, there was this woman there, too.

She was wearing an-an old,

black dress and-and a veil.

And she told me, "You know what I want." But...

The urn.

Sounds like our next monster showed up.

You know, every culture on Earth has legends about creatures

that only appear in dreams.

But a woman in a black dress and a veil is pretty specific.

So, does that mean that she can, like,

control what we see in our dreams?

That she can put stuff in our, in our heads, right?

It's possible.

Does that look familiar?

Our latest monster is a Night Hag,

a malevolent spirit trapped on the astral plane

that can only interact with us through dreams.

In this case, nightmares.

So, like Freddy Krueger?

Well, in the sense that what happens to you in your dreams

seems to also happen to you in real life, yes.

But the good news is we're safe, so long as we stay awake.

- BOY: Stay awake?

I've lined up more evacuation shuttles.

They should be running all afternoon,

so please, for those who don't want to stay and fight,

take advantage of them.

All right, that's all.


LANDON: What about you?

You had any bad dreams last night?

No. I-I barely slept.
Just a lot on my mind.

Yeah, same. Just got the first-day jitters.


So, has anything, um, come back to you yet

about our little amnesia trip?

I mean, this can't all be a coincidence, right?

Uh, you know, let's focus on one problem at a time, okay?

Okay, but, I mean,

can I at least help you solve this problem?

I can be a research assistant,

I'm CPR certified, and I know a little tai chi.

Landon, I know this isn't

what you want to hear, but the best way

that you can help is by evacuating.

Well, are you leaving?

No. I need to stay here.

Okay, then thanks, but I should probably get to class.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Yo, what-what is this?

You can't say these things about Big D, my man. Okay?

Like, the guy, you can't, you...

Is that my presentation?

Yo, just because you need to dry out

does not mean you need to take down the entire vampire canon.

Just because vampires have been like this for the last century

doesn't mean we have to stay that way.

What are you...?

MG, what...?

Dracula, as a novel, has only retained relevance

in modern times because of our patriarchal culture's obsession

with the idea of a privileged, powerful man

who does absolutely what he wants with absolute impunity.

Meaning we've spent weeks in this class

analyzing the literary value of a character who basically

abuses consent in every way...

What is it, Mr. Kirby?

I think there's some kind of mistake.

I'm not... I don't think I'm supposed to be taking any tests.

It's my first day.

Of course you're supposed to take an exam.

If you don't pass, you're not allowed to stay.

But I haven't even started. I didn't know.

I suggest you produce answers

and not excuses.

Five minutes left, everyone.


I'm sorry. I need another pencil.

On the desk near the window.



This is a nightmare.

How do I wake up?

NIGHT HAG [ECHOING]: You know what you must do, Landon.

Bring it home.

- MG: ...because that is what we deserve as...

as the student body.

ALARIC [OVER P.A.]: The senior witch faculty has mixed together

a batch of energy herbs to help you stay awake.

So, for those of you who are not getting on the evacuation bus,

for lack of a better term,

please dose yourselves responsibly.

I'm gonna get sued.

Or hexed, at the very least.

You don't have to be so hard on yourself.

At my last school, the gym teacher was

dealing coke under the bleachers.

Oh, yeah, that only

makes me feel marginally better.

- Ow.
- HOPE: Hey, uh, hold still.

I'm almost done, okay?

Okay. What do you think she meant

when she said "bring it home"?

I'm guessing she means Malivore.

It seems her plan is

to torment us until we produce the urn.

Right. But if the Night Hag

is a monster that's trapped on the astral plane,

then how can she even physically take the urn anywhere?

Yeah, the book also says

the Night Hag can't affect our reality, but...

Rafael's welt and your hand seemed to prove that wrong.

When your research consists of fairy tales and urban legends,

sometimes the stories get twisted.

Human dragon, anyone?

Dorian might be busy with the evacuation,

but we'll figure this out.

When the Night Hag finds a way to get the urn,

we'll be there to stop it.

Well, at least it was a pretty memorable first day.

Yeah, and the Night Hag is likely just getting started.

You know, Landon, I really wish

you'd just evacuate with the others.

I worked so hard to get here.

If I run at the first sign of trouble, what's the point?

The point, Landon, is that we're trying to look after you.

Honestly, you two are taking better care of me

than anyone in my life ever has.

Course, I had to stab myself to get your attention.

You know, we're all good here.

I'm blowing this, aren't I?

You know, Landon,

sometimes the best thing for Hope is to just let her be Hope.

Stay busy.

She'll talk when she's ready.



Have something against the bag?

Yeah, I'm almost done here. [CHUCKLES]

I'll get out your way.

You know, no, actually, I could use a sparring partner.

If I don't punch someone, I'm gonna fall asleep.

Yeah. All right.

♪ I ran away with only ten bucks in my pocket... ♪

- You're being too gentle.
- I'm punching you

- with half my weight.
- Give me all of it.


- That's gonna hurt.
- No, it's not.

♪ So I kissed him on the neck and shot him dead ♪

♪ He's such an artist how he'd paint a broken promise ♪

♪ Now he's laying on the floor covered in red ♪

♪ Hey, and if I'm honest... ♪

Don't make me take you down.

I have no desire to be alpha here.

♪ When they come for me, oh, I'll be gone for miles... ♪

Hope. You good?

♪ And I'll think of you this way ♪

♪ To your favorite song ♪

♪ Catch me if you can... ♪



♪ Catch me if you can. ♪

- Damn, woman.


I'm really sorry about all the things that happened to you

in your life that made you so good at brawling,

but I really needed that just now.




I don't mean to get in your business, but...

be cool with Landon, okay?

I know him, and he's not gonna believe

that he's welcome here until he's about to graduate.

He's gonna be waiting on the other shoe to drop.

And look, if-if you're gonna drop that shoe,

all I ask is that you... you be gentle, okay?

What makes you think that there's another shoe?

Where we're from, there's always another shoe.

Sometimes it's-it's an actual shoe or...

a belt.

But you get the point.

Look, if you're cooling off on him,


But just don't lie to him.

I'm not cooling off on him.

Why have you been avoiding him?

Because there's a lot going on.

It couldn't hurt to be a little more honest about it.

- I'm being as honest as I can be.
- Yeah.

And somewhere still in that is a lie.

You've never lied to protect someone?

No, Hope. I haven't.

♪ ♪

LANDON: Dr. Saltzman.

"Dr. Saltzman, I have changed my mind.

"I've decided to take you up on your offer

and get the hell out with every other sane person here."

No, actually, I took your advice and I stayed busy,

and I think I found something.


Let's pretend for a second that the research isn't wrong.

Maybe the Night Hag can't hurt us in real life.

Maybe the Night Hag can't leave the astral plane

and get ahold of the urn, so maybe we are not dealing

- with a Night Hag.
- ALARIC: Well, if it walks like a Night Hag,

and talks like a Night Hag, what else could it be?

That's exactly what I was wondering, so then I started

going through all these books, and boom.

What's an Oneiroi?

It's a black-winged shapeshifting dream demon

from Greek mythology.

Yeah, of course he knows what it is. [CHUCKLES]

Why would one monster disguise itself as another monster?

The Oneiroi sounds freaky enough.

Because if we knew what it actually was...

We'd know how to stop it.

Hope, kiss him for me.

A black-winged what?

BOTH: Shapeshifting dream demon.

I know it sounds bad,

but now that we know what the creature is, we can fight it.

How the hell are we supposed to kill a dream demon?

Leave that part to me. But since I can't fall asleep

without compromising the location of the urn,

I need someone else to pull it out of the dream plane

and into our waking reality.

So, Freddy Krueger. Like I said.

Wait, how the hell are we supposed to do that?

MG: If it's anything like the movies,

we just grab and pull.

Yeah, okay. Is it too late to get on the, uh, evacuation bus?

No. I mean, I'm not gonna ask all of you to stay

for this, it has to be your choice.

I'm not leaving unless Hope does.

We already know the answer to that, so...

I'm not leaving Landon behind.

MG: I'm a founding member of the Super Squad,

so I can't bail.

Y'all gonna get yourselves killed.


But if MG stays,

I stay.

No child left behind.

In that case, it's naptime.


Hey, what are you doing?

What any rational, adult caretaker

of children should be doing.

We found out how to kill the Night Hag,

and now I'm taking the urn

as far away as possible to do just that.

But we already have a whole plan.

Yeah. A plan that puts you and your fellow students

- in the direct line of danger.
- I didn't even tell you

- where I hid the urn.
- Yeah, well, you didn't have to.

I found it, in the safe with the Mikaelson crest

that you built under the floorboards of your closet.

Like I said earlier, it is my job

to take care of all of you,

and that's exactly what I'm doing right now.

No, you're doing that thing that you do.

Waving your adult card around,

forgetting that it means you're a father of two.

You're fallible.

You're human. You can be killed.

I've also been kicking supernatural ass

longer than you've been alive.



- Hey, girls.

I'm guessing you're with your mother, taking your exams.

Hers are much harder than mine, so you're probably wishing

you'd stayed behind to fight the latest Malivore monster.

About that: I've done something very smart.

Or very dumb.

And if it doesn't work out,

you're gonna be really upset with me.

Just know that I love you both very much.

What'd you do to him?


He's so tired, he must've nodded off on his own.




Damn it.

Hey, man,

whatever you see in there, it's not real, okay?

Oh, I know. I've already faced my worst nightmares

in that cemetery, so bring it on, Hag.

HOPE: Landon, I don't think

- you should do this.
- No. Uh-uh. You don't get to

ignore me all day, then make decisions for me.

You're gonna be inside of a nightmare.

- Yeah.
- This monster

can get inside of your head,

- use your worst fears against you.
- Are you kidding?

My biggest fear was fitting in here.

[LAUGHS]: Now I'm a dream warrior.

Plus, I saved the day. Well, I... No, I found the plan that saved

the day. You're the one that's actually gonna save the day.

Which is so sexy, by the way.

I'm staying,

and I'm gonna help you stop this thing.

I don't know what it's gonna take to stop it.

But maybe there's one thing that you can do to help me.

[WHISPERING]: I need you to hide the urn.

Sweet dreams.


This is all just a bad dream.


You know what I need.

Rise and shine!




NARRATOR [OVER VIDEO]: Vampires are bad.

Vampires are evil.

Vampires are the scourge of the Earth.

Vampires are bad. Vampires are evil.

Vampires are the scourge of the Earth.

- Vampires are bad...

Vampires are evil.



Raf. Hey. Hey.

It's okay. I'm here now.

Get away, get away, get away.

Hey, it's okay. You can't hurt me.


It's okay.

I'm not afraid of hurting you.

I want to be with you.

Don't you want that, too?

I guess I already lived through my nightmare.

So screw you and your stupid test,

because none of this is real!


No, no, no!

I-I didn't.

I wasn't feeding. I-I swore off that.

NIGHT HAG [ECHOING]: It's who you are.

Look around.


NIGHT HAG: You defend your kind, yet still fear you are wrong.

- You are nothing. Nothing!


NIGHT HAG: Small spaces, Landon.

Getting smaller.


is all...


Fine. So be it.

I would never do this to Landon.

This isn't real.

You're not real!

But you wish it was,

and that makes you the worst kind of monster.



You know how to make

- your suffering stop.
- You're damn straight I do.


You know what you need to do to end this.

Bring me the urn.

You can drop the act.

Show me your face.


Your real face.


You know where it is.

Yeah. I know where it is.

You want the urn so bad?

Let's go get it. [SHOUTS]



- Hope.
- MG: Are we alive, dude?

- Did we win?
- Hey, is everybody okay?

You see any dead dream demons laying around?

♪ Oh... ♪

♪ Mama ♪

♪ ♪

♪ We're stopping at the green light, girl ♪

♪ Because I want to get your signal ♪

♪ No going at the green light, girl ♪

♪ Because I want to be with you now ♪

♪ You are my special... ♪

Did I tell Landon the wrong hiding place for the urn?

♪ You are my midnight, midnight, yeah ♪




I grabbed the monster, like MG said,

but I-I don't know if it worked.

And where is Hope?

RAFAEL: She was in my dream,

and then, I don't know, she was gone.


What's that?

Wait. Wh-What was Hope doing in your dream?


The usual, just being a badass.


Pretty much like that.


Stay back, guys, I got this. [GRUNTS]

♪ Oh... ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪



♪ She's all mine ♪

♪ Mine, mine ♪

♪ Oh... ♪

♪ Sugar. ♪

KALEB: Landon was right.

Sexy as hell.

♪ And now my favorite color is blue ♪

♪ ♪

♪ And now my favorite color is blue ♪

♪ ♪

♪ And now my favorite color is blue ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ And now my favorite color is blue. ♪


Great job tonight.


Are you okay?

You know, all day it feels like I've been waiting

for the other shoe to drop with you.

You know, uh, when Landon and I first met at Hector and Maria's?

He told me the story about this guy four towns over

who used to burn him with cigarettes for sport.

Yeah, I heard about that.

I felt this crazy need to protect him.

Even though I knew it wouldn't change anything.

So, one day I took a couple buses,

I knocked on that guy's door

and I beat the crap out of him.

I never told Landon about it, either.

I knew that he wouldn't want to be a part

of something like that.

So, what I said earlier about lying, I...

I was being a hypocrite.

Because when someone is as important

as Landon is to me,

I'll do what's best for him.

Even if that means having to lie.

But I'll also have to protect him

from being hurt in other ways, too.

So, you and I, we can't talk like this anymore.


That's one more monster down.

You two are now officially part of the Super Squad.


- You made it.

- Are you ready?
- What?


Oh, here we go. Yeah. He said it. Super Squad.

No one realer.

Never dreamed I'd be the one to be a dream killer.

It's like Salvatore's School meets "Thriller."

It tried to creep up on me, but it was sleeping on me.

Couldn't touch it, couldn't put my hand on.

And MG is the homie I can land on.

His girl Hope, I'm-a always take a chance on.

She killed a demon,

and I just killed the damn song.

- What?

- No, that's crazy.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yo, that's nuts. Hey, man, you can play.

That was clean. That was clean.

Okay, so when did you start playing the guitar?

- One second.
- What?


- Hey.
- Hi.

♪ Sit in the real sun ♪

♪ How can I make it ♪

♪ Go away... ♪

So I have this whole thing I need to say.

Is it cool if I say it?


♪ Working the easy ones, typical ♪

♪ All these boys... ♪

I've spent most of my life


and unsure.

I mean, even when you guys brought me back here,

it didn't get better, it got worse

because now I actually had something to lose.

And it didn't help that it felt

like you were avoiding me,

keeping things from me.

And then I fought a dream demon.

A creature who exists literally

to make me live out my worst fears, and I thought,

"What have I been so afraid of?"

If you want to change your mind about being with me,

change your mind.

'Cause I'm gonna work that much harder

to make you change it back.

If you need to lie to keep dream demons

from getting their claws on the urn,


If you need to keep secrets because you're burdened

with all the responsibilities no one else can handle,

all right then, keep your secrets.

♪ My love, my lover... ♪

It is my job to bust my ass

until you see me as someone to confide in.

♪ My lover... ♪

I'm not gonna be afraid of losing you anymore, Hope.

'Cause I'm gonna be the guy

who always fights to find you again.

♪ Say and do... ♪

Sorry. I'm done.

♪ For you. ♪



Tweaked your shoulder throwing me that bolt?

Tweaked my body driving it into a tree,

and I think I have a concussion.

Well, I hope you weren't planning

on going to sleep anytime soon.

Where did you end up hiding that?

In my dream you have

a safe tucked away under the floorboards in your closet.

You know, I couldn't fully decide on a new hiding spot,

so I just stashed it under my pillow.

- [CHUCKLES] Go figure.

Well, you were all very smart today,

while I fell asleep on the job.

You drove halfway across the country in three days,

cut yourself some slack.

We need a new plan.

We can't have % of the students

living at the Lockwood Mansion.

Well, I'm sure we'll think of something.

Hello, uh, Mrs. Maria Gonzales?


I'm with Child Protective Services.


- How can we help you?
- I have a few questions

for one of your older foster children, if he's around.

No, sorry.

Rafael was lucky to be adopted

by a wonderful family in Virginia.

Actually, I'm here to speak with Landon Kirby.

Uh, we've discovered some troubling

information about his birth parents.

Landon was also lucky to be adopted

by a wonderful family in Virginia.

I see.

Our records indicate that you're still receiving subsidy checks

for both those boys.

If they're no longer in your care, that's a felony.

Well, two felonies, each.

But I might be able

to hold off on reporting that accounting error

if there's more you could tell me

about Landon Kirby's whereabouts.

HECTOR: No, sorry.

He was lucky to be adopted by a wonderful family in...


I see.

You've said all you're able to say,


In that case, would you happen to have

any of this young man's belongings?

A journal, a letter,

or a photograph?

Why don't you come inside?

[LAUGHS SOFTLY] Delighted.