02x02 - This Year Will Be Different

Previously on Legacies ALARIC: Landon took a knife.

Now monsters that shouldn't exist have been coming after it ever since.

- LANDON: What's Malivore?

- HOPE: It's a hell dimension that consumes creatures and wipes their existence from the collective conscience.

Malivore's gonna rise unless I stop him.

Because once I toss myself into that pit, no one at school will remember me, including you.

This is the part where you tell me you're proud of me.

You know I'm proud of you.

Malivore doesn't want me here.

Malivore's trying to expel you.

Good luck, Clarke.

So how is the headmaster search going?

Caroline's narrowing it down.

If you have someone to help you be happy.

You send me back and I will destroy Hope Mikaelson.


Oh, crap.



Dissera Portus.

ETHAN: Aren't you a little short for a janitor?

It's nice to know I'm not the only one trying to hide out on the first day of school.

Oh, no, I-I wasn't hiding.

I-I was, um, uh, I was looking for the principal's office.

Well, you're in luck.

I'm new, too, but I'm pretty sure that's him right behind you.


I'm Principal Saltzman.

Who are you?

Everything you do, I want to do Everything you know, I want to know Talk about our secrets till the morning Then you let me try on all your clothes - What are you doing?

- Warrior two.

I thought you said yoga was karate for lazy people.

I did, but spending the summer with Mom opened my eyes to all kinds of new experiences.

Plus, since using that ascendant thingy is off the table, we agreed we'd stop worrying about all that future merge crap, right?


So I'm all about the present.

I have decided to be permanently open to any opportunity that comes my way.

This is my semester of yes.

And I am available for literally anything.



Well, this simply won't do.

Phantamogriphia Decorum.

Ah, much better.

Simple illusion spell, but appearances can be important, don't you think, Mr.


The faculty are waiting to meet you, Professor Vardemus.



Call me Headmaster.


I got it so bad But I guess I got it so damn good (SIGHS)

Um Excuse me.


Show a little respect.

This is the guy that killed Malivore.

- Oh, wow.

Did not know that.

- Crazy.

Yeah, man.

Go ahead.


Like honey when your lips press against mine STUDENT: Hey, Landon!

Can I get your autograph?

Uh, sure.

You're shakin' all these shivers down my spine I feel it for you So put your body right on mine No, no, don't make sense, it's irrational I feel it for you, I Like honey when your lips press against mine I feel it's true, I Hi.


So you're popular now.

Of course.

Why wouldn't I be?

Uh, too popular to still take me to dinner tonight?


We have to get the first date out of the way sometime, right?

Your eyes are bloodshot red That was a joke.


I'm excited.


Me, too.

Uh, do you know where your classes are?


On that.



You don't need this, then.

I will I'll see you at assembly.

- Yeah.


- Yeah.

Um Yeah.

- See you at assembly.

- Oh.





- Could we should we Okay.

I feel it for you.

No more hiding, bruh.

I have to wait for the timing to be right between Lizzie and me, and this stale blood is nasty, man.

Why'd we have to be the ones to get rid of Dr.

Saltzman's creepy skull fountain?

Just breathe through your mouth.

And, dude, the time is now, okay?

She's having a year of yes.

So get in there, be one of those yeses.

I mean, I I guess I could ask her on, like, a study date or something.


Ooh, the Old Mill.

- Why there?

- Are you for real?

You never heard of "Old Mill and chill"?


Well, look, you ask her on a study date there, I promise you she'll know what's up.



Oh, damn.

What-what are you doing?

- I breathed out of my nose.

- I specifically told you not to do that and you did that.

Let's Come on, let's go.

This school has survived a difficult year.

There were monsters and Triad, and frankly, the headmaster you trusted to keep you safe ended up putting you in more danger.


But this year will be different.

It's high time this place ran with a little discipline and order.

I expect you to work harder than ever before.

To be rigorous, to push yourselves.

To be perfect.

Because I believe every one of you is extraordinary.

The students in this room have the power to literally change the world.

To whom much is given, much is required, and I am requiring of you to be better than humans ever could.

Because the day is coming when we will step out of the shadows, when you will no longer hide yourselves.

Because the future is supernatural.

To that end, I would like to award our Salvatore Medal of Freedom to the student who single-handedly defeated Malivore, Mr.

Landon Kirby.


There you are.

Well done, young man.

ALARIC: You are a blank slate, Miss Hope Marshall.

Parents Tom and Kathleen.

No transcripts from your last school.

I think they must've just gotten packed away or something.

Like I said, we move around a lot.


Well, if you are gonna be here in Mystic Falls, you have to go to school.

Well, then I guess it's a good thing I'm here, right?


- Can I go now?

You know, I, uh (CLEARS THROAT)

I've got two daughters, and I know when they're not telling me something.

So, you know, if there's, uh, anything going wrong at home, you know, if you're in any trouble and you need to talk, just know I'm here to help, okay?

I'm fine.




MAYA: Boy problems?

Uh, yeah.

He's kind of a troll.

Oh, my God, say no more.

We'll fix you up and make him jealous.

I have an extra shirt in my locker, and I've got hair spray, lip gloss, and new eyeliner.



Thank you.

Weird question.

Um, by any chance, have you noticed a terrible smell coming from somewhere inside the school?

I think everyone has.


Teenage boys plus monster.

That's a special combo.




All right.

Okay, seriously.

Who are you?


Ah, okay.


I'm a a vampire hunter.

And I-I, I came across a creature.

What kind of creature?

A creature that's big enough to flip over an empty bus.

It's green, it's ugly and it smells absolutely terrible, so I'm going with a troll?

And it's hiding somewhere - inside the school.

- Uh-huh.

And how do you know that?

Because I wounded it.

It's nocturnal, so it hides out during the day.

I found a legend that says I just have to pierce it - through the heart - Listen, you're not doing anything.


You're just a kid.

If there's a monster in my school, - I'm gonna take care of it.

- No offense, but, um, I've been trying to kill this thing for over a week, and nothing's worked.

If you are a vampire hunter, then I'm sure you've heard of Alaric Saltzman?


- I know what I'm doing.

- Yeah.

You're very famous around here, but you're gonna need my help.

I have put kids in danger before.


And I'm not gonna make that mistake again.



Yes, of course, we'd love to have you try out for the team.

All are welcome.

But certainly, in the, uh, meantime, just go to class and (WHISPERS): stay there.

So you going out for kicker or are you just stalking me?


Stalking you?

I think it's pretty clear who's stalking who here.

Besides, if I went out, it'd be for QB1.


Hey, Lizzie.

We're gonna cast a persuasion spell to stop Tara from getting a pixie cut.

- Coming?

- Yes.


Uh, hey, Lizzie.


- Hey, Milton.


Um, would you want to go on a study date later with me?


At the Old Mill?

Uh, yes?


All right.

All right.

VARDEMUS: How does the existence of dragons and dryads and phoenixes change what we know about magical biology?

It could be the discovery of a lifetime.

He is such a pompous ass.


At least he hasn't tried to kill us all yet.

My dad wasn't trying to kill anyone.

He was (QUIETLY): Jo.

Never mind.

VARDEMUS: as to the magical origins of these species.



- There you are.


- Hey.

I made you a flat white.

Just how you like.

I already Oh, that's okay, that's okay.

- Look, I could still drink - No, no, you really don't have to.


Um, are you okay?

You kind of rocketed out of class earlier.

Um Yeah, it's just, with my dad not being here and us, it's, um, no, it's just a lot of change is all.

- It just kind of got to me.

- Well, we could, I mean, we can totally cancel dinner tonight, if you feel like we're moving too fast Do you think we're moving too fast?


Ab uh, no.

Not unless you do.

I n-no, I don't think so.


- Good.

- Good.


So - Dinner still?

- Yeah.



Um, sushi?



I love sushi.

Sushi it is.










Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and agree with your troll theory.

Yeah, well, it's nocturnal, so I figured I'd just make some artificial sunlight.

You didn't you didn't say you were also a witch.

Look, I'm just here to kill this monster.


Then I'll be on my way before this - gets any more complicated.

- MAYA: Um What is that?

The sound was just a busted water pipe.

- And then Dr.

Saltzman - Principal Saltzman.

My bad.

Principal Saltzman turned the water off and took care of everything.


Crazy first day, huh?


You can head back to class now.


Don't even think about it.

Uh Uh, hey, if he trusts you, so do I.

Uh, by the way, I don't usually do this.

I'm not trying take anyone's agency or anything, you know?

So, I got to jet.

I got a study date with some uh Uh, someone.

It could-it could be anybody, really.

Well, thanks for getting here so quickly.

I appreciate it.

Any time.

You're you'll always my headmaster.

So, uh, why aren't you headmaster of that other school anymore?

It's a long story.




Uh I'll be back once school lets out so we can clean up what's probably a dead troll.

You're really not fazed by any of this, are you?

I-I mean, I-I just think that the story that you told me, about the monsters and the scary black pit, just makes a lot of sense, I guess.

Um, look, I'm really glad to hear that it stopped.

I'm sorry that it's happening again.

It's not your fault.

Now that I know your cover story is a lie, I-I'm assuming Tom and Kathleen aren't real.


The school I used to work at, you'd be welcome there.

(CHUCKLES): Oh, um Yeah, that sounds amazing.

But I'm just passing through.

Hey, look, I, uh I don't really have access to that school's resources anymore, and I'm trying to give my daughters some space.

But if these monster attacks are starting up again, I could use the backup.

You know, I don't really have anyone else.

I work better alone.




This is so lame, universe.

I can't believe I got stood up by Milton Greasley.

This is what I get for assuming you'd send something amaz zing.


Uh, you must be new.

What is this place?

Oh, this is the Old Mill.

I mean, it's the only mill, but we all still call it the Old Mill for some reason.

I hope you're not here to chill.

I mean, I don't care either way.

What's your name?

I thought I knew all of the incoming students.

Oh, is this a school of some kind?

The Salvatore School.

Named after Damon and Stefan Salvatore, I guess.

But that was, like, a long time ago or whatever.

I see.

So, you're not a student?


Okay, well, then, who are you?


- Oh, are you okay?

Do you want to sit down?

No no!

No, I'm fine.

You should, you should keep your distance.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

That's not what I'm afraid of.

I'm sorry, I, uh I should go.

Uh, wait.

What's your name?


I'm Lizzie.

It's good to meet you, Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth" sounds too boring.

I don't think it sounds boring at all.

Lizzie, I am so sorry.

Your dad called, and I had Yeah, don't-don't worry about it.

You're not mad at me?

Not at all.

Hey, uh, I-I need to gather some spell ingredients for an assignment.

Uh, well, do you need company?

Uh, yeah, sure.

Why not?

ALARIC: There's, uh, something I want to ask.

You know, when we were fighting, how'd I know to throw that bolt to you?

It was like muscle memory.

We've fought together before, haven't we?

- What?

That seems totally impossible.

- Yeah, except I live in a world where a creature named Malivore can erase people from your memory.

I'll take that as a yes.

Even if I told you, it wouldn't change anything.


It wouldn't bring your memories back.

It would just be words.

Leaving will be easier if you don't know.

Well, then, don't leave.

You told me that the monster attacks had stopped, and then right when I show up, things start happening again.

I'm pretty sure I'm the reason.

So I can't stay and put all of you in danger.

HOPE: Um ALARIC: Okay so not a troll.

Lizzie, I had so much fun with you today.

And I know you had fun with me, too.

We have great chemistry, we're both single.

We should seize this opportunity and take our relationship to the next level.


What is that?

You're not recruiting her to your multi-level marketing company.

Come on, man, try again.

All right?

You know, just feel it.

Feel it.

You a'ight, Lizzie?

What the hell is that?

Come on, man.

Just how do you When you look at her, how do you really feel?

I feel like I know her, man.

All of her.

The good, the terrible, the bitchy, the funny, the fragile.

I know her favorite episode of her favorite TV show.

I know who she is when no one's watching.

I like all of it.

She deserves to be with someone who sees her for who she is.

Yeah, man.

Say that.


Just say that.

Okay, so if it's not a troll, then what else could it be?

I don't know.

But it's here.


- Question is, why?

- I'm not sure.

I mean, the pattern is that I wound it, and then it runs and hides from me.

So it must be sticking to the shadows, waiting for it to get dark.

Well, when the monsters came last time, they were always after something.

See if we can figure out what it's looking for.


LANDON: Are you sure you don't want my jacket?

I'm not cold.

Are you mad at me?



I don't really believe that.

Well, then, tell me what you want me to say.

I want you to say whether or not you had a good time at dinner, because it seemed like you were miserable the whole time.

- I mean, you didn't want dessert.

- I just don't feel good, can we just talk about it tomorrow?

No, you've been weird all day.

What changed?


I'm sorry.

I'm tired.


we had a bad date.


It happens.

I'm gonna go home, and I'm sure that everything's gonna be fine tomorrow.

LIZZIE: Ahsorum, dolusantum, infidictus.

Picture the face of the person, and then touch the map.

If they are found within its boundaries, the map will glow.


Next one.

SEBASTIAN: Hello, Elizabeth.

You again.

- Ah, you're a witch.

- Yeah.

And you are clearly something, because you've gotten past the magical defenses of this school twice now, so, your turn to answer.

What are you, exactly?

What were you looking for?


Um, this I I am just waiting for a friend.

Who's a guy.

And, um, he'll be any moment.


Um, you haven't answered any of my questions yet.

If you aren't a student, what are you doing here?

I came to see you.

'Cause I have a request.

Which is?

Stop looking for me.

- I'm not.

- You're drawn to me.

I can sense it.

I'm drawn to you, too, but you shouldn't let me get too close.

And why is that?

You seem like a nice girl, and, well, my life is shall we say complicated.

Goodbye, Elizabeth.

Um Oh, and by the way, I'm not sure who this friend is, but you shouldn't have to wait around for anyone.

It's 7:02, breaking all the rules Dance the boogie-woogie And let's fire up the booze 'Cause we die to live, we die to live (SNARLING)



The gun is on the floor 'cause we die to live We die to live We can go all night

- Till the morning light


And the mayor will be there, too Call the cops who got all the drugs And then send them home by noon Ica Oh, well, let it burn, let it burn (LAUGHING)

- Rebellious attitude


Your mama's got it, too We can't do nothing right When wrong it what we do

- 'Cause we die to live


We die to live We ain't got the time for a Christian lullaby When off goes the alarm And the house is going down We die to live, we die to live We could go all night - Till the morning light



Hey, ugly.



Let it burn Oh, let it burn, let it burn ALARIC: New theory.


- Yeah.

- Oh Well, let it burn, let it burn.




You think it's really a?



Let's get out of here.


Hey, Lizzie.

How'd the spell go?

You're not gonna believe this.

- I have something to tell you, too.

- Okay.

Well, me first, 'cause I want you to hear it from me.

So, that spell that you were helping me with earlier?

I know you probably don't want to hear this, but it was to help me find this mystery guy I've been looking for.

And I-I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I think I have a crush on him.

When I was in Europe, it was so amazing because nobody knew who I was.

I was just this brand-new person.

I could start over.

I wasn't "Crazy Lizzie.

" I was just me.

And when Sebastian looked at me today, I-I felt that way again.

He doesn't know anything about me.

I can start over.

So, thank you for helping.

I should've told you.

What are friends for?



What were you gonna say?

Uh, just that, uh it was really nice to see you happy today.

ALARIC: That was some nice work back there.


Surprising amount of overlap between troll and cyclops.

- Yeah, there really is.


- Yeah.

Look, I, uh, I know you're not gonna stay.


I crossed the last line Take it.

She shattered that land Be safe out there.

You're good at this, you know?

Monster hunting?

Helping kids.



You should keep the beard.

I could drink her away I hit the bottom, get carried away Oh, I can't stand up straight Hey.

Please take me home Hey.

We saw each other earlier, right?


Uh I was just out on a walk to clear my head.

Rough night?

Uh, yeah, actually, uh Relationship trouble.

Must be contagious.


You, too?


I'm with this really amazing girl, but all of a sudden, everything's super complicated.




Uh, old story, I guess, uh Fell for a guy who doesn't even know that I exist.


That's classic.


She is really great, but I just feel like I want it to be perfect, - and - Yeah.

and I want to be the perfect boyfriend, and she's trying to be the perfect girlfriend, and it was really effortless, but now it feels so off.

I don't know.

- Sorry.

- No, uh You know, um, a very smart boy once taught me that sometimes you have to be brave enough to be imperfect with people even if it's scary.



Please take me home Of course, you're gonna have to take your own advice and tell that boy of yours that you exist.



I don't know about that.


Lay me down, close the blinds I hope your night gets better.

- Thanks.

- This'll help.

Peanut butter blast, whipped cream on the bottom.

It's probably all melted by now, but, um Oh.

I don't even know why I ordered it.

I didn't have of it.

I didn't want a milkshake.

It just seemed Baby, please take me home I'm tired of running Thanks for listening.

Take me home Take me home Take me home Don't leave me out in the cold Someone please take me home.


JOSIE: Come in.

Loneliness Is at his senses I'm sorry.

We shouldn't even have gone out if you were getting sick.

I'm not sick.

I'm allergic to seaweed.

But sushi is, like, all seaweed.

And you ate it anyway?

- Why?

- Um because you seemed like you really wanted sushi.

I didn't want to be a problem on our first date.

- Why would that be a problem?

- Um Because I'm always the caretaker.

And today just really freaked me out because you didn't need me at all.

And if I'm not fixing problems, I have no idea where I belong in your life.

So I was stupid and I was jealous because I'm just afraid that there's no place for me.

And that's just how I am with boys, girls.

Apparently, I'm just always codependent and ridiculous.

Or you've just never been in a relationship where what you want matters.

Besides, you're not the only ridiculous one.

Pretty sure I'm a fraud.

I mean, everyone says I stopped Malivore, but all I did was wake up next to an empty pit.

I have no idea what happened, only that I'm not the hero they think I am.

I went along with it because it felt nice.

I enjoyed it.

I finally felt like I belonged here.


And most of all, um, I was doing it because I wanted to impress you.

I mean I mean, you're this all-powerful witch, and I wanted you to think that I was the kind of guy that could take care of you.

You're the kind of girl that deserves to be taken care of.

Every once in a while, at least.


Well, I don't want to be codependent.

I really don't.

But you should know that it's gonna take some time - for me to change.

- Yeah, you should know that I'm gonna do way too much and go over the top with big speeches and boyfriend gestures and try to make everything perfect and Did you just say "boyfriend"?

Yeah, I think I did.


And you got me, too You're just the thing I need.

Um My name's not Hope Marshall.

It's Hope Mikaelson.

I'm Klaus and Hayley's daughter.

And I know you don't remember this, but, um you're the closest thing I have to a father now.

And the entire world has forgotten that I exist, and the boy I love has moved on, so I have absolutely no idea what to do next.


It's okay.

We'll figure it out together.

I saw that little spell you cast on your classmate.

Next time, use the incantation prefix "Chronolos.

" It puts a delayed reaction on any spell.

That way, when it happens, you're long gone.

Harder to get caught.

You're a very powerful witch, Josie.

I'm creating a new magic curriculum for advanced students, invitation only.

I'd like you to be the first.

Offensive magic is a tool that has its place, but it requires discipline.

Speaking of discipline curfew begins in three minutes.