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01x02 - Pineapple
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♪ La, la, la ♪

♪ La ♪


♪ La ♪

♪ La ♪

♪ La... ♪

Come on in.


♪ La ♪

♪ La ♪

♪ La ♪


♪ La... ♪



Give it a break, man.

♪ La, la, la ♪

♪ La... ♪

I don't know what happened. I bought the fish food,

I've been feeding them three times a day.

Oh. That's way too much.

- It is?
- Yeah.

Once a day, max.

Just a sprinkle.


It is April , .

I'm with Homecoming client and fish expert Walter Cruz.

This is week two, session two.

- I finished that worksheet.
- Oh.

Yeah, I wasn't sure how to answer some of the questions,

- so I just...
- It's okay.

It's just to give me an idea of some of your experiences.



What is "Titanic Rising"?

(LAUGHS) Oh. It's just this funny story,

about this guy we used to mess with, Benji.

- Will you tell it to me?

He was this little guy, and he was obsessed with...

You know the movie Titanic?

Titanic? Yeah.

Okay, so that was Benji's number one favorite movie of all time.

I mean, he'd watch it over and over.

We'd literally have to listen to him fall asleep watching it.

One day, this guy Lesky

asks him what he thought of Titanic Rising.

And Benji was like, "What?"

And Lesky was like, "Well, the sequel to Titanic.

Titanic Rising."

And Benji's like, "What the f*ck are you talking about?"

And Lesky's like,

"Well, I really thought you would have seen it,

"seeing as how Titanic's your favorite movie.

It's got all the same characters but it's ten times as good."

You fellas had some time on your hands, it sounds like.

(LAUGHS): God.

I mean, we were so incredibly bored.

We'd spend all day locking up this one street,

just standing there,

getting yelled at by dudes in cars.

And you and Benji and Lesky were all detailed there?

Yeah, and Shrier, too.

Anyway, so... (CHUCKLES)

Benji chews on this all day, and that night, he gets online,

and he's in there an hour, maybe two hours.

Finally, he comes out and he says, "No way.

"There's nothing about that on the Internet.

No such thing as Titanic Rising."

And Lesky, all casually, just says, "Well, of course not.

It was an independent movie."

Wait, he bought that?

- He completely bought it.
- Oh, no.

Lesky had this whole line about how James Cameron had

self-funded the sequel so he could

work around the studio system,

but then the studio tried to suppress it

for copyright or whatever,

so it's hard to get your hands on.

It got really involved. There was a...

(LAUGHS) There was a mafia subplot.

You know, where the Italians are below deck,

and Jack and Rose have to foil them.

And there was tons of s*x. I mean, tons.

Jack was, Jack was f*cking this Polish teenager

down in steerage.

No, Jack loves Rose.

No, Rose is f*cking the captain.

She was literally f*cking the captain

when they hit the iceberg. This thing went on and on.

And so meanwhile, Benji is obsessively trying

to get himself a copy of this thing.

I mean, pleading with the guys down at the PX,

"Please, would you get me a copy of this movie?

It's called Titanic Rising."

And then Lesky got to them.

- You know, the guys at the PX.
- Oh, no.

And so Benji, he goes back in there and he asks for it again,

and they say, "Oh, Titanic Rising.

"Yeah, we can't get that anymore.

"It's too emotional for the soldiers.

It's too good."

(LAUGHS): That's so mean.


So did Benji figure it out?

- Yeah, Benji eventually...
- Did Lesky tell him?

No, Lesky died.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay, uh... (LAUGHS SOFTLY)

Makes the story a little sadder, I guess.

Yeah, Lesky died... let me think...

not too long after that.

Vehicle he was in rolled over an IED

couple months after that.

It was kind of annoying, actually.

You know, Benji kept asking about Titanic Rising

and eventually we just had to tell him

Lesky made the whole thing up.

We couldn't tell him anything else about it

because he was making the whole thing up.

It must have been hard, what happened to Lesky.

Well, yeah.

Want to talk about it?


Maybe later.




You're week two?

Yeah. Week two.

Do you ever hear ticking or squeezing sounds

- in your head after you run?
- No.

Any history of periodic sudden nausea?

Numbness in your limbs?

Excessive fatigue after eating or drinking?

No. What... what are these questions for?

They're on the form.

Okay, you're all set.

Can you send in the next one?

Yeah. Sure.

(SIGHS) All right, bro. You're up next.

Have a good night, you guys.

You, too. Have a good rest.

"Have a good rest"?


I was being polite.


(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Whatever, man.

- I'll see you at dinner.
- Yeah.

We'll have a nourishing repast, and then, to rest.

(FAINTLY): ♪ La... ♪

♪ ♪

♪ La... ♪


That's impressive.

You just took them?

Do you even know what they are?

No. Did you ask?

You think they'd tell us the truth?

I kind of do, yeah.

Are you gonna eat? It's good.

Ah. Delicious pineapple cobbler?

Man, they're laying it on thick.


The Florida thing.

Pineapple a Florida thing?


What... what do you mean?

That that's where we are. Florida.


How do you know that?

'Cause that's where the plane landed.

Right, and, uh, what airport in Florida did you land at?

It wasn't an airport. It was a base.

- Right. Me, too.
- Okay. So?

All right, so where did you go after that?

- They drove us straight here.
- Right, and on the way

you saw a sign that said, "Welcome to Florida."

Something like that?

- Well, no.
- Oh, you saw another road sign?

No? Anything like that said "Florida" on it?

Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

See, I don't.

No, I don't...

I don't remember seeing anything like that.

- Are you sure you did?

I mean, it looks like Florida, right?

Because of the f*cking palm trees? What does that mean?

There's palm trees in Florida.

Yeah, there's palm trees in Florida.

There's also palm trees in California

and Cuba and probably, I don't know,

the Philippines, all right? Lebanon.

Look, what are you trying to say, man?

Nothing. I'm just... I'm just saying, all right,

I'm pointing out that the only reason

we think we're in Florida

is because that's what they told us, right?

I mean, that's the only reason we have to believe that.

- If we're not in Florida, where are we?
- I don't know.

All right? That's my whole point.

See, why would they hide that from us?

Or they're not hiding it.

You're wrong and we are in Florida.

Oh, because I'm usually wrong?

When I feel like a situation could potentially be f*cked up?

No, you're not.

Because they've never lied to us before?

All right, uh...

- why don't we go for a walk?
- Yeah.

We'll go on a walk into town and we'll ask people

- what state we're in.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Let's go, uh, get a beer.

- I'm sure that'd be fine.
- We can leave whenever we want.

How do you know that?

I mean, someone told you that?

No, but of course we can.

No, no, if we are allowed, all that means is

they would've been expecting it.

All right? They would've planned for it.

- Don't be a f*cking moron.
- Oh, I'm being a moron?

All right, so what? You think this is just a place

where they want to help us out?

Where we can, like, take it easy a... and process sh1t?

I mean, does that make any sense?

Look, when's the last time anybody gave a f*ck about you?


All right, all the sh1t we've been through

when we were deployed, people gave a f*ck about you?

I gave a f*ck about you.

The guys in our unit gave a f*ck about you.

Yeah, and where are those guys, huh?

I mean, where is everybody? It's just you, just me.

We... we got picked for this really nice treatment

w... with palm trees and pineapples. Why?

Look, I'm not trying to dismiss what you're saying.

You can think whatever the f*ck you want, man,

but it's not gonna change the reality of what's happening.

What is happening? I mean, what the f*ck are you talking about?

- Nothing. All right? Whatever.
- No, seriously, man.

You've been here longer than me. You tell me.

- What's going on?
- Forget it, all right? I'm... I'm crazy.

You're not crazy.

Here, here. I'm on board, all right? Here.

Mmm, that's f*cking good.

What is that, pineapple?

- Jesus Christ.
- Oh, that's f*cking delicious. Yo!

Hey, you guys try this f*cking pineapple cobbler?

- Shrier.
- No, it's amazing. Here.

Look, it's good. Hey, look.

Open up. It's good. f*cking Florida food. There you go.

Shrier. Shrier!

- Hey, everybody listen up!
- Shrier!

Shut the f*ck up! Everybody, listen!

Who here thinks we're in Florida, huh?

Who here thinks any of this is f*cking real?

Mrs. Trotter?

Mrs. Trotter, honey, it's time to go!

Closing time, Mrs. Trotter.

Here we go. Hi. Closing time.

Oh. All right.

♪ I find a rose from you ♪

♪ Among my souvenirs ♪

♪ A few more ♪

♪ Tokens rest ♪

♪ Down in... ♪

- Hot date?
- Oh, you know me.

- What'd that guy want?
- Who?

- From your break.
- Oh, nothing.

He thought I was somebody else. See ya.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪



Hi. Uh, can I speak to Walter Cruz, please?

GLORIA: Who is this?

(CLEARS THROAT) My name is Thomas Carrasco.

I'm with the Department of Defense Office

of the Inspector General.

GLORIA: He left the military years ago.

CARRASCO: Yes, I'm aware.

I'm currently following up on a complaint, though,

regarding his status at the...

GLORIA: There's nothing to follow up on.

CARRASCO: Uh, I'm sorry. Who is this?

Who am I speaking to, please?

This is Gloria Morisseau.

Uh-huh. And you are... ?

- His mother.
- Oh. Hello.

And Wa... Walter isn't there at the moment or... ?


No, he isn't there or... ?

Listen, I need to go.

Wait. If you, if you could, could you...

maybe you could help me.

Um, your son was being treated at a program,

a Homecoming center?

A staff member reported

that he was being held there against his will.

Are you familiar with anything about that?


I spoke with the administrator, a Heidi Bergman,

and she... she didn't even recall working with your son,

so I'm just wondering if there's been some sort of mix-up?

Heidi Bergman said that?

- Yes. Does that not...
- No, it doesn't.

Ms. Morisseau, if you're trying to protect your son...

Protect him from what?

I'm, uh, I mean if he...

I'm just saying if he did something

- or something happened to him...
- Okay. Good-bye.



♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Hey. You hungry?

Not for that.

Did you stop by the pharmacy?

- Hon?
- Oh.

Um, no, my break kind of got sort of just crazy today.

- What, did Dara not show up?
- No, this guy came in.

- A guy?
- Mom, it wasn't like that.

He just, he was asking about my old job.

They want you back?

Mm-mm, no, it wasn't that.

Well, is that such a terrible idea?

Maybe you should give them a call,

see if they have anything available.

It's a big company, isn't it? Maybe there's...

All right, Mom, stop. Please. I'm sorry I brought it up.

I know it was challenging, that job,

but if you get a second chance to make it

- work down there...
- Mom, that's not what's happening.

They'll take you back. Wouldn't they?

I... if you just explain?

No, Mom, nobody wants me back, okay?

(SIGHS): Gosh.

He just asked me why I came back, and I said you fell.


Yeah, I said how you fell, and I had to come back

and take care of you, and I don't... I don't feel bad about it,

- I don't want you to.
- That's not why you came home, honey.

Okay, fine, whatever, that I came to keep you company

- and help out.
- No, Heidi.

You came back and then I fell.

That was two months later.

- No, it wasn't, Mom, because...
- Yes, it was.


Okay, then why did I come home, if it wasn't

- to take care of you?
- I don't know.

- You don't know.
- No.

You wouldn't tell me.


Oh, sorry.

Come on in. I'm just leaving.



I... I tracked down Heidi Bergman,

the listed admin from Homecoming?

Great. What's that?

The anonymous complaint from April ?

? Yeesh. Okay.

- Uh, subject Walter Cruz?
- Cruz. Right.

Okay. And?

And... (CLEARS THROAT) ... well, this Ms. Bergman said

she doesn't remember a Walter Cruz.

So nothing of note from her.

Well, no, um,

I found her behavior to be somewhat odd.

Somewhat vague.

- She's vaguely odd?
- No, ma'am.

Oddly vague.


So I placed a call to Cruz's last known residence.

What'd he say?

Well, he wasn't there, but I spoke to his mother.

Okay. What'd she say?

She said...

that there's nothing to follow up on.

I don't understand. So you're saying... ?

That there's...

... t... there's a reluctance.

Yeah, in both cases, a reticence,

- that I...
- So you want to elevate the complaint.

You're saying that there's validity?

Well, n... no.

But I... I do get the sense that there's...

It's a binary, Tom. We close it or we elevate it.

You found her oddly vague?

You want to elevate based on that?

So we close it.

Sorry, could I...

Oh. Sorry.


All right, you ready?

Christ, Stephen, we got to wait for a hose team!

Just jump when I say. It won't get us.


Hold your breath!

HEIDI: Yes, Shrier did lose his temper at dinner.

But I... I've just spoken with security,

and they say he's calmed down now.

I just wanted to keep you informed.

- Should I pause this?
- COLIN: Look, obviously,

there's some stuff we need to, uh, address here.

HEIDI: Well, let me talk to him.

I think he's got some other issues

that are coming into play.

He's week four?

HEIDI: Shrier? Yeah, week four.

(SIGHS) Okay, so that's not good.

He's highly agitated, he's paranoid.

HEIDI: Well, like I said,

we may need to treat Shrier

- more individually.
- No, no, no.

- What... what do you mean, "individually"?
- Well, yes,

because he seems to be struggling

- in specific...
- No, no, no. H... hang on.

No, look. Here's what we're gonna do, Heidi. Okay?

We're just gonna move Cruz out of Shrier's room.

I don't know what that was all about.

Well, we never set a firm policy on that, on... on housing,

- and there may be advantages...
- Firm pol... Did you just say

"firm policy"? Is that what you need, Heidi?

- A firm policy?
- (SIGHS) Well, I...

'Cause we're trying to do something new here, aren't we?

- Yes, but I just thought...
- Okay, you know, we're nimble.

We... we adapt. So instead of waiting

for this magical rulebook to appear,

how about we just apply, you know, common sense? Ooh.

I... I am trying to do that.

- This was a private conversation.
- Private?

The... the guy had a f*cking manic episode in the middle of dinner.

- I... well, I wouldn't say that.
- What do you mean?

You just told me ten seconds ago, he stood

on a f*cking table. Did he or didn't he?

No, he... he did, I just don't think

- we should overreact.
- Okay, Heidi, Heidi, Heidi.

Okay. Enough. That's... we're... we're done, okay?

H... here's what's gonna happen. Ready?

Walter Cruz goes back to his own room. That's it. Understood?

- Heidi?
- Yes. Understood.

Okay, and we keep Shrier confined for the night,

and if this type of response persists,

then we have him reassigned, okay?

W... we're so close to getting what we want. I can't have this guy

contaminating the whole project, okay?


I'm supposed to be in with the Lebensblut people right now,

nailing down the scale projections,

and instead, I'm dealing with this sh1t... f*ck...

- I know. I'm sorry, Colin.
- Don't apologize!

Just take those actions.

Thank you very much!


What are the odds, huh?

Yes? Do I know you?

No, sir, but I know you,

and I certainly know your work, Mr. Heidl.

It is truly an honor.

Colin Belfast, with Geist.




♪ ♪

♪ La, la ♪

♪ La, la, la ♪

♪ La, la, la, la... ♪

♪ La, la ♪

Hey. It's cool.

I'll be fine.

I'll see you at breakfast, all right?

♪ La... ♪

We're gonna lock this door tonight, okay?

SHRIER: This is your decision?

Who ordered this?

We're gonna keep this locked tonight.

♪ La ♪

♪ La, la... ♪

♪ ♪



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