01x06 - Take Me To The Hole

EVE: We know you're on the payroll, so you might as well start talking.

Frank said the organization calls themselves The Twelve.

One of the girls was called Oksana.

KENNY: Oksana Astonkova.
Fits the profile perfectly.

I know you're a psychopath.

She was in my house. She took my phone.

And she'll have the location of the safe house.

They found a male body on the site near where you picked up Frank.

EVE: There are three of them.
Someone is unaccounted for.

- Where is Nadia?
- Nadia is still alive.

Russia. You have to go there.


Okay. Your name is Natalia Popova.


Don't fiddle with that.

You're in because you stole some hats.


I am dangerous.

They were controversial hats.

When you're inside, you have to find a way to see the doctor.


That's important.

Say it back to me.

Why have you never tried to have s*x with me?

Stop doing that!

Is that for me?

This is a very important job for you.

It is... to protect you.

- I know you're nervous.
- I'm not nervous.

I know you're nervous.
But you don't have to be.

You go in, you find the doctor, kill Nadia, and come out.

And what if someone recognizes me?

They won't.

It's been years since you were here.

You will collect me afterwards?

I swear in my heart.

Just a few days... and I pick you up.

I don't need a few days.

I will see you tomorrow.





♪ Mama ♪

♪ I did something bad ♪

♪ Mama ♪


♪ I looked back ♪

♪ Mama ♪

♪ I made a mistake ♪

- ♪ Mama ♪

♪ I'm not myself ♪

♪ Mayday, mayday ♪

♪ I can hear the words you say ♪

♪ I hear them almost every day ♪

♪ Hush, little one, don't you cry ♪

♪ I'm always by your side ♪

♪ I hear a voice inside my head ♪

♪ Over and over and over again ♪

♪ If you play with fire, you'll get burned ♪

Enjoying this?

Oh, dear.










I want to see the doctor.

Could it be Oksana?

KENNY: No, we don't know where Oksana, um, Villanelle, is.

Her name is Nadia Kadomtseva.

Russian intelligence picked her up near Bletcham and took her out of the country.

Wait, hold on. Are we calling Villanelle Oksana now?

It's her real name.

So Nadia was the other assassin with Villanelle?

She's been taken to a prison outside Moscow.

The same one Villanelle was in three years ago.

What? Can we... Is there any chance we can speak to her?

She might know how to get to Villanelle.

If this girl is a lead to anything, it's The Twelve.

Can we go?

Well, there are some delicate strings I could pull.

Perhaps they're worth a tug.

All of us?

- I think...
- I'll let...

- I'll let you guys go on.
- ...I better stay here in case you need anything from the base.

Better not get in the way after last time.

- I'm better here.
- No, thanks.

Just you and me, then.

To Moscow.



- Are you smoking?
- Yep.

Are you allowed to in here?

Are you okay?


Wasn't he at Bill's funeral?


Look, I don't want to be the boring dick husband type.

I don't want to stand between you and what you want to do with your life but it is actually my job to stand in the way of something that puts it in danger.
- No, we're making progress.

Oh, good. Mm.

How many more people have to die before you complete this level?

- Wow!
- Yeah. Wow.

Why are you so angry?

I'm not angry, I'm scared!

I don't want to wake up to your face on one of those!

Damn it, I don't want to shout at you.

- No, I think you should.
- What?

- Shout at me. Come on.
- Why, to make you feel better?

No, do it to make you feel better!

It doesn't make me feel better!

You alive, at home, without scary ladies breaking into our house makes me feel better!
- She will keep breaking in and she will keep hurting people

until I catch her, okay?

I have to find her.
She wants me to find her.

Jesus! Do you want me to hold back your cape a little bit so you can go down on yourself a bit more?


You're not saving the world, honeybunch!

You're getting off on sniffing out a psycho!


You don't want that in your life.

Whatever that is.

Trust me.

It's okay. Um...

Let's just get a curry and forget that happened and go home and apologize with tea.

I can't.

I have a work thing.

What work...


CAROLYN: God, my bones come alive in this country.

Have you got any lip balm?

Flying dries my skin out something rotten.


Oh, uh, sorry, no.

What could The Twelve want?

Well, certainly rolling up to something.

I can feel it in my buttocks.

Me, too.


Nadia was at the same prison as Oksana at the same time.

She got an early release for good behavior.

What did she go in for?

Uh, drugs and GBH.

Looks like she just got mixed up with the wrong people.

Have you got any lipstick or anything moisturizing at all?

Uh, yeah.

It's a bit...

Oh, it's fine. Thanks.

How long have you known Vladimir?

Oh, beyond forever.

We've been counterparts for about years.

He'll pounce on us the moment we arrive.

Why would he give us access to Nadia?

Good old traditional tit for tat.

And when you say "tit"...

- It's an expression.
- Yeah, sorry.

Meaning I'll give him something in return.

Yes, I know. It was a joke.

It's a very English expression.

- What's the joke?
- No, I... It doesn't matter.

Hmm. Okay.

I just thought it was a very well-known expression.

Mm, that's rather good.

years in British intelligence, I just can't bring myself to book a good hotel.

I rather like the grubby ones.


Mm-hmm. Passport.

Ah, Vladimir.

The bar across the square in half an hour.

Told you.



Uh, do you think we've got time to change?

Uh, yeah, but you look great.

No, give me minutes.

We'll get a head start on the cocktails.



Hey, it's Niko.

Leave me a message, then text me to tell me you have

because I always forget to listen to them.



♪ If I loved you less, I'd be alive ♪

♪ If I loved you more ♪

♪ I'd fade away ♪

[GASPS] Oh, my God. What is this?

They've been making it for decades.

- Oh...
- Isn't it vicious!

Oh, God, I want of them.

Personal life?

Best not to have one.

Sorry, I should have told you that.

We can't help what we are.

Yes, we can.

I'm not very good at this sort of thing but... there are some people who are just simply going to do the thing they want to do because they know that, in the long run, it's better for everyone that it happens that way.

But that's hard.

For the individuals in their lives to swallow.

It's hard... for their families to understand.

But don't for one second forget that you're trying to make the world safer for everyone.

Not just...

- Niko.
- Niko.

I mean, they all die in the end anyway.

Turns out I am rather good at that.


Oh, God.




- Vladimir Betkin.
- Eve Polastri.

Pleased to meet you. Okay, okay.

So, am I in trouble, or do you want something I can never give you?

- Both.
- Oh, good.


I have an agent from the office joining.

- I don't want you...
- Off the leash?

- Wanting for anything.
- Aw.

Well, that's thoughtful of you.

Oh, I wish it could just be me, but America is keeping us on our toes.

You can trust this guy.

Who is it?

Oh, I think you may have heard of him.


My good associate, Konstantin Vasiliev.

- Good evening. Konstantin.
- Eve Polastri.

Mm. And look at you.

I wish I'd worn my lipstick too now.

Hello, you old ass.



It was a warm night.

No, it wasn't.

And it wasn't even a pool.

It was...

Where do frogs go?

- A pond?
- Yes, a pond!

It was a pond.

Thank you!


Very good. Very good.

Ohh. Okay...

Here she goes.

Why did you take Nadia Kadomtseva?


All right.

We know that this woman has been working as a sleeper agent for Russian intelligence in the UK.

- She is more of a friend.
- Oh.

Well, now she's rather friendly with us.

She told us that she was helping Frank Haleton with safe passage here to you.
Why did you want to talk to him?

He was relevant for a special investigation we had here.

We were sad we didn't get to speak to him.

Well, we did get to speak to him.

He gave us some information about an organization we believe is behind a number of assassinations.

Including your Victor Kedrin.

Is your investigation looking into that, too?

I thought so.

Right. Well, I believe rather extraordinarily that we're on the same side here.

Isn't that nice?

Do you have a name for this organization?

- Yes.
- What is it?

Just set up a meeting with Nadia tomorrow morning and we will give you the name and everything else we got from Frank.

- Just give us Nadia.
- It's not appropriate.

When Konstantin interview her, you can see for yourselves via video link.

Uh, no, I want to interview the girl with Eve.

And what is so special about Eve?

Another female operative broke into my house and attacked me.



What did she want?

- Dinner.


I believe Nadia knew this other operative, Oksana.

- And I know Oksana.
- Their conversations are something we can share with you too if you're interested.

I have to go.

One interview. But you go with them.

Oh, thanks, Vlad.

And you can trust that we will share anything that we find.

Oh, no, trust is not necessary, Carolyn.

We will record you.


I will pick you up tomorrow, then.



These drinks is vicious.



Oh, they hate that we know more than they do.

They just hate it.

Okay, well, good night.

Good night.

I don't like him.

Vlad's all right. Just wishes he was higher up the...

No. Konstantin. I don't like him.


All right.

Well, they're no more slippery than we are.

I suppose.

Are they old friends?


Good night.



I need to see the doctor. I think you broke my rib.



Wow, you are such a flirt.


You see? Look at that.

[WHISPERS] You are shameless.



How do I work in there?

I'll cook you dinner.

I can do crazy things with a carrot.

- Can you scrub potatoes?
- Yes.

You can scrub a toilet, then.

You just want to see me bending over.

- Aah!
- You know me so well.

I really need to see the doctor!




Do you speak English?


It's easier if you swizzle it.

- You've done this before?
- Oh, yes.

Have you been to the doctor here?

I have cancer and he has only seen me once.

You have to be actually dying to go.


Why are you here?

I stole some hats.

Why are you here?

I'm spontaneously violent.


We will be friends.




I'll be listening from the other room.


It's better with just the women.







We don't have much time, so I'm getting straight to the point.

My name is Carolyn Martens.

This is my colleague, Eve Polastri.

We're from the British Intelligence Service.

We want to ask you some questions about your recent trip to Bletcham.

We want to know anything you can tell us about who you're working for.

You may take some seconds to think what your terms are.

We don't have long, and we're not going to accept anything silly.

- Terms?
- What can we give you?

We can secure your release from this prison.

We can have you transported back to the UK, where you'll be protected.

If you give us information.

- I don't trust you.
- Fair enough.

We don't trust you either.

So how about we strike a deal?

You give us something now so that we can verify you.

If the information proves useful, then, in a few days, we'll have you removed from the prison.

We'll take you to the embassy and continue the interview there.

Who do you work for?

Tell us about Oksana.

Were you friends when you were here together?

Did you help her escape?

It was meant to be me.

- What was?
- He was meant to take me.

She wanted to meet him.

To be sure I was safe.

Because she loved me.

But she...

I don't know what she did to him, but he took her.

If you want to know about Oksana, you need to find...



The sound is not working in there.

Please carry on.

It's okay. He's with us.

We need to find who?

Who do we need to find?

Tell us.

Tell us.


You said it was a man.

Anna who?

The reason she was here in the beginning.

Nadia, Anna who?

Tell them.


- Do it.
- No.

Please, you are my friend now.

I will get sh1t for it.

No, I started it. I provoked you.

Say I told everyone you were a big tasty lady but your fanny smells.

There she is.
Come on, you giant ball sack.


♪ May the best man win ♪

- That was immoral.
- What?

Offering her something we can't give her.

You don't know what I'm able to offer her.

- I do.
- You certainly don't.

It doesn't matter. He won't do it.

Make it quick. People are asking why you're here.

Nadia's information. She won't give it up without immunity and safe passage back to the UK.

You are joking.

EVE: She has names. I know it.

What is the name of this organization?

The Twelve.

This is good for you, Vlad.
We'd have a lot more

if you let us get her out immediately.

- Trust me.

You lost me at "trust me." I am sorry.

I cannot sanction it and you know that.

You don't have the authority?

Do not test the limits of my authority, Carolyn, and I will not test yours.

I hope you appreciate our help so far.

We will look into everything from now and update you.

The girl stays in Russia.

What is the phrase in your country?

Don't be a smug asshole.

[LAUGHS] Yes, that's it.

He'll change his mind.

We just need to find something for him to nibble on.


Well...you were certainly committed to getting yourself in here.

Konstantin said you prefer English these days.

You look fresh... for a dead woman.

Do you remember the room they call The Hole?

- Vividly.
- Good.

When the job is complete, get yourself put into The Hole for : PM tomorrow.

If my memory serves me well, it won't be hard for you.

Konstantin will meet you.


The target is in Wing B, cell .

[SIGHS] I suppose I'm keeping this up my arse, hmm?

I'm not going to help you with that bit.



Say it.

- I don't like Vlad either.
- Oh. No, he's a good one.

Really? Then how can we convince him?

I mean, he's got to have something we can, you know, tug on, so to speak.

Leave him to me.

Let me tell you about Vlad.

In the ' s, a journalist called Mary Kenny was found tangled in the arms of a former cabinet member of the Ugandan government.

The Private Eye printed it.

And the phrase "Ugandan discussions" quickly took on a more illicit meaning.

Let's just say that Vlad and I had one or two "Ugandan discussions" ourselves.

I spent the whole time thinking it was some sort of honey trap.

He spent the whole time thinking the same.

Which, if anything, just made the whole thing more thrilling.

I know.

We're not the most obvious match.

But the man is extraordinarily...agile.

And now?


I discovered a little sort of plutonium plot...some years ago.

And the rumor mill thought he'd given me the information.

He hadn't, but I had to protect my source, so...

I let them believe it.

He's never forgiven me.

Hmm. Who was your source?


No one believed it wasn't Vlad.

Poor agile Vlad.


So you slept with them both.

God, I'm... I'm sorry I don't like your boyfriends.

I'm sorry you don't like your husband. [CHUCKLES]

- What?
- It's all right.

You can still love him.

For me...it was always the ones I liked the least I loved the most.

Maybe it was the fact that I loved them made me... dislike them so much.

Oh, dear. I'm bordering on the profound.



We're done today.
You just about held your nerve.


Hey. Kenny, it's me.
Have we found anything on Anna?

Hey. Yes.

She is the wife of the man Oksana murdered and, um...

- Castrated.
- Yes. Six years ago.

Okay. Um...

I also need you to look into any private correspondence between, uh, Konstantin Vasiliev...

V-A-S-I-L-I-E-V... a member of Russian intelligence here.

Anything on him at all.

And who?

Your mother.



No. Not now.




- Nyet.
- Uh, yes.

Give it to me.


- Give it to me now.
- No!


She wants to kill me.


Look what you did.


Oh, my God! Look what she did!

Be careful. She has a knife.


Aah! Aah!




Thank you for coming.

Excuse the meeting place.

It's right between my son's school and the office, so...

It's lovely.

Very... Russian.

Carolyn doesn't know you're here, does she?

I need Nadia.

I can't give her to you.

This organization murdered my colleague.

Oksana broke into my house, the home I share with my husband.

She didn't kill me.

She connected with me.

I believe she wants a way out of this thing.

Same as Nadia.

These are young women manipulated into this job.

Nadia means nothing to anyone in there.

Out here she could be the key to The Twelve.

Give her to us, and we will release your sleeper agent who helped Frank and, I swear, if we get a lead, it is yours to chase.

Yours to own. You can be the heroes.

I don't give a sh1t about that.

- I just want the girls.
- Why?

Because one of them is a little prick and she's keeping me up at night.

I don't care how you sleep.

You're wasting my time and yours.


I know it wasn't you...

...who told Carolyn about the plutonium.

I know who her source was.

And I can prove it.

He's one of yours.



Kenny, literally any correspondence.

E-mails, birthday cards.

And, you know, look everywhere.

Under her bed, her pillowcases.

I-I've got to come up with something.





Need a hand?

I can get us out of here.

I'm good. Thanks.

The British, they are helping me.

- Why?
- I'm going to give them everything.

You have something to give them?

What? Konstantin?

He's working with the British.

He's helping them get me out.

- What?
- She's going to help me.

She wants to help you, too.
She was asking about you.


Was it an Asian woman with amazing hair?


What did you tell her?

I could have shot you.

In England, I could have shot you, but I didn't.

What did you tell her?

I told her to speak to Anna.



- Are you going to kill me?
- Mm-hmm.



With this, I guess.

Please, I can get us both out.

I'm already out.

I'm just here for you.

Maybe we should hang you.


But I do have to be quick.



Take me to The Hole!


- Kenny...
- Is she with you?

No. Why? Have you spoken to her?

Kenny... Kenny, what have you found?

Are you alone?

Can you just... go to your room?


I found something from Konstantin.


Some letters.

What sort of letters?








Let me out! I did it!

Hey! I have a visitor. Let me out.





Let me out. Where is he?



Konstantin. He is coming.



Hey! Let me out!

Let me out! Let me out!


No, let me out!

Let me out!


Let me out!

No! Let me out!