01x03 - Episode 3


It's chubby chic.

The wedding's not really happening, is it?

- The wedding's off?

- No.

Ten minutes ago, you said you were engaged.

- EMMA: Well, it's not happening - MOTHER: I mean, I don't - because she's gay!

- Just stop interrupt (GULPING)

MOTHER: We're going.

David wanted to pop in and water the plants.

He's got such a toxic energy.

Dad's dead.


You sure it's true (SUCKS TEETH)

but convenient?

- Convenient that his dad died?

- Well Without her, you would have nothing.

You barely have me and You probably won't be here much longer.



- Mom?

- Did anything happen last night?

EMMA: Oh God.

I'm sorry, I don't feel safe when she does that.

Sally, let's go.


- That was incredible.

- Mm.

(WHISPERING): Did you like it when I toe-fucked you?

- Mm, yeah.

- Yeah.

- So tired.

- Yeah.

- I felt like I was, like - Pretty tired.

pushing my toe into a little wet shoe.

Tiny sticky shoe.


Little butterfly on your cheek.

- Yeah.

- Mm.

Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop-boo.

Big fat butterfly.

- Yeah, okay.


- Meet the scratchy beetle.



Hmm, that's so nice.

- I kind of like being still.

- Mm.


- Okay.


Buzzy Bee!

Maybe how about no more animals in my face for now?


- Okay.


Was I too much?

No, no.

I can't get enough of you.

You know, I miss you when you're asleep.

I miss you at work.

- I know.

- Can we Skype again tomorrow?

Um, it's really difficult for me because you know, I've got so much work on, and - It's no wonder you're tired.

- Yeah.

You know, if you want to go back to your place and get a change of clothes, that might be a good idea.

God, no.

I'm fine, honestly.

I, um, found a really cute pair of your knickers, actually.

'Cause I was, um turning mine inside out.

I have to tell you, it kind of just reaches a point where, you know Mm.

Well, normally, after two days, it's Well, yeah.


Mine yet really, really gloppy.

Like, you know, like, crusty and have big pooh stripes.

Oh, God.


In the sky the birds are pulling rain (ELEANOR HUFFS)

In your life a curse has got a name Makes you lie awake all through the night Hi, Nigel.

She's intoxicated by herself Nigel.

Every day she's seen with someone else EMMA: What are you looking at baby?

Mustard pillows?



KATE: Sally?

- KATE: Hi!

- DAN: Hi, Sal.


How are you?

- Hi.

I'm Dan.

Hi, nice to meet you.

- Hi.

I'm Emma.

Haven't seen you for ages.

You never answer your phone.

- I do.

How are you?

- I've been ringing you.

- Where have you been?

- Just here, in the shops.

DAN: Doug, I'm in furniture hell, mate.

How long did you stay at Wonky-Tonks?

- Is that Dan Barrow-Felfe?

- Yes, yes.

Oh, my God.

That's amazing.

- How do you know him?

- He's my husband?

Oh, God.

Well done.

So what's this about an engagement?


This ?

- Is David absolutely thrilled?

- It's good to see you.

We've got to We've got to go.


Um, I was wondering, can I be a real w*nk*r (LAUGHS)

and give you my show reel?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.



- Thank you.

- Are you an actress?

- Yeah.

Emma De Florentier.

- Nice name.

- Yeah.

I'm such a big, big fan.

- DAN: I'll check it out.

- SALLY: We have to go.

- Sorry?

- I've got an appointment.

- What appointment?

- The thing that I was talking to you about.


We should hang out!

It's so great to meet you guys.

- So good.

We've got to go.

- You've got amazing eyes.

DAN: I love you.

SALLY: We've really got to go.

- Stop it.

- KATE: Easy tiger.




Great minds.

I'm actually just trying to do a tiny bit of work, - and have a quiet little coffee, so - Oh.

Lovely to, lovely to see you, Eleanor.



Thank you.




Mmm, mmm.



You okay?

- Yeah.

Help yourself, by the way.

- I'm okay.

- I'm fine.

- No, I insist.



- I'm okay, yeah.


- Cake?

- No, thanks.

Okay, more for me.


You've pimped up your pimped up your ride.

Did I?

- Amazing.

- Just a bit of fun.

May I get the bill, please?



- Hey.



- Hey.

- Hi.

I just made lunch.

- Thank you.

- Little potatoes.

- My little baby potato.

- I've got to go to work.

Oh, honey, please don't go to work.

Why do you have to go to work?

- I'm gonna miss you.

- I've got to.

Oh, my God.


Emma, I've got to go to work now.

We can't do that.

What are you doing?

God, I just My phone Come on, I can't be late for work again, Emma.

I just really need to taste your pussy.

- I need to taste your pussy.

- Oh, my God.


Please, Em.

I can't be late for work.


- Oh, God.

Oh, it tastes like the sea.


- Em.


Oh, yeah.


- f*ck!

- Oh, yeah!

- Oh, sh1t!

- Yeah!

- f*ck.

- Oh, me, too.

f*ck, sh1t, sh1t, sh1t!

- f*ck.

- Yeah, yeah, you're coming!

Oh, my God!


It's f*cking 10:30!


- f*ck!

Emma, I've got to go.

- f*ck.

I'm really sorry.

- What the f*ck are you doing?

I'm really f*cking late for work.

EMMA: Jesus Christ, what is wrong with you?

sh1t, sh1t, sh1t.

- I'm so sorry, I've just - What is wrong with you?


I've got to SALLY: Ow!


- What?

- Did you just kick me?

What are you talking about?

- I've got to go.

- Why are you being so weird?

You're really scaring me.

We should get therapy.


Bounce I'm so sorry.


MICK: Ah, you've not missed much.

Just a load of desperate dads perving at the waitresses.

Nige' included.

Mind you, he's hit the jackpot, there, lucky sod.

- ELEANOR: Do you think?

- MICK: Yeah.

She looks very manly to me.

You should come to one of my keep fit sessions.

Maybe I will.


- Are you a widower?

- Oh, no.


- Just got one of them faces.

- Right.


You got a nice, big body, though.

Thank you very much.

- Should just tone up a bit.

- Yeah, sure.

Yeah, well, maybe I'll come to one of your classes.

- Yeah, you should.

- Yeah.

I mean, I've got good upper body strength, but, um, my legs are quite weak.

- Hmm.

- Um, withered.

Not withered, but quite - Do you lift much, Nigel?

- Lift?

- Yeah, actually lift.

- Uh, just things around the house.

So sorry, Deborah.

All the clocks at home are wrong.

Oh, yeah, right.

I suppose the dog ate your homework, as well.

Honestly, you're clearly not taking this promotion seriously at all, Sally.

Oh, no.

No, thanks.

Can I get one?

Thanks very much.


Glad you could make it.

Ha, ha, ha.

That's not funny.

Deborah just gave me a bollocking.

- Oh.

- Who's your new friend?

That's Roquette.

Yeah, she's a fitness instructor.

- Roquette.

- Yeah.

Like the leaf, you know, strong, peppery.

The French twist.

She does a bounce-back class for people coming out of relationships.

- Getting them back on the horse.

- Mm-hmm.

- This is the class.

- Oh, hi.

- Hi.

- Hello, there.

- NIGEL: That's for you.

- BOTH: Thank you.

- Cheers.

- Oh, cheers to you.

Yeah, you should come around.

You know, for some mac and cheese one night.

NIGEL: That sounds nice.


You can still eat nice food, but just Bounce it off?

- I bounce it off every morning.

- Yeah, me too.

Mum, I need a sh1t.

Little charmer, isn't he?

- She's fun.

- Yes.

Yeah, she is.

Full of beans.


Did I just I'd be a little bit careful.

- Why?

- Yeah, she looks very aggressive.

No, I mean, she's got a child.

ELEANOR: But you like kids, though, don't you, Nigel?

I love kids.

Me too.

Luckily, I, um, froze my eggs, so What about you, Mick?

Do you ever fancy kids?


If I did, it's not something I'd admit to.


BELINDA: Are you okay for drinks?

I would love, um, a cortado.

There's just water.

Um, so, why don't we start by you telling me a little bit about, um, what's going on for you at the moment.

- Um - Sorry, I can see that you've got a hot drink.

Oh, yes, no, that's an herbal tea that I made in my own time, so It's fine.

I think, um I don't think we really, um, need therapy.

Yeah, I mean, you know, everything's pretty good, really.

I think it's just teething problems.

And just mopping up a few sort of - Stains?

- Uh, yeah.


Emotional stains.



I feel like when I first met - Emma, you know, she was really attractive.

- Yeah.

Really fun.

Really, um smart.

And then, as the weeks went on, I think I saw another side of her - Sides of her that I really don't like, at all.

- Mm.

She actually she kicked me in the shin - when I was going to be late for work.

- Mm-hmm.

Sort of play, a playful ?

- Yeah.

- I didn't like it.

I mean, I don't remember it, but I'm sure it would've been a It was either, you know, when you get that reflex in the knee - Yes.

- EMMA: with a small hammer?

Or it was a playful tussle.

- Yeah.

- Like horseplay.

So it's about perception.

I imagine if it's new, there's a lot of Sally's body that you're wanting to really get your hands on, and explore.


There's no bit that I don't want to - Dig into.

- Dig into.

- Okay.

- But Sally just has some real kind of blocks about (CLEARS THROAT)

certain sexual things I'd like to do.

What sort of things?

I just really like exploring the body - using different parts of the body.

- Mm-hmm.

Just give me an example What sort of ?

Well, I was trying, to, um I don't know if you've heard of nose f*cking - Mm-hmm.

- EMMA: in the anus.

- Right.

- I tried that.

- BELINDA: And what happened?

- I'm sorry, I'm not very comfortable talking about this.

She just didn't really like it, um, or Mm-hmm.

And what was it, Sally, that you found difficult?

There's some tissues there if you want some.

I think it's partly she didn't know what was happening.

- Okay.

- I perhaps should have told her before.

- But that's not very spontaneous, so - Mm-hmm.

- Was it that, or ?

- Yeah, I found it frightening.


Okay, uh I only knew she was really frightened when she broke wind.

- Okay.

- SALLY: I really didn't like it.

You didn't like it?

I'd love it if she did that to me.

Would you consider that, Sally?


- No?

- I sort of almost tried - to make her do that.

- BELINDA: Popping around?

Well, I was just, I tried to sort of sit on you, didn't I, one morning.

Reversed myself onto her face, but Well, it's very sensitive of you to just start to try that out and gently um, encourage Sally.

I pretended I was looking for something - Right.

- on the bed, and just sort of - you know - Wiggled back.

And that wasn't something that you wanted to No.

I should have had a bath first, maybe, but Wonderful.


- You okay?

- BELINDA: Yeah, have a tissue.

- I'm fine.

- BELINDA: Are you sure?

- Yeah.

- Ba-ba-ba-da, ba-ba-ba-ba-dah Could you fill up my sippy cup?



Sorry if I'm a bit hyper.

Amazing weekend.

- Really?

- Yeah.

Me and Nigel.

Yeah, we went to this art exhibition.


He loves his cake.

That's me feeding him.

- SALLY: Yeah?

- ELEANOR: Yeah.


- You okay?

- Yeah.

I saw on David's Instagram that the engagement's on hold.

Which I suppose means off?

Honestly, ha Men!

Ba-ba-ba-da, ba-bi-da-ba Ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba - (CRASHING)

- Ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-di-da-ba It's okay.

It's fine.

Ba ba, ba-da ba ba SALLY: No, I mean, I do want you to meet her.

You know, she's my best friend.

EMMA: Is Dan definitely going to be there?

SALLY: Yeah, I'm sure.

EMMA: Okay, cool.

Do I look okay?




Oh, thank you.

- SALLY: Oh, hi.

- KATE: Darling.

- Aw, it's so nice to meet you properly.

- And you.

And you.

There you are.

Thank you for this.

That looks lovely.

Mm, it's quite expensive wine, so I hope it's nice.

Thank you, thank you.

Me loves me booze.

- ALL: Cheers.

- To new friends.

Yes, yes.

Oh, yeah.

So you're an actress?

- Yeah.

- And a musician.

- KATE: Wow.

- Yeah, I've actually, um - I've got my CD if you want to pop that on.

- Thank you.

It's my 14th album, but, um, yeah - Pop it on.

- Wow, I will do.


- Thank you.

- Yeah.


- I know Bryan Ferry really well.

- KATE: Do you?

Oh, should I get that?

It's boiling over.

Oh, God, thank you.

I'm sorry!

It's all just a bit much for me.

EMMA: Oh, my God, it's only pasta.

- Are you okay with that?

- No, I don't eat gluten, actually.

Uh, I've got I might have some gluten-free I don't like gluten-free stuff.

It's horrible.

It's really dry.

There's salad, and I'm sure we can we'll get you something, I'm sure.

- I could do a bit of this.

- SALLY: Lovely.

EMMA: That tomato was on the counter, just now.

- I'll cut up another one.

- Just a bit paranoid about salmonella and stuff.

- KATE: It's all very clean.

- EMMA: Do you have a cleaner?

- Yes, I do.

Yeah, yeah.

I just can't do everything.

- You try, though, don't you.

You know what, I do.

I do.

You know, I'm constantly, you know EMMA: What do you do?

Well, just, I'm a mom with the kids at the moment.

Um - Is that everything?

- Yeah.

Oh, my God.

Who is this?

- KATE: Molly.

You should really be in bed.

- DAN: Hey.

- EMMA: Hi.

- DAN: Why is Molly still up?

KATE: I was going to take her back to bed, but do you want to take her back to bed?

DAN: I'm so tired.

I've just got so much work on.

Do you mind?

Okay, fine.

I'll do it, then.

Will you just give them a bit of bruschetta or something?

Bruschetta, it is.

- KATE: I'll be a minute.

- SALLY: Good night.

- How are you doing?

- Really good.

- Good.

How are you?

- Yeah, good.

So what are you working on right now?

Doing a movie, and, um, yeah, with, um, Marion Cotillard.

Oh, I love Marion Cotillard.

Yeah, she really is the best.

She's amazing.

- So you're an actress.

- EMMA: Yeah.

- Yeah.


- I mean, I do lots of things, don't I.

Music, acting, dancing.

But yeah, acting's my biggie right now.

Anything I'd have seen?

You can probably name the most recent movies and I've been in them.

- Okay.

- But I'm sort of quite chameleon-esque.

So It's possible you won't recognize me.

DAN: Right.



I'm trying to think, my latest.

What's the last film you saw?

Um, Testament of Youth, which is, um - a wonderful film.

Have you seen it?

- Yeah, about the war?

Yeah, I was in that one.

- Who did you play in that?

- I actually played a male soldier.



Just 'cause I you know.

Why not?

- Right.


- EMMA: It's gender-ism.

- And so she's playing ?

- She's playing an autistic baker.

You got me at autistic baker.


- I mean, wow.

But I would love to be involved.


Yeah, well, I mean, it's kind of We've sort of finalized casting, so - That side is done.

- Things change.

Don't they, I mean Yeah, I mean, they can do.

They can.

And Marion, you just don't know if she's going to find it all too much.

- At her age.

- Yeah.


I mean Let's hope not.

But, um Are you guys good for food?

- Yeah.

- Well, no.

It's just, it's, um Unfortunately it's just pasta - This must be the kids' food.

- which I can't eat.

No, your wife seemed to think that was what we were having, but Kate!



What's happening with the food?

Is this ?

Well, who's the pasta for?

KATE: I'll be down in a minute!

Shall I go and see if she needs a ?

No, no, no, no.

She'll be fine.

- Cherry tomato?

- Please.

- Thank you.

Thanks, Dan.

- Sal?




KATE: So, Emma, where are you from?

Wow, 20 questions!


Um, kind of all over the place.

It's like a really eclectic upbringing.


All around Europe.

- Wow.

- I kind of I just don't really like to talk about it, actually.

- Sorry.

- Is it painful?

No, it's just that I've got really famous parents and I just - don't like to make a big deal out of it.

- Have you?


Well, my dad um, is was Oh, God.

It's Is Stanley Kubrick.

- KATE: What?

- Stanley f*cking Kubrick?

No f*cking way!

- Kind of adds up, right?

- DAN: Wow!

You didn't you didn't say that.

Yeah, I mean, sort of his brother, as well, 'cause my mum was never, you know, totally sure.

But, um Did he have a brother?

I thought he was, like, the classic only child.

No, no, no.

He did.

He did.

Yeah, it's really sad, actually, 'cause they kept the brother just locked away.

Um, they kept him down in the cellar of the house - Oh, f*ck.

- with a padlock, and they - He was kind of very deformed, very big.

- KATE: Oh, God.

He was, like, 40 stone, even as a child.

- Oh, f*ck.

- I think he had, like, extra limbs and stuff.

- Oh, f*ck.

- sh1t.

- EMMA: I know.

- KATE: sh1t.

They would just throw meat and dead rats under the door.

- DAN: Oh, f*ck.

- KATE: sh1t.

EMMA: I know.

I mean, my mum still slept with him.

You know, Stanley was the golden boy, and, um Derek was just, um not loved.

But Mum said it was a pity f*ck.


- Oh, sh1t.

- EMMA: I know, it's so sad.

- KATE: Sorry.

- Do you want me to go?

- KATE: No.

No, it's fine.

Not unless you're secretly lactating.

Oh, my God.

You breastfeed.

Yes, of course I do.


That will seriously ruin your tits.

Well, I think it's bit game-over on that one.

Isn't it, Dan?


Tits are tits, um?


EMMA: God bless her.

Must be so hard when you've had a kid to still to even feel attractive, let alone look it.

She looks so washed out.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

You look fine, but it must be really hard for you to sort of come home to that every night.

It's pretty full-on at the moment.

But we're in the bubble.

We're right in the bubble.

But yeah.

Do you work out, or ?


I mean, I try to, yeah.

What is it, Pilates, or ?

Um, I do Pilates.

I do rock climbing.

I mean, rock climbing, that's my thing.


That's my go-to.

It's like me and my parkour.

- You do parkour?


- Yeah.

I like to go into urban areas and just jump across really high buildings.

- Yeah.


- It's a big stress-buster for me.

That's cool.

So what is what is going on with you guys?

- I mean, we're friends, really, first and foremost, aren't we?

- Friends having s*x.

SALLY: Are you sure Kate's all right, because I could go up there EMMA: It's always the quiet ones.

Aw, you're so great.

I feel like we're really connecting.

Yeah, it's really good to meet you.

Also, I noticed you wear cowboy boots.

- Yeah.

I do.

- EMMA: That's amazing.

DAN: Oh, wow.

- EMMA: That's crazy!

- DAN: Kate hates them.

She's always, like, "not the f*cking cowboy boots.

" - EMMA: It's like, f*ck off.

- DAN: I f*cking love them.

I got given them I did a movie a couple of years ago and I got given them on that, and I just can't take them off.

- Same.

- That's insane.

This is one of the best dinners I've ever had.

It really is.

It's really good fun, it really is.

It's great.

I'm loving this.

I am f*cking loving this.

I really am.

- Is it hot in here?

Really hot.

- It is hot.

It is quite hot, yeah.



- Kate!

- KATE: What?

Could you turn the thermostat down?

We're baking down here.

- Kate!

- It's fine.

KATE: Don't tell Dan.

SALLY: So you like her?


She seems really Yeah, yeah, she is, I think.

Yeah, she's really She's so talented.

She makes these, um smoothies in the morning.

With like eight different vegetables.

In the beginning they made me really, really sick.

But I'm vomiting a lot less now, which is great.

- Really.

- They make you really buzzy for about 20 minutes.

And then this kind of wall of exhaustion hits, and you know, just floors me, but - You know, I feel good.

- Wow.

It's a purge thing.

She's really into detox.

You know, you've got to get all the old you out, and then replace it with vegetables.

- EMMA: Hey.

- Hey.

- Sorry, is it okay to come in?

- Come in.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Wow, so this is your little secret hideout place.

- Yeah.

- Have a sniff around.

- God, you've got so many incredible awards and stuff.

Yeah, my trinkets and my baubles.


What's this little wooden driftwood heart?

That was from the Congo.

Um, and they had this incredible film festival there.

They only have about a hundred people, but really good films.

Really special films.

- Cool.

- Yeah.

Is that, like, Congolese wood?

- It's Congalese wood, yeah, yeah.

- I love Congo.

- Yeah, if you've never been, go.

- Oh, I've been.

- Go.

- I've been.

- Well, go again, you know.

- Well, okay.

Oh, my God.

What's this?

DAN: Oh, wow.

My Damon hat.

That was given to me by Matt Damon.

- Really?

- Yeah, we did a musical together called The Orangutan.

It's about an orangutan who becomes a fireman.

And he gave it to me on the last day.

Look at this.


- Faster!

Faster, Damon, faster!


I mean, like, you literally were on a horse?

If you met him, you'd love him.

- Did you have s*x with him?

- No.

He's a filthy fucker, yeah.

Yeah, he really is.

- EMMA: I love humor.

- Yeah, me, too.

Big fan.

I've got to ask.

You've always been gay, right?

No, no.

I've been kind of everything, really.

- DAN: Okay.

- How about you?

- Well, you know, I've had my fun in the sun.

- Yeah?

But fun's over now?

- I hope not.

- MOLLY: Daddy!

Molly, sweetheart.

Go back to bed.

Come on.

It's okay.

Let me put her to bed.

I've no need for the Hall of Radiohead.

Why don't you have a little look-see at my show reel.

I think you might kind of like the, um DAN: I'm liking this already.


Night, Mobs.





EMMA: You seriously need to go to sleep, okay, sweetheart?

Got all those for later, okay?

There we go.



Sorry about that.

- Don't apologize.

- It's, um It's this Werner Herzog movie where he kept getting me to m*st*rb*t*.


Nice bod.

- Do you want to do some coke?

- Always.


I shouldn't.

I'm kind of NA, but what the f*ck?

Just a little fat one.

I should tell you I can sometimes get, like, - an uncontrollable chubby when I do coke.

- Really?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, I think I can handle that.


So what's, like, the weirdest kind of sexual thing you've ever done?

I once had a threesome where someone died.

- My God.

- Yeah.

- What happened?

- I was doing a shoot, and, um It was the boom girl and a lady from catering.

She was a little bit older.

And we, uh (CLEARS THROAT)

went back to my trailer and we were sort of getting at it.

And then the catering lady just went really, really quiet.

So we were carrying on.

We didn't know.

We just thought she just opted out.

And we realized she hadn't opted out.

She'd just died.

We didn't find out until the next day.

She had a stroke.


That's a story and a half.

I live with it everyday.


I know what you mean.

It kind of makes me really horny, too.


I just get an uncontrollable chubby on.

EMMA: Have you got one now?

- Something's brewing.


EMMA: You haven't even done it yet.


Give me four seconds.

- Really?

- Yeah.

Emma; What's that?

Is that your coke helmet?

It's my coke helmet.


- Don't make me laugh.

- EMMA: Just the facts.

Don't make me laugh.


MOLLY: What Da-Da do?

Molly, sweetheart.

Go back to bed.

Come on!

- Come on, Molly.

Daddy's - EMMA: Getting a chubby.

- DAN: Huh?



What's going on?

What is going on?

Just go to bed.

Man, she's really hyper.

Well, sorry.

I gave her some crack.


DAN: So what I want to know is what kind of stuff do you and Sal get up to?



Chubby's woken up.


- Seriously.

- Go back to bed, Chubby.

DAN: Wow.

But, um if I got a part in your movie, I could, like, tell you so much more detail, like, in between takes on set.


And leave me with my aching chubby.

Or if I got a really big part I wouldn't have to leave you with your aching chub.

- Ooh.

Threesome alert.

- Yeah.


- And you know, no one would need to die.


- MOLLY: Daddy!

- Jesus.

Molly, come on!

EMMA: I love this guitar.

It's really amazing.

Where'd you get it from?

DAN: I actually found it in - So cool.

- Yeah.

Can't stop travelin' Can't stop travelin' No.

Can't stop travelin' Travelin', travelin', travelin; DAN: Join in, Sal.

Life's like a javelin Thrown and unravelin' Can't stop travelin' - Travelin', travelin', travelin' - (SALLY TRIES TO JOIN IN)

Feel like a violin Play me a Oh, a travelin' Travelin', travelin', travelin' Can't stop travelin' My life's unravelin' Thrown like a javelin Travelin', travelin', travelin' - Travelin' - (SINGING OFF-KEY)

- You all right?

- Yeah, just tired.

Un-r-r-r-r-r-ravelin' Like a j-j-j-j-j-j-javelin - T-t-t-t-t-t-travelin' - SALLY: Emma.

- L-l-l-life is unravelin' - SALLY: Em.

I'm thrown like a javelin' Travelin', travelin', travelin' Em?

Ooh, ooh, ohh Emma.



- Sorry.

We should probably go.

- No.

The party just started.

- Come on.

- DAN: Come on.

Got some music.




WOMAN: I'm worried about you.


Can you not see how massively happy I am?

I'm having the time of my life.

EMMA: Dan actually said he wants me quite sort of sultry like I've just had a massive orgasm.

Yeah, well, I mean, bakers do have orgasms, I'm sure.

I just wondered if I could maybe have a bit of lip gloss or something.


I wonder if anyone will ever reach me.

- To float, to fly - DIRECTOR: Okay.


Sorry, what's going on with the baguette?

Oh, sorry, I was just doing the traditional folk walk.

It's something they do in the Pyrenees.