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01x05 - Episode 5
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What n now?



Oh, f*ck!


- DEBORAH: Well, it keeps happening.

The boozy breath, missing vital meetings, and I'm sure you've heard about that e-mail.

Now Jed's wife knows that I think she looks like a fat dwarf.

Sorry about that.

DEBORAH: Eleanor is absolutely looking like the best candidate for the promotion.

And without getting too personal, there are grave concerns that this new relationship you're in is just not the healthiest for you.

Since you've met this woman, you you've changed.

Your work's suffering.

It's going down the pan to be quite frank.

So, I'm putting you on a formal warning.

- What?

A formal warning?

- A formal warning, yes.


- God.

I mean, is Why, is ?

Do you have a problem with same-sex relationships?


God, absolutely not.

I'm not averse to them.

You know, in fact, I'm very much pro them.

Perhaps you weren't aware that I, myself, am a homosexual.

No, I wasn't.

I wasn't aware of that.


And I suppose, I always thought, perhaps, there was something between us.

Oh, okay.

Um I don't know if you recall that buttery spread launch in Cardiff.


I got the very distinct feeling you know when we were - Trapped in the hut?

- Trapped in the hut.

I don't know.

I thought something was going to happen between us.

So I was like, I don't know, a bit stunned when you chose Emma.

Okay, I see.

Um Well, I didn't exactly choose her, really, it just kind of happened.

So, you're, like, saying, like, in a parallel universe, that, you know?

Hmm Think so.

- NIGEL: Oh!

- I'm so sorry.


- It's quite hot.

- SALLY: I'm so sorry.

- Sexual assault.

- SALLY: Sorry.

- Trying to burn my pen1s off.

- SALLY: I'm really sorry, Nigel.

- Get some water on it.


I mean, you can hardly notice it.


What-What are you trying to do there?

- You get a wind off that?

- Are you trying to froth my groin?

- I would never do that, Nigel, never.

- Right.

It's, um it's not working.

Thanks, though.


You're always showing off about it, so I thought, worth a go.


Can I can I tell you something really weird?

- Swear you won't tell anyone?

- Yeah.

So basically, Deborah calls me into her office just now.

- Sort of, give me a bit of a talking to.

- Right.

She kind of ends up saying that we should be together.

- What?

- It's weird, isn't it?


I mean, not the worst idea in the world, but - weird.

- What?

- SALLY: What do you mean?

- NIGEL: Well You and her.

Right, yeah.

That's totally weird.

What did you think I meant?

- Yeah, that.

It's weird.

- SALLY: Yeah, it's so weird.


I really hope she doesn't fire me.

Look, I could come 'round, and we could go through the campaign - Really?

- if you like.

After work?


- Oh, that'd be brilliant.

- That would be so good.

- What about Thursday?

- sh1t, it's David.

Hey, David.

- I'll bring a laptop.

Yeah, I'm nearly there now.

I'm in the taxi.


Sorry, David.

I really don't have very long.

I'm in so much sh1t at work.

How are you, anyway?

Everything okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

I'm good, thanks.



You look You look well.

Sal, I've got some news.

I'm yeah.

I've met someone.

- Okay-okay.

- Yeah.


Do you remember Jemina from Uni?

- Big Jemima?

- Yeah.

Jemima Greg.

- We've reconnected.

- Didn't she have a rape thing?

Yeah, but she still denies it, and she's a Christian now.

Anyway turns out, she's always had a little flame for me.

- Really?

- Yeah.

Yeah, we're together.

Yeah, we're an item.

- Right.

- She's just lovely, Sal.

She's lost a lot of weight.

She's shed a lot of the extra pounds, so she looks lithe and sexy.

You know, she's helped me move on, and Made your hair grow?

-Well, it's not entirely natural.

Why is it gray?

She likes the salt-and-pepper s*x look.

It's more some salt, isn't it?

Well, it's, uh Yeah, she likes it.

And it's given me a sort of sexy boost in the bedroom, so, the bump is back and the bump is big.

Okay, is this why you asked to meet today, 'cause Yeah.

Things have moved quite fast because the real news is I'm gonna be a father.

- What?

- I'm a baby-maker, honey.

- Good.


- I've got it.

I'm virile.

- That's good.


- Yeah, she's just - Everything clicks.

- Oh, good.

And she's pregnant.

Yes, I know, and rampant!

It's like argh!

Yeah, very sexy.

I don't need to know that, I don't think.

Well, she's a sexy woman, I'm a sexy man, and that's how s*x things happen.

- It's good s*x.

- Great.

And it matters, so, yeah, so, um (SIGHS)

Anyway, we're probably gonna have to sell the house because she wants to move to Mauritius because she's big on squid, and loves her seafood.

So, what, I have to move out?

- Not immediately, but, you know - (HORN HONKS)

She's out there waiting in the car, so I better Yeah, she wasn't very pleased I was meeting with you, so.


- Yeah, I'll, uh I'll be in touch.


Can you Could you pick that up?

- Yeah, okay.






I'm sorry, Em, I just I just don't think I can keep doing this.

I don't think I can keep (SIGHS, SNIFFLES)

keep doing this.

We're not right for each other, I don't think.

We're just not right.

I'm sorry.

Okay, so Um, Sally, did you want to start today?

Um, yeah.

I feel very, very unhappy with Emma.

Just today?


All the All the time.



I think, you know, it's because she just keeps refusing food.

- BELINDA: Right.

- She's not sleeping.

SALLY: I'm not sleeping because you're still staring at me all night, and nudging me awake, and thrashing around and rolling really close to me, and I I'm having my sleep broken every single night.

Have you tried a warm, milky drink before bed?

I haven't tried that, no.

No, exactly.

That and a hot bath or sometimes I'll mash up a big 'nana for her, to try and fill up her tummy.

Sorry, I just I think it has something to do with David.

You know, he's met someone, he's having a baby.

He's making me think maybe I did the wrong thing.

I don't know.

One of your many problems, Sally, is that, you know, you're not trusting your instincts, are you?

You were unhappy with David, you left him for this wonderful lady, and now you're just not trusting that instinct.

What's happening for you?

I feel like my instinct is saying, "Get out," you know.

- SALLY: So what does that mean?

- Probably not your instincts.

No, it's probably not.

It's probably another part of your brain that's used to leaping to the negative.

Or it could be the constipation again.

It could be that.

I mean, that can make people moody, difficult.

- I'm not constipated.

- I'm surprised.

So much weird stuff's happened.

I found her with my best friend's husband, and he was passing a stool and m*st*rb*t*ng over her face at the same time.


- Oh, is that it?

- Yeah.


- EMMA: To put it into context, we were filming.

- I'm an actress, as you know - BELINDA: Yes, absolutely.

- I was replacing Marion Cotillard.

- Right.

And he wanted to do this thing, um, and sort of basically said - if I didn't do it, he would kill me.

- So you were coerced?

- Yes, he said he would literally have me killed.

- Right.

- So, very, very frightened - I didn't know that happened.


I just want a normal life, you know?

I want a family, and I just don't I think that means I've got to end it.

I'm sorry, but I want to have a baby.

- What about you, Emma?

- I would love to have a baby.

I just worry that having one might spoil the, sort of, magic of our relationship.

- I have got some issues - I know.

with you, I think.

I don't like Okay, we're not actually doing this today.

But I mean, it is good to get these things off your chest.

- Yeah, and, I mean, you're not perfect.


Um, there's a lot of things I could say about you - Mm.


- that I don't like.

- You know?

- Mm-hmm.

Or I actually hate.

- Okay.

- BELINDA: Yeah.

- But, you know, it's about making a fist of things - BELINDA: Yes.

and living with compromises, and we can have a baby.

We can make a fist of it.

Unless you start making decisions, Sally, Sally, Sally, um, you're going to end up a lonely old maid, and I say that with the greatest love and the greatest respect.

You know, bitter, lonely, dried-up old maid.

On your own, there'll be no one there, there'll be no child to love you, there'll be nobody, really, to love you.

I mean, you have a cat allergy, I know, so you can't even turn to those feline friends for comfort.

- Animals don't like her, generally, either.

- BELINDA: Right.



You know, sometimes in life, we need to make decisions in order that we truly live.

I mean, as T.


Eliot put it, "To live, or partly live.

" I mean, you want to live.

Don't you?

- Yeah.

- BELINDA: Are you sure?


Do you want to say, "I want to live"?

- I want to live.

- Do you want to look at Emma and say that?

I want to live.

Is that okay?

And, "I want to live and I want to have a baby.

" I want to live and I want to have a baby, but I'm not sure if - EMMA: But with you.


I'm not sure if in brackets BELINDA: Do you want to just try how it feels because sometimes we're just frightened, and once we say these things, the world opens up.

So just try as an exercise, to say to Emma - I don't want that, I'm not sure.

- Just try it, please?

"I want to live, and I want to have a baby, with you.

" Shall we just try that?

- I'm just, I'm not completely sure.

- Just give it a try.

I want to live, and I want to have a baby with you.

- BELINDA: Well done.

- SALLY: I don't - EMMA: That's great.

- That's lovely.

That's lovely.

It's wonderful when you get these amazing breakthroughs with people, and it's very valuable.

EMMA (SIGHS): I'm just so happy.


I'm just so glad that we've actually made a decision, you know?

I mean, I can't believe it, we're gonna have a baby!


I still feel a bit worried about the whole Dan thing.

Look, you've got to realize he's really mentally ill, you know?

He really is.

And I think he could sense, you know, that I'd been victimized during my childhood, so I was easy prey for him.

- Please don't punish me for that, you know.

- I'm sorry.

I've got so much love and I just want to pour it all into a little baby.

I know.

I'm sorry.

I'm a bit worried about the kick, though, as well.

God, you've got to stop holding onto stuff.

Seriously, Sal.

You know, this is why you're constipated all the time.

- I'm not, really, very often.

- You are.

You know, you're meant to go, like, I think it's four, between four and six times a day.

- Are you sure?

- Yeah.

Yeah, seriously.

That's the healthy way.

Our little Bring our little boy here.

He'll he'll sort of toddling about, climbing trees, and Boy.

It'd be a boy?


We'd have a gay boy.

It'd have to be gay?

Does it matter?


I mean, meet me halfway.

Come on.

How do you do that?

What do you mean?

Well, I mean, I guess we we look into gay donors, and I was actually, I was thinking of Matthew from the chemist.

- The old guy?

- Yeah.

He's HIV-positive, isn't he?

No, no.

He thought he was.

He thought he was.

He's just been very, very ill for about a year.

SALLY: And his thumbs, they're really flared.

I think that's really cruel.

You wouldn't love a baby with flared thumbs?

I didn't I didn't mean that.

I just I just think, does it have to be Matthew from the chemist?

EMMA: Look, we've met 14 donors today.

I mean, what are you looking for?

SALLY: I know.


I love you in this dress.

- Thank you.

- Your tits look amazing.



It's tiring, seeing all those guys.

- Isn't it?

- Mm.


- EMMA: Is this the last one?

SALLY: I hope so.

- NIGEL: Hi.

- Oh, hi.

- Hi.

Wow, you look gorgeous.

- SALLY: Thank you.

I thought we were gonna do some work.

- Yes.

- I called you, and you didn't answer, but - we arranged to.

- Oh, I'm so sorry.

I forgot.

Um Shall I come in or go, or ?

- Do you want to come in?

- I can go and we can do it another day.

No, no.

Come in.

Come in.

- Oh, okay.

- Yeah.

- Come and say hi to Emma.

- Okay.

- This is Emma.

This is Nigel.

- NIGEL: Hi.

- EMMA: Hi.

- Hi.

- Hi, Nigel.

Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.

- Nigel's, um, he's actually from work.

- Oh, so - SALLY: Would you like a drink?

- Oh, sure.


- There you go.

- What is this?

- It's wine.

- Is that okay?

Do you want a beer?


- No, I drink wine.

Thank you.

- EMMA: Cheers.

- This is nice.

- Good to see you.

Yeah, good to see you.

Work is crazy at the moment, so that's why, you know, this Yeah.

But you're up to this tonight.

You feel your energy.

Yeah, I mean, we probably need to get down to business soon.

- I'm not sure how long I've got.

- Wow, somebody's keen.


- EMMA: That's great.

EMMA: I mean, just to sort of, tell you how the evening's gonna work, basically, I always cook for the guests.

- Right.

- EMMA: It makes it a bit less clinical.

So, um risotto, a kind of tumbly salad thing with, like, just rockin' and little baby piccolo tomatoes.

- Great.

- And then garlic bread.

I normally do two pieces per person.

Well, I'm actually, I'm hungry, so Great.

Thank you very much.

I didn't expect to be eating.

You'll get it when you deserve it.

I mean, we should, you know, cut to the chase, and just - SALLY: Yeah, um - Cut to the chase.

So, we, um We wanted to ask you something.

- Sounds ominous.

- I know.

Um We've been looking around for a guy.

- Yeah, and it's just trying to find the right one, really.

- Yeah.

Um, somebody who might be a good fit for us.

So you're looking for a, um Yeah, it's finding the right right guy.

Things can get stale, can't they, between people, to maybe a bit It's not that.

It's not that with us, is it?

- NIGEL: No?

- We're so happy together.

NIGEL: Well, maybe that's what's great SALLY: I think you can reach a point where just two of you can feel a bit selfish?

Wow, this is I mean, I'm Obviously, I'm flattered, and, uh, I'd like to say, um, you know, of course, yes.

Um, it's something I've always, actually, I don't know if I should say this, but I've always dreamt about it.

- Really?

- I mean, what red-blooded man hasn't?

- Some guys are very scared of it.

- Yeah, not me.

It's always been on my bucket list, if you like.

- Oh, me, too.

That's so lovely.

- Really?


It's something that really has meant a lot to me all my life.

Yeah, it's been like a dream, almost.



SALLY: I think I just want that feeling of a little one growing inside me.

- Yeah.

- Right.

Well, hopefully not too little, but (LAUGHS)

So, uh wow.

That's really brilliant news, Nigel.

- I mean, we know each other from work.

- And we get on really well.

We get on well.

We're good friends, so that's And we get on really well.

Don't we?

I mean - Yeah.

- We love each other.

- I mean, we get on really well, don't we?

- We do, yeah.

So - We get on super well.

- We all get on well, so that's, uh Yeah, I don't know you, but I get on really, really well with Sally.

- Yeah, of course.

- I probably know her better than anybody.

- And we just get on really well, so.

- We do.

We certainly do.


Love you.

- I think yeah.

- Love you.

I love you, too.

EMMA: Just to say, I kind of want to wrap up our intent, so - Oh, yeah.


- Just get yourself ready in whichever way you need to.


Wow, I mean, I've never done this before, so I'm slightly nervous, but, uh excited.

If you guys want to start off, or I can start.

I think you need to get yourself ready.

Starting on my own?

I mean, I don't know.

Is that something - I think it's mostly gonna be on your own.

- Or I can watch for a bit.

Or you can watch.

- I don't want to watch you.

- I don't know No?

- No, thanks.

- Okay.

The things is, we really want to think about having the baby this year.

Don't we?

Yeah, 'cause, well, Sally has a lot of, um, cysts, ovarian cysts that - Well, I don't have that many.

- Quite a few, so - Two.

That's not that many.

- Yeah.

Um I think I'm not sure you were talking EMMA: It's quite a cluster when they looked on the scan.

I thought we were talking about something else but, um, I I think I thought you were asking something else.

I'm sorry, what did you think we were talking about?

Does it have to be tonight?

I mean, I'm up for helping out.

It does with the cysts, really, 'cause they used to burst every month into Sally's pants, so it's a kind of I'm up for it in principle.

Obviously, um uh EMMA: Yeah?

Sounds good?

So it's Sally's womb, with all her cysts and stuff to sort of contend with.

Hope there's room for the baby.

- There should be.

- And you're doing it this way because you don't want to go through conventional channels We don't need to.

We just want to go into the gay community and get a nice, big gay guy.

But I'm You're okay with the fact that I'm not actually gay?

- In any way?

- I had a fling with a guy once.

Moonlit romance, on a Greek holiday.

That sounds really gay.

That sounds fine.

I'm not sure how these things work.

Oh, it's just a cup and a baster.

- Is it?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

Um - Do you need any magazines, or ?

There's some pictures on the wall up there, but they're all of men.

- Sure.

- It's mostly bending over or their legs apart, - touching themselves.

- Sure.

'Cause we wallpapered the walls in men's anuses and stuff, and - Oh.

- Huge, erect cocks, but if that's not your - Is that gonna help?

- I can work with that.

- Do you want me to just, to show you where it is?

- Yeah, okay.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.



- Sally says you're in a band.

- She's amazing.


Um - I'm an actress, as well, and a model and a dancer.

- Wow.

- I work with animals, and - Impressive.

Anyway, really nice to meet you.

Thanks for your donation.

- You're welcome.

- I could get it boxed up for you to go if you want.

Um, no, I'm okay.

I'm still in the middle of it, so Anyway, I'm glad it worked out all right with the thing, so

- Uh, the thing?

- With the baster.


Oh, yeah, well, we didn't actually use it.



It's good.

- It works really well.

- With the baster?

- Mm-hmm.

- You said you just said you didn't use the baster.

I mean, the cup.

Was it?

I don't know.

I can't remember.

That's really weird.

The baster wasn't working, so It was compli It was really complicated.

And the instructions were in Arabic.

- I think we just thought - I have a baster.

Nature's baster, if you like.

- So we went that way.

- EMMA: Mm.


This is great risotto, by the way.



So you had s*x.

SALLY: Look, whatever happened, and honest, I can't remember what happened at all, but whatever it was, like, there was a reason for it and it wasn't to deliberately have an amazing time, and I, you know No, no.

It's just a bonus.

It happened, it was great.

I loved it.

I really, really loved it.

But it's over, so So, you're sitting here eating post-sex risotto, with your new boyfriend.

- Yum.

- Let's not be childish about it.

He's not my new boyfriend.

I think it's a bit rude, actually, to get someone over and have s*x with them and then just tell them to go.

It's just not what we agreed, really, is it?

I'm sorry.

At the beginning, it was just trying to get him ready.

How did you do that?

- Well, you don't really need the details, do you?

- I do.

Um we kissed, um, for a bit.

How long?

Five, eight minutes, something like that.

He took my top down.

EMMA: Where to?

Just underneath the breasts.

They were spilling over?

Yeah, they were spilling over the dress.

Did you suck her boobs?

I think I did.



- Yep.

- I suppose it was something.

EMMA: Carry on.

- Um, did I go down on you?

- Yeah.

I did.


It's been a while since I had a real pen1s in my mouth.

- That's nice.


- It was.

- Nice to remember.

- It's nice.

- Is that weird to say that?

- No.

No, it's nice.

Very nice.

I'm sorry.

The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you.

Well, you have.

I'm sorry.

Really vicious thing to do.

Vicious, sort of, deceitful thing to do.


It's okay.

I mean, it's just who you are, Sally.

What do you mean?

I think that's the thing with Sally, really.

You're just the type of person that leaves a sort of trail of destruction wherever you go.

I'm really sorry.

I thought David's dad actually hung himself.

- Oh, dear.

- It's probably Sally's fault.

- I don't think it was.

- I think it was 'cause he was so upset about Sally.

- I don't think it was.

- I'm sure that's not Sally's fault.

Well, that's what he said in his note.

- What note?

- He left a note.

I don't think it was my fault.

I mean, I'm sure that's not what the reason was.

I mean, whatever he wrote in his note was probably not He said the reason I'm killing myself is due to Sally and then there's a whole paragraph about why.


It's worth knowing what's your fault in life, I think.

It's worth knowing.

- Thank you.

- Yeah.

- Right, well - SALLY: I'm sorry.

I'm off to bed.



Oh, I should go, really.

That's, um that's very late.

It's too late to go.

Uh, well, I know.

I mean, I'm driving as well, so that's - You definitely shouldn't drive.

- No, you're right.

Um Maybe I should call a cab or something.

You can sleep here if you want.

- Yeah?

Is that okay?

- Yeah.

- Just in this room, or - Just here.


- Okay, great.

Thank you.

- And then - I shouldn't wake up Emma.

- Right.

So, maybe I don't know.

Maybe I should just stay here, as well.




To see age in a flower The dawn's a speeding up You know it'll hurt you Feel all of a sudden Inside and teary-eyed You knew it'd kill you Don't wear it out, it'll choke you to death In the city Take it off and forget Hello?



SALLY: Oh, my God.

- Emma, what happened?



Oh, I'm so sorry.

Why did you do it?

Because you f*cked someone else.


Doctor said I lost most of the blood in my body.

DOCTOR: Good morning.

Well, we've got her all sewn up like a jacket potato and good to go.

- Morning, Dr.


- DOCTOR: Morning.

A little bit weepy, aren't they?

- Yes, very painful.

- How are you feeling?

I'm just waiting for Belinda.

- Oh, is that mum?

- No, it's our therapist.

Oh, well, she hasn't been doing a very good job, I'm afraid.

Will Emma be sanctioned?

Are you feeling like you're going to be doing it again?

It really depends on Sally.

DOCTOR: All right.

So, Sally, are you going to be making her upset again?


I don't I didn't mean to.

She had s*x with someone else upstairs in our house whilst I was downstairs alone.

SALLY: We were trying for a baby, which we'd agreed to do.

We're a lesbian couple.

Well, yes.

I'm sure all this transgender confusion has probably been making you very depressed.

I'm not transgender.

- Right.

- I'm not either.


Oh, I've rushed back.

The plane has literally landed an hour ago.

It's a bit inconvenient, obviously, morning, to, uh Hello, doctor.

I mean, not ideal to cut a holiday short, but, um oh, goodness.

- Client comes first.

- Sorry, Belinda.

- Client comes first.

- I'm really sorry.

Client comes first.

I'm wondering whether a hysterectomy might not sort you out, or I could whip out the ovaries and leave the old wombat where it is.

'Cause it does tend to help stop the other organs from falling out to be honest.

She doesn't, um, have a womb.

There might still be some tendrils left.

- Hooks, and - DOCTOR: Bits and bobs.

You can take those out, if you want.

I don't care.

I'd whip 'em out, if I were you.

Why not?

Can't do any harm.

So, how How are you feeling?

I suppose the real thing for me is I just feel like I've just got nothing left to live for.

- Oh, dear.

- Do you think she should stay a bit longer?

Well, we don't really have the bed space, to be honest, so I wouldn't feel safe in here.


I'd think they'd try and stuff drugs and mobile phones up my anus - and try to rape me in the shower.

- DOCTOR: Yes.

But you can take compassionate leave, can't you, Sally, and care for Emma at home?

I'm literally about to lose my job.

I wouldn't be any trouble.


I'd just try and sip a little soup through a straw, and maybe have a plum and some maybe some crisps at the weekend, if you let me.

- Would you allow crisps?

- Yeah.

- Thank you.

- So let's talk about Emma.

I heard you say that you've got nothing left to live for.

Let's flick that 'round, let's turn it on its back and put it back up on its feet, and say, "All right.

I have got something to live for.

" What would that be?

I don't know.

I suppose feeling that Sally was even sorry for what she's done.

- I'm sorry.

So sorry.

- It sounds angry.

It sounds angry, doesn't it?

I mean, are you angry?

No, I'm just I'm really sorry.

I suppose I really need you to be here in, like, a real way.

Like, a big way, a long way.

- Okay.

- Like, an always way.

- BELINDA: Okay, Sally?

- DOCTOR: Sally?

I mean, can you offer that, do you think?

- Well, I mean, I - Sally?

- I mean, I - Sally.

- Sally.

- BELINDA: Can you do that?



I think what I'm trying to say is What?

Will you marry me?

Oh, God.

DOCTOR: It's a yes or no answer.

BELINDA: It is a yes or no.

It's quite straightforward.

- DOCTOR: Sally?

- SALLY: I Could I have a bit longer just to think about it?



- Why do you need longer?

This is a really big It's a really big decision.

'Tis a no-brainer when you literally hold someone else's life in your hands.


DOCTOR: Sally?

Is that a yes?

Is it?

- BELINDA: Is it a yes?

- DOCTOR: Is it?


- DOCTOR: Sally?

- EMMA: Is it?

A-ho-ho, yes!


Oh, gosh.

- Sorry.

- No one's ever said yes before.

You're up, you'll get down You're never running from this town And I think you said You'll never get anything Better than this 'Cause you're going 'round in circles And everyone knows you're trouble 'Cause you read it in a big book SALLY: I have to go on this work trip.

Otherwise, I'm gonna lose my job.

You put me in the hospital.

Please don't do it again.

Have a good trip.


DEBORAH: There's a bit of a cock-up with the rooms.

And somebody's gonna have to share.

Do you wanna splash about first while I watch a bit of telly?

Sally she's a conundrum.

I don't know what she wants.


EMMA: Do you think I'm doing the right thing to marry her?

I'm not certain it's what she wants.

And why do you think that?

'Cause she says she doesn't.

But apart from that?

N no reason.


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