01x08 - Donna Troy

[ROBIN] Previously on Titans...

Put your hands on this rendered flesh.


He says your birth mother is still alive.


He claims they've been holding her prisoner.

I'll go with you. If your mom's there, we'll find her.

Damn it!

[GAR] Public records show the facility is closed and abandoned.

Be stupid to back out now.

Once we're inside, we'd still be pretty heavily outnumbered.

- Gar!
- But I've faced worse.

Don't worry. He's just taking a little nap.

Please relax, Mr. Grayson.

I think you'll find it will go easier if you do.

What the f*ck is that?

- Where are they?
- Undergoing evaluation.

[MAN] We are but servants tasked with finding you.

[IN DEMONIC VOICE] I take it back.

Are you Angela?

Who are you?

Your daughter.

[MAN] You're coming with me, girl.

Right now!


It all has to end.

I've always wanted one of these.

I thought I heard Bruce talking to someone downstairs.


It's a Justice League thing.

I talked her into bringing me along.

I thought we could get into some trouble.

But I guess I missed all the fun.

Yeah, it's not fun.

It's the Joker.


Even Diana thinks that he's scary.

Bruce didn't want me there.

I went anyway.

Now I'm thinking he was right.

What happened?

A lot of people died.

[SIGHS HEAVILY] We couldn't save them.

I just feel like quitting.

I don't blame you.

You think he's gonna quit, too?


The Joker.


Bruce says the Joker kills people just because he can.

He's never gonna stop.

Damn it.

Why the hell do you always have to be right?

Because I'm older, smarter and prettier than you.

You and Bruce will stop him.

I know you will, because it's what you do.


You know, Bruce is good at a lot of things.

Not so much the pep talk.

Things get dark and you need someone to talk to, I'm always here.

After all...

Us sidekicks gotta stick together.



[YAWNS] Rach?


You sacred the sh1t out of me.

There's irony here.

You're aware it's, like, super early, right?

Yeah, I wanted to make breakfast.

I'll make the coffee.



- Dick and Kory.
- I know. Don't say it.

- You knew?
- Please.


Do you think it's like thinking about your parents?

I wouldn't know.

Good morning.

Hi, Mom.

Hi, baby.

I made breakfast.

I can see that.

Are you hungry?

In a minute.

Five years, you, uh, you couldn't forget how beautiful a sunrise can be.

Come here.

May I put my arm around you?

I'd like that. Very much.

- I, uh, can just...
- It's okay.

You care about my daughter, young man... A lot.

I have eyes, you know.

Do you want a hug?

- No, I'm good.
- Join us?

I'll stand.


You okay?

I can't stop thinking about the asylum.

You were talking in your sleep.

Anything revealing?

I'd tell you if I could understand a word you were saying.

This not-knowing- a-thing-about-myself thing is starting to get really f*cking old.

You going somewhere?

That asylum was home base for those freaks.

They won't be bothering Rachel anymore. She's safe now.

She's even got her mother back.

Maybe she can try to have a normal life.

But not you.

Is that it?


Being Robin doesn't work anymore.

But not being Robin doesn't work either.

At least not without some help.

Help you can't get here.


Well, maybe

once I remember who I am and

you figure out who you're going to be...

Maybe we...

Try it again sometime.


Couldn't hurt.

I can't tell you what passed for pancakes in that place, but...

They didn't resemble this.

My compliments to the chef.

Well, it was really mostly him.

- Look, Rachel...
- I was wondering...


Rachel has been explaining your situation to me.

I understand this place is on loan?


The owner didn't exactly give me permission to stay here, but...

I may have another option.

I have a house.

In Ohio. It's been in my...

Our family for decades.

I was hoping that you... we...

All of you are welcome there for as long as you want.

I have more than enough room, and it's the least I can do.

Although I do wonder what happens to your home when you've been locked away for five years.

Back taxes, ton of unopened mail, I imagine.

What did you have in your fridge?


This could be, like, our secret base. Oh! This is so cool, isn't it?


Isn't it, Dick?


[GAR] So, what? This is, like, the end of the team?

Technically, we were never really a team...

Oh, we were a team.

I'll see you all again sometime.


She'll be okay.

I'll get them all to the house safely, make sure there are no stragglers on our tail.

Then what?

Then I guess it's time to be Kory Anders.

And who is she?

Maybe whoever I want her to be.

Must be something to have no past.

Oh, yeah, it's something, all right.

I hope you find out who's inside of there, Dick Grayson.


You too, Kory Anders. Or whatever your actual name is.




You sure you're gonna be okay?

What do you think?


I quit.

Great to see you, too.

I'm late.

You coming or not?

I thought you already quit Batman.

Not Batman this time.

- Robin.
- Okay. What happened?

I couldn't get a handle on the violence. It was getting worse.

That's hard to imagine.

I know. I went cold turkey. Burned the suit.


That's dramatic. Mine's in the closet. Those things are expensive.

- So, how did you do it?
- Do what?

- Quit.
- I didn't quit.

I just... stopped.

How is that different?

You'll figure it out. Really.

The hardest part is that it just takes time.

You mind if I hang at your place a while?

I'm fine sleeping on the couch.

It's got your name on it.

Stay as long as you need...

As long as you've still got game.

- f*ck me.
- I'm waiting.

Oh, I've missed you, Boy Wonder.

[CHUCKLES] That's my favorite one.

All right, look. I've got a showing of some of my work later.

Why don't you come along and hang out with some fabulous, normal people?

- How does that sound?
- Great.

Too much?

Yeah, a little bit.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Why am I doubting this idea already?

[GAR] "No sugar added, vegan vanilla pudding.

Designed to appeal to those seeking a gluten-free, low-calorie dessert."

- Sounds healthy.
- Sounds disgusting.


I'll be right back.

- Three shots of bourbon. Run a tab.
- Yes, ma'am.

[GAR] Rach just texted. Her and Angela got seats up front.

- Let's go.
- Let's not.

This whole train thing sounded way funner this morning.

Those two need some time alone, don't you think?

You wanna play a game?

- Play with your phone.
- Sweet.

- Wow. All this is for you?
- Yep.

Some of the works were published online, but most of it's my personal stuff from when I traveled.

- This is really good.
- Don't sound so shocked.

- No, I mean it.
- Yeah, I know you do.

All right. There's some people I need to talk to.

You go ahead and mingle.


You know, have an interaction that's not agenda-driven?

- Conversation instead of an interrogation?
- Why?

You could use some work on your small talk.

I know how to make small talk.


- Sometimes you're confrontational.
- No, I'm not.

- Like right now.
- I am not.

Wow. That was adult.

I have to go be Donna Troy. You just try and enjoy yourself.


- Are, too.
- Am not.

I so got this.

What do you see when you stare at me?

Do I look like what you imagined?

It's okay.

You know, when you were born, I refused to let the nurses take you away from me.

You did?

They tried, but I insisted on having you in my arms at all times, just so I could keep looking at you.

What else?

Uh, let's see.

You never cried. Never.

You just looked at me with those big, serious eyes.

Kind of like you're doing right now.

It's okay. It was as if you wanted to ask me something, and I'd just look at you and I'd say, "Don't you worry, little girl, we'll have plenty of time to talk about this when you're bigger."

Only we didn't.

We lost so much time. So many years.

Was Melissa someone you knew?

She was my friend. My good friend.

Your father's people wanted to get their hands on you, and I knew they would never stop, no matter how far we ran.

So I asked her to take you.

I made her promise to disappear. No contact whatsoever.

And I made her swear that she would never tell you about me.

[VOICE BREAKS] It's the hardest thing I ever did in my life.

I'm so sorry.

Oh, Rachel, no. You have nothing to be sorry about.

I know you loved her, and she loved you. That's what I wanted.

I just wanted you to have a mom.

Those people that were after me, they worked for my father?

Yes. Your dad was very charismatic.

He recognized the power inside you at an early age, and he wanted to exploit it.

He built up a lot of followers.

A cult of personality, if you will.

Are either of you... like me? The things I can do...

You get that from him.

- Where is he now?
- He's gone, Rachel. Long time ago.

Those people who were chasing you, they were just some of his followers.

He can't hurt you anymore.

And now, thanks to your friends, neither can his people.

I never dreamed this could happen.

All those years in that awful place.

- But the hope of it kept me alive.
- The hope of what?

You're safe.

That one day, you and I would finally be safe.

Do you think Rachel's mad at me?

Why would she be mad at you?

At the asylum, when I attacked that guy, maybe I freaked her out.

Maybe it freaked you out.

How did it feel?


I didn't hate it.

Good. You shouldn't. It's a part of who you are.

- I killed him.
- He could've killed you.

Don't ever be ashamed of defending yourself.

When I'm the tiger, it's not completely me.

It's like I'm inside something controlling it, but it has control, too.

You and Rachel have something in common.

You're both learning how to control your abilities.

It creates a connection between you two.

- You wanna make out with her, don't you?
- What? No.

It's perfectly natural, kissing.

I'm not comfortable talking about this.

- You're getting agitated.
- Yeah. You think?


- Can I have that?
- Sure. Apparently, it helps.

Or not.


Stay here.

That's why I called.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- You have five seconds.
- To do what?

To tell me who the f*ck you are.

My name is Jerry.

Why were you looking at me?

I thought you were hot. Attractive. Sorry.

You're lying. You're with the people from the asylum.

- What?
- Where are the others?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't lie.

[STRANGLED VOICE] I can't breathe.


Get out.


She has an incredible eye, don't you think?

Yeah, and a killer left hook.


I've known her since we were kids.


No, her mom worked with my dad sometimes, so we ended up hanging out a lot.

I was there when she got her first camera.

- That's interesting. So...
- It was a Nikon F.

She must've burned through rolls of film in her first week.

That was before everything went digital, of course.

I still prefer analog myself. I mean, a pixel's a pixel, right?

And who doesn't like the ability to fabricate a chroma schematic?

- I mean, that's...
- [WOMAN] Paul.

Excuse me.

Thank you.

Who was that?

I wonder what the Penguin's doing right now.

How're you doing?

Make any new friends? Learn anything?

Well, I've had about of these bacon-wrapped dates.

Great. Look, I just... I got a text. It's a work thing.

- Someone I need to go meet right now.
- So, we're leaving?

Me, leaving. You, having fun. Seriously, Dick, just try to relax.

Let your hair down. Have a drink, have two.

Pretend you're with Bruce on a yacht.

I always got seasick.

That's why it's pretend.

I'll be back in less than an hour, okay?

- You want company?
- No, thank you.

Yeah, Agent Franklin? My name's Jerry Ridley, US Marshal.

The woman you got posted for the attack on those cops in Illinois...

I got her.



Am I supposed to feel numb?

How many have you had?

- Just one.

You should probably quit now.

[ANNOUNCER OVER P.A.]Ladies and gentlemen,

we have an obstruction on the track about a mile ahead.

Once we get that cleared, we'll be back on our way.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

What's wrong?

Probably just being paranoid.


Donna Troy.

- Graham Norris.
- Thank you for agreeing to meet.

My contact told me you can be trusted.

He never mentioned you'd be so beautiful.

My contact told me you'd say that.

Ground rules... No recording.

You can photograph the merchandise, but don't even think of pointing that camera at me.

Why did you agree to meet? It's a risky move.

I'm not afraid of taking a risk.

I've been working for a man named Andrew Ullman,

running his Cape Town operation.

He's recently decided to make some personnel changes.

So, I've recently decided to give him some unwanted publicity.

Let's see what you've got.

I shot most of these myself.

You can't really see from out there. Why don't you come inside?

I'm good.

You do know you're looking at well over half a million dollars' worth of merchandise here.

How do you get it past the inspectors?

You mean, how does Ullman do it.

Well, inspectors don't get paid much here or abroad.

Some of them need money quite badly.

I mean, you know, their houses burn down, their children require sudden medical attention.

So, Ullman gets arrested, and there goes your competition.

You'll corner the market.


Or your photographs will bring the whole trade tumbling down.

Who knows, really?

But then, what's life without a little risk?

Be honest, Ms. Troy.

Aren't you curious to know what it's like to relax in front of a fire, feeling the fur of a bear-skin rug all over your body?



Show Donna our star attraction.


The Chinese have a lucrative market in bear organs.

Some of them will pay a small fortune for the privilege to hunt this bear, and then sell it off for parts.


And how does that work, exactly?

Well, the bear's sedated, men are well armed, the outcome's not in question.

For you, sweetheart, it's on the house.

Go on. Have a shot.


The only thing I point at animals is my camera.

Well, in that case, you got what you came for.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Norris.

It's been a real education.

My pleasure, Donna. I'm sure we'll meet again.


Dick, what the hell are you doing here?

You were just gonna let him go?

I was doing my job.

Graham is one of a dozen poachers.

My photos would've shut down the whole operation from Chicago to Cape Town.

Now all I have is...

- That.
- One more off the streets.

You can go after the others one by one if you have to. I'll help you.

Graham likes me. If I can convince him that I wasn't a part of this...

You're still gonna let him go?


Take out your phone.

- My phone?
- Just do it.

- Donna.
- Now, take a picture.

- What're you doing?
- Just take a picture of both of us unconscious.

It's the button with the little camera on it.

- Yeah, I know how to...
- Then just do it. Take a bunch of 'em.


- You guys look good together.
- f*ck you.

You and me, we need to talk.

Now, please!

Why do I always feel like I'm in trouble with you?

Because you are in trouble.

- Am not.
- I can hear you...

- Bird boy.
- [CHUCKLES] Oh, that's my favorite one.

Man of action, is that it?

If it means not letting some evil piece of sh1t walk.

You're smarter than that. You know me.

You knew I had it under control. So, why jump in? Seriously.

I was worried. What if he got away?

But you knew he probably wouldn't,

- that I had a plan.
- But what if?

You know, when Diana took me in,

she showed me how to fill the hole that fire left in my life with love and with family.

That's just what the Amazons do.

They have a tradition of empowerment and self-discovery.

Bruce filled that hole in your life the only way he knew how.

With rage and violence.

Wonder Woman was born to protect the innocent.

Batman was created to punish the guilty.

But we're not them.

Neither one of us.

I didn't quit being Wonder Girl.

I just realized that I could do more good being Donna Troy.

Do you understand?

I'm trying to.

You'll never be a civilian, Dick.

You lost that chance the day you became Robin.

And you can't be Robin anymore, because for all the good he did, ultimately, he was an echo chamber for Bruce's pain...

And for yours.

You wanna go out there and kick bad-guy ass?

You wanna make sure there's not a chance, not a single chance, even one of them gets away?

Do it.

I won't be Batman.

Then don't.

Don't be Batman or Robin.

- Be something else. Someone else.
- Who?


Hell if I know.

But whoever you're gonna be...

I don't think you'll ever be much good at the small talk.

Maybe not.

There's worse qualities.

Why do you have to be right all the time?

Older, smarter, prettier.
You know the drill.

All right. Now, let me have your phone.

I can use those photos of me and Crocodile Dundee knocked out to prove I wasn't in the sh1t show that you just put on back there.



Why do you have pictures of letters in some offshoot of Sumerian on your cell phone?

That's not Sumerian. We searched every database.

I said "offshoot."

This alphabet has been lost for centuries.

We learned a little bit of it on Themyscira.

Hold on. Can you translate that?

I have some books.

[ANNOUNCER] Ladies and gentlemen, please remain seated.

We'll be stopping briefly and resuming our trip in just a few minutes.

Thank you.

Wake up. We have to find Angela and Rachel. Come on!

- Wanna tell me what's going on?
- Just keep moving.

- Where's Rachel?
- She went to the bathroom. Why?

- I need you to find Rachel...
- What's happening?

- ...and get them out of the train.
- The conductor...

Just do it.

- What're you gonna do?
- I'm fine. Just go.


We got her.


Get down on the ground!

Come on out with your hands up!

Not today.


- Kory said to meet down the road.
- We can't just leave her.

She said go, so we go. Pretty sure she can handle herself.

Come on. There's our ride.




- Do you wanna drive?
- If you don't mind.

- What exactly is this music?
- AC/DC.

Not bad.


[SOFTLY] Come on.


- What?
- Are you okay?

Something's wrong with me. My head.

What happened at the asylum, it just...

I don't know.

If your brain is hurt, maybe I can heal it

like I heal wounds.

It might even bring your memory back.

I don't think it works that way, Rachel.

Well, there's only one way to find out, right?

[KORY] Do you have any idea what you're doing?

- None.
- Okay. [CHUCKLES]

Yeah, let's give it a try.

And if anything starts to hurt, let me know.


- Can you check again?
- I did.

It's definitely a mission statement for your friend Kory, who's referred to by name or as Night or Starfire.

Look, these words often have a double meaning.

Like aloha or shalom, they can mean both "hello" and "goodbye."

It says here, "Her mission is to secure the Raven," which could mean "take control of" or "take care of."

Do you feel anything?


Maybe a little tingling, but...

Rachel, I don't think this...




"Take care of"?

Unless I'm reading this wrong...

Your friend Kory is here to kill Rachel.