01x11 - Dick Grayson

[GAR] Previously on Titans...

Is this her?

Oh, it's been such a long time, my child.

When she was brought to us, apparently Rachel was hiding from her father.

The young woman's fear was quite convincing.

Hey, you want my advice? Don't be Robin.

All those years Bruce was helping me?

He was turning me into a weapon.

You can't unlearn what he teaches you and you can't control it.

- Lights out, bitch!

- What's going on?
- You tried to kill Rachel.


Kory, stop! You're hurting her!


I have to go.

- Kory?
- I'm here.

I come from a planet called Tamaran.

Anything else coming back?

Rachel, sweetie, come on. You've gotta get up.

- [RACHEL] What is it?
- [ANGELA] It's Gar. He's sick. Come on.

He's dying! I can feel it.

Your father. He's stronger than you. He could save Gar.



My child.

This being was summoned to Earth to conceive a daughter.


Earth will be the first planet that he will cover in his darkness.

- Who's this?
- [DICK] Rachel's mother.

It's a family affair.

My friend is dying. Can you save him?


[RACHEL] Thank you.

[TRIGON] I'm finally home.

[DONNA] What the f*ck is going on?

It's right where the house should be.

Is it time to eat the world?

[TRIGON] Not until her heart breaks.

[KORY] Dick, wait!


You're gonna pay for that!
You've disturbed the beast!

There's no escape.
Nothing can save you now!



- Yay!
- Hey! Come here.

Mommy! Save me!


Hi! Oh, my gosh! You're soaking wet!

- So are you.
- It's all his fault, isn't it?

- No!
- Yeah!

Honey, now that I have you here,

Winter Shamrock or Mango Tango?

You don't wanna wait until we find out what it is?

Silly me. Here I thought we were having a human.


- Do less comedy. Seriously.
- I'm gonna do more comedy.

I don't wanna do the whole boy means blue, girl means pink thing again.

Besides, once we know what it is, we're gonna be so busy, we're not gonna have time to paint.

I want this whole room done and cleared out by this week.

- I want a sister.
- You do?

That's awesome, buddy, but sometimes we don't get to choose what we want.

We get what we get.

Whoa! Look out! Whoa!


Let me help you. What's the big rush? We still have a month to go.

Yeah. As long as I don't deliver early again.

If you keep dragging furniture around, you're gonna deliver right here on the floor.

[SCOFFS] Don't say that.

Did you give birth to me on the floor?

No, we had you in the hospital.

But you were early. And you did take nine hours.

But according to the nurses, it's no big deal, and I should consider myself lucky.

You know what your daddy did?

He helped me get your room ready three months early, so we didn't have to worry about anything.

I got a great idea.

Why don't I spend the afternoon painting these walls and getting the room set up?

[GASPS] That's an amazing idea! Your daddy's a genius.

- Right?

- You wanna go see who that is?
- FaceTime!

- Come on, let's go!
- Wait for me!


- Hey, animals!
- Hey, Johnny!

- Hey!
- We're mostly calling for Johnny.

So, did you get the gifts we sent?

Yes! The bunny lamp is so cute, it's disturbing, and it goes perfectly in the nursery.

- She almost broke it. I saved it.
- Of course you did, Dick.

Johnny... So, did you get the gift I got you?

- Yay!
- He loves it. He won't put it down.

Okay, so, what are we naming it?


Gar Junior? Little Gar? Or how about...

No, his name is Growly.

That's... Yeah. Creative.

Everything okay at college?

[GAR] Yeah! Nah, things are great.

We're four weeks in and Rachel hasn't been expelled yet, so...

Oh, yeah, and Gar hasn't been to class. So...


You guys are doing great. I'm really proud.

Hey, um, I know maybe it's a little early,

but it's getting very cold in Chicago.

Maybe we can come visit you guys for Thanksgiving?

- Yay!
- Yes! We'd love that.

One of you guys are gonna have to share the room with Johnny and Growly, and there's gonna be a new baby screaming all night long, but we'd love to have you.

Well, it's either that or Christmas, so you can choose which holiday you want Gar to ruin.

Totally up to you.

- We'll take both.
- Miss you guys.

- Miss you too, man.
- But mostly Johnny. Bye, Johnny!

- Bye!


They're so grown up now.

[EXHALES] I know. I still worry about Rachel, though.

She's doing good. She's doing great. She made it.

Yeah. I guess we all did.


Dad? There's somebody coming up the driveway.

Hey, bro. What's up?

- Jason?
- Been five years. Do I look different?

It must be the haircut. [CHUCKLES]

What are you doing here?

It's Batman.

He's in trouble.


- Do you want anything? Coffee, or...
- No, I'm okay.

This is really nice, man.

I knew you lived out here, had a family, but this...

Good for you, man.

- Jason, what happened?
- Ah, I was stupid. Totally my fault.

The Riddler and some guys were hitting jewelry stores late at night.

Batman and I staked one out, caught 'em coming in.

Should've gone down real simple, but I got too cocky. Big surprise.

Went straight for him. Thought I could take him down on my own.

You know how the Riddler never uses a gun?

Well, now he does. Bullet hit my T vertebra.

It's still there.


I'm sorry.

Gotham's gotten worse, man.

Way f*cking worse.

- Commissioner Gordon's dead.
- What?

Three days ago. It was the Joker, and it was bad.

Kept him alive for almost a week.

Texted pictures of what he was doing.

By the time Bruce figured out where he was, it was too late.

Never seen him look like that.

He's going to kill the Joker.

He would never do that.

- Bruce has a line he'll never cross.
- Things have changed, Dick.

First, Alfred dies, and then this, and now Commissioner Gordon.

It's like something inside of him just snapped.

Whatever was holding him together is gone.

[EXHALES] So why come here and tell me?

Because you're the real Robin, man.

Okay? You always were. Not me.

The truth is, he was never the same after you left.

Alfred said it.

Barbara said it. Even heard Superman say it once.

I just didn't wanna believe it, but it's true.

You were the only one he ever listened to.

Maybe the only one he ever cared about after his parents died.

You need to come back to Gotham and convince him not to do it.


I can't. I swore I'd never go back.

Besides, I haven't spoken to Bruce in years.

Dick, the whole thing with Tony Zucco...

Look, you know what he's going through.

If he does this, there's no coming back.

He's the only hero that Gotham has left.

The only one left with some sense of justice.

If he goes bad, the city goes down.

Dude... you're the only one that can save him.

If Bruce wants to do something, he's gonna do it.

We both know that.

He dresses up like a bat to fight crime. That works for him.

But this, this idea that I'm the only one who can save him is bullshit.

- Then, who?
- What?

Jim Gordon's dead. Alfred's dead. Barbara's missing.

He fell out with Superman years ago.

- He's alone.
- He's always alone.

Not when you're around.

How're you gonna feel if you don't at least try?

Bruce Wayne's not my responsibility.

I'm sorry.

Look... after the baby, if he still hasn't gotten his sh1t together, I'll go.


Chugga, chugga, choo-choo.
Chugga, chugga, choo-choo.

Chugga, chugga, choo-choo.
Chugga, chugga, choo-choo.

Chugga, chugga, choo-choo.
Chugga, chugga, choo-choo.

Chugga, chugga...

Feel it?


Growly wants to go with you.

- Go where, sweetie?
- To Gotham City.

- Wow. Eavesdropper!

- But Growly's your favorite.
- He'll protect you.


Look, honey, I know your relationship with Bruce is more than complicated.

And I know last time you saw each other, you said some things...

But he saved you, Dick.

What if you're the last person on Earth who can save him back?

- [SCOFFS] Baby, that's absurd.
- But what if?


- [MAN] Hey!

- Where to?
- Downtown.

I don't stop downtown.

- Midtown.
- I don't stop below th.

Uptown. Can you recommend a hotel?

Yeah. The Four Seasons Boston.
It's about four hours north of here.


Hey, Bruce. It's me.

I know it's been awhile, but, uh...

Anyway, I'm in Gotham. I wanna talk to you in person.

Let me know you got this, okay?




- Get out of the f*cking street!
- Come on, man, kill him!

Kill him, man!

[MAN] Hey! Hey!




I see what you mean about the bad part of town.

[DRIVER] Every part's a bad part.

[DRIVER] Jesus Christ.

[DRIVER LAUGHS] Good luck.

[DICK] Thank you.

Hey. You new in town, baby?


- May I help you?
- I need a room.

Of course. How many hours do you want?

I'm staying all night.

Oh, very good. Um...

Our rate is $ for the whole night.

And I'm afraid we only accept cash.

Will you be needing fresh sheets, sir?


That'll be an additional $ .



- Room . Third floor.
- Thank you.

Uh, the elevator's under repair.






[WOMAN] Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

- [BOB] Mary-Lou.
- [MARY-LOU] Morning, Bob. Sit right here.

[BOB] Thank you.

[MARY-LOU] Folks at the courthouse said you looked

mighty handsome in those new jeans.

[BOB] Oh, thanks, Mary-Lou.

[MARY-LOU] And especially in those boots

with the Lone Star stitched on 'em.

What the f*ck are we doing here, Growly?

You wanna go home?


Me, too.


[WOMAN] Yeah!

...creating chaos and taking the law into their own hands.

The previous commissioner, Jim Gordon,

kept a close relationship with various masked crime-fighters.

But that, in turn, attracted a wave of masked criminals, which ultimately cost him his life.

Tolerating vigilante justice is over.

The crime in this city is, and has always been, a police matter.

And the Gotham Police Department is more than able to meet those challenges.

So, as the new police commissioner, my first official act will be to permanently retire the Bat-Signal.



- Hey.
- Hey. Did you talk to him yet?

[DICK] No. He can be a little hard to track down at night.

- [JOHNNY] Mommy!
- Baby, I'll be right back!

What's going on? Is that Johnny?

Yes, he started throwing up about an hour after you left, and now he's got a really bad fever.

And now he won't let me out of his sight.

- [DICK] Did you call a doctor?
- Yes, I called the doctor.

[DICK] Sorry.

[EXHALES] I'm just trying to bring his fever down.

Sorry, I think I'm just feeling a little bit overwhelmed.

I wish you were here.


He misses you.

We miss you and Growly.

This is stupid. You know what?

I'm heading back to the airport.

It could be days before I track him down.


- Okay.
- [DICK] I'll check on flights.



Let me call you back.


[ OPERATOR] Gotham .
What's your emergency?

Domestic violence at the Hotel Montecito, room . Please hurry.



- [WOMAN] No!
- Hey! Open up!

[MAN] f*ck off!




I made the call. I got the room next door.

Los Angeles? What the hell are you doing here?

- I'm from here. Back for a visit.
- Who comes back to Gotham?

Sentimental, I guess.

[FEMALE DISPATCHER] All units requested.

Possible code at the corner of Chester and th.

All units, please respond. Code ...

- ?
- Yeah.

Special code for these goddamn masks.




[MAN] Go ahead.


[DICK] f*ck, Bruce.

You really did it.



- Do I know you?
- I don't know you.

Captain Frank Finney, Gotham Police.

What the f*ck are you doing skulking around my crime scene?

Detective Dick Grayson, LAPD.

I used to live here. I was just passing through.

You see anything?

If I were you, I'd have my guys check that building.

Really? Why?

Because that's the building he was thrown from. Not that one.

What makes you think that?

Position of the body, angle of impact.

Broken window's on the street side, not on the sidewalk side.

There's no fire escape on that building.

It's locked at night. No roof access.

- No one could get up there.
- The guy who threw him off could.


You talk like you know him.

If you do, that's information we could use.

We need anything that can help us bring him in easier.

Good luck.

- Hey, where are you going?
- Back to Los Angeles.

Why don't you stick around for a while, I might have a few more questions.

- I'm not a suspect.
- Hey, listen.

I've got a family to get back to.

I got family right here in Gotham.

This is my home.

Now, I got some maniac throwing guys off buildings.

I'd really appreciate your help.

Good night, Captain.

- Jesus! He's still alive!

You were saying?

There's someone I need to talk to.






Are you there?

Come on. I didn't come all this way to talk to a damn clock.


Okay, here's the thing. You got lucky tonight.

The Joker isn't dead.

Which means you're not a murderer.

I know what you're going through.

After Tony Zucco died, I felt empty.

And for a long time, I was in a dark place.

And I wouldn't wish that upon anyone, especially not you.

But then I found someone that needed me.

A kid. Sound familiar?

And that led me right back to...

Life, I guess.

Look, I know you're in a dark place, too, but you can make it out.

And for you, it's easier, because...

You haven't crossed the line. Not exactly. Not yet.

I wanna help you, Bruce, but you need to talk to me. Please.



- Joker?
- Mmm-hmm. You on the list?

Finney told me they brought him here. Said I could see him.


They say he's gonna live.


Heard you were in town. Didn't wanna miss the fun.

What're you doing here?

The bureau tends to take an interest in things like the murder of a police commissioner. But now this...

Do the feds know where you're from?

No, but I avoid the boys in the basement, just to be safe.

The real question is, what are you doing here?

Trying to make sure Batman doesn't go over the edge.

- [SCOFFS] Little too late for that.
- It could be a lot worse.

Why do you even care? You left all this behind a long time ago.

You burned your suit.
Why get involved now?

'Cause I might be the only person in the whole world who knows what he's going through.

If there's a chance I can save him, I'm gonna try.

And what if you can't save him?

Have you thought of that? If he lost his conscience, that's...

He never had a conscience.

He had a code. A sense of justice.

I was the one with the conscience.

Which means he slept at night, while I stared holes in the ceiling.

And look where that led you. A life you care about.

A wife, a kid. You chose the better life.

Go back to that.

Forget about being Batman's savior.

Maybe you're right.




[KORY] I got the hall, you take the SCU.

- [DICK] You're the one giving orders now?
- [KORY] Just do it.


Bruce! Wait!



You stupid bitch! What the f*ck did I say about using your phone?


- Hey!
- What are you f*cking gonna do?

Call the cops again?
They didn't do sh1t.





- Hey.
- He did it. He f*cking killed him.

- He killed the Joker.
- Oh, my God.

Yeah, even after I talked to him. He went out of his way.

It's like he did it just to spite me.

Hey, I'm about to start on the window frame. Yellow or green?

- Who's that?
- It's Hank. Let's do green.

- What's he doing there?
- He's helping me paint the nursery.

Jesus, Dawn. I've been gone one day.

I told you I'd do it when I got back.

He offered to help. I said yes.

Hey, you're almost out of beer, pal.

Might wanna stock up if you wanna keep the help happy.

- Hey. What is your problem?
- What do you think?

You know what? That's not fair.

I'm covered in paint, the air conditioning's out again,

and I've been up half the night with a sick kid.

You don't get to be mad at me.

I'm sorry. It's just...


I'm not having this conversation again.


I gotta get this. It's Kory.

Of course it is.



- [KORY] Dick?
- Hey, what's up?

You need to get down here.

I'm at Arkham Asylum, and it's bad.



Apparently, your old friend figured, "Why stop at the Joker?"

He didn't stop with the prisoners.

Guards, nurses...

They found the warden in his office.

His own family wouldn't recognize him.

This wasn't justice.

This was a massacre.

There's no saving him anymore. He can't be saved.

He has to be stopped.

[FINNEY] I know how hard this is for you, but believe me, you're making the right choice.

You're gonna save a lot of lives. You're gonna save his.

And I drive the operation.


If I believe you.

Okay, I'm listening.

- Bruce Wayne.
- Get the f*ck out of here.

Batman is Bruce Wayne.

Holy sh1t.

[DICK] Okay, listen up.

Before we begin, let me make this very clear.

This operation is a hard-target extraction.

We go in with full and overwhelming force, but our explicit goal is to bring in Batman, Bruce Wayne, alive.

Harrison, your demo team goes in first.

SWAT and sharpshooters will follow on my orders.

Agent Kory Anders will be liaising. Let's move!

[OFFICER] All right, you heard the man, let's go.


Our weapons are loaded with tranquilizing cartridges.

- Once he's down, we bring him out.
- He's not gonna go quietly.

We know what we're up against.

- He has no idea what he's up against.
- None.

- And, Kory...
- Let me guess. Don't kill him.

Yeah. That.





[MAN] Stand by for breach. Stand by for breach.



Move, move.

[MAN ] Charge one set.

[MAN ] Charge two set.

Okay, you're coming up to the western staircase.

I want you to go right past it, through to the living room.

But the blueprints indicate a false wall leading down to a subterranean structure, the Batcave.

[DICK] Yeah, that's what he's expecting.

Go in from the north.

There's a vertical accessway right behind the clock.

- To the living room! Let's go!
- Sir!


- Patch me through.
- [OFFICER] Copy that. Go ahead.

[DICK] Bruce.

It's Dick.

We're coming after you.

Pulling you out.

Please do not resist.

These are good men.

I don't wanna see anyone getting hurt, including you.


Let's end this.


- [OFFICER ] Get a light over here.
- [OFFICER ] I got nothing.

[OFFICER ] All clear here, sir.


I got no eyes on him.


- No.
- [OFFICER] Look out!



Finney, get the f*ck out of there, now!




[FINNEY] No, no, no!

[GRUNTS] No! No, please!








Kory, it's not gonna work. Get out of there! He's got a Cold Gun!



Take it down! Repeat, take it down!






Help, Robin...

Jesus, Bruce, you killed her.

This is what you've always wanted.

You wanted me to give in to the darkness, to become you.

Well, f*ck you, Bruce. You win.




Dick, please...

Talk to me.

Let him go!

This was not my doing. This was his.

I offered your friend a path that wound down many roads, but, ultimately, he chose his own way.

To embrace his darkness rather than deny its existence.

This was his struggle.

He tried to flee from who he is, from what he is.


I've released your friend from a terrible burden.

I love him as you do, because you do.

And with Trigon's blessing, he's part of the family now.

[DICK] Oh, Rachel...

It feels so good to be home.

You'll see. They'll all see.


[MAN] Get down!







No! No!

Please, don't hurt me.