01x01 - Falling in Love



Anne Juergens is cleaning up the kitchen, putting a few things into generic plastic containers, when her daughter, AMY, enters the back door, wearing the jacket to her band uniform, jeans, and carrying her French horn in the case.

ANNE - I'm happy you're home, I was worried that you had marched over a cliff or something. Your dad went back to the office, he dropped your sister off at a friend's house to do homework.

AMY - We had to go over a new formation for halftime.

ANNE - How many formations can you do in one halftime show? If that band director wants to do all those fancy precision drills that go on for hours and hours, he should go to North Korea. What is he, a communist?

AMY - I don't know. But the band is getting a lot better. *

ANNE - Great, great. It's just that...it's a lot of hours...To be marching. I love the music, I don't get the marching.

Amy exits, with French horn case, into the bathroom.

ANNE (calls after her) - I made pot roast. Your favorite


Amy opens the French horn case. Inside is a small crumpled brown paper bag.

ANNE (O.S.) - You know, I could call that Kim Jong-il wannabe and complain if you want. By the time you get home, you hardly have time to eat and do your homework, much less have any fun. You're only young once, you should have a little fun.

We see what's in the brown paper bag -- it's an early pregnancy test.


Anne watches the plate in the microwave spin, and spin, and spin, as the anticipation builds... The microwave signals with a "ping."


Standing in front of the mirror, Amy holds up the test stick. From her reaction, we know it's positive.




We see our wholesome but pregnant Amy walking down the hallway alone in a crowd of students. In contrast, a sexy sixteen-year-old, ADRIAN LEE, passes by her, holding onto a guy who is equally gorgeous and sexy, RICKY UNDERWOOD, the first percussionist in the high school band, better known as "the drummer." She's got two batons in her right hand, she's a majorette. Amy looks over her shoulder at them. Adrian's arm is around Ricky's waist, okay, lower than his waist, her thumb is parked in the left hip pocket of his blue jeans, which is holding two drum sticks.

Amy stops at her locker, as we focus on three fifteen-year old students walking together past her -- two guys and a gal, BEN BOYKEWICH, HENRY MILLER, and ALICE VALKO. The three have a freshman look about them. Alice and Henry are holding hands. They stop, lining up at three lockers. Henry nods to Ben. Ben looks down the hall.

A bouncy, beautiful blonde fifteen-year-old cheerleader, GRACE BOWMAN, passes by them going in the other direction. She is walking with a guy in a football jacket, JACK PAPPAS : tall, dark and very handsome for sixteen. Grace waves goodbye and blows Jack a kiss as he turns down another hallway. Ben and Henry have almost lost consciousness watching her until they feel Alice staring at them.

Amy is shuffling through her locker when her two best friends, LAUREN TREACY and MADISON COOPERSTEIN walk to either side of her and lean against the lockers. Lauren is fifteen, tall and sophisticated, very poised, she studies dance. Her hair is slicked back in a ponytail. Madison is shorter than the other two, cute, freckled face.

The noise of the hallway rises to a comfortable level.

MADISON (to Amy) - We saw him.

AMY - Who?


Amy draws a blank. Lauren looks at her.

LAUREN - Marc Molina.

Amy looks at them, still doesn't know.

MADISON - The new counselor. The new, single, delicious, counselor.

AMY - Oh.

Madison and Lauren exchange a look.

MADISON - Oh? That's it? You've got something more exciting than Marc Molina?

Amy looks at them.

AMY - I had s*x.

They both gasp, then like runners out of a gate, the words fly:

LAUREN - No you didn't!

MADISON - With who?

LAUREN - You couldn't have!

MADISON - How was it?

LAUREN - Impossible.

MADISON - Back to who.

Adrian is leaning up against a locker while Ricky, leaning on his right hand, is right in her face.

RICKY - So when are you going to quit teasing me, Adrian, I'm hurting here. The past two nights have almost killed me. I can't take the stop and go, especially the stop. She looks at him.

ADRIAN - Aw, that's too bad.

RICKY - No kidding, that's not good for a guy. It's unhealthy. Dangerous even. I heard of a guy who had to go to the hospital for that. Permanently damaged him, he's like sterile or something now.

ADRIAN - I told you I don't do it on the first date. Or the second.

RICKY - We've been out on more than a couple of dates.

ADRIAN - Just dropping by my house when my mother's not home is not a date.

RICKY - I'll take you somewhere, tonight's the third date.

She smiles.

ADRIAN - Fine then. Tonight.

RICKY - What time tonight?

ADRIAN - Any time you like.

GRACE (O.S.) (very close to them, and perky) - Hi.

They turn, it's Grace, the cheerleader. Adrian rolls her eyes.

ADRIAN - Hi Grace.

Ricky is suddenly not leaning toward or even looking at Adrian, he's looking at the cheerleader.

RICKY - That's a really nice name. Grace.

GRACE - Thank you.

She sees Adrian glare at Ricky, then Adrian turns to her.

ADRIAN - Can we help you with something?

GRACE - I'm sorry, I shouldn't have interrupted, I just saw the two of you over here and thought maybe you're going to the game together, and I wanted to invite you both over to the Youth Fellowship Hall at our church for a postgame celebration.

Adrian stares at her, is she kidding? Grace continues.

GRACE - With the gym being repaired, you know there's nothing at school, so we thought we'd try to invite everyone to our church. We have a gym. In the Youth Fellowship hall.

She sees the look on their faces.

GRACE (smiles) - There won't be a sermon, I promise. Just music and dancing and we always have really good food. And it's free. To everyone.

ADRIAN - We'd love to, but we can't. My mom's out of town, so we're going to my house and drink beer and have s*x.

Adrian walks away. Grace looks at Ricky, he smiles.

GRACE (laughs) - She's so funny, isn't she?

RICKY- Funny?

GRACE - Well, I'm sure she didn't mean that, she was just trying to shock me. And it worked. But really, could you come? You and Adrian can bring anyone you want, as many people as you want, everyone's welcome.

Ricky looks directly into her eyes.

RICKY - Will you be there, Grace?

She smiles and exits. Ricky reaches out to a passing student, JOE.

RICKY - Hey Joe, aren't you kind of an expert on Leonardo da Vinci?

JOE - I'm an expert on a lot of things.

RICKY - I hear the first report up in History

JOE - Yeah. Da Vinci's war machines. But you're too late. I'm under contract to the football team.

RICKY - So you can still help me out, buddy.

JOE - No, I can't. It's exclusive this year.

Joe exits.

Adrian walks by MARCELINO (MARC) MOLINA, a good looking man in his twenties wearing a sport coat and jeans, she smiles, he nods walking past her.

ADRIAN (calling after him) - New counselor?

He stops.

MARC - Yeah.

He puts out his hand for a hand shake.

MARC - I'm Mr. Molina.

She takes his hand, holds onto it, while she looks at him.

ADRIAN - Mister?

He doesn't understand.

ADRIAN - What's your first name?

MARC (nervously) - My first name?

ADRIAN - You don't think anyone's going to call you Mr. Molina, do you?

He pulls his hand away.

MARC - Yes, I do.

ADRIAN - Well, good luck with that.

MARC (nods) - Thanks.

He starts to walk away.

ADRIAN - Condoms still available through your office?

MARC - No.


Oh yes they are.

Marc reacts, what?

Ben is watching Ricky chatting up Grace, as Henry is helping Alice stack her books in her rolling book bag.

BEN (referring to Ricky) - I hate that guy. I hate him. Look at him. Now he's hitting on her.

Alice stands up.

ALICE - Why are you so obsessed with Grace Bowman?

Ben looks at Henry. Alice looks at Henry.

ALICE - Okay. Why are you so obsessed with Grace Bowman?

Ben and Henry look at her.

BEN - Because she's Grace Bowman. She's a goddess.

ALICE - She's not a goddess, she's a Christian. You are not a Christian.

BEN - I would become a Christian if I could have Grace Bowman.

ALICE - If by "have" you mean, "have s*x with," that would be impossible. She doesn't have s*x. She's not going to have s*x until she's married. Especially with you.

She turns to Henry.

ALICE - Or you.

She turns back to Ben.

ALICE - Even if you became a Christian.

BEN - Why wouldn't she have s*x with me if I became a Christian?

ALICE - Because you're you. And... (mimicking him) "She's Grace Bowman, she's a goddess."

BEN - What are my chances of getting laid with someone who's not going to wait until they're married?

ALICE - Twenty-five percent of guys your age are having s*x.

HENRY – Guys ?

ALICE - He's a guy, isn't he?

HENRY - Well, he's not looking for a guy. What do you know about fifteen-yearold... gals?

ALICE - Twenty percent. And I appreciate your obvious avoidance of the word "girls."

BEN - Encouraging.

ALICE - Maybe not. Twenty-nine percent of sexually active fifteen to seventeenyear-old girls have partners threeto-five years older.

BEN - Alright, well, I've got to start somewhere. Where do you think I should start?

She looks around the hall.

ALICE - Maybe there.

She indicates Amy.

BEN (nods) - Who's that? She's kind of cute.

ALICE - Her name is Amy, she plays French horn, she's in the band, she's smart, she's nice and she might be desperate * enough to go out with you.

HENRY - No one's that desperate.

Ben looks at him.

BEN - You want to bet?

ALICE (to Henry) - Why does it have to be a bet?

HENRY - Why not?

ALICE - Because one, you always lose, and two, it objectifies Amy who is a person and not a horse, and three, because winning is an obsession with Ben and he will stop at nothing.

Ben looks at Henry, smiles. Henry nods. The guys shake hands.

HENRY/BEN - It's a bet.

Madison and Lauren are looking at Amy.

MADISON - You have to give us more than, "one night at band camp."

AMY - It was nothing.

LAUREN - By nothing, you mean what?

AMY - It was... not that great.

Madison and Lauren look at each other.

MADISON - And by not that great, you mean?

AMY - I wasn't even sure it was s*x, okay?

LAUREN - Why not?

AMY - I didn't exactly realize what was happening, and then, it was like over in two seconds. And it wasn't fun, and it certainly wasn't like you see in the movies, all romantic and stuff.

LAUREN - Maybe it wasn't s*x, maybe you had like a really bad dream and you just think you had s*x.

MADISON - Yeah, or maybe it was a really bad guy that you had really bad s*x with. Come on, who was it?

AMY - He doesn't go to this school, it was a guy I met at band camp.

A quick glance toward Ricky makes us think she's lying, but Lauren and Madison don't notice.

LAUREN - I can't believe you didn't tell us.

AMY - I'm telling you now.

MADISON - Why are you telling us now?

Amy looks at one, then the other, then at the floor. Lauren and Madison don't get it at first and then it slowly sinks in as we see their eyes widen.

LAUREN (whispers) – No.

MADISON - You're not...?

Amy shrugs, she doesn't know. Again, they gasp. The bell rings.

AMY - That's the second bell, I have to go.

MADISON - We can't just go to school now.

LAUREN - I have to.

AMY - Me too. I think I'm in enough trouble without skipping class. I have to go.

She walks away, leaving them in shock. They drift away together. As Amy heads down the hall looking at Ricky still talking to Grace, she fails to see Ben approaching. Ben stops.

BEN - Hi. I was watching you.

AMY (mumbles) – Hi.

She keeps walking. As she gets closer to Ricky, she hears Grace talking to him.

GRACE (to Ricky) - I'm happy you're so interested in the Youth Fellowship projects, but I'm afraid you've made me late for class. So you owe me. I'm going to expect to see you and Adrian both there tomorrow night, with all your friends. She walks away. He watches her go as Amy walks closer. Ben is still in the same place we left him, figuring out where he went wrong in approaching Amy.

He notices Grace approaching him with a big smile on her face.

GRACE - Hi. I'm Grace.

BEN (squeaks out) - Hi.

GRACE - I was wondering if you were going to the game because my church is having a party afterwards at our Youth Fellowship Hall and...

He is mesmerized for a few seconds, but can't help but look Amy's way.

Amy reaches Ricky but seeing he's still looking at Grace, she turns to go the other way. He sees her, smiles.

RICKY - Hey you.

She turns, her heart starts pounding -- he's actually speaking to her. She crosses back to him, of course, he wouldn't cross to her. She gets to him.

RICKY - It's Amy, right?

Her heart breaks -- he's not even sure who she is?

RICKY - I'm just messing with you, kid.

He tussles her hair, then leans in.

RICKY - You don't think I could ever forget the night we spent together at band camp, do you?

She looks at him, he smiles and walks away, and Amy is once again alone in the hallway filled with students now rushing to get to class.


Madison runs into the restroom.

MADISON (screams) - Get out! I'm going to puke!

The three girls who are in the restroom exit quickly. Madison opens the door to the handicapped stall where Amy and Lauren are waiting. Lauren hands her a piece of paper that has tape on it. Madison hands her the plastic bag and races back to the door, slapping the piece of paper on it. The paper is a hand-written sign that reads: OUT OF ORDER! POOP CITY! Madison is talking the entire time.

MADISON (breathlessly) - I think I broke the school record for the mile. I ran all the way to the grocery store and back in fifteen minutes and that's counting the long weird stare I got from the old lady that rang that stuff up.

Lauren takes three early pregnancy tests out of the bag and hands one to Amy. Misunderstanding, Amy looks at her.

AMY - Why are you two taking a test?

MADISON - They're for you. So I hope you drank a lot of water and don't use it all on the first one. We want to make absolutely sure.

Amy reacts.

LAUREN - I think the only way to be absolutely sure is if you go to a doctor.

AMY - I don't have that kind of doctor, all I have is a pediatrician.

She opens one of the EPT boxes, looks at her two friends.

AMY - Do you mind?

They exit. Lauren looks at Madison and puts out her hand, Madison hands her a couple of bucks and some change.

AMY (O.S.) (from behind the door) - Thanks.

MADISON/LAUREN - You're welcome.

Madison shows Lauren that she's crossing her fingers, Lauren reluctantly crosses her fingers too, not counting on this gesture making the least bit of difference.


Carrying their sack lunches and two cartons of milk, Jack joins Grace at one of the lunch tables. He immediately notices her hand when she reaches for her lunch.

GRACE (sincerely) - Thanks, hon'.

JACK - What's that ring? I never noticed you had a ring like that.

GRACE (smiles) - It's a promise ring.

He stares at her.

GRACE - My parents gave it to me when I promised them I wouldn't have s*x until I get married.

JACK - I know what a promise ring is, I just didn't know you had one.

GRACE - Last night. My parents and I had a long talk about you and me.

JACK - But I thought they were happy we're dating. I thought they trusted me. I'm a Christian. I'm as committed to abstinence as you are.

JACK (CONT'D) - Besides, sexual purity in or out of marriage is not a one-time vow, it's a daily recommitment to seek God and His plan for us.

GRACE (smiles) - I know that. And my parents know that, and they're happy we're dating, and I'm happy we're dating because you are a Christian and we do share a commitment to our faith, that's why I had no problem making a promise to them.

She unwraps her sandwich and takes a couple of bites, while he considers something.

JACK - When do you think we'll get married, if we do get married, and someday I hope to marry you, in case I never said that, I do hope to marry you, you know, someday.

GRACE (laughs) - I'm fifteen, you're sixteen. I think it's going to be a while. I've got high school, college and I hope medical school.

He's counting in his head and the numbers are frightening.

JACK - How long is medical school exactly?

GRACE (smiles) - What difference does it make? True love waits.

He nods, but we know what he's thinking as he's silently counting on his fingers. It's a long, long wait.

JACK - But you don't have to be out of medical school before you get married, right? You could get married before medical school, maybe before college even.

GRACE - Jack, we've talked about this before. Lots of times. I want to be out of medical school before I get married, my dad waited until he was out of medical school. And my mom waited with him.

JACK (nods) - Okay, okay, I know.

She looks at him.

GRACE - Are you okay?

JACK - Yeah, I'm fine.

She goes back to eating, he's still thinking. He looks at her, leans in.

JACK - Hypothetically speaking, not that I would ever be interested, I don't even know if it's a sin after marriage, but I've heard that some people have found that... excuse me, if this sounds vulgar, but we have the kind of relationship where I respect you and you respect me and we can talk about anything, right?

GRACE - Right. So just say whatever you want to say.

JACK (nods, then) - Is oral s*x allowed before marriage, you know, if two people are in love and committed to each other?

She thinks about it.

GRACE - I don't know. I'll ask my mother.

He drops his milk carton, milk going all over him. She smiles.

GRACE - Kidding. But you deserved that. Of course it's s*x. And you need to keep your mind away from those kind of thoughts, Jack. What is wrong with you today?

JACK - I don't know. That ring just... I don't know, it made me start thinking about things. You know how if you tell yourself not to think about something and then you can't not think about that something?

She looks at him.

GRACE - It's called willpower.

JACK - Pray I get some, pray I get lots of it. I mean, Grace, you're a beautiful girl and I'm in love with you and I'm not saying I want to do anything now, but... wait until after you're out of medical school?

She looks at him, smiles, squeezes his hand with both of hers and looks right into his eyes.

GRACE - You're going to be fine. We're going to be fine. We're going to save what is meant for marriage, for marriage. And it's not going to be easy, but we have the love and support of our families, and the love and support of our friends and other teens who are going through the same challenges, and with the help of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, we will make it Jack, through high school, through college and through medical school.

She clutches his hand to her breast, holding his hand in both of hers.

GRACE - I love you.

She kisses his hand, looks in his face. Despite everything she's said, with his hand this close to her breasts, the blood has drained from his ears and he can't hear a darn thing, even Adrian saying...

ADRIAN - Hello. (nothing) Hello. Jesus freaks.

Jack and Grace look up.

ADRIAN - Are you finished here? I need a place to sit.

GRACE - Sure. Please. Sit down. We were just leaving.

JACK - I...uh...think I'll just sit here for a minute.

GRACE - Okay. But talk Adrian into coming to our church party after the game. It's Adrian, right?

ADRIAN - Yeah.

Grace bounces away. Adrian looks at Jack. He looks a little uncomfortable. Adrian smiles.

ADRIAN - I overheard a little of that. So you two, you don't...?

He shakes his head no.

ADRIAN - Interesting.

She looks at him. He looks at her.


Ben is sitting at Marc Molina's desk.

BEN (enthusiastically explaining) - I just want in the band. I love music. I've always wanted to play an instrument... and the uniforms are insane -- the epaulettes, who came up with those?

Marc looks at him, smiles.

MARC - You're not trying to get out of gym, are you?

Ben is shocked, or pretending to be.

BEN - Gym? I would get out of gym if I joined the band? What does one have to do with the other?

MARC - Both are considered physical activity.

BEN - Well, I know some students in the band are engaging in a lot of physical activity, the drummer, others not so much.

Marc looks at him.

BEN - Never mind, just sign me up.

Marc thinks about it.

MARC - It's very admirable that you'd like to learn to play an instrument, however, I think you might be lying about your motive. You want in the band for some reason other than your love of music.

BEN (mock aghast) - What! Lying? Marc, we've got to talk. You're the counselor. You're new here. And obviously you're new at the job. Am I right?

MARC - According to my records, you're new here too, you're a freshman, right?

BEN - Good research, you're absolutely correct. Not that it makes any difference, even a freshman shouldn't be accused of lying. So what business were you in before this?

MARC (clears his throat) - I was on Wall Street.

BEN (smiles) - So you're used to dealing with money. But not people. Especially young, vulnerable, sensitive, narcissistic people. You can't come into a high school and tell a student you think he's lying. It's bad for business. You have to trust us, we have to trust you, that's how this counseling thing works.

MARC - Just tell me why you want in the band.

BEN - I've been rejected by the French horn player, a certain Amy something or other. Therefore I've now decided I'm in love with her and cannot live without her. Ergo I must take up an instrument and get in the band. So how 'bout it? Not that I don't relish the opportunity to climb the ropes and jump over the horses in gym, but love calls and I must answer.

Marc sits back.

MARC - So this is all motivated by rejection?

BEN - To be perfectly honest, Marc, it's all motivated by the fact that I'm fifteen, I'm a virgin and if I ever want to have a s*x life, I have to start somewhere, and my advisors have advised me to start with this band chick.

Marc looks at him.

MARC - First year band students, beginner's band, is a different class, it's not even the same period as the marching band, so if Amy, the French horn player, is in the band already, a change in schedule won't help you out.

Ben is disturbed, this isn't good, he thinks about it.

BEN - How long does it take to learn to play the cymbal?

Marc shakes his head.

MARC - I don't know, but I think it's cymbals, and as easy as it looks, I would think you'd still have to learn to read music so you'd know when to smack them together.

Ben considers.

BEN - Alright, I'll do it.

MARC - It's not up to you, or me, you have to meet with the band director and he'll decide whether you have any potential for cymbal playing.

BEN - I thought you said cymbals. So it would be cymbals playing, correct?

Marc looks at him.

BEN - Fine, I'll learn to read music, how hard can it be? If Blind Lemon Jefferson can do it, I can do it. Let's get that meeting scheduled as soon as possible.

Marc, annoyed, makes a little note, then looks up.

MARC - Why do you have to be in the band, why can't you just call this woman and ask her out?

BEN (smiles) - Because as you pointed out earlier, this way I kill two birds with one stone. I get a shot at the chick and I get out of p.e. And if you can take a compliment, I think you're making progress. I like the suggestion just to call her. I'm not a phone guy, but I like that you'd suggest something personal and practical. You might just do well here. What happened to the Wall Street gig?

MARC - None of your business.

BEN - You're the one who brought it up.

MARC - No I didn't.

BEN - Oh, that's right. It was me. But if you ever need someone to talk to-Oh wait, that's supposed to be your line, counselor.

MARC - Please tell me you are not typical of the students here.

BEN - Gladly. I am not typical of the students here. Will that help get me in the band?

MARC - We'll see. After you meet with Mr. Sedlack. That was meant to be a dismissal, but Ben goes nowhere.

MARC - I'll find you when I've set up the meeting.

BEN (smiles) - Great. I'll look forward to it. Could I have a condom?

MARC – For what ?

BEN (smiles) - You're going to need to know what condoms are for if you're going to last in this job, Marc.

Ben waits.

MARC - Get out of my office, I'll go find the band director.

Ben nods and exits.


All three girls sit in the handicapped stall.

AMY - Life stinks.

MADISON - That's kind of funny, considering we're in a bathroom.

LAUREN - What are we going to do?

Amy looks at her.

AMY - We?

LAUREN - We're in this with you Amy, we're there for you, we'll do anything you want us to do.

MADISON - What do you want us to do?

AMY - I don't think there's anything you can do. I'm the one who's pregnant. (then) I can't believe I'm old enough to use the word pregnant in a sentence, much less be... pregnant. Geez.

MADISON - When my dad's girlfriend got pregnant, she always said "we're pregnant," you know, 'cause it was the two of them, and even though we don't know who the two of you are, you know who the two of you are and maybe you should tell him, whoever he is.

LAUREN - Okay, I'm just going to say this one more time and then I'll shut up. I think you should see a doctor because that's what it says on all three tests, to see a doctor.

MADISON - Maybe doctors made them put that on there so they'd still get paid for an office visit.

LAUREN - Or maybe they put that in there so you could come in early enough so that you have options.

AMY – Options ?

LAUREN - If you don't want to have a baby right now at fifteen...

MADISON - You better not be suggesting an abortion.

LAUREN - I'm not suggesting anything. I'm just telling her to go to the doctor. (then to Amy) And I would go to the doctor before you go to whoever this guy is. Maybe there's something else wrong with you that would make you test positive for pregnancy even though you're not pregnant.

MADISON - Yeah. Maybe you have monkey pox or something, or a flesh eating virus. That would be a relief.

Lauren looks at her, stop.

AMY - No, it would. She's right. I'm calling my doctor.

LAUREN - You're calling your doctor? Don't you think your mother should call her?

AMY - You don't think I'm telling my mother, do you?

LAUREN (arguing) - You have to. Either you're sick or you're pregnant, and either way, she's going to know sooner or later.


LAUREN - Because she'll either die or have a baby. And I hate to point this out, but someone is going to be billed for the doctor visit.

AMY - They'll just bill it to the insurance.

LAUREN - Your parents will see it on the insurance.

MADISON - Wait. Tell your mother it's for school. Tell her you're doing a report on a woman you admire. Tell her you couldn't think of anyone other than your pediatrician, so you went in to see her and since you hadn't been in so long, she gave you a check up while you talked.

Lauren looks at Madison.

LAUREN - That's pretty good. (then, turning to Amy) Except it's a lie.

MADISON - Would you stop freaking her out? It's a woman doctor. She'll understand. She'll help her.

AMY - Yeah. Maybe.

MADISON - I'll go with you. Right after school. No, right after the Yearbook staff meeting. Did I tell you I got on the Yearbook staff?

AMY - No, but congratulations.

She looks at Lauren.

LAUREN - I could go after ballet.

AMY - The office will be closed by then. I'll just go alone. I should go alone anyway.

They gather their things, and slowly file out of the bathroom.


Crowded waiting room. Mothers and babies and toddlers and young children take up every seat, with some kids playing on the floor. Amy enters, looks around, walks over and signs in. She turns, all the adult chairs are taken, so she awkwardly sits in one of the children's chairs.

A mother goes in, holding one baby and leading a toddler by the hand with the other as they exit to the exam area.

The waiting room is half empty, Amy is reading a generic parenting magazine. Only a few mothers and children are left in waiting area. No one is left but Amy.

The door leading to the exam rooms is open, a nurse stands against the door with a chart, Amy gets up from her seat and walks in. The door closes. Amy takes a last look around the waiting area, then exits heading for motherhood.



Amy's dad, GEORGE JUERGENS, and her mother, Anne, and her sister, thirteen-year-old ASHLEY, who is dressed like Avril Lavigne, are seated around the dinner table. It's a nice table, a nice dinner. Food is politely passed to the left.

ASHLEY (yammering on) - Why do these people think there's something wrong with a belly button? It's not like everyone doesn't have one. They have one. I have one. I don't know why it's such a big deal if it shows, it's not like anyone else is covering their buttons.

ANNE - They're supposed to, it's in the dress code.

ASHLEY - No one pays attention to the dress code. No one until today. Then I get hauled into the principal's office and asked to put on a sweatshirt. Why do I have to go by the rules if no one else does?

George cuts a bite of steak, and then waves the bite of steak on his fork.

GEORGE - I'll tell you why.

He pops in the bite of steak, chews. They wait. We see Anne focusing on George with a slight look of disgust.

GEORGE - Because I don't want to get a call from the principal's office again, and neither does your mother. We don't like being embarrassed by our thirteen-year-old daughter who insists on dressing like a street walker when we take our hard earned money and buy you decent clothes to wear that meet the dress code requirements. But forget the school dress code, we have our own dress code, and you didn't just break the school's rules, you broke our rules, the rules of good taste. What are you trying to prove? That you're not thirteen? You're thirteen. That you're sexy? You're not sexy. You even know what sexy means? It means you're ready to have s*x, and you are not ready to have s*x, neither of my daughters are ready to have s*x, and you two are not going to be ready to have s*x for a long time, a long, long time.

He smiles.

GEORGE - Maybe after you've been married a couple of years. I want to make sure it's going to last first.

ASHLEY - Funny.

She looks at her mom.

GEORGE (to Anne) - Am I right?

Anne looks at Ashley.

ANNE - He's right, although I doubt you'll get your father's permission even after you're married.

Ashley looks at Amy who has now lost the will to live much less to eat. The parents wait for her response, so does Ashley. She finally manages a response.

AMY - They're right.

ASHLEY - Right about what? Showing my belly button means I want to have s*x? Why do you have to be such a geek and ruin everything for me?

GEORGE - Hey. Your sister is not a geek, she's a nice girl, and you know what? Boys like nice girls, so why don't you try looking a little nicer and being a little nicer. Ashley rolls her eyes. Anne looks at Amy.

ANNE - Amy, are you okay? You don't look well.

AMY - I'm fine, I'm just a little tired.

They continue eating.



As we pan around the table, we see Grace's parents, KATHLEEN and MARSHALL BOWMAN, and her brother, TOM. Grace is saying the blessing.

GRACE - And bless this time we have together as a family and know that we are grateful for each other and for this food we share with each other.

ALL- Amen.

They break hands.

MARSHALL/GRACE/TOM (to Kathleen) - Thank you for dinner.

KATHLEEN - You're welcome.

MARSHALL (to Grace) - So how'd you make out at school today with the Youth Fellowship Party? Get any takers?

GRACE - No one really said that they would definitely come, but I think they will.

Grace's mother, Kathleen, looks at her. Grace's brother looks over at her.

TOM - Am I going to the party?

MARSHALL - Your mother and me, we're not even invited, Tom. So why don't we plan to go to the game, then rent a movie and just hang out tomorrow night?

KATHLEEN - I'll make some popcorn, maybe even some brownies, how's that?

TOM - That's okay, I want to go to the party.

Grace interrupts before her dad can speak again.

GRACE - Tom, I think you should go. The party's for everyone. You can ride over with Jack and me, Jack won't mind.

Her mom and dad look at each other.

MARSHALL - He might. And besides, I don't think we'd be displaying the trust we have in you Grace, if we made your big brother your chaperone for the evening.

TOM - I'd make a good chaperone.

MARSHALL - She doesn't need a chaperone. Grace made us a promise and we know she'll keep that promise.

TOM - Then why does she need a ring?

MARSHALL - To remind others she made a promise.

TOM - Like Jack?

KATHLEEN - This is not about Jack.

Kathleen looks at Marshall.

MARSHALL - Right. This is about all boys. Including Jack. (then) Why don't we do this, Tom, you go for a while, then your mom and I will come by and pick you up.

TOM - Better than nothing. They smile and continue eating.

GRACE (to Kathleen) - I really appreciate all the trouble you're going to for my Youth Fellowship. It seems that when I accepted the responsibility for party planning, you got stuck with all the work.

KATHLEEN - I don't mind at all, it's fun. Besides, it'll give some of the students at your school the opportunity to see that not all Christians are bad.

They all get a little chuckle out of that.



We don't see who the forty-something male psychiatrist, DR. KEN FIELDS, is talking to. We just see him, and we don't yet know he's a shrink.

KEN - Sooner or later, I think you're going to tell me why these sexual conquests make you feel like a man, because I know you know why you do this and I know you know it's not going to help. We go down this road every week and then we hit a brick wall.

We spin the camera around to see Ricky, who looks down.

KEN - Having s*x with as many women as you can is not going to make you feel any better, and I think it's making you feel worse.

Ricky looks up.

RICKY - Aren't I supposed to tell you how I feel?

Ken smiles.

KEN - I think you've been coming here enough years to know, I'm not that kind of shrink. (then) Come on, tell me how you feel.

Ricky leans forward to speak.

RICKY - I feel like my freaking father stole my childhood then dumped me on another family and said, "You take him. I don't want him. He's damaged goods."

KEN - I like how you started out, although I'd love to hear a little more anger in your voice because you have a right to be angry, your father did steal your childhood by sexually abusing you. But he didn't dump you anywhere, the gigantic hand of social services reached down and plucked you out of a deplorable situation and placed you in a family that doesn't see the damage, they just see the potential, and they love you, and I know you love them, but it's loving yourself that I'm trying to get you to come around to.

Ken nods.

RICKY - I thought you were trying to get meto come around to not having s*x with every girl I meet.

KEN - Can you see how those two things are related? Can you see how you are constantly fighting to prove your masculinity all because your father was some sick b*st*rd? Can you see that you have it within your power to not let what he did have anything to do with who you are at this point in your life?

RICKY - I'm not sure I want to see it. How do you feel about that?

KEN - I feel you don't want to see it because you think if you do, then you'll lose your motivation for having s*x and without constant, indiscriminate s*x, you'll be a new person, a better person, a person you actually like, even love.

RICKY - I got some bad news, I love myself constantly and indiscriminately too.

Ricky looks over at the clock.

RICKY - And worse news, our time is up and... I got a date.

KEN - No, you were late, and we have ten more minutes and I intend to make the most of it.

Ricky reacts, great.



Adrian is at the kitchen table, reading Eleanor Roosevelt's autobiography. She's making notes as she reads. The remnants of a generic fast food burger and fries are onthe table beside her. She sits back, takes a sip of a chocolate shake and reads what she's written -- not bad. The phone RINGS. She looks at it, looks at her watch. She crossesto the phone, picks it up.

ADRIAN(pleasantly) - Hi Ricky...

JACK (O.S.) - It's me, Jack. From the lunch room.


ADRIAN - Oh, Jack. Yeah, I know who you are.I just wasn't expecting you to call... And if this is about thatparty, your girlfriend Grace already invited me, Ricky and me.

She crosses back to the computer and while listening to him, she picks up her book and continues making notes...

JACK - Oh? Good. Good. It's going to be a good party.

ADRIAN - Yeah, I bet.

JACK - Look, here's the thing. Grace just got this promise ring and -

ADRIAN (interrupting) - What's a promise ring?

JACK - It's a ring promising she won't have s*x.

ADRIAN - Ever?

JACK - Just until she gets out of med school which is pretty much ever, yeah. The thing is, can I ask you something personal about s*x. Would you mind?

ADRIAN - No, I don't mind, ask me anything...

JACK - Is oral s*x...that's not really technically s*x is it? I mean outside of my community, the Christian community.

ADRIAN - Yeah, I think in any community, that's s*x.

She looks at the phone, making a face.



CLOSE UP of Ben clanking two cymbals together. We cut to Henry and Alice, neither is smiling. Alice looks at Henry.

ALICE - I told you not to make a bet with him.

Henry looks at Ben.

HENRY - You really think it's going to be so difficult to get Amy to go out with you that you have to join the band?

Ben shrugs.

BEN - One, she would more than likely go out with me anyway but this way, I look like I'm the kind of guy who would do anything for a dame. And two, it gets me out of gym.

ALICE - And three, she may think you're just stalking her. Which may seem romantic to you, terrifying to her. And four, don't use "dame" outside your close circle of friends which would be us.

HENRY - Come on, call her.

BEN - I'll call her, it's too early, I don't want to look too anxious, dames don't like that.

Alice rolls her eyes.


Amy and Ashley are clearing the table while her parents have coffee.

GEORGE (to Amy) - What time is the game tomorrow night?

ANNE - Seven, home field.

GEORGE - That's good, I won't have to leave work early.

AMY - You don't have to go.

ANNE - Of course we're going, we're not going to miss seeing you march in your first high school halftime.

AMY - But I thought you didn't even like marching bands. And you hate football.

ANNE - But I love you.

ASHLEY - I don't have to go, do I?

AMY (suddenly interrupting) - Could I talk to the two of you alone?

Ashley gives her a look.

ASHLEY - You have things to talk to them alone about? Like what? Finally decide to wear a bra?

The phone RINGS.

ANNE - Why don't you get that Ashley since it's probably for you.

Ashley exits to the kitchen. Amy sits down in her chair. George looks at Anne and smiles.

GEORGE - Must be serious. She's sitting down.

He looks at her.

GEORGE - What's with the long face, sweetheart?

Ashley reenters with the phone, hands it to Amy.

ASHLEY - It's for you. It's a guy.

Amy freezes. George smiles.

GEORGE - You have a boyfriend, that's what you wanted to tell us?

ANNE – Georges.

AMY (into the phone) - Hello?

Anne nods to George.

ANNE - Let's give her some privacy.

They exit the dining room, dragging Ashley with them.

GEORGE (to Ashley) - Told you. Boys like nice girls.

They exit. We hold on Amy.

AMY (into phone) - Ben? No, I'm sorry, I don't remember.

She listens.



The camera looks up on the team, huddled together, all looking down as Jack prays.

JACK - Father forgive us our many sins, for failing to be strong when temptation leads us astray...

There are glances all around, except for Jack who has his eyes closed and earnestly prays.

JACK - Give us the strength to do Thy will, especially when it's so much easier to give in to the pleasures of the flesh...

The coach quietly slips over for a listen, as Jack continues.

JACK - Let us not be distracted by the women who are here not to lure us into situations that would destroy our souls and lead us into hell, but to cheer us on to victory... with their short skirts and tight sweaters and beautiful bodies...

By this time, all the football players are standing and looking at Jack, the coach leans in.

COACH - Say something about winning and make it snappy.

JACK - Help us focus on our game, though difficult that may be, and lead us to victory-

The coach snaps.

COACH - Amen.

The guys cheer and exit the locker room, the coach casting a suspicious eye toward Jack as he walks away.


The football players, same guys who exited, now enter the Fellowship Hall, led by Jack. Grace, in her cheerleading uniform, joins the other cheerleaders and everyone else in a cheer welcoming the team, obviously from a victorious game.

GRACE LEADING ALL - One, we are the Lancers! Two, a little bit louder! Three, I still can't hear you! More...more...more...more...

Grace jumps on Jack, wrapping her legs around his waist and giving him a big hug.

GRACE - Way to go. You were great.

She gives him a kiss.

JACK - So were you.

She pops back off him, leaving him senseless. The DJ puts on "Stronger" by Kanye West. Grace drags Jack out for a dance, other cheerleaders and players and students joining them.

Henry and Alice, they're looking at Ben and Amy waiting at the food table. They are looking at each other. Amy looks away nervously. Ben lets his hand kind of bump into Amy's hand, then he takes her hand. Alice reacts, looks at Henry.

ALICE - I think all bets are off.

HENRY (what are you talking about?) - He's holding her hand. He's made the first move.

ALICE - I don't think so. I think it's a different kind of move.

HENRY - What kind of move is it?

ALICE - A gentle, caring move. As in, I think he might actually care for this woman.

They both look at Ben and Amy. Ben has now offered Amy a plate. She takes it. Ben takes a plate. He now awkwardly drops Amy's hand as they begin down the food line. Alice turns to Henry.

ALICE - I think we just lost a friend.

HENRY – What ?

ALICE - That idiot's gone and fallen in love.

HENRY – Ben ?

ALICE – Yeah, Ben.

HENRY - On the first date?

ALICE - Yes. On the first date.

HENRY - Wow. How often does that happen?

ALICE - I think the technical term is "once in a blue moon."

They look back at the table, at Ben and Amy.

At the food table, Ben is filling up a plate with hot dogs and beans and coleslaw and brownies and chips. Amy is looking a little nauseous.

BEN - You sure you don't want anything?

AMY - No thank you.

BEN - Thanks for coming out with me tonight. My dad's quite the driver, huh? I've been training him to keep his eyes off the rear-view mirror so we could have a little privacy.

She doesn't know what to say.

BEN - This is kind of my first date.

She nods.

AMY - It's kind of my first date too.

She tries to smile.

BEN - You seem a little nervous. Am I making you nervous, with all my nervousness, 'cause I'm nervous.

AMY - No, really, I'm okay.

BEN - I think so too.

She looks at him, what?

BEN - You're okay, Amy Juergens, even more than okay. You're good looking and you got to be smart to play that French horn. How long you been playing that thing?

AMY - Third grade.

BEN - Why French horn?

AMY - I don't know, I was too small to carry a tuba.

He looks at her, then laughs, she can't help but smile.

BEN - And you're funny too. What a dame.

She reacts.

AMY - Dame?

He looks over, sees Marc Molina heading for them.

BEN - Would you excuse me for just one second?

He hurries off to steer Marc in the other direction. Amy turns back to the food table, helps herself to a soda as Madison and Lauren scurry over.

MADISON - How's it going?

AMY - What are you doing here?

Madison shrugs.

MADISON - What are we doing here? We're spying on you, what do you think we're doing here?


AMY - So this was a really stupid idea.


AMY - Because I'm pregnant.

MADISON - Ssshh, not in a church... gym.

They drag her away from the table.

LAUREN - Are you going to go out with him again?

AMY - Just until he finds out I'm pregnant. Or my parents find out I'm pregnant. Then he won't want to take me out again and I probably won't be allowed to date again.

LAUREN - Here's what we were thinking.

AMY - You and Madison were thinking the same thing?

MADISON - Yeah, can you believe it? It's because it's a perfect plan. You date Ben. You get Ben to fall in love with you. Then you have s*x with Ben. Then you tell Ben you're pregnant. Then you marry Ben. Problem solved.

Amy stares at Madison, Madison moves closer to Lauren.

LAUREN - It's possible. I mean, you said he joined the band just to be with you, right? So he obviously likes you already. And I checked him out. He's an only child and his family has money.

AMY – So ?

LAUREN - So what are your other choices?

Amy sadly looks around the room, her eyes settle on Ricky, waiting for someone. He smiles and nods toward her. This time, Madison and Lauren notice. It takes them a few seconds before they can look back from Ricky to Amy, Amy to Ricky, Ricky to Amy.

LAUREN - Why are you staring at the drummer?

Madison puts it together.

MADISON - The drummer is in the band, anyone in the band can go to...

Madison looks at Amy.

MADISON - Band camp?

LAUREN - No. Not him. Please not him. Amy.

Amy considers, should she tell them?

Marc Molina is standing with Ben.

MARC - You better watch out, I think the drummer is looking at your French horn player.

BEN - Hey, he's the one who better watch out. I'm taking over his territory.

Marc looks at him.

MARC - The majorette?

BEN - The percussion section. I'm taking to the cymbals like a duck to water.

Marc smiles.

MARC - And you think that's going to impress Amy enough to...

Ben plays him.

BEN - Enough to...?

Marc looks at him.

BEN - Fall in love with me.

MARC - Oh, it's love you're after now?

BEN - Yeah, I'm kind of surprised myself.

Marc nods.

MARC - Should I take this to mean you won't be needing the condom?

BEN - Hey, save that talk for your office.

Ben looks at Ricky swaggering over to talk to Amy. Ben hands Marc his plate of food and starts to head in her direction. Marc quickly grabs his arm and pulls him back.

MARC - No, no, no, no, it's a first date, be cool.

BEN - Be cool? I am cool. And I hate that guy.

Amy looks at Madison and Lauren.

AMY - Oh no. He saw you staring at him and now he's coming over here.

MADISON - Good. 'Cause I'm going to kill him.

AMY - Don't. Please don't say anything.

LAUREN (to Amy) - Don't you say anything either. Don't tell him. Just stick to the plan. Ben's more likely to marry you than he is. And with that, Ricky reaches them.

RICKY - Hello, ladies.

Madison and Lauren look at him, then walk away. He watches them walk away then looks at Amy.

RICKY - What's with them?

Amy shrugs.

RICKY - So Amy, was that your date I saw you with?

Amy nods.

RICKY - You like that guy?

She shrugs.

RICKY - He's not your type.

Amy waits. Ricky looks out on the dance floor, sees Grace dancing with her brother, he smiles, she sees him and waves.

He looks around, no Jack, he looks at Amy.

RICKY - Do me a favor. Dance with Grace's brother so I can dance with her, huh?

From behind them, they hear Ben.

BEN (O.S.) - The only guy Amy's dancing with is me.

She turns and smiles. Ricky nods.

RICKY - I'm surprised you dance. What with your having no sense of rhythm and all.

Ricky looks at Amy.

RICKY - See you at band practice.

He crosses to the dance floor.

BEN - I think someone feels threatened. So, you dance?

AMY - Not really.

BEN - Me neither. But how hard can it be? He puts out his hand, Amy takes it, they walk toward the dance floor.

Henry is dancing with Alice.

HENRY - So how many students do you think are having s*x?

ALICE - High school students? Forty-six point eight percent.

HENRY - You sure know a lot about s*x.

ALICE - Yeah, it's kind of a hobby.

HENRY - We've been talking about s*x since the third grade. Hadn't you rather have a hobby of having s*x?

ALICE - No, statistically speaking, it's not for me.

He nods and keeps dancing.

By this time, Ricky is approaching Grace and Tom.

RICKY - Mind if I cut in?

TOM – Yeah.

GRACE - Tom, why don't you check outside, see if Mom and Dad are here yet.

TOM – Okay.

Tom exits.

RICKY - Where's your boyfriend?

GRACE - He went out to get some air. Where's your girlfriend?

RICKY - Adrian? I don't know. She's acting weird. She stood me up last night.

GRACE - I'm sure she had a good reason.

RICKY - Eh, who cares?

She reacts.


Jack is pacing. Adrian walks up looking very hot. He sees her. She smiles.

ADRIAN – Hi Jack.

JACK - Where have you been?

ADRIAN - I had to go home and change. You didn't think I was going to wear my majorette uniform, did you?

JACK - What'd you tell him?

ADRIAN - Who, Ricky?

JACK - Yes, Ricky. What'd you tell him?

She shrugs.

ADRIAN - Nothing. I told him I got tired of waiting for him to call and went out to get something to eat.

JACK - So you didn't tell him... about us?

ADRIAN - Did you want me to?

JACK - No. Look, it was a mistake. I don't know what I was thinking. It was a sin.

ADRIAN - Oh please, you're not going to go all Christian on me now, are you?

JACK - I am a Christian. And I'm a man. And I don't quite know how to be the two things right now, I'm lost.

ADRIAN - You didn't look lost last night.

JACK - I'm so sorry, Adrian. I took advantage of you.

ADRIAN - Stop it. No one takes advantage of me and no one does anything they don't want to do.

JACK - Pray with me. Pray that God forgives us because God does forgive us when we do something wrong, even something as wrong as we did.

ADRIAN - I don't think we did anything wrong. She tries to walk past him, he stops her.

JACK - Please. God loves you, even if you're not a Christian, God loves you. Pray with me.

She allows him to take her hands.

ADRIAN - Are you sure that's what you really want, Jack? You want God to love you. Are you sure you don't want me to love you?

And with that, she kisses him like he's never been kissed before, except for maybe last night. We hear a loud scream and we turn with Jack and Adrian to see Tom, who is still screaming. Grace runs into the hallway, followed by Ricky, followed by just about everyone else. Silence and stares.


Amy is slow dancing with Ben in an empty fellowship hall. He's got a smile on his face, she's got a tear in her eye.