04x05 - Hole In The Wall

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BEN: I don't want to be married. I don't have to be married,

LEO: You are not going to leave Adrian. I'm not gonna let you.

ADRIAN: I think maybe I should do what you did and just tell Ben I'm thinking about going away.

GRACE: What?

ADRIAN: To New York. To cosmetology school.

GEORGE: The best way for you to learn something is to get a job.

ASHLEY: You agreed to put money into my account every week.

GEORGE: Yeah, that's when I thought you were seeing America.

GRACE: Daniel, do you think our relationship is gonna last?

DANIEL: I think it's a little too early for us to be making any plans together.

ADRIAN: I want to go to cosmetology school.

BEN: I'm totally for it.

ADRIAN: What if I would need to go to New York to study?

BEN: That'd be great.

MADISON: And you're thinking if Grace dropped Grant, then she'll drop this guy too. And then finally, at long last, she'll be free and you'll be in the house with her.

JACK: But I don't want to be with Grace.

AMY: Maybe we just need a bigger place. Maybe we just need to move back to my house.

RICKY: The three of us?

AMY: No, John and me.

HENRY: So what's the story? What's your way out that was her idea?

BEN: She could possibly go to cosmetology school in New York.

ALICE: No. This is a lie. I'm not buying it.

ADRIAN: Is it too soon for me to try to get pregnant again?


Ricky wakes up in the couch and sees John isno’t in front of him. He goes to the bedroom and sees Amy with John.

RICKY: Good morning.

JOHN: Daddy!

AMY: What time is it?

RICKY: 6:30.

AMY: Do we have to get up?

RICKY: Yeah, we do. What's John doing in here?

AMY: He came in the middle of the night. Isn't that cute?

RICKY: Not really, no. I'm sleeping on the couch so I can keep an eye on him and he's in here sleeping with you.

AMY: Wants to be with his mommy, don't you, John?

RICKY: Yeah, well, Daddy wants to be with his mommy.

AMY: Oh, come on, you can be with me any time you want.

RICKY: Hmm, I think we have to do something about this. About the sleeping arrangements.

AMY: Okay, what do you wanna do?

RICKY: I wanna put his bed in here and our bed out there.

AMY Our bed in the living room like I suggested before?

RICKY: Yeah. Or get a couch that pulls out or something.

AMY: All right, well...If that's what you want to do, then let's do it.

RICKY: That's what I wanna do. And I wanna get all the toys and the baby stuff into this room, keep it out of the living room.

AMY: Okay, that sounds like a good idea, too.

RICKY: He has too much stuff. We need to either get rid of some of his toys and things or find some better way to store them.

AMY: Okay. I've been leaving most of his toys at my parents' house and then swapping them out. But... I'll take some of what I brought over here this weekend back.

RICKY: Really, I like to keep everything kind of clean and organized.

AMY: Okay.

RICKY: So...

AMY: So, it's 6:30 in the morning. Just give me a few minutes to wake up, Ricky, and then I'll get right on it.

RICKY: I just don't like him sleeping in here and me in there.

AMY: Yeah, I got that. Ricky, do you need a little space, some time for yourself? Want me to go over to my dad's tonight and do laundry and then just fall asleep over there and then you can have your apartment just for you for the night? I don't mind doing that if you want.

RICKY: No, I don't want... I just want us to make this work, all right? For the most part it's working, but this, this is not working. Someone's not in a good mood this morning.

RICKY: I heard that.

AMY: I meant for you to hear that. I love you.

RICKY: I'm sorry.

AMY: Me, too.

RICKY: I love you. It's just that...

AMY: It's just that you're not in a good mood this morning, so you're annoyed with me whether you love me or not.

RICKY: You know I love you, Amy.

AMY: Did something else happen other than I let John come in here to sleep?

RICKY: Um, no. Not really.

AMY: Adrian?

RICKY: Adrian?

AMY: I don't buy that whole story of her going to cosmetology school. I think she's just looking to get out of the marriage. And if she's looking to get out of the marriage, then...Did she call you or anything?

RICKY: Why would she call me?

AMY: I don't know, did she?

RICKY: I hit "ignore." I didn't talk to her.

AMY: Okay, well, now I'm not in a good mood, either.


Adrian does her footing with listening to music.



Adrian is in the nursery. Ben joins her.

BEN: Good morning.

ADRIAN: Hi. Good morning, husband. Uh, do you want me to make you some breakfast?

BEN: No, I'm going to head out, if you don't need me here.

ADRIAN: No, I don't need you here. I'm okay. I'm feeling better.

BEN: Okay. Do you really need to do this? To sit in this room?

ADRIAN: Does it make you sad to be in this room?

BEN: I don't come in this room.

ADRIAN: It made me really sad at first, but now I find it kind of comforting.

BEN: Comforting how?

ADRIAN: I don't know. I guess I'm coming to accept that... Mercy was just not meant to be here, for reasons we'll never know, and we have to go on with our lives.

BEN: You're still thinking about going away to school?

ADRIAN: Yeah. Are you still thinking that it would be okay for me to go away to school? You wouldn't mind if I left for a while?

BEN: No. Not if that's what you want to do. If that's what you need to do.

ADRIAN: I went for a walk this morning. A long walk. And I'm going to start walking every morning. I'm going to get myself together. It's time. I'm sure it's not gonna be easy, but... I'm gonna do it.

BEN: I'm really happy to hear you say that.


Ben joins Grace and Amy.

BEN: Morning, best friends of Adrian. And I'm sure I know what you're talking about. Adrian.

AMY: Yeah, we were. I'm surprised that she wants to go to cosmetology school or that she'd think about leaving you to go to New York.

BEN: Why? You left me and went to New York. Why shouldn't Adrian?

AMY: That was different.

BEN: How was that different? You went for you, and she's going for her.

GRACE: Ben, you told Adrian to go to New York? You told her that was okay?

BEN: Why not? It's better than sitting at home, right?

GRACE: Well, don't you think it would be better for her to come back to school here and finish high school before she does anything else?

BEN: No. I do not. She does not want to come back to high school here. She said that over and over and over again and I finally heard her.

AMY: I'm sure it wouldn't be easy, but I think she can do it.

GRACE: I'm sure she can do it. She needs to do it. She needs to finish high school before she can do anything else.

BEN: Look, neither of you should discourage her from going to cosmetology school. In fact, I want both of you to promise you won't discourage her. Promise.

GRACE: Okay, I promise.

AMY: I don't promise.

BEN: Thank you, Grace. I knew I could count on you.

(Ben leaves)

AMY: Why would you make a promise like that?

GRACE: It wasn't a real promise.

AMY: You said you promise. How is that not a real promise? You lied?

GRACE: This whole thing is a lie. Adrian just said to Ben that she wanted to go to cosmetology school to see if he would tell her to go. It was a test. And he failed. He told her to go. Which means he wants her to go. He wants her to leave. He wants out. I mean, she must be heartbroken.

AMY: Or she must be very angry. And you know how she is when she's angry.

GRACE: Yeah.

AMY: She called Ricky.

GRACE: What?

AMY: Yeah, I knew that she would, sooner or later.

GRACE: What did she want?

AMY: I don't know. But I think we can both make a good guess.


Amy receives a call.

AMY(at phone): Hello. Yeah. Hi, Adrian.

ADRIAN(at phone): I want you to know that I called Ricky.

AMY(at phone): Yeah, he already told me.

ADRIAN(at phone): Oh, okay. Good. Um, it's not that big of a deal. I just, I didn't talk to him in a long time. And, well, for the record, he never called me back.

AMY(at phone): He can call you back if he wants. I don't care if the two of you talk to each other.

ADRIAN(at phone): Good. I just... I wanna start getting things back to normal. Well, I'm ready to start trying getting things back to normal anyway. So, um, look, I need you and Grace to help me with something.

AMY(at phone): What's that?

ADRIAN(at phone): I need you to help me get rid of everything in this nursery. It's making me depressed and Ben depressed and... Well, it's time.

AMY(at phone): What do you wanna do with all that stuff?

ADRIAN(at phone): I don't know. You got any ideas?

AMY(at phone): Well, I mean, I'm sure that the church nursery would appreciate anything that you would want to give to them.

ADRIAN(at phone): Okay. Yeah, they can have it all. I really don't care. 636 Just as long as it goes to good use. Can you guys do this today? I really wanna get rid of this stuff today or I might lose my nerve.

AMY(at phone): Don't get rid of anything unless you are absolutely certain that's what you wanna do. And maybe you ought to think about it for a few more days.

ADRIAN(at phone): No, I want to do it today.

AMY(at phone): Okay, well, um, we'll figure it out and then we'll call you back. And is Ben is okay with this?

ADRIAN(at phone): Ben would have done this before I came home from the hospital, but I wouldn't let him. So, yeah, he's fine with it.

AMY(at phone): Okay. Well, if you want our help, Adrian, then you've got it.

ADRIAN(at phone): Thanks, Amy.


Leo comes in, Nora is here as secretary.

NORA: Good morning, sir.

LEO: Good morning to you.

NORA: Here's your coffee, black, and the Wall Street Journal.All articles pertaining to anything meat-related have been highlighted.

LEO: Oh, thank you, Nora. That's very nice of you. But what are you doing here? How come you're not at the butcher shop?

NORA: Oh, um, whoever is running your human resources department called Bunny and said they've run out of resources. They wanted Bunny, she sent me.

LEO: Fine. I don't know why everybody thinks I'm so difficult to work for.

NORA; Apparently, you scare people.

LEO: Scare people how?

NORA: I don't know. I heard you're a screamer.

LEO: Once in a while, I might raise my voice. People just have to do their job, that's all. We're making sausage, we're not making lollipops.

NORA: Hey, I get it. I totally get it. Oh, one question. How do you make that sausage?

LEO: I think you're the first person who's been at that desk who's asked me that question. Other than Camille. And that was a long, long time ago. You really want to know?

NORA: Yeah, I've been thinking about it. Wondering how you got to be the king.

LEO: If I didn't know you better, I'd say you were hitting on me.

NORA: No, I'm really interested.

(Phone rings)

NORA: First call of the day. (at phone) Good morning, you've reached Boykewich Headquarters. How may I help you? Hey, Ben. It's me.

BEN(at phone): "Me," who?

NORA(at phone): Me, Ricky's mom, Nora.

BEN(at phone): Oh, jeez, my dad's got you working for him today?

NORA(at phone): Honored to be here. Hey, I take it you're looking for him?

BEN(at phone): Yeah, I am.

NORA(at phone): Uh, he just...

LEO: Stepped into a meeting.

NORA(at phone): Stepped into a meeting.

BEN(at phone): Oh, I'm getting the "stepped into a meeting" runaround, huh? Just tell him that I can't make it for dinner tonight.

LEO(at phone): And why not?

BEN(at phone): Oh, I thought you just stepped into a meeting.

LEO(at phone): I want to talk to you.

BEN(at phone): I have a paper due tomorrow.

LEO(at phone): Then you better get started on it 'cause you're meeting me for dinner and don't be trying to back out. I want to talk to you. Betty told me about Adrian. You are not shipping her off to New York.


Katelyn joins him outside.

BEN: Hi.

KATELYN: Yeah. Hi. Shouldn't you be in class?

BEN: I was just, uh, checking on things.

KATELYN: Things or people? Adrian?

BEN: My dad. My dad's been having a tough time. You saw him when he was here. So I just felt like I needed to call him.

KATELYN: And how are you?

BEN: I'm fine. Thanks for asking. Better get back to class.

KATELYN: Um, I was hoping to talk to you about a rumor that's going around school.

BEN: I don't want to talk about any rumors. And whatever they are, they're probably not true.

KATELYN: Yeah. Ben, look, there are only a couple of months of school left. And I know you've been through a horrible time. But I also know that you're an honorable man, and you don't want to do anything dishonorable.

BEN: This is none of your business.

KATELYN: Excuse me?

BEN: None of your business. This is personal.

KATELYN: You're my business. You're a student here and so is Adrian.

BEN: No. No, she's not. She was a student here. She's not a student here anymore. And she's not gonna come back to school here. And whatever Adrian decides is her business, not your business.

KATELYN: Look, Ben, I really care about the students here. And I especially care about you and Adrian.

BEN: Well, don't. Who asked you to?

KATELYN: No one asked me to. It's just that... This is my first job back after... After I lost a baby. So, yeah, you know what, maybe I have crossed some line here without realizing it. May be this has become too personal. It's been two years for me and I'm still having a difficult time with the loss. SIDS. My baby died of SIDS. And then my husband left me 18 months later.

BEN: 18 months?

KATELYN: Yeah. I was the one who was inconsolable at first. Then I was depressed for almost a year, and then when I finally got myself together, he fell apart. And his way of dealing with it was staying drunk all the time.

BEN: Well, I've dealt with it. Sober. And Adrian can't deal with it. And maybe she needs to go to cosmetology school to start dealing with it. So, please, just stay out of it.

KATELYN: Are you sure you're okay, Ben? Because this doesn't seem like you, to encourage Adrian to do the wrong thing and to go away and study something that she's never been interested in before just so you can get out of your marriage.

BEN: Get out of my marriage? Who said anything about getting out of my marriage?

KATELYN: Why else would you encourage her to do something like this? I mean, Adrian is smart enough to finish high school and to go to college and get into law school. If her husband doesn't take away her courage and her strength and her determination.

BEN: I didn't take those away things from her, losing the baby did. Are you done now?

KATELYN: Finished. I'm finished now. Yes.

Ben enters in the school.

BEN: Does the whole school know that Adrian wants to further her education in New York?

ALICE: Now that's a positive spin on things if I've ever heard one.

HENRY: And the answer to your question is yes.

MAN: Oh, uh, I guess that enough time has passed that I can, I can tell you this. Half the student body thinks you're pushing Adrian out the door, the other half thinks you're running, so it's evenly divided between jerk and coward. So I think that the only way your reputation of a good guy can survive this is if you stick around. Just my advice.

BEN: I don't care what people think. Who would have thought my freshman year in high school would have been my best year?

Amy and Ricky talks in the hallway.

RICKY: You're gonna put the bed from their nursery in the church nursery 595 where John sleeps? Are you kidding? That's just creepy.

AMY: First of all, John doesn't sleep in a baby bed anymore so he won't be sleeping in it, and it's not creepy. Or it wasn't until you said that. Where was I?

RICKY: Secondly?

AMY: Secondly, the church really needs that stuff. There are a lot of mothers who'd be very grateful to have the things that Adrian wants to donate. Clothes, the, the blankets, diapers. You know how expensive that stuff is. Okay, I told you what Adrian called me about, now you tell me what Adrian called you about.

RICKY: I don't know. I erased the message.

AMY: Without listening to it?

RICKY: Without listening to it.

AMY: That wasn't very nice. I want to know what she said!

RICKY: I don't even know what she said. Ask her if you're so curious. She told you she called me. Ask her what she wanted.

AMY: I think we both know what she wanted. She is obviously getting ready to leave Ben and she wants you.

RICKY: And yet you're helping her leave Ben.

AMY: Because that's the kind of person I am, Ricky.

RICKY: I'm telling you, she knows what she's doing. She's feeling better. She's got some crazy plan she's come up with and you're playing right into it and I'm not.


Ben is at phone with Nora.

BEN(at phone): Just tell them I'm not gonna do it.

NORA(at phone): Ben, Ben, Ben. You know everyone who has had this job has been fired. Don't want to get fired, so I cannot give your dad that message.

BEN(at phone): Don't you think you'll get fired if I don't show up, and you don't tell him I wasn't gonna be there?

NORA(at phone): I have the physical ability to take you down, little mister. So you get yourself to that restaurant on time... Ben?

BEN(at phone): I can't. I can't do it. I can't listen to another lecture today. had one person after another today, telling me what they...

RICKY: I need to talk to you.

BEN(at phone): Everyone needs to talk to me. Do you mind?

RICKY: When you get off the phone.

NORA(at phone): Telling you what? What are people telling you?

BEN(at phone): Same thing that my dad's gonna to tell me and I can't...I can't hear it from him. I don't want to hear it from him. I can't take it.

NORA(at phone): Of course, you can. All you have to do is listen to him. That doesn't mean you have to do what he says. You just give the man some respect, you listen to him and then do what you want.

BEN(at phone): You don't know my dad.

NORA(at phone): What, he's a pussycat. Oh, meow. What’s up, pussycat? He's right here.

LEO: And we were getting along so well.


Amy calls her father.

AMY(at phone): Hey, Dad.

GEORGE(at phone): Hey, what's up?

AMY(at phone): You sound like you're in a good mood. What are you in such a good mood about?

GEORGE(at phone): I'm just sitting here with Robbie, right next to my favorite gal.

AMY(at phone): Mom?

GEORGE(at phone): Mom? No, Mimsy.

AMY(at phone): You're over at Mimsy's?

GEORGE(at phone): We're over at your mom's condo. Just making ourselves at home like we own the place.

MIMSY: Isn't this the place I own?

GEORGE(at phone): Could be. What do you need, Ames?

AMY(at phone): I was just wanted to ask you if I could go over and do laundry at your house tonight.

GEORGE(at phone): Yeah, sure, just leave some quarters on the washer.

AMY(at phone): Very funny. You're a funny man.

GEORGE(at phone): Uh-oh, what else do you need?

AMY(at phone): It's really easy.

GEORGE(at phone): How easy?

AMY(at phone): Easy, um...I just need some sort of a sleeper couch. Um, Ricky and I want to put John in the bedroom, and then we're going to sleep in the living room. It's for John's safety.

GEORGE(at phone): I'm sure. What happened to Ricky sleeping on the couch?

AMY(at phone): He's just tired of sleeping on the couch.

GEORGE(at phone): Yeah, I knew that wouldn't last.

AMY(at phone): So you'll do it?

GEORGE(at phone): No. You give Ricky back his bedroom, you come home to your bedroom, and John goes back to the little nursery. It's a win-win-win situation.

AMY(at phone): Okay. You're right. Um... 190 If we need a sofa bed, then we should just get a sofa bed by ourselves.

GEORGE(at phone): All right, I'll have Donovan email you some pictures, and you can pick something out.

AMY(at phone): Thanks. Um, thank you so much. I love you. And, and tell Mimsy that I love her, and Mom too, and Robbie.

GEORGE(at phone): All right, Amy.

MIMSY: Who was that, sweetie pie?

GEORGE: It's me, Mims. It's George, your daughter's husband.

MIMSY: I don't have a daughter.

GEORGE: That woman, Anne, the redhead.

MIMSY: That crazy lady who started the fire in my apartment?



GEORGE: She has a temper. We better watch out.

MIMSY: I'm not afraid of her.



Daniel takes stuff if the baby, Grace is here.

DANIEL: Hey, what's going on with your friend?

GRACE: I don't know.

DANIEL: She doesn't look upset at all. It's kind of strange.

GRACE: Well, I told you it wouldn't be a problem. I mean, she's ready to let go and move on, which I think is a really good thing.

DANIEL: Okay, well... I'll be back.

GRACE: Okay.

Adrian enters in the nursery.

ADRIAN: That Daniel is really hot.

GRACE: Yeah, he is.

ADRIAN: I almost wish I was single.

GRACE: You do not and stay away, that's my boyfriend.

ADRIAN: Well, this week.

GRACE: Yes, this week and next week and who knows how many weeks. I'm not going to think about it. I'm just going to enjoy it.

ADRIAN: Well, yeah, I would.

GRACE: So are you really, really okay with all this? You seem okay.

ADRIAN: Yeah. I am. You know, I thought I might break down once I saw Daniel 414 actually taking things out of the room, but... Yeah, I kind of can't take my eyes off of him. He's the perfect distraction.

GRACE: Adrian.


GRACE: So, what made you decide to do this today?

ADRIAN: I went for a walk this morning, and I decided that this is what I wanted to do. And I decided that I was gonna be okay with it. And I'm going to be. I mean, I'm sure it'll make me sad to pass by this room for a while, but it won't be that long before...

GRACE: Before?

ADRIAN: I can't tell you. I haven't even told Ben. I'm gonna have another baby. That's what's made me able to do this. I mean, that's why I can move on. Because we will have another baby. By this time next year. Just promise not to tell.

GRACE: Promise.

ADRIAN: Thanks.


Ricky and Ben have a conversation.

RICKY: You thought the meat locker would be a good place to avoid me?

BEN: I'm not avoiding, I'm working. And you should be working, too.

RICKY: Look, Ben, I don't know what's going on with this school223 that Adrian wants to go to, but something is going on. Are you upset that she's giving away everything in the nursery?

BEN: She's not doing that. She's sitting in there and staring at the walls all day, every day.

RICKY: You don't know she's cleaning out the baby nursery and giving everything to the church nursery? Grace and Amy are helping her, but they thought you knew.

BEN: That can't be true. She would have told me.

RICKY: You didn't want to get rid of that stuff?


Ben runs into upset.

ADRIAN: Hi, Ben.

BEN: What the hell did you do?


BEN: You took everything out of here without even telling me?

ADRIAN: I thought you'd be happy.

BEN: How could you do this?

ADRIAN: But you kept saying...

BEN: She was my daughter, too! And this was my daughter's nursery! How could you take everything out of here without saying anything to me, Adrian? God, all this time I've been tiptoeing around you, and doing everything in my power to make sure that you get through this, and you haven't even thought about me for one minute. Not one minute! And now you do this! How could you?

ADRIAN: Ben, I'm sorry, I didn't realize...

BEN: Where's Mr. Bear?


BEN: My Bear, Where's Mr. Bear?

ADRIAN: I don't know, Grace was helping me pack and...

BEN: My mother gave that bear to me. It's the only thing I have left from her. Where's my bear?

ADRIAN: I guess it's with the other stuff. I guess it's at the church nursery. I...

BEN: You are so selfish. Do you know that? I never even wanted to marry you. I never even wanted to have s*x with you in the first place. Every single bit of pain that both of us have had has been because of you! Because of you! I can't take it anymore. I can't take it. I know I'm supposed to be the man, I'm not supposed to cry but I don't care. Losing that baby, it killed me something in me, Adrian. It killed my belief that something good could come from the bad thing we did. It was a bad thing. Cheating on Amy and Ricky. And we deserved to lose that baby. At least I did, anyway. Because Amy loved me. And I threw it all away for one night with you. And I still feel guilty about that. I'm always gonna feel guilty about that, but maybe I just got what I deserved. I'm gonna go get my bear.


Amy receives a call of Ricky.

AMY(at phone): Hello?

RICKY(at phone): Guess what we just got.

AMY(at phone): Oh, yay! The couch is there. Yay!

RICKY(at phone): You knew about this?

AMY(at phone): Well, I didn't know that they'd be able to get it over there tonight. But I was going to show you pictures when I got home.

RICKY(at phone): Did we buy this couch? We can't afford a couch.

AMY(at phone): No, silly, it's from my dad's store. He's giving it to us.

RICKY(at phone): No, he's not. We're paying for it. I don't want a free couch. In fact, I don't even want a couch.

AMY(at phone): Well, it's a bed, too. You wanted a sofa bed, right?

RICKY(at phone): When did I say that?

AMY(at phone): This morning.

RICKY(at phone): This morning was a million years ago, and I don't think I said I wanted a sofa bed from your father. He doesn't even like us sleeping together. You asked him for a bed for us to sleep on?

AMY(at phone): Yes. I did. Because I wanted to make you happy.

RICKY(at phone): Well, this doesn't make me happy.

AMY(at phone): Okay, well, I'm sorry, but maybe we can just sleep on it? Get it?

RICKY(at phone): I'm not laughing, Amy. We're supposed to be grown-ups. We have to pay our own way through life. I don't want your dad or your mom buying us whatever you think we need.

AMY(at phone): Well, they don't mind helping us once in a while.

RICKY(at phone): That's not the point. The point is we should mind. And every time we sleep on that bed, I'm going to be thinking of your father.

AMY(at phone): I'm sure you'll get over it. Uh, I, I have to go. Um, Ben just pulled up.

RICKY(at phone): Oh, by the way, I also called to tell you he didn't know anything about the nursery. He didn't know Adrian was giving everything away.


Ben arrives.

BEN: I hate to bother you, but, uh, is the nursery still open?

AMY: Yeah, um, there's one lady that stays late. Do you want your things back?

BEN: Yeah. There is one thing I'd like back.

AMY: Mr. Bear?

BEN: How'd you know?

AMY: You told me about him. Your mom gave him to you. I knew that it was probably a mistake. That he ended up in the box with the other stuff. And, um, I can go get all your other things back, if you want. I'm really sorry, Ben. I didn't know that you didn't know.

BEN: It doesn't matter. The other stuff doesn't matter. I'm not even sure that this matters. I'm not sure anything matters at all.

AMY: Ben, don't.

BEN: What happened to us, Amy? I really loved you. And John.

AMY: And I loved you. But, Ben, it was never going to work. We just couldn't see it.

BEN: Can't you see it's never gonna work with Ricky, either? He's not... He's not good enough for you, Amy. And sooner or later, he's going to hurt you. That's who he is.

AMY: That's who he was.


George and Anne diner together.

ANNE: Did she know who you were?

GEORGE: Nah, I don't think so. But we had a good time, anyway.

ANNE: It's so depressing, George. She can't move back to the little apartment that she was in. Even with the nurse full time. She has to move to the section of the homethat's just for Alzheimer's patients. Eugene hasn't wanted to do that, and I haven't either. But now we have to move her again. And each time, she has less space, less privacy, more Alzheimer's patients around her. A lot of more. And they're a lot worse than she is. But what can I do? She could get hurt, or she could hurt someone.

GEORGE: I installed safety bolts at the top of your doors. So if you needed them, when she's over here...

ANNE: Hmm, that was nice. Thank you.

GEORGE: And you know you can put black mats in front of the door and she won't step across. Her perception is off, and she just sees a black hole.That's what I read anyway.

ANNE: Yeah, they do that in the Alzheimer's area there she's in. And I read that too, but I don't totally trust that.

GEORGE: It can't hurt. I can pick some up for you.

ANNE: I don't know how much I can have her here, George. I can't have her spend the night here unless you're here. Because even with those mats and with the locks, she can still get out and wander around.

GEORGE: Well, what if I were here more often? Maybe I could come up a few days a week? And nights.

ANNE: Maybe. I'm gonna go check on Robbie.

GEORGE: I could check on Robbie.

ANNE: No, I haven't seen him all day. We like to spend time together after daycare. I want to see him.


Ricky calls George.

GEORGE(at phone): Everything okay?

RICKY(at phone): No, everything is not okay. There's a very expensive couch in our apartment that I don't know how I'm going to pay for.

GEORGE(at phone): You're welcome.

RICKY(at phone): It's nice, but I wish Amy hadn't asked you to help us.

GEORGE(at phone): Yeah, and I wish Amy didn't live there. But she does. And the two of you need somewhere to sleep.

RICKY(at phone): I bought a new mattress before she started staying over here.

GEORGE(at phone): Too much information.

RICKY(at phone): And we could just put our bed in the living room.

GEORGE(at phone): But it would look stupid. And it would advertise to anyone who comes over that you two are sleeping together.

RICKY(at phone): We're not really hiding that from anyone.

GEORGE(at phone): Well, until you're married, you should.

RICKY(at phone): I don't think we're gonna get married. That's why I don't want you giving us anything, because I know you want us to get married and I don't want to feel obligated.

GEORGE(at phone): Don't worry, I'm sure if you didn't feel obligated to marry her when she had the baby, you're not going to feel obligated to marry her when I give you a couch.

RICKY(at phone): You might be right about that.

GEORGE(at phone): I'm always right. And I'm right about this, too. Amy is never gonna be happy living with you and not married to you because she just doesn't feel secure with that arrangement. She's just doing that to make you happy. And as an adult, you have to start thinking about the other person, the woman you love. When you have a child, both of you have to start thinking about the child. You and Amy have to start thinking about John, and what's best for John.

RICKY(at phone): I know that. Thanks for the couch.

GEORGE(at phone): You're welcome. Goodnight.

ANNE: You're welcome for what?

GEORGE: I gave them a new couch.

ANNE: Oh, yeah, I helped Amy pick it out. She forwarded me the pictures.

GEORGE: Yeah, I told her to do that.

ANNE: No, you didn't. Have you heard from Ashley tonight?

GEORGE: Yeah. And she's still looking for a job.

ANNE: 'Cause of course she hasn't found one yet.

GEORGE: She likes her freedom too much. She'll get a job.

ANNE: I'll believe it when I see it.

GEORGE: Well, if she doesn't, hopefully, she'll learn a little something about the value of an education.

ANNE: Well, I hope so.

GEORGE: Yeah, me too. Well, with Mimsy in the guest room and Robie in his room, I guess there's really no place for me to sleep but your room.

ANNE: That couch folds out, too. You know, I really just need for you to stay here for a few days until I get my mom settled.

GEORGE: Whatever you need.


Ben is alone with his bear, he drinks alcohol.

BEN: I don't know where to go. I don't know who to talk to. I was a bad guy already, before I said any of that to Adrian. Hand me another beer. Never mind, I'll get it myself. I wish I hadn't said any of to Adrian, but, hey, I did. And I'm gonna have to live with that and with all the other stuff I've done.


Daniel and Grace are in her bedroom.

DANIEL: All right, Grace. It's getting late, I've gotta go.

GRACE: No, you don't. My mom's gonna be out with Rachel for at least another hour. And Jack's still out at Madison's.

DANIEL: What does Jack have to do with anything?

GRACE: Well, his room is right next to ours.

DANIEL: This isn't ours, this is yours. And I want you to come over to my apartment sometime, but I want your mom to know where you are, so you're gonna have to tell her I'm in college and I have my own place.

GRACE: I'll tell her. Tomorrow. Promise. But tonight, tonight I want to thank you for helping me help my friend.

DANIEL: Yeah, about your friend, or friends. You know, you've got one friend that just lost a baby and she's trying to have another one...

GRACE: I promised I wouldn't tell anyone.

DANIEL: But you did. And you've got another friend who has a two-year-old, and she's a junior in high school and she's living with the father of the baby. And they're not married?


DANIEL: Well, you know they say your friends are a reflection of you.

GRACE: Yeah.


GRACE: Oh.Well, what can I say? All three of us really like s*x and one of us is more careful than the other two.

DANIEL: Yeah, and I'm more careful than all of you. But you scare me a little bit. I don't want you to get any thoughts about having any babies. Because I don't want any babies. Not for a long time.

GRACE: Neither do I.

DANIEL: Good. So you're on the pill, right?

GRACE: Yeah. And... I have condoms, and you have condoms, and we both agreed that you will use condoms.

DANIEL: Yeah, well, well, good. So we have all the technical precautions in place. Now we just have to figure out how we feel about each other.

GRACE: But we, we already...

DANIEL: Yeah, we have.

GRACE: So we know that we like each other.

DANIEL: Yeah, I'm not sure that that's enough. Maybe I'd like to know that you feel a little more than friendship for me.


DANIEL: Because you're a very fickle girl. Goodnight.

GRACE: I'll walk you out.

Daniel and Grace enter in the kitchen.

DANIEL: Look, now don't be angry with me just because I think you're a little crazy. Right, that's what attracted me to you in the first place.

GRACE: Well, I'm not crazy. And I'm not fickle. And for your information, I'm a Christian. DANIEL: You told me that already, when we were in Africa, I think right in the middle of us...

GRACE: Will you shut up!

DANIEL: Goodnight, Grace.

(Jack enters)

JACK: Oh. Am I interrupting?

DANIEL: No. Goodnight.

JACK: I broke up with Madison.

GRACE: What? Why?

JACK: Because she's right. I'm still in love with you.

GRACE: Are you blind? Did you not just see that?

JACK: I saw you had one eye open.

GRACE: I have a boyfriend and I love him, okay? I love him! I'm in love with Daniel!

DANIEL: Uh... Now that's more like it. Goodnight, Grace.


Ben enters in the restaurant drunk.

BEN: Hmm. Hey, Dad! We're here! Good evening. Nice tie. Thank you. Um, I'm sorry we're late. We had to take a cab.

LEO: From where?

BEN: From the liquor store.

LEO: You're drunk?

BEN: No, I wouldn't say I'm drunk, but I'm celebrating, yes.

LEO: Celebrating what?

BEN: I finally found a way out of my marriage.

LEO: And what was that?

BEN: Honesty. Hmm.

(He falls)

LEO: He's in mourning.


Ricky is upset.

BEN: Amy.

AMY: In here. Oh, we're gonna do laundry?

RICKY: Why else would you be over here?

AMY: To get away from you. I was just trying to make you happy.

RICKY: Don't try to make me happy. Do whatever makes you happy.

AMY: I did. I got us a couch and then I came over here because I didn't want to sleep on it with you for the first time when you're angry with me.

RICKY: You can't just call your dad to fix things. It's not me and you and your dad in this relationship. It's just me and you.

AMY: I know that. But...I still need my parents. I think I'm always going to need my parents.

RICKY: You're going in the wrong direction.

AMY: Ricky, they're my parents! I need them for stuff.

RICKY: That's not what parents are for, for stuff. I know what you're thinking. I'm not the best judge of what parents are for.

AMY: I did not say that.

RICKY: Look, this whole thing started when I woke up and found that John wasn't sleeping next to me. I don't like surprises. I didn't like having two guys show up from your dad's furniture store to deliver a couch when Bunny and everyone else was still around. I don't like surprises, I really don't. But I'm over it. Okay? I'm over it. But we had an agreement that you wouldn't run home when we have an argument and here you are.

AMY: Yeah, I know. No one was here. So it's not really the same thing.

RICKY: It's kind of the same thing.

AMY: Ugh, I know. Okay, it's the same thing. I'm sorry. I just can't stand to see you when I've disappointed you. And I know I disappointed you.

RICKY: Is that really it? Are you still angry about the phone call from Adrian?

AMY: Did you listen to it?

RICKY: I told you, I erased it.

AMY: Ricky, please don't have anything to do with Adrian. Please.

RICKY: Who has the time? Look at all this laundry. I won't. Promise.

AMY: All right. Well, let's get John and go home.

RICKY: What about all this stuff?

AMY: It's too late, I'm tired.

RICKY: Then you go to bed, and I'll do the laundry. When I'm finished, I'll get in bed with you. We've never done anything in your room.

AMY: No, we haven't. And I will take you up on that.

(Amy leaves in the bedroom)

OPERATOR: You have one saved message.

ADRIAN: Long time, no see. I've been thinking about you. And I know you've been thinking about me. Haven't you? Goodnight, Ricky.

OPERATOR: Message saved.


Adrian makes some holes in the hall. She is angry.

End of the episode.