03x01 - Do Over

Last Season on "The Secret Life Of The American Teenager"

GRACE: Having s*x ruined everything for us.

JACK: Not continuing to have s*x ruined everything for us.

GEORGE: I made the mistake of asking Anne if there was any possibility that the baby might not be mine, so Anne took the baby and went to see her mother.

RUBEN: But they're coming back.

BEN: I do love Amy, but I want to be with other girls. I want to have s*x.

ASHLEY: Dad, if you want Mom back, you better get on the phone right now. She's seeing her old high-school boyfriend.

RICKY: I'm going to get some kind of legal agreement so that John doesn't just disappear anytime you feel like taking off.

AMY: This is Jimmy.

JIMMY: Can I call you?

GEORGES: Want to go back with me?

ANNE: We haven't resolved anything.

AMY: We are a family even though you and I aren't a couple.

MADISON: Jack and I are just friends and nothing more.

BEN: Even though we're just friends now, I still wouldn't want you to have s*x with any other guy.

GRIFFIN: You need a boyfriend. We have to get you a boyfriend.


ASHLEY: Wow what? Griffin was right. I think I might like you.

LEO: I want to get married.

BETTY: Me, too.

RUBEN: We're getting married.

ADRIAN: Oh, my God, Mom!

ADIVSER: Did your dad remarry?

MADISON: She's not my mother. Yeah, I don't do anything with her.

GRACE: I think Ricky's in love win you, too.

ADRIAN: If Amy's having s*x with Ricky, I'm having s*x with Ben.

RICKY: Somebody told you?

ADIRAN: You slept with Amy, and I slept with Ben.

BEN: I had s*x with Adrian, and now Ricky is going to pummel me.

GRACE: We hope you get married soon and be together and happy for the rest of your lives.

JEFF: How about tonight?

ANNA: If you're tired of sleeping on the couch and you want to sleep in the bedroom, you can. Take off the baseball cap.

RICKY: I want to take John on weekends.

AMY: No. Ricky's not going to get John.

ADRIAN: If we don't give Ricky what he wants, he'll go to court.

RUBEN: Probably the best thing is for you to get a mediation.

ADRIAN: You have to be on the pill for at least a month. I hope that's why I'm late.

ASHLEY: Do you mind if I go on the pill?

GEORGE: For what?

AMY: I know what we worked out was fair, but just it seems so unfair still.

RUBEN: I only wish that I had married your mother when I should have.

ADRIAN: I think the person that I should have with me when I take this test is Ben.

BEN: I am proud to present Mr. and Mrs. Leo Boykewich.

AMY: Ben called me last night. He left a message for me, told me that he loves me.

JACK: Adrian tell Ben yet?

GRACE: I think she's telling him right now.


Ben waits Adrian leaves to her class.

BEN: I got your call. What's going on?

ADRIAN: Don't panic. It's good news. I started my period. I'm not pregnant.

BEN: Oh, thank God. Really?

ADRIAN: Really. So you're off the hook.

BEN: Adrian, I never thought of it as being on the hook, but this is good news for both of us.

ADRIAN: Yeah, it is. I'll talk to you later, okay?

BEN: Sure. Oh...

Adrian leaves, Henry and Alice come to talk with Ben.

ALICE: We've been trying to get in touch with you for over 24 hours. What the heck is going on?

HENRY: At least he's smiling. Last time we saw you, you weren't smiling. You look like you've been run over by a truck. We just figured you had s*x with Adrian again.

ALICE: You better not have.

BEN: I didn't.

ALICE: So what is going on?

BEN: Nothing. Okay, I guess I was going to tell you sooner or later. Adrian thought that she was pregnant.

ALICE: Wait, you and Adrian thought you were pregnant?

BEN: Yeah, but we're not.

ALICE: What made you think you were pregnant?

BEN: She took an early pregnancy test, and it was positive.

ALICE: You know positive means she is pregnant, don't you?

BEN: Evidently the test was wrong. She's not pregnant. She started her period this morning.

HENRY: Oh, congratulations.

ALICE: Hold your congratulations. Are you sure?

BEN: I didn't verify it, but she just told me she did, and there would be no reason for her to lie.

ALICE: Oh, I don't know about that.

Adrian meets Grace in the hall.


ADRIAN: So, nothing. I guess I was just late, and then I got anxious, and then I got my period.

GRACE: Thank God.

ADRIAN: Yeah, whatever. Look, I don't want to talk about this, and I don't want you to talk about this. I don't want anyone to know that I even thought there was a problem.

GRACE: I completely understand.

ADRIAN: I don't care if you completely understand. What I care about is that you don't say anything to anyone. Make that to anyone else.

GRACE: You don't want me to tell Jack that everything's okay?

ADRIAN: Okay, tell him that, and then just leave it at that.

GRACE: What about Madison? Can I tell Madison? Because I know he told her.

ADRIAN: He said he didn't.

GRACE: It's Jack. He lies.

ADRIAN: No, you just tell him everything is okay, and we told Madison, and he'll just tell her everything is okay on his own. You don't have to tell her. The less said about everything, the better.

GRACE: What if Madison told Amy?

ADRIAN: She better not have. I have to go.

Adrian goes to talk with Ashley.

ADRIAN: Hey, wait up.

ASHLEY: Hi. How are you?

ADRIAN: I'm fine, so I wanted to let you know that. I'm fine.


ADRIAN: What I thought might've happened didn't happen.

ASHLEY: All right.

ADRIAN: You didn't tell anyone, did you?

ASHLEY: Who would I tell?

ADRIAN: That's not a no.

ASHLEY: There's nothing to tell.

ADRIAN: That's still not a no.

ASHLEY: I told my dad.

ADRIAN: What? Why would you do that? You used me as an excuse so you can get birth control pills? I've got to go, and you, you talk to your dad and don't talk to anyone else.

Adrian leaves, Ricky comes in.

RICKY: You don't want to be friends with her. She's a bad influence.

ASHLEY: Then who should I be friends with? You? You're a good influence?

RICKY: I didn't say that.

ASHLEY: Don't worry about me. I've got a mind of my own.

RICKY: I know. That's what I like about you.

ASHLEY: My mind?

RICKY: Yeah.

ASHLEY: All right.

RICKY: Did Ben call Amy yesterday?

ASHLEY: No, but he will.

RICKY: He better.


RICKY: Because she wants him to call her.

ASHLEY: And Amy's supposed to get whatever she wants?

RICKY: I think she's been through enough that she should get something she wants.

ASHLEY: Yeah, I guess. If she's busy with Ben, hey, she pays less attention to me.

RICKY: And what don't you want Amy to pay attention to?

ASHLEY: My s*x life.

RICKY: You have a s*x life? With who, Grant?

ASHLEY: Wouldn't you like to know?

RICKY: Yeah, maybe I would like to know.

Amy, Madison and Lauren walk in the hall.

AMY: Why would he tell me he loves me and then not return any of my calls?

LAUREN: I don't know.

MADISON: Well, don't look at me. I don't know either.

AMY: Just I think it's weird. Don't you think it's weird?

MADISON: I don't know what weird is anymore.

(Madison leaves)

AMY: Jack problems?

LAUREN: Probably. She and Jack were supposed to, you know, do it after the wedding.

AMY: And did they?

LAUREN: Let's hope not because she is not in a very good mood. If they did do it, they probably don't feel very good about it.

AMY: I know that feeling. Wait. Did you and Jesse do it?

LAUREN: Why would you say that?

AMY: Because if Madison and Jack were going to do it, then you two are probably going to do it, too, since that's how you and Madison are.

LAUREN: I beg your pardon?

AMY: Am I right?

LAUREN: I would tell you if I had s*x. I did not have s*x.

AMY: The three of us should just swear off on boys.

LAUREN: Uh-huh. Unless, of course, Ben calls.

AMY: Why wouldn't he call me back? And after telling me he loved me, why did he avoid me at the wedding? It just doesn't make any sense.

(They see Ben but he pretends not to see them)

AMY: Did you just see that? He's still avoiding me.

LAUREN: I saw that.

Ben falls on Jack.

JACK: Hey, Grace just told me. Congratulations, you dodged a bullet, or Adrian dodged a bullet. You knew I knew, right?

BEN: No. Knew what?

JACK: About Adrian, how she might've been, you know, but she's not. Um, all right, sorry I said anything. Grace said not to say anything, but I didn't know she meant not to say anything to you. It's all good, buddy.



George and Ashley are a meeting.

GEORGE: Anne and I are divorced, and, well, Ashley's always been closer to me. She and I have an excellent relationship, so if she feels she wants to go on the pill, then I feel she should be on the pill. Although she's not having s*x right now, and she would tell me if she was, and I want her to wait until she's 18, but what if she doesn't and ends up like...my other daughter, you know, Amy, or just gets herself into some kind of messy situation like our next-door neighbor, who thought she was pregnant, but isn't. I just don't want any mishaps, so I said okay to her going on the pill even though you don't need my okay, but I'm just trying to be prudent.

ASHLEY: Prudent?


GYNAECOLOGIST:1 You know I'm the pediatrician for both John and Robbie, don't you?

GEORGE: Are you?

ASHLEY: So what? Isn't this all confidential?

GYNAECOLOGIST: Of course, Ashley. It's just that, George, aren't you and Anne back together? That's what Anne said, and Amy.

GEORGE: Poor Anne. She still can't deal with the breakup. Neither can Amy. That's why Ashley and I don't tell them everything. For example, we don't plan on telling them about this. By the way, I never realized how blue your eyes are.

ASHLEY: Dad, please don't.

GYNAECOLOGIST: Ashley, why don't we let your dad step outside so we can talk.

ASHLEY: Thank you.

GYNAECOLOGIST: And George, why don't you have a nurse take a look at your scalp. I think your hair might be infected.

GEORGE: Yeah, I was thinking that, too. My head's been kind of burning for a couple of days. Okay, thanks. I'll be outside.

GYNAECOLOGIST: You know, Ashley, given your family history, I think birth control of some sort is a good decision.

ASHLEY: No kidding.


Anne is in the kitchen, Amy enters.

ANNE: Is John sick?

AMY: No, but every other kid in the nursery is, so they encouraged me to bring them home.

ANNE: That's probably a good idea.

AMY: It's a great idea. Now I can spend the entire afternoon with nothing to distract me from the fact that I still have heard nothing, absolutely nothing from that stupid Ben. Can you believe that?

ANNE: Are you sure you want to get back with Ben... even after he and Adrian were together? Maybe you should just leave it alone. Just think about something other than Ben.

AMY: Like?

ANNE: There's a whole world out there beyond Ben.

AMY: Mom, Ben is... Ben. He's the first guy I ever loved, and I still love him, no matter what he did, and you know he still loves me.

ANNE: Well, then, I guess I'll call him. Oh, hey, wait a minute. Did Ashley say anything to you about going out for track?

AMY: What?

ANNE: Yeah, your dad said that Ashley's going out for track.

AMY: Mom, come on. No, she's not.

ANNE: Apparently she is.

AMY: Ashley running? Think about it.

ANNE: Yeah, I was surprised, too, but your dad said that he's taking off work today so he can be with her at tryouts.

AMY: Uh-huh, sure.

ANNE: He did.

AMY: If you say so.

ANNE: Well, why don't you think so?

AMY: Mom, it's a lie. It's got to be a lie.

ANNE: Well, why would your dad and Ashley lie about her going out for track? Why would they lie about that?

AMY: I don't know. It's not even a good lie.

ANNE: You're right. It's not. I just don't understand why they keep lying to me.

AMY: Well, I know why. Because you don't agree with them, and they just do what they always want to do anyway.

ANNE: What have I not agreed with them on lately?

AMY: Birth control pills?


Ben calls Adrian. Grace comes in.

BEN(at phone): Hey, Adrian, I want to talk to you. I tried to find you at school, so call me back, please. We really need to talk.


BEN: Oh. Grace, hi.

GRACE: Your butler let me in. A live-in butler, that's so cool.

BEN: And I'm sure the butler enjoyed it as well.

GRACE: And guess what? I got my license, and I thought since you came over to my house the day you got your license, I would come over to your house the day I got my license, which is today.

BEN: Oh, yeah, and, uh, thanks for dropping by, Grace, and congratulations. It's really great being able to drive a car. You're going to love it, but I have to go to work.

GRACE: Oh, right, work. I wasn't really sure if you had to go to work every day after school.

BEN: I do.

GRACE: I saw your car in the driveway.

BEN: Oh, I came home to change and just got delayed.

GRACE: Well, you sure you can't stay home just this one time? I brought cookies. I thought maybe we could celebrate my good news and your good news.

BEN: My good news?

GRACE: Well, it's Adrian's good news. You knew that I knew what was going on, right? I mean, she must've told you that she told me, or you must've figured it out. Adrian and I are friends, so I know what was going on at the wedding and everything.

BEN: What was going on?

GRACE: Adrian thought she was pregnant.

BEN: Oh, my. Did she?

GRACE: Yeah, but it's okay, Ben. I mean, she's not, but even if she were, I would still be there for you because we're friends, too, and maybe at some point we can be more than friends.

BEN: Grace, I...I really can't do this right now. I have to go to work.

GRACE: All right. I hope I didn't make things uncomfortable for you. I just thought we could talk about anything.

BEN: We can. I just...I have to go. I apologize.

GRACE: Okay, but can we walk out together?

BEN: I really want to show you my car. And I'd love to see your car, but my dad asked me to call him when I was leaving and...

GRACE: I understand. I shouldn't have dropped by without calling first.

BEN: Oh, no, that's okay, and I'm really happy for you. This is just, uh, it's bad timing.

GRACE: Okay. Well... Bye.

ADRIAN'S RESPONDER: Hi, this is Adrian. Please leave a message.


Ben calls Bunny in the butchery.

BUNNY(at phone): Where are you?

BEN(at phone): I have some personal business that I have to take care of.

BUNNY(at phone): You have some professional business you better take care of first unless you want to lose your job.

BEN(at phone): Bunny, please, I just need the afternoon off.

BUNNY(at phone): For what?

BEN(at phone): It's personal.

BUNNY(at phone): Yeah, I've got a lot of personal things I'd like to be doing. I need a mani-pedi, but I don't have time to get one because I'm working.

BEN(at phone): It's more important than that and more personal.

BUNNY(at phone): Like what?

BEN(at phone): Please.

BUNNY(at phone): All right, all right, but get your butt back here tomorrow.

BEN(at phone): And just one more favor.

BUNNY(at phone): No.

BEN(at phone): If you could just not mention this to my dad.

BUNNY(at phone): Are you in some kind of trouble?

BEN(at phone): No-no, I'm not in any kind of trouble.

BUNNY(at phone): Is someone else in trouble?

BEN(at phone): Someone like?

BUNNY(at phone): Adrian.

BEN(at phone): Why would you say that?

BUNNY(at phone): Because I know Adrian. Hell, it was Adrian.

BEN(at phone): I have to go.

Ricky wants to know more about this.

RICKY: Was that Ben? Is he coming in?

BUNNY: He needs some "me" time.

RICKY: What does that mean?

BUNNY: It means you're the only one working, the key word being... working.

RICKY: Something's going on with him, with him and Adrian.

BUNNY: I think we knew that already, didn't we?

RICKY: I'm not talking about what happened in his car. I'm talking about what happened since they got out of the car. The guy's confused. I think I'm going to go talk to him after work.

BUNNY: Oh, you're going to go help someone with their love life, you.

RICKY: Yeah, me. I care about Ben, and I care about Amy, and I don't care about Adrian.

BUNNY: Oh, well, let me ask you this. Do you care about your job?

RICKY: Of course.

BUNNY: Then stop gossiping and get back to work.


Madison and Jack kiss.

MADISON: You know, I...I really don't care if Adrian's not pregnant. I feel like she was almost pregnant, and, you know, if Amy ever finds out that I knew and I didn't tell her, she'd hate me, so I just-- I can't really think about doing anything more with you right now. I mean, on one hand I'm kind of proud of myself for not telling Amy or Lauren or anybody else, but on the other hand I kind of feel like maybe I should tell Amy and Lauren, especially since there's nothing really to tell.

JACK: No, don't say anything. You can't. Just forget it.

MADISON: I don't know if I can forget it. I mean, how do you forget that your best friend's ex-boyfriend called her up the night before he found out that he wasn't having a baby and told her that he loved her?

JACK: Maybe this will help.

MADISON: I...I thought we weren't going to do anything. I thought we were just going to talk.

JACK: We're not doing anything. Not doing anything doesn't mean not making out. Not doing anything just means we're not going to have s*x...if you don't want.

MADISON: Well, no, I don't want, but just so you know, I am open to having the same kind of s*x we were having before.

JACK: If you insist. I love you.

MADISON: Okay, um, this is not going to work. I'm not going to do my stuff just because you said that you love me. Oh, my God. Do you really love me?

JACK: Yeah, I really do, Madison, and I'm not just saying that to get you to do something that you don't want to do. I-- I just felt like saying it.

MADISON: I can't believe you're saying this to me. I didn't think you were ever going to say it. I mean, I wanted you to say it. Well, so do I get, like, a promise ring or, like, a necklace or pin or something?

JACK: What? I didn't know gifts were involved.

MADISON: Well, I can't just tell people that you told me that you love me. You have to give me something, so when people say, "Oh, where did you get that?" I can be like, "Oh, Jack gave it to me when he told me that he loves me."

JACK: I don't have a gift. I was just trying to be spontaneous, and you know what? You kind of ruined it.

MADISON: I'm sorry. It's just I can't really think about you or us while all I can think about is poor Amy when she finds out that Adrian thought she was pregnant with Ben's baby.

JACK: How is she going to find out? Don't do it, Madison.

MADISON: Or what? You won't love me anymore?


Ben calls Adrian. He is in his car in front of her garage.


BEN: Adrian?

ADRIAN: Yeah, Ben, it's me. What do you want?

BEN: Open your garage door. -


BEN: I want to talk to you.


BEN: In person.

ADRIAN: In the garage?

BEN: Amy came home early. I can't park on the street.

ADRIAN: You're right. Never park on the street again. The last time was a disaster. Look, just tell me what you want.

BEN: I don't know if I believe you or not, that you're not pregnant.

Adrian serves a drink to Ben.

ADRIAN: Sometimes the tests are wrong.

BEN: Not thatften. They're almost a hundred percent accurate.

ADRIAN: Right, that's what I said. Sometimes they're wrong.

BEN: If you found out that you weren't pregnant, why didn't you call and tell me, uh, immediately?

ADRIAN: I told you as soon as I saw you. It's not the kind of thing you put in a text. I have a legal mind, you know.

BEN: Adrian, I have to ask you this. Did you... terminate the pregnancy?

ADRIAN: Did I have an abortion?

BEN: Did you?

ADRIAN: No, I did not, but if I had been pregnant and I decided to have an abortion, then that would be my decision, not your decision.

BEN: I disagree.

ADRIAN: Fine, you disagree. Fortunately it doesn't matter if we agree or disagree because we don't have to make a decision.

BEN: I just-- I just get the feeling that you were lying to me. I mean, I saw the test results. I saw the look on your face.

ADRIAN: Yeah, I had that look on my face because I thought I was pregnant. I'm not, and I didn't get an abortion, okay? I didn't. Jeez.

BEN: I admit that I just wanted the problem to go away, but if you made the problem go away, I would feel really guilty, really, really guilty.

ADRIAN: Did you want to have a baby with me?

BEN: No. I mean...

ADRIAN: You mean no, so let's just forget that this ever happened. Put that incident in the car behind us and just move on, okay? Can we do that? We made a mistake, but we're friends, Ben, and we'll go on being friends... I hope.

BEN: I hope so, too, Adrian.

ADRIAN: I'm sorry about this. I really am.

BEN: Me, too.

ADRIAN: Live and learn, huh?

BEN: Yeah, I'll say.

ADRIAN: Look, Ben, I feel really badly about even trying to get back at Amy. I got a whole new level of understanding of what she went through and is going through. You guys are really good together. I really hope things work out between the two of you.

BEN: Me, too. And you and Ricky?

ADRIAN: No. No, I don't think so. I know Ricky's never going to forgive me.

BEN: Some day. Some day he will.

ADRIAN: And maybe some day I won't care.

BEN: Goodbye.


BEN: Thank you.


George and Ashley go home.

GEORGE: Hey, Buddy, where you going? Maybe I should take him for a walk.

ANNE: No, Moose can wait. Tell me what happened? You made the team?

ASHLEY: They don't give you a uniform unless you make the team.

ANNE: Ashley. I'm so proud of you. Which event?

ASHLEY: Track.

ANNE: The mile? The 50-yard dash? The 100-yard dash? Any dash?

ASHLEY: Uh, the mile.

ANNE: No kidding.

ASHLEY: Yeah, and it's a really long way, and I had to do it over and over again, so I'm just going to go get some rest. Go team.

GEORGE: Amy's home? I saw her car.

ANNE: Yeah, the woman that she works with encouraged her not to bring John in today because apparently a bunch of the babies were sick. George, I really hope that you're not lying to me, you and Ashley, about her making the team.

GEORGE: Why would we lie to you about that?

ANNE: I don't know. Why would you lie to me about that?

GEORGE: We wouldn't. Yeah, she's a really good runner.

ANNE: Really? Because she never has been.

GEORGE: Well, she is now. Boy, you should see her go.

ANNE: What happened to your hair... things?

GEORGE: Oh, I should've gone to a legitimate guy. They got infected. I had to have them taken out. Dr. Hightower's nurse did it for free.

ANNE: Dr. Hightower's nurse?


ANNE: Why would you go to our pediatrician for something like that? Why didn't you go back to that dermatologist or whoever put the plugs in?

GEORGE: What, am I on trial here? He moved. I don't know where he is. My head's been hurting for days. I couldn't take it anymore. Sorry. No new hair.


Kathleen and Tom prepares the diner. Grace goes home.

KATHLEEN: Ah, you're back already?

GRACE: I went over to Ben's, but he had to work.

KATHLEEN: You didn't want to go over to Adrian's or one of your other friends?

TOM: She don't have any other friends.

GRACE: Yes, I do. I could've gone over to show Jack or Madison.

TOM: He is your ex-boyfriend, and she is his new girlfriend.

GRACE: They're still my friends. Brand new car and no place to go. Poor Grace.


GRACE: Yeah, Tom.

KATHLEEN: Hey, Grace, maybe you should take Tom for a ride.

TOM: I don't think so. See you.

KATHLEEN: He's just not happy because I don't think he should drive. I mean, even if he passed the test, I don't think he always uses the best judgment.

GRACE: And he has road rage when he's not even driving.

KATHLEEN: Yeah, sometimes he does. Honey, you seem sad. What's going on?

GRACE: Nothing. I was just hoping to spend a little bit more time with Ben. That's all.

KATHLEEN: Are you sure that's all that's going on? You don't want to spend some time with Adrian? Did the two of you get in a fight?


KATHLEEN: There were a lot of lat e-night phone calls last week, a lot of whispering going on.

GRACE: I don't know what you're talking about.

KATHLEEN: I could hear you every time I walked past your door.

GRACE: Did you hear what I was saying?

KATHLEEN: I didn't stop to listen to what you were saying. I wasn't eavesdropping.

GRACE: Sorry.

KATHLEEN: And you know I don't read your emails or your text messages, but when you were taking the driving test today and you asked me to hold your phone, I did see a text from Adrian, and it said, "Remember, not a word to anyone. I'm serious."


KATHLEEN: Honey, I couldn't help but see it. It was just right there on the screen, and I can't help but wonder what it means. What does it mean?

GRACE: It means she's not pregnant. She thought she was, but she's not.


GRACE: No, Ben.

KATHLEEN: I thought you and Ben were interested in each other.

GRACE:Yeah, but I wasn't offering him the same thing Adrian was offering him the night Amy shut him out, so there you go. I mean, he and Adrian did something they shouldn't have, and things went wrong, and she thought she was pregnant, and her mom was getting married last week, so she didn't want to bother her, and that's what I was talking to her about all last week.

KATHLEEN: Wow. But she's not pregnant?

GRACE: No, she's not.

KATHLEEN: Well, how is it she thought she was and then she's not?

GRACE: I don't know. She was just late.

KATHLEEN: Honey, it's really sweet that you want to help people with their problems, but maybe you should encourage Adrian to talk to her mom about this.

GRACE: I know, but I still think she wants to talk about it now that it's over with. I wasn't even supposed to tell anyone this happened, mom. I mean, she told me not to tell anyone this happened.

KATHLEEN: I'm your mom. Hey, it's just between us. Maybe that doesn't count. Oh, Grace. You are a really forgiving person, and I think it's nice that you want to still go out with Ben after all this, but, I don't know, maybe you wight to get out there and meet some new guys.

GRACE: I don't want to.


Ricky comes in to talk with Ben.

BEN: See you later, boys.

RICKY: You stayed home from work to organize your socks?

BEN: No, I stayed home because I felt like staying home.

RICKY: I don't think so. Why weren't you at work?

BEN: Because I wasn't, so there.

RICKY: Why are you so happy?

BEN: I don't know. I just am.

RICKY: Yeah. I know you were over at Adrian's.

BEN: Adrian told you?

RICKY: No, Adrian didn't tell me. I just guessed, and then you just told me. What are you thinking? You tell Amy you love her, and then you go have s*x with Adrian again?

BEN: Hey, no one's having s*x with Adrian, at least I'm not.

RICKY: Then what were you doing over there?

BEN: Just talking.

RICKY: About what?

BEN: About not being anything more than friends.

RICKY: Why did you have to go over there to talk to her about that?

BEN: Because that's how I do things.

RICKY: Oh, is it?

BEN: Yes, I prefer to talk to people fac e-to-face whenever possible.

RICKY: Then don't you think it's about time to talk to Amy face-to-face?

BEN: I've been thinking about it.

RICKY: You called Amy and told her you loved her. She was at my apartment when she got the message. I heard it. Were you lying?

BEN: No, I was not lying.

RICKY: Why would you tell Amy you love her and then spend half the wedding reception upstairs in your bedroom with Adrian?

BEN: I don't have an answer for that, but we weren't doing anything. We were just talking.

RICKY: Just talking with Adrian. Really? About?

BEN: Love, life, marriage. It was a very emotional day.

RICKY: Does Adrian know that you called Amy and told her you love her?

BEN: As a matter of fact, she does.

RICKY: Does Grace?

BEN: Nope.

RICKY: So you're in love with Amy, but you had s*x with Adrian, and you're friends with Grace, but Grace thinks you could be more than friends, so you don't want to screw that up by telling her you're in love with Amy.

BEN: I'm in love with Amy. That doesn't mean that Amy's in love with me, and even if she is, being in love doesn't mean she'd ever want to be in a relationship with me again.

RICKY: Well, let's go find out. I want to go say goodnight to John. You go with me. You talk to Amy.

BEN: Uh, no, now's really not a good time, and, besides, that's something I should do on my own.

RICKY: Well, you haven't, and this is as good a time as any, so let's go.


Jack is on his bed. His parents want to talk with him.

MOM: Jack, the first thing we want you to know is that we love you very, very much.

FATHER: And secondly, we would never make a huge decision like this without involving you because we do love you, and we're a family, and families communicate with each other, and that's what we're here to do.

JACK: Huh?

FATHER: We have to talk.

JACK: Do we have to? Can it wait?

MOM: No, it can't wait.

JACK: Madison and I got into a fight, and I just don't really feel like talking right now.

MOM: I'm sure you two will enjoy making up later, but right now we need to talk to you.

JACK: I told her I loved her for the first time, and she somehow thought that I should also give her a gift.

FATHER: Well, I gave your mother this necklace she's wearing first time I said "I love you" to her.

MOM: And I get to tell people that every time someone compliments me on it.

FATHER: Not that giving someone a gift is necessary. It's just romantic. Girls like romance, Jack.

JACK: I thought they like spontaneity.

MOM: That, too. Jack, we have something to tell you.

FATHER: And we hope you're going to be as happy about it as we are.

JACK: Oh, jeez, please don't tell me you're having a baby.

MOM: No.


MOM: No, we're not having a baby.

JACK: Oh, good.

MOM: We're moving.

FATHER: We want to move, that is.

JACK: I like this place, but, all right.

FATHER: To Phoenix. I've been asked to take over as the head of the philosophy department at my alma mater. It's quite an honor.

MOM: And it means no church, not that I haven't loved being part of the church. I just think I'd love being part of the school even more.

JACK: What is that, like, six hours from here? I'm going to have to drive six hours back and forth to school?

FATHER: No, Jack, you wouldn't be able to do that.

JACK: I can't miss my senior year playing football.

FATHER: Of course not, and we want to drive back for as many of your games as we possibly can.

JACK: So I'd be living here by myself?

MOM: It's not our house. It's the church's house.

JACK: Right. I forgot.

FATHER: But we were wondering, is there any possibility you could stay with a friend your senior year of high school?

JACK: Yeah, sure. I have plenty of friends.

MOM: Which friend would let you live with them?

JACK: I don't know. I'll ask around.

MOM: Jack, really, as much as we want to do this, we love you, and we would really miss you, and unless you can find the right friend to stay with...

FATHER: Then I couldn't possibly take the job.

JACK: Are you kidding? Why would you pass it up? I'm going to be out of school in a year anyway, and I'm telling you, finding a place to hang out for a year won't be a problem. Take the job. I don't want to mess up an opportunity for you like that.

MOM: Are you sure?

JACK: Yeah. I'll start asking around tomorrow, but take the job. I'll be fine. I swear.

FATHER: I love you, son. Thank you. Thank you.

(Parents leave and Jack calls Madison)

JACK(at phone): Madison, hey. You were right, and I was wrong, and I'm going to give you something before I tell you I love you again. By the way, quick question. Do you think your mom and dad would let me live over there?


Ricky comes to talk with Ashley.

ASHLEY: What are you doing here?

RICKY: Came over to see John, and I brought Ben with me so he and Amy could just cut out all the drama and go back with each other.

ASHLEY: You didn't do that so you'd feel free to go back to Adrian, did you?

RICKY: If I wanted to go back to Adrian, I could just go back to Adrian. I don't want to go back to Adrian.

ASHLEY: Because?

RICKY: Because Ben did what he did with Adrian because he was hurt and confused, but Adrian did what she did with Ben because she wanted to hurt me and hurt Amy, and I've had a lifetime of people hurting me, and I don't want that anymore.

ASHLEY: Sounds like you've given this a lot of thought.

RICKY: If you're asking if I've been talking about that in therapy, then, yes, I have.

ASHLEY: So without Adrian, what are you doing for companionship?

RICKY: I don't have to have companionship.

ASHLEY: Since when?

RICKY: I didn't say I didn't have companionship. I said I don't have to have it.

ASHLEY: Then so why do you?

RICKY: Still figuring that out. I mean, I know I don't have to have a companion or companions, but I still want to.

ASHLEY: And so you do have a companion or companions.

RICKY: I said I do, okay? Can we change the subject? You're too young to talk about this.

ASHLEY: Oh, please, I'm the same age as Amy when you met her at band camp.

RICKY: Well, you do seem older than that.

ASHLEY: And wiser.

RICKY: So how are things with that guy?

ASHLEY: You know his name.

RICKY: Grant.

ASHLEY: Things are fine.

RICKY: Is he your companion?

ASHLEY: He might be.

RICKY. Want some advice?


RICKY: I'm going to give it to you anyway. Don't have s*x in high school.

ASHLEY: Oh, you mean, like you and Amy and Adrian and Grace and Ben and Jack and Madison?

RICKY: Yeah, don't be like everybody else.

ASHLEY: I'm not.

RICKY: I hope not.

ASHLEY: And why is that?

RICKY: I'm just going to leave it at that, all right?

ASHLEY: All right.


Amy discusses to Ben in the hall.

AMY: John was so happy to see you.

BEN: Yeah, it's good seeing him. I love that little guy.

AMY: Really glad you came over.

BEN: Me, too.

AMY: I got your message.

BEN: Oh, yeah, I did leave a message, didn't I.

AMY: So you remember?

BEN: I remember. I'm...I'm sorry I didn't call you back. I just kind of scared myself. I do love you, Amy. I really do, but we've been back and forth so much, how do we make this work? How do you even start to forgive me for Adrian?

AMY: Adrian and Grace and Maria and...

BEN: I... get your point. It's not just Adrian. It's pretty much the last two years.

AMY: It's been really painful for both of us.

BEN: Yeah, it has.

AMY: Why continue to make it painful? Why not just forget everything but how much we loved each other, how much we still do? At least I hope we still do.

(They kiss)

BEN: I swear to you, Amy Juergens, I will never do anything again to hurt you.

AMY: I will never do anything again to hurt you. I love you.

BEN: And I love you. But you know that.

AMY: Yeah, still have your message on my phone.

(Ricky comes in)

RICKY: All right, let's go.

AMY: Wait. Thank you, Ricky.

RICKY: No problem. I owe you.

BEN: I'll call you.

AMY: I hope so.


Madison asked if Jack could live here.

FATHER: Live here? You want Jack to live here?

MADISON: Why not?

FATHER: Why not?

MOTHER IN LAW: You know why not.

MADISON: No, I don't.

FATHER: Why not?

MOTHER IN LAW: Well, I guess, uh, there's no reason why not.

FATHER: Are you kidding? Yes, there is. There are many reasons.

MADISON: Well, he loves me.

FATHER: There's one reason right there.

MOTHER IN LAW: Did he give you something?

MADISON: Well, no, but he's going to get me something.

FATHER: What kind of idiot parents would let a kid stay with another family for a whole year?

MADISON: His dad is a minister.

MOTHER IN LAW: Of a church?


MOTHER IN LAW: I mean, well, I thought you said he was teaching philosophy.

MADISON: He's going to if Jack can find a place to live, and I'm his first choice.

FATHER: Sorry, Madison, it's not going to happen.

MADISON: It's my room.

FATHER: You thought that he'd live in your room?

MADISON: Well, it's better than doing drugs.

FATHER: That's your argument, that your boyfriend should live in your room because it's better than doing drugs?

MADISON: We're going to be at school most of the time. We would just be sleeping here.


MOTHER IN LAW: Oh, Madison...I can't help you here. Sorry.



Anne is ready to run with a daughter.

ANNE: Hey, what are you doing? You're not going to bed, are you?

ASHLEY: Well, I was just going to read a little bit first.

ANNE: Read? Don't read. Let's go for a run.

ASHLEY: A run?

(George joins them)

GEORGE: What's going on?

ANNE: I'm trying to talk Ashley into going for a run with me. You know, if you're going to be on the track team, you need to train, and I'm going to train with you. In fact I'm going to be spending lots and lots of time with you, Ashley. You know why? Because I love you, and I've been so distracted by everyone else in this family lately by your dad, by Amy, by Robbie and John at I haven't made the time for you, and I'm going to make time for you whether it's going to your meets or running or working out or just hanging out and talking.

ASHLEY: I'm on the pill.

GEORGE: What? You're on the pill? I told you I do not want you on the pill.

ANNE: No, you didn't. You two sneaked off to go to the doctor to get Ashley what she wanted because of the way that I reacted. Okay, maybe I reacted a little strongly. Maybe I should have made the time to corner you yesterday to talk about this with Ashley because we really need to talk about this.

(Amy comes in too)

AMY: What am I missing?

GEORGE: Ashley isn't on the track team.

AMY: No kidding. Was I right? Were they off to the doctor's office getting Ashley the pill?

ASHLEY: You knew?

AMY: I'm not an idiot.

ASHLEY: Yes, you are.

GEORGE: All right, knock it off. My head still hurts from being de-plugged, and if anyone's to blame for this, it's me, and a little you. You couldn't just go for a run? You have to commit to these things. Okay, we were wrong to do what we did, me especially, but I think that girls need to make these decisions for themselves.

ANNE: Girls need guidance in making these decisions.

AMY: Uh, I don't like being referred to as a girl. I have a 1-year-old son, you know.

ASHLEY: Yeah, we know. I know anyway, and I don't want a baby. Hence the pills.

ANNE: Are you having s*x?

ASHLEY: No, and I don't plan on having s*x in high school, but we all know that plans can change, and if for any reason my plan fails, I want to have a backup plan. You know, I want to be protected.

ANNE: Okay.

AMY: Okay? It's okay with you if she's on the pill if that's her backup plan?

ASHLEY: Obviously it's okay with her if you are on the pill. Why can't I be on the pill if you're on the pill? You knew that, right?

AMY: No, they didn't know that, so thanks.

ANNE: How did you know that?

ASHLEY: When I was getting the prescription filled, there was a little mix-up because Amy's name was already in the computer for a similar prescription.

AMY: I should sue that pharmacy.

ANNE: So you're on the pill?

GEORGE: Didn't you learn anything from having a baby at 15? You'd have s*x again?

AMY: I don't know, but if I do...

GEORGE: Don't.

AMY: I thought it was up to girls to make decisions for ourselves, and you know what? You and Mom and Ashley never let me forget that I made a mistake, and I'm tired of it. The only person who really loves me is Ben.

ANNE: Okay, we're going to talk about this more tomorrow and the next day and the day after that because we have to start talking and keep talking, or this family is just going to fall apart.

ASHLEY: Didn't it already fall apart?

GEORGE: I thought it was on the mend.


Leo calls his son to have news.

LEO(at phone): We just got a massage.

BETTY(at phone): Mm, it was deep tissue.

LEO(at phone): Everything okay over there?

BEN(at phone): Better than okay. I just got back from Amy's.

LEO(at phone): No kidding. He just got home from Amy's.

BETTY(at phone): Oh, we love little Amy.

BEN(at phone): Dad, I really think this time is it.

LEO(at phone): Listen to me, Take it slowly. You got plenty of time. Rest of your lives, just like me and my bride here.

BEN(at phone): You think? You think that some day Amy and I will get married and be as happy as you and Betty?

LEO(at phone): I don't think anybody will ever be as happy as Betty and me but it'll give you something to shoot for, kid.

BEN(at phone): Yeah, it will. Okay, good night.


Adrian is in her bedroom. Her father comes in.

RUBEN: Oh, good, you're up. Took one day off, and now it's like I'm a week behind with my cases. How are you?

ADRIAN: Good. How are you? How's the married life this time around?

RUBEN: Lonely. I wish your mom didn't have to travel so much.

ADRIAN: I've been saying that my whole life.

RUBEN: Well, I love your mom very much, Adrian, and you, too. I love you. You know, I'm really happy you decided to track me down. You changed my life for the better. We wouldn't be a family if not for you.

ADRIAN: Oh, thanks, Dad.

RUBEN: You're welcome.

ADRIAN: Good night.

RUBEN: Good night, Adrian. Is everything okay?

ADRIAN: Yeah, everything's fine.

RUBEN: Are you and Ricky...

ADRIAN: No, we're not even speaking, but that's okay. Everything that happened with Ben was a good lesson for me. Casual s*x is really not all that casual. Next time I have s*x, I want it to be with a guy that I love, a guy that means something to me. That's what I wanted in the first place. I just got off on the wrong track, so I'm going to do things differently from now on. I like what I'm hearing, but change isn't easy, so if you need some help or want to talk, I'm there for you, Adrian... Always.

ADRIAN: Thanks.

(Adrian calls a bring clinic)

End of the episode.