03x03 - Get out of Town

Previously on “The Secret Life Of The American Teenager”

BEN: Adrian's not pregnant. I saw the results, and they were wrong.

JEFF: The tests are accurate.

GRACE: Well, maybe Adrian read it wrong.

JEFF: Maybe she's not pregnant because she had an abortion.

GRACE: I told her not to do that, and I don't think she would do that.

JACK: If my parents think I have a place to live, then my dad can accept the job, and they'll take off.

RICKY: Where are you really gonna stay?

JACK: I don't know. I'll find someplace.

ADVISER: You, Amy Juergens, have been invited to attend a four-week, all-expenses paid program for young musicians this summer in New York.

RICKY: Congratulations on getting the offer, and my condolences on not being able to accept.

ADRIAN: If people find out that I was pregnant, or later, find out that I had an abortion, I can live with that. I'm gonna tell my mother. My mother will go with me.

RICKY: Ben, Adrian is pregnant.

BEN: No, she's not.

RICKY: Yes, she is. And if she told you she isn't, she lied.

AMY: I got accepted into a summer program at the Nomkomf School of Music in New York.

ASHLEY: You should go.

LEO: Ben, whatever it is, you can tell me. I'm your dad. I love you.

BEN: Adrian's pregnant, and it's my baby.


Leo and Ben are sitting on the couch. Betty comes in.

BETTY: Wow. It's really getting kind of late. Why don't you two get some sleep? Ben, you didn't even touch your dinner. You want me to make you a sandwich or something?

BEN: Thank you, Betty, but, uh, I'm still not hungry.

BETTY: Well, all right, then. How about everybody just says good night?

LEO: Good night.

BEN: Good night.

BETTY: Leo, come on, honey. It's not so bad. I mean, there are worse problems than...than Ben and Adrian. I mean, it's all gonna work itself out. You'll see. All right. Well, I'm gonna say good night. Good night. And I just wanna say that I love you both, and I don't want either of you to say, "I love you, too, Betty," because if you love me, you would take my advice and you would sleep on it. Good night.

(Betty leaves to sleep)

LEO: I remember when I said that to George when you and Amy wanted to get married. I told them there were worse problems than two teenagers getting married and having a baby. I'm glad Betty reminded me of that. There are worse problems. You're not sick. I'm not sick. Betty's not sick. No one's sick. You're not on drugs. You don't have a problem with alcohol. You're not flunking out of school. You didn't wreck the car and get hurt or hurt someone else. Business is good. The company's doing well. And I have a lovely bride upstairs who's waiting for me. And I do love her. So let's take Betty's advice and sleep on this. And tomorrow, you talk to Adrian.

BEN: About what? Dad, I already told you. She doesn't want me to know.

LEO: But you do know.

BEN: I do, but I don't.

LEO: No. You do, but you don't want to.

BEN: No, I don't. And that's Adrian's decision for me not to know. And whatever she decides to do about...this is her decision.

LEO: And that way, you don't have to be involved. I know that's what you're thinking.

BEN: I admitted that's what I'm thinking. I don't wanna be involved.

LEO: And what happens if Adrian decides to have the baby? You gonna get involved then?

BEN: She's not going to do that.

LEO: You never know, son. What if she does?

BEN: She won't.

LEO: She might. So do like I told you and talk to her tomorrow. And keep talking to her. And keep talking to me, and I'll keep talking to you. I love you, Ben, and I feel for you and Adrian, but... I'm not gonna say it.

BEN: You mean you're not gonna say it again.

LEO: You're just as responsible as Adrian is for what happened.

BEN: I may be just as responsible as Adrian for what happened, but what she does about what happened is up to her.

LEO: And you're gonna go running off to Amy and leave Adrian to held this all by herself because you're not supposed to know anything?

BEN: Yep.

LEO: Are you gonna let Amy find out from someone else? Are you? Are you gonna tell her?

BEN: I don't know if she has to find out. I mean, you wouldn't have found out if I hadn't told you. What do you want from me?

LEO: I want you to tell Amy, and I want you to be as kind to Adrian as you were to Amy when she was in this situation. That's what I want.

BEN: Oh, no, no, no, no. You don't want me to be so kind to Adrian as to offer to marry her like I did Amy, do you? I mean, you can't possibly think that.

LEO: Yeah, well, maybe I do think that. Good night.

BEN: This can't be happening.



Adrian takes some food in the middle of the night. She calls her mother.

CINDY(at phone): Hey. It's late. You should be in bed.

ADRIAN(at phone): I know.

CINDY(at phone): Did you call to say good night?

ADRIAN(at phone): Yeah. Kind of.

CINDY(at phone): Is everything okay?

ADRIAN(at phone): Of course everything is okay. I'm just anxious for you to get home.

CINDY(at phone): Because?

ADRIAN(at phone): Because my mom and my dad are married now, and the three of us have yet to be together at the same time in our house.

CINDY(at phone): Yeah. And?

ADRIAN(at phone): And so I'm just checking to see if you're coming home tomorrow night. Definitely coming home tomorrow night.

CINDY(at phone): I'm definitely coming home tomorrow night.

ADRIAN(at phone): What time? Maybe I can make dinner for all of us.

CINDY(at phone): Uh, a home-cooked meal with you and Ruben sounds great. But I'm flying in around 11:30, so I won't be there until after midnight.

ADRIAN(at phone): After midnight, huh?

CINDY(at phone): Yeah. But we can all have breakfast together the next morning, before you go to school.

ADRIAN(at phone): Yeah, I guess.

CINDY(at phone): Are you sure everything's okay?

ADRIAN(at phone): Yeah.

CINDY(at phone): You didn't sleep with Ben again, did you?

ADRIAN(at phone): No, I'm never sleeping with Ben again.

CINDY(at phone): Okay. Ricky? Did you go back with Ricky? Did you try to go back with Ricky? Is it Ricky?

ADRIAN(at phone): Mom, really, it's just you. I miss you, and I'm just really looking forward to seeing you, and so is Ruben.

CINDY(at phone): You're sure it's not something else? Why do I feel like there's something else? You're not trying to tell me he's already cheating on me, are you?

ADRIAN(at phone): The first week you're married? Mom, no. Ruben wouldn't do that. He would never do that.

CINDY(at phone): Well, there's something you're not telling me. I can tell, Adrian. Come on. What is it?

ADRIAN(at phone): I've never heard anyone so paranoid. I just love you, okay? I love you and I miss you, and so does Dad.

CINDY(at phone): All right. I love you, and I miss you, too.

ADRIAN(at phone): Good night.

CINDY(at phone): Good night, Adrian.


Ruben joins Adrian in the kitchen.

ADRIAN: Where are you going in such a hurry?

RUBEN: Nowhere. You want me to help you out there?

ADRIAN: No. I can do it. I'm just making a sandwich.

RUBEN: Well, you had dinner, like, four hours ago. Okay, it was four hours ago. So, I can make you a sandwich. Let me make you a sandwich.

ADRIAN: I know you can make me a sandwich. But it's late. Go back to bed. Oh, I get it. Mom hung up and called you and told you to run down here and see if I'm okay.

RUBEN: Yeah. So I did. I had to. So, are you okay?

ADRIAN: I'm okay. What are you looking for?

RUBEN: I don't know. But your mother's sure that you're not okay.

ADRIAN: But I am okay.

RUBEN: All right. What do you want me to tell her when I call her back?



Adrian calls her mother with her father’s phone.

CINDY(at phone): What did she say?

ADRIAN(at phone): She said to stop worrying, she's fine, and she loves her crazy mama.

CINDY(at phone): All right. Then you're fine. And I love you, too.

ADRIAN(at phone): Good night, again.

CINDY(at phone): Good night again to you, sweetie.


RUBEN: You don't want some help?

ADRIAN: I don't want some help.

RUBEN: All right. Good night. I love you, Adrian.

ADRIAN: I love you, too.


Ben calls Adrian.

BEN(at phone): Hello?

ADRIAN(at phone): What's up?

BEN(at phone): I've been texting you for an hour. So you're still up?

ADRIAN(at phone): I was sleeping, but I got hungry and came down to make a sandwich. What are you doing up?

BEN(at phone): Can't sleep.

ADRIAN(at phone): Why not?

BEN(at phone): Adrian, I think we have to talk.

ADRIAN(at phone): Okay. But not tonight. Maybe tomorrow or the next day or whenever. But at some point, we'll talk.

BEN(at phone): "Or whenever"? Whenever what?

ADRIAN(at phone): Ben, I asked you to give me a few days.

BEN(at phone): I know.

ADRIAN(at phone): Didn't I see you over at Amy's tonight? You and Amy getting back together. That's a good thing, right? You and Amy?

BEN(at phone): Yeah.

ADRIAN(at phone): So just leave things like they are, Ben. All right? Go and be with Amy and don't even think about me.

BEN(at phone): So, are you still...pregnant?

ADRIAN(at phone): Leave it alone, Ben. Just leave it alone, please.

BEN(at phone): I can't.

ADRIAN(at phone): You can. Did someone say something to you?

BEN(at phone): No one said anything to me. Who would say anything to me?

ADRIAN(at phone): Ricky. And it's none of his business. And it's none of your business. It's no one's business.

BEN(at phone): Adrian, I hate to tell you this, but I told my dad.

ADRIAN(at phone): You told me you wouldn't do that. You promised me you wouldn't do that. You promised me you'd give me a couple of days.

BEN(at phone): I couldn't help it. My dad and I are very close. I had to tell him, Adrian. I can't hide this from him.

ADRIAN(at phone): There's not going to be anything to hide. I'm just waiting until my mother gets back, and then I'll tell her, and I'll take care of it.

BEN(at phone): You sure you wanna do that?

ADRIAN(at phone): Yeah, I'm sure I don't wanna have a baby. And I'm even more sure you don't wanna have a baby. So just leave me alone, all right? Let me do what I wanna do, what I have to do. Good night, Ben.



Ashley calls Ricky.

RICKY(at phone): Hold on a second. How'd I know who it is?

ASHLEY(at phone): Well, who else would it be? It's Adrian.

RICKY(at phone): Yeah. All right. I don't care if it's Adrian.

ASHLEY(at phone): Well, you cared enough to go over to her house today.

RICKY(at phone): I wanted her to tell me. I wanted to hear it from her. I wanted to see the look on her face so I'd know it's true.

ASHLEY(at phone): Why?

RICKY(at phone): Why?

ASHLEY(at phone): Yeah. Why? Why do you wanna know the truth? It's not your baby. She's not pregnant with your baby, so why do you wanna know?

RICKY(at phone): Because I think Ben should know.

ASHLEY(at phone): Oh, come on. He knows. He's just pretending not to know.

RICKY(at phone): He's not exactly pretending. It's more like insisting on not knowing. I tried to talk to him about it. He doesn't wanna hear it. He doesn't wanna know.

ASHLEY(at phone): Yeah. He and Adrian have agreed that he shouldn't know anything. So why are you getting in the middle of their business?

RICKY(at phone): Because Ben's my friend, because I've been through this, and because I think he should know, and he should be responsible for whatever happens, too.

ASHLEY(at phone): Well, isn't he really better off not knowing?

RICKY(at phone): What guy's better off not knowing, huh? Tell me that.

ASHLEY(at phone): Ben. That's who's better off not knowing. And that's what he and Adrian have agreed to, so why don't you just leave it alone? Jeez, you need to get a hobby, or go back to having stupid indiscriminate s*x or something. This isn't like you getting into everyone's business.

RICKY(at phone): What-- I'm not in everyone's business. This is my business.

ASHLEY(at phone): No, it's not. But you know what is? Amy and John. And if Amy wants to go to a music program in New York for four weeks, you should encourage her to do that. You should do whatever you have to do and say whatever you have to say to get her to go away this summer.

RICKY(at phone): Why? So she won't find out? She'll find out. Someone will tell her. That's why Ben should tell her. And how's he gonna do that if he doesn't admit that he knows?

ASHLEY(at phone): She doesn't have to find out.

RICKY(at phone): Come on, Ashley. She's gonna find out. She is.

ASHLEY(at phone): You're not gonna tell her.

RICKY(at phone): No, I'm not. But believe me, someone will and it should be Ben.

ASHLEY(at phone): No, it should be Adrian, and only if Adrian wants her to know. And she doesn't want her or anyone else to know, so why don't you just leave it alone? Please, just leave it alone.

RICKY(at phone): Good night.


Anne and George talk together in the bed.

ANNE: I have a job interview tomorrow. I asked Amy to drop Robbie off at the church nursery with John.


ANNE: What part of that do you want me to repeat?

GEORGE: You're just gonna pawn our son off at the church nursery so you can go look for a job you don't need?

ANNE: I'm paying the nursery. It's not like I asked them to watch Robbie for free.

GEORGE: My son is not staying at the church nursery. We're not Amy and Ricky. We're adults. We can take care of our own baby.

ANNE: You have to work, and I need to find work.

GEORGE: Why? I'm happy to share whatever I have with you. Don't I share whatever I have with you?

ANNE: And don't I share the house with you? It's my house. I got it in the settlement.

GEORGE: Yeah, and it's my store and my money, and I got that in the settlement, but I never point that out to you. I just keep money in both bank accounts just like I did when there was only one bank account.

ANNE: Yes, you do, and that's why I don't ask you to pay rent. But I would just feel more comfortable earning my own money than taking money from you.

They listen a noise for the kitchen, they go to happen.

GEORGE: The baby's sleeping. What are you doing up so late?

ANNE: It's 1:00 in the morning. Why are you up so late?

ASHLEY: I-I'm studying.

ANNE: You are?

ASHLEY: I cannot tell a lie.

GEORGE: Since when?

ASHLEY: I can't sleep. I'm worried about Amy.


ASHLEY: Well, she really wants to go to this summer music program in New York.

ANNE: What summer music program in New York?

GEORGE: Yeah, what program? Why didn't she tell us?

ASHLEY: I don't know, but I thought I should tell you. I told her she should go, but she said she can't because of John.

ANNE: Well, what kind of program?

GEORGE: The kind of program where she can't go because she has a baby, like all other programs, any one she wants to go to.

ASHLEY: Only Amy has a full scholarship and housing if she can take part in this program with students from all over the country.

ANNE: What?

ASHLEY: Yeah. It's a huge honor.

ANNE: Well, then, she has to go. We have to figure out some way so she can go.

GEORGE: Yeah, let's send her off to band camp in New York where there will be millions of Rickys. Maybe she'll have another baby.

ANNE: She's on the pill, remember? Anyway, I'll talk to Amy about it in the morning.

GEORGE: Yeah. So will I.

ANNE: Well, maybe you and I should talk about it first.

GEORGE: Maybe we should.

ANNE: I said we should. Good night, Ashley. You need to get some sleep. You have school in the morning.

ASHLEY: Good night, Mom.

ANNE: Good night.

ASHLEY: Oh, and thanks again for trusting me to make my own decisions about school tomorrow and every day.

ANNE: Well, I just hope that you don't find yourself dealing with any unpleasant consequences as a result of making your own decisions.


ANNE: Like getting arrested for truancy. But thanks for letting us know about Amy. I don't know why Amy didn't let us know herself. But thank you.

GEORGE; And just why would you think your sister should be away all summer in New York, of all places?

ASHLEY: It's just for four weeks. And it's a good thing for Amy. Jeez, excuse me for being a good sister.


Grace enters in the kitchen, Jeff is here.

GRACE: Hi. You're home late. Long day?

JEFF: Yeah. Very long.

GRACE: We missed you at dinner.

JEFF: Complicated delivery.

GRACE: Everything turn out okay? Is the mom okay? Is the baby okay?

JEFF: Mother's fine. Baby's fine. Dad's a little stressed out. But, uh, what's going on?

GRACE: "What's going on?"

JEFF: You seem...I don't know...a little extra-special friendly, especially for this late hour.

GRACE: You noticed?

JEFF: I did. All right. Well, I was just thinking that maybe you were right and I was wrong...about Adrian.


GRACE: And if you are right about Adrian, do you know any couples that are looking to adopt a baby?

JEFF: Why do you ask?

GRACE: I wanna offer Adrian my help by offering her some options. Real options like names and phone numbers.

JEFF: Ah. Yeah. See, that would be offering Adrian my help. Did Adrian ask you to give her some options?

GRACE: No, but that's only because she hasn't told me she's pregnant yet. I'm her best friend. She'll ask. I know she will. I mean, if you're right, and there really is a baby.

JEFF: You mean, if there really is a pregnancy?

GRACE: Baby.

JEFF: Why are you making this your concern?

GRACE: It is my concern. I don't want it to be, but it is.

JEFF: No, it's not.

GRACE: Yes, it is. That's why I can't sleep. I wanna get to her right away with some options. She needs options.

JEFF: Can I make a suggestion? Why don't you just focus on you and your own life?

GRACE: I don't know what you mean.

JEFF: You know what, Grace? I'm not sure you do know what I mean. What I mean is, why don't you let Adrian deal with her problems, and why don't you do just whatever it is you need to do to worry about you right now? Are you all set to go to med camp this summer?

GRACE: I was, but now I think I'm just gonna hang around here this summer.

JEFF: I see.

GRACE: No, you don't. You don't see. You don't see that my best friend is pregnant and having a baby. I wanna be there for him...her.

JEFF: Him?

GRACE: Just say what you wanna say, Jeff.

JEFF: All right, Grace. Look, you have what it takes to become a doctor. I really believe that. But the sooner you start focusing on that goal, the better. Go to med camp. Start zeroing in on the colleges you wanna get into and give yourself some real options, okay? Why don't you do that? Why don't you get involved in your own life and start focusing on yourself for a change?

GRACE: Because I don't want to.

(Grace leaves, Tom comes in)

TOM: So, Adrian's pregnant.

JEFF: Well, I don't know, Tom. But whether she is or not, that's nobody's business but Adrian's.

Tom is already for day, Kathleen comes in the kitchen.

KATHLEEN: Good morning.

TOM: Yeah. Good morning.

KATHLEEN: Why are you wearing a suit? Are you going somewhere?

TOM: I hope so. It's time for me to get a job.

KATHLEEN: In this economy? I'm just kidding. I was just repeating your little joke that you made to Jeff. Jeff told me. Actually, I thought it was kind of funny, but I'm sure it was much funnier when you said it. Okay, you know, I think it's great. You should get a job.

TOM: I will. First, I will get a job, and then I will find a place to live.

KATHLEEN: You don't need a place to live. You have a place to live. You can live right here. And, Tom, why are you suddenly thinking about getting a job?

TOM: I'm thinking I might get married.


TOM: Are you okay with that?

KATHLEEN: Uh, well, yeah, I guess I'm okay with that. But, uh, yeah, first, you need to get a job.

TOM: And then I get my own apartment.

KATHLEEN: Well, I don't know about that. But, um, you know, actually, you can live in the guest house, you know, eventually. It's kind of like an apartment.

TOM: The guest house? You mean, the haunted house?

KATHLEEN: Come on, honey. It's not haunted.

TOM: Yes, it is.

KATHLEEN: No, it's not.

TOM: That's where Dad went when he wanted to be alone. He's in there. I know he's in there.

KATHLEEN: Come on, honey. He's not in there. And we don't believe in ghosts around here.

TOM: I do. But I will live in a haunted house if I have to. I am getting a job, and I am getting married.

KATHLEEN: Okay. Well, we can think about all that, but, well, one thing at a time, okay? We don't need to rush into anything.

TOM: Oh, no, I don't wanna live with you. Accept it.

KATHLEEN: Tom, when you say you wanna get married, you do mean to Tammy, don't you?

TOM: I'll let you know.


Jack talks with his mother.

MOTHER: You're absolutely sure you can find a place.

JACK: I'm sure. I have a couple offers, but they're just guys from the team, and I don't really wanna live in a party atmosphere, you know? I gotta think about my grades and getting into college.

MOTHER: So you have no prospects.

JACK: No. I do.

MOTHER: No pressure, but we're running out of time.

JACK: Time's up. Go. I'll settle on someplace today.

MOTHER: Jack...

JACK: Mom, I promise, I will. If nothing else, Ricky said I could stay there.

MOTHER: At Ricky's apartment? I don't think that's a good idea. I think you need parents around.

JACK: All right. Then I'll stay with Coach.

MOTHER: The school allows that?

JACK: Yeah. Other guys have stayed there temporarily.

MOTHER: Really? Because that would be great. I love Coach Carter, and he would definitely keep you in line. Ah. So that's why you're still looking for someplace other than Coach Carter's.

JACK: Yeah.

MOTHER: All right. Well, if you don't find something by the end of the week, I suggest you take advantage of that offer.

JACK: All right.

MOTHER: I feel so guilty about this.

JACK: You don't look guilty. You look happy. And you deserve some happiness, Mom. It's okay, really. I'm practically a grown man.

MOTHER: But you'll always be my baby.

JACK: Aw, Mom.

MOTHER: By the way, how's Madison?

JACK: She's good.

MOTHER: I like Madison.

JACK: I know. So do I.

MOTHER: But you had dinner over at Grace's house last night.

JACK: We're just friends.

MOTHER: Friends who have had s*x.

JACK: But we're just friends now.

MOTHER: Don't do anything stupid with your friend.

JACK: Believe me, we won't. I'm surrounded by stupid.

MOTHER: What's that mean?

JACK: That means I think Adrian and Ben did something stupid.

MOTHER: Something stupid like...

JACK: Something stupid like Ricky and Amy did.

MOTHER: Adrian's having a baby?

JACK: I don't know if she's having it.

MOTHER: Oh, boy. I feel for Adrian and Ben, but I am glad it's not you. I am really, really glad it's not you. So you bring this up because...

JACK: Because Grace thinks we need to gather around Adrian and support her and encourage her to have the baby.

MOTHER: And what do you think?

JACK: I think we should stay out of it. It's a really personal decision. The most personal. What do you think?

MOTHER: I think what I've always thought. Stay away from Grace. I like Madison. I hate to hear this about Adrian and Ben. s*x can be fun and very complicated, especially at your age. I know I had a lot of fun with your father when we were younger, but we were careful. We took every precaution possible. I was on the pill. We used a condom.

JACK: So did Adrian and Ben, and yet...

MOTHER: And yet it can still happen.

JACK: Yeah.

MOTHER: Be careful out there, okay? Promise?

JACK: Promise.


Ben talks with Adrian in the hall.

BEN: How are you feeling?

ADRIAN: I'm feeling fine. I don't wanna talk about how I'm feeling because I don't wanna think about it, okay? I think about it, I get sick.

BEN: Sorry.

ADRIAN: Ben, I know you mean well, but...

BEN: I don't mean well. I just asked you to meet me here early because my dad wants us to talk.

ADRIAN: And I met you here early because I'm hiding from my dad, because I don't wanna talk to him or to you or to Grace. I'm avoiding her. Or I'm trying to. And if you wanna do something for me, go around the corner and see if she's there. And if she is, talk to her. That's who you can talk to.

And tell her to leave me alone.

BEN: I don't know.

ADRIAN: You don't know what? Just do it. Please?

BEN: Okay.

Ben joins Grace in an other hall.

BEN: You looking for Adrian?

GRACE: Hi, Ben. Yeah, I'm looking for Adrian.

BEN: I didn't even say good morning. Good morning.

GRACE: Good morning, Ben.

BEN: You're my friend, right, Grace?

GRACE: Of course I'm your friend. I'm friends with Adrian, too.

BEN: And as our friend, you wouldn't do anything to hurt either one of us, right?

GRACE: No, of course not.

BEN: Grace, please, please just leave this to Adrian. Let Adrian do whatever Adrian wants to do.

GRACE: I want to, Ben. I just don't know if I can.

Amy enters in the high school, Ben joins her.

AMY: I'm so sorry about last night.

BEN: Me, too.

AMY: This. This is what I was talking about. Something is going on.

BEN: Not really.

AMY: Well, something's going on with me.

BEN: Really?

AMY: Yeah. That's why I'm here early. Because of that summer music program in New York I told you about yesterday, the one that offered me the scholarship and housing and living expenses and everything. I really wanna go. I just don't want to leave you and John, but I wanna go. Ben, say something. Please?

(The adviser wants to discuss with Amy)

COUNSELLOR: Ah, Amy. Bye-bye, Ben. Catch you later. Did you have a good time last night with Ben? I hope so. And I hope you got a lot of sleep because, unfortunately, we're gonna need to make this decision a little bit quicker than I thought. Okay? Come on.

They speaks in the office of the counsellor.

COUNSELLOR:This is my opinion, my professional opinion as a trained counsellor

with a doctorate in educational counselling but no children...Go.

AMY: John just turned one.

COUNSELLOR: All right. I hate to brag, but my master's thesis was on the hormones of attachment. Secure attachment is typically solidified by one year. Now, there may be a short adjustment, but as long as another caregiver gives John adequate attention, he'll be just fine.

AMY: Really? Because I wanna go, I just don't know how I can.

COUNSELLOR: Amy, it's not like you're a single mom living on your own with no one to help you. You've got your mom and dad, you live at home, and Ricky, John's dad, is very much involved in his life.

AMY: I really wanna go, but you know me. Or you don't know me. But I just want everyone to be okay with it. I want everyone's approval.

COUNSELLOR: Oh, Amy, don't get so caught up in, you know, public opinion and approval and attention. Just do it, with your parents' approval, of course, and Ricky's.

AMY: I slipped out of the house this morning before anyone else was up. I wanted to spend some time alone with John before I took him to daycare. I just wanted to see if I really thought I could leave him for four weeks. It's four whole weeks. I love John more than I love anyone or anything else in the world.

COUNSELLOR: Then I guess you're gonna have to do this for John's mother, aren't you? Go forth. Gather your troops. Get their blessings. I kind of have to tell the school your decision first thing in the morning.

AMY: What?

COUNSELLOR: Yeah. I, uh, sort of missed that in the fine print yesterday. You have to leave tomorrow.

AMY: Well, and then I come back.

COUNSELLOR: No. Mm-mm. No.

AMY: But school's not even out.

COUNSELLOR: Yeah. That. I'll take care of that, too. With all the earthquakes and the fires and the mudslides and all that, our school year is running a little bit behind the rest of the country. So I kind of got you into this program because someone else canceled, and you were kind of on reserve. But you made it. So get out there. Talk to your friends and family and make up your mind. We don't have much time.


Friends make a video which incite Amy to go in New York.

RICKY: I was wrong. You should go. And you can go, so go. If you stay here, you're just gonna be unhappy, believe me. If you pass this up for John, you're gonna resent him. So go. He'll be fine. I'll take care of him. I'll even stay at your house with him Monday through Friday so he'll be on the same schedule. I mean, I don't wanna stay there, but I will.

ASHLEY: Well, I said you should go.

GRIFFIN: The question is, why she said you should go. Not that it isn't a good idea. It's a good idea. I'd love to go to New York.

MADISON: Well, I feel like if anybody's gonna visit you, it should be Lauren and me. Maybe we could audition for something while we're out there. And then, like, in a couple years, we could all go to school together, and we could get, like, a cute little apartment on the West Side, and we could just hang out and meet guys. It would be just like s*x and the City.

LAUREN: I think you should go. And don't let Ben stop you from going. Ben will wait for you. He loves you. But he shouldn't keep you from having a good time. You deserve to have a good time. Remember, you're a teenage mother. This could be your last chance to have a good time. Go.

HENRY: What, are you afraid to go to New York and compete? Huh? Afraid you don't have what it takes? Afraid of failing? I would be. But you should go.

ALICE: I've never actually heard you play the French horn. But I know you've got chutzpah. You know how I know? You came to school pregnant, had the baby, you came back to school. This could not be harder than that, no matter what Hank just said.

GRACE: This is great news. I mean, for you. I'm so happy. For you. Wow. It's gonna be a great summer. For you. You definitely should go.

JACK: Definitely. Hey, your room's not gonna be...Nah, I don't guess that would work. You should go. Don't worry about me. I'm gonna be fine.

BEN: I love you, Amy. You know that, right, that I love you? And if I can help out with John, I'd be more than happy to do anything that Ricky or your family needs me to do. I love John, too. I'm making too big a deal out of this. It's four weeks. It's not that big a deal. What can happen in four weeks?

ADRIAN: I am not in love with your Ben, so go. He'll be here when you get back. Go to New York.

GIRL1: I heard you were asking around about New York.

GIRL2: And everyone thinks you should go. Everyone.

GIRL3: Maybe people will quit talking about you.

MAN: I went to New York once. It was great. But I got mugged.

MAN2: Will you bring me one of those snow globes one with the Chrysler Building? I have a collection.

GIRL4: Your parents are letting you do that? You?

ANNE: You have to go, Amy. It's always been your dream to go to New York and study music. You can live your dreams. You can. You just can't quit dreaming.

GEORGE: You really wanna play the French horn that badly? Isn't that how you got in trouble in the first place? All right. Go. You should go. You should. I mean, it's not costing me anything, right?


Amy packs her bag, her parents speak about the voyage.

GEORGE: So we're just gonna let her go to New York just like that?

ANNE: Just like that.

GEORGE: I don't really think we have a choice. We have a choice. We can tell her no.

ANNE: Do you really wanna tell Amy no?

GEORGE: No, not really. I'm kind of proud of her.

ANNE: More importantly, I think she's kind of proud of herself.

GEORGE: I'm kind of proud of us, too, what with being divorced and not liking each other so much right now and not agreeing on almost everything, we're still able to come together and do something nice for our daughter.

ANNE: Yeah.

GEORGE: You wouldn't wanna maybe do something nice for each other?

ANNE: You mean...

GEORGE: I mean, it's been a long time.

ANNE: Yeah, it has been a long time. Yeah, I think I can go for that.

GEORGE: Hand me that boy. I'll be right back. Come on, my man.

ANNE: Moose, out.


Leo and Ruben talk.

RUBEN: Her mother kept saying something was wrong. I just...I didn't... Oh, God. A baby?

LEO: Well...

RUBEN: "Well"?

LEO: I guess it's not the worst thing that can happen.

RUBEN: What? Yes, it is the worst thing that can happen.

LEO: I'm sorry. I don't know what to say. Ben and Adrian, the two of them took every precaution possible. It just happened.


LEO: I think there was some technical problems. New pill. Condom broke.

RUBEN: We just became a family. We're just starting out, the three of us. Cindy hasn't even spent a night in the house yet as my wife. She left to go to work. Now she's coming back tonight, and... She kept saying that something was wrong. I said that already. I don't know what to say. I just...I didn't...Oh, God. A baby?

LEO: Look, I know it has to

be Adrian's decision, but...

RUBEN: Whoa, whoa. Stop right there. Don't even think about it. She's not doing that. She's not...

terminating the pregnancy. I won't allow it.

LEO: Well, I guess that's something the three of you have to talk about.

RUBEN: Oh. Is that what you want? You want her to terminate the pregnancy? Are you here to offer me money for her to terminate the pregnancy?

LEO: Hey, that's not what I'm here for. That's not what I'm her for at all. I'm not thinking that at all. I'm not here to offer you money. I'm just here to tell you that I'll see to it that my son steps up to the plate here and supports your daughter in whatever she wants to do.

RUBEN: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I said that. I don't know what I'm saying. Oh, God. A baby.

LEO: I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you this. I was hoping you knew already. But I just felt

I needed to talk to you because time is of the essence. And please, please, don't go I told you. Please, let her tell you. Maybe since you know already, it'll be easier to handle. Okay, not easier. Look, Ruben, I'm sorry. I'm sorry this happened to Ben, to Adrian, to all of us.


Adrian makes homework in the kitchen, Ruben speaks her.

RUBEN: How was school today?

ADRIAN: You asked me that already. School was school.

RUBEN: Anything going on at school?


RUBEN: Anything going on in life?


RUBEN: Well, I just wanna know if there's anything going on with Ricky or Ben...or any other guy or any of your friends...Grace or, um...

ADRIAN: Or Grace. That's my only friend. And she's getting on my nerves right now, but so are you. I have a test tomorrow. I'm trying to study here.

RUBEN: Oh, a test, huh? Anything I can help you with?


RUBEN: It's almost time for your mom to get home.

ADRIAN: It's two hours until she gets home. And I'm not gonna stay up two hours, because you know her. It'll probably be past the time she says she'll get here. Good night.

RUBEN: Wait.


RUBEN: I just, uh...I just wanna tell you that I love you, Adrian, and that I'm really happy that you're my daughter, and that I married your mother. We're a family, and we're a family in sickness and in health, whether we're richer or poorer or...

ADRIAN: Have you been drinking?

RUBEN: No. No, I haven't.

ADRIAN: Well, maybe you should go to bed, get some rest. You seem a little odd. Good night.

RUBEN: Good night. I love you, Adrian.

ADRIAN: I love you.


Leo goes to talks with Ben in his bedroom.

LEO: Hey, how was your day today? How'd it go?

BEN: Amy's going to a music program in New York, and she's leaving. And I can't, Dad. I can't tell her. Not before she takes off.

LEO: Which is when?

BEN: Tomorrow.

LEO: Oh, jeez, Ben.

BEN: It's an honors music program. It's the first good thing that's happened to Amy in a long time. Everyone's so excited for her. Really, Dad, I can't tell her. Not now.

LEO: Yeah, I guess not.

BEN: Oh, thank heavens you said that, because I cannot take the pressure of telling her and ruining her life yet again before she goes off for the summer.

LEO: How's it going with Adrian? You talk to her?

BEN: I talked to her. Her mom's getting home tonight, and she's talking to her tomorrow morning. And then she said that we'll talk. Although I don't know why. I'm sure that when she talks to her mom, they'll make the decision, and I'll have very little to do with it. Even though I told her that I do wanna be involved, per your request.

LEO: Good. Good. You talked to her. That's good.

BEN: Honestly, Dad, I wanna be okay with whatever decision Adrian makes, but I'm not so sure. I'm getting really nervous that she's gonna go and do something tomorrow that I'll regret or that she'll regret. I don't know.

LEO: I don't know either. But I, uh... Listen, uh, here's the thing.

BEN: Dad, you don't look so good.

LEO: I have to tell you something, Ben. It's probably gonna make you angry, but you and I are gonna be angry off and on with each other. I mean, that happens, especially with these situations.

BEN: What?

LEO: I wasn't at a business dinner. I had dinner with Adrian's dad. I told him. And I told him we'll whatever they needed us to do.

BEN: "Us"? This isn't about us. This is about me and Adrian and Amy and... Dad, how could you do that?

LEO: I had to. I thought it was the right thing to do, and it was.


Ricky joins Amy in her bedroom.

RICKY: It's late. It's almost midnight. I've gotta go.

AMY: I know. I just wanna make sure you know where everything is.

RICKY: I know where everything is. I'm here almost every day.

AMY: I can't believe that you'd stay here for a month. It is so nice of you, especially with my crazy family.

RICKY: John'll miss you. But he'll be fine. But I am taking him to my apartment on the weekends and over to my family's house just like we said I could do, just like we agreed to.

AMY: I know. But... Okay. But if you decide that you wanna stay here on the weekends and not start taking him to your place on the weekends until after I get back, you could do that.

RICKY: I could do that.

AMY: Please do that.

RICKY: Stay here for a month with your dad and your mom and Robbie and Ashley?

AMY: It's just a month. You'll go to school, and when you're out of school, you'll go to work. It won't be so bad. It's what I do every day.

RICKY: I'll think about it. We'll see how it goes.

AMY: Please?

RICKY: Okay, Amy. If it means that much to you, okay. I'll try. No promises.

AMY: Thank you. Thank you, thank you. I love you.

RICKY: You what?

AMY: Like a brother. Like the father of my baby that I don't wanna be with.

RICKY: Gee, thanks.

AMY: You know what I mean. And I love Ben. You know that. I do. He's driving me to the airport tomorrow. Well, his driver's driving us to the airport tomorrow afternoon. And then, tomorrow night, I'll be in New York! I'm really scared but mostly excited. I can't believe this is happening to me. Something good finally happened to me.


Cindy is back.

CINDY: Hi, husband. I'm home.

RUBEN: Hey, wife. I'm happy to have you home.

CINDY: What's the matter?

RUBEN: Adrian's pregnant.

End of the episode.