03x05 - Which Way Did She Go

Previously on “The Secret Life of The American Teenager”

RICKY: Do you want Adrian to have the baby?

BEN: What are we gonna do with a baby?

CINDY: I'm okay with whatever you wanna do.

ADRIAN: I don't wanna have a baby.

CINDY: You don't have to.

GEORGE: I don't want you and Ricky to be anywhere near each other. I see the way he looks at you, and I see the way you look at him.

COACH: I am not interested in you living at our house. But you find a place to live.

BEN: No one's gonna get in the way of my life with Amy and John.

LEO: Unless Adrian has your baby.

TOM: I am... mov-ing.

JACK: Where you moving?

TOM: Maybe the guest house.

JACK: If you're too scared to stay out there by yourself, maybe I could crash with you.

GRACE: Deep down, you have a really big heart and a good conscience, and you wanna do the right thing.

ADRIAN: Is it right to bring a baby into the world when I don't want that baby and Ben doesn't want that baby?

RICKY: You're the one who suggested I go out and have indiscriminate, meaningless s*x.

ASHLEY: You didn't have to if you didn't want to.

RICKY: You're jealous.

AMY: I can't believe I have my own apartment in New York.

GEORGE: Don't forget, it's a four-week life. We'll need you back here after four weeks.

RUBEN: You're my daughter, and I don't want you to terminate the pregnancy.

ADRIAN: You can't decide that.

RUBEN: Then maybe we really shouldn't be a family.

TOM: I want to take care of you. Will you marry me?


It's the night. Phone rings.

GEORGE(at phone): Hello.

AMY(at phone): Dad, it's me.

GEORGE(at phone): What's up? It's Amy.

ANNE(at phone): What's wrong? Amy, what time is it?

AMY(at phone): Uh, it's 7 here.

ANNE(at phone): Amy, it's 4:00 in the morning.

AMY(at phone): I know, but I don't know how to get to where I'm going.

ANNE(at phone): Get a taxi.

AMY(at phone): I don't think we're supposed to do that. The instructions say to take a subway, but I don't know where I can find a subway.

ANNE(at phone): Oh, I'm sure you can find it, but you need to leave your apartment and go outside.

AMY(at phone): I know. But it's so nice in here. Did I tell you I have a kitchen?

ANNE(at phone): Your dad told me. Do you need to be somewhere at a certain time, Amy?

AMY(at phone): I just have to register today. How do I pay for the subway?

ANNE(at phone): You buy a MetroCard.

AMY(at phone): Where do I buy that?

ANNE(at phone): Amy, we went over all this before you left. You buy MetroCards in the subway station. Do you have your map? The subway stations are marked on the map. It's really easy to find your way around there. It's on a grid.

AMY(at phone): All right. Well, wish me luck.

ANNE(at phone): Good luck, Amy. Are you okay?

AMY(at phone): I guess. I mean, I love my apartment.

ANNE(at phone): Dorm room. Your dad wants you to call it a dorm room, so call it that. He'll sleep a lot easier and so will I, especially if you don't call at 4 in the morning, okay?

AMY(at phone): All right. Have a nice day.

ANNE(at phone): You, too, Amy. You have a good first day in New York. And you'll be fine. New Yorkers are really friendly, and they're used to seeing people lost. They'll help you if you need help. You can help yourself just by looking at a map.

AMY(at phone): All right. Bye, Mom.

ANNE(at phone): Bye, honey.

(She hangs up)

ANNE: I should've gone with her.

GEORGE: I would've gone with her if I'd known she was getting an apartment.

ANNE: Well, I'm wide awake now.

GEORGE: Me, too. Really?



Students talks about Amy's travel.

BOY: I've heard Amy Juergens play the French horn. She's good, but she's not that good.

BOY2: She's first chair, and she's a sophomore.

BOY: Have you heard the second and third chair? Of course she's a first chair.

BOY2: So what are you getting at?

BOY: I'll tell you what I'm getting at. There are two weeks of school left, and she's not here. You know why? She's already showing.

BOY2: Showing what?

BOY: Hello! She's pregnant, again.

Madison and Lauren heard the conversation.

MADISON: Uh, you better shut up. Amy Juergens is not pregnant again.

BOY: What'd I tell you? Covering. Now we know she's pregnant.

BOY3: Hey, so it's all over school. Juergens is pregnant again. I need a confirmation.

LAUREN: Amy Juergens is not pregnant again. She's in New York at a music program for great musicians.

MADISON: Because she is a great musician.

BOY3: Oh, I see. Oh, hey, hey. What are the stats on teen mothers getting pregnant a second time?

ALICE: 1 in 4 teenage mothers has a second child within two years of having their first. Why?

BOY3: I have to make the odds.

ALICE: Who is pregnant again?

MADISON: Amy. Only she's not.

HENRY: I thought she went to New York. She did go to New York. Ben took her to the airport yesterday.

MADISON: Yeah. She's in New York.

LAUREN: Yeah, she is.

ALICE: But she's not pregnant, is she?

LAUREN: No, she is not, I don't think.

MADISON: She's not.

HENRY: Maybe she didn't tell you because you told everyone last time.

MADISON: This time, I didn't say anything because there's nothing to say. She is at a music program.

ALICE: So she's not pregnant again?


LAUREN: No one's pregnant again.

HENRY: Is there anyone pregnant for the first time?

MADISON: I don't think so.

LAUREN: Like who?

ALICE: No one.

HENRY: No one.

Ashley and Ricky arrive in school.

ASHLEY: Are we going out for breakfast every morning?

RICKY: No, because I don't think we'll be leaving for school an hour early every morning.

ASHLEY: Well, I told you it wouldn't take an hour to drop off John. I mean, Amy practically throws him from the car and then speeds away.

RICKY: She does not. Well, I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna go in every morning. I wanna make sure he's okay first before I just walk off and leave him with strangers.

ASHLEY: Those strangers are his family during school hours, and he's always okay. John loves those two nursery ladies more than he loves Amy or you or me.

RICKY: No, he doesn't.

ASHLEY: Yeah, he does.

RICKY: Would you stop? Be nice. Amy's a good mother. She's made him feel really secure, and that's why John is happy, no matter who he's with.

(Boy and girl pass in front of them)

GIRL: Amy Juergens is pregnant again?

RICKY: Hey, you, what did you just say?

ASHLEY: Did you just say Amy Juergens is pregnant again?

BOY: I didn't say it, but other people are saying it. Everyone knows it. It's all over school.

RICKY: Why do people think that Amy's pregnant?

BOY2: Because she's not here. One quarter of all high school students who have babies have another within two years.

RICKY: So what?

BOY2: So it makes sense. Think about it. We only have a couple of weeks of school left, and Amy just blasted outta here. Why would she do that if she's not pregnant?

ASHLEY: She's at a music program that could help get her into Juilliard.

BOY2: When my aunt was in high school, she got into a music program, and, uh, she stayed there for...nine months.

ASHLEY: This is crazy. Wait. You don't think that Amy's pregnant again, do you?

RICKY: No, Ashley, I don't.

ASHLEY: Well, I hope not. There's no more room at the inn. I'll see you at home. Bye.

Ashley leaves, Grace comes to Ricky.

GRACE: Hi. How are you?

RICKY: I'm annoyed. That's how I am. Who started the rumor that Amy's pregnant again? She's not.

GRACE: Oh, thank God. Can you imagine if there was two of them? I mean, two babies from the same mother, Amy. That would be really bad.

RICKY: Yeah. It would. See you, Grace.

GRACE: Wait. Just because you and Adrian aren't talking doesn't mean we can't be friends.

RICKY: Yes, it does.

Ricky leaves, Adrian joins Grace.

GRACE: Does he know?

ADRIAN: Yeah, he knows. We're not gonna have this conversation again if you wanna be friends.

GRACE: I wanna be friends. I really do.

ADRIAN: All right.

GRACE: Cute boots. Did you hear Amy's pregnant again?

ADRIAN: Did I hear? Yeah, I heard. It's all over school. But better her than me, so remember...

GRACE: I know, I know. Ix-nay on the fetus-fay.


Adrian leaves, she sees Ben in the hallway.

ADRIAN: Stop that.

BEN: Stop what?

ADRIAN: Looking at me like that. Did you hear that Amy's pregnant again?

BEN: Yeah, I know. Isn't that ridiculous?

ADRIAN: Yeah, it is. We need to talk. I said stop looking at me like that. You wanna meet me after school, or do you wanna go someplace now?

BEN: Someplace now.

Coach wants to talks with Jack.

COACH: Pappas.

JACK: Yeah, Coach?

COACH: Amy Juergens is pregnant again?

JACK: I don't think so. I think she's really at a music program in New York.

COACH: Amy Juergens really got into a national program for musicians?

JACK: Yeah.

COACH: Huh. I guess talent really is subjective.

JACK: I guess so.

COACH: You find a place to live yet?

JACK: Matter of fact, I did.

COACH: Great. Oh. Excuse me.

Grace joins Jack.

GRACE: So you found a place to live?

JACK: Kind of.

GRACE: Where?

JACK: A buddy's house.

GRACE: You have a buddy?

JACK: I have lots of buddies.

GRACE: Since when?

JACK: I'm on the football team. I got friends.

GRACE: You have teammates. Whatever. That's not what I wanted to talk to you about. Do you remember the other night when we had that conversation about Adrian?

JACK: The one where we agreed not to talk about Adrian anymore?

GRACE: Yes. But we have to talk about her, and to her. We don't have to try to convince her not to do anything. We just need to tell her that we care about her and the baby.

JACK: We said we weren't gonna do that. You and I both said we weren't gonna do that. We said we were gonna stay out of it, and I'm gonna stay out of it.

GRACE: No, I know I said that, but that was before when I thought I could buy into the whee idea like, it's not always wrong, it's an individual decision. But I can't do it.

JACK: When it comes to moral issues, Grace, you never seem to be able to make up your mind. You know, like with s*x.

GRACE: I know. But if we don't talk to her...

JACK: Even if we talk to her, it's still her decision and none of our business.

Adrian and Ben have a conversation.

ADRIAN: Tomorrow. And it's not a consultation. I've already had the consultation. Tomorrow I'm going to have the abortion.

Adrian and Grace leaves school together.

GRACE: You know, you still haven't been for a ride in my car. Wanna go for a ride in my car?

ADRIAN: I don't think so, Grace. It feels like I've been at school for about 36 hours, and I just wanna go home. I'll see you Monday.

GRACE: We can hang out tomorrow.

ADRIAN: No, I have something I have to do with my mother.

GRACE: You know, Amy's not at work, and they can probably use some help in the nursery. Maybe the two of us could go over there and help out. I mean, we did talk Amy into keeping John, and we told her we'd help her, and we haven't yet. So now's the perfect chance. Maybe the two of us could go over there and volunteer at the nursery this afternoon.

ADRIAN: What? I know what a baby looks like. I don't need to see a bunch of them in the church nursery. I can't have this baby, okay? I just can't, Grace. And this wasn't an easy decision for me, but I've me the decision, so leave me alone. Bye.

Alice and Henry join Madison and Lauren.

ALICE: All right, you two. Let's just get our cards out on the table. We know that Adrian is pregnant.


MADISON: So she's pregnant.


ALICE: I told you.

HENRY: I can't believe it.

LAUREN: You tricked us.

ALICE: Is she having the baby.

MADISON: We can't tell you that.

HENRY: You told us the other part.

MADISON: No, we didn't.

LAUREN: No, we did. We just did. Well, you did anyway.

MADISON: Oh, this can't be happening. I promised Jack I wouldn't say anything. I thought you knew, I thought you knew, I thought you knew.

LAUREN: You should've known. You're his best friends.

ALICE: I guess he considered it private, personal business. She's not having the baby, is she?


LAUREN: Madison.

MADISON: Well, if I told them that she's having the baby, they'd be expecting her to have the baby.

HENRY: All right. I'm cutting everyone off right here, right now. We're not talking about this ever again.

ALICE: Oh, no. Poor Ben.

HENRY: Poor Ben? Poor Adrian.

ALICE: Yeah, poor Adrian, too.

HENRY: Poorer Adrian.

ALICE: Everyone is poorer than Ben.

HENRY: You know what I mean.

ALICE: Yeah, I know what you mean. And I know why he didn't tell us, and I have to say I completely understand, and I respect his decision not to tell us. If something like that ever happened to us, and I decided not to go through with having the baby, I wouldn't want you to tell Ben or anyone else.

HENRY: Two minutes ago, you were asking. Two minutes ago, you were all for finding out.

ALICE: Well, I made a mistake, all right? I wanted to know, and now I wish I didn't know.

HENRY: So what do we do?

ALICE: We stay out of it. If he wants to tell us, he'll tell us, and we'll be there for him. But if he doesn't wanna tell us, we're never gonna bring it up again.

HENRY: Not even between the two of us? 'Cause I may need to talk about this, Alice.

ALICE: Why is that?

HENRY: If this ever happened to you, you'd tell me, right?

ALICE: Truthfully, I'm not sure. And don't take that the wrong way. If you know, you'd tell Ben, and he'd tell Grace, and she'd tell Jack, and he'd tell Madison, and even though she wouldn't mean to, she'd tell everyone.

HERNY: Then we're just not going to have s*x again until we're married.

ALICE: I would tell you, all right?

HENRY: All right.

ALICE: Don't threaten me again, especially for just being honest.

HENRY: And I'm being honest when I tell you I'd want to know.

ALICE: Let's not get into any fights about a hypothetical situation.

HENRY: Okay, but maybe we should talk about these hypothetical situations some more.

ALICE: Odds are, as careful as we are, it's never gonna happen.

HENRY: If it does happen, I want you to have the baby, and I wanna get married.

ALICE: Let's just see that it doesn't happen.


Tom waits for an interview.

TOM: I'm here for a job interview.

MAN: Yes. So am I.

TOM: What kind of work do you do?

MAN: I was a vice president of a company that was basically bribing congressional members to vote in such a way that would increase our profit margin.

TOM: Interesting. Don't know what it means, but interesting.

MAN: I was there for 28 years till a scandal shut down the company, leaving me unemployed, which is basically why my wife left me.

TOM: Did you go to jail?

MAN: No. No. I wasn't even remotely involved. Maybe remotely. Uh, what, uh... What job are you applying for?

TOM: Mail room.

MAN: Ah. Me, too.

TOM: My girlfriend is pregnant. I need this job.

MAN: So is mine. Look, kid, you're not gonna get the sympathy vote from me, okay? 'Cause I can match you trouble for trouble.

TOM: Then may the best man win.

MAN: Let's go.

TOM: Bring it on, dawg.


Ben talks with Ricky.

BEN: I think I just need to go home. My mind is really not on my work today.

RICKY: You can't. I've covered for you enough lately. Besides, what are you gonna do at home? There's nothing you can do.

BEN: I know, but...I don't wanna be here. I don't wanna be at home. I don't know what I want... other than for Amy never to find out.

RICKY: Is that why you're going along with this? Because you think you can hide this from Amy? You can't hide this from Amy. I mean, for all you know, one day, when Adrian's temper gets the best of her again, she'll tell Amy. Hey, if you're just agreeing to an abortion because you don't want anyone to ever find out Adrian was pregnant, think again, my friend. It's not gonna happen.

BEN: I'm not agreeing to anything, I don't think. But you're for abortion, right?

RICKY: "For"? I'm not for abortion. But I'm not against abortion. And what I'm really for is the mom and the dad deciding before the baby is born. It's better to decide before you have the kid than after. My parents pretty much decided I shouldn't have been born after I was born. Look, Ben, if you and Adrian don't want Adrian to have the baby because you don't want Amy to find out, then that's probably not a good reason, if you're looking for a reason.

BEN: We don't have a reason. We just don't want a baby. Neither of us wants a baby. But I don't know if Adrian having an abortion is the right thing or the wrong thing. I honestly don't.

RICKY: Stop judging, okay? Just go with what is and stop judging. You don't know if something bad will come of this, or something good will come of not going through with the pregnancy. I mean, maybe it's a future Mother Teresa that's not gonna be born, or maybe it's a future Hitler that's not gonna be born. No one knows. You can't know.

BEN: Well, what's the right thing to do? Support her decision not to have the baby, or try to talk her out of it?

RICKY: Try to live with whatever decision she makes. All right? Whatever is, is, and life goes on.

BEN: Or it doesn't.


Tom arrives. Jack is here.

JACK: Hey, let me help you with that.

TOM: Big help. I carry it from upstairs.

JACK: I think we should just tell your mom I'm living out here in the guest house with you until I find somewhere else. And that way, I can help you out.

TOM: That way, she will get mad, and you will get kicked out of here, buddy.

JACK: Well, we're gonna have to tell her I'm living out here at some point. You can't hide me forever.

TOM: Too soon.

JACK: My truck is parked a block away in front of someone else's house. What if I get towed?

TOM: Don't worry. I working at the courthouse.

JACK: Did you get the job? Is it definite?

TOM: I just have to take a test. An easy one.


Ricky cleans up the vaisselle, Anne helps him.

ANNE: Hey, I can do that. I just put the boys to bed.

RICKY: I got it. You cooked. I'm happy to clean up. No.

ANNE: I really appreciate you staying here.

RICKY: It's what Amy wants, so I'm happy to do it.

ANNE: It's really nice of you. I really appreciate you being here. I think getting away for a few weeks is gonna be really great for Amy.

RICKY: I didn't hear from her today.

ANNE: I'm sure she's busy with her first day of school and finding her way around New York.

RICKY: I hope she's okay.

ANNE: I'm sure she's fine. Who knows? This might lead to her going to Juilliard or maybe playing for the New York Philharmonic.

RICKY: I guess.

ANNE: It's good, right?

RICKY: You'd have to ask a French horn player. I just know sticks.

ANNE: I don't even know why she picked the French horn in the first place.

RICKY: I know.

ANNE: You know why she picked the French horn?

RICKY: I hate to bring up band camp, but she told me the story at band camp.

ANNE: Well, John's over a year old. I think we've gotten past any resentment from band camp.

RICKY: It was Peter and the Wolf. You played Peter and the Wolf to her over and over again, right?

ANNE: Yeah, I did. The French horn plays the part of the wolf.

RICKY: Yeah. She was scared of the wolf. She thought if she became the wolf, she wouldn't be afraid anymore.

ANNE: She thought that in the third grade?

RICKY: She thought that in the third grade. And she thought that you loved the wolf part of Peter and the Wolf best. And she just wanted you to love her.

ANNE: But I do love her. I've always loved her.

RICKY: She knows that. Well, she knows that now.


Jack eat something, Tom joins him.

TOM: What are you eating?

JACK: I'm not sure. Too frozen to tell, but I think they're brownies.

TOM: So, you eating brownies. I am doing alt the heavy lifting. Give me one of those.

JACK: Good, huh?

TOM: Mm-hmm.


Ben calls Adrian.

BEN(at phone): I just wanted to offer to go with you.

ADRIAN(at phone): My mother's going with me.

BEN(at phone):I could drive us.

ADRIAN(at phone):Actually, you can't. You have a provisional license.

BEN(at phone): My driver could drive us. Um, all three of us or four, if my dad goes.

ADRIAN(at phone): Dads aren't going mine or yours. This is very private. And I would hate for everyone to see your dad's car and driver outside the clinic. But thanks, Ben. Thanks for offering.

BEN(at phone): Adrian, I don't know what to do here. I wanna do something.

ADRIAN(at phone): There's nothing you can do except maybe be my friend. Maybe you can

come by on Sunday and we can just hang out or something.

BEN(at phone): I can't go with you? I mean, shouldn't I be there with you?

ADRIAN(at phone): No, it's better if you're not. I'll talk to you Sunday, okay?

BEN(at phone): Okay, Adrian. Um, I'm sorry.

ADRIAN(at phone): I know, Ben. Me, too. Good night.

BEN(at phone): Good night.


Cindy and Ruben argue.

RUBEN: No means no. I said no.

CINDY: You can say no all you want, but Adrian already made her decision, and I'm supporting her.

RUBEN: Well, I'm not. And I'm her father. And I didn't come back into this family to be excluded and disrespected.

CINDY: This is not about you. This is about Adrian.

RUBEN: Of course it's about Adrian. I love Adrian. And I don't want her to do this. I think she'll regret this for the rest of her life.

CINDY: This was not an easy decision.

RUBEN: It was not easy, but it was made easier because you agreed with her.

CINDY: That's not true. I would support her decision either way.

RUBEN: Did you let her know that?

CINDY: Of course I did.


George enters.

GEORGE: What the heck is going on next door? People are yelling. People are saying things, things that I could hear.


GEORGE: Ashley, Adrian is pregnant, isn't she?

ASHLEY: I don't know. Well, I don't know if she's still pregnant.

GEORGE: Oh, God. Does Ben know?

ASHLEY: I don't think so. I don't think she wanted him to know anything about it. But he might.

GEORGE: He might?

ASHLEY: He might.

GEORGE: Did you know about this when you encouraged your sister to go to New York?

ASHLEY: I don't really know anything about it. I don't wanna know anything about it. It's... You know, it's none of my business. It's no one's business. No one's but Adrian's.

GEORGE: This is not good.

ASHLEY: Just forget you heard anything.


ASHLEY: Okay, don't forget, but don't say anything to Mom. You can't. We can't. We made a promise that our lying days are over. You know, what good is it gonna do to tell Mom that Adrian's having an abortion or had an abortion? It's really not right to talk about it at all. To anyone.

(Ricky joins them)

RICKY: Hi. Sorry to interrupt, but the little fella's awake, and I think Mrs. Juergens is in the shower or something.

GEORGE: Thanks, Ricky. I'll take him. Hey, buddy. Whoa.

RICKY: What's going on?

ASHLEY: I don't know.

RICKY: Yeah, you do.

ASHLEY: Yeah, I do. Um... but I don't want to talk about it.

RICKY: All right. Well, I guess I'll just say good night. Should I say good night? Tell me what's wrong.

ASHLEY: Does it ever go right? Does the right girl ever find the right guy?

RICKY: Sure.


RICKY: Yeah. Sure. It can happen. No, we can't. We can't, Ashley.

ASHLEY: We can if we want.

RICKY: No, we can't.

(They kiss)


Cindy enters in the Adrian's bedroom and finds a letter. Ruben enters too.

RUBEN: Where is she?

CINDY: I don't know. She said she had to get out. She couldn't take us arguing anymore. She'll be home tomorrow. Tomorrow! She's probably gonna try and take care of this on her own. This is your fault, you know that? So you find her.


Jack and Tom are here. Phone rings.

JACK: It's Grace.

TOM: Hang up.

JACK: I haven't answered yet.

TOM: Answer it, then hang up.

JACK(at phone): Hello.

GRACE(at phone): Hi. Hope I'm not bothering you. Are you with Madison?

JACK(at phone): Am I with Madison? No, I'm not with Madison. Are you with Madison?

GRACE(at phone): No. Why would I ask you if you're with Madison if I was with Madison?

JACK(at phone): I don't know.

GRACE(at phone): I'm really worried

about Adrian, and I'm worried that if I don't say something, I'm going to hell, and you're going with me.

JACK(at phone): All right.

GRACE(at phone): "All right"? What is wrong with you?

JACK(at phone): I'm not sure. I'll call you back.

(He hangs up)

JACK: Tom, who was the last guest to stay in this guest house?

TOM: Gut house. Guest house. Guest of the guest house. Guest of the guest house. Shoo, fly, shoo. Ow. My darlin'.

JACK: Tom, I think we're high. I think these are marijuana brownies.

TOM: Better not be. I have a drug test on Monday at the courthouse.

JACK: That was the test, the easy test? It's not gonna be so easy anymore. I don't feel so well.

TOM: I don't feel well either. Worst news for you, there's only one bathroom.


George is ready to go out.

ANNE: Where you going?

GEORGE: To take Moose for a walk.

ANNE: He already had a walk.

GEORGE: I think he needs to go out again.

ANNE: You sure?

GEORGE: Well, not totally sure.

ANNE: Well, you could either take Moose for a walk or we could just go to bed.

GEORGE: But we were in bed just this morning.

ANNE: Uh-huh.

GEORGE: It's either feast or famine with you.

ANNE: Are you complaining?

GEORGE: No, no, no, no, no. Not complaining.


Ruben calls Ashley by Adrian's phone.

ASHLEY(at phone): Hey, are you okay?

RUBEN(at phone): It's not Adrian. It's me, Ruben. Have you seen Adrian?

ASHLEY(at phone): What do you mean? I mean, is she over there?

ASHLEY(at phone): No, she's not over here.

RUBEN(at phone): You'd tell me if she

was over there, right? Even if she told you not to tell me she was over there?

ASHLEY(at phone): She's not over here, I swear.

RUBEN(at phone): Okay. Well, if you see her, tell her to call me. Or tell her to call her mother.

ASHLEY(at phone): All right.

(They hang up but Ashley calls back)

RUBEN(at phone): Hello? Adrian?

ASHLEY(at phone): Um, no. It's just me. I was trying to call Adrian.

RUBEN(at phone): She left her phone at home. I have her phone.

ASHLEY(at phone): Oh, right. Um, well, that makes sense. Okay, well, um, I'm sorry. I hope you find her.

RUBEN(at phone): Me, too, Ashley. Good night.


Ruben calls Grace.

GRACE(at phone): Hello?

RUBEN(at phone): Oh. Hi, Grace. It's me, Ruben, Adrian's dad.

GRACE(at phone): Is everything okay?

RUBEN(at phone): No, not really. Adrian left us a note saying she'd be back tomorrow, and we don't know where she is. And we're really worried about her. Is she there?

GRACE(at phone): No. But maybe she'll come here. And if she does come here, I'll have her call you right away. I promise.

RUBEN(at phone): All right. Thanks, Grace. She left her phone at home. That's how I have your number.

GRACE(at phone): Okay. I'm sorry.

RUBEN(at phone): That's okay. Good night.

GRACE(at phone): Good night.


Tom comes to see a sister.

TOM: I need help.

GRACE: You haven't seen Adrian, have you?

TOM: No.

GRACE: I have a bad feeling about this.

TOM: I have bad stomach. Where's our new doctor dad?

GRACE: He and Mom already went to bed.

TOM: Of course.

GRACE: What's wrong with your stomach?

TOM: You're not a doctor. Don't try doctor me. Ahh!


Tom comes back in the house.

TOM: I got cookies.

JACK: Cookies?

TOM: I got cookies.

(Grace follows him)

GRACE: Who are you talking to?

TOM: The gho-o-ost.

GRACE: Is that Jack's bag? That's Jack's gym bag, isn't it?

TOM: No-o-o-o-o.

GRACE: Is this where Jack is living? In the guest house with you?

TOM: He's not here.

GRACE: Are you sure about that?

TOM: He gave me a ride. That his bag. He leave it here, but he's not here.

GRACE: What's that?

TOM: Brownies. Have one. Trick or treat.

GRACE: What?

TOM: Go ahead.

GRACE: Where did you get these?

TOM: The freezer.

GRACE: Ohhh. I bet that homeless guy left them here. Remember that homeless guy that Dad used to let stay here? The one who was an alcoholic, and he wouldn't go to AA or anywhere else for help? It's actually kind of nice in here.

TOM: Why don't you sta-a-ay?

GRACE: Maybe I wi-i-ill. Maybe I'll just sleep here. I don't really feel like being alone. And I can't quit thinking about Adrian. Hey, can you give me your phone?


Grace calls Adrian with Tom's phone.

RUBEN(at phone): Tom?

GRACE(at phone): It's Grace. Who's this?

RUBEN(at phone): Ruben.

GRACE(at phone): Oh. Right. Sorry. I thought Adrian might answer if Tom called, so I called using Tom's phone, but you have Adrian's phone. I hate when other people use other people's phones to call. But anyway, I've been praying about this about Adrian and I have to believe that everything will be fine. No matter where she is, everything will be fine. It has to be, Mr. Ruben.

RUBEN(at phone): Enriquez.

GRACE(at phone): And Enriquez to you. Good night.


Madison and Lauren waits in front of a house.

MADISON: Whose house is this? Who is he cheating with?

LAUREN: I don't know. But it's curfew. We can't stay out here all night.

MADISON: How could he do this to me?

LAUREN: Again, I don't know.

MADISON: I shouldn't have given him the cow for free.

LAUREN: I beg your pardon?

MADISON: I thought he liked getting the cow for free.

LAUREN: Okay, snap out of it. You're not a cow. You're a willing participant in whatever it is you're doing, and you are enjoying it just as much as he is.

MADISON: He's obviously not enjoying it as much as I am, or he wouldn't be cheating on me.


Ruben receives a call, it's Leo.

RUBEN(at phone): Hello?

LEO(at phone): Ruben?

RUBEN(at phone): Yeah?

LEO(at phone): Leo Boykewich. I just wanted to let you know that Adrian's over here. I talked to her, and I told her to call you, but I got a feeling she's not going to.

RUBEN(at phone): She left us a note that said she'd be back in the morning. Cindy and I are fighting, and she got upset. I don't want her to have an abortion, Leo. I don't know what you're thinking. I don't even care what you're thinking, or Cindy. I don't want her to do this. Can't you talk to Ben? Can't he talk her out of it? Wait. I forgot who I'm talking to. Why would he talk her out of it? He doesn't want that baby.

LEO(at phone): It's not a matter of what he wants, it's a matter of what she wants.

RUBEN(at phone): I know that's how it should be. But, Leo, please. Do something. Somebody do something.

LEO(at phone): Look, I'll see to it she gets back to you safely tomorrow, and that she goes from here to there, all right? Unless you want her to come home right now. Let her stay here. She's with Ben. I think it's good for them to have some time together.

RUBEN(at phone): Haven't they spent enough time together?

LEO(at phone): Come on, Ruben. She's fine here.

RUBEN(at phone): All right. I'm just happy she's safe.

LEO(at phone): - Me, too. Good night.

RUBEN(at phone): Thanks. Good night. What kind of a father am I?

(Adrian is with Ben. They try to support them)


We have seen full pictures of Amy in the streets.


Someone knocks on the door.

AMY: Who is it?

BRISTOL: It's your buddy, Bristol.

AMY: Who?

BRISTOL: We're on a buddy system here. We're buddies. Open the door.

AMY: I don't know anything about that.

BRISTOL: Are you Amy Juergens? We have to get to class. You missed orientation yesterday.

AMY: Uh... I couldn't find the school.

BRISTOL: I came by yesterday morning at 9 to go with you.

AMY: Oh, I was out by 7.

BRISTOL: I left you a note on the door last night, but I see it's still there.

AMY: Yeah. I went to bed early. I was lost all day.


AMY: All right. Well, I'm just gonna turn off my computer. I was just gonna send something to my family.

BRISTOL: Do you have a son or a daughter?

AMY: I have a son.

BRISTOL: Me, too.

AMY: Um, how did you know I had a baby? And you have a son?

BRISTOL: We're all teen moms and musicians.

AMY: Everyone in this program?

BRISTOL: The program-- it's for teen moms.

AMY: So I didn't get here on my own?

BRISTOL: Of course you did. You're the world's greatest French horn player, and I'm Yo-Yo Ma. Come on. We have to get going.

AMY: Bink.


George and Anne are lied in bed.

ANNE: You know what?

GEORGE: It's too early to talk.

ANNE: Last night, Ricky told me why Amy plays the French horn. Because of Peter and the Wolf. Remember Peter and the Wolf?

GEORGE: Yeah, I remember. Kind of.

ANNE: Well, that's why Amy picked the French horn. It's because she wanted to get over being scared of the wolf, and she wanted me to love her.

GEORGE: What time is it?

ANNE: George, are you listening?


ANNE: I'm really happy that Ricky decided to stay here. It'll give us a chance to get to know him better. I think he might be a nice guy after all. I know that Amy's in love with Ben right now. But you never know. They're young. Things might change.

GEORGE: Yeah. Things may change, all right.


Jack, who is in the shower, receives a call.

JACK(at phone): Hello.

MADISON(at phone): Where are you?

JACK(at phone): Um, in the shower. Can I call you back?

MADISON(at phone): No. And I don't hear any water running.

JACK(at phone): I'll call you back.

MADISON(at phone): I was parked behind your stupid truck for two hours last night.

JACK(at phone): Why?

MADISON(at phone): Well, because I was driving over to Lauren's house, and I saw your car parked in front of some girl's house.

JACK(at phone): What girl?

MADISON(at phone): What do you mean, "What girl?"

JACK(at phone): Look, you're not gonna be happy with this.

MADISON(at phone): Oh, no.

JACK(at phone): Madison, I'm living with Tom at the Bowman's guest house.

Grace heard that.

GRACE: No, you're not.

MADISON(at phone): What?

JACK(at phone): I'll call you back.

(He hangs up)

JACK: Oh, my head.

GRACE: You can't live here.

JACK: Why not?

GRACE: Because my mom already said you can't live with us, and when she finds out you gave Tom pot brownies,she's probably gonna have you arrested.

JACK: I didn't know, all right? They were in the freezer.

GRACE: So was the ice. You didn't eat that.

JACK: What?

GRACE: Just get up, okay? Get out. You cannot stay here.

JACK: I have to stay here, Grace. I have no place else to go.

GRACE: You're pathetic, do you know that?

JACK: Yeah, I know that. Come on. I really need somewhere to live. And Tom needs someone to live with and... So will you just help me out and not say anything for a few more days?

GRACE: Well, I guess. I mean, this was kind of my dad's hideout, and I know he would want this for Tom, so I won't say anything to my mom for a few days. But no more pot brownies or any other illegal substance.

JACK: Got it.


Ricky enters in the kitchen.

ASHLEY: Let's just forget that happened.

RICKY: Let's not.

ASHLEY: All right.


Ben breakfast with Alice and Henry.

ALICE: You could've told us before now.

BEN: I wouldn't have told you now, but I need to talk to someone. I can't talk to my dad anymore. I just can't.

ALICE: You must be going through hell, and Adrian, too.

HENRY: I'm really sorry you're going through this.

BEN: It's more Adrian. Adrian's going through this.

ALICE: Are you gonna go with her?

BEN: She doesn't want me to be there.

(Leo comes in)

LEO: She probably just doesn't wanna ask you to be there. And you two, this is not something that goes beyond this room. Got it?


LEO: I'm gonna go hang out with Ruben. Well, he's by himself with no one to talk to. Wanna come with me?

BEN: Me? No.

LEO: You want me to tell you again where I think you should be today?

BEN: Please don't. I think I'm doing the right thing by just staying here.

LEO: All right. I'll be back later. You know when.

(Leo leaves)

HENRY: Whoa, dude. Bad move calling us over here. You better get to wherever Adrian and her mom are.

ALICE: I don't know about that. I don't know that I'd want company.

HENRY: That could be part of our hypothetical discussion. But, Ben, my friend, this is not hypothetical. If Adrian's dad's not going and her mom's just sitting there by herself I don't know shouldn't you go?

BEN: There is no good decision. Neither choice is a good choice.

ALICE: You're right. And that's where Adrian is. She had to make a choice, and neither one probably felt like a good one.

BEN: All I could do is just be there.

ALICE: Exactly.


Cindy and Adrian are ready to go.

CINDY: Okay, Ruben, we'll see you later.

RUBEN: All right. I'll see you later, Adrian. I love you.

ADRIAN: Really?

RUBEN: Of course. I'm your dad. And even though I don't want you to do this, you and your mother are right. This is your decision. Just...feel free to change your mind. I had to say it. And I have to say this, too. I love you, Cindy, and you've been a really good mother to Adrian. So, if I said anything that implied otherwise, I'm really sorry. And I guess being a family doesn't necessarily mean we have to agree on everything, not even the most basic fundamental things. And, uh, do you want me to come with you?

ADRIAN: No, but thanks, Dad.

CINDY: I love you, too. You okay?


End of the episode.