03x24 - It's Not Over Till It's Over

Previously on “The secret life of the American Teenager”

BEN: Do you really love Ricky? The guy who slept with all those girls? Or do you just want to justify getting pregnant by him in the first place?

CAMIEL: I'm Camiel. I'm Leo's assistant. You're Ricky, right?

RICKY: How do you know that?

CAMIEL: You're like a second son to him.

GEORGE: I hope you're going to get that shower for Adrian going again.

AMY: I don't know if I can do something that good.

VIC: We're going to be friends for a long time, cookie.

GRACE: We still really want to throw the shower for you.

ADRIAN: No. no shower.

GRACE: Why don't you guys apologize right now to each other?

BEN: Adrian really wanted this shower.

RICKY: It was embarrassing to me that you called all those girls over, Adrian. And it was embarrassing to me that you saw them as competition, Amy.

ASHLEY: Don't you ever think about anything but s*x?

TOBY: Not really, no.

JACK: I don't think I've got the guts to really try it again with Madison.

ANNE: Want to come back with me?

ASHLEY: It's not the weekend.

ANNE: How often do you and I spend time together without Amy or Robbie?

ADRIAN: Thanks for loving me, Ben.

BEN: Pleasure.

MADISON: Hey, Adrian. Congratulations on your wedding. And the baby.

ADRIAN: Thank you, Grace. Thanks, Amy.


Adrian is with Katelyn in her office.

KATELYN: Okay, so you're getting married this weekend, and you're having a baby in a few weeks, and the plan is?

ADRIAN: Oh, I'm doing drugs, definitely. I mean, Ben and I are supposed to go to some classes, but we've done all the reading available, and I'm going with the epidural. My doctor knows. Dr. Attavi.

KATELYN: Uh-huh. I-- I mean the plan, uh, in regards to finishing out the rest of the school year.

ADRIAN: Oh. Uh, I think I'll just need a week off, so I should be able to catch up a few days after I'm back. Oh, my teachers know that I'm having a baby. They know that I'll have to stay out for a few days.

KATELYN: You're probably going to have to stay out a little longer than that, don't you think?

ADRIAN: Not if I want to graduate, no. I can't stay out more than that.

KATELYN: Are you putting me on?

ADRIAN: About?

KATELYN: Well, you can't possibly have a baby and then come back to school the next week.

ADRIAN: Yeah, I can. We're going to get a nanny Monday through Friday 7:30 to 3:30. It'll be fine. We're going to start interviewing nannies next week.

KATELYN: And you've discussed this with your mother, or anyone else who's ever had a baby, coming back to school the week after having a baby?

ADRIAN: Well, my mom's been traveling so she can help when the baby gets here, so just Ben. And I know. He hasn't had a baby, but... What's wrong?

KATELYN: Adrian, you sound as if you've put a lot of preparation into getting ready for the baby, but it seems that you're unaware that babies require a lot of help the first few months.

ADRIAN: No, I am aware. That's why we're getting a nanny, and that's why my mom's taking off from work.

KATELYN: But babies don't sleep eight hours at night. You're going to be up at night feeding the baby and changing diapers and feeding the baby and changing more diapers. I think you're going to have to stay home at least a month or maybe even six weeks.

ADRIAN: What? No, no. That's, uh... That's for, you know, women your age.

KATELYN: Uh, well, I think it's for mothers of any age and dads, too.

ADRIAN: Look, I'm doing this my way. But look at how uncomfortable you are. You should probably be home now.

ADRIAN: I'm not leaving school until I go into labor.

KATELYN: Adrian, I am going to make sure you graduate, but, you know, maybe that's at the end of summer school or...

ADRIAN: No. No, no, no. I'm graduating with my class. I don't want to go to summer school. Summer school's for losers.

KATELYN: Or for people who are overwhelmed for whatever reason during the year and need extra time to complete their requirements.

ADRIAN: I can have a baby without disrupting my education. That's my goal.

KATELYN: All right. We'll see. And as your due date gets closer, you know, if you are not comfortable coming in to school, just come in and talk to me. And I'm going to need to talk to Ben about his plan.

Ben is with the counselor.

BEN: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine with summer schooling if I have to stay home for a while, but I don't think I want to do home schooling. I think I'm going to want to get out of the house. I mean, it's a small apartment, and there's going to be a baby inside it, although we are getting a nanny to do the hard stuff you know, the bathing and the feeding and the diaper changing and all that for most of the day.

So we should be okay, as long as we can find a good nanny. But I'm sure we'll be able to find one. And I'd like to be home for as much as possible and as long as possible to supervise.

KATELYN: Supervise. So you can make sure that the nanny knows what she's doing?

BEN: Yeah. Oh, also, do you think it would be possible if I got out of school on Friday, say, noon?

KATELYN: For the wedding?

BEN: Yeah. We're getting married Friday night. But we should be back to school bright and early Monday morning. Can't let a little thing like a wedding keep us from school.

KATELYN: No, or a baby.

BEN: Yeah.



Ricky talks with Amy.

RICKY: I'm tired of talking about it, Amy. I think we've waited long enough. This weekend, is it all right?

AMY: Ricky, we've been over this before. I'm not going to be pressured into sleeping with you.

RICKY: It's not pressure. And besides, it's going to be fine. Don't make it so important, okay? You're making it way too important.

AMY: I just I feel funny about doing it the first time the same weekend that Adrian and Ben are getting married. It's odd timing. I don't want to remember the first time we did it as the day that the two of them said their vows.

RICKY: Okay, 1, it's not really the first time, and 2, I thought we weren't going to let what Adrian and Ben do affect what we do or don't do.

Ricky enters in the counselor's office.

RICKY: What do you want?

KATELYN: I wanted to let you know that your first choice for colleges wants to interview you.


KATELYN: Well, they require an interview to decide if they'll let you in, but they don't ask for an interview unless they're considering letting you in. This is fantastic news. You're one step closer.

RICKY: To something I don't even know if I want.

KATELYN: Well, I know what you want, and you might want to try a little romance.

RICKY: That would get me into college?

KATELYN: No. I-- I know it's none of my business, but I don't care if you've had a baby with Amy or not. Women like a little romance.

RICKY: I've tried a little romance. I took her to the driving range. You know, to hit balls at the golf course. I gave her a golf lesson. It was at night. It was romantic.

KATELYN: I'm sure. Where were we?

RICKY: I thought we were done here.

KATELYN: I have a list of questions that you might be asked in a college interview, so I will give this to you so you can prepare.

RICKY: I haven't even said I'm going to the interview.

KATELYN: Prepare anyway. Look, I'm good at what I do. And I know what I'm talking about, and I am trying to help you. So let's just take a look at the questions.

RICKY: All right. I'm kind of distracted here.

KATELYN: Yeah. I heard.


George enters in his daughter's bedroom.

GEORGE: Sure you don't need help with anything?

ASHLEY: I don't need help with anything.

GEORGE: What are you writing about?

ASHLEY: My period.

GEORGE: You're not writing about that, are you?

ASHLEY: I am if it'll keep you from bugging me.

GEORGE: Think Amy will stay over at Ricky's this weekend?

ASHLEY: I think it's a possibility and a definite eventuality.

GEORGE: When did you start using big words like that? Eventuality. Did you get that from your mother? You and your mother hang out using a bunch of big words last weekend?

ASHLEY: Yes, we hung out all weekend and used big words. That's what we did.

GEORGE: Anyone else hanging out using big words with you two?

ASHLEY: Are you actually asking me if Mom's seeing someone?


ASHLEY: Oh, Dad, don't do this. Just get out there and get a life.

GEORGE: I don't know how.

ASHLEY: You used to know how. You used to be an expert. I can't help you.

GEORGE: What about your study buddy's half sister or whatever she is Carly?

ASHLEY: How about you play with the kids your own age? You'll find someone.

GEORGE: She's seeing Josh. Isn't she?


Josh asks a favor to Anne.

JOSH: Come on. Ask Amy if she'll babysit on Friday night. I really want you to go to my friend's wedding with me.

ANNE: I don't really like weddings.

JOSH: You said you want to go to Ben and Adrian's wedding.

ANNE: Yeah, just to see if they actually go through with it.

JOSH: This is going to be just as much fun. Alex has been married five times.

ANNE: Uch. I don't want to go.

JOSH: Why? Do you think I might get ideas?

ANNE: No. I don't think you'll get ideas.

JOSH: Do you hope I'll get ideas?

ANNE: About marriage? No. I just got divorced.

JOSH: Not from me. You know you want to go. All of our friends from high school are going to be there. Karen Corchoran is going to be there.


Ricky apologies to Amy.

RICKY: I'm sorry about before. When you're ready, all right? I'm not pushing you. After waiting an eternity, I'm not going to push you.

AMY: Thank you. I really appreciate that. But I was just wondering you're not upset that Adrian's getting married to Ben this weekend, are you? That's really not what's bothering you, is it? That's not why you're pushing me?

RICKY: No. It's not bothering me at all, especially if it's not bothering you that Ben's getting married to Adrian.

AMY: Nope.

RICKY: And if it does bother you, I could take your mind off things, if you let me.

AMY: That's really pathetic.

RICKY: I know. I'm a complete lunatic at this point.

AMY: It's going to happen. You know it's going to happen.

Adrian joins Grace and Adrian.

AMY: Hey. I'm going to go get the photos from the shower from my car.


GRACE: Thanks, Amy.

(Amy leaves)

GRACE: So Jack's dad's staying in the guest house tonight with Jack and Tom. He gets in later tonight. He said if you and Ben are going to write your own vows, he'd love to see them tomorrow so he has an idea of what he's going to be saying.

ADRIAN: We thought about doing that, but we like the traditional vows, as long as no one says anything about obeying anyone.

Amy gets out and meets Ben.

AMY: Hi.

BEN: Yeah. Hi.

AMY: I was just on my way to my car. Forgot to bring in the photos of the shower. Grace may want to make a shower for Adrian, but I want to show Adrian the photos first.

BEN: That was really nice of you, of you and Grace to find all those girls and do that for Adrian. It really made her feel good.

AMY: I'm sorry, Ben. I'm really sorry for all the things that I said to you. I apologize. I really and truly am sorry for what I said.

BEN: And I am really and truly sorry for what I said, too. So now we've apologized, and I guess life goes on.

AMY: Yeah. I guess it does.

BEN: I'm happy. I'm really happy, Amy.

AMY: Great. Congratulations on your wedding. I hope that you and Adrian continue to be very happy together. You and Adrian and your daughter.

BEN: You don't think we will be happy, do you?

AMY: I hope you're happy. I hope, okay? But sometimes doing the right thing doesn't always make a person happy, Ben.

BEN: I'm 17, Amy. And I'm about to be a husband and a father. I don't want to be a husband or a father.

AMY: Uh, uh, well, now, Ben, Ben--

BEN: No. No. No. I'm fine. I'm fine now. It was a moment of weakness. Forget I said anything.

Ben enters in the hallway and joins Adrian. Ben helps Adrian to stand up.

ADRIAN: Thank you. I was just going to sit there until you came along. It's like I've been waiting for you my whole life. Is something wrong?

BEN: How could anything be wrong? I'm about to be a father and a husband.


Leo wants to talk with Ben.

LEO: Betty's about to come in here and tell you something, and I know it's going to get you upset. I mean, I'm upset. But just remember that Betty is... Betty. And you're just going to have to accept that. We're both going to have to accept that.

BEN: What's going on?

LEO: I'll let her tell you. But, uh, just a reminder. When you marry someone, you marry their family.

(Betty comes in)

BETTY: Oh, there you are, Ben. Did your dad tell you that I wanted to speak to you?

BEN: Not exactly, no.

BETTY: I'm afraid I have to tell you I can't make it to your wedding. I'm really sorry.

BEN: What?

LEO: Just let her explain.

BEN: How can you explain not being at my wedding? Is someone dying? Someone better be dying if she's not coming to my wedding.

LEO: Ben.

BETTY: How'd you know?

BEN: Someone's actually dying?

BETTY: My mother.

BEN: Oh, Betty, I am... God, I am sorry. I'm really sorry.

BETTY: I haven't seen my mother since I left home at 16. You know, my father passed away a long time ago. I really think that I should be there. And, you know, my brothers and sisters, they want me to be there, too.

BEN: You have brothers and sisters?

LEO: Yes. She does. Uh, they found us after our picture was in a magazine. Now a month later, all of a sudden, the mother is dying.

BETTY: I mean, I know it seems, you know, kind of a coinkidink, but I really do think that they're telling the truth.

BEN: I hope so.

LEO: But we don't know so.

BETTY: Yeah. See, my family, they're...they're pretty much nomads. I mean they're, you know, they're not real nomads, you know, and they're not thin like the nomadic people. They're really roaming Idahoans, and they eat a lot of potatoes. My mother being the biggest Idahoan of all. I don't even think I should go. I mean, my mother wasn't even very nice to me. But, you know, I just feel like it's, you know, she's dying, and she is my mother.

BEN: And I... Yeah, I guess you have to go. Do you want us to postpone the wedding?

BETTY: No, you can't do that. The baby is almost here, and...and my mother is almost there. But maybe she'll pass before the wedding and I can get back right away.

LEO: Or maybe she's not really dying and your brothers and sisters are just trying to be a part of your life because now your life is good.

BETTY: Well, that is definitely a possibility. But you know what? I just can't take the chance. No, and, you know, with everything going on and you and Adrian and the baby, I just... Well... I just really want to see my mother.

LEO: All right, then. I'll see to it that you see your mother. I'd feel better about it if you could wait until I could go with you. I don't really like that you're going all alone.

BETTY: I'm going to be fine, and I'm going to get back

as soon as possible.

LEO: No, Betty, you know what? I'm going to send my driver Mike with you.

BETTY: No, you can't do that.

LEO: No, Mike needs to be here. No, you may need him there more. Mike will take good care of you.

BETTY: All right, well, I guess I got to go pack, but, uh, but, Ben, I can't wait to get back and see your new baby.

BEN: I love you, Betty and, uh, safe travels.

BETTY: Thank you. I love you, too, Ben. All right. I got to go pack. But no jewelry, right? No jewelry, no credit cards, and definitely not my La Mer cream.

(Betty leaves)

LEO: Face cream, you know.

BEN: No, I don't know.

LEO: I don't want her to go, but what can I do about it? Now you see the purpose of a pre-nup.


Ruben and Cindy prepare the weeding.

RUBEN: So when did we decide all this?

CINDY: All what?

RUBEN: Let's star with Jack's dad marrying the two of them.

CINDY: Adrian wanted him to marry them.

RUBEN: A minister as opposed to a priest?

CINDY: I don't think that mattered to her. Jack's dad is someone she knows, so...

RUBEN: So now our granddaughter's going to be Protestant?

CINDY: I doubt it. Adrian's not Protestant. And she's not Catholic, either.

RUBEN: Well, then, what is she? What are they, she and Ben?

CINDY: Two teenagers. They haven't figured God out yet. Just be happy they're getting married because that's what you wanted.

RUBEN: Would they mind if a priest came over as well?

CINDY: Yes, you call a priest, and I'll call a rabbi, and we'll have a Trifecta religious people, or the beginning of a bad joke. A minister, a priest, and a rabbi walk into a wedding.

RUBEN: That's not funny.

CINDY: I haven't gotten to the punch line yet. So what are you wearing?

RUBEN: A suit, why?

CINDY: The bride is wearing a formal gown. the groom is wearing a tuxedo. So I'm wearing a long dress.

RUBEN: You want me to wear a tux in my own house?

CINDY: I don't care. There's going to be six people here. You can wear shorts if you want to.

(Adrian joins her parents)

ADRIAN: Hi. Just so that you know, Betty's not coming to the wedding.

CINDY: What?

ADRIAN: Yeah, her mother's dying, so she has to go to-- Idaho? I think that's what Ben said Idaho.

CINDY: But the wedding's still on?

ADRIAN: Yeah. I guess so.

RUBEN: I don't think we should delay. There is a time issue here.

ADRIAN: You're right. I don't think they can make my dress any bigger.

CINDY: Wait. So Leo's not going with Betty?

ADRIAN: No. Leo's not going with Betty. His son is getting married. He wants to be at the wedding.

CINDY: All right. Well, I feel badly about Betty's mother. And I feel badly for Ben and Leo. I'm sure they wanted Betty to be here.

ADRIAN: It's not that big of a deal. It's going to be, like, 20 minutes. Ben and I want to be back at the condo and in bed by 9.

CINDY: Are you feeling okay?

RUBEN: You're not...You're not going into labor or anything. I can get a priest over here right now.

ADRIAN: No, I'm not going into labor. I feel fine. Ben and I are getting cable tomorrow, and there's a movie we'll want to see Friday night at 9. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

RUBEN: Aren't you being just a bit casual about a lifetime commitment?

ADRIAN: Me? Ha. Dad, come on. This is your, uh, fourth marriage? Who's being casual? Look, I take all of this really seriously. I'm just sure about what I'm doing, okay? What?


Jack eats with his father.

JACK'S FATHER: Mm. This is so much fun. Dinner with my son in his crib. We missed you. We really missed you, Jack. I hope you go to college in Arizona. We love it there. The dry heat, and javelinas, the stupendous sunsets. I feel closer to God than I ever have.

JACK: You didn't do any of that desert peyote, did you?

JACK'S FATHER: Nope. All on the natch.

JACK: The what?

JACK'S FATHER: Natch. Natural.

JACK: Okay.

JACK'S FATHER: I'm just so excited about this wedding. Are you and Madison going to be there?

JACK: No. No one's going to be there. Just the parents.

JACK'S FATHER: Oh. An intimate occasion. Well, that's fine. I can scale down the oratory. Speaking of which, how is Miss Madison?

JACK: Nice segue.

JACK'S FATHER: I always like to use humor when I'm about to discuss something serious.

JACK: Oh, no.

JACK'S FATHER: You seem a bit down. Are you depressed about something?

JACK: Like?

JACK'S FATHER: Do you still have feelings for the bride?

JACK: The who?


JACK: I never had feelings for the bride not those kind of feelings anyway.

JACK'S FATHER: Is there something going on with Grace?

JACK: Yeah. She's having s*x with her boyfriend.

JACK'S FATHER: Oh, that guy I just met Grant. Seems like a nice enough fella.

JACK: I don't want to have s*x with Madison. That's what I'm depressed about.

JACK'S FATHER: You're just not attracted to her in that way.

JACK: No, I'm attracted to her in that way. I just I don't know. If we do it and then Grace and Grant break up, and then, if Grace wants to get back with me, I'm going to want to break up with Madison and try going out with Grace again.

JACK'S FATHER: You didn't do any of that desert peyote, did you?


JACK'S FATHER: Did Grace give you any indication that she still has feelings for you?

JACK: No, she's been quite clear that she doesn't, but I don't know if I believe that.

JACK'S FATHER: Well, here's what I think you should do.

JACK: Good. Finally, someone that's willing to tell me what to do. I'm listening.

JACK'S FATHER: Break up with Madison.

JACK: I can't do that.

JACK'S FATHER: You have to, son. Asking Madison to unknowingly accept being in second place is just not right. Well, thanks for the soup. This is delicious.


Grant and Grace say goodbye each other.




TOM: Bye already.

GRANT: Sorry, Tom. Good night, Kathleen.

KATHLEEN: Good night.

GRANT: Good night, Grace.


(Grant leaves)

GRACE: Thanks for letting Grant eat dinner with us.

KATHLEEN: Yeah. Any time.

TOM: Not any time I'm here.

KATHLEEN: So, Tom, are you staying in your old room tonight, or are you going to stay out in the guest house with the guys?

TOM: I don't know. I thought I'd give them some time together.

GRACE: That's nice of you.

KATHLEEN: Who are you texting?

GRACE: Grant.

KATHLEEN: I hope he's not driving.

GRACE: No, he's still in the driveway.

(Grace leaves)

KATHLEEN: So how are you feeling about Adrian and Ben's wedding?

TOM: I'm okay. It's not my baby. Ben is a nice guy. Adrian deserves a nice guy. And I hope they are very happy.

KATHLEEN: Yeah, well, we got to get out there and find you a nice girl.

TOM: Whatever.

KATHLEEN: Okay. Good night, honey. Let me know if you need anything.

(tom receives a call)

TOM: Hello.


Ollie and Nora visit Ricky.

OLLIE: I know some attorneys on the board there. I could talk to people.

RICKY: Don't talk to people.

NORA: No, no. Talk to people. My son's going to college. I'm going to be the mother of a son who's going to college. Maybe you can be a doctor or a lawyer or a candlestick maker.

RICKY: Yeah. I'll go with candlestick maker. Calm down, will you? I haven't even told Amy that I have this interview. And an interview does not mean I'm going to college.

OLLIE: Well, if they're giving you an interview, they're probably going to let you in.

RICKY: I never should have even said anything. Why did I say anything? NORA: Because it's exciting. I mean, we should open a bottle of milk or something.

OLLIE: Yeah. Milk. Milk is good. If you do get in, you're not going to be able to commute. It's just a little bit too far for that. You know that, right?

RICKY: I know that. Maybe I'll get into some other school, something closer. I don't know.

NORA: Yeah, maybe you'll have a bunch of choices. I mean, you're smart. I always knew you were smart. Hey, are you going to go get that milk? Oh, and cookies. Do you have cookies?

RICKY: Yes. I'll get you some milk and cookies.

NORA: Wow. Little Ricky's going to college.

OLLIE: I am so happy for him. The only thing that would be better is if maybe you went to college.

NORA: With Ricky?

RICKY: Well, maybe not with Ricky, but I think you should go back to school.

NORA: Well, because...

OLLIE: Oh, no. No. Do not go there. Not for me. For you. You are really smart, too, and I know you've always dreamed about going back to school.


OLLIE: You are okay with the two of us, right?

RICKY: You mean do I mind if you're making out at my house? I don't mind.

NORA: We are in love, you know.

RICKY: I know. I'm very happybfor both of you.

NORA: What about Adrian and Ben? Are you very happy for them, too? Oh. Adrian and Ben are getting married Friday night.

OLLIE: Wow. Married? In high school?

RICKY: Yeah. That's what I said.

NORA: So how are you feeling about that?

RICKY: I don't care. What?

OLLIE: Uh... Uh, well, uh... this seems like a good time to ask. How would you feel about us getting married?

RICKY: You two are old enough to get married. Why?

NORA: So it would be okay with you?

RICKY: Why wouldn't it be okay with me?

NORA: I don't know. Why wouldn't it be okay with everyone?

RICKY: So are you going to get married?

OLLIE: I think we might. Yeah.

NORA: Oh. Yeah. Yeah.


Adrian expresses her feeling to Tom.

ADRIAN: It's just that... I don't know. Maybe we shouldn't be getting married.

TOM: Maybe you shouldn't.

ADRIAN: We don't have to. I mean, just because we're having a baby doesn't mean we have to get married. Even if it is what my dad wants. I mean, who cares what he wants? It's not his life, right? And now that Betty has to go to her mother's deathbed, it's a good excuse to get out of it.

TOM: I love you, Adrian, and because I love you, I have to say this. I think you should go ahead with the wedding.

ADRIAN: Really?

TOM: Really. Ben is a nice guy. And you...you're a nice girl. You're going to be fine. Everything will be fine.

ADRIAN: You think so?

TOM: I think so, yes.

ADRIAN: Thank you, Tom. I just...I just needed to say it aloud. I just needed to say that I do have some doubts about this, and...and now that I've said it, I'm good. Oh, thanks heavens. I scared myself, you know that? I totally scared myself. You won't say anything to anyone, will you? I'm counting on you.

TOM: You can always count on me. I want to be your friend the rest of your life. I promise.


Leo goes to his office.

CAMIEL: You're late.

LEO: I drove myself. I set Mike with Betty.

CAMIEL: Oh, that was nice of you.

LEO: I known you don't mean that.

CAMIEL: I don't mean that, no. What I mean is, poor Mike.

LEO: Betty's mother might really be dying, you know.

CAMIEL: She might be. But there's no listing of her name in any hospital within 200 miles. But they could have sent her home if there was nothing they could do for her. What I do know is that her brother just filed for bankruptcy last week. That I found on the Information Highway. It was an easy one.

LEO: I have people who do all of this.

CAMIEL: Snooping?

LEO: Research.

CAMIEL: I know. I just like to help.

LEO: Good because I, uh, I need your help this weekend. I need you to go to the wedding with me.

CAMIEL: So it's still on?

LEO: Yes, it's still on.

CAMIEL: They're definitely going through with it?

LEO: Uh-huh.

CAMIEL: Wow. We haven't been on a date in a long time. We used to go out all the time.

LEO: This is not a date. I'm a married man. And we never went out.

CAMIEL: How many dinners and fundraisers and events have you dragged me to over the years?

LEO: That was in your official capacity. And I didn't drag you. You wanted to go. As I recall, you always said "Maybe I'll meet someone."

CAMIEL: And maybe I did.

LEO: I just don't want to be there by myself, all right?

CAMIEL: All right. I mean, with Mike out of town, who else are you going to go with, right?

LEO: Right.

CAMIEL: Am I driving?

LEO: What difference does it make? It's not a date. I'm married.

CAMIEL: Yeah, you said that.


George wants to talk with the counselor.

KATELYN: Hi. George, right? Ashley's dad?

GEORGE: May I come in?


GEORGE: Ashley's with Malkovich. I just thought I'd stop by and see how you think she's doing.

KATELYN: Ashley is doing really well, I mean really well. Yeah. maybe too well.

GEORGE: I think she and her little study buddy are all hot for each other.

KATELYN: You know, Malkovich and I talked about getting her a girl study buddy, but we were all out of them.

GEORGE: Well, no, I think you did the right thing. I think Toby's a nice kid, and he makes her want to study.

KATELYN: Yeah, I just hope he doesn't make her want to do anything else. Yeah, I think I should get them involved in a group activity. Only...

GEORGE: Neither of them likes groups or activity. Do you like groups? Or would you rather, say, be with just one person? Are you married?

KATELYN: I have a boyfriend.

GEORGE: Serious boyfriend?

KATELYN: We've been together for years.

GEORGE: But you're not married. Engaged?


GEORGE: So been together for years but not married or even engaged. I'd say you could be bored. Want to go out to lunch and talk about it?

KATELYN: I don't think so. I appreciate your interest, but I don't like to mix my school work and social life.

GEORGE: Nice talking to you.

Ashley heard the conversation, Amy joins her.

AMY: Hey. What's going on?

ASHLEY: Uh, Dad just hit on...

AMY: He did not.

ASHLEY: He did. I think he's going through a very bad phase.

AMY: Oh, no. Really?

ASHLEY: Really. So are we going up to Mom's tomorrow or not?

AMY: I don't know, Ashley. I kind of want to stick around here this weekend. You know, maybe this would be a good weekend for you to take Toby up to Mom's. You could introduce them. And, you know, maybe you and Toby could offer to babysit and let Mom go out with Josh.

ASHLEY: Leaving Toby and me essentially alone. Yeah. I like that.

AMY: Uh...

Katelyn gets out her office, she meets Amy.


AMY: Uh, I'm sorry about my dad. I have no idea what you're talking about.

KATELYN: Isn't it great that your sister's doing so well with the home schooling? I...I'm just so happy that worked out for her. Oh, and did Ricky tell you about his college interview?

AMY: No.

Katelyn leaves, Madison and Lauren joins Amy.

MADISON: Good morning. Hey, how's it going?

AMY: It's going okay. How's it going with you guys?

LAUREN: Guess who called me.

AMY: Jesse.

LAUREN: How'd you know?

AMY: Just a guess. You seemed excited. Are you going out with him again?

LAUREN: No. And I'm not excited. You mistook my anger for excitement. He's going out with someone. He has a new girlfriend, and he just wanted to let me know.

MADISON: You're going out with someone.

LAUREN: And do I call Jesse and rub it in his face?

MADISON: You know what they say old boyfriends always come back. Sooner or later, they all circle back around. That's at least what I heard that old boyfriends come back around. So Jesse will be back around at some point.

AMY: Sometimes they don't come back around. Sometimes they get married.

MADISON: Right. Okay. Well, Ben will officially not be back around.

AMY: Yeah. I guess.

MADSON: But Jesse...Jesse might be back around.

LAUREN: He said he has a girlfriend. And why do you think he's coming back?

MADISON: Well, I think the question is do you want him back.

LAUREN: I think the question is if all old boyfriends come back, then why aren't you scared Jack is going to go back to Grace?

MADISON: Oh, Jack would never go back to Grace.

(Lauren leaves)

AMY: No. Never.

MADISON: I'm going to go find him. Have a nice day, though.

Madison joins Jack.

MADISON: Hey. Uh, when you said you wanted to talk to me after your dad leaves, what did you mean by that?

JACK: I meant that I can't have a private conversation while he's staying in the guest house. Good morning.

MADISON: Well, is it? I mean, what did you want to tell me?

JACK: I wanted to say that I... This isn't the right place.

MADISON: Tell me.

JACK: I've been an idiot. And I never realized how much I love you and how much I wanted to be with you.

MADISON: Uh, what made you realize that? Your dad?

JACK: Yeah.

MADISON: Well, I guess he likes me better than Grace.

JACK: So do I.

Ben and Adrian walk in the hallway.

BEN: How are you feeling?

ADRIAN: I'm getting really excited.

BEN: Yeah, me, too.

ADRIAN: I've been really calm.

BEN: Me, too.

ADRIAN: Are we definitely going to go through with this?

BEN: Are you kidding? Would I leave the girl I love waiting at the altar?

ADRIAN: I hope not.

BEN: Is that what you're thinking? Hey, I could never do that. I love you. However, the thought has crossed my mind that you might leave me at the altar.

ADRIAN: I could never do that. I love you, too, Benny.

Amy looks at them. Ricky joins her.

RICKY: Wishing it was you?

AMY: No. Wishing it was you?


AMY: No regrets?

RICKY: No regrets. You have any regrets?

AMY: Oh, kind of. I regret that you didn't tell me you got into a college.

RICKY: I didn't get in. I have an interview tomorrow, whenever I can get there after school. I'm going to ask Bunny if I can take off from work, and my mom's going to work my shift because Ben will be getting ready for the wedding.

AMY: What school?

(She reads the letter)

AMY: Ricky. This is such a good thing for you. I don't know what to say, other than it's a few hours from here, and you'd probably have to live there and not here.

RICKY: If I get in. We'll deal with it then, okay? I'm just going to look at it as a possibility and hope that there are other possibilities. What?

AMY: No. Nothing. Uh, it's just that...

RICKY: You had pictured the three of us living above the butcher shop while I worked and you went to school?

AMY: I can adjust that picture. I'm so happy for you. This is such a good thing. It's a very good thing. I'm so proud of you. I hope you get in. I do.

RICKY: I don't know, Amy. Making a relationship work when we're this age and have a son. It's really not easy. It's not going to get easier.

AMY: What are you saying? You changed your mind? You don't even want to try and make it work?

RICKY: I'm saying it would have a better chance if you and I were having s*x. I'm joking. I'm just joking. I don't even know if I want to go to college. But I do know I want to see you and John the second I want to get back from that interview Friday night.

KATELYN: Better. Much better.

RICKY: What... All right. I'm going to tell you something, and I don't want you to get upset.

AMY: You know, maybe you should tell me later because I'm kind of feeling a little upset.

RICKY: About what?

AMY: About I just have a bad feeling that you want out of this relationship.

RICKY: Adrian texted me last night. She said she was having some doubts and she needed to talk to me.

AMY: And?

RICKY: And I didn't text her back. I called my mom and invited her and her girlfriend over so I wouldn't be home alone if she dropped by because I don't want to hear it. I don't want to discuss her doubts with her because I don't think they should be getting married. I never did.

AMY: Yeah. I... I had an interesting conversation with Ben yesterday. He said that he didn't want to get married, and then he said it was just a moment of doubt.

RICKY: You and I could probably like them out of it. But hope you and I are not going to talk them out of it. I don't think that would be the right thing to do.

AMY: No. It wouldn't.

RICKY: Unless, of course, you still have some feelings for Ben.

AMY: Or unless you still had some feelings for Adrian.


Ben wears his suit.

BEN: Is this right? Everything in the right place?

LEO: You got it. You look good, son.

BEN: Thanks.

LEO: I brought you something. It's a handkerchief. It belonged to your mother. It's for the jacket.

BEN: I hope it doesn't make me cry or anything.

LEO: You can cry if you want.

BEN: I don't want.

LEO: I do, but I won't. So you okay?

BEN: Yeah. I'm okay, Dad.

LEO: All right. Well, if any time during the ceremony you decide you don't want to go through with it just pull out that handkerchief and wave it at me, and we'll run.

BEN: Go pick up Camiel. I'll see you over there. I'm glad she's coming with you. You're a wreck.

LEO: All right. Well, I guess this is it. Uh, where's the gift for Adrian? You have the gift for Adrian?

BEN: Yeah, I have it.

LEO: Don't lose it.

BEN: I won't, Dad.

LEO: I love you, son. You know that.

BEN: I know that. I love you, too, Dad.

LEO: The important thing is that you love Adrian.

BEN: I love Adrian.


Adrian prepares.


Grace and Grant plays echecs.


Henry and Alice made a gift for Ben and Adrian.


Anne and Josh go to a wedding ceremony, Ashley and Toby keep Robbie.


George looks at the window and sees Camiel in the Adrian's house.


Jack joins Madison.


All families of Adrian and Ben are together for the wedding.

JACK'S FATHER: We are gathered here together to join Ben and Adrian in holy matrimony.

(Ben and Adrian exchange their ring)


(Ben and Adrian kiss)


Amy sees Ben in the Adrian's house. They looks at each other for a while. Then, Ricky comes in with a bouquet. Amy and Ricky kiss.


Ben gives to Adrian his present. They kiss.

End of the episode.