03x26 - ...Or Not To Be

Previously on “The Secret life of the American Teenager”

ADRIAN: I'm getting more uncomfortable by the minute.

BEN: What do you think might help?

ADRIAN: Maybe when we go see Dr. Attavi today, he can suggest something.

KATELYN: Does it bother you that Ben and Adrian are now married?

AMY: Why should it?

LAUREN: Did you have s*x?


JACK: Maybe I'm not really in love with her.

RICKY: Don't ever ask to borrow the apartment again.

KATELYN: Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Ben Boykewich back to school.

ADRIAN: Thank you, everyone.

CAMIEL: I met George when we were leaving the wedding.

LEO: You can't go out with him.

AMY: You let Madison and Jack have s*x in your bed?

JOSH: If you're ready to take this relationship seriously, so am I.

GRACE: I don't want to be friends with my old boyfriend. You're not friends with your old girlfriend.

GRANT: I still hear from her once in a while.

GRACE: What?

GRANT: You should meet Angie.

JACK: I really love you, but s*x isn't right for the two of us right now.

GEORGE: When's your husband getting back in town?

KATHLEEN: He really loves it there in... in Zimbabwe.

RICKY: You think maybe the two of us can drive up the coast and have dinner somewhere on the beach? Maybe even spend the night at a decent hotel.

ADRIAN: Something just...just doesn't feel right.

BEN: You don't think that you're going into labor?

ADRIAN: I'm not sure.


Ashley picks up milk in the fridge. Amy comes in dancing.

ASHLEY: You look like an idiot. You know that, right?

AMY: Good morning!

(Ashley leaves, George comes in)

AMY: Good morning.

GEORGE: Someone's in a good mood.

AMY: Oh. You didn't forget, right? Going away with Ricky tonight.

GEORGE: No, I didn't forget.

AMY: I just thought that maybe--

GEORGE: I didn't forget. I'm just gonna accept that your relationship with Ricky is your relationship with Ricky and hope that everything I taught you up to today comes into play tonight when you decide not to have s*x.

AMY: Thanks, Dad.

GEORGE: When you decide not to have s*x.

AMY: Yeah.

GEORGE: Not to have s*x.

AMY: I love you so much for keeping John tonight. You know, it's so nice to be able to go away for a night and know that he's going to be cared for. He won't even miss me. He loves you.

GEORGE: Kathleen said that if I had any problems at all, she'd come over and help me out.

AMY: Kathleen is married.

GEORGE: She's an old friend.

AMY: She's an ex-wife.

GEORGE: Right.

AMY: Besides, you're not going to have any problems with John, I'm sure. Hey, what ever happened to Leo's assistant, Camiel?

GEORGE: I thought you didn't like me hanging out with her.

AMY: I don't. But the date didn't go so well?

GEORGE: She didn't show up. She called eventually to say she just couldn't get out of work. But, basically, I got stood up.

AMY: And then you ran into Kathleen.

GEORGE: As luck would have it. I know she's married. But she's been married three times, once widowed, and maybe we both got it right the first time.

AMY: Mmm.


Kathleen and Tom breakfast.

TOM: Why are you being so nice to me?

KATHLEEN: I'm always nice to you, Tom.

TOM: You don't always make me pancakes.

KATHLEEN: I just felt like making pancakes.

TOM: Why?

KATHLEEN: Because I felt like making pancakes for you.

TOM: Why? I don't know, Tom.

KATHLEEN: I guess I just woke up in a good mood.

TOM: Why? Let me answer that. George Juergens. He followed you home?

KATHLEEN: Yeah. I thought I saw you run up the driveway. Look, Tom, he did follow me home, but that's just because we ran into each other when I was out picking up food. And that is not why I'm in a good mood. There's no reason why I'm in a good mood. I'm just in a good mood.

TOM: Me, too.

KATHLEEN: Because of the pancakes?

TOM: Negative.

KATHLEEN: Because?

TOM: I finally met someone on the bus.

KATHLEEN: That's great.

(Jeff is back)

JEFF: Honey, I'm home.

KATHLEEN: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


KATHLEEN: Oh, it's so good to see you.

TOM: Is it?


Adrian makes her bag to go to hospital, Ben comes to her.

BEN: Did you hear back from the doctor? Jeez, where is this guy?

ADRIAN: Yeah, I heard back. Well, I heard back from Old Lady Attavi, as you call her.

BEN: So why are we just sitting here?

ADRIAN: I'm not just sitting here. I'm getting our things ready for the hospital.

BEN: The hospital? Not the doctor's office but the hospital?

ADRIAN: Yeah. She said to meet her at the hospital. And I just wanna make sure we have our list together so we have everything we need.

BEN: Did your water break? Are you in labor? Dear God, woman, why didn't you say something?

ADRIAN: Calm down! Nothing has happened like that. But, well, she did say to meet her at the hospital, so...

BEN: Are you okay?

ADRIAN: Yeah, I'm fine. I-- I feel strangely calm. So does she.

BEN: Do you think that this-- this could be it?

ADRIAN: Could be. I don't know. So let's just keep this between us until we do know.



Lauren visits Madison.

LAUREN: I think I'm in trouble.

MADISON: How? How did you get in trouble? When have you done anything to get into trouble? You can't be in trouble. I just came over to your side. Jack and I decided not to have s*x, and now you're pregnant?

LAUREN: Whoa. No. I'm not pregnant. I haven't had s*x. I just I have to break up with Frank. He's a nice guy. He's a great-looking guy. But so what? So was Jesse.

MADISON: I don't understand.

LAUREN: He wants me to spend tomorrow with him and his family at the tennis club. We're gonna play tennis and have lunch and then play some more tennis and then go over to his house and go swimming in their indoor pool and then have a cookout. And he wants my parents to the cookout. My parents.

MADISON: So, rather than have him and his family spend time with you and your family, you'd rather just break up with him?

LAUREN: I have to. I don't know how else to get out of it. And what's the point of putting myself through my parents meeting anyone's parents when I doubt this is the guy I'm gonna marry? It's bad enough I had to let Frank meet them. But I never let them talk. Not for more than two seconds.

MADISON: Your parents are okay. What's wrong with your parents?

LAUREN: They're in that honeymoon stage, only they're not on a honeymoon. They're not married, and I haven't told Frank. He thinks they're married, and his parents think they're married because I told them they're married. I told them they're remarried because they're sleeping together. Oh, jeez. Now I've put that in my head, and it's only 8:00 in the morning.

MADISON: Well, just tell Frank that they're not married and you don't want them to come over and meet his parents. You lied because you...you were just so embarrassed by them. That's really actually kind of funny.

LAUREN: No, it's not. And it's too late. His mother already called my mother.

MADISON: Oh. I'm sorry.

LAUREN: Wait. Wait. You and Jack? You and Jack...you two decided not to have s*x?

MADISON: Yeah. And I've never been happier.

(Madison's father heard the covnersation)

MADISON'S FATHER: Me neither. You and Jack decided not to have s*x?

MADISON: I wasn't gonna tell you.

MADISON'S FATHER: Lauren, you parked behind me again, and I have to go to work. And, of course, I approached slowly so as not to overhear anything, but the door was open, so I couldn't help but overhear it. This is great news.


MADISON'S FATHER: Here's 50 bucks.

MADISON: For what?

MADISON'S FATHER: For making your old man happy. Go out to dinner with Jack. But that's it. Just dinner.

MADISON: Okay. Uh, thanks.

MADISON'S FATHER: So it's really true?

MADISON: Yeah, it's really true.

LAUREN: Okay, I'm gonna go move my car. Bye. And congratulations.

(Lauren leaves)

MADISON: We both just decided that we'd be a lot happier if we quit doing everything for now.

MADISON'S FATHER: I know I'll be a lot happier.

MADISON: All right. Well, uh...

MADISON'S FATHER: It's not some kind of trick, is it?

MADISON: No. We both just feel it's the right decision.

MADISON'S FATHER: And what made you come to this decision?

MADISON: Well, we did it, and we didn't feel that good about it afterwards. It's just the wrong thing for us. And, um, just because we did it once doesn't mean we have to do it again.

MADISON'S FATHER: Are you okay, Madison?

MADISON: Yeah, I'm okay. I just don't want you to hate Jack.

MADISON'S FATHER: I always did, but now...now I think Jack and I have a shot at being friends, considering the new decision.

MADISON: Well, thanks, Dad.

MADISON'S FATHER: I love you, Madison.



MADISON: Thanks.

MADISON'S FATHER: And I'm, uh, gonna try to love Jack as well, which may be kind of impossible.

MADISON: Well, Jack is a very lovable guy. Even when we're not...Especially when we're not...

MADISON'S FATHER: I think doing the sort of stuff I know all I need to know. Maybe even more than I need to know.


Jack and Tom start to leave.

JACK: Tom, let's go. That's my hat.

TOM: Mind if I borrow it?

JACK: I guess not.

TOM: Rachel likes hats.

JACK: Oh, she does, does she?

TOM: Yeah.

JACK: All right. Well, I can't wait to meet her.

TOM: If you want, we could all go out together tonight.

JACK: Yeah, that'd be great. We'll all go out to dinner. Me and Madison and you and Rachel.

TOM: ...

JACK:Uh, say what?

TOM: I got myself a family.

JACK: Rachel has children?

TOM: Two. And I'm gonna be their daddy.

JACK: Did you tell your mom?

TOM: Not the right time.

JACK: When would be the right time?

TOM: Maybe after you move out and they move in.


Grace makes a suggestion to Grant.

GRANT: You wanna do what?

GRACE: I wanna meet Angie.

GRANT: I don't know, Grace. That doesn't sound like a good idea your meeting my old girlfriend.

GRACE: Why not? I mean, you two are just friends. And I used to be jealous of Madison until I got to know her, and now I like her. So I wanna meet Angie. And Jeff just got home, so I can only imagine him and my mom are gonna want the house to themselves tonight. I thought maybe we could swing by and pick her up. I thought we could all go to dinner at Jeff's. I have a coupon. They gave me and Amy a coupon when we threw the shower there. So even though I didn't pay for anything, I have one-third off a dinner. So she can eat for free. It wouldn't cost us a thing.

GRANT: Is it a buffet?

GRACE: No. You've been to Jeff's. Why would you ask that?

GRANT: No reason.

Jeff tells to Kathleen his trip to Zimbabwe.

JEFF: And then when the baby comes, the mother looks at her, or him, and gives it some wonderful name, like Beloved. I mean, it's this magical moment. I can't really describe it. The rest of us just hold our breath and wait to see what name the mother's inspired to choose.

KATHLEEN: And the political situation there?

JEFF: That's a little scary. But politics are politics, life is life. Despite the politics, life goes on. I mean, everything about Africa...it just...it makes me feel so alive. I mean, such extremes. It's... It's energizing and fascinating and new and ancient all at the same time. So?


JEFF: That's why I wanna go back, Kathleen. I mean, maybe not to Zimbabwe but to Africa. There's a few organizations that are pursuing me, so I've got a lot of choices now, a lot of opportunities. And, obviously, I want you to could with me. Kathleen?

KATHLEEN: What about Grace and Tom?

JEFF: Well, Grace only has a little more than a year left of school, and then she's off to college. And after you went upstairs, I was talking to Tom, and it seems like he's ready to be on his own.

KATHLEEN: No, Tom can't be totally on his own. I mean, he needs help with stuff. You know, finances and things like that. I... A lot of things. I help Tom with a lot of things.

JEFF: Well, I guess his wife would help with those things. Or, you know, unless she needs help herself. I know she has children, so I assumed she had some level of independence.

KATHLEEN: What? You're jet lagged. Tom did not mention his girlfriend having children.

JEFF: Well, maybe not to you, but--

KATHLEEN: I'm sorry. His wife? Jeff, he just met this girl.

JEFF: Well, you and I didn't know each other that long when we got married.

KATHLEEN: Yes, we did.

JEFF: Well, I think it's time for us to get to know each other even better. Come on. Let's just pick up and go. Just you and me. Or, if you want, Tom and Grace can come, too. That's an amazing opportunity for the two of them to see the world. You, too.

KATHLEEN: I've seen the world, and I'm not that impressed.


Ben and Adrian wait.

NURSE: Adrian, Dr. Attavi's ready for you. How are you? How are you feeling?

ADRIAN: I feel okay.

NURSE: Well, come on back, all right?

ADRIAN: All right. Let's go.

BEN: And we shouldn't call anyone now?

ADRIAN: Not yet. It's too soon. I don't want some mob down here from school while I'm giving birth.

NURSE: Why don't you give me the phone numbers for your parents just in case you're busy later, and you wanna get them down here?

ADRIAN: Okay. Uh, but my dad has a big trial going on, and I think my mom's doing some training today. She's a flight attendant. Security training. You know how it is.

NURSE: Mm-hmm. Yep, I know how it is. And, Ben, your dad's around?

BEN: Yeah. And I've got the list with us, too, of everyone to call.

NURSE: Great.

(Dr Attavi joins them)

DR ATTAVI: Hi, hon.


DR ATTAVI: Anything new happen in the past hour? Did you feel the baby move?

ADRIAN: No. But I'm thinking maybe she's just getting into position. You know, make her way out. That would be my guess.

DR ATTAVI: Maybe she is. Hello, Ben. How you doing this morning?

BEN: Yeah. I'm doing okay.

DR ATTAVI: Okay. Let's see what's going on.



Ricky joins Amy.

RICKY: Hey, gorgeous. Looking for someone?

AMY: Hi.


AMY: I couldn't sleep last night.

RICKY: Why not? I told you we don't have to do anything. We're just getting away. It'll be fun.

AMY: I know that. But I couldn't decide what to wear...what to take to sleep in. I don't have time to worry about all that.

RICKY: Well, you shouldn't worry about all that. I don't care what you wear or what you don't wear.

AMY: I like you a lot.

RICKY: I thought you loved me.

AMY: Well, we're at school. You know how you are with personal things at school.

RICKY: Yeah, well, we don't need everyone here knowing our business. They know too much about us anyway.

AMY: I know. I like it when we can be by ourselves. Away someplace where no one knows us. Like when we were in New York. I mean, outside my apartment building. No one knew us.

RICKY: Yeah. I like New York, and I wouldn't mind living in New York.

AMY: Mm-hmm. Except I like living so close to our families so they can help us with John, like tonight.

RICKY: Yeah, that's a definite bonus.

(They see Madison and Jack who kiss)

AMY: I thought they were breaking up.

RICKY: That doesn't look like breaking up. I'm glad they're not breaking up.

AMY: Why?

RICKY: I don't know. They're both kind of goofy. They seem like they belong together.

AMY: What about us? Do we seem like we belong together?

RICKY: Too personal for school.

AMY: Really?


Madison and Jack are together.

MADISON: Why do I always get that scary feeling in the pit of my stomach when we're making out, and I know that we're not gonna do anything more than make out? I don't know.

JACK: Are you scared we'll change our minds?

MADISON: Are you gonna change your mind?

JACK: No, I'm not. I love you.

MADISON: Oh, I forgot to tell you. My dad gave me 50 bucks and told us we should go out for dinner.

JACK: And he'll pay for it?

MADISON: Yeah. Because we're not having s*x again.

JACK: "Again"?

MADISON: Well, yeah. I told him we had s*x.

JACK: I'm surprised I didn't get a call.

MADISON: Oh, no. He's okay.

JACK: I find that a little difficult to believe.

MADISON: Well, he'd still love me even if we were having s*x. But the fact that we decided not to have s*x... Well, now he loves me and he thinks I'm smart, and that I make good decisions and all kinds of good stuff, and it just makes me feel good.

JACK: What does your dad think?

(They kiss)

Lauren and Frank see them.

FRANK: Disgusting. For two people not having s*x, they can't keep their hands off each other. It's school. This is not the place for that. I wish it was a place for that, 'cause I'd like to make out with you right now.

LAUREN: We have to break up.

FRANK: All right. If we have to break up, I guess we have to break up.

LAUREN: And you're just gonna let me go, just like that?

FRANK: Yeah, if that's what you want.

LAUREN: Well, that's what I want if that's what you want.

FRANK: Yeah. That's what I want.


Alice and Henry worries about Ben and Adrian.

ALICE: They're late again.

HENRY: Yeah. I think they're gonna be late the rest of the school year. They're allowed. They're having a baby.

ALICE: Call him.

HENRY: I'm not gonna call him. Just because you had some dream about broken glass doesn't mean that something is wrong.

ALICE: No, it could mean that all the pieces are coming together. It could be a good thing. Or it could mean that the whole thing is falling apart, which could be a bad thing.

HENRY: Or it could mean nothing.

ALICE: No, I think it means something. It wasn't just glass. It was mirrored glass.

HENRY: Oh, well, then that's completely different. Why didn't you say so?

ALICE: Fine. I'm calling him.

HENRY: What are you gonna say? That you had one of your crazy dreams, and you wanna make sure he's okay? Dreams are like movies. Sometimes they mean something, sometimes they don't.

ALICE: My dreams always mean something. I just don't know what.

HENRY: Call your grandmother. Or text her. Do not text Ben saying that you had a dream. He'll freak out.

ALICE: All right. You're probably right. We'll find out soon enough what it meant.

HENRY: Or not.

Grant and Grace kiss.

GRACE: Hey. Bye. I'll see you later. I'm really looking forward to dinner.

GRANT: I haven't even called her yet. I don't even know if she'll go. I mean, why would she wanna come to dinner with me and my new girlfriend? It's not like she has a new boyfriend to bring with her.

GRACE: Well, is there some reason you don't want us to be friends?


GRACE: Your friends with my ex-boyfriend.

GRANT: Yeah, I knew that was a mistake. I'll see you later.

GRACE: Call her.

GRANT: Okay, here's the thing. She has some eating issues, so...

GRACE: You told me she lost a bunch of weight when you guys broke up. What kind of eating issues are they? Is she anorexic or bulimic or something?

GRANT: No, nothing like that. She just watches what she eats very carefully. So a meal at a restaurant might be an issue. I don't know.

GRACE: I gotta go. But call her. Text her. We don't have to eat. We can do something else. Bye.

Katelyn has a conversation with a teacher.

KATELYN: Did you know anything about this?

TEACHER: I did not.

KATELYN: I wonder where they got a crazy idea like this.

TEACHER: Are you suggesting me?

KATELYN: No. No, I'm not suggesting or accusing. I just wonder.

TEACHER: Where they got a crazy idea like this, so you said. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing.

KATELYN: You don't?

TEACHER: They're both very smart.

KATELYN: And a little antisocial.

TEACHER: Yes, but so was I, and I graduated from Oxford.

KATELYN: Yeah, and now you're here.

TEACHER: That's because I followed the girl of my dreams back to California, and we both happen to be very happy now.

KATELYN: I see. And did you tell our two lovebirds this?

TEACHER: I...I might have. It was a cautionary tale.

KATELYN: What's cautionary about you following the girl of your dreams to California?

TEACHER: I'm stuck here now. We have children. The children have children. We can't get away. There's no place to hide and no place to go.

KATELYN: I can see where that might've led to this. I think I better give George Juergens a call.

TEACHER: And blame me for this?

KATELYN: Actually, I might, because I made a big mistake that I just found out about this morning, and I don't need another one. I didn't know that Adrian and Ricky applied to the same schools. I helped Ricky apply to some of the same schools without even thinking about checking to see if Adrian applied there, and...she got into the same school Ricky got into. You have no idea what I'm referring to, do you?

TEACHER: No, I have no idea to what you refer. I told you, I have a life.


George has a conversation with Ashley and Toby, phone rings.

ASHLEY: Want me to get that?

TOBY: Or I could get it. I'd be happy to get it, if you want.

GEORGE: I don't want anyone to get it. I don't care who it is. It couldn't be more interesting than this conversation. You tested out of high school?


TOBY: Yes, sir.

ASHLEY: Well, we just did it as an experiment, and then... Well, who knew we'd do so well?

TOBY: Certainly not me, sir.

GEORGE: This doesn't mean you're dropping out of school. You're not dropping out of school.

TOBY: Oh, no. No, not at all, sir. I hope we didn't give you that impression.

ASHLEY: But we are dropping out. Oh, and I want emancipation status.

GEORGE: What? No. No. You're not gonna get emancipated.

That's never gonna happen. Are you emancipated?

TOBY: No. But my parents said they do not object to no longer being legally responsible for me. They were kind of excited, actually.

ASHLEY: I mean, if I go, you can go, too.

GEORGE: Go where?

ASHLEY: Wherever you want.

GEORGE: I can't go wherever I want. Neither can you. Or you.

TOBY: It's just, we were thinking about driving across America.

GEORGE: She doesn't drive.

ASHLEY: I can learn.

TOBY: It would just be more interesting than, you know...

ASHLEY: Hanging around here watching you raise Amy and Amy raise John and Mom raise Robbie and you raise Robbie, and whatever other children you or she decide to have or include in your lives. Like that son of her boyfriend that Amy made out with at one time. Or, for example, in your case, Grace and Tom.

GEORGE: I had dinner with the woman.

ASHLEY: Yeah, the woman who you were once married to. Yeah, I know. Look, Dad, I'm almost grown up, and I have things that I wanna do and places I wanna go.

GEORGE: But you are not grown up. And neither are you. Does your mother know

anything about this?


A doctor thinks that Dr Attavi look for his.

DOCTOR: Hey, was Dr. Attavi looking for me? Allison Attavi?

NURSE: Yeah, she might need your help.

DOCTOR: With? What's the problem?

The doctor joins Ben in an hallway. Ben is crying.

BEN: So, I haven't seen you in a while.

DOCTOR: Yeah, it's been a while. How are you?

BEN: Not good. Not good at all.

DOCTOR: She's gonna be okay, Ben.

BEN: Yeah, she probably will, but I don't know about me. I don't know if I'm gonna be okay.

DOCTOR: You're gonna need your friends and family right now.

BEN: I don't understand how this could happen. We were with Dr. Attavi yesterday. Yesterday everything was fine. Everything was fine.


Amy enters in the shop.

COSTUMER: Thanks. Oh, is that your wife?

RICKY: I'm not married.

COSTUMER: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were the guy with the kid.

Must be the other guy.

RICKY: It's both of us. He got married, and I'll probably do the same at some point.

COSTUMER: All right.

Bunny comes in.

BUNNY: Good afternoon, Amy.

AMY: Hi, Bunny.

BUNNY: Someone looks happy.

AMY: I am. I am happy.

BUNNY: Actually, I was talking about your guy over there.

AMY: You think?

BUNNY: I think. I think that he's so happy that I don't think he can concentrate on his work.

AMY: Maybe I should go wait upstairs.

BUNNY: That's probably a good idea since there are so many sharp objects around the shop here.

RICKY: My mom's upstairs. Go on up if you want.

AMY: Bye.


(Amy upstairs)

BUNNY: I hope you know what you're doing.

RICKY: I don't know what I'm doing. I just know that I love that girl.

BUNNY: And she loves you. Go ahead. Take off. I got it.

RICKY: Did Ben ever call in?

BUNNY: Haven't heard a thing.

RICKY: I guess they'd let someone know if she's having the baby, right?

BUNNY: I guess they would. Yeah. I just can't be too upset with him 'cause I'm kind o. And I'm proud of you, too.


Amy enters in the apartment. Nora is here.

AMY: Nora?

NORA: Amy! Hey, how are you?

AMY: I'm good. I'm really good. How are you? Look at you. You look beautiful.

NORA: So do you. The two of us. We're beautiful girls. And you do look like me. Oh, jeez. To have 17 back again.

AMY: Oh. You're so funny. I miss seeing you.

NORA: Well, you know what? I will, uh, call Ollie, and I'll cancel our date, and then I'll just hang out with you and Ricky tonight. I'm kidding. I know you're off to your big sleepover.

AMY: Where are you and Ollie off to tonight? You know, I'd love to meet her sometime. Oh, I'd love for you to meet her. Oh, did Ricky tell you we're, um we're thinking of getting married?

AMY: Yes, he told me! He's really happy for you.

NORA: Yeah?

AMY: Yeah.

NORA: Well, I'm a little nervous. I mean, just thinking about spending the rest of my life with someone just seems like a long, long time.

AMY: Yeah. Well, I mean, I guess you just have to take it like you take every other challenge in your life one day at a time.

NORA: I'll be darned. You're a genius. That's why he loves you. I mean, you're beautiful, but you're a genius.

AMY: And I'm the mother of his son.

NORA: Oh, you know what? He'd love you whether or not John was ever part of the picture.

AMY: Yeah, well, that's one thing that I'll never know.

NORA: No, honey. You'll know. Yeah, when John's 18 and out of the house, and you and Ricky are planning another one of your romantic road trips, you'll know. I mean, you'll have to wait another, what, 17 years probably, but you'll know. Just be really careful driving, okay? I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to either one of you.

AMY: Nothing's gonna happen to either of us. I promise.

NORA: Oh, I hope not. I hope I, uh, I never have to see another...bad thing happen to my son for as long as I live. And you're a good thing, you know? Amy Juergens, you're the best thing... You're the best thing that ever happened to him.

AMY: Thank you.

NORA: I love you.

AMY: I love you, too.

NORA: Look, you know what? Do me a favor. When you guys get married, you call me Mom, and you call Margaret the Other Mom, okay?

(Margaret was behind the door)

MARGARET: I heard that.

NORA: Oh, I heard you at the top of the stairs.


AMY: Hi, Margaret.

NORA: Margaret and I are meeting Ollie. I invited Margaret to come along.

MARGARET: Because we're friends. You see, even after everything that's happened over the years, Ricky's mother and I are friends.

NORA: And Ricky's mother and me-- we're friends, too.

AMY: Oh. And I hope to be friends with both of you. I mean, you know, if things work out between Ricky and me in the future.

MARGARET: Well, we can all be friends no matter how things work out for you and Ricky in the future. I respect you, Amy, and you're the kind of young woman I would like to be friends with. So, friend Nora, let's get going. We don't want to be late. It's kind of hard to get into this restaurant.

NORA: Yeah. Okay. Bye. Um, have a really nice time, okay? And be careful.

MARGARET: Very careful. Oh, yeah. I know about the plans. I'm just saying. We'll see you soon.

AMY: Bye.


Ben gets out to his office. Camiel sees him.

LEO: That was Ben.

CAMIEL: Is everything okay?

LEO: No, everything's not okay. They've been at the hospital all day, and he's just now calling me.

CAMIEL: What happened?

LEO: I don't know. I don't know what happened. I have to get down there.

CAMIEL: Do you want me to go with you?

LEO: I didn't think you were even speaking to me.

CAMIEL: Just because you don't want me to go out with George Juergens? Come on, Leo. We've been friends half my life. I don't know what's going on, but whatever it is, I'm there for you.

LEO: No. Be here for me. Be here in case I need you to do something. Get a car out to the airport. Adrian's mom's out there taking some kind of a class. Ruben will know where she is. I'll call the airline. What airline does she even work for? I don't know how to get in touch with her.

CAMIEL: I know which airline, and I'll get in touch with her. What else can I do?

LEO: I don't know. I-I-I just don't know yet. Uh, call Betty. Tell Betty to call me. I don't want to have to track her down, all right? Tell her to wait by the phone. And I'll talk to you later, Camiel. I'll call you as soon as I know how serious this is, all right?

CAMIEL: You know, I'm sure everything will be fine. And if it's not, then you'll make it fine.

LEO: I really don't know if I can.

CAMIEL: I love you, Leo.


Adrian and Ben are together in her bed. Cellphone buzzs.

BEN: Adrian, let me take it for you.

ADRIAN(at phone): Hello? Hi, Tom. No, I-I can't talk right now. I'm in the hospital, Tom.

(She cries)

ADRIAN: Oh, God.


Tom is with her wife and her children.

TOM: See you, suckers.

BOY: See you, Tom.

GIRL: Or Dad. I mean, well, whatever you want us to call you.

DRIVER: Hey, Tom, are you getting off or not?

TOM: Just a second.

RACHEL: You better hurry, my love.

TOM: Sorry to get off before you.

RACHEL: That's okay. You go. We'll see you tomorrow.

(Tom leaves)

BOY: Is he really going to marry you?

RACHEL: I doubt it, but I'm gonna try and make it work. He's a nice guy. And your dad is not.


Grant and Grace wait Angie.

GRANT: And no one's heard from them all day?

GRACE: No. I called her, and I texted her, and I didn't get an answer.

GRANT: Maybe she's having the baby.

GRACE: If she was having the baby, I think we would know about it.

(Angie comes in)

ANGIE: Grant, is this your Grace?

GRANT: Hey, Angie. How are you?

ANGIE: I'm better now that I'm getting to meet the love of your life.

GRACE: Hi. It's so nice to meet you. I'm-- I'm Grace. And you must be fat.

GRANT: Grace!

ANGIE: I must be.

GRACE: Oh, dear God.

ANGIE: It's all right. I'm fat. I am fat, but I've lost a few pounds.

GRANT: Yeah, you have. You look great. Found the magic beans you were looking for?

ANGIE: No, I actually gave in to reality. You know, took my doctor's advice, started cutting down and exercising. All that boring stuff. Why don't you sit over there with Grace? And I'll sit over here.

GRACE: Angie, I don't even know why I would say something like that.

ANGIE: It's okay. He likes them fat, and he likes them small, and he likes them short, and he likes them tall. Grant's a ladies' man. He loves women. And I'm a woman, and he loved me, and I loved him. But, alas, it's over, and we've moved on. Well, at least he has, and I'm still trying.


Jack tells that he says to Kathleen about Tom.

KATHLEEN: And you didn't think you should come and tell me?

JACK: I'm here, and I just got home from practice. Practice ran late. And I figured Grace told you.

KATHLEEN: I don't think Grace knows.

JACK: I don't think we even know, do we?

KATHLEEN: Well, he told you. He told Jeff.

JACK: He told Jeff?

KATHLEEN: He's home. He wants to go back to Africa and drag us all with him, but he's home.

JACK: Cool.

KATHLEEN: Not cool. I don't want to go to Africa.

JACK: Yeah, but you don't really want to be married a fourth time, do you?

KATHLEEN: You know what? No, I don't. And I love Jeff. But Africa? And we're not talking about me. We're talking about Tom. Who is this woman with two children that wants to marry Tom? I mean, is she after his money or something?

JACK: Does he have money?

KATHLEEN: Yes, he has money. He has a lot of money.

JACK: I didn't know.


George talks with Anne and Ashley.

ANNE: I didn't say she could. I did not say that you could drop out of high school and drive across the country with your boyfriend.

ASHLEY: He's not my boyfriend, and I'm not dropping out. I finished. I'm a high school graduate. I passed the GED. I'm free. I'm just asking to make it official and emancipate m


ANNE: Let me speak to your father alone, please.

ASHLEY: Look, I don't want to be in a situation where I'm forced to run away from home. Just let me do what I want to do. I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm doing something that's educational and could profoundly impact my life in a good way. What am I supposed to do? Just stay here and wait

until I get pregnant, too?

(Ashley leaves)

ANNE: I did not know about this. I swear. She said that she was thinking about taking the GED. She asked about it, but I never thought that she would do it, and I certainly didn't think that she would pass.

GEORGE: She passed.

ANNE: Where's Amy? Shouldn't she be home by now? Did she know anything about this?

GEORGE: She's too busy not having s*x to pay attention to any of this. That's why I have John tonight. She drove up to some little town to spend the night with Ricky. But they're not gonna have s*x. It's just a little getaway for the two of them.

ANNE: They're not gonna have s*x?

GEORGE: That's what she said.

ANNE: And you believed her?

GEORGE: I believe that is the plan. I do not believe they're not gonna have s*x. If not tonight, then another night.

ANNE: What about you? Are you gonna have s*x with your ex?

GEORGE: Do you mean you or someone else?

ANNE: Someone else. Kathleen.

GEORGE: Honestly?

ANNE: Yeah.

GEORGE: If I ever get the chance.


Ricky and Amy kiss.

AMY: Well, the traffic should be cleared up by now. Maybe we should go.

RICKY: Are you sure?

AMY: Well, traffic might not be cleared up for hours. There's a wreck on the 405. A bad wreck. I have an idea.

RICKY: I think you had an idea when I came through the door. What's going on with you? You know, we don't have to go anywhere. If you don't even wanna spend the night with me, that's okay. I mean, you seem all right about making out here, but it doesn't seem as if you wanna leave here. Are you still nervous?

AMY: I don't know. I can't tell. I mean, I'm nervous, but I'm excited. It's just once we get in the car...

RICKY: Once we get in the car, we're just gonna drive somewhere and spend the night together and not do anything. Just like we planned. So there's no reason to be nervous. I'm a very safe driver.


Tom announces the new about Adrian to Kathleen and Jack.

TOM: Now is not the time to yell at me. Now is the time to go to the hospital.

KATHLEEN: Go to the hospital for what?

JACK: Who's in the hospital?

TOM: Who else? Adrian. Adrian's having a baby!


Jack announces the new to Grace.

GRACE: Adrian's having the baby.


Jack announces the new to Madison.

MADISON: Adrian's having the baby!


Madison announces the new to Alice.

ALICE: Adrian's having the baby.



Ashley announces the new to George and Anne.

ASHLEY: Just letting you know that Adrian's having a baby.


Ricky and Amy learn the new.

RICKY/AMY: Adrian's having the baby.


Leo tries to find that it's happened.

LEO: And they don't know what caused it?

BEN: No. They don't know. They said in about 30 percent of the cases they never know.

LEO: Did you see her?

BEN: Yeah, Dad. They let me see her. They let me hold her, and then they let Adrian hold her when she woke up.

LEO: Oh, Ben. Oh, Ben, I'm so sorry, son. I'm so sorry.

Cindy and Ruben are with Adrian. They tries to console her. Ruben gets out of the room.

LEO: It's my fault. I never should've let her do this. It's my fault.

BEN: No, it's not your fault. The doctors say it's not anybody's fault.

Cindy tries to talks with her daughter.

CINDY: What, honey? What can I get you? What can I do for you?

ADRIAN: I didn't do anything wrong, you know. I didn't do anything wrong. That's what they told me. The doctors said I didn't...I didn't do anything wrong.

CINDY: I know that. I know that, Adrian. I know that. Oh, of course you didn't do anything wrong. Oh, baby, I love you.

Henry and Alice arrive.


LEO: I got it. I got it.

ALICE: What's wrong, Mr. Boykewich? Is something wrong?

LEO: Yeah, Alice, Henry, unfortunately, something is wrong.

All the group arrive for the event.

GRACE: We would've been here sooner, but Grant spilled coffee all over himself.

MADISON: I can't wait.

LAUREN: This is so exciting.

JACK: Can you believe it?

GRACE: I knew she would come early. I knew it. What's going on?

LEO: I've got some bad news for all of you. Adrian's okay, but the baby...the baby passed away.

(All start to cry)

Amy and Ricky arrive.

AMY: Everyone's already here. I guess we were late to the party. Not that we needed to be here at all.

RICKY: Hey, don't get upset with me. They were here when John was born.

(They see that everyone leave)

AMY: What-- What? Mr. Boykewich, um... Everything's okay, right, with the baby?

RICKY: What's going on?

BEN: Hi.

RICKY: Ben...

BEN: Amy, Adrian's asking if she can please see you.

AMY: I...No, man, I can't. I...

BEN: Amy, you have to. Please. Adrian's asking. Please.

LEO: The baby was okay yesterday. She was okay, but today she's gone. And Ben and Adrian... Ben and Adrian are never gonna be the same.

Amy is with Adrian. She tries to console her.

AMY: I'm so sorry, Adrian. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Ricky tries to console Ben.


Amy is on the bed. Ricky joins her.

AMY: I want you.


AMY: Now and forever.

End of the episode.