03x20 - Moving In and Out

Previously on “The secret life of the American teenager”

RICKY: I'm not getting married while I'm in high school.

BEN: Admit it. You're one step away from being in the same boat I'm in.

GRANT: My mom's going out of town with my dad tonight. We have my house all to ourselves.

KATELYN: I just wanna make sure you get your college applications in.

RICKY: Amy wants to go to college. I'm gonna work.

GEORGE: This is Toby, your new study buddy. Toby, this is Ashley.

ADRIAN: If you want what I have, then do what I'm gonna tell you to do. Move in with Ricky.

GEORGE: Maybe instead of coffee, we could have dinner or something?

MADISON: Are you, like, actually turning me down for s*x?

JACK: If we do it, you're gonna want some kind of commitment.

AMY: Since you offered me your help and advice today, I'd like to return the favor.

OLLIE/NORA: I'd like you to meet my girlfriend.

LEO: This place is perfect for the two of you.

BEN: I don't think that this is the place.

AMY: I withdraw my proposal of marriage. But I'm still open to having s*x when the time is right.


GRACE: I liked it.

GRANT: I love you, Grace.

GRACE: I love you, too.

BOY: Sorry that took so long.

LAUREN: No problem.

RICKY: Now you don't wanna get married. You wanna live together.

AMY: I just wanna be with you. So you want me to move in here?


Ashley disagrees with her sister who live with Ricky. Amy arranges her staff in her bedroom.

ASHLEY: Together. We were gonna get through this divorce and Mom moving out together. Do you not know what "together" means?

AMY: Would you lower your voice? I just put John down.

ASHLEY: Why would you live with him? He's not gonna marry you.

AMY: Yeah, well, he's not gonna marry you either, so why do you care?

ASHLEY: Why do I care? Why do I care? Because you're leaving me here with Dad.

AMY: At one point, that was just what you wanted-- to live with Dad.

ASHLEY: Oh, so what? You know, at one time, you wanted to live with Ben. No, you wanted to marry Ben. You did marry Ben. I went with you to the wedding. I was a witness. I supported you.

AMY: Yes, you did, and now I'm hoping you'll support me in this-- in me moving in with Ricky.

ASHLEY: Well, I won't. Can't you just be an independent woman? Do you have to have a guy all the time? Can't you live without a guy?

AMY: Yes, I can live without a guy. But I don't want to. That's why I'm moving in with Ricky.


AMY: What do you mean, "no," Ashley? I want Ricky and John and me to try and be a family.

ASHLEY: You're a junior in high school, and... No, you can't do this!

AMY: You are not my mother. Stop yelling at me. You have friends! Where's your study buddy? Where's Toby? Call him. Or call Griffin. Spend some time with Griffin.

ASHLEY: They didn't make me a promise to get through this together.

AMY: We're through this!

Ashley leaves the room and George comes in.

AMY: I don't even know what "this" is. Everything's going fine if you ask me.

GEORGE: You going somewhere?

AMY: I'm not going anywhere tonight. I'm going tomorrow. I'm moving in with Ricky this weekend, but you know that.

GEORGE: What are you taking with you? What are you packing in the box?

AMY: Oh, it's mostly just John's stuff I'll be taking. I don't have to take everything at once. Just gonna take a few things. Just some clothes and, uh, maybe my pillow and my blanket.

GEORGE: Don't take any bed things.

AMY: Because?

GEORGE: Because I don't like that you're taking bed things for a bed, for a guy, a guy you're not married to. No bed things.

AMY: Dad...

GEORGE: Amy, you're my daughter. You're too young to be moving out of the house, and you're way, way too young to be moving in with a guy.

AMY: It's not just me moving in with a guy. It's my son John and me moving in with his father and my boyfriend. I love Ricky. I wanna be with him.

GEORGE: Love. You're too young to know what love is.

AMY: Maybe I am too young. I don't know. But my situation has made me older than my age, and I think I'm in love. I wanna do this, and I'm doing this. Mom said I could.

GEORGE: Yeah, well, your mom never should've said you could because it's not right. It's just not right, Amy. It's a bad, bad, bad idea. And I'll tell you something else...

AMY: Tell me anything you want, Dad, because I am listening to you, but you are not listening to me. What do you wanna tell me?

GEORGE: Ricky's only doing this because he doesn't wanna marry you, and he feels pressure to marry you because Ben is marrying Adrian.

AMY: Okay, one, I have feelings, that kind of hurts my feelings, Dad.

GEORGE: Yeah, well, sometimes the truth hurts, Amy.

AMY: And two, Ricky wants to do this. He said he wants to live with me.

GEORGE: He wants to live with you?

AMY: Yes. John and me.

GEORGE: Amy, this has no chance of working out. You're gonna move in and get all sexually involved with this guy, and then he's gonna cheat on you and break your heart, and you're gonna come crying back here. So just save yourself the trouble and don't move in and get sexually involved with him. Don't do it.

AMY: Call me crazy, Dad, but I don't think Ricky's gonna cheat on me. I think he's always wanted somebody to love him, and I love him and so does John. I think he's finally found what he's always been looking for. And I'm happy. I'm really happy. Please, just let me be happy, okay?

GEORGE: You're not gonna be happy for long. You're gonna get hurt. I just don't want you to get hurt.

AMY: I got hurt, and I'm over it. I'm even grateful for it. Please, Dad. Please just say it's okay. Please say you understand why I'm doing this. Please say you hope it works out. Say something hopeful and encouraging, please.

GEORGE: I can't. I can't say something I don't mean. It's not okay, Amy. It's just not okay. Not with me anyway.



Ricky has an conversation with Leo.

LEO: Like I told you before, it's no problem. It's fine with me if Amy moves in here.

RICKY: I thought maybe you'd change your mind.

LEO: No.

RICKY: Okay. Well, good to know, 'cause she is moving in here.

LEO: Maybe it'll give you and Amy time to figure out if you really wanna be together for the rest of your lives.

RICKY: Maybe. Maybe we do, and maybe we don't.

LEO: And if you don't, if it doesn't work out with her living here, then keep in mind if you part ways, then part friends, because you're parents.

RICKY: That doesn't sound exactly encouraging. Maybe I better think about this a while longer.

LEO: I'm not encouraging. I'm not discouraging. It's your decision yours and Amy's. I got nothing to do with this really.

RICKY: Maybe you should. This is your family's apartment, so if you don't want us living up here, it makes you uncomfortable in any way, just say so, and I'll just tell Amy no.

LEO: Why would I be uncomfortable?

RICKY: This is where your grandparents lived. I mean, what would your grandparents think if they were alive and they knew that Amy and I are living together here and not married?

LEO: They were very tolerant-- my grandparents. My parents, too, for that matter. They didn't really judge other people.


LEO: What do your parents think?

RICKY: They're okay with it. And my mom, Nora, loves the idea. She loves Amy and John.

LEO: And do you love Amy?

RICKY: I...Yeah. I guess I kind of love Amy.

LEO: You guess.

RICKY: I've never said that to her. I don't wanna say that to her. I don't think I'm ready to say that to her.

LEO: But you're ready for her to move in here? Are you just doing this because you don't wanna get married to her?


LEO: Oh, boy.

RICKY: No. I mean, I don't not want to marry her. If I had to get married to someone right now, today, it would definitely be Amy. But I don't feel I have to get married to Amy right now. And I can't. I just can't.

LEO: You don't have to live with her either unless you want to.

RICKY: Yeah, I do. Unless you say no, I really don't have any reason that she can't live here.

LEO: Well, you don't need me to give you a reason. It's reason enough if you're just not ready to take that step moving in together.

RICKY: That's not a reason.

LEO: Yeah, it is. Maybe you're not ready because, uh, there's some other things you wanna do before you make a commitment like this.

RICKY: Like?

LEO: Maybe... Maybe you wanna go to college.

RICKY: I'm not going to college. I told the counselor I'm not going to college.

LEO: Oh.

RICKY: Wait. Did she call you or something? Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?

LEO: Uh, she thought maybe I could talk to you. As your boss. You know, as a businessman.

RICKY: But you didn't go to college.

LEO: That's why I was hesitant to even bring it up. I didn't go to college, but I've surrounded myself with people who went to college. Bunny went to college. She has a business degree, and it's helped her a lot with managing the butcher shop.

RICKY: And if I'm not ready to move in with Amy, college would be a good excuse.

LEO: No. Not necessarily. But if you wanna go to college, if you wanna think about it, whether Amy's living here or not, then now is the time to do something about it. The company gives away scholarship money every year, and I'd love to see some of that come to you.

RICKY: All right. I'll think about it. Right now, I'm thinking it's too late.

LEO: It's not too late to get in. You've still got time.

RICKY: No. I mean, it's too late to use college as an excuse to say no to Amy. I really wish you talked to me about this sooner.

LEO: Well, you're not really going into this move with the best attitude. But I wish you luck. I hope it works out.

RICKY: Yeah. Thanks, Mr. Boykewich.

LEO: You know, I think it's about time you started calling me Leo, huh? I feel like I've got two sons sometimes, you and both o are in over your head.

RICKY: You can say that again.


Henry and Alice talks with Ben in his bedroom.

BEN: We're not moving in until after the wedding, but we wanna have everything set up. You know, the baby could come early. Lots of first babies come early. Or-- Or late. Uh, so if we had to do that. You know, if the baby does come early, like before the wedding, we wanna have everything ready for her.

HENRY: Interesting.

BEN: Yeah, so we thought that maybe you two could come with us tonight and help us pick out baby furniture, and then maybe we'll all go grab a pizza or something.

ALICE: Why don't we meet you after you pick out the nursery stuff?

HENRY: Yeah, we don't know anything about nursery stuff.

ALICE: And we don't really want to.

HENRY: No, we don't really want to.

BEN: Look, someday you'll be getting married, and you'll be buying stuff for your baby, and it'll be a learning experience for you both. I mean, it's even gonna be a learning experience for Adrian and me. We'd love to have your help. It'll be fun.

HENRY: How can we help you if we don't know anything about it?

ALICE: Yeah, and how can it be fun? I mean, for us. It might be fun for you and Adrian, but it would not be fun for us. We'll meet you afterward.

BEN: Come on. You guys are my best friends.

ALICE: It's really so sweet of you to feel that way, Ben.

HENRY: But you have a new best friend.

ALICE: Adrian.

BEN: Come on. You two will always be my best friends. Adrian is just...

HENRY: The mother of your baby and your soon-to-be wife?

BEN: Yeah. But, guys, that's not gonna change anything between the three of us.

HENRY: Yeah, it probably will.

ALICE: It already has. That's the way life is. Things change. Things are changing, fast. We can't be a part of everything in your life anymore, Ben.

BEN: But you can be a part of this. Do you have something better to do tonight?

HENRY: Actually, yes, we do.

BEN: What?

ALICE: You know what.

BEN: Okay, I know what, but you guys can do that whenever you want.

HENRY: No, we can't. Alice's parents are going out to dinner. When they get home from dinner, we'll meet you for pizza.

BEN: Come on. This is gonna be one of those things that we tell our daughter about when she's older, you know? "You see that crib? Henry and Alice helped us pick that out for you."

HENRY: Look, we feel badly that you're getting married and you're having a baby and you're moving into a condo and you're buying baby furniture and you're not having s*x. But we are.

BEN: I don't mind not having s*x. Adrian and I have our entire lifetimes to have s*x, okay? And you do, too. I'm happy not having s*x with my soon-to-be wife who's having our baby. I mean, it's all good the move, the wedding, the baby. Even the picking out of the baby furniture. I'm ready for it all. Bring it on.


BEN: Yeah. Absolutely. Come on. You know, we'll go to the baby furniture store. We'll grab a pizza, and then I'll drop Adrian off, and we'll all come over here, and you guys can spend the night, and it'll be like nothing every happened. For the next four weeks, it'll be like nothing ever happened.

ALICE: Are you sure you're going to go through with all of this?

BEN: Pretty sure.


Cindy is ready to go at work, She sees Adrian in the kitchen.

ADRIAN: Morning.

CINDY: Morning, Adrian. I'm happy you're still here. I wanted to say good-bye, but your dad and I stayed up talking, and I got to sleep late and then I got up late. I'm gonna be away for most of the next four weeks, you know.

ADRIAN: Yeah, I know.
CINDY: But then I'll be off for almost four weeks. So I can help with the move and the wedding and when the baby comes.

ADRIAN: Aw, thanks, Mom. I really appreciate that, but I think everything's under control.

CINDY: Oh. All right. Well, if you say so. Sounds like a lot of life-changing events to me, but if you have everything under control... What are you gonna be getting married in? What are you gonna be wearing? I don't want you to end up like I did.

ADRIAN: Uh, I don't know. I was just gonna look for something bridal.

CINDY: In a maternity store?

ADRIAN: Well, I can't be the first girl who ever got married pregnant. I'm sure there's something out there for me. Don't worry.

CINDY: Hmm. Photographer? Are you gonna have a photographer at the wedding?

ADRIAN: Oh, I should get a photographer.

CINDY: Yeah. Yeah, I think you should. Did you order the flowers?

ADRIAN: Uh... Look, I've got four weeks, and you're making this awfully complicated. It's just a tiny little wedding.

CINDY: It's your wedding, and you're gonna want a wedding dress and a wedding cake and a wedding photographer, I'm pretty sure. Have you and Ben talked seriously about finances? Have you talked about how you're gonna deal with financial matters? Are you two going to open up a joint checking account, or are you gonna keep your money separately? Is there a prenup?

ADRIAN: You think he wants a prenup?

CINDY: I would think he does.

ADRIAN: Yeah. Uh, okay, look. You just go on off to work. You're starting to stress me out.

CINDY: Okay. I don't wanna stress you out, but... Are you sure you don't wanna change your mind? It's not too late, you know. You can even wait until the baby is older. ADRIAN: Like when the baby is 16? Look, I haven't changed my mind, and I'm not going to change my mind.

CINDY: Okay. But if you do...

ADRIAN: I won't.

CINDY: You know where to reach me. Call me if you need me.


CINDY: I love you.

ADRIAN: I love you, too.

(Cindy leaves)

ADRIAN: I hope we know what we're doing.


Amy enters in the kitchen with some staff. George is here.

AMY: Don't help me or anything.

GEORGE: I'll help you. I'll give you some advice. Don't move into Ricky's apartment. It's too soon, and you're not ready.

AMY: No, you're not ready. But you'll never be ready, so just try not to hate me for moving.

GEORGE: Fine. Don't listen to me. But you're gonna be sorry.

AMY: No, I'm not gonna be sorry.

GEORGE: Fine. Then just move out.

AMY: I am. Tonight.

Amy leaves and Ashley enters in the kitchen.

GEORGE: There must be some way to stop her from doing this.

ASHLEY: Yeah. I've been thinking about that. Maybe ere is. Well, like you always say, the world is divided into things that you can do something about and things you can't do anything about.

GEORGE: Well, if this is something I can do something about, then I'll do it. But I don't know what that is. Is there something you can do about it?

ASHLEY: Maybe. I'll have to think about it some more.


Amy puts John on the car. Adrian enters in her car. She joins Amy.


AMY: Hi, Adrian.

ADRIAN: So I guess you heard Ben and I got a condo.

AMY: Yeah, I heard. I'm really happy that worked out.

ADRIAN: Yeah. So we're just gonna have a small wedding. A nice small wedding. It's much nicer than having people there who aren't really happy we're getting married.

AMY: Hey, if you're talking about me, I'm happy you're getting married. I'm really happy you're getting married. If you weren't getting married, I probably wouldn't be moving in with Ricky. That was some good advice you gave me. Thanks. I gave you some pretty good advice, too.

ADRIAN: Yeah. Thanks. So it's-- it's definite. You're moving in with Ricky.

AMY: Yeah, it's definite. I'm moving in tonight. When are you and Ben moving into the condo?

ADRIAN: After the wedding. Our parents really want us to be married first, so...

AMY: So...

ADRIAN: And how's Ricky doing?

AMY: Oh, he's fine. He seems kind of, uh, excited.

ADRIAN: Oh, yeah, I bet he is excited. I mean, if you two live together, I assume he'll cave on the issue of s*x. I mean, he'll have to have s*x with you.

AMY: I thought you knew about that. Yeah, I think that's safe to assume that he'll wanna have s*x with me.

ADRIAN: Mmm. It's scary, huh?

AMY: Scary?

ADRIAN: Well, I mean, after waiting all this time the expectations must really be building for you and for him.

AMY: As they are for you and Ben.

ADRIAN: Well, yeah. But, of course, I've had s*x more than once, and I really like s*x, and I'm very comfortable being in a sexual relationship.

AMY: So is Ricky, I imagine.

ADRIAN: Oh, yeah. Take it from me. He is. But, I mean, I'm sure once you two spend a few months or even a year or two together like we did, things will be great between you two, sexually.

AMY: Mmm. I'm sure. I'm sure the same is true for you and Ben.

ADRIAN: Oh, of course. I mean, I can tell just from that one time.

AMY:Yeah, but at least Ricky and I won't be dealing with a newborn. They're a lot of work. A lot of work. You're gonna be really tired for a long, long time. And with everything you have going on the wedding, the moving in, having a baby, trying to get used to Ben sexually... I don't know how you're gonna do it.

ADRIAN: I'll do it.

AMY: You'll have to. You'll be a wife and a mother. I wonder if s*x will change for you after you have the baby. I mean, your hormones just go crazy. Oh, and then there's breastfeeding. You are gonna breastfeed, right?

ADRIAN: Yeah. Think so.

AMY: Mmm. It's just so wonderful and weird all at the same time. And just a little painful starting out, as I remember. Of course, not as painful as childbirth, but it doesn't take long to forget that. Of course, I wasn't trying to have s*x with a new husband while I was trying to forget.

ADRIAN: Okay. Okay. You know more about all the babies. But I know way more about s*x.

AMY: Why is it that no matter what steps we take to try and be friends, we always end up in some stupid competition?

ADRIAN: I don't know. Maybe because it is a competition. But, hey, you know, we're both winners here. You're moving in with Ricky over the butcher shop, and I'm getting married to Ben, whose family owns the butcher shop.

AMY: So what you're saying is you win. We'll just have to see, won't we?

ADRIAN: What do you mean by that?

AMY: I mean, that either one of them can still back out. Ben or Ricky. And not getting married is bigger and much worse than not moving in. So you can still lose. ADRIAN: Ben would never back out. Now, Ricky might back out, but not Ben.

AMY: You never know.

ADRIAN: No. You never know.

AMY: Do you? Do you ever think about backing out?

ADRIAN: Do you? I have no reason to back out.

AMY: Neither do I.


Grace talks with her brother.

GRACE: I'm not telling you anything. Because one, it's my personal business and not something I wanna discuss with anyone, not even my own brother. And two, you need to get back out there and get a girlfriend, because you should be more interested in your love life than my love life.

TOM: Good advice. Now, tell me where I can go and get a girlfriend. I can't date the women I work with.

GRACE: Well, maybe instead of always asking me and Jack to drop you off at work, maybe you can take the bus. Maybe you would meet somebody on the bus.

TOM: I want someone who has a car. I want someone who can drive me around.

GRACE: Well, you can keep dreaming about finding a girl who's gonna drive you around, or you can take the bus and meet the girl of your dreams.

TOM: All right. I'm desperate. I try it just for a week or two. And you and Jack are not off the hook.

GRACE: Well, good. That's good. Good for you for trying.

TOM: Yeah, yeah.

(Tom leaves, Kathleen comes in)

KATHLEEN: Good morning, honey. Morning.

GRACE: How are you?

KATHLEEN: I'm not good.

GRACE: Mom, it's gonna be fine. There's no way the same thing's gonna happen to Jeff that happened to his brother and your husband and my dad. There's no way. He'll be fine. And he's flying commercial. He's not flying his own plane. And God just wouldn't do that a second time.

KATHLEEN: Yeah, well, it's not God flying the commercial plane, honey. It's a human being, and human beings make mistakes. I just can't help but worry about him. I mean, even if the plane doesn't crash, he's still got four weeks in a remote village in Africa. Something could happen to him.

GRACE: But he's a doctor, and he's the type of doctor who likes to help people. You knew that when you married him.

KATHLEEN: Yeah, I did.

GRACE: Well, maybe this is a good opportunity for you to get back out there.

KATHLEEN: Yeah, maybe. But then I'd be out of the house a lot when Grant's here, and I hate the idea of the two of you having s*x in your room.

GRACE: That's what's keeping you from having a life?

KATHLEEN: Just so you know, Grace, the first time may be fun, but the second time may be no fun at all. Whatever. All I'm saying is that it's not s*x that'll keep a guy around. It's a commitment and a desire to be with each other and have a life together.

GRACE: I know. You told me before. Anyway, my second time was definitely as good as my first time. Maybe even better.

KATHLEEN: Well, then, the third time may not be as fun. Go to school.

GRACE: Mom, he'll be fine. Can Grant sleep over?

KATHLEEN: Grace, tonight?

GRACE: Well, it's just we spent last weekend at his house, so...

KATHLEEN: Yeah. Yeah, I guess. It's fine.

GRACE: Thank you. Thank you. And I'll let you know about the third time and the fourth time and the fifth time and the thousandth time.


Amy talks with her friends in the hall.

AMY: I just-- I don't know if Ricky is really happy about this. I mean, he's letting me move in, but is that what he really wants?

MADISON: Who cares? Is this what you really want?

LAUREN: This is what you really wanted. When did you change your mind?

MADISON: Yeah, when did you change your mind?

AMY: I didn't. I'm just saying maybe I should.

MADISON: Okay, what's going on with you?

AMY: I lost my confidence, that's all.

MADISON: How'd you do that?

AMY: I don't know.

Maybe I'm over-thinking things, but what if we're not sexually compatible? What if I move in, and we don't click?

LAUREN: You'll click.

MADISON: Yeah, I'm sure you'll click.

AMY: You never know. What if I'm not as good as Adrian was?

MADISON: That's ridiculous?

AMY: Is it?

MADISON: Uh, yeah. I mean,who can compete with Adrian sexually? Don't even try. Just be comfortable with who you are and what you have to offer.

AMY: Yeah, well, Madison, aren't you just a little worried that you won't live up to Jack's expectations?

MADISON: Uh, come on. No.

AMY: The whole school knows that Grace thought it was the greatest sexual encounter ever.

MADISON: Well, no, it wasn't. Not for Jack. And, you know, Grace couldn't have been nearly as comfortable with Jack then as I am now.

LAUREN: Yeah, well, they're both religious. And I heard that religious people get all filled with the Spirit and have crazy s*x.

MADISON: Well, then, I'll convert. And don't forget, your new friend Frank has quite the reputation, too.

LAUREN: Doesn't matter to me. I have no intentions of doing anything with him or any other guy in high school. I don't wanna get involved with any competitions regarding s*x. I don't care what everyone else does.

MADISON: Yeah, well, you've been dating him for about a week. Amy, you cannot let your insecurities about s*x get the best of you. You know, there's no such thing as being good in bed or bad in bed. If two people really love each other, and it's the right time, then it's the right time.

LAUREN: Oh, jeez. Is that what Jack told you? I think you should wait.

MADISON: You wait.

LAUREN: I'm going to. The more I hear, the longer I'm waiting.

(Ashley passes on the hall)

AMY: My sister really doesn't want me to move in with him. She says I promised her I'd get her through Mom and Dad splitting up, that we'd get each other through.

LAUREN: Yeah, well, of course Ashley doesn't want you to move in with Ricky, and it has nothing to do with your mom and dad splitting up.

MADISON: Yeah, and after what she did with Ricky, or what she tried to do, her opinion doesn't count.

AMY: I don't know. She's still my sister.

LAUREN: Are you trying to think of an excuse to get out of moving in with Ricky?

MADISON: Oh, scoot. I have to talk to Jack.

Amy and Lauren leaves and Jack joins Madison.

JACK: Your friends don't like me?

MADISON: Oh, no. They like you. I just have to talk to you.

JACK: Oh, not today. Why do you always wait till game day to talk to me?

MADISON: I wanna go to church.

JACK: Oh, okay. I'll take you to church.

MADISON: I wanna go before we do anything more than what we were doing.

JACK: All right.

MADISON: All right?

JACK: Yeah. Is there some reason why or...

MADISON: I just heard that people who are filled with the Holy Spirit have better s*x.

JACK: Keep in mind that's probably coming from the same people that say you should wait to have s*x until you're married.

MADISON: Okay, well, then, I guess that won't work.

JACK: Never mind. Well, why won't it work?

MADISON: I don't want the s*x that you had with Grace to be better than the s*x you have with me.

JACK: Who cares about that?

MADISON: So you're saying you don't think it'd be as good.

JACK: No. Madison, I've forgotten all about that.

MADISON: Oh, I doubt it!

JACK: I think all consensual s*x is good between two people that are old enough to make that decision. Although, some s*x is better than other s*x. And what makes it better is how they feel about each other. How you feel about me and how I feel about you. And I think you're gonna feel better about me if I stop putting the pressure on you.

MADISON: Oh, my God, my dad got to you.

JACK: Actually, it was Emily, your step mom.

MADISON: Really?

JACK: Yeah.

MADISON: Well, I'm sure my dad put her up to it. And you're not pressuring me into anything.

JACK: Just the same, I said we'd take our time.

MADISON: Well, it's not just your decision.

JACK: I know that.

MADISON: I wanna do it.

JACK: When I'm ready.

Griffin meets Ashley in the hall.

GRIFFIN: Hey, look who's here.

ASHLEY: Yeah. And I'll be back next week and the next and the next. How are you? I've missed you.

GRIFIN: Have you?

ASHLEY: Yes, I have. How's Peter?

GRIFFIN: He's great.

ASHLEY: And, uh, how's his friend... Uh, what's her name?

GRIFFIN: You mean Hayley?


GRIFFIN: Why do you ask?

ASHLEY: I don't know. At one time, you and Peter thought it would be fun if the four of us hung out.

GRIFFIN: Yeah, at one time.

ASHLEY: Maybe we should hang out tonight. Maybe you and Peter and Hayley could come over, and we could all do something together.


ASHLEY: But if you and Peter don't want us hanging around with you, I completely understand.

GRIFFIN: Oh, no, no. It-- It's just I don't think it's a great idea to bring Hayley around knowing what we know about her and Ricky.

ASHLEY: Well, Amy's moving in with Ricky, so she's probably not even gonna be there. And even if she is, who's gonna say anything?

GRIFFIN: Uh, you? I didn't know Amy and Ricky were moving in together.


GRIFFIN: Is this some sort of plan to sabotage Amy moving in with Ricky?

ASHLEY: Oh, no. I'm not interested in Ricky, so why would I care if Amy moves in with Ricky?

GRIFFIN: Because she won and you lost.

ASHLEY: Well, it's not a competition.

GRIFFIN: It was.

ASHLEY: Well, it's not anymore. I admit, I don't want her to leave because she promised me we'd get through Mom and Dad splitting up together. But she wants to leave, so she's leaving. So you and Peter and Hayley are free to come over. I would love for you to come over. See you.

Ricky joins Amy in the hall.

AMY: Hi.


AMY: Did Leo come by?

RICKY: Yeah.

AMY: Oh. I thout maybe you'd call. You don't have bad news, do you? I can't imagine that he'd change his mind. Did he change his mind?

RICKY: No, he didn't.

AMY: Did you change your mind?

RICKY: No. Did you change your mind?

AMY: No. Great. Well, uh, then, when John and I leave the nursery, we will swing by the house and pick up our things and come on over. What?

RICKY: Nothing. I just hope this all works out, Amy.

AMY: It'll all work out.

RICKY: I hope so.

AMY: Yeah. Me, too. I might have changed my mind about having s*x right away. We don't have to have s*x right away, unless you want.

RICKY: I might want, yeah. And I thought that's what you wanted. What's going on?

AMY: Nothing. That's fine.

RICKY: It's fine, what?

AMY: Yeah, that's fine.

RICKY: You don't have to do anything you don't wanna do, Amy.

AMY: Neither do you.

RICKY: What does that mean?

AMY: That you don't have to let me move in if you don't want to.

RICKY: No. I want you to move in. Don't you wanna move in?

AMY: Yeah, of course.

RICKY: All right. Well, I'll see you later.

Grant and Grace talks together.

GRANT: ...her's just trying. to discourage us from doing it again. It's not gonna get worse. And it wouldn't be the second time. It'd be the fourth.

GRACE: Oh, yeah. I forgot.

GRANT: I didn't.

GRACE: So what do you wanna do first?

GRANT: Well, I think we should start by making out. Oh, you mean before I come back to your house and have s*x with you in the room next to where your mom is sleeping.

GRACE: I wish we had our own place like Adrian and Ben.

GRANT: I don't wanna be Adrian and Ben or Amy and Ricky. I wanna be the opposite of Adrian and Ben and Amy and Ricky. I think we've got about nine years of college before we'll have our own place. GRACE: You think we're still gonna want our own place after nine years of college? After nine years of having s*x?

GRANT: Oh, yeah. I think so.

GRACE: Do you think so?

GRANT:Yeah. As long as we don't make the whole relationship about s*x and have interests together outside of s*x. That's what my mother said.

GRACE: We do. We have-- We have interests in common outside of s*x.

GRANT: I don't think we have to worry about it even if we don't.

GRACE: But we do.

GRANT: Doesn't matter. Not to me anyway.

(Adrian joins the couple)

ADRIAN: Hi, guys.

GRANT: Hi, Adrian.


GRANT: I'll pick you up at 7:00. We'll find a common interest.

(He leaves)

ADRIAN: Common interest?

GRACE: His mom said our relationship will last as long as we have interests outside of s*x.

ADRIAN: You just started having s*x. Are you already worried about the relationship not lasting?

GRACE: I didn't say we had s*x.

ADRIAN: It's me. I can tell you had s*x. What, is that why you're worried the relationship won't last? Because you gave him what he wanted?

GRACE: It's not just what he wanted. I also wanted.And I'm not worried. Or I wasn't, anyway. I don't know. Don't you worry about the relationship not lasting with Ben?

ADRIAN: Why, 'cause Ben and I are getting married, 'cause we're having a baby?

GRACE: Well, yeah, and...

ADRIAN: And because we're not having s*x? We're going to have s*x.

GRACE: Of course.


GRACE: Since you brought it up, what if things aren't that great between you two? I mean, you only had s*x that one time.

ADRIAN: Well, so what? Ricky and Amy only had s*x that one time, and they're moving in together. Look, Ben and I are great. Okay? We're great together. We make a really good team. And so what if he's only marrying me because I'm having his baby? That doesn't mean we won't have great s*x together.

GRACE: Okay. What's going on with you?

ADRIAN: You know what? I'll tell you what's going on with me. I used to be the sexiest girl in this high school, and now I don't know if I am anymore. I mean-- I mean, I probably am. You know, but... Well, am I?

GRACE: Of course.

ADRIAN: I'm still sexy.

GRACE: Yeah.

ADRIAN: But I can't...I can't move into a condo and get married and have a baby with Ben Boykewich when I'm feeling this insecure. I've never felt this insecure. You know who made me feel this insecure? Amy. You wanna know why? Because she has turned this whole thing into some sort of competition between the four of us.

GRACE: Amy did that? Don't you think maybe you did that? I mean, didn't you sort of start the whole competition when you had s*x with Ben that first time?

ADRIAN: Maybe I did. You know what? I'm gonna get my game on, and I'm gonna finish it.


Ben is going to speaks with Ricky.

BEN: So you're going through with it? You're gonna let Amy move in with you?

RICKY: Yeah, I am. I want Adrian to move in with me. What? I do. I don't wanna get married, but I'm okay with living together.

BEN: You just said Adrian.

RICKY: No, I didn't.

BEN: Yeah, you did. You said, "I want Adrian to move in with me."

RICKY: Why would I say that?

BEN: Because you're thinking that. You're thinking you'd like Adrian to move in with you. Not Amy, Adrian.

RICKY: Don't be ridiculous.

BEN: You said it. It might've been a Freudian slip, but you said it.

RICKY: I know what a Freudian slip is. It wasn't a Freudian slip. I didn't say it. I don't wanna live with Adrian. Do you wanna live with Adrian?

BEN: Yes, I do. I wanna marry her, live with her, and be a parent to our daughter with her. Can you say the same thing about Amy?

RICKY: No, I can't. I don't wanna get married. So sue me. I'm 18. I haven't graduated from high school,

and I wanna go to college. I wanna graduate from college before I get married.

BEN: Since when?

RICKY: Since your dad suggested I go to college.

BEN: Oh, okay, I see. It's not enough for us to compete with Adrian and Amy and our children. Now we gotta bring my dad into it. You're gonna do what my dad wants you to do even if you don't wanna do it?

RICKY: And you're gonna do what your dad doesn't want you to do even if you don't wanna do it? There is no way you wanna get married and move into that condo. There's not.

BEN: There's no way you want Amy and John to move in with you. I know you.

RICKY: And I know you.

BEN: I'm gonna do what I think is right.

RICKY: And so am I.

BEN: And what-- what is that, huh? What do you think is right?

RICKY: I'm gonna be honest, and I'm going to admit that I changed my mind.

BEN: Well, I can't. Okay? I I might want to, but I can't.

RICKY: Yes, you can. Neither of us is ready for a lifetime commitment. You might have to make a lifetime commitment to the baby, but you don't have to make a lifetime commitment to Adrian. Not right now. And I know you don't want to. We've gotta be men here, Ben. We've gotta admit we made a mistake and we wanna change our minds.


Amy calls her mother. George is with Anne.

ANNE(at phone): Uh-huh. So you hate upsetting Dad and Ashley so much that you'd change your mind about moving in with Ricky.


AMY(at phone): I'm sure Ricky would understand if I change my mind.

ANNE(at phone): Oh, he probably would, but not if you put it off on Dad and Ashley. Maybe if you told him the truth. What's going on, Amy? Why are you really changing your mind? You stayed over at Ricky's last weekend. Did you have s*x when you spent the night with Ricky last weekend? Was it uncomfortable or awkward or disappointing in some way?

GEORGE: This is uncomfortable.

AMY(at phone): No. We didn't do anything. All of a sudden, I realized I was about to have s*x with a guy who's had lots of s*x, and I may not be any good at it.

ANNE(at phone): Wow. So you think that s*x is something that you can train for, like the Olympics. AMY(at phone): I think s*x is probably better if you have some... technical expertise or some practice at it.

ANNE(at phone): Oh, Amy.

AMY(at phone): It wasn't fun at all the first time. And it couldn't have been Ricky. It had to have been me. And I haven't done it since, so...

ANNE(at phone): So that's why you have to be very particular about who you decide to have s*x with, because it's a learning experience. And it can be a lot of fun and make you feel really close and happy, or it can be embarrassing and awkward and make you feel empty and miserable.

GEORGE: Yeah, more of that.

ANNE(at phone): And do you think that Ricky loves you the same way that you love him?

AMY(at phone): I think so.

ANNE(at phone): Well, he's never told you that he loves you?

AMY(at phone): No.

ANNE(at phone): I'm kind of surprised.

GEORGE: I'm not.

AMY(at phone): I'm not. Mom, he's never had anyone in his life he could really love or trust, and I think he's afraid of getting that close to anyone, even me.

ANNE(at phone): Well, maybe he's just as afraid to have s*x with you as you are to have s*x with him.

AMY(at phone): He's had lots of s*x.

ANNE(at phone): Not with women he loves.

AMY(at phone): He loved Adrian.

ANNE(at phone): Yeah, well, maybe he did, but that didn't work out. And sometimes things don't work out.


Ashley make some food. Griffin comes in.

ASHLEY: Oh, hi. I wasn't sure if you were coming over. You never called or texted or anything.

GRIFFIN: I wasn't coming over, but I wanted to talk to you.

ASHLEY: What, before Peter and Hayley get here?

GRIFFIN: I didn't invite them. I wanted to spend some time with you. Especially if Amy's moving out, I thought that you might be, you know, kind of lonely. And while you say you're okay with being alone all the time, I don't think you are.


GRIFFIN: Were you really gonna have me bring Hayley over and hope that she somehow revealed that she slept with Ricky?

ASHLEY: Well, I wouldn't hope for that. But if it happened, it wouldn't be the worst thing. Amy should know.

GRIFFIN: No, she shouldn't. Hayley didn't mean anything to Ricky. She went to the butcher shop and conned him into having s*x with her. He tried to turn her down. At least that's what she says.

ASHLEY: Yeah. Whatever. He didn't turn her down, and he's not gonna turn her or another girl down just because Amy's living with him.

GRIFFIN: You don't know that, and I don't know that. We can't know that. We can't know what really happens in people's bedrooms, so we have to stay out of it. And, Ashley, I'd be really disappointed if you didn't stay out of this one. Just leave it alone, okay? Let Amy and Ricky do whatever they're going to do or not do. Just forget about him, okay? I mean, I'm surprised your sister's still speaking to you after you kissed Ricky and after you showed up at his apartment, in his bed. You don't wanna cause her any trouble by pointing out that Ricky slept with Hayley.

AMY: Who's Hayley?


George is ready to go out.

GEORGE: Thanks for talking to her. You're really good at talking to the girls.

ANNE: Well, I am a girl.

GEORGE: Yes, you are.

ANNE: Well, you're doing okay. They just still need their mother.

GEORGE: I'm doing okay? I drove all the way up here to beg you to intervene.

ANNE: Well, Amy and Ashley both have to realize that they can certainly make their own decisions about almost everything at their age. But they also have to realize that those decisions have consequences, immediate and otherwise.

GEORGE: Let me write that down.

ANNE: If anyone knows that, you know that. You don't need to write it down.

GEORGE: Do you miss me?

ANNE: Sometimes.

GEORGE: Really?

ANNE: This isn't one of those times. Good night, George.

GEORGE: Good night, Anne.


Ben takes a drink and Adrian joins him.

ADRIAN: Well, we didn't get the baby bed assembled, but I feel so much better. So much better.

BEN: Mm-hmm?

ADRIAN: Mm-hmm.

BEN: I-- Yeah. I do, too.

ADRIAN: So you liked it?

BEN: Uh, yes, I liked it.

ADRIAN: Told you it wouldn't be too weird.

BEN: It was not weird at all. Really.

ADRIAN: And it was fun, wasn't it?

BEN: Yes.

ADRIAN: Feeling better about getting married and spending the rest of your life with me and your daughter?

BEN: Mm-hmm. Much, much, much better. Totally ready. No anxiety.

ADRIAN: Me, too. We're gonna get through all this.

BEN: Yeah, we will.

ADRIAN: I love you, Benny.

BEN: I love you, Adrian.

ADRIAN: Mmm, this is gonna be so fun. A little challenging getting married and having a baby this young. But still, fun.

BEN: Yeah.

(They kiss)

BEN: Wow.

ADRIAN: Yeah. Wow. I still got it.


Amy is finally come in the apartment.

RICKY: Where have you been? I was getting worried about you. Where's John? Where's all your stuff?

AMY: John is totally off his schedule, so I thought I'd bring him by tomorrow night. And I wanted to talk.

RICKY: All right. About what?

AMY: I don't think I'm ready to move in with you just right yet.

RICKY: Really? Really. Why not?

AMY: Can we sit down?

RICKY: Oh, yeah. Sit, please. Sit anywhere you want.

AMY: I'm really nervous about moving in with you. It's a big step-- moving in.

RICKY: Yes, it is, Amy. And I'd want you to be comfortable. Completely comfortable.

AMY: And I'd want you to be completely comfortable. I'd want you to really want me to be here with you. I wouldn't want you to feel as if I'm pushing you to let me live with you just because Adrian and Ben

are getting married.

RICKY: But you are kind of doing that, not that I'm not okay with that.

AMY: Are you? Because I'm being completely honest with you, so I hope you can be honest with me.

RICKY: You want me to be honest with you? Completely honest?

AMY: Can you be completely honest? 'Cause I suspect that you left out a few things that you did

over those four weeks when I was in New York, and you kind of just went along with what I wanted, apparently out of guilt. Just a guess. So, I was thinking maybe I could spend the night over here every once in a while, and then maybe build up to staying on the weekends and eventually move in, if we're both comfortable with that.

RICKY: Sounds good.

AMY: And if, uh, if we find out that we like having s*x with each other.

RICKY: Why wouldn't we like having s*x with each other?

AMY: I don't know.

(They kiss)

RICKY: We're gonna like having s*x with each other.

AMY: I hope so.

RICKY: I know so.

AMY: Well, I guess we'll find out.

RICKY: I guess we will.

AMY: Good night.

RICKY: Wait. Wait. Since we don't have John tonight, maybe you'd like to find out tonight.

AMY: No, not tonight. Maybe another night.

RICKY: I love you, Amy.

AMY: Really? Or are you just relieved that I change my mind, you're off the hook?

RICKY: No. Really. I love you.

AMY: I love you, too, Ricky. Good night.

(She leaves)

End of the episode.