03x17 - Guess Who's not Coming to Diner

Previously on “The Secret Life of The American Teenager”

LAWYER: Ricky, what you're really looking for...me to tell you your mom has to get out of your apartment because her living there is not the best thing for you and your son.

NORA: Amy? My name's Nora. Do you mind if I meet John? I really want to meet John.

KATELYN: Hi, Ashley. There is a law against not going to school.

GEORGE: She's doing home schooling.

KATELYN: Your books are in the box along with a plan schedule. And we'll see you at the end of the week.

BEN: Are you saying you want to get married?

ADRIAN: No, I'm not saying I want to get married. I'm saying I'm not living with you unless we're married. Ben, do not get any ideas.

NORA: Evidently, I have to find a place to live.

RICKY: I told you I didn't want anything to threaten my custody agreement with Amy.

NORA: Which is why I made friends with Amy. She likes me.

RICKY: I need to find someplace for Nora to live.


RICKY: You don't think it would be possible for her to live here, do you?

BEN: We are having a baby, and I want to be married to the baby's mother before the baby gets here.

LEO: Wait till next year.

BEN: Just let me get married.


Ricky and Nora breakfast together.

RICKY: It's Saturday. You have to go. We agreed you would go, and you're going. It's a nice place. They're nice people, and it's really nice of them to do this for you.

NORA: I don't need parents.

RICKY: I didn't, either, but I got them anyway.

NORA: Oh, you needed parents. You never had parents. I had parents... perfectly good parents...who, by the way, told me to stay away from your father. Or are we calling him Bob now that we're calling me Nora? That's nice.

RICKY: I'm not calling him anything. You don't have any contact with him, do you?

NORA: Oh, hell, no. Are you kidding? I want him to stay locked up for life. Really, Ricky, this is awfully sweet of you to try and force me to live with supervision, but I'm just gonna, you know, get my own apartment, okay?

RICKY: Do you have any money to

get your own apartment?

NORA: I have a job. I'll get paid.

RICKY: You don't have a car.

NORA: I'll get a car.

RICKY: With what?

NORA: With the money I get paid from my job.

RICKY: You don't make enough money from your job to pay rent and buy a car and insurance.

NORA: Do you have to have insurance?

RICKY: Of course you have to have insurance and a license. Do you even have a license?


RICKY: You drove my car without a license?

NORA: Well, I was going to jail anyway.

RICKY: Okay, look, you can't drive my car again until you have a license, and you can't drive your own car until you have a license and insurance. And all that stuff... the apartment and the car and the insurance...All that costs a lot of money. And while you're earning money and saving up for all that stuff, you can't stay here. I'm not giving you back the money you gave to me, okay? I paid back Ben some money I owed him out of it, and every single dime left went into an account that pays interest. That money stays in the bank.

NORA: What if I just stay here for one month or maybe two or three or...

RICKY: No. And you know why you can't.

NORA: Why can't you stay with Amy when you want to go see John?

RICKY: No. Our agreement is I get him weekends. But you're still here. Next weekend, I pick him up on Friday night and bring him over here, and Amy picks him up on Sunday night. And no one else can be here. Not even you.

NORA: You mean especially me, don't you?

(Somebody knocks on the door)

NORA: Oh... God, I haven't even showered. I...

RICKY: Well, I woke you up in time to take a shower and get dressed and get your things ready. So, sorry.

(Ricky opens the door, it's Margaret)

MARGARET: Hi, sweetheart.

NORA: Hi, sweetheart.

RICKY: She's having some breakfast. She just got up. Come on in.

MARGARET: Okay. Hi, Nora! Good to see you. Uh, Ricky's been telling me how well you're doing, and I was so glad to hear it.

NORA: And, my, how lovely it is to see you again, Margaret. How you been?

MARGARET: I'm fine. I'm just fine. You know, we stopped taking in foster children, so it's been very peaceful and quiet around our house. And I'd love to keep it that way, even when you're living with us.

RICKY: I'll get you some coffee.

MARGARET: That's okay. I'm all right. And, uh, we've got things to do today.

NORA: Not even time for coffee? My, aren't you a busy career woman? What are you, uh, planning on, uh, dragging me off to church to wash my sins off before I step into your house? Got any plans like that? Any surprises?

MARGARET: Well, you might be surprised to know I don't go to church. I'm a Buddhist, and so is my husband, Shakur.

NORA: Oh, good Lord. My son was living with nudists.

MARGARET: Buddhist.

NORA: Gotcha.

MARGARET: Yes, you did.

NORA: Are we gonna be lighting candles and incense and anything like that? 'Cause I've got allergies, you know.

MARGARET: I didn't know you have allergies. That's a surprise, because you seem to have the immune system of a horse.

NORA: An insult like that would just be considered a come-on in the big house, sister. You heard what that woman said to me, Ricky? I can't live with this nudist Buddhist.

MARGARET: Hey, I wasn't looking for an adult to raise, believe me, but your son asked us if we would take you in, and, well, yes, we will take you in as long as you abide by the rules, which I hope Ricky's already told you about.

RICKY: I didn't. No.

NORA: Oh, let me guess. No boys in my room?

MARGARET: Girls either.

RICKY: What does that mean?

MARGARET: Uh, n-nothing. I was just saying no company in the, uh, bedroom. Anyone who comes to visit has to visit all of us in the, um, kitchen or the living room.

RICKY: Yeah, that's probably the easy one. No drinking, no drugs. That might be slightly harder. And you do your own laundry and clean up after yourself and help with the cooking and cleaning up and help with any other work around the house that she and Dad might need done. All right. I have to go downstairs. I'll let you two chat. And I'll see you tonight. I thought Amy and I might...

might drop by with John just for a few minutes, if you want to meet him. I thought you'd be excited about that, but I guess not. See you.

NORA: How did you know about the girlfriend?

MARGARET: I hear things.



Amy and Ashley talk together.

ASHLEY: It's a clean sweep all her weekend.

AMY: I can't. I have to take John over to Ricky's tonight. His mom is moving in with his mom. She's never met John. Ricky thought it might make her feel better since he's kicking her out of the apartment today.

ASHLEY: Who cares about Ricky's two moms? What about our mom? What about my biology project?

AMY: That's why you want to go see Mom today? So she can do your biology project? Look, Ashley, if you're gonna do school by yourself at home, then you're gonna have to do school homework by yourself at home.

ASHLEY: You're really bad at lectures. But John's, what, 18 months? So I guess you'll have to work yourself up to that.

AMY: Yeah. I guess. My point is, I can't drive you today.

ASHLEY: I thought your point was that I'm supposed to do my own homework. Jeez, Amy, focus.

AMY: Everyone is supposed to do their own homework. Is that focused enough for you?

ASHLEY: Yeah, everyone is supposed to do their own homework, but they don't. And there's no answer in the teacher's guide for this one. It's a project. A creative project. So I thought our mother might be able to help point me in the right direction, if we went up there, and...

AMY: And pretended like we miss her and want to see her, when all you really want is for her to do your biology project.

ASHLEY: I miss her! Yes, I do, too, Ashley.

AMY: That's why I will drive you up there next weekend, and we can both have the weekend with her to visit, not do do your homework. What? Okay, okay. Maybe I can help you do your biology project. But just this once. Just to support what you want and to support your homeschooling efforts. Remember, I'm not exactly a biologist.

ASHLEY: Yeah, you're not exactly a sister, either.

Ashley leaves, George comes in.

GEORGE: Don't help her with her biology project.

AMY: But I told her I would help.

GEORGE: Well, don't. She's trying to con everyone into helping her. If she gets tired of studying on her own, maybe she'll go back to school.

AMY: Mom researched it and said some students do better at home. Especially students like Ashley who aren't all that social.

GEORGE: Well, maybe you should help her be all that social, but not as social as you.

AMY: Hmm. Teen pregnancy joke?

GEORGE: A teen wanting to have s*x after being pregnant joke.

AMY: Ah. Funny. Really, Dad, if Ashley doesn't want any friends, how am I supposed to force Ashley to make friends?

GEORGE: I don't know, but maybe you could figure it out if you stopped spending every waking minute thinking about having s*x with Ricky.

AMY: And maybe you could figure it out if you didn't spend trying to keep me from having s*x with Ricky. We're going to have s*x, Dad, like it or not. It's just time. He's done everything I've asked him to do, and we're both very responsible. We're both emotionally and physically prepared. So, if we want to have s*x, we can have s*x. It's our decision.

GEORGE: Is it gonna be tonight? 'Cause I need to get emotionally, physically prepared if it's gonna be tonight.

AMY: It's probably not going to be tonight. Tonight, Ricky and I are introducing John to his grandmother Nora.

GEORGE: And after that?

AMY: And after that... I don't know. Probably come back here or go over to his apartment. But I'll be home by midnight.

GEORGE: Midnight? John's bedtime is midnight now?

AMY: If we go over to his apartment and it's late, then I can put John to bed at Ricky's, where he has a bed and everything else he needs. And then he'll stay there, and I'll come home.

GEORGE: After having s*x with Ricky. 'Cause if you're not gonna have s*x with Ricky, you come back here and put John to bed here.

AMY: Then we'll have s*x here.

GEORGE: Ooh, I don't think so. I don't think you'd be comfortable doing that here.

AMY: Fine. We'll do it there.

GEORGE: It's so romantic. Go to your boyfriend's apartment and have s*x and get up and leave him and your son and drive home late at night. This is ridiculous, Amy. I don't care if he passed some stupid test. I do not want you having s*x with him. Again. Wait until you're out of high school and living on your own, in your own place, in your own bed, and not one that I paid for. And then maybe... maybe it'll be okay.

AMY: What happened to that stupid book that gave you tips on how to talk to your teenage daughter about s*x?

GEORGE: I threw it out. I'm gonna write my own book.

AMY: You see, Dad, the thing about writing your own book is you have to be successful at the thing that you're writing about in order for it to sell. I don't think you're successful at parenting. Just look at me. Or no. Look at Ashley.


Ashley calls her mother.

ASHLEY(at phone): And I'm sick of my whole life being ruined because people keep having babies.

ANNE(at phone): Okay, well, it's good to know. It's good to let your feelings out like that. It's healthy. And you should feel free to be honest and express your anger and resentment toward me for having a baby. But I do love Robbie. And I know that you love Robbie. And even if there were no Robbie, there would still be no me and your dad living in the same house with you and Amy...and John. Look, Ashley, I'm sorry that Amy couldn't bring you up here this weekend so we could have this

conversation face-to-face. But we can talk about it some more when we see each other.

ASHLEY(at phone): We're not gonna have time to talk like this when we see each other because I have a big biology project that I have to do next week, and I haven't even gotten started on it. So it's probably gonna ruin our weekend.

ANNE(at phone): Is it something I can help you with?

ASHLEY(at phone): No, that's okay. I'm supposed to do it myself. Except I can't think of anything myself. And I just thought if you were here, you might help me. But since you're not here, I just got angry.

ANNE(at phone): So is that why you want to come up here this weekend...to get me to help you with your biology project?

ASHLEY(at phone): Well, kind of. Yeah.

ANNE(at phone): You know what, Ashley? I love when you're honest with me, no matter how painful it is to hear what you're saying sometimes. We're gonna be fine. We're all gonna be fine. Why don't you tell me what area of biology you're studying, and let's see if we can't come up with something.

ASHLEY(at phone): Ecosystems.

ANNE(at phone): Interesting.

ASHLEY(at phone): Not to me. Not really.

ANNE(at phone): Well, let's think about that... about ecosystems. An ecosystem is all the organisms living in a particular area, including all the nonliving things that they interact with, like air, water, soil, sunlight. What does that mean to you?

ASHLEY(at phone): I'm sorry. You lost me at organisms.


Nora and Margaret leaves to Ricky's apartment. They meet Ben and Ricky.

NORA: Okay, looks like I'll be going. See you later, traitor. And goodbye to Ben. Where is Ben? Gotta say goodbye to Benny.

BEN: Here I am. Hi, Nora. I heard you're leaving, but we'll see you here Monday through Friday?

NORA: Well, if I can master public transportation.

RICKY: I'll pick you up.

NORA: I don't know if I want you to pick me up.

BEN: Hi. Uh... Ah, I know you're Ricky's...

RICKY: Ricky's what?

MARGARET: Yeah, Ricky's what? Margaret. Just call me Margaret.

NORA: I'm his mother. Margaret's his other mother.

RICKY: Nice going.

MARGAET: It's good to see you again, Ben.

BEN: The last time I saw you, I was pretty much in a state of shock. So I apologize for forgetting your name and for causing anyone any awkwardness here.

RICKY: Let's see. When was that? When she talked Adrian into have the baby?

NORA: Whoa. A whole family of traitors, huh?

MARGARET: I work at the clinic. I was there. And Adrian made her own decision. And I don't think this is the place to talk about it, but we can talk about this some other time.

NORA: Like a butcher shop isn't the perfect place to talk about...

RICKY: Mom! Nora.

BEN: All right. Um, since I'm the one who got us all entangled in this weirdness, maybe I could unravel it with a bit of good news. I'm thinking about getting married.

RICKY: Yeah, you keep thinking about it. That's old news.

NORA: You're gonna marry his old girlfriend?

BEN: I don't call her "His old girlfriend". I call her Adrian.

RICKY: She's had a friendship ring for months. They're friends. They're not getting married.

BEN: We are if she says yes.

NORA: Well, good for you. I might be getting married myself one day...if she says yes. Oh, like you weren't gonna tell him. Bye, guys.

RICKY: "If she says yes"? What?

BEN: Your mother's a lesbian?


Jack talks with Tom about Grace.

JACK: You know, I just don't get it...Grace and that Grant guy. Be honest with me, Tom. Between me and Grant, who do you think...

TOM: Grant.

JACK: You didn't let me finish.

TOM: Okay, finish.

JACK: What I was going to say is, between me and Grant, who do you think is better for your sister's future?

TOM: Grant.

JACK: Her future, Tom. Your sister's entire future. Think about it. Her entire future.

TOM: Grant.

JACK: I don't believe this. How can you say that?

TOM: Do you want me to say it again?

JACK: No, I don't want you to say it again. I just don't get how you can like that Grant guy better than me.

TOM: He didn't have s*x with my sister. You did.

JACK: Yeah. Like he's not going to?

TOM: When he does, I'll reconsider.

JACK: Thanks a lot. You know, after all I did for you. Did you forget that I moved in here for you?

TOM: No. You moved in here for you. I took you in. You know what your problem is? You have to move on.

JACK: I did move on. I moved on to Madison.

TOM: She dumped you.

JACK: No, her father broke us up.

TOM: She didn't put up much of a fight.

JACK: You know what? You're not exactly doing much for my self-esteem here, buddy.

TOM: You want self-esteem, get a book.

JACK: All right. I'll tell you one thing, though. If he tells Grace he loves her, look out. That's trouble.

TOM: Is that what you did?


Grace talks with Adrian about her feeling for Grant.

GRACE: You know, Grant told me that he loves me.

ADRIAN: And you believe that?

GRACE: Do you believe that?

ADRIAN: I don't know. I think he could love you. But it doesn't really matter what I think. What do you think? No, really, Grace, what do you think? Can you trust him?

GRACE: Should I trust him? I feel stupid trusting him, because I just found out that someone else I trusted was totally lying and hiding things from me. But I don't know. I think I do trust Grant.

ADRIAN: And that's okay. It's okay to trust him. He seems like a really nice guy. And he's right out there with his feelings, you know. He says what he's thinking.

GRACE: Yeah, he does. I... I really think that he does love me, and I really think that I love him. I think that we'd love each other even if we didn't have s*x, so I don't know whether we should have s*x or not. It's so confusing. Like, we want to have s*x, but I think we'd be fine if we didn't have s*x, you know?

ADRIAN: Yeah, I know the feeling.

GRACE: What feeling? You're in love with Ben?

ADRIAN: I love him. I don't know if I'm in love with him. But I love him.

GRACE: With the difference being?

ADRIAN: What I feel for Ben is... is a mature love. It's not like what I had with Ricky. You know, with Ricky, we couldn't keep our hands off of each other. You know, we wanted to jump into bed with each other whenever we got the chance. It wasn't real love. It was just infatuation. Yeah, I think that's what they call it... infatuation.

GRACE: Just infatuation?

ADRIAN: Yeah. But, you know, I really love Ben, and I know he loves me. He's the kind of guy that I've always wanted. He's there. My dad was never there. My mom was never there. He's there. What?

GRACE: Is being there enough?

ADRIAN: Being there is everything. Okay, what is that look?

GRACE: Nothing.

ADRIAN: I don't like that look.

GRACE: I just don't like that you think about marrying somebody just because they're gonna be there, but someone you have no strong physical attraction to. I mean, maybe being there is everything a child needs, but I don't know if it's everything a woman needs.

ADRIAN: It's different when you're pregnant, Grace. The whole world is different. I can't just think about myself. I have to think about the baby. And, you know, when I think about the baby, I know she loves Ben, because Ben is her daddy, and he's good to us. And it just... it just makes me love him.

GRACE: You're not gonna have s*x with Ben, though, are you?

ADRIAN: I mean, I can if I want.

GRACE: Do you want?

ADRIAN: I might. I make my decisions differently now.

GRACE: I see. So, whether or not you're attracted to somebody is a decision?

ADRIAN: Or whether or not I act on being attracted to someone is a decision. And right now, Ben and I are choosing not to act on whatever attraction we have towards each other. Okay, you know what? Back to you. Are you gonna have s*x with Grant or not?

GRACE: I don't know. I don't know.

ADRIAN: All right. Well, don't wait until you're in the car making out with the guy to decide, all right?

GRACE: All right.

ARIAN: And if you have any doubts, don't do it.

GRACE: And if you have any doubts, just don't do it. Don't do anything.

ADRIAN: And what does that mean?

GRACE: You know what that means. Don't get married to Ben just because you're pregnant and you like all the nice things he does for you and the baby. You have to really love him to marry him, Adrian. If you don't, it's just not fair.

ADRIAN: Well, he hasn't asked me. And he may never ask me, so I don't have to decide that, do I?


Leo and Ruben come back to the golf.

LEO: I don't know why we keep getting up at the crack of dawn to go to the club. I mean, it's too early to drink, and there's really no other reason, because we're not playing golf. We're playing something, but it's not golf.

RUBEN: And by that you mean?

LEO: You stink.

RUBEN: I only stink when I'm playing with you. Honestly, every time we go out, I keep thinking you're gonna give me some big news of some sort.

LEO: Of some sort?

RUBEN: Yeah.

LEO: Like, uh, Ben's gonna ask Adrian to marry him?

RUBEN: Yeah, like Ben's gonna ask Adrian to marry him. Ben's gonna ask Adrian to marry him?

LEO: I think so, Ruben. Yeah. What do you think?

RUBEN: What do I think? I think that's the best news I ever heard. Leo, are you kidding me? Is he really gonna ask her?

LEO: Not before he asks you and Adrian's mother. He's gotta ask both of you, and then he can ask Adrian.

RUBEN: Did he ask you?

LEO: Yeah. I would like them to get married. But here's where you and I have to agree to disagree. I don't think they need to get married till a year after the baby's here. I don't think they need to rush out and get married before the baby comes.

RUBEN: That's because you're the father of the father and not the father of the mother. I want them to get married before the baby comes. You know I want them to get married before the baby comes. It's too easy not to after the baby comes. I want a commitment.

LEO: You want a commitment. Don't you think Adrian should want a commitment?

RUBEN: I'm sure Adrian wants a commitment.

LEO: Are you? 'Cause I don't want Ben to ask if you think there's a chance she might say no. I mean, that could set off a whole world of problems. That could pull everybody apart rather than bring everybody together... if she says no.

RUBEN: She's not gonna say no.

LEO: Talk to her. You and Cindy talk to her. And if the two of you have any doubt, even the slightest chance that Adrian might say no, then you, or you and Cindy, say no to Ben. Don't let him get the no from Adrian. You and Cindy make up some excuse. It's too early or whatever. You two be the bad guys.

RUBEN: And if we talk to her, and she wants Ben to ask her, she wants to get married...

LEO: Then let Ben ask her. But let's you and I agree that they set the date... Ben and Adrian. We'll let them get married whenever they want to get married and however they want to get married. And if there's a wedding, it's whatever wedding the two of them want, and again, whenever they want it, even if they want to wait till after the baby comes.

RUBEN: Or even if it's before the baby comes. May the best man win.


Ricky calls Margaret.

MARGARET(at phone): Are you supposed to be on the phone at work?

RICKY(at phone): I'm off work. It's over. And I just want you to tell my mother...Nora... that...

MARGARET(at phone): Ricky, this is ridiculous. She's your mother. You can call her "Mother" Or "Mom."

RICKY(at phone): No, that's not fair to you.

MARGARET(at phone): I know how you feel about me no matter what you call me, and I know that you call Nora "Mom" when you're with her or when you're talking to her. So? Just go with it. She is your mother. That's the truth. So let's just deal with the truth, okay?

RICKY(at phone): All right. Well, the truth is, I don't really want to bring John by there tonight to see my mother who gave birth to me but was never my mother.

MARGARET(at phone): You changed your mind? Why is that?

RICKY(at phone): It was just a bad idea in the first place. It's too soon. I think I should just let her get settled in first.

MARGARET(at phone): You said you were coming by with Amy and John, and she's counting on it, so you are coming by with Amy and John.

RICKY(at phone): I said might. We might come by. But we're not... Or I'm not.

MARGARET(at phone): Ricky.

RICKY(at phone): Amy can bring him by if she wants.

MARGARET(at phone): I know what this is about.

RICKY(at phone): I have to go.

MARGARET(at phone): She is the daughter of an alcoholic, and alcoholics disappoint their children over and over. I don't want you to do the same. You told her that you were going to be here, so be here. Remember, I'm the mother who tells you what to do, and you do it. So you get Amy and John, and you come over tonight. And I will tell your mother that you will be here around 7:00. See you then. Bye.


Ricky calls Amy.

AMY(at phone): Hi.

RICKY(at phone): Hi.

AMY(at phone): What time are we going over to your mother's house?

RICKY(at phone): Here's the thing. I'm not feeling that well, so I don't think I should be around John tonight or anyone else.

AMY(at phone): What's wrong?

RICKY(at phone): Oh, I don't know. It's probably the flu. But whatever it is, I can't go tonight, so we're not going.

AMY(at phone): Oh, no. Really?

RICKY(at phone): I gotta go.


Ben calls Adrian.

ADRIAN(at phone): That's where I want to go...Poppie's Tacos.

BEN(at phone): No. Let's go someplace nice.

ADRIAN(at phone): No. I'm craving tacos.

BEN(at phone): Then we'll go to that Mexican fusion place downtown.

ADRIAN(at phone): Mexican fusion? What is that?

BEN(at phone): Mexican fused with something else. I don't know. Let's go find out. I mean, it got a great review. It looks really nice.

ADRIAN(at phone): What's the fusion? Mexican and what?

BEN(at phone): I really don't know. You want me to call them? Get a menu?

ADRIAN(at phone): No. I don't like fusion. I don't want Mexican and something else. I want Mexican. Poppie's Tacos. I'm craving Poppie's Tacos with hot sauce.

BEN(at phone): Come on. You're just trying to save me money.

ADRIAN(at phone): No, I'm not. It's what I want.

BEN(at phone): Really?

ADRIAN(at phone): Really.

BEN(at phone): All right. Well, I'd take you wherever you want to go, but if that's what you want, then that's what you shall have. I'll pick you up at 7:00.

ADRIAN(at phone): See you then.


Her parents are heart her conversation with Ben.

CINDY: So you're not eating here?

ADRIAN: No. We're going out.

RUBEN: You know, Cindy, we should go out, too. Feel like going out to dinner?

CINDY: I'm cooking. I'm cooking right now.

RUBEN: Yeah, but you can stop right where you are, put that stuff away, and we'll go out.

CINDY: I don't want to go out. And I'm sick of eating out. I eat out every night when I'm working. I thought that, well, maybe we could stick around the house tonight, eat in front of the TV, watch a movie.

RUBEN: Okay. If that's what you want, we could do that. How's that sound, Adrian? You think you and Ben might want to stick around the house, eat here?

CINDY: She just said she wants Poppie's Tacos.

ADRIAN: Yeah, I do. And you know who loves Poppie's Tacos more than I do? Ben. He loves tacos. That's his favorite place... Poppie's.

RUBEN: You really love Ben, don't you?

CINDY: Where did that come from? How do you jump from tacos to real love?

RUBEN: Because she's choosing tacos for him, not just for hisself.

CINDY: It's just tacos, okay?

RUBEN: Do you love him, Adrian?

ADRIAN: Uh, I think so. Yeah, he's... he's a nice guy.

RUBEN: You think so, or you know so?

ADRIAN: I know so.

RUBEN: If Ben were to come here today and ask you to marry him, would you marry him?

ADRIAN: He's not gonna ask me to marry him. If we ever decide to get married, it'll be a mutual decision at some point in the future when we both know we really love each other.

RUBEN: You don't really love each other right now? You seem like you really love each other right now.

ADRIAN: I don't really know. How does anyone know? Maybe.

RUBEN: Oh, come on. You know. You both know. You look really happy.... and in love.

ADRIAN: Dad, promise me you'd never push Ben into asking me to marry him. Because if you do that, then I'll never really know how he feels about me, okay? It may look like he's in love with me, but he may not be in love with me. So promise.

RUBEN: Okay, I promise. But if I were to bet on it, I would bet that he loves you, and he wants to be with you and the baby the rest of his life.

ADRIAN: Which still doesn't mean he wants to get married. I'm going to take a nap.

(Adrian climbs)

RUBEN: Ow! What was that for?

CINDY: What is going on?

RUBEN: What do you mean, what's going on? We were just talking.

CINDY: Yeah. What did you and Leo talk about while you were playing golf?

RUBEN: Nothing. It was after we played golf. Ben wants to ask Adrian to marry him. But he's gonna ask us first.

CINDY: You know how I feel about Ben and Adrian getting married.

RUBEN: He wants to meet us before the two of them have dinner so he can ask us if he can marry her. And then he's gonna propose to her. So I really do think he loves her. I know he does. And she loves him. So they're getting married. Our little Adrian's getting married.

CINDY: And what if I say no?

RUBEN: Don't say no. If Adrian wants to get married, then let her get married. And if she doesn't, then let her say no. But she's not gonna say no, Cindy.

CINDY: When? When does Ben want to get married?

RUBEN: I don't know. But Leo and I both agreed that Ben and Adrian should make that decision. Of course, I think it should happen as soon as possible. If they're gonna get married, don't you think it should happen before the baby comes?

CINDY: No, I don't.

RUBEN: Why not?

CINDY: I don't think she really wants to marry him.

RUBEN: I do.


Adrian calls Ricky.

ADRIAN(at phone): I just thought I'd call and see how you are.

RICKY(at phone): Really? That's why you're calling?

ADRIAN(at phone): That's why I'm calling.

RICKY(at phone): I'm fine. How are you?

ADRIAN(at phone): Am I bothering you? You sound like you're angry or something.

RICKY(at phone): I'm not angry, okay? I'm not angry at all.

ADRIAN(at phone): Oh, well, is everything okay with Amy?

RICKY(at phone): Everything is great with Amy. I'm just dealing with some

stuff with my mother.

ADRIAN(at phone): Ah, your mother's so nice. I'm never gonna forget how kind she was to me.

RICKY(at phone): My other mother.

ADRIAN(at phone): Oh.

RICKY(at phone): Yeah. You know, she spent so many years doing drugs, she's like a kid. And, of course, she married the wrong...person. Completely ruined her life.

ADRIAN(at phone): Yeah, that... that can happen.

RICKY(at phone): Yeah, it can.


Nora calls Amy to have help.

AMY(at phone): Hello?

NORA(at phone): Help. Help me. Help me, please.

AMY(at phone): Who is this?

NORA(at phone): It's Ricky's mother.

AMY(at phone): Oh. Hi. Margaret?

NORA(at phone): Not the other mother, the mother. The one being held captive by the other mother.

AMY(at phone): You're so funny. Hi, Nora. I'm sorry we didn't get to come over tonight.

NORA(at phone): He's not sick, you know.

AMY(at phone): Ricky? No, he is. He has the flu.

NORA(at phone): No, he doesn't. He just doesn't want me to meet John.

AMY(at phone): No, really, Ricky wants you to meet John. I know he does. He told me he does.

NORA(at phone): He's never sick. Never. Neither of us are ever sick. He just doesn't want me to meet John, and I was really looking forward to meeting John, and, well, seeing you again, and...

AMY(at phone): No, really, Ricky told me he wanted you to meet John. I'm sure he wants you to meet John.

NORA(at phone): No, he doesn't. He changed his mind. Gotta go. Warden's here.


Margaret enters in the room.

MARGARET: Nora, I'm sorry. I am so sorry. I wasn't thinking. And I was really irritated with you, and in a split second, I snapped, and I made that remark about girls, and I shouldn't have. But I thought he knew. I thought Ricky knew.

NORA: No, he didn't, and now he does, and now he hates me. Yeah.


Amy calls Margaret.

MARGARET(at phone): Hello?

AMY(at phone): Hello? Margaret?

MARGARET(at phone): Yes?

AMY(at phone): Hi. It's Amy. How are you?

MARGARET(at phone): Hi, Amy. I'm fine. How are you?

AMY(at phone): I think I'm okay. Is there something going on? Something between Nora and Ricky? Something I should know about? 'Cause I feel really bad about not bringing John over there. We said we'd bring him over there. Should I bring him over there?

MARGARET(at phone): Well, maybe that's a question you need to ask Ricky.

AMY(at phone): He's not answering his phone, and he's not replying to any text messages.

MARGARET(at phone): Well, I've already done too much talking today, but I will say that those two are in the process of getting to know each other. And it's gonna be difficult if Ricky stays home and pretends to have the flu instead of being over here. But I think that Ricky should be here when Nora sees John for the first time. I really do.


Ben is ready to go out. Leo and Betty talk to him.

BETTY: I just want you to know I'm really excited for you, Ben.

BEN: Yeah, well, Ruben can say no.

LEO: That's not gonna happen.

BEN: Cindy could say no.

BETTY: Yeah, that could happen.

LEO: It could, but I don't think it's going to.

BEN: And if I know you, you know it's not going to.

BETTY: We really want to wish you well. And I really hope that she says yes. And a year from now, you're getting married in a small ceremony. You know, just family in our wonderful home.

BEN: He tell you to say that?


BEN: The big guy. The Sausage King.

BETTY: No. That's what I think. You know, Ben, when people really love each other, they lie for each other. And one day, when you're married, you'll lie for Adrian, and she'll lie for you. It's fun.

BEN: I can't wait.

LEO: No, you can.

BEN: Dad, truthfully, I don't want to wait. I'd like to get married as soon as possible. But I understand your point of view. I really understand that you'd like me to wait until the baby's a year old.

LEO: Does that mean you're gonna wait till the baby's a year old?

BEN: Probably not. Wish me luck.

BETTY: Good luck.

(Ben leaves)

BETTY: He's really growing up.

LEO: Too fast, Betty. He's growing up too fast.

BETTY: I know this isn't what you wanted for him. You know, a baby at 17.

LEO: No, it's not. It makes me feel like a... like a failure.

BETTY: Oh, it really breaks my heart that you feel that way. You're a really good father. You really are.

LEO: I... I just feel as if I should've done something that would've kept this from happening, you know? He's too young to be a father. He's too young to get married, but...

BETTY: Yeah, but... but he's a nice young man, and he's kind, and he's honest, and he's responsible, and it's all because of you.

LEO: Thanks, Betty. I really needed to hear that.


Ricky lets Amy enter in the shop.

RICKY: You can come up the back entrance. At least you could've if I knew you were coming.

AMY: Well, I thought if I went up there, I wouldn't be able to get you down here. Now that you're down here, let's go see Nora at your mother's and let's let her meet John. He's been sleeping for a long time, and he'll be in a great mood later. It's a perfect night to do this.

RICKY: I have the flu.

AMY: You do not have the flu.

RICKY: Prove it.

(She kisses Ricky)

AMY: You want to have s*x?

RICKY: Of course I want to have s*x. You want to have s*x?

AMY: No. I was just proving that you don't have the flu. Come on. Let's go.

RICKY: I'm not going.

AMY: If you don't go, you're gonna miss your son seeing your mother for the first time.

RICKY: I was with John when he met my mother for the first time. And I don't care if I'm not there when he meets Nora for the first time. Go ahead. Take him.

AMY: Okay. I'll take him. Come on. I talked to your moms today, and they both really want

you to be there tonight. I want the two of us to do this together.

RICKY: Did they tell you that my mother is gay? And she didn't even tell me.

AMY: And why do you think that is?


Ben calls Adrian.

ADRIAN(at phone): Hello?

BEN(at phone): Hey, Adrian. I'm so sorry. I'm running a little late.

ADRIAN(at phone): That's okay. It's not like Poppie's Tacos takes reservations.

BEN(at phone): I know, but you know how busy that place gets later on.

ADRIAN(at phone): Oh, you know what? Is it even open this early? I don't think it's open this early. It's a late-night place. So you know what? Take your time. I'll have a snack.

BEN(at phone): No, no. It's open. I checked. It's open, and I'm gonna go ahead and have my driver pick you up, and then he'll pick me up.

ADRIAN(at phone): What? No, that's okay. That's not necessary. I can come pick you up.

BEN(at phone): Nah. Come on. Let's get Mike to drive us. It'll be fun. We can make out in the back seat. And besides, he's already in the front of your house, and apparently, neither you or your parents are answering the door.

ADRIAN(at phone): What? They're not even here. They went out to dinner. Ruben talked my mom into going out somehow even though she was cooking dinner.

BEN(at phone): All right. Well, he's out front whenever you're ready.

ADRIAN(at phone): Okay. I'll see you in a few minutes.

BEN(at phone): Bye.

ADRIAN(at phone): Bye, Ben.


Cindy and Ruben are here. They are going to leave.

CINDY: I think this is where we say goodbye.

RUBEN: Mm-hmm.

BEN: Thank you, Mom.

CINDY: Ben, you are a charmer. And Adrian is a very lucky girl. Well, except, of course she got pregnant when she didn't really want to get pregnant. But, anyway, she's lucky to have you in her life.

RUBEN: Welcome to the family, son.

BEN: Thank you, Dad.


Ashley makes something for her biology project.

GEORGE: Hey, want to go get something to eat? Moose is hungry.

ASHLEY: Could you just pick up something? I'm busy.


ASHLEY: My biology project.

GEORGE: It's Saturday night.

ASHLEY: Yeah, it's Saturday night, and I got really interested in doing this, so I'm doing this. And you can just pick up something for me. Or I'll eat later. I'll make myself a sandwich or something.

GEORGE: Whatcha doing?

ASHLEY: Do you want to see what I'm doing?

GEORGE: Of course I do.

ASHLEY: No, you don't. You don't want me to do well with home schooling, because if I don't do well or I don't like it, I'll go back to school. Only I'm not going back to school. I can tell you that as of today, I am absolutely certain I'm really going to like having my own curriculum and assignments and teacher.

GEORGE: Hey, if you like it, you like it, but I think eventually you're gonna miss being around other people.

ASHLEY: Oh, you think so?

GEORGE: I do. I think so.

ASHLEY: Well, I don't think so. Here. This is what I'm doing. It's on ecosystems. This is planet Earth, and this is a picture of my world, a micro-system of the larger planetary system. And when you put another life into a shaky ecosystem, where people are fighting for food, and water, and attention, the system becomes vulnerable. And when there are just too many lives added to an already vulnerable system, the world collapses. And after the world collapses, the survivors start over again, sometimes reproducing with other species.

GEORGE: Okay. The other species belongs in the second picture where John is introduced, don't you think?

ASHLEY: Well, I don't know. He wasn't part of the family then, and it's not the same family now. But I suppose we'll adapt. That's a sign of life, isn't it... adaptation? I'm choosing to adapt. I'm choosing to survive. I could even survive and be happy.

GEORGE: You're actually turning this in?

ASHLEY: Are you kidding? It's a work of art.

GEORGE: That's not a good picture of me or Amy or Ricky or your mother.

ASHLEY: Yeah, but who's gonna see it? Me and some teacher or the counselor, and that's it.

GEORGE: Maybe home schooling is a good idea.

ASHLEY: I think it is. I really think it is. I'm excited about this. I could never do this in just a regular classroom with all those people I don't miss.

GEORGE: Okay, Ashley. Maybe it will work for you. We'll try it. And I'll try to be a little more enthusiastic and involved. Want to talk about it over pizza?

ASHLEY: Well, I'd really like to keep working.



Amy talks with Nora.

AMY: So what do you think, John?

NORA: Oh, he's so cute.

AMY: That's what I say all the time.

NORA: Yeah.

AMY: You're so cute! Was Ricky this cute?

NORA: Uh, yeah. Uh, yeah, I guess.

AMY: He still loves you. I mean, I know that a lot went on for, like, a long, long time, but you're still his mother, and he loves you.

NORA: Well, that's the thing, isn't it? Abused children still want to love their parents. They still want to love them no matter what they did to them. Sometimes it's like punishment for the parents, because, you know, the...the abused kid loves you. 'Cause you're like, "I don't deserve this." You know? And... And...You know, you don't want them around, because what if you hurt them again? How much hurt can a person take, huh?

(Ricky enters)

RICKY: Doesn't matter anymore, okay? We were both hurt. But we're not victims anymore, all right? So let's stop acting like victims and act like adults.

AMY: Um, just gonna let the two of you talk.

(Amy leaves)

NORA: Wow. That is a beautiful picture right there of you and your son, my grandson. Okay, I need a drink.

RICKY: No, you don't need a drink. If anyone needs a drink, I need a drink.

NORA: Do you drink?

RICKY: No, I don't drink. I'm never gonna drink. Never. I have no interest in it. The smell of alcohol makes me sick to my stomach. I was just making a bad joke. Sometimes I do that when I don't know what else to say.

NORA: Well, I don't know what else to say either. Except that I'm gay.

RICKY: I wish you'd have told me before you told other people.

NORA: I'm sorry. I just didn't want to tell you. Other people... people know.

RICKY: Are you sure you're gay?

NORA: Uh...

RICKY: All right, you're gay. Whatever. Who's the girlfriend? I want to meet your girlfriend. Is she your girlfriend or more than that?

NORA: She's my girlfriend. Yeah, um...and it's like, uh...the first real serious relationship. I'd really like you to meet her because I really like her.

RICKY: All right, I'll meet her.

NORA: We met when I was incarcerated. She's a public defender. She's great.

RICKY: Okay. I'll look forward to meeting her.

NORA: Thank you, Ricky. I mean that. Thank you for everything.

(Ricky gives John to Nora)

NORA: Hey. Hi, John. Hi. I'm Nora. Grandma Nora. Yeah. Hey, you know what? If anyone ever harms you, I will kill them, and then my girlfriend's gonna gate me out of jail. Yeah.


Adrian arrives.

ADRIAN: What are you up to?

BEN: Nothing.

ADRIAN: You're crazy, you know that?

BEN: Yeah, I know that.

ADRIAN: Then again, I'm crazy, too.

BEN: Yeah, maybe a little bit.

ADRIAN: So we have the place all to ourselves?

BEN: All to ourselves.

ADRIAN: I love this.

(Ben puts himself at knees.)

ADRIAN: Ben...

BEN: I love you, Adrian. I really love you.

ADRIAN: You do... You do love me, don't you?

BEN: I do. I do love you. I'd be honored if you'd be my wife.


BEN: You don't want to think it over?


(They kiss)

ADRIAN: I love you, Ben. Wait. I think you said you loved me, right?

BEN: Yeah, I did.

ADRIAN: Yeah, okay. I love you, too. Oh! She's moving. Here. She's moving right now.

BEN: Oh...

End of the episode.