03x20 - That Day

That naive day of my youth...

...when I...

...had to face the truth of this world.

"That Day"

Move it, you vermin.

What, more devil-bloods?

Damn Eldians crawling around as they please.


It's all right. Aren't you used to it?


It's right over that bank.

It's so big...!

Have you come to see the airship, too?

Huh? Uh, yes...

You from the Liberio Internment Zone?

Let's see your exit permit.

Huh? Um...

I don't have one.

You entered the city without permission?

- You know what that means, right?
- Yes.

Labor or beating. Which is it?

A beating...

- Grisha!
- Oh?

You don't want to trouble your parents?


I forced my sister to come with me!

Please give her punishment to me, too!

Very well.


Here's another!

Man, go easy on him, Kruger.

Come on. Let's get you on your way home.

It was smart not to take off your armbands.

Eldians without one are sent to their paradise, even if they're kids.

I'll go... home.


Didn't you come to see the airship?

Might as well see it.

The following day, my sister was found in the river.

I showed the girl the Liberio gates and went on my way.

I'm busy with work, you know.

Eldian kids shouldn't be roaming the city without permits in the first place.

It seems that your son doesn't grasp the place of his people.

Shouldn't you be teaching him the sins that your ancestors committed?

...I knew that man from Marley Public Security was lying through his teeth.

...If that's not enough to make him behave, put a collar on him.

He had been slacking off and was napping on the bank.

He wasn't busy at all.

Though my mother grieved, my father...

Thank you so much for your guidance.

I assure you, I'll teach my foolish son to know better.

He demeaned himself to the men.

I began to hate that man and my father so much that it made me dizzy.

But more so, I cursed my own foolishness.

One thousand, eight hundred and twenty years ago, our ancestor Ymir Fritz made a contract with the Devil of All Earth and obtained the Power of the Titans.

Upon her death, Ymir's spirit was split into the Nine Titans who formed the Eldian Empire.

After defeating the great nation of Marley, they ruled over the continent.

Thus began the Dark Ages...

The Subjects of Ymir called other races inferior and began to oppress them.

They stole lands and fortunes, and forced other races to bear their children to increase their numbers.

Their ethnic cleansing continued for some , more years.

But the once great nation of Marley plotted to subvert Eldia and its arrogance from within.

They brought seven of the Nine Titans under their control and were victorious in the Great Titan War years ago.

The Eldian King at the time erected three walls on the island of Paradis and fled there with many of his people.

Our ancestors were abandoned and left behind on this continent, but...

The gracious people of Marley let us live and stay on their land...

My father was talkative for someone who had just lost their daughter.

He obeyed his master's command and gladly shamed his own ancestry, much like he was their dog.

That man was telling lies.

The truth wasn't good for him, so he lied.

Quiet. The walls here are thin.

I bet he's the one who took Fay and...


I told you... Our ancestors did terrible things.

They believed in eugenics and tried to cleanse...

Fay and I did nothing like that!

We were just walking around!

What is wrong with you?

Are you that eager for all of us to get shipped off to paradise?

Listen, Grisha...

It doesn't matter that we're not directly responsible for the sins.

But what we are able to do is live humble lives within this internment zone.

I'm begging you. Please don't lead us all to the same fate as Fay.

I wonder who was truly in the wrong.

Was it me or this world?


I understand.

Perhaps it was both.

I was ignorant and foolish.

The world, irrational and insane.

I discovered my own path in life when I was .

It was around the time I was to take over my father's clinic.

What is that wound of yours?

This is proof I'm a patriot.

A patriot?

Your sister was killed by a man in Marley Public Security.

We have an informant inside the Marley government.

There are some things you need to hear.

It can't be...!

You're kidding me...!

When I learned the truth of my sister's death, I swore in my heart...

...that I'd show them who the real devil was.

That my ancestors had done the right thing.

In order to correct the world again,

Eldia would have to be restored.

Our informant in the Marley government was called "the Owl."

He led the Restorationists without ever showing himself.

Look! This is the truth!

Our founder Ymir awakened the Power of the Titans...

Cultivated the wilds... Built roads...

And bridged the mountains!

She helped the people prosper and develop this entire continent!

The history we were taught is just a convenient deception for Marley!

Impressive, Grisha...

...You can read this ancient language.

No... I still haven't deciphered most of it.

Then how did you know the truth?

Isn't it staring us in the face?

I know it because I believe in our founder Ymir!

We're the chosen children of God!
The Subjects of Ymir!


Comrades! The Owl sent us somebody!

Nice to meet you, everyone.

My name is Dina Fritz.

I'm a descendant of the royal family.

I allowed fate to steer my life and followed wherever it took me.

She was the last descendant of royal blood who remained on the continent.

She provided info about the Titans that only the royal family knew.

This was the break we needed for victory.

I'm sure of it!

The King took the Founding Titan into the walls!

If we obtain that, we can control all other Titans and completely annihilate Marley!

But if he could wield a power that absolute, why did he flee to an island?

That is because he refused to fight.

At the time of the Great Titan War, the King abandoned his role of balancing the continent's powers and moved the capital to a remote island.

And so, these wretched days we live all began when the King turned away from conflict.

Let's fight!

The true royal family held their ground on this continent for the sake of Eldia!

It's time we bring the Founding Titan back to them!

My comrades! We'll overthrow Marley and restore the pride of Eldia!


The next year, the two of us married and were blessed with a son.

His name was Zeke.

A child with royal blood...

Someday, this child will lead us all to victory...

As time goes on, people change...

As the world around us rapidly advanced...

...a turning point came for the Restorationists.

Listen up, Eldians!

...We will be selecting warriors from various zones around the continent!

...The Marley government needed Subjects of Ymir

...to serve as vessels for the Nine Titans and become Marleyan warriors.

...If chosen, their family will be granted the title of Honorary Marleyans and...

According to info from the Owl, the reason Marley is making a move is to prepare themselves for a struggle for resources as military technology advances.

Though Marley leads the world using the power of the Seven Titans, the end of their dominance is nigh.

A massive cache of fossil fuel lies beneath Paradis, and gone are the days they can ignore it.

But the King of the walls left this warning behind years ago...

"If you ever interfere with us, the millions upon millions of Titans in the walls will flatten the entire world."

As long as this threat exists, none dare to confront him.

The thing is, the Marley government has the same goal as us.

To infiltrate the walls and recover the Founding Titan.

What do we do?

At this rate...

...Marley will get it before us.

If that happens, Eldia won't see the light of day again!

No... There's still a way for us...

We'll have my son Zeke...

...become a Marleyan warrior!

Got it, Zeke?

Everything the Marleyans are telling you is wrong.

But more so than anyone else, you have to obey exactly what they say.

You're the one who will save Eldia from disgrace.

Okay... I understand...

But if anyone, I should have known...

How terrible the sin to besmirch one's beliefs on your children...

Not as a child of royal blood... Not as the hope of restoring Eldia...

But as my son Zeke, had I ever thought of him that way?

In any case, Zeke chose to protect himself and his grandparents...

In exchange for turning in his foolish parents to Marley Public Security.

We're here.

This is...


That's right.

The penal colony of Eldia traitors: Paradis Island.

This is where you'll serve your life sentence...

As a Pure Titan, that is.

Answer me! Who is the Owl?!

Please! No more!

I told you everything! It's true!

That's unfortunate. Let's do another.

I've met you before...

When I was little...

You remember that?

As if I could ever forget what happened that day...!

Please, just kill me... Don't...

Keep walking!

Please not a Titan...


Grisha?! What the hell?!

Why in the world did Zeke betray us?! He's your son!

I was an idiot to entrust everything to you!

The Restorationists! Dina, too!

Say something!

I'm sorry...

Why did we let... a guy like you...?

Eldia is finished...

We've got a lively one here.

You're free to go.


...Hey! Grice!

...Run straight north!
...Hey! Grice!

If you're lucky, you might make it to the wall!

Sergeant Major Gross?

Hmm? This your first time here?

If we let him run off, the Titans we're about to make will chase him down and leave the area.

It won't be long till he's eaten.

Isn't that right, Kruger?


It's him... Without a doubt...

He's the one who killed my sister!

All right!
We've got a bunch to do this time!

Let's get a move on!


Don't do it!


Stop it! Guys, stop it!

...It's Grice! Can't you see?!

...Kruger! He's so loud, I can't stand it.
...It's Grice! Can't you see?!

...Kruger! He's so loud it's annoying.

I still want to interrogate him a bit.

Continue without me.

Oh? A woman this time? What a waste... If only you weren't a devil!



Why are you here? I... I told them everything there is to know...!

She's a royal...!


Could it be... he's trying to cover it up?!

Sheesh. Make him a Titan to shut him up already.

Grisha, I...

No matter what form I take, I promise I'll come and find you.

That's lovely. You'll make a great Titan couple.


Where is this?

Who... am I?

Eren, relax!

You're in the stockades.

You and Mikasa are serving time for insubordination.

Were you having a nightmare, Eren?

Yeah... I was...

You just said... "Who am I?"


You did.

Are you crying, Eren?

I feel like... I just woke up from the longest dream ever.

No... Not a dream...


Just now, I was connected to my dad's memories.

That Titan...

It was you...


Look! She's running after Grice and forgot all about you!

I guess she fancies that guy more than you!

Shut up!

Did you say something?

It's you!

Fifteen years ago, the one who fed my eight-year-old sister to the dogs was you!


Let me get him off your hands.
You can head back to the ship.

Um, yes, sir.

What was that all about?

The Sergeant Major wants some time to have fun, rookie.

It's best to leave it at that.

Kruger. Are you done interrogating?
Let's have that lad dance for us.


I remember you now, son.

Let's not make you a Titan.

I'll have this one turn into a -to -meter Titan so you can fight him.

Why would you... do something like this?

Do you get enjoyment out of people getting eaten by Titans?

Why, you ask?

Because it's interesting.

Do you think that's a little crazy?

But you know, people actually want to see cruelty.

Peace can be such a wonderful thing, but something about it is lacking.

Losing touch with life and death perhaps?

We should live thinking this might be the last day we've got.

That's the only proper state of mind for living things.

I'm ready to accept it when that day comes for me.

That's because I've faced this cruel world head on and deepened my understanding of it.

Yeah... It was educational having my sons' dogs eat your sister.

Do you not feel any remorse?

Well, I get what you're saying.

If something like that happened to one of my sons, it would crush my heart.

You poor things.

If only you weren't Eldians.

Look. That's your people's true form.

All it takes is some Titan spinal fluid and you turn into gigantic monsters.

The world needs to wipe out every last one of you Eldians.

That's the wish of humanity everywhere.

What did you...?

Of course I don't feel remorse.

You're the murderers here.

What were you Restorationists planning to do to Marley?

Don't you feel any remorse?

It's a lie! I know the truth!

Our founder Ymir helped people prosper on the continent...

Yeah, whatever.

Since your history is so grand, go and share it with your friend down below!

Stop it! Don't!

Hear that? Your sister is calling for you!


Well? Is it really that interesting?


I'm the Owl.

Remember this, Grisha.

A Titan uses their power like this.

A Titan's power revealed by Grisha's past...

The men's fierce desire to pursue freedom...is passed on to Eren.

Next episode: "Attack Titan."