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01x02 - Revenge
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Author:  bunniefuu [ 03/26/19 19:50 ]
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Eight years ago I was leader prosecutor on a murder trial that divided the country.

When the jury found movie star Sevvy Johnson not guilty of double homicide, I was devastated.

You did everything you could, Maya.

I walked out of the courtroom and left that life and everyone in it behind.

But then the unthinkable happened.

He killed again.

You have to come back, Maya.

This time, we're gonna get him.

- I can't go back to jail.
- You won't.

The police know who the killer is...

- Ben Mitchell.
- Being back is complicated.

You're supposed to be ride or die.

I didn't even know where you'd gone.

Nothing and no one is the same...

- You got married.
- Yeah.

...including me.

- She's been through a lot.
- So have you, but you stayed when she ran.

The evidence is there.

We just need to find it.

He did it again. He gave me this.

- I am lead on this case.
- Maya's staying.

I'm making her the lead prosecutor.

I just heard from my guy on the inside.

They got a search warrant.

I owe you one.

But I need you to get rid of this now.

This time, he's not gonna get away with it.

I'm gonna get justice.

Yes, sir.

Anything in the pool house?

Possible traces of blood, but not a lot.

I told forensics to put a rush on it.

He looks older.

He'd probably tell you the last eight years have been tough on him.

No more starring roles, living off foreign endorsements.

He killed two women and got away with it... and he still gets to live in this place.

I need to make it right.

If he killed Jessica, we're gonna put him away this time... for good.

You're damn right we are.

Your retainer just cleared.

$ . million's a hell of a lot more than a retainer.

The heads-up about the search... that was for free.

- I didn't need a heads-up...
- Mm-hmm.

...and I have nothing to hide.

So, uh... we're good?

Yeah, we're good.

Cops ain't gonna find anything.


Stay put.

I'm gonna go earn the big bucks.

Hey, hey, hey!

I want to see everything that leaves this house.


I can't talk to you without your attorney present.

Hey. Why you doing this, huh?

You lost, so what now? You want revenge?

You hate me for not suffering enough?

Is that it? 'Cause, believe me, I have.

This isn't personal, Mr. Johnson.

It never has been.

Right now the only thing I care about is, did you kill Jessica Meyer?

I... did... not.

Then the evidence will bear you out.

Evidence doesn't lie. People do.


Hey, your investigator found something in the little girl's room.

- What the hell you doing in Sunny's room?
- Hey, relax, buddy.

- Get your hands... She's a kid!
- Hey! Relax!

Can you explain to your client how a search warrant works?

Keep her out of my daughter's room, man!

I heard you found something in the dollhouse attic.

You need a light?

I got one.

Nice work, CJ.

Cash, key, burner phone.

Go Bag.

Sevvy's ready to run.


If he put the Go Bag together before the murder, that would show premeditation.

Well, my team is tracking the cash and the car key, and LAPD's working on the burner phone.

You're back!

We've been waiting with bated breath.

We have enough to make an arrest?

No one benefits from dragging this out.

But you benefit from getting it over with quickly, right?

You know what? As the D.A., I have to think about voters.

That's a reality.

I think we learned eight years ago that a three-ring circus isn't great for anyone.

It'll take weeks to examine what we found at the house.

The Go Bag is incriminating, but we're under a microscope.

Even with the Jessica tapes, it's not enough to make an arrest.

Meanwhile, Ezra Wolf is selling the public a B.S. story about Ben Mitchell, Jessica's personal-training client, being the murderer.

Bad luck for him that he found her body.

We need to counterattack.

I'm gonna hold a press conference, get it out there that Sevvy was planning to flee.

And then Wolf will twist that into more B.S. about how the D.A.'s office has a vendetta against Johnson.

I'm not gonna sink to Wolf's level.

I try my case in court, not the press.

Our job is to follow the evidence.

So, you think we should just sit back and let the public believe Wolf's made-up story?

The only story that matters to us is Jessica's... what happened and why and the proof of who did it.

We only get one chance to tell this story.

We have to get it right.

- I understand all of that, but...
- Maya's the lead on this.

Isn't that what you decided, Collier?

- Right.
- Great.

Then let her lead.

I heard your car pull in.

I was worried.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

I just wish all this wasn't happening.

Me, too.

And the bag?

I took care of it.

Good boy.

Did you look inside?

I didn't... didn't think that I should.

Listen, Wolf wants to plan something for tomorrow, wants me to take you guys out for brunch, show the public that we're a happy family, that my children believe in me.

Whatever you need, I'll be there.

Hey, Dad.

It's gonna be okay.

I should be the one telling you that.

- You asked for me?
- Yeah.

I'm gonna need you to be the liaison with forensics.

We can't wait six weeks to get the DNA from the Johnson house.

I hope you don't mind that I disagreed with you earlier.

Not at all. We're a team.

You should speak your mind.

- You mean that?
- Yeah.


I should be lead on this case.

The only thing you bring that I don't is baggage.

- Anything else?
- Yes.

Since you like stories, here's the one Wolf is going to tell... vengeful white lady comes back to town to persecute innocent black man.

If Matthew didn't have a crush on you, he'd see that.

This should be my case, not just because I'm a person of color and it's and optics matter but because I'm a better lawyer than you and I know we can't beat Ezra Wolf from the high road.

Thanks for sharing.

Is she right?

She's not a better lawyer than you.

What you got for me?


Double sauce.

My man.

I got your back, my friend.

You got time to chitchat, or are you cutting straight to the chase?

Straight to the chase. I know you didn't call me here for a picnic.

Spent the day tailing Ben Mitchell, like you asked me.

- And this is where he landed?
- Not quite.

Edify me.

Well, why tell when I can show?

The car key from the Go Bag is a Lexus IS.

Can you tie it to Johnson?

That's what I'm working on.

You need to see this.

Thank you all for coming out.
This will be fast.

While the D.A.'s office was on a search-and-destroy mission

at the house of an innocent man,

they let the real killer,

Ben Mitchell, dispose of evidence.

But my investigator was here to see it.

This is what Ben Mitchell wanted to hide...

a necklace belonging to his victim,

Jessica Meyer.

It's in that Dumpster right now.

That's right.

I'm doing your job for you, Maya.

If you won't look for the real killer,

then I will.

Wanna know where I just came from?

Cher's house.

She was about to sing "Believe."

I love that song.

But I had to leave 'cause you all screwed up.

- Alan...
- What the ever-loving hell happened?!

- Wolf had a tail on Ben Mitchell.
- I got that.

Why didn't we have a tail on him?

Detectives interviewed Mitchell three times.

They didn't think he was a factor in the case, and neither did we.

What about this beauty?

Ben and Jessica partying it up?

Our office is being out-investigated by Ezra Wolf.

He's killing us in the press.
He's winning right now.

Do you know how bad this looks for me?

Where are you going?!

I'm gonna talk to Ben Mitchell before the press does, which I would have done already if we didn't have to wait for you to get back from Cher's.

What she said.

Loni, would you shut the door on your way out?


You know who else was at the party?

Elton John?

Talar Petrossian.

She said you had lunch with her.

She's an old friend.

She's a big-league fundraiser.

I think I'm starting to see your sudden hankering for press conferences.

You want the exposure 'cause you want my job.

Talar reached out to me.

I'm just keeping my options open.

Just to be clear, if there's any face in front of a camera, it's me.

So far, Ben Mitchell has not...

Oh, there's Ms. Travis right now.

- Maya!
- Real quick, please.

One second, please. Maya!

Are you ready to press charges yet?

Is Ben Mitchell a suspect?

Ben Mitchell's a witness, nothing more.

Maya, are you here to make an arrest?

- No comment.
- Is Sevvy Johnson innocent?

- No comment.
- Were Ben and Jessica lovers?

- No comment.
- Why did he do it?

Respect his privacy, please, and back up!

Excuse me.

- Mr. Mitchell, I'm Maya...
- Just come in. Just come in.

I didn't kill Jessica.
Ezra Wolf is a liar.

Would you like some water?
We're not in a rush.

He keeps saying I killed her.

I can't even go to the office.

The way people are looking at me...

Mr. Mitchell, we do have to ask you about the necklace.

Would you like to sit down?

Was the necklace Jessica's?


A couple weeks ago, a-after one of our training sessions, I noticed it on the ground.

It must've fallen off, so I took it home.

I was gonna return it to her, and then...that day, I...

The day you found her body?

When I, um...
When I found her... like that, I, uh...

You already spoke to the police on the scene.

Why didn't you tell them about the necklace?

Well, I... I d... I didn't think about it until Ezra Wolf told the world I'm a murderer.

I just... I-I-I panicked.

I remembered it was in my gym bag, and all I could think was, "Get rid of it."

I know it makes me look bad, but I-I...

I didn't kill her.

I should tell you, I...

I deleted a photo of me and Jess from my Instagram account.

We're aware of the photo.

Did you and Jessica hang out a lot?

No. Only that once.

I knew the press was gonna be all over anything about her, and I'm a private person.

I didn't want to be hounded by them.

And now I-I-I... I can't even go to the grocery store.

I feel like the whole world hates me.

Will it ever end?

If can clear you of Jessica's murder, this will fade.

People will move on to someone else.

But how long will that take?

I don't know.

But you'll get through this.

You will.

Ding dong. It's Uncle Ezra... a.k.a. your personal chauffeur.

It's time for brunch with your dad.

I told Ares I wasn't going to the brunch today.

Oh, right. Yeah, he did mention that.

You look tired.
You haven't been sleeping well?

I don't think anyone in my family is sleeping much.


But maybe... just maybe... you have a guilty conscience.

I read the search warrant.

Maya Travis got probable cause to search your dad's house from a storage locker belonging to an "unnamed CI."

Yeah. I put the pieces together.

Are you gonna tell my dad?


I know how the prosecution works.

They'll say anything to get what they want.

Me? I'm on your side.


I've known you since you were
years old.

I know you wouldn't abandon your dad when he needs you the most.


- Yeah.
- Okay, then.

Now, as long as you play your part, you smile for the camera, we'll keep this our little secret.

Come on. Everybody's getting ready at your dad's.

Ares has picked out a nice dress for you.

Something yellow, I think.

You'll look like sunshine.

We create reality, okay?

People don't know what to believe, so we tell them, okay?

We all know what a close-knit, deeply loving family you are, but we need the public to know that, too.

So, to that end, I have chosen your brunch spot carefully to maximize exposure.

All you need to do is be yourselves and let social-media nature take its course.

Needless to say, it is imperative that you be the absolute best versions of yourselves, okay?

Do smile.

Do touch each other affectionately.

Do not talk to reporters or let yourselves be provoked by paparazzi.

- Deal.
- Gotcha.

That? The pacing and the hunched body language?

Screams guilty.

Yeah, I need relaxed bodies, soft shoulders.

You're an actor.
You can manage that, right?

Yeah. I can manage that.

Star! You're here.

Let's get you dressed.

Hello, darling.

What's going on with Ben Mitchell?

The prosecution talked to him last night, so now we just sit tight and wait for him to make his next dumb move.

So we can cancel this stupid photo op.

We don't need to do it if Mitchell's gonna be arrested,

- do we?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, pardner.

You're getting way ahead of yourself.

He just threw away a necklace.
That's all.

No. You said he killed her.

I say a lot of things.

I mean, you can't afford to buy into my hype.

You have to keep your eye on the ball.

You still think I did it.

It doesn't matter what I think.

Just play the game.

Enjoy the eggs Benedict.

Ben Mitchell said Jessica was already dead when he arrived for his training session.

Did the responding officers

- sense anything off with him?
- No.

And they tested his hands and his clothes?

No blood spatter, no fingerprints on the murder weapon.

Everything says Ben Mitchell didn't kill her, but why do I feel like I have to save him from Ezra Wolf?

Hero complex?

Here's what I don't get. Okay, this is a popular beach, even at that time of the morning.

Nobody saw anything?

Cops interviewed all the beach bums and surfer dudes, fitness freaks.

So far, no luck.

I got to take this.


I promise.

No. You're gonna be fine.


I love you.

There was a bonfire down the beach.

Maybe there was a party the night before Jessica was killed.

Those things can go late.

Do you have any friends that work in Malibu private security?

One or two.

They might tell me something that they won't tell the cops.

So... was that your boyfriend on the phone?


- Do you have a husband now?
- No, Maya. I have an ex-husband... soon-to-be... and I have a daughter, Maya.

She's .

Oh, my God. I didn't know.

Well, it's been eight years, Maya.

There's a lot you don't know.

No phone calls, no texts, not even a Christmas card.

I don't know you anymore, Maya, and you sure as hell don't know me.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean...

Well, of course you didn't mean it.

You were just thinking about you and your feelings, but... you know that thing that Maya Angelou says... when someone shows you who they are, believe them?

When the going gets rough, you are someone who leaves.

You have no idea what it felt like to be me eight years ago.


Was your face on the news all day, every day?

Was your entire life dissected... your hair, your clothes, every single decision, every mistake?

Nobody knows your name.

Nobody blames you for letting a murderer walk.

You know what? You're right.
We're not friends anymore.

We just work together.

What the hell?

The car key we found in Sunny Johnson's bedroom.

The registration came back to Ben Mitchell?

We thought the Go Bag was Sevvy's.

What if it was Jessica's?

She was the one who was planning to run.

And Ben Mitchell was helping her leave.

He lied to us.

How are you?


This just feels so wrong.

Jessica's dead, and we're doing a photo op?

I get that you're upset.

We're all upset.

But he's our dad, and he needs us.

You've always idolized him, even when you were a kid, but, Gabe, it's time to grow up.

He's always been there for me, even when I had no one.


Well... he's not as great as you think he is.

How are you feeling about all of this?

Why'd you lawyer up? Is the D.A. going to charge you?

- Were you Jessica's lover?
- Did you kill Jessica?

Ben Mitchell didn't kill anyone.

- No further comment.
- Did you kill her?

What was the nature of your relationship?

Mitchell's on his way up. You ready?

Let him stew.

- You want me in the interview?
- No, thanks.

I asked Detective North to join.

The customers are getting in the game.

I've got three tweets, four Instagram posts, and the table on the right just started a live video feed.

We are on the way to critical mass.

- Excellent.
- Got you your favorite...

- chocolate chip with banana.
- Thanks, Daddy.

There you go, darling.

Junior, you speak to your brother?

- Mm-hmm.
- How was his trip back to school?

Oh, he's good. Flight was on time.

He scored an aisle seat.

Hey, did you catch that game last night?

No, I missed it.

We've got another live feed.

How 'bout you, son?
You working this weekend?

- Tell Star to scoot left.
- ...bring Sunny down for a quick lesson.

- Hear that, Sunny? Hmm?
- Scoot to your left.

The table behind you is live-streaming.

Star, it's been a while since you've been over the house.

Sunny was hoping you could come over and have a swim.

Oh, not today. I'm sorry, Sunny.

It's okay.

- Maybe time, huh?
- Yeah.

I feel sick.

I'm gonna take a car home.

- Where is she going?
- No, Star.


Star, what are you doing here?

- What's the story with your father?
- My daughter is grieving her friend.

She has a right to do that in peace.

This was Jessica's favorite restaurant.

We came here today

- to honor her memory...
- Oh, no.

- No.
- No.

- a family.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I would appreciate if you could respect it.

The LAPD served a search warrant on your house yesterday.

- Any comment?
- No comment.

Don... You have no comment.

I want the police to find

the monster that killed Jessica.

And if searching the home that we shared helps them do that,

then I'm all for it.

They know that they have my complete cooperation

and that I will do whatever it takes

to get justice for Jessica.

Oh, he's good.


He's good.

Why didn't you tell us you bought Jessica a car?

Or that you emptied your savings account to give her $ , ?

I should have, I wanted to, but I was scared.

I thought if I just kept quiet, it would all go away.

That's a lot of money to give somebody who's just your trainer.

I had to help her get away from him.

- From Sevvy Johnson?
- He hurt her.

- I saw the bruises.
- You need to check this out.

What the hell is that?

No idea.

"I'm worried about you. You need to leave him."

"Why won't you answer my calls?

He's no good for you."

Sound familiar?

"You're a liar and a user!

I'm not going to let you do this to me."

These are the texts we found on Jessica's burner phone.

They're all from you.

And here's the last one you sent the night before she was murdered...

"You took me for all I had.
You played me this whole time.

You deserve what you get, you bitch!"

That's it. We're done here.

She could've been with me.

I did everything for her, and she still chose him!

- This whole thing is her fault!
- Stop!

Next time you want to see him, you better have an arrest warrant.

Don't leave town!

It can't be Ben Mitchell.

I know.

It wasn't supposed to go this way.

I just can't believe it's him.

From the moment I saw you on my porch, I could see the story in my head, and it always ended with Sevvy Johnson behind bars.

That's why I brought you here... so we could finally bring him to justice together.

He killed two women.

He abused Jessica. We know that.

How can it be Ben Mitchell?!

I want revenge.

I do.

I want to see Sevvy Johnson rot.

This was my one chance to make it right and it's gone.

Well, there she is... the prosecutress with the mostess.

I was beginning to think you didn't like me.

I just walked up flights in heels.

What do you want?

The whole smorgasbord.

What you found in Sevvy's house, what's going on with Ben Mitchell... all of it.



I am done talking to you. It was a mistake.

What's with the sudden attack of conscience?

I was pissed off that Maya took my case, and I wanted to hurt her.

- Uh-huh.
- I can do stupid, impulsive things

- when I'm pissed off.
- And now you want backsies.

This is not fourth grade.

It's not the way it works.

I call, you jump, and you tell me what you want to know.

Or my next call will be to the D.A., Alan Wiest, and then you can kiss your job and your bar card and your career as a lawyer goodbye.

- It was worth a shot.
- Mm-hmm.

I thought maybe you had a shred of decency.


- We found a Go Bag.
- Mm-hmm.

Cash, car keys, cellphone.

We thought it was Sevvy's. It wasn't.

Let's just say things don't look good for Mitchell.


Thank you.

And try wedges.

My ex-wives say they're kinder to the feet.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You okay?

I was worried.

I'm fine.

Wolf called.


Looks like they're gonna arrest Ben Mitchell, maybe by tonight.


That'll be a relief to Jessica's parents.

I'll give them a call and see how they're doing.

- Dad.
- I to believe in me, Star.

You said yourself they're gonna arrest that guy...


Talk to me.

I know you used to hit Mom.

I remember.

I made a lot of mistakes in my life, baby.

And for many reasons, I was an angry man back then, but that's not who I am anymore, darling.

Did you ever hurt Jessica?


I believe you.

I believe you.

I believe you, Dad.

I had an "aha" moment.

The reason you were so determined to bring Maya back for this case.

You're covering your ass.

You want her to take the hit if this thing turns into a crapshow, which it is rapidly doing.

I would never throw one of my lawyers under the bus.


Right. Right.

I figured it out.

How long 'til Maya figures it out, too?

Murder suspect Ben Mitchell, a former I.T. consultant for Horizon Platform Solutions,

is reportedly holed up here in his Woodland Hills home.

Mitchell was a personal-training client of Jessica Meyer,

who was murdered approximately a week ago.

While the prosecution has declined to comment,

there is speculation
that Mitchell was obsessed

with the victim.

Sources close to the case say an arrest is imminent.

Wolf and his defense team had been tracking

Ben Mitchell early on

after it was revealed he discovered

Jessica Meyer's body.

...stylist Lindsay Berg, who briefly dated Mitchell

after they met on a popular dating app.

We had coffee. He was super awkward.

He kind of had that serial-killer vibe, you know?

Movie star Sevvy Johnson, who had been considered...

We may have a witness.

Who is it?

This kid who was at the bonfire party the night before Jessica was killed.

My guy at Malibu Home Security said most of the kids signed out of the gated community by the beach around : a.m., but this kid, Max Shen, he didn't sign out until : .

So he was in the vicinity around the time Jessica was murdered.

I tracked the family down to a campground in Santa Paula.

They're driving back now.

His mom has agreed to let him talk to us.

Well, to you.

She's a fan.

We're trying to figure out who killed Jessica Meyer.

My mom says you're famous.

I-I was.

You were at Malibu Beach the night before Jessica was killed.

Do you have any information about her death?

- Answer her.
- It's okay.

You're not in trouble. I promise.

Did you see Jessica?


Yes, I saw her.

Max, I need you to tell me everything you remember.

I was... pretty wasted.

Then I guess I passed out, and then something woke me up right before the sun was rising.

And that's when I saw her.


She was covered in blood.

She was dead.

My name is Ben.

I need to confess.

What about this man?

Have you seen him?

- Maya, you need to see this.
- We're in the middle of something...


I've done a lot of bad things in my life.

Tha... That's the guy! That's the guy that was at the beach!

I've hurt myself and others...

- What's going on?
- ...people I love.

Ben Mitchell's confessing his sins.


I didn't stick up for my little brother

when he was getting beat up.

I hit a dog when I was driving home one night.

I didn't stop. I should've stopped.

Get to the part where you killed a woman.

I should've been a better son.

I'm sorry, Mom.

There are no excuses.

He's losing it.
Max, t-tell me what you saw.

I was about to call , but then that guy pulled up next to the beach.

He started walking towards the dead girl, and when he saw her, he freaked out.

Wait, Ben Mitchell arrived after Jessica was already dead?

For sure. So I got the hell out of there.

I-I figured he'd call the cops, leave me out of it.

We need to call Ben, tell him he's in the clear.

My only hope is that you'll forgive me

for all the things I've done.

I wanted to be better.

There are so many ways I could've been a better man.

But I did not kill Jessica Meyer.


I was trying to help her to get away from him.

- He's not answering.
- This guy's in trouble.

I need to get an APB on Ben Mitchell.

I'm just... so tired.

You win.

What is he doing?


Oh, my God.



Wasn't your fault.

I know that's what you're thinking.

I should have gone easier on him today or... tried harder to keep his name out of the press.

Ezra Wolf... he put Ben on blast.

Destroyed that man.

Not you.

I've been such a bitch.

We're not supposed to use that word anymore.

I don't hear you disagreeing.

You were hurt.

I get it.

You know, I...

I saw... what you went through back then.

But I never...

I never felt it, not until today...

...not until I saw what happened to Ben.

The world wrecked him.

And you did what you had to do to survive.

And I don't get to be angry about it.

You forgive me?

Come here.

There's nothin' to forgive.

Ezra Wolf is gonna obliterate everything in his path to get Sevvy off.

And he'll succeed if we don't stop him.

So, what do you want to do about it?

It's already in motion.

I'm gonna out-wolf the Wolf.

Ezra Wolf killed Ben Mitchell.

Wolf likes to say that we at the D.A.'s office rush to judgment, when he is the one who publicly called for Ben Mitchell's head.

It's the same crap he pulled eight years ago.

Don't let him get away with it.

It's too late to save Ben, but I am not gonna let the lives of any more innocent people be destroyed by Ezra Wolf.

I will not let him twist the truth or play the race card.

This case is not about race.

It's about domestic violence.

Sevvy Johnson killed Jessica Meyer, and we are going to prove that.

But you've heard enough from Ezra Wolf and from me.

It's time to let Jessica speak.

He did it again.

He gave me this when I said I wasn't ready to leave

Ray's dinner party last night.

He gave me this when we got home.

I laughed too hard

when Gabe made fun of Sevvy's crappy golf swing.

I'm such an idiot.

My dad tried to warn me,

and I should have listened.


Dad, are you seeing this?!

I am not gonna wait around for him to change

- and end up like her.
- Dad!

I'm taking these videos to the police.

Maya, is this enough to arrest Sevvy?

One at a time, please.

I will answer everybody's questions.

I'm not going anywhere. I promise.

Do you feel the D.A.'s office has enough to indict Sevvy?

Sevvy Johnson killed Je...

We can spin this.

I don't know how yet, but I'll figure it out. We can spin anything.

Am I a terrible person?

We're people of our time.

And it's a terrible time.


This good?



Oh, my God, it's been so long.

Oh, my God.

Did you do it?!

Did you kill Jessica?!

Answer me!

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