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01x04 - The Ghost Sonata
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Previously on "Pretty Little Liars
- The Perfectionists"

- Find something?
- No.

- What are you looking for?
- Secrets.

Dana Booker's looking into three people in the investigation of Nolan's murder.

Nothing stays secret forever.

I know you had nothing to do with it.

But Dylan is a small-town boy and Ava is a felon's daughter.

Did he have something on them?

- What is that?
- It's Nolan's stash.

There's a note, "One of you is a rat either you tell her or I will."

This campus, this town..

- Something's wrong here.
- What?

I think Taylor Hotchkiss might be alive.

What do you know about Mason Gregory?

He used to be besties with Nolan.

And that probably ended when Nolan started dating his girlfriend.

Do you want us to walk you home?

I mean, there's a killer on the loose after all.

- No, I'm-I'm good.
- Suit yourself.

I think I know who was in the woods that night.

It was Mason.

Ava followed Nolan the night he was killed.

And she saw him inside the cabin with a blonde.

Who you think was Taylor Hotchkiss?

It's possible.

- Ali..
- _


Taylor Hotchkiss is dead.

And I was dead myself for a while, and so were you.

Point taken. But this isn't Rosewood.

No, but this place, there's something about it.

Look, I know that's supposed to protect us but, for god sakes, somebody wrote, "They're watching" on my wall. How much are they watching?

Only enough to keep us safe as far as I know.

Beacon Guard didn't protect Nolan or Taylor.

If there's a chance she faked her own death she must be hiding from someone or something.

It could've been the person that killed Nolan.

Taylor committed suicide.

She jumped off the Haskell Road Bridge.

- Did they recover a body?
- No. But there were witnesses.

Who said they saw someone or something fall into the river.

I read the same reports you did.

You know, you're making an awful lot out of one rose.

It's more than just a rose.

What are we talking about then?

- A feeling.
- What kind of feeling?

The same one that told me that you're alive when everyone else thought you were dead.

This Mason theory is held together by chewing gum.

Listen, maybe Mason is like us.

Nolan had something on him, and he just decided the world would be a better place without him.

You really think Mason killed Nolan?

And put that rat in my car.

If it's true, he stole Nolan's stash

- and knows our secrets.
- _

Heads-up, he's here.

Hey, I, uh, hope you don't mind. I put this on your tab.

I know you can afford it.

So, how are the Three Musketeers doin', huh?

Well, it's not like we're exactly joined at the hip.

Oh, yeah, that's right, I mean you guys were joined at the Nolan, right?

I have been thinkin' about you.

- Why?
- You know, it's getting late.

- I think that we should...
- 'Oh, no, no.'

This won't take long.
Trust me. You can stay.

No secrets between friends, right?

Or fake friends, for that matter.

- What do you want, Mason?
- I want what Nolan had.

And just like him, I'm willing to use what I know when I have to.

So, we should hang out. Soon.

You know, I miss spending time with your moms.

Like the old days.

Oh, Dylan, uh, buddy... I've been reading those papers that you wrote for Nolan. It's good stuff.

Well, what makes you think I ever did that?

Nice try.

Look, how 'bout you keep doing for me what you were doing for Nolan. Alright?

I don't know what you're talking about, man. I'm sorry.

Then I'll clarify.

Y-you're still into your boyfriend, right?

The two of you are still a thing?

Then, same arrangement as last year.

Mona, I told you.

I think Taylor is alive.

If this can't help us find her, why are we looking at it?

You are looking inside the core of the Hotchkiss Beacon Guard system.

And that... is the program I wrote.

It's pretty.

Well, what do you want me to say?

It's letters and numbers.

My letters, my numbers my crystal ball.

Your Beacon Heights success predictor.

Yes, but somebody has been messing with it.

And they had me thrown off the system so I wouldn't see the changes.

So, it's not looking for smart people anymore?

Well, no, it's still doing that.

But now it's looking for, uh particular kind of smart person.

Someone who matches a new criteria.

- What's the criteria?
- I don't know yet.

So far, it's only found two people who match.

Anyone we know?


What do I have in common with Caitlin?

Well, I'm her adviser, so it should be easy for me to snoop around.

You're an adviser?

Almost all faculty is assigned students to mentor.

It's adding somebody to the list.

"Ray Hogadorn."

Who the hell's Ray Hogadorn?

So, I thought the interview for my congressional internship was set.

It is, it's just as your adviser

I wanted to check-in with you personally.

So, why do want this particular congressional internship?

I mean, wouldn't it just be easier to get a job in your mom's office?

Well, that would tell people more about my mom than it would about me.

And what do you want people to know about you?

That I'm gonna be the first Olympic gold medalist to sit in the Oval Office.

You know, you remind me of a very determined friend of mine.

Someone you know actually.

- Alison DiLaurentis.
- Oh!

- Uh, you're friends?
- Oh..

We go way back, the two of us.

What do you think of her?

I, uh, like her.

Yeah, she seems intuitive, loyal and she takes chances on people when she doesn't have to.

So she puts herself out there she's loyal and intuitive.

- That's interesting.
- Is it?

Those are the three comments I wrote about you after our initial interview.

- Oh. Wow. That's, uh...
- Thank you for stopping by.

You can go.

Hey, you okay?

I think so.

Should be doin' this when the place is closed but they don't wanna pay any overtime.

- Sorry.
- No harm done.


"Mommie Dearest" is playing at the Retro.

And there's no way you're telling me you have too much work to do. We're going.

I have too much work to do. I'm sorry.

It's our favorite movie. Come on.

It's a date.

Oh, I met a friend of yours today.

He introduced himself to me at the library.

Oh, yeah? Who?

Mason Gregory.

Yeah? What did he say?

I think he was flirting with me so you better be careful.

Treat me right and buy me some popcorn tonight.

Haven't they given you an office yet?

- I'd complain.
- I have an office.

It's very nice.

But I like to get out and around the campus.

It gives me feel for the place.

I've been looking into your records.

You're very consciences about paying your tuition.

You always pay with a cashier's check never a deposit account.

Don't you trust banks?

Well, it's my money.

So where I keep it is my business.

That's true.

If it is your money.


- Hi.
- Hi.

I was just gonna text you.

Can you do our study session a half hour later?

Ah, Caitlin and Dylan can.


Yeah, I'll see you then.


I thought you were supposed to be solving a murder.

I am.

So many suspects.

Have you made a checklist of all of Nolan's enemies?

I don't understand why you're working so hard to help.

You read my file. That's why I'm here.

To help these kids.

They're under so much pressure.

I thought I had a fix on you.

But the more I know, the less I'm sure.

I haven't figured you out at all yet.

Don't feel bad.

A lot of people have tried.

Thank you, Marta.

Jeremy? What are you doing here?

Presenting a research proposal to Mrs. Hotchkiss.

What are you doing here?

W-we're family friends. Remember?

Wait. This is perfect.

We've met now.

- I can ask you out for coffee.
- Mm-hm.

- And I can say yes.
- Mm-hm.

Dona's donuts and pies? Tonight at : ?

Coffee and pie. How decadent.

Oh, Caitlin. What a nice surprise.

Oh, you know, Jeremy Beckett.

- Jeremy, this is...
- Caitlin. We just met.

Jeremy is an expert in large-scale data analysis and a welcome addition to Hotchkiss.

Oh. Sounds impressive.

Oh, your funding has been approved.

Thank you.

And it was lovely meeting you, Caitlin.


I can't do it.

- Do what?
- Spy on Ava and Dylan.

They're my friends.

I know you're helping me by keeping that picture under wraps but you're helping you too.

You're one of my mother's biggest donors.

I thought you wanted justice for Nolan as much as I do.

I do.

But Booker's harassing the wrong people.

We were all together that night at Alison's.

The entire night? All of you?


And I promise, Dana Booker is wrong about this.

We want what you want.

For Nolan's killer to be brought to justice.

I hope that's true, Caitlin.

For your sake.

You can show yourself out.

Get me Dana Booker.

Caitlin just lied to my face.

Turn up the heat.

I've made a decision.

I'm not gonna let Mason blow us up.

Whatever it is, I'm totally in.

Sounds like you have a plan.

Yeah, I'm gonna hang out with him.

- A bad plan.
- Yeah.

Look, if Mason did what we think he did, he's a killer.

I don't think he wants to hurt me.

I mean, Mason and Nolan and I, we all grew up here.

You know, we went trick- or-treating together as kids.

Yeah, well, I went trick- or-treating with Betsy Burnham and she was a perfectly polite little mermaid until she sugar crashed and tried to light my hair on fire.

Yeah. Nolan's gone.

Mason made it very clear last night.

He's trying to take Nolan's place.

Mason trusts me.

I can use that to find out the truth.

What if I record our conversation?

If he admits to anything, we can use it against him we just turn it into the police.

And Mason goes away.

Along with all our secrets.

What do you guys say?


But, Caitlin, you're not doing this alone.

I mean, you come up with a plan, and Ava and I'll be there to back you up.

Oh, my God.

- Ava: Did Mason do that?
- _

- sh1t!
- Where is he?


Scoreboard messages are controlled by the athletic offices which means that someone must've hacked into their computer.

And you think that was Mason?

- Yeah. He was in my programming
- _

class and he was good.

I'm better, but he was good.

Yeah, we can connect him to what we said in the woods uh, what happened at the vigil and the cabin.

Where you saw the blonde.

Do you guys think that the blonde and Mason could be working together?

So, who's the rat?

I wasn't expecting an answer.

But if Mason knows your secrets he's got all the power.

Yeah. We know.

If you can't tell the world your secrets consider telling each other.

Secrets have a way of keeping you close.

And you need each other.

They're secrets for a reason.

I didn't say it was gonna be easy, Dylan.

But I lived through this.

My friends and I, we didn't just survive we became family.

Where did you get these books?

Oh, there were just a couple of boxes left in the basement.

This book belongs to Taylor Hotchkiss.

- She changed the maps.
- _

Why would she do that?

I don't know.

Thank you for meeting with me.

I just wanted to show you these.

I found it at the house.

I thought you might wanna have them.


Oh, you can keep them there.
That's where they belong.

Taylor had so much imagination.

She thought the Emerald City was out there in the woods around our house and she was going to find it.

She could overlay her own personal geography on the real world.

You've lost people, haven't you?

Yes, I have.

Did strangers tell you how brave you were?


People are always saying how brave I am.

They said it when Nolan was killed.

They said it when Taylor left.

They said it when my husband was shot because he walked down an alley at the precise..

Wrong moment.

All that loss and look how brave she is.

Being brave can make you very tired.

Yes, it can.

Is that why Beacon Guard?
Because of your husband?

Because you didn't want anyone else to have to be so brave?

Well, that was the idea but, uh, not the result.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

I want you coming on stage in the finale with your cello.

And I want you shredding something amazing and leading my models down the runway like, you're the, the Pied Piper or something.

No, you don't want my cello. You want...


Do you play the violin?

Yeah, it's got four strings and a bow. Of course.

We can rent it, too. I mean, is that in your budget?

Yeah, I'll, I'll just figure out a way to cover it somehow.


So, did you think about what Alison said?

About telling each other everything?



You first.

I made a mistake that I'm always going to regret.

If you tell me what it is, I won't judge you.

Not tonight.

I have to find a way to tell someone else first.


I'm late. I know. I'm sorry.

Just give me seconds. I promise, I'll be ready to go.

Just need to find my Joan Crawford T-shirt.

It's not snooping if you only read the top page.

That was not the top page.

It was after I opened and closed the door a couple of times real fast to make a breeze.

This doctors report, says you have a pinched nerve in your shoulder.

You're supposed to be taking a break from playing.

Resting both your arm and your hand to prevent "Permanent nerve damage."

You know what, the doctor is just covering his ass.

Wait, it's your ass I'm worried about.

You have to postpone that audition.

- I can't do that.
- They'll understand.

They'll move on to the next person, is what they'll do.

- It's not that important.
- It is exactly that important.

Is there anything else you've been lying to me about?


When we decided to be exclusive honesty was all I asked you for.


There's something that I wanna talk about that I that I need to tell you.


Bad time?

Oh, for you? Come on.

It's always the right time.


That was the only time, alright? I swear.

I'm sorry, alright? I-I, I was stupid.

I admit it. I..

I shoulda stopped it when it started, but I didn't.

- I'm sorry.
- I so wanna blame the dead guy.

I know what Nolan was like.

I saw him in action and I just wanted to dump it all on him.

But I can't.

Can I?

I love you, Andrew.

I love you.

- Did you love Nolan?
- No.

- Maybe a little bit?
- No.

'Cause I can guarantee you he didn't love you he just wanted to prove that he could do it.

You know that, right?

You knew that while it was happening but you did it anyway.

What can I do to fix this?

You've done enough.

- No, where are you going?
- I don't know,

I just can't be here right now.

You asked me to be honest.

You said that I could tell you anything.

Yeah. Well, that was a mistake.

I over estimated myself..

And you.

I don't know what this list is, but maybe it does have something to do with Taylor.

Okay, you and Caitlin have some personality traits in common but, who the hell is Ray Hogadorn?

He's not on the faculty.

He's not a student.

I'm gonna start matching social security numbers to names and see if I can find him.



Anybody home?

I saw a picture of Emily and the girls on Insta today.

She stopped wearing her wedding ring.

So, what does that mean?

She's moved on.

- And you haven't?
- I guess not.

Ali, you moved across the country.

This tells me that you knew how it was gonna end.

Yeah. I convinced myself that I came here with a clean slate.

That I can prove to Emily that I could live a trustworthy life.

Maybe win her back.

But I realize the truth is..

It was just too hard to be there close to her knowing that we wouldn't be together.

Look, I think you moved on, Alison.

You just never said it out loud.

Thanks, Mona.

You missing a book?

They're Taylor's.

Well, there's still one missing.

"The Patchwork Girl Of Oz."

Okay, well, those were all the books in the box.

Okay, I don't want to talk about you, I wanna talk about me.

What am I gonna do about Bad Bishop?

- What do you know about them?
- Nothing.

Except the way they think.

It should be enough for you.

So, why did you ask me that after the funeral?

About me needing an alibi.

Old habits die hard, you know.

I was feeling protective of you.


Are you sure you don't need an alibi?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure.
I was at a party at the boat house.

All night?

Mason, you know you can tell me the truth... about anything.

You know what's funny?

Because I was gonna say the same thing to you.

And d-don't worry, I would never rat you out.

That's right, I know you like Nolan did.

The good, the bad and the British.

Nolan put up with it, but I don't like him for you.

I'm glad you came around, Cait.

I'm gonna give you a call tomorrow.

You'll answer, right?


You look like you just saw a ghost. What did he say?

Nothing. He has an alibi. He was at a party.

Well, that's not an alibi.

People have seen me having a great time at parties I never even went to.

Well, play the recording.

Maybe there's something that you missed.

Just drop it. I don't think he's our guy.

- Caitlin, what about the...
- I said, drop it.

She looked me in the eyes and lied to me.

She was afraid of something and she didn't want me to know.


Andrew and I got in a fight.

Do you wanna talk about it?

I can't.

Some more secrets.

No, same secret.

I just made the mistake of being honest about it.

Look, whatever it is, it's obvious that you love him.

Yeah, well, I don't know if that'll get us through it.

I'm sorry.

Do you wanna go get drunk?

In a perfect world, yes, but I think we need to talk to Caitlin.

What makes you think she'll be honest with you?

Well, instead of just you it'll be both of us.

Two against one.

Okay, fine. I like the odds.

Straight to voicemail.

Hey, I'll catch up.

What are you doing here?

It's not safe.

How were things at the library?

Did you have fun helping the exterminators?

- I don't follow you.
- Right, well..

When I got your text about being at the library

I went over there because I thought that we could be just as respectable there as in town.

The library was closed.

Were you checking up on me?

No. But maybe I should.

I mean, I had a change of plans.

Something just came up but it's nothing for you to get suspicious about.

Uh, I wasn't suspicious since when we started this conversation.

Nolan's dead, but you're still acting like somebody's controlling you.

You shouldn't be here.

I promise I'll find you later, okay?

Just go.

Thank you so much for meeting with me.

I'm sorry it was late notice.

It sounded urgent.

Yesterday when you were talking about how sharing your secrets keep you close..

Was that just for us or meant for the outside world?

It depends on how outside we're talking about.

Um.. I have a boyfriend.


He's not just my boyfriend.
I'm in love with him.

Nolan knew about him and he looked the way so that we could be this perfect couple.

To cover for him and Ava.

Jeremy knew about Nolan.

About what Nolan was holding over me.

Uh, I wanna be honest with him now.

But I don't want to drag him into this.

If I tell him the truth, he's gonna go after Mason.

So, you think lying to Jeremy will keep him safe?

If anything happened to Jeremy...

This is a tough one, Caitlin.

I can't, in good conscience tell you to lie to somebody that you love.

A relationship is built on trust, but..

I've been in your position.

And I've lied.

It may have ruined us but keeping her safe was more important to me.

That's why you need friends who are like family.



How is Ray connected to Alison and Caitlin?


Bet you'd like that, wouldn't you?




This is the place for you, Ava.

There's no doubt about it.

You're right.

It's great.

What's wrong?

I thought BHU was your top choice.

Dad, look around.

- These were the seven percent.
- A what?

Acceptance rate here is seven percent.

But you knew that before we came here and it was still your top choice.

With everything going on maybe I should go to school close to home.

Ava, it's just an investigation.

Let's not let the FBI and their antics ruin this for you.

This is where you belong.

Far away from the mess I got myself into.

You are my beautiful dreamer and this can be your fresh start.


Hello, Mr. Hogadorn.


Damn, I'm good.


Did you ever find the Emerald City, Taylor?

She thought that the Emerald City was out there in the woods around our house and she was going to find it.

She could overlay her own personal geography on the real world.



Come in.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Sorry, you have a minute?

Yeah, sure.

I lied to you earlier about Mason but I think you already know that.

Yeah. Figured.

I'm the rat.

When you and Nolan started, I knew about it.

He told me.

I looked you up on the Internet and there it was.

I mean, everything about your family and your parents taking the money.

Nobody here put it together because you were using your middle name at the time and I told one person and..

Once it was out, it just spread like..

Like wildfire.

And then everything with the reporters and the press and the media and..

Now, Mason knows and I'm sorry.

I'm the rat.

Ava, please, say something.

My family left me alone to live with their mistakes and I carry the burden of their shame every day.


And then I got into BHU.

And that was my chance to start over.

And you stole that from me.

And I got shamed over and over again.

Do you know what shame feels like?

No. No, of course, you don't.

Because you're Caitlin Park-Lewis.

- Saint Caitlin.
- No.

Every second of your life perfectly curated to pass any government background check.

Seemingly, perfect.

But now I know who you really are.

Now, get out.

I'm sorry.

Get out!



Hey, Jeremy.


I know you're in a staff meeting just wanted to say, I'm sorry, I lied about the library.


The truth is I had a panic attack and, uh, I'm okay now.

I just, uh, I got a lotta things going on with school and I'll call you when things let up.


Does this mean you're back?



Ray Hogadorn?






Listen, I..


Open the door, Taylor.

Please. Open the door.

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