01x01 - Pilot

Batwoman - 01x01 - Pilot

WOMAN: Trust me. This isn't the story I expected to be telling, but you know as well as I do that stories, like the people who tell them, aren't always what they seem.




Let's take a picture, Beth.



Mom! Wake up! No! Mom!

Batman's here. He's gonna save us!

GIRL: Batman, where are you going? Wait!

You're leaving us to die!

Beth, grab my hand!

Grab my hand!

- Kate!
- Mom, Beth, no!


- Too slow.
- You covered the damn hole!

And you found way, own way.

Tomorrow, find faster.


KATE: I suppose I should start here in Gotham.

years ago when Batman mysteriously disappeared, it divided the city.

Some hoped he'd be back, others figured he was dead.

I thought he abandoned Gotham for the same reason he abandoned my family... because he didn't care.




How cute is this little kid?

Mary, you're embarrassing me.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Heh heh. This isn't beneath you, Commander?

Well, it's the only excuse I have to see my radiant wife.

KATE, VOICE-OVER: Concerned the police couldn't keep order in a Gotham without Batman, my dad started Crows Security, a private firm that protects the people that the Dark Knight left behind.

Moore to Crows' nest. North side's clear.

How are we out front?

Perimeter looks good.

What's the word, Vasquez?

- West Side's clear.
- Copy.

Let's lock it up.

All right, Dodgson. How much?

, bucks a plate just to watch a light flip off.

- Must be nice.
- Heh.


Operational leadership at its best, Agent Moore.

Well done tonight.

My pleasure, sir.


WOMAN: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is about reality.

Batman gave up on us.

It's been years, Gotham.

The Bat's not coming back.

Mayor Akins, help us say good-bye to Gotham's outdated tradition.

It's time to turn off the signal.

My kid used to stare at this thing through his bedroom window.

Now I got to be the one to flip it off?

Together, I invite you to gaze out at the Bat-Signal one last time.

Uh, Commander Kane, I just lost our city surveillance.

What about the rooftop feed?

- Sir, we're totally blind.
- Something's up.

Eyes everywhere.


We're gonna start the countdown, Officer.

Copy. Standing by.

AKINS: ...




, , ,

, , .

Turn the light off, boys.

[SOFTLY] What's happening?


"Hello," said Alice.

"Shall we believe the Crows will protect us?"

Heh heh heh. Well, I believe impossible things before breakfast.

Do you feel safe behind these security gates?

Ha ha! Because one of you won't be going home tonight.

The Crows are not the hero of this story, Gotham.

Batman couldn't save you, and neither... will... they.


KANE: Get these people out of here now.

Let's go. Let's go.


Jacob, what the hell are you...

JACOB: Get out now. Let's go.


Agent Moore, do you copy?


JACOB: Sophie, do you copy?





MAN: We got her.



Call for you.

Girl who talk too much.


- Hello?
- Kate, it's Mary.

- Your stepsister.
- Mary, our parents have been married for over a decade.

I know who you are.

Oh. Okay. You have to swear you won't tell anyone

- I'm telling you this...
- Mary, what happened?

Sophie's missing. They think someone took her.

I just... I thought you should know.

Ha ha!

KATE, VOICE-OVER: I'd spent years traveling the world, training with combat and survivalist specialists so I could join the Crows.

Sophie's disappearance brought me home early.

I had to find her, but first,

I had to convince my dad I was ready.

JACOB: Crows represent order, security, safety.

These monsters long for the good, old days when gangs ran around unchecked.

They spread fear by saying, "look at us.

"We can get a crow, we can get your wife, your kid."

Where are we on surveillance?

Afraid it doesn't exist, sir.

If it were any one of you,

Agent Moore would not sleep until you were found.

Let's do the same for her.

Let's bring her home.


Hey, Dad.

Come here, kiddo.

I, uh... I didn't have cream, but please tell me you kicked that vegan thing, huh?

I wish you'd called.

- We're gonna find her.
- Then let me help.

Neck tattoo. That's new.

Dad, I'm ready to come home and work for you.

DODGSON: Sir, Mayor's on two.

He's talking about canceling the movie in the park.

Tell him I'll be right there.

Do you know who took her?

Ruthless, spineless maniacs who frankly don't stand a chance against a team of ex-Navy SEALs and Green Berets.

- And what about me?
- You take after your cousin.

You're a female Bruce Wayne, but unlike him, you actually have a shot at making something of your life.

Bruce was the one person who was actually there for me after Mom and Beth died.

Let me help the Crows find Sophie.

It's great to see you, but I got to take this call.

Ha ha!

How about we don't get expelled a week before graduation?

About that.

How about after we graduate

I take you to the Greek isles for a week alone on a yacht?

All alone...

But, like, with a chef?

- Obviously.
- Heh.

Oh, Shed, things you have seen.

Defacing school property.

Heh. Why not?

Got me to break every other rule.

"Loves." Bold.

MAN: Cadet Katherine Kane, is there something you'd like to report to your squad?

Not that I'm aware of, sir!

Perhaps, you're not aware of the Academy's code of conduct.

KATE, VOICE-OVER: I had to find her, so I needed to go to the one place that always seemed to have the answers, to the heart of Gotham, which just happened to have eyes all over the city.



YOUNG KATE: Bruce isn't in his office. Come on.

BETH: Kate, we're not supposed to be in here.



YOUNG KATE: What's that? Why does Bruce have a girl's necklace?

Come on.

No. Don't think we're supposed to touch that.

Come on.

MAN: Step away from the desk! Move!

Wayne Security.

Not to tell you how to do your job, Mr...

- Luke.
- Luke, but your boss is my cousin.

Think you're the first squatter I've met related to Bruce Wayne?

How the hell did you even get in here?

I'm Kate Kane. I practically grew up here, and Bruce was like my fun, irresponsible big brother.

LUKE: Okay. When's his birthday?

- February .
- Middle name?

Trick question. Doesn't have one.

Favorite soup?

Is it weird that you know that?

If you are Bruce's cousin, you know that no one's heard from him in almost years.

Hey. Yeah. Luke Fox over at Wayne here.

Got another B&E for you.

Bruce gave me a great piece of advice once.

Grow into the person you needed as a kid.

That's great. Police are on their way.

Oh. It... it turns out that the person that I needed as a kid can do this.

Hey! Get these handcuffs off me right now.

Password still "Alfred"?

- Hey!
- You might want to change that.

Wait. You can't... can you just step away from the computer, please?


Hey. What are you doing?

What the Crows aren't able to.

Get this thing off me.

Hey, hey. You can't just...

See the relation now.

Dad, I think I found something.

PEOPLE: Surprise!

MARY: Aah!

Keep us waiting, why don't you?

- Hi.
- Hi!

- Mary.
- Hi.

Where's, uh... where's my dad?

No idea because you, me, cotton candy shots now. Good?

So I'm on the roof, Alice is threatening to kill literally everybody, and the first thought that pops into my brain is "Oh, my God." What a bummer.

Now I'll never be able to read my future children 'Alice in wonderland, '" but then I was like, "Oh, Mary, rearranging your entire life out of fear is exactly how the terrorists win."

Why did you call me?

I may have found a box of pictures in your closet when I was borrowing your Balenciaga T...

- You know what? Never mind.
- Look. I don't know your drama, but we all got a box of picture somewhere.

I just thought you'd want to be here.

MRS. KANE: Welcome home, Katie.

I hope you don't mind my making you the center of attention tonight.

No place I'd rather be.

Then let's make sure we're posting happy photos to our social media accounts.

Because why wouldn't this party have an agenda?

If we feel safe, then our clients feel safe.

Movie in the park is Friday, and it's Gotham's first public event in years.

Anyway, the councilwoman would like a photo, Mary.

Excuse us.

KATE: "I hereby deny the below allegation of homosexual conduct."

Blah, blah, blah. Kiss my ass.

Guess that's that then.

What do you say we burn these and scatter the ashes across the Mediterranean?


I can't. I'm staying.

RIDINGS: ♪ Let me in ♪

You signed it.

I told them what they wanted to hear.

You lied.

I need this school, okay?
I want to be here.

But they don't want you.

Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of being offended by that.

♪ See ♪

And maybe it's best if you just kept your distance from now on.


I know you love me.

Tell me that I'm wrong, and I'll walk away and let you make the biggest mistake of your life.

♪ Don't want to hear my friends say ♪

You're wrong, Kate.

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

I have to go.

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

♪ It's always been you ♪


Dad, I have something.

Where'd you get this?

Wayne's camera feed isn't on the Crows' network.

Wayne's defunct.

DODGSON: Not sure how facial rec's supposed to work here.

They're in masks.

Wait. What does that paddle say?

DODGSON: "Milk," "well-behaved," "C-H."

"Not for the mild, well-behaved child."

It was their creepy disciplinarily motto.

- It was whose model?
- The Burnside Orphanage.

Beth and I used to sneak in there with our ouija board and freak each other out.

That's where they are.

Taylor, get a satellite feed.

I want eyes all over this.

Dodgson, cover the north entrance with me.

Banks takes his team on the south.










Curiouser and curiouser.

Up, up.


I thought you'd been sent away, but now you seem to be... here.




How do you know me?

Better now.

Where's Sophie?

Gone, and just in time because I am not used to being found.

Clever girl.

If you didn't want an audience, I'd be dead.

So what do you want?

I need you to send your father a message.

He thinks he's Gotham's white knight, but he's a bully whose army bullies this city into obedience, and I want the world to know that he doesn't scare me.


I want to take away his power.

Then take me and let Sophie go.

Oh, dear. This is... Quite sad actually.

You poor thing.

You haven't figured it out yet.

I took Sophie because she'll actually get his attention.

Your father doesn't want you, Kate.

He shipped you away, and you show up without the proper postage.

I assumed you knew, but then again, you have been so busy trying to convince him to love you, you sweet, pathetic girl.

Sophie is the daughter your father always wanted, not you... dear.

Who the hell are you?


I'm Alice. How do you do?

JACOB: Dodgson, what do you got?

- Just missed them, sir.
- Where's Kate?

Found her bike stashed in some bushes but no sign of her.

What do you mean no sign of her?

Where am I?

Hi, and don't kill me.

What is this place?

This is my humble, little... Illegal clinic.

Gotham University has generously and unknowingly leant me...

Hey, Mr. Whittaker.

We're gonna have to keep that on, okay?

We talked about this, remember?

Got to keep that on.

Can we be done with this? I got to... unh.

Ooh. Ow. Hang on.

I was mid-stitch.

How did you find me?

Someone dumped you at the door.

One of my guys brought you in.

You have guys?

So I swear this began with me offering water and band-aids, and the next thing you know, I'm the Meredith Grey of Sherwood Forest.

I'm sorry if stealing from my med school makes me a bad person.

It doesn't. It actually makes you deeper than I thought.

Oh. Thanks.

- Done.
- Keep your ear to the street, and if you hear anything about Sophie, call.

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

KATE: I was right. Alice was there, and wherever they went, it's probably not far.

Where the hell have you been?

We thought she took you, too.

I got half my guys out there looking for you!

And here I am telling you her vendetta isn't against Gotham, isn't against the Crows, but against you.

- Why?
- You are not listening.

You ran into an unknown terrorist cell without proper backup.

If you treated me like everybody else,

- I would have had backup.
- Except you're not everyone else.

No, I'm not.

I never will be because no matter what I do trying to prove myself to you, you don't want me.

What did I tell you after you got expelled from the Academy?

Kate, I love you. I wouldn't want you any other way.

I remember what you said because it was right before you sent me away to train for a job that you were never gonna give me.

I was giving you a second chance!

You were getting rid of me!

Because when you look at me, you see Beth, and when you see Beth, you see Mom, and instead of dealing with it, you spent the last years pushing me away!

You win, Dad. I'm gone.


Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey!
How did you even get in... agh.

I know you know where Bruce is.

Call him and tell him that I am looking for someone.

- I have no idea where he is.
- That was me asking nicely.

Okay. If Bruce wanted to come home...

He would. He would for me.

Okay. Ugh.

Someone moved that.

How the hell would you know?

It was my Aunt Martha's.

She was wearing it the night that she and my Uncle Thomas were killed, but he always kept it... here.




Look. You... you don't want to do that.

I mean, it looks really old.

Probably not even up to code, you know, if it even works.

You are seriously not supposed to know what's down there.

So I have this thing with rules.





Bruce Wayne is Batman?

Yeah. I'm dead.

KATE, VOICE-OVER: The Bruce I knew had a million secrets, and now I know why they were kept from me.

Let's take a picture, Beth.

Make sure our necklaces are in it.

There. Ready? Cheese!

What is this guy doing?



KATE: Beth, are you okay?

We're gonna go over!

Batman's here. He's gonna save us!

LUKE: He spent years trying to figure out what went wrong that day.

He knew the car was gonna go over, so he shot two hooks, each with a safe load of one ton.

The weight, the angle...he was so sure he secured the car.

BETH: Go, Kate! Hurry! Get out!

KATE: Where are you going, Batman? Wait!

Wake up now! Mom, please!

Beth, you need to grab my hand now!


Grab my hand!


Beth! No!


Mom! Beth!

The steel in the trunk still ripped away.

It was crappy engineering.

It was the one calculation he didn't make.

I grew up thinking that Batman cared more about getting the bad guy than...

The lives of innocent people.

No. He cared.

He saved kids that day.

He thought he saved your mom and sister, too.

LUKE: I mean, his only living family, and he got it wrong.

Haunted the hell out of him.

Yeah. Don't push that.



Nope. Okay. Heh.

Not about to get my ass fired twice by Batman, so...

Find your own way.

- What?
- That's why Bruce became Batman, to play by his own rules.

It made him terrifying to his enemies.

Yeah, and his friends and his co-workers.

We really need to go.

People aren't afraid anymore.

An army may not scare them, but that will.

I need you to fix his suit.

The suit is literal perfection.

It will be... When it fits a woman.


- Mary.
- We found one Alice's guys.

I think I know where they took Sophie.


♪ Spill wine on my hotel sheets ♪

♪ Oh, well, well, well ♪

♪ We laugh it off with our purple teeth ♪

This way.

♪ Palm trees in the dirty streets ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ And there ain't no place that I'd rather be ♪

♪ I'd give up anything to be with you ♪

♪ Nothing like blue skies in the rearview ♪

I don't like that building.

Who's covering it?

That'd be Dodgson, sir.


[MUFFLED] Dodgson.

I love it.

Have fun.

You, too.

[MUFFLED] Traitor! Don't!



AKINS: Commander, dare I say Gotham is looking a little like the good, old days.

Sorry I had my doubts.

City trusts us for a reason, mayor.

Enjoy the movie. Excuse me.


I haven't missed the show, have I?

Now you tell me where you are, and then I'll dump you at Arkham myself.

We're all mad here, Commander.

I'm mad, you're mad.

Sanity is so... pedestrian.

I want to be memorable, the kind of girl who never leaves your thoughts, so I took it upon myself to fill a crows truck with forget-me-nots.

"How do you like the Queen?" Said the cat.

These are families, kids.

Keep your mouth shut, and everyone will stay alive to see how this boring movie ends.

Try anything, and pfeewww!

Look up.

You'd never forget about Sophie, would you, Commander, your favorite little birdie up in the sky, but, oh, dear, oh, my, can your little birdie fly, for if she moves an inch, she'll die.

Pick one, Commander...

Sophie or Gotham.


Why are you doing this?

Why is a raven like a writing desk?



Who's there?



I thought you were dead.

Simple math.

Barrel weighs pounds.

Birdie weighs a quarter of that.

Once barrel weighs less than bride...

Whoa! Ohh!








Not him.

Mommy, look!

It's Batman!

TOM ODELL: ♪ Love, I have... ♪

WOMAN: Good morning, Gotham.

Your girl Vesper Fairchild here.

So was I dreaming, or is Batman really back?

If so, things are looking up for this city.

If not, I just revealed way too much about my dreams.

Talk to me, Gotham. Are you as excited about Mr. Tall Dark and Unavailable as I am?

BOY: It was so cool, and then Batman flew into the sky and was swinging from buildings.

See? I told you he'd be back.

JACOB: Dodgson and Alice are Crows' priority number one.

What about the Bat, sir?

Oh, come on. Seen these wannabes before.

He gets the city all hot and bothered, and then thanks to a total lack of skill, he usually dies in some spectacular fashion.


Welcome back, Agent Moore.

You say something?

Not important, sir.

All right. Let's find these two.

ODELL: ♪ I can't pretend, oh ♪

♪ I guess that's love ♪

♪ I can't pretend, I can't pretend ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

Wouldn't drink that if I were you.

It's toxic. Christmas gift from Gotham police.

Good to know.

Hi, by the way.

Hi. I heard you came back for me.


MAN: There she is. I thought we talked about never letting you out of my sight again.

I'm fine. Seriously, I'm good.

Tyler, this is Kate.

Kate, Tyler works for Crows International.

TYLER: Sorry to barge in, but, uh, got in late last night, and now I am that annoyingly overprotective husband.

You're married.



Nice to meet you, Tyler.

I should probably go.

See you, Sophie.

RUELLE: ♪ This tear will never mend ♪

♪ How did it come to this? ♪

Figured you'd left town.

I want you to tell me that I was right.

You were never going to make me a Crow.

You're right.

I never wanted you to be a Crow.

The Military was my dream for you.

I'd call in a favor, get you a desk job, a staff, and the occasional papercut would be the only bloodshed you'd ever see.

That wasn't my dream.

No. No. You wanted to be in the action.

That's why I didn't want you to be a Crow...because I'm selfish and overly protective, and I'm terrified and because you're all I have left, Kate, and I don't want to lose you, too.

Look. This is all my way of saying that if... if you want to be part of the team, you're in.


KATE, VOICE-OVER: My dad was running from his pain, but I was running, too, toward everything that didn't want me, a military academy, a private army, my own father.

I spent years searching for a place I fit, and I think I've finally found it.

Some see fear, others hope.

I see the freedom to be myself, to play by own rules.

I believe you're going to come home one day, Bruce, and before you kill me for borrowing a few of your things, I want you to read my story because it's only just begun.

Miss you, your cousin Kate.

LUKE: You know, for a minute there, really felt like he was home.

Hey. Look. For what it's worth,

Bruce never stopped looking for your sister's body.

It is worth more than you think.

Guy had the best tech on the planet.

Why didn't he find her?

BETH: Make sure our necklaces are in it.


ALICE, THINKING: I'll win you over, my dear sister.

The two of us will rule Gotham together.