01x05 - Mine Is a Long and Sad Tale

Previously on "Batwoman"

KATE: I lost my sister Beth.

Remember her?

ALICE: Beth has gone down, down, down the rabbit hole, and she's never coming back.

Alice is looking for a Mouse.

She has big plans for him.

- MARY: What is - KATE: Chipped him.

He leads me to Alice, I figure out who Mouse is.

ALICE: I never understood why you stopped looking for me.

I always thought a father would do anything to find his daughter.

I won't let you forget me, Commander, not again.

ADONA: It's a long way down to the bottom In the darkness underneath KATE, VOICE-OVER: You'd think having spent 9 months in our mother's womb together and every other day for 13 years, we wouldn't be such great mysteries to one another, but we are.

WOMAN: Haunted We are not alone KATE, VOICE-OVER: I don't know what rest of her story is, but that's the puzzle I'm determined to solve WOMAN: Haunted KATE, VOICE-OVER: Before it's too late.


LUKE: They're calling him the Skin Pirate because apparently he likes to take skin from the booty.

- Never say that again.

- I didn't write the article.

Point being whatever they're calling him, he has quite the work ethic.

He hit 3 morgues in one night, and all 3 break-ins were 9 minutes apart.

That's a pretty tight window.


Calculating the quickest route between them.

Can you get eyes on that?


It looks like our he is a she.

Does she look familiar to you?

- Is that Alice?

- No.

You sure about that?

Hang on.

She's not the Skin Pirate, okay?

It's too sick even for her.

Let's not forget we have access to something that GCPD doesn't Wayne's closed circuit cameras.

There aren't many, but let's see if they caught anything.



That's her.

I'll look into whatever the hell she could be using the skin for if you remind me to clear my image search history.

- What are you doing?

- Stopping her.

Whatever she's got planned for Gotham ends today.

You don't even know where she is.

Nope, but I put a tracker in Dodgson.

I know where he is, and she likes to keep her toys close.

Bruce doesn't have night vision goggles.

Batman doesn't do goggles.

ALICE: Forgetting pain is convenient.

Remembering it, agonizing, but recovering the truth is worth the suffering.

Now tell me the truth.

What did you reveal to her?


I wouldn't betray you.


Because if you ruin all I have been working for, off with your head.


It looks like my dear sister wasn't very kind to you, was she?

It's only a matter of time before she gets hers.



I got to rip up the road [GUNFIRE]

I got two nights in a row Oh, we gonna put on a show With the black bull in tow I'm in a holy ghost zone I got a trunk full of gold Don't look at me like that ALICE: I'm not afraid of the dark, and I'm not afraid of you!

Show yourself!



Kinky even for you.

Stealing skin off corpses Sadistic, even for you.

Key word corpses.

I didn't hurt anyone.

What's the skin for?

You hit 3 morgues in one night.

You're working on something.

Dodgson said, uh, you had plans with a Mouse.

Heh heh.

Oh, I'm sure he said lots of silly things when your attention-starved stepsister illegally drugged him.

Is Mouse a real person or a figment of your imagination?

And what are you two planning?

If you keep going down this road, it's gonna end badly, but it doesn't have to.

I can get you into a rehabilitation hospital, a real one, Beth.

Nice try, but Alice will do.

You're gonna have to give me something.

Mouse was the one who found me after the crash.

You do remember the crash?

What happened to you?

Aren't you the great detective?

Figure it out!


- What are you doing?

- Calling dad, just letting him know I'm with you.

But he'll track your phone, and if he finds us, he'll ruin all our fun.

And he'll send you straight to arkham.

- JACOB: Kate?

- KATE: Hi, Dad.

I'm with Alice.

What do you mean you're with Alice?

I have her.

Well, where are you?

I'll send a team.

I'm fine.

She's contained.

- Kate?

- Just thought you should know.

Clock's ticking.

Start talking.

Fine, but I'll have to show you.

Show me?


I don't think so.

The clock's tick, tick, ticking.

Let me down, and I'll tell you all about my Long, sad tale.


So where to begin.

I suppose it started Tsh, tsh, tsh 14 months before Catherine Hamilton faked my death.

What are you talking about?


No one told you.


That is so them.

Those bones, they belonged to a deer.

Our stepmother faked my DNA results, and daddy just found out he had a funeral for Bambi.

I wonder if they have a prenup.

The bones at Miller Farm.

You don't seem that surprised.

Is that because deep down you always knew those bones weren't mine?

And now you know why.

Am I supposed to turn somewhere?

You're not asking the right questions, Kate.

What is my evil plan?

Who am I targeting next?

How am I gonna do it?

When you really need to be asking why?

- Why am I like this?

- Okay.


Oh, you don't want to know that.

I have waited 15 years to hear it.

Well, it all began with an unfortunate event which I remember vividly, and if given the chance again, it would take it back in a heartbeat.

It was a simple, effortless thing that I had done so many times before.

I woke up.

Dad, she woke up.

MAN: Oh, hi.

You must be terrified.

What's your name?


Where am I?

Hello, Beth.

You're okay.

My son Johnny and I were fishing in the river, and we saw you along the rocks.

Any idea how you got there?

Where's my mom?

Well, the police will be here soon.

I'm sure they can call her for you.


She was in the car with me.

She needs help.

It's gonna be okay, all right?

- Are you hungry?

- I want my dad.

I'm gonna make you a sandwich.

ALICE: The little boy just sat there with his hair in his eyes, playing with his trucks.

For him, it was an ordinary day But for me, it was the first worst day of my life.

What was the man's name?

Oh, I have no idea.

What do you mean you have no idea?

He rescued you.

It'll all make more sense when we arrive.

Go down the road a mile, take a right, go two miles, and there's a roadside diner.

Consider it your first stop down the rabbit hole.

SOPHIE: It doesn't make sense.

Why would she call you and not tell you where she was?

No idea.

She knows I'll trace the call.

Maybe that was her intention.

We should get a team together.



For now, it's just you and me.

Sir, it's Alice.

I don't need to read you her resume.

And I don't need another standoff like we had in Burnside Park.


Found her.

She's headed west on the interstate.

Let's go.

MARY: I don't get it.

How could they mix up animal bones with human ones?

I mean, the bone density alone should have tipped them off.

Not to mention the fact that the genomes are completely different.

Because it wasn't a mix-up.

It was a lie.


Are you covering up for the lab's mistake?

Mom, you don't have to do that, okay?

You can just tell me the truth, and we can I am.

I was trying to give Jacob and Kate closure.


You wouldn't do that because that would be That would be horrible.

I am so sorry, Mary, but I wanted you to hear it from me, not from Jacob or Kate, from me.

I know you, okay?

I know you, so please tell me you didn't do this.

WOMAN: Heart in a cage You never will be free You're in for life and a day Oh.

Uh, two beers, please.

None for me.

You do not want to be sober for the remainder of this story.

Trust me.


Just the one beer.

Right back with that.

We're here.

Talk, and what does this place have to do with anything?

Well, when your life unfolds into a nightmare, you pray your dreams will take you elsewhere.

I used to dream of running away with you to a place like this, and then my hunger would wake me.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

This would be entirely easier with two free hands.

You're my sister, Alice.

We spent half our lives together.

Where did that person go?

Down, down, down the rabbit hole.


I'm done messing around.

If you're gonna talk, talk.

If not, we'll just sit here and wait for Dad to find us.

As I was saying, I remember it like it was yesterday The toys, the books, the treats.

Upstairs, there was a room like a child's wonderland.

It was Mouse's room.


Goonies never say die!

He went by Johnny then.


It's leviosa, not leviosar.


I can do any voice I hear.

You kids want lemonade?

CARTOON CHARACTER: Who else has come to ease our woes?


Why do you cover your face like that?

To hide what happened in the accident.

You shouldn't have to hide who you are.

I'll scare people.

You don't scare me.

NEWS ANCHOR: We interrupt this program with breaking news.

Police announced earlier that they've expanded their search for the missing Kane girl the county of bludhaven.

Police and volunteers have been Wait.

Your dad said he called the police.

Why don't they know I'm here?

ANCHOR: The family says a reward is being offered for any tips Johnny, no more TV today.

They're looking for me.

We have to call the police.

I told you, Beth.

They'll be here soon.

We don't want you to leave us.

BETH: Please.

Let me go!

You're hurting me!

- Dad!

- Johnny, stay here!

BETH: Please!


Let me go!

- JOHNNY: Dad!

- BETH: Let me go!


Stop it, please!


Stop, please.

Let me go now, please!


I'm sorry!


No, no.

Let me out.


Let me out!



And that was just the first day.


I think she'll take that drink now.

MAN: Oh, when the dead will rise up [ELEVATOR DINGS]


Kate, I need to talk to you, okay?

I hate, her, too!


MAN: Here she is.

Wouldn't stop trying to buzz in, insisting she's related to Ms.


- But I am.

- And I'll take it from here.

Thanks, Carl.

Uh, can I help you, possibly to an aa meeting?

That depends.

Is your name Kate?

Most definitely not.

Then can you tell her that I'm here?

I'm sorry.

Who's here?

Mary, Kate's soon-to-be ex-stepsister, and you are?

Luke, Kate's, uh, associate, assistant, real estate person.


Kate's not here.


You know what?

You could leave her a message.


Tell her that I'm so sorry I was ever born from the wicked witch of Gotham, and I get why she's avoiding me, but I'm totally on her side.

I can't believe that my mom would ever do something so awful.

Oh, my God.

Do you think that she killed that deer, too?

Are you getting any of this?

All I heard is that your mom may or may not have killed a deer.


It's probably best I start from the beginning.

SOPHIE: Sir, I know this is completely inappropriate for a subordinate to ask her commander, but are you okay?

Catherine and I are going trough a rough patch.

Copy that, sir.

My apologies.

I was under the impression it had something to do with Alice.

It turns out it does.

Catherine paid the DNA analysts to say the skull fragments found were Beth's and they weren't?

And I just confirmed she was responsible for the bomb on loeb bridge targeting Alice.


So Kate was right this whole time.

We don't know what's right.

The only way to settle this for good is to catch Alice, run her DNA, and and let science tell us the truth.


Kate's signal stopped moving.

Looks like they're at some place called dusty's.


So good.

Sure you don't want to?


I think the beef is grass-fed.

Why was there a face in a sink?

- Oh, that.

- I'm serious, Alice.

You survive a crash, wash up on shore, some Hannibal Lecter finds you, keeps you as his prisoner.

Did he want to kill you, skin you, what?

Well, I wasn't a prisoner.

Then what were you?

I was a friend.


Friend, I've learned, takes on a different meaning, depending on who you ask.

Socialization is essential to one's development.

It's as important as food, water, and shelter.

It allows one to develop a sense of self, a sense of purpose.

W-what is that?

Oh, a little experiment.

You see My dear son didn't get the opportunity to develop a sense of purpose because the world made him an outcast.

They called him a monster.

He waited a very long time for someone Like you.

I just want to go home.

This is your home now.

I want my dad.

Don't cry.

You'll get used to it here.





Little Johnny didn't have any friends, and then I came along.

What was he using the skin for?


Trying to hide mouse's hideous face.


He thought if he could find a way to make him look normal the ridicule would end and he'd live happily ever after.

So ahem the skin at the at the morgue, what what were you What am I what, Kate?

Go on.

Speak up.



Oh, no.

Don't tell me you're a lightweight.

What's wrong, dear sister?

What did you do to me?

Take cover now!

DODGSON: Come out, come out, Commander.


There's a propane tank on the east.

I'll distract them.


Keep your asses on the ground.


Where's my daughter?

Where is she?

Which one?

What the hell happened to you?

You happened, Commander.

I joined the crows to make Gotham better, but you divided it.

The city's not safe.

The wealthy are safe, and you're too blind to see it just like you were too blind to see your own daughter.



Sir, stop, sir!

Commander, come on.

Didn't have to be this way, Commander.

You could have saved her.




MARY: Ooh!



I mean, God, Kate knew this whole time that Beth was alive.

You know, that celestial sisterly bond is real, man.

Actually, that's really heavy.

It just made me dizzy.

Let me call you a car.

To take me where?

The penthouse built on lies of falsely dead children?

Hard pass.


I get that you're going through a lot right now, but Kate is obviously not here, and I'm really trying to work.

Seriously, Luke, I am going through a major family crisis here, okay?

I don't even know who my own mom is anymore.

I just found out I have a second stepsister.

Kate found her actual full sister?

Oh, my God.


Is Kate with Alice right now?

If I say yes, will you leave?


Here I am at the literal lowest point that I've ever been, and Kate decides to choose today of all days to go out for some sisterly bonding with a coldblooded killer?

Meanwhile, how many people have I murdered, hmm?

- What?

- Guess!

How many people have I killed?

It's between zero and why are you even hesitating right now?


I've killed zero people.

I'm the good sister.


You found the tracker, didn't you?

You knew I'd come for you.

Yes, I found the tracker.


I knew a few morgue thefts would stir you into action, arranged for a friend to drug your drink, and now I've taken you out of the equation.

You see, my dearest Mouse and I were cooking up a little something special for Gotham, and it'll undoubtedly go down more smoothly without a Bat in the broth.

Let me go, Alice.

But we haven't even gotten to the best part of the story yet.

Alas after weeks and weeks in captivity, like a little rabbit down a hole so small, I finally managed To claw my way out.

ALICE: It's curious, for there are so many out-of-the-way things that when one becomes desperate present themselves.

I found one such opportunity in a rusty, little friend.

Oh, dear, oh, dear, my poor, delicate fingers, but success I eventually did make mine.


- JACOB: Hello.

- BETH: Daddy, it's me Beth.

- You have to help.

- Beth?

Oh, my God.

Beth, where are you?

If anyone comes looking for you, I will kill them And it will be all your fault.

Do you understand me?

I remember that call.

My first and last chance at freedom.

Dad had it traced.

After all that time and there were so many false leads, the gcpd didn't believe us, said they'd already searched this area several times But we were here within an hour.

You stay here.

- Where is she?

- Mr.

Kane, there's been - a terrible misunderstand - Where's my daughter?

Sir, please allow me to explain.

My daughter Beth called me not one hour ago from this house.

She said, "Help," clear as can be.

It was all an insensitive prank.

I'm I'm I'm so embarrassed.

I Mr.

Kane, your daughter is not in there.




Beth, you in here?


Mr. Kane, like I said, it was my son.

He has an ability, I guess you'd say, for mimicry.

Johnny, please show him what you did.

I don't want to.

Show him what you did.

I said I don't want to.

Show him!


Hi, Daddy.

It's me Beth.

I learned a new song on my cello that I can play on the first night of chanukah.


Let me show you.


That's impossible.


JACOB: How do you know what her voice sounds like?

He saw a home video clip on the nightly news.

He's been obsessed with her disappearance since it happened.



MAN, VOICE-OVER: If anyone comes looking for you, I will kill them.




I was there.

He told me if I made a peep that he'd kill you both, so I just waited.

I waited for you to feel it, to know, to sense, but alas, nothing.

I guess what they say about twins being connected, that profound, soulful, magical tie is just fantasy The thing you dream about before your hunger wakes you up.



SOPHIE: I've lost Kate's location, sir.

She must have turned off her phone.

- Sir?

- I've been out here before.

15 years ago.


Sir, what's happening?

I know where they are.

LUKE: Hi, Kate.

Me again.

Fifth time now actually.

Still got that big showing with that big buyer.

Urgent, real urgent, need you to call me back ASAP.

Hey, hey!


What the hell is this?


Alice hit up 3 morgues last night, stole flesh from a bunch of dead bodies Oh, my God.

Alice is the Skin Pirate?

- Of course she is.

- I know, I know.

You've skinned zero corpses.

Well, I haven't.

Is it disgusting that this is making me really hungry for pizza?

Yes, that is absolutely disgusting.


Check this out.

Found something.

Two weeks ago, a guy named Jonathan Cartwright, who admitted to having a similar hobby of stealing skin from dead people, escaped in the Arkham breakout.

What Arkham breakout?

There was a breakout At Arkham.

Uh, pretty sure I would have heard about something like that.

Uh but you didn't, so So Arkham officials covered it up.


You think this creep has something to do with Alice?

I think the timing feels incredibly suspicious.

I got the front.

You take the back.


Sir, a couple of shacks in the back.

- Checking them out.

- Copy that.

Hi, Daddy.

Where's Kate?

"Where's Kate?" "Is Kate okay?

Is Kate happy?

Is she sleeping enough?

"Has she done her homework, seen a doctor, had enough to eat?" Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate!

I'm so sick of Kate!

What are you doing?

Where's Beth?

When was the last time you uttered those words, Commander Crow?

Was it here?

Was it in this house?

Come on.

Don't do this.

Was it when I called you and you didn't even believe it was me?

Let's go outside.

We'll talk.

You told your men to kill me.

Put down the knife.

Because you don't care.

You've never cared!

Put down the knife.

You gave up on me!

Beth, drop the damn knife!

"Beth. " You you said it.





- KATE: Sophie.

- SOPHIE: Kate.

KATE: Sophie, I'm in here.




I need some unh!



What the hell?


There's a guy in the shed.

His face, I Shh.

I know who he is.




KATE: Drop it!

You need to decide right now what you care more about Revenge or Mouse.


I said drop it, or the next one goes in his head.

Two can play this game Sister.

We both know you don't have it in you.

But I do.


I suppose killing daddy would be all too easy and no fun at all.

Let us all walk out of here, and no one has to die today.


Kate it's her.

It's Beth.

LUKE: So it has been an experience, but your chariot has arrived.

2015 hybrid hatchback, power everything, 4. 3 stars.

- I can take a hint.

- Wasn't really hinting.



If Kate calls, can you just Tell her that I'm sorry for everything?

- Sure.

- Maybe if I go kill someone she'll actually call me back.

Only one way to find out.

KATE, VOICE-OVER: I thought if I let Alice tell her story the puzzle would fit together, but the pieces are grim, grotesque, inhuman, and it's my fault.

I was there and didn't feel her.

I'm her twin, Bruce.

How am I supposed to connect with her now when I couldn't connect with her then?

Shouldn't you be in the hospital?

You know I hate hospitals.

KATE, VOICE-OVER: What if I don't know my sister well enough to save her?

What if nobody does?

Well, Alice may have been forced to flee.

In the end, she got the cheese.

You didn't visit me.

My dearest Mouse, we both know if I'd shown up to Arkham with a freshly baked pie I would have no sooner been locked in a cell myself.

- Heh.

- Heh.

But you felt me in your dreams?

Every night.

"Twined in memory's mystic band. " [FOOTSTEPS]



Go away.

I shouldn't have tricked your dad and sister.

I'm sorry.

I want to go home.

You know he won't let you.

But you can.

You can let me out.

Maybe, but I also don't want you to go.

I want to be your friend.

To keep you company.


"Oh, Mouse, do you know the way out of this pool?

I am very tired of swimming in my own tears.

" "I do know a way.

I will help you escape your pool of tears.

" And you did.

You saved me.

I have a gift for you, too.

I love you, Alice.

I love you, too, Dear Brother, and now that we are together again I can help you become anyone you want to be, and once we are done with Daddy, he will never forget about me.

Never, ever again.

Are we mad?

I'm afraid so.

Ha ha ha!