01x06 - I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury

Previously on "Batwoman" How about we don't get expelled a week before graduation?

I need this school, OK?

I want to be here.

But they don't want you.

Maybe it's best if you just kept your distance from now on.

I know you love me.

Tell me that I'm wrong, and I'll walk away and let you make the biggest mistake of your life.

You're wrong, Kate.

- Is this you?

- Wasn't me.

So what is she doing with herself?

So are you on this assignment to keep tabs on me or on Kate?

- Dad?

- Catherine Hamilton's investigators found bones, skull fragments of a little girl.

It's Beth.

Hi, Daddy.

Put down the knife.

You gave up on me!

Beth, drop the damn knife!


- Dad.

- Kate, it's her.

It's Beth.

I have a gift for you, too.

Now that we are together again, I can help you become anyone you want to be.

Are we mad?

I'm afraid so.

Ha ha ha!

Absolutely not.


The victim had the courage to come forward and face her attackers.

Well, I'm confident a jury will make the right decision.

The question is are you?

Oh, my God.

No, no, no!

Oh, God!

Beth was being held by a madman with a medical license.

We don't have much to go on.

The deed to the house belonged to Dr.

August Cartwright.

I have teams trying to pick up a trace, but it's like he just disappeared.

Apparently he's a better magician than he was a doctor.

Beth was held in a cell by a guy making human skin masks while I was at home playing club soccer.

We need to find him.

- We will.

- We didn't find her.

How many times can I say I'm sorry for not listening to you?

I don't know.

How many times will it take to get Beth back?

Sir, you're gonna want to see this.

Gotham is reeling over the death of prosecutor Angus Stanton, who was murdered horrifically tonight.

Stanton was seen by many as a hero to Gotham, one who brought justice to the victims of some of the city's most notorious criminals such as Jack Napier, otherwise known as The Joker.

Channel 9 has the security camera footage.

Conviction rate, Stanton was known What's he wearing?

It's an old-fashioned executioner's hood.

- Ax is a nice touch.

- This is Dana DeWitt reporting live from Old Gotham.

Anybody want to tell me why every news outlet in Gotham had this and we didn't even get so much as a heads-up from the GCPD?

Technically, it's outside district lines.

And I believe it's because they called someone else.

I am not about to stand around and let Gotham cry out to be saved by someone who hides behind a mask.

The Bat is nothing more than a symbol of false hope.

I want this so-called Executioner cuffed and stuffed in a cell in Blackgate.

If this city starts to think it can rely on a vigilante for justice, we might as well hand it over to the crazies.

Sir I know it's all hands on deck with the Stanton case, but I was hoping to get your permission for another special assignment.

Who is it this time?


Don't you want to know who's behind the mask?

Heh heh heh!


Head back, sweetie.


One final touch.



Dazzle me.


A perfect match for Dean Deveraux.

Wouldn't you agree, Mr.


Please don't hurt me.

I don't understand why we don't just kill him.

Because my sister is watching me like a hawk.

Still trying to bring the old Beth back.

You're not thinking of giving her the old Beth back, are you?

Of course not.


Because the old Alice I remember wouldn't give a second thought about opening his throat with a butterfly knife.

She's changed you.

Not at all.

You're the one who's changed.

You used to trust me.

What about you, Dean?

Do you trust me?

I think you'd make an excellent partner.

I seem to be in need of a replacement.



I'll do whatever you want.


Because I need you to steal Catherine's shiny, new toy, the one that she's too stingy to share.

- You see the Bat-signal?

- That is why I'm here.

You know what this means, right?

First time the city's called Batwoman for backup means I can't screw it up.

It means you're in.

GCPD's got you on their speed dial now.

Commissioner Forbes trusts you.


My dad still sees me as his enemy.

Stopping this guy has to convince him otherwise.

That's not the only reason worth stopping him.

Stanton was the prosecutor who put away the guy that killed my dad.

It was an armed robbery, right?

Night of my high school graduation.

We were celebrating me getting into MIT, ran out of ice.

My dad went out to go get some.

Next thing I know, there are two cops at the door.

Wanted me to come down and I. D. the body.

We were waiting on him to cut the cake.

Lucius Fox did a lot of good for this city.


So did Stanton.

Never stopped until he put the guy who shot my dad behind bars.

Any suspects?

Well, if you exclude the law-abiding citizens of Gotham, that leaves the other half.

There has to be some way to narrow that down.

Start with the violent offenders.

Cross reference with recent parolees, work release, and escapees with whatever biometrics we can get from the security footage.

All right.


This is interesting.

Chris Medlock, otherwise known as Chris The Fist, ex-boxer, ex-con.

What was The Fist in for?

Uh, shot and killed a bartender.

He confessed, later claimed it was coerced.

But they found the gun in his car.

Pleaded down to second-degree murder, got 30 in Blackgate.

He was lucky to avoid the death penalty.


The Fist did not see it that way.

Check out his sentencing.

I'll get you, you son of a bitch!

This ain't over!

I got a whole bunch of time to figure out how I'm gonna kill your ass!

Thanks to overcrowding, he was paroled just a few months ago.

Can't wait to meet him.

Guy have an address?

We may not need one.

Uh, check out what just came in over GCPD dispatch.

Someone claiming to be The Executioner barricaded himself inside a building at the 200 block of Rucka Avenue.

Claims to have several hostages.

That's in West Harlow.

- Put it on the screen.

- OK.

All right.

Let's get on this.

I don't care if it's outside our district.

Let's show Gotham we can keep them safe.


- Talking.

- Says he'll only speak to one guy, a Detective Donnelly.

- Who?

- Detective Donnelly, time is running out on your hostages.

Get in here, - or I start shooting these people.

- Listen.

You don't have to go in there.

- Let me get a negotiator down here.

- Nah.

Me and The Fist go way back.


Like the new look.

Red suits you.

Goes with everything.

Time's up, Donnelly.


Donnelly, stay back!




I'm hit.

You're bleeding.

- I'll get you help.

- Thanks Kate.

Oh, my God!


I need to know if you can fix her.

What was she shot with?

- A bullet.

- I know it's a bullet.

I mean, hollow point, blackout, wadcutter?

Does it matter?

Why did you bring her here?

She can afford a real hospital.

You were closer, and, uh, I need you to keep her until I get back.

Crows don't know she's missing.

- No, you can't - Do not let her leave.

Man of the hour.


You have succeeded where so many have failed.

The coil accelerator, it works at last.

I just have to know how were you able to overcome the ferromagnetic projectile saturation?

Ha ha!

You almost had me there, Ms.


Trick question.

That's proprietary information.

Hard to imagine Something so delicate harnessing enough power to penetrate the Batsuit.

Well done, Dean.

- She called you Kate?

- She knows who I am.

I mean it.

That's just great, fantastic.

So naturally, you decided to drop her off at your sister's unlicensed clinic.

Mary will take care of her.

She'll also keep her from leaving, and as long as she can't leave, she can't talk.

But she's a Crow, your father's second in command.

You really think you can convince her not to tell him?

I'll deal with that after we've dealt with The Executioner.

We need to figure out his next target.

Guy's not making it easy.

He keeps changing his M. O. 50,000 volts of electricity, then a bunch of rifles.

Doesn't make any sense.

Unless it's a pattern.

The Fist dresses up as an executioner, kills Stanton with electricity like an electric chair.

Then he gets Donnelly to walk in on that shooting gallery.

Like a firing squad.

He's using methods of capital punishment to kill his victims.

On it.

Gotham's used 3 ways to kill people on death row electric chair, firing squad which made a brief comeback under Mayor Cobblepot and the gas chamber.

So his next victim will be with gas.

Guy's got a flair for detail, so I bet you a batarang he'll use hydrogen cyanide pellets just like they did in the gas chamber, and And there's only one warehouse in Gotham that stores them.

Who's there?

Someone who needs information.

Holy crap!

You're her!


I got to get this.

- Damn, girl!

- Not happening.

Anything out of the ordinary around here lately?

- What, besides this?

- Answer the question.


That means someone had to bet by me, and that ain't gonna happen.

It's been quiet, but, uh, you know, it doesn't have to be.


Let me buy you a drink, and you can tell me all about the superhero thing.

I've been thinking about getting into the game myself.

What do you say?

I get off at 11:00, and, uh, if you play your cards right, you won't be too far behind.


So this place hasn't seen any action and apparently neither has its guard.


I think I might know why.

Got a visual on Chris The Fist, alleyway on Sprang.



Get off me!

I didn't do nothing.

Oh, got it.

So you're just out for a late-night jog, huh?

Crows got The Fist.

Well, I guess a lot of people will be sleeping easier tonight.

I know you wanted to catch him, but you can convince the Crows you're not the enemy tomorrow.

Tomorrow may be too late.

I need to check on Sophie.


Kate, you copy?

Hey, K Kate!

Kate, do you copy?

What just happened?

The Crows got the wrong guy, and The Executioner got what he came for.

All this Bat tech, and you came up with frozen water?


I checked every camera angle in the warehouse security system, but, the license plate's got mud or something on it.

Can't really get a good view of it.

Don't suppose you were able to make it out.

Didn't quite catch it when it plowed into me.



Oh, yeah.

That's great!

My ribs would argue otherwise.


I'm serious, OK?

The suit's carbon fiber ribbing is designed to absorb any impact, so any deformation in the fibers is recorded in the suit's data.

So it was originally designed to track damage caused by bullets, you know, blunt-force trauma, that kind of thing.

There's no reason it wouldn't pick up - an impression from a car bumper.

- Or a license plate.



Uh, it's a partial, but it'll work.


The truck is registered to a Bertrand Eldon, and he was at Blackgate for 20 years.

What was he in for?

He worked there.

He was their executioner.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!


I just did some of the best work of my life crocheting you back together.


Where am I?

Mary, what the hell is going on?

Batwoman brought you in.

- You were shot.

- Unh.


I feel like we glossed over the part where I saved your life.

- Thank you.

- Mm-hmm.

You work here?

It's mine.

My followers think I'm turning up at the club, ordering bottle service.

Truth is I'm usually here, trying to help serve the people that Gotham hospitals turn away.

- Mary.

- Hmm.

- If your dad ever found out about this place - He won't.

He can't.


I didn't do that.

Well, you better undo it.

Batwoman would kill me.

Frankly, she's scarier than you.

Mary, why am I cuffed to this bed?

Uh, she said not to let you leave.

Do you know who she is?


Honestly, I don't want to know.

I don't need that kind of responsibility.

Well, I do know who she is, and that's why she won't let me leave.

I'm in.

No one's home.

Why would a guy working at Blackgate target a cop and a prosecutor?

They're on the same side.

That doesn't make any sense.

I'm looking for that answer right now.

Looks like he was a model employee.

Stay frosty.

This guy is methodical, technically proficient, always a few steps ahead.

He could have anything waiting for you in there.

Already has just sitting on the coffee table.

- What?

- The hydrogen cyanide pellets.

I found them.

- On the coffee table?

- Yes.

It it's probably a trap.

I'm aware, but I don't see any trip sensors or wires or pressure plates.

What's the Bat protocol with this?

- Uh - Well, I can't just stand here staring at this thing, waiting for The Executioner to come back.

- Come on.

- Yeah.


Hang on.

Can you play some hold music while I wait?



I'm just gonna grab it.

No, no, no, no.

Don't do that.

- Kate, don't!

- Too late.

- And?

- And I'm still talking to you.

It's light.

Is it empty?


Not quite.

So if you found this, then you found me, and, um And I did it.

I am guilty as sin, but I'm not the only one.

For 20 years, I threw the switch on the worst people Gotham ever spat out.

I was glad to do it, too.

Doing the public a service, and it never bothered me when they said they were innocent.


Sadistic and long-winded.

I mean, what else were they gonna say, right?

See, then all their stories, they started to sound the same.

The same names kept coming up, same evidence, and everybody who sat in my chair started to look the same black, brown, poor.

In 20 years, I never juiced a rich white guy, so I started digging in their files.

You know what I found?

The same 3 corrupt law enforcement officials pulling the strings in every case.

Coerced confessions and murder weapons suddenly showing up out of nowhere.

I mean, obviously planted.

Didn't Chris The Fist say that his confession was coerced and the murder weapon just suddenly turned up in his car?

The people that I executed were innocent, which meant that that I was the guilty one, that that cabal, they turned me into a murderer, which they made me punish the innocent.

So who's the third member of this cabal?


You're not actually buying this?


Believe me.

I know racial profiling is a thing in Gotham, but this guy is obviously crazy, almost killed Sophie, nearly made you roadkill.

- Doesn't make him wrong.

- He's an admitted killer, Kate.

I knew Stanton, OK?

He spent hours with my family day after day, and he never, ever stopped working until he found justice.

If Stanton is accused of being dirty, my dad's killer could use that go get a new trial.

But if Chris The Fist or anyone else can do go down for something that they didn't do, how is that justice?

A little present from the Crows.

Next time, call us first.

We may not have a Klieg light, but we do have a phone number.




Everybody fan out!

Move, move!

Your turn.

Uh, it it's OK.

You can just win.

I said your turn.

King me.


It's me.

How did you get this number?

Let's call it twintuition.

Why did you send Mouse into Hamilton Dynamics to get a weapon that can kill Batwoman?

- Where is he?

- He's fine, or he will be as long as you tell me the truth.


Dear sister, if I wanted to kill you, I wouldn't have to wait for you to be wearing the suit.

That's so sweet of you.

Your concern for me is so touching, dear sister.

So Kate is Batwoman.

I do not like being toyed with!

And I don't like traitors.

What's wrong with you?

First, she abandons you, then she tries to lock you away, and still, you try to protect her.

Because she's still my sister.

Real family doesn't abandon their own.

Who snuck food to you in the middle of the night?

Who taught you rummy and let you sleep with Mr.

Pandy and promised to protect you no matter what?


I did, Alice, because I was there, and she wasn't!

After everything we've been through, you keep secrets from me?

Try keeping that a secret.


So who had Batwoman rescues a psychopath on their bingo card?

Because I've got some big, fat, empty spaces for Batwoman takes down Alice and Batwoman gets a cat out of a tree.

Talk to me, Gotham.

Anyone else feeling a little "Bat-trayed"?

The people that I executed were innocent, which meant that that I was the guilty one.

That cabal by Judge Calverick condemned innocent people to die.

I heard you got a visit from Batwoman.

More like an ambush.

Now one nut job wants me to listen to another nut job.

Claims Judge Calverick, one of Gotham's most upstanding justices, is a fraud.

So you're not even gonna look into this judge.


Because some social justice warrior thinks he knows more about the rule of law than the cops and the lawyers who protect this city?


We got the right guy.

Batwoman interfered.

Batwoman wouldn't have stepped in if she didn't have a reason.

Before you give a shred of credibility to some criminal in a Bat costume, let me remind you that Batman destroyed our family's lives.

He is not the one that drove Mom's car off that bridge.

Well, he may as well have been.

Batman brought out all the crazies in Gotham.

If it weren't for him, there wouldn't have been a Joker!

Your mom would be alive, and Beth wouldn't be Alice.

Beth is Alice because we stopped looking for her.

I'm not arguing about this right now.

That would be a lot easier, wouldn't it, just act like we did nothing wrong.

We looked Everywhere for Beth.

I looked everywhere.

I held onto hope for the both of us despite the lack of evidence, despite the police giving up, despite the fact that everyone thought she was dead.

I hoped when it was hard, and you Just gave up and put your energy into blaming Batman because it was easy.

That's why Beth is Alice.

You wouldn't listen then, and you won't listen now, and an innocent man is gonna pay the price for it.

Look who lucked out by getting the last grape Popsicle!


Looks like you're healing nicely, but I guess healing can't get in the way of you spilling the tea on Batwoman.

Believe it or not, I'm trying to protect her.

By having my dad shut down her entire operation?

She's gonna get herself killed.

Batwoman can take care of herself just like she took care of you twice by my count, and now you're just gonna betray her?

Uh I mean, what?

Is that, like, your thing?

What's that supposed to mean?

I mean, that's what you did to Kate, and then she had to put an entire ocean between you and her, and now you walk around, pretend like she meant nothing to you.

You don't even know what happened.

No, but I saw what it did to her.


You're right.

It's not my drama, so do what you want.

In the meantime, ibuprofen every 4-6 hours and change the bandage once a day.

Don't tell my dad about this clinic And maybe think about whether or not you want to add Batwoman to the list of people you hurt.

Working late, Your Honor?

H how did you?

Looks like you're burning more than the midnight oil.

Is that the evidence?

Donnelly got the confessions, Stanton convinced the jury, you just banged your gavel?

I can pay you.

You have to protect me from him.

You'll get round-the-clock protection at Blackgate free of charge.



You protect him, a man who sent so many innocents to their deaths?

The law will take care of it.


I used to believe that, too, until the law turned me into a murderer.

The law's not perfect, I'll give you that.

Doesn't mean you get to rewrite it in blood.

You trust the law so much, why are you wearing that suit?

I'm gonna need backup.

What do you want me to say?

He makes a good point.


For the judge.

Get the judge into protective custody now.


On it.

Sweep the rest of the building.

Glad you decided to go after the right guy.

I don't see how you and him are that different.

Taking the law into your own hands, appointing yourself judge and jury.

Pretty sure you just did the exact same thing.

I saved your life.

You telling me I made a mistake?

I don't know.

Ask The Fist.

I admit I got it wrong, but you know the difference between me and you?

When I make a mistake, everybody knows my name.

I am accountable to the people of Gotham.

You you hide behind your anonymity.

Who are you accountable to?

Guess we'll find out.

Heart rate monitor linked to a dead man's switch.

Looks like we're about to join him.

This is Kane.

Anybody read me?


Suit showing oxygen levels dropping.

No kidding.

Executioner turned this room into a gas chamber.

Can your men get us out of here?

He triggered the lock-down procedure.

Every way in and out of here is sealed off.

Steel-reinforced doors.

By the time my guys get through them Air's getting thin in here.

I need a solution.

You went to MIT.

I got in.

I didn't actually go.


Uh OK, OK.


Hydrogen cyanide, emphasis on hydrogen.

It's flammable.

Think the Hindenburg.

- Not a comforting thought.

- The point is you can ignite it.

The flames will burn off the cyanide.

- OK.


- Only problem is hydrogen will only burn at 6% saturation.

For those of us who didn't get into MIT.

You got let the gas fill the room first.

We're not gonna last that long.

Well, you got to try, Kate.

You're only at 3%.

You got hang in there.

You need to stay low to the ground.

- Get away from me.

- Come on.

That symbol took everything from me.

It's not gonna be the last thing I see.

Stay with me.

Stay awake.

Come on, Commander.

Talk to me.

Tell me all the reasons you hate Batman.

That symbol let my family die.



If you're gonna hate the symbol, hate the symbol.

Let it fuel you into staying alive.


I have to blame that symbol.

If I don't If you don't, what?

Tell me.

I have to blame myself.


Do it!

Kate, come on.

Talk to me.

Commander, Commander, come on!

We're OK.

Never let it be said that Gotham's gadfly does not give credit where credit is due.

Batwoman got this one right, and the rest of us whiffed.

Guess Jacob Kane won't be the only one eating a little Crow.

Boxer Chris "The Fist" Medlock was not only cleared in The Executioner murders but also exonerated of his past murder conviction.

Talk about a one-two punch.

Not so good news for the man who convicted him Judge Raymond Calverick.

The D.


has vowed to reopen all cases tainted by this extralegal cabal, including deceased Detective Stu Donnelly and prosecutor Angus Stanton.

You're right behind me, aren't you?

Where is she?

I you know, she just left.

- Uh, how can I put this?

- You let her escape?

I know you said to hold onto her, but my stepdad is her boss, and I'm running a little short on family right now, not that you asked about my personal life, but it's a mess.

The last thing I need is him shutting down the one good thing I have going on.

Thank you for saving her life.



It's, like, my thing.


FYI, she knows who you are.



She didn't tell me, but I got the distinct impression that she's gonna tell my stepdad, so good luck with that.

Well, Bruce, now I know how much it must have hurt hearing your uncle blame you for what happened on the bridge, but he had to blame someone.

Seeing him fight so hard to avoid the truth that was right in front of him made me realize I was doing the same thing.

I've been blaming my dad for not saving Beth that day, but it wasn't his hand on that door only inches away from her.

He wasn't the one who crossed that house off the list of places where Beth could be.

I don't know how, but we are gonna get Beth back, and this time, I swear to you I won't ever give up.

I don't know if forgiving my father will help me forgive myself, but I have to try.

I thought I might find you here.

How could you ever think I was trying to replace you, little Mouse.

Why are you so determined to protect her?

Because I'm saving her a seat at our tea party!

It was supposed to be a table for two.

Yes, the two of us, two halves of one whole just as Kate and I are two halves, and I need your help to make us whole.

I can't do this without you.

I don't want to share you with her.


You won't have to share me because we'll be sharing her.

And what if she doesn't want to play?

Well Then it's good we have that then, hmm?

Trade you Mr.

Pandy for it.

You kept it?

To remind me of you.

Greg, move your head!