01x20 - O, Mouse!

Previously on "Batwoman"...

Tommy said that this book holds the key to killing Batwoman, and I want her very, very dead.

Lucius Fox wrote the entire journal in code!

You did it!

You know what it says?

Why aren't you happier about this?

The book contains the secret to killing you.

These are Lucius Fox's glasses.

They unlock the code.

Let Luke and Julia go, and they're yours.

Go bring me Tommy so he can tell me where to find a little green rock called Kryptonite.

- I have to do this.

- I have to stop you.

You won't be able to.

You'd be surprised.


Why do you have that?

It was Bruce Wayne's.

He lost hope.

I never will.

Keep it, and I have the courage that you'll never have to use it.

Batwoman's in cell block D.




Psychotic escapees are all over this city right now thanks to you.

Let this serve as your warning.

If I see you again, it's war.

This is the Burnley line bound for Central Gotham.

Hey, hey!

- Hurry, hurry.

- Go!


Move, move, move!

Out of the way!

Back, back, back!

Get away from the train!

Get away from the train!

Drop the knives!



So you can send me back there?


These are innocent people!

I don't care!







I thought I told you to stay in the car.

Who the hell was that?

I have no idea.

Rumor has it, the machete-wielding maniac was Arkham escapee and college football phenom Tim "The Titan" Teslow.

Since apparently The Crows commander couldn't take down this hulking Gotham Goliaths tight end with a 12-gauge, let's hope Batwoman has a slingshot in her Batbelt.

Have you seen this?

The Crows have an app now.

Darling, my light.

It's hard enough to see out of Lucius Fox's glasses.

You just push the button, and the ants come marching in.

Anyone with a phone can use it, client or not, which means anyone with a phone can turn us over with the click of a screen.

We got to get out of Gotham, Alice.

What is that?



Ooh, the bats!

What is happening?

Why are they here?

Because bats eat rats, Alice, and that's what we are down here.

We are rats living among rats.

You promised me that we would start a new life together outside of all this, but we can't do that if The Crows find us and kill us.

How is one supposed to start anew when all that is old still haunts her?

Is that the Alice you want to frolic beside in our Wonderland, or do you wish your Alice to be full and complete and happy, hmm?

You know that's what I want.

Then patience until I can figure out where to find this rock that penetrates the Batsuit, a hiding spot Lucius Fox forgot to mention in his journal.


What the hell is this?

You call this, this a face?!

- Really, this?!

- Ha ha ha!

I don't see the problem.

I got you the journal, I helped you decode it, because of me you know how to kill your sister Batwoman.

That's true.

But I am not about to spend the rest of my life looking like the b*st*rd that couldn't get the rods in the nuclear reactor in time!

Give me a face I can wear!

Ha ha ha!

That's good.

Shoot her dead.

That'll get you your face, you stupid idiot.

It's quite all right, Mouse.

I can take a note.




You can't actually be listening to him.

I owe him a face, which means I'll need to go to the university morgue for better materials...

skin, threads, scalpels, you know the drill.

Back soon.


You are holding the only shard of Kryptonite on the planet.

Why was this in a puddle in the Batcave?


Bruce was holding onto it for a friend.

Let me guess...

tights, cape, big "S" on his chest.

How do you know that?

Lucky guess.

So why fish it out of a perfectly good hiding space?

Well, Alice knows that this can penetrate the Batsuit along with whatever else my dad wrote about it in his journal.

Hamilton's coil accelerator is defunct, you melted down Bruce's rail gun, and once I figure out how to destroy this, Batwoman is as good as invincible.

Unless you know something I don't.


Go to town.



I thought we were bathuddling over this Titan Teslow psycho.

Bathuddling isn't a thing, and I'm off to destroy an alien mineral.



Just another day on the batteam?

Pretty much.

So Tim "The Titan" Teslow, obviously you know the basics, right?

Just remind me again.

He was pretty much the Goliaths' best tight end of all time.

A TD every game, over 100 catches and 1,000 yards every season.

Let's not assume I know what any of those words mean because I'm a lesbian.


He was really, really good and brutal, as in gladiatoresque.

Turns out there's a not-so-secret secret to all of his success.

- Say it with me...


- Sexy cheerleaders!

Point being it all came to a head during a playoff game against The Cougars.

Titan didn't like a call and went straight-up Mortal Kombat finishing move against the official.

He snapped his neck on the field in front of a stadium full of people.


Since when did you become a Goliaths fan?

Since Titan's brother Apollo started dating Selu Corova.

Apollo's the Goliaths' running back.

You seriously need to get out of that Batcave.

I seriously need to suit up and talk to this brother.

Might know Titan's whereabouts.

Are we sure that's the best idea?

I do, miss "Batwoman doesn't get a sick day".

I said that before Commander Kane promised if he ever saw Batwoman again it'd be war.

I feel like Gotham's got enough Greek tragedy happening at the moment.

You don't know my dad like I do.

I do, though, because he's my dad, too.

Not what I meant.

Just I know how he gets, and I know ways of getting around him.

Like when teenage Kate wanted a Crows SUV, he said no, you took one anyway, and he had you arrested, or when he said no parties in the penthouse, and you had one anyway, and he called the Police Commissioner to land a helicopter on the roof to have you arrested?

I can keep going.

If I can stop Titan before he kills anyone else, then my dad and the rest of The Crows, they might start seeing Batwoman as one of the good guys.

Jacob Kane will never see a vigilante as one of the good guys.

Jacob Kane has never met a vigilante who is also his daughter.

If I can start changing the way that he sees Batwoman, then maybe one day I can come clean about who Batwoman really is.

Professor Darby, I presume.


For a man who plays with rocks all day, this must be very exciting, but it doesn't have to be.

I am looking for a little green nugget called Kryptonite.

- Kryptonite?

- Mm-hmm.

You mean Kaolinite.

Do I, or do I mean Kryptonite?

Maybe Kimberlite or Kyanite or, um, Charoite.

The Head of the Geology Department, and dumb as...

Professor Darby, your name was written beside it in a journal.

Glows green, cuts through anything.

A mineral with a natural green luminescence and strong covalent bonds with that kind of cutting power?

Actually, I did analyze something with those properties once.

It wasn't called Kryptonite.

It was some kind of rare meteor rock.

There you go.

- Hand it over.

- I can't.

It was sent back to its owner...

Lucius Fox.


Lucius Fox is dead.


it just says, "Lucius Fox, Wayne Enterprises, Gotham City".

And what do you suppose I do, just waltz into Wayne and ask for it nicely?

I don't know, okay?

It's not here.

You need to go talk to them.

Well, then I suppose that's what I'll do.

Until then, it's probably best nobody knows I was here, hmm, and with that...

I believe the Geology Department needs a new Head.

Still hasn't checked in since you looked 10 seconds ago.

Sorry if the idea of my dad killing my sister is somewhat of a concern to me.

The suit is bulletproof.

Besides, Kate knows what she's doing.


Kate thinks she knows what she's doing, which can be worse than most people not knowing what they're doing.


Me included apparently.


I've tried acetic, sulfuric, and hydrochloric...

all nonreactive.

I can see why this thing can penetrate the Batsuit.

Have you tried crushing it?

With what, a hammer?

- I said I was nervous.

- Right.

I'm exhausted just watching you.

Who's there?

Someone who thinks you're pretty bold to be running bleachers with Titan on the prowl.

If this is about season tickets, I can't help you.

If this is about my brother, I can't help you.

I guess my question is are you helping him?

You're the only family he has left.

I don't think he sees it that way, not after I testified against him and got him sent away to Arkham.

You did the right thing.

Got a dangerous psychopath off the streets.

He's not a psychopath.

Tell it to the ref he murdered on the field.

He wanted to win so much that he was willing to have his soul beaten out of him...

every practice, every game, every hit to the head.

You know, he used to walk the neighborhood kids to the bus to make sure they were safe?

10 years later, he ripped a ref's spine out of his neck.

This game turned him into a monster.

Then help me make sure he doesn't die one.

Make sure he gets the help he needs.

Tell me where to find him.


You betrayed me!

This is the part where you run.




You abandoned me to a prison.

Now this one will be yours.


I'm reporting live here at the scene of yet another grisly attack by the fugitive Tim "The Titan" Teslow, and this time, the victim was his own brother, star running back for the Gotham Goliaths Apollo Teslow.

Commander Kane.

Commander Kane, any comments on this latest attack, and what about reports that not even Batwoman was able to stop Titan?

Batwoman is the reason lunatics like Titan are on the street in the first place.

We got one man dead and one of Gotham's most promising athletes cut down in his prime.

So you don't see Batwoman's efforts to stop Titan as helpful?

I see Batwoman like I see every vigilante...

a threat to the good people of this city.

The Crows and the GCPD will bring her to justice, and we will not discriminate between the Bat and those who aid her, abet her, or so much as turn on a damn Bat-light!

That was Crows commander Kane with some pointed words for Batwoman and her followers.

I don't remember tensions like these since Commissioner Loeb and Batman, which begs the question who if anyone can keep Gotham city safe?

I'm gonna have to reset your shoulder.

Fair warning, this is gonna hurt a lot.


No comment.

That was Julia.

She saw your dad on the news and thinks you should sit this one out.

You might not have a choice.

I'll need an X-ray to make sure, but I'm guessing you have a couple of cracked ribs.

I'll be lucky if it's just a couple.

I've never been up against someone this strong before, Mary.

It was like I was nothing to him.

All the more reason to avoid a rematch at last for a few weeks until you've had time to heal.

I don't have a few weeks.

Titan's on some killing spree, and we have no way of knowing who he's gonna strike at next.

Actually, maybe we do.

You're not gonna believe this.

That commuter he beheaded on the subway wasn't just some random guy.

He had a connection to Titan.

He used to be an administrator at his university's Neuro Clinic until he was fired for...

falsifying student athletes' brain scans.

Apollo said the game turned his brother into a monster.

Or the people behind the game.

Where's the rock?

Hidden among 45 stories of anywhere and a million square feet of possibility.

Our beloved little rock may as well be a grain of sand upon a beach.


That's it then.

It's not happening.

It's over.

We can leave now.

Or we can walk right through the door and ask for it.


What are you doing?

Everyone knows eyebrows don't grow themselves.

You're making him a face.

You promised me we were gonna kill him.

We will, but today, he's an integral part of my plan.

And tomorrow?

What then?

And the next day?

What then?

When does this end?

Why are you pressuring me?

Because we're being hunted, Alice.

Is this rabid obsession with your family really worth it if we both end up dead?

I suppose it is.

Well, not for me, it's not.

It's over, Alice.

I'm leaving.


And where do you imagine going?

Where we've always planned to go.

To the beautiful garden among the bright flower beds and the cool fountains.

You out in the world alone?

Ha ha ha!

How would you even survive?

The same way I survived in Arkham for 5 years without you visiting me once, not on my birthday or a holiday or even just because.

You really think I can't survive without you?

Alice, between the two of us, I'm not the one I'm worried about.

You can't leave me all alone.

Then don't make me.

Forget all this.

Come with me.

I would never let you leave me, my little Mouse...

But we must leave Gotham the right way...

- with a party.

- Heh.

Every season, Titan underwent a mandatory brain scan to assess his eligibility to play, and Gotham U claimed this was his most recent brain scan.

Totally healthy, but after digging deep into the Neuro Clinic records thanks to Mary's med school connections...

Technically, it's not a HIPAA violation if you're not a real doctor.

Turns out this...

Was his actual brain scan.

Oh, God.

All those years of head trauma.

Dorsal posterior insular is basically shriveled to nothing.

That sounds really bad.

It's the part of the brain that governs pain.

No wonder he didn't feel that batarang.

They cover it all up, and they give you a big, fat championship ring for your troubles.



GU's coach Donahue took an early retirement right before the scandal broke.

All right.

He might be Titan's next victim.

- Ugh.

- Where are you going?

You can barely stand, much less take on a literal Goliath who's hella impervious to pain.


Not to mention, The Crows would love to put your pointy-eared head on a pike.

And what do you expect me to do, hmm, stand down, just let Titan rampage through Gotham?


There is another idea...

But I don't think you're gonna like it.

Go, go, go!

If you see the Bat, shoot.

Got something behind the light.

Don't shoot!

I'm here on behalf of Batwoman.



- Where is she?

- Dad!

I'm fine.

Everything's okay.

What's going on?

How the hell did she get to you?

Can you just please talk to her?

You just made this way too personal.

We need to talk about Titan.

Which part, about how he doesn't play the rules or care about collateral damage?

I want to team up.

We can take him on together.

What's the matter?

Titan too much for your army of one?

Honestly, yeah.

I could use some muscle, and you could use me because I know how to draw him out.

Oh, like you drew me out by using my own daughter?

What sort of wannabe hero puts an innocent girl in front of a firing squad?

Could have blown her damn head off!

- Aah!

- Everyone off the roof now!

You heard him.



How the hell did she find you?

She didn't.

I found her.

What are you talking about?

I'm saying this was my idea.

You told me that The Crows wanted to make over their image.

Why not start by allying yourself with someone the city actually roots for?

You did this?

I knew I'm one of the only people who can get through to you.

I believe in her, Dad.

Mary, I said anyone affiliated with her will be brought to justice.


Then arrest me.

Arrest me for believing in someone who saves lives and who stops criminals and who inspires hope without charging a penny for it!

I'm your daughter, and if I don't believe in what you're doing, then how can you expect a city of strangers to?

Except the person you believe in doesn't even have the guts to show her face.

I can't show you my face, but I can offer you this, a truce.

We partner up and protect the city together.


So how do we get him?

I'm at Gotham City Arena with Gotham University's former Head Coach Kurt Donahue.

Kurt, what are your thoughts?

If you're listening, Titan, I'm sorry for thinking the sport was bigger than a human life, and I hope you'll come join me on the 50-yard line, where I can apologize to you in person.

It's called a trauma bond exercise.

We destroy the thing that anchors us to our pain so that we can move on.

Look who paid attention in group therapy.

- Maybe a little.

- Heh.

This book is our chain.

It locks us to the Caterpillar, the Queen, that basement cell.

It binds us to every terrible and twisted thing we were forced to endure.

Burning it breaks our attachment and frees us to move on...

Which we always intended to do.

Move on.

What happened to us should never happen to anyone...

But there's no one in the world I would have rather gone through it with than you.

Nor I without you.

And I mean this with all of my heart.

I still want to join you in the beautiful garden...

And smell the seasons in bright flower beds and make a wish in cool fountains.

I want to meet a man with many hats...

Ha ha ha!

And smile back at the Cheshire Cat and run...

with you forever...

Through our Wonderland.



What did you do?

You made me choose.

You poisoned me?

Why did you do that?


because I couldn't let you leave me.

Not you, too.


this wasn't even real?

If only pain could turn to ash with the strike of a match...

But my pain is a part of me the way my family is a part of me, and you could never understand why I need to enact my revenge because you've never experienced...

True betrayal.

At least not until now.


my sweet Mouse.

My brother, my everything.

I'll see you again in Wonderland.

Are we missing the company party or something?

Where's the Commander?

It's all hands on deck at the arena with Batwoman.

What do you mean with Batwoman?

They teamed up to bring down Titan.

Two hours ago, he said he'd arrest anyone affiliated with her.

Now he's tagging her into the ring?

Something's up.

We need to get there.

Call her and give her the heads-up.

Saying what exactly?

To watch her 6.

I don't think this guy is gonna show.

Could that have anything to do with all The Crows you have lying in wait?

I'm not standing down the welcoming committee.

Leave tactical to me.

_ Uh, Batcave to Batwoman.

Julia just texted to...


I got it, too.

I'll be fine.

Julia seems to think otherwise.

Julia didn't look into my dad's eyes when she shook his hand, okay?

I'll be fine.


What just happened?

Someone cut the power.

Why are we in the dark?

Not sure, Commander.

Working on it now.


All positions, report in.

Section 30 clear.

Box level clear.

End zone one...


- It's him.

- Aah!



- Stop!

- Aah!

- Tim, this isn't you.

- Aah!

Apollo told me who you are...

big brother, used to walk the neighborhood kids to the bus stop, make sure they were safe.

I know that person is still inside you.

I didn't want to be this.

I know.

You didn't have to kill him!

What are you doing?

I promised you war.

This is what it looks like.

We're on the same team.

You can't do this.

We're on he same team.



What are you doing?

Is that why you sidelined me today?

If you want to take me off the field to launch this app, fine, but if you're using it to distract me while you and everyone else are trying to take out Batwoman...

And why would I need to do that, Agent Moore?

Because you would have gone behind your own team's back to protect a criminal?

I'm protecting you from being on the wrong side of this.

What is it about her?

You, now Mary.

Tell me what I'm missing.

With all due respect, sir, hope.

If it weren't for her, my wife's killer would still be in Arkham.

Hope is a luxury I don't have.

Thought you two used to be tight.

We are.

At least we were.

I thought you called Batwoman to warn her.

I did.

She didn't listen.

You don't believe me.

I don't know.

Maybe I'm just looking for flaws because I'm terrified of being in a relationship with a woman.



I'm pretty much being shady by design, luv.


So in one of my many thrilling and sexy adventures, I met the wrong person and proceeded to betray her.

So you're hiding?

From who?

Her name's Safiyah, and I'll say no more because I'll only pull you into it.

A sexy and thrilling adventure?

Maybe I want to be pulled in.

Oh, I wish it were that simple, luv.

I knew I had a target on my back.

I just didn't know its circumference.

These were left at my hotel this morning.

Do you need this?


My thoughts exactly.

I actually pictured myself coming out to him as Batwoman one day.

I looked him in the eyes, and I believed him.

I'm really, really sorry, Kate.

If it means anything to you, I believed him, too.

I always thought when I put that suit on that nothing could hurt me...

But I was wrong.

His betrayal hurt a million times more than any of those bullets.

- My dad hates me.

- No.


He hates Batwoman.

You he loves.

He once loved Beth, too.

In his mind, Batwoman is just as crazy as Alice.

He's wrong.

Thank you for having my back today.

To sisters.

To sisters.

Am I interrupting?

Come in.

May I present to you...

I'll stick with booze, thanks.



That's not...

that's Kryptonite.

I figured out how to destroy it.

Oh, my God.

You used a hammer.


More like 40,000 tons of compressive force.

Wayne has access to a hydraulic press.



Just a really expensive hammer.

Yeah, Mary.

This was all thanks to your brilliant hammer idea.


Point being this is what's left of the only thing on earth that can penetrate the Batsuit.

- Okay.

- And that is me taking the only weapon that can kill you off the table.

Before we get too cocky...

No more secrets, not between us and not after today.

- Where did you get that?

- The same way Bruce did.

A friend gave it to me for safekeeping in case she ever lost her way.

And you're just telling us about it now because...

I honestly didn't think you'd figure out - a way to destroy it.

- Well, we did, so hand it over.

And because I can't.

It's not mine to destroy.

Kate, if that gets into the wrong hands, it'll kill you.

I promised my friend I would keep it, and she trusts me, and until I can talk to her about it, I need you guys to trust me, too.

- Come.

- Sir.

Thought these might interest you.

Collected them from the arena.

That in particular is a slug from a Desert Eagle.

A Desert Eagle can shoot through anything.

Well, almost anything, sir.

Then we're gonna need to find something stronger.

I must admit, Tommy.

I find you to be one of the most loathsome men in Gotham.

Vain and uncouth, humorless and dull.

I pity any woman who confuses the buzz of her martini with your charms.

And yet here you are.


My masterpiece.

What did you do?

I made all your dreams come true.

I look like Bruce Wayne.

You made me Bruce Wayne.

So, my rich, handsome, beloved Bruce, I need you to strut through the doors of Wayne tower and get me that shard of Kryptonite from your dear cousin Kate, hmm?