01x02 - The Lesson

Mr. Miller, if you could help lucy, I would really appreciate it.

Well, if you see that she gets here, I'll, uh, I'll try to see that she stays.


He grabbed me!

He tried to...


Lucy came running out of miller's office screaming.

I guess he made a grab for her.

You taking up social work, pammy?

Or don't you like the idea Of your old boyfriend runnin' around with lucy?

Easy, cowboy, easy!

Pamela, take her home.

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Your horse is ready.

All right, yeah, get up on him.


Put your foot right in there.

Give me a boost.

And up and...

And back down.



Let's go back to the house, 'Cause I can think of a lot better things to do.

I want to learn to ride.

I'm serious.

And so am i.

All right, one more time.

Come on, sweetheart.

Put your foot right in here.


Got your other foot in?


Ok, now, just take her on down to the end, Turn her around, bring her right back.



Relax a little and hold on with your knees.

Easy for you to say!

Ray, I don't want to.

Who said anything about want to?

Just do it.

The girl hates school.

You know how she is, she's a hellion When she has to do something she hates.

Stuff a little cotton in your ears, Keep those hands on the wheel, Drive her to school, stay close.

Hal: ray.

I've got a ranch to run, hal.

I got no time to be no warden.

Make time, ray.


My daddy told you To take lucy to school every day.

Bobby, you know I always do everything jock asks.

You just don't understand.

This is different.

I don't see how.

It just is.

Bobby: used to do everything jock'd tell you Right to the letter.

Ray: snow hit so sudden it caught us by surprise.

I got 200 head On the south range need moving.

Just take lucy to school and that's it.

I'll run you back up the herd.

We'll be done with breakfast In about an hour.

Lucy will be ready.


How am I doing?


Can I go around again?

No, I don't think so, honey.

Breakfast time.

Come on.

My goodness.

Well, I could be induced to forget breakfast.

You could, huh?


You're crazy!

I'm hungry!


What's going on with you and ray?

Oh, nothing, honey.

Daddy asked him To take lucy to school every day, And he's just trying To subcontract the job, that's all.




I don't like it when lucy skips breakfast.

Let 'er ride, ellie.

At least we don't get those letters From her school anymore.

Well, lucy used to like school.

That changed years ago.

As long as she goes, that's all I care about.

I never did like the idea of her Going to private school anyway.

Would you really have sent her?

We may still have to if her studies suffer.

Those letters didn't say anything About her failing.

No, just that she never attends.

How is she gonna graduate this spring If she never attends?

Lucy: morning, everybody.

Good morning.


Jock: morning, sweetheart.

Morning, granddaddy.

Oh, thank you.

Lucy, there's still plenty of breakfast left.

Oh, no, thanks, grandma.

Ray's coming by to take me to school in a minute.

Lucy, um, you're going to change, aren't you?


Your clothes.


I can't go disgracing the family now, can i?

Well, I guess we better be moving, too.

I'm finished.

I'll get my things.

Well, bobby's really gotten Into the executive business, hasn't he?

That's right.

He has.

Excuse me, mama.

I'm driving into dallas a little later, sue ellen.

Come along.

No, thank you.


Hi, ray.

Good morning, pam.

Is bobby thinking about getting me fired?

Why would he do that?

Has he said anything?

Not to me.

Yeah, I just thought maybe 'cause of us.

Us is ancient history.

I've been at this ranch a long time, pam.

I don't want to leave.

Could you talk to bobby, Maybe put a good word in for me?

If it's needed, I'll do it, But you're worried about nothing.

Well, thanks a lot.

Morning, ray.

J.r., Bobby.

What was all that, huh?

Oh, nothing.

Ray thinks you're gonna fire him.

Well, if he does his job, I don't see why.

Come home early.


Sue ellen, if you can't remember To take the cuff links out of the shirts Before you send 'em to laundry, Just don't bother.

I'll get one of the maids to do it, ok?

Ok, j.r.

All right.

Have a nice day in the city.

Whole world loves lovers.

Bye, sue ellen.

See you later, auntie.

Coffee, pam?

Oh, I'd love some.


What a sorry charade.

I beg your pardon?

Every morning, Little lucy packs off to school.

Half the time, She forgets to pretend to take books.

She thinks I don't see, And she sneaks on back, Goes into the stable and gets that horse of hers And off she goes to lord knows where.

I always wanted a daughter.

Maybe it's a good thing I never had one.

Why do you say that?

The ewing men are strong.

Jock, j.r., Bobby.

Lucy's father, he wasn't strong.

Couldn't compete.

That's why he left...

And left lucy with us.

These strong ewing men Never have had the strength to say no to her.

And I haven't been any stronger.

I'm afraid lucy's spoiled.

Well, she has a lot of spirit.

I don't want to have to send her to boarding school.

I don't want to lose her.

Thank you, pamela.

For what?

For listening.

Lucy: are you going to that new disco in braddock?

Ray: is the sky blue?

Tomorrow night, grand opening.

You gonna take me?

Only if I feel like Getting murdered in my boots.

Hey, slow down.

You'll be late for school.

You know I ain't going.

Yes, you are.

Every morning we have this exact conversation, And who always wins?

Today I win.

Oh, yeah?


Lucy, cut it out.

Come on.

Cut what out, ray?

Come on, lucy, come on.

I can't drive.

Then don't.

Come on.

Come on, baby.

I'm sorry.

I think it was me.


No, I'm afraid mrs.

Ewing isn't...

Wait a minute, I am mrs.


One of the mrs.

Ewings anyway.

Lucy's aunt by marriage.

As far as I know, The letters stopped coming.

Your guess is as good as mine, mr.

Miller, And I'm afraid both of our guesses are right.


She'll be there.

Today if I can find her.

Yeah, sure.

Thank you.


Damn it.



Be right down.


Come down here a minute.

You giving me orders now?

Come down here, please.

Something I can do for you?


Leave us alone.

I want to talk to lucy.

Now, pam, you ain't got to...

Now, ray.

Suit yourself.


Ray krebbs was just telling me How you and he used to, um...

Never mind me and ray krebbs.

The subject is school.

I get all the education I need right here.

You're going to school.

I'm not going anywhere.

How about seeing jock?


Granddaddy believes everything I tell him.

Oh, the letters from the school?

He's gonna believe they were lost in the mail?

If that's what I tell him.

And when I get copies of the letters, He's gonna believe those are lies?


Sweetie, that's a set of lies Only an imbecile would believe.

You're not really gonna tell him, are you?

Oh, I really am, And I'm really gonna get copies of those letters.


Why do you care?

Because I'm a ewing now.

This family is so full of guilt Because your daddy ran away, They let you run wild.

Well, babyface, that won't work with me.

What do I have to do?

Go to school.


He's on the phone, bobby.

What you into today?

The voting records.

Lone star oil men association.

I prefer harold robbins.

Lately ewing oil's been packing A hell of a lot of wallop with the association.

Well, j.r.'S been on the winning side In a lot of votes.

Well, maybe.

But every time he changes his vote, 6 Or 7 votes go right along with him.

And that takes muscle.

Even my daddy didn't have that kind of muscle.

Your brother's a very persuasive fellow.


Well, it takes more than persuasiveness To swing these votes.

It takes oil.

We don't have that kind of oil.

Just let me get his john hancock In time for the afternoon mail.

I won't be a minute.

What's all that?



Bobby's out there With the association minutes.


He's putting things together, Like how come ewing oil Packs as much punch as it does.

What'd you tell him?

That you're a very persuasive fella.

You're lucky.

I don't know what I said.

All right.

Tell him I gotta have the office for an hour.

I'll think of something.



Man: lucy?


Mrs. Ewing?


Hi, I'm mr.


I spoke to you on the phone.

Oh, hello.


Hello, lucy.


Let's see, you should be on your way To, uh, what, history?

You should know better than me.

Perhaps you forgot the room number.

If you'd like, i...

I can manage.

I'll find it.


My office after last class, please.


I know, I know.

How'd you manage?


Whatever works.

Mr. Miller, if you could help lucy, I would really appreciate it.

I know she must be behind the others.

Well, if you see that she gets here, I'll, uh, I'll try to see that she stays.

She's in the most trouble in...

In math.

I could, uh...

I'll tutor her.

Oh, thank you.


Boy: now, are you doing anything saturday night?

Oh, yeah, why?

What do you want?

You might want to go somewhere with me?

Second boy: you don't want to go out with him.

I'll see you saturday.

You'll be the friday after.

Why, who do you want to go out with?

Third boy: meet me at the football game.

The football game.


First boy: what about a drive-in?

Hi, lucy.

Only math, huh?

That's pretty good.


Well, math's the only subject You're having trouble in.

I overheard your conversation With miller just now.

I'm the president of the letter club.

Our office is right next to miller's.

The letter club provides services.

We're good at everything.

We tutor math, biology...

I bet you're a wiz at s*x education.

Say, you've got a terrific sense of humor, You know that?

Different, but, uh, terrific.

So with your sense of humor And my talent in math...

Well, anyway, It's good to see you back in school.

Sorry I'm late.

Hi, I'm roger hurley.

Pamela ewing.

You're surely not lucy's mom?

Surely not.

Her aunt.

Well, you take care now.


He seemed like a real nice boy.

He's nice-looking anyway.

Lucy: that creep?

I can't stand him.

It wouldn't hurt you to date a boy Your own age for a change.


Pamela: bought you some new school clothes today.

I think you'll like them.

Why don't you look in the pink box?

Oh, raoul, take this upstairs.

I'll be back in a little while, And I'll help you with alterations.

Miss ewing?


Al, would you excuse us for a minute, please?

Ray: yeah, I'll take it.

I'm real calm, so you know I mean it.

If you and lucy are together again, I'm going to tell my husband, j.r., And jock.

You told me yourself you know what they'll do.


Kill me.

Jock and j.r.

Would anyhow...

Without batting an eye.

Then we understand each other.

You taking up social work, pammy?

Or don't you like the idea Of your old boyfriend running around with lucy?

Never mind that now.

Just be sure to do your part.

Stay away from lucy.

Bobby, are you through with this?

I don't know.

What is it?

Mm, lone star oil men association minutes...

Ah, no, no, no.

I gotta talk to j.r.

About that.

J.r. Left, bobby.

He what?

He went with sue ellen.

They're staying in town tonight.

He said for you to take his car.

Oh, he knew I wanted to talk to him about this.

That wasn't so difficult, was it?



You know, you're not half bad at this.

Is, uh, is mrs.

Ewing picking you up today?


Well, you can wait here if you like.


If we don't have to talk.



Stop it!


He's trying to grab me!

What is the matter with you?



Stop it!


He grabbed me!

He tried to...


Help me!

He grabbed me!

He ripped my clothes!

Somebody help!


Ewing, lucy's not here.

She left.

She left?

She ran out.

Poor kid.

I guess mr. Miller tried to...

You know.

No, I don't know.

Well, take advantage of her.

Lucy came running out of miller's office screaming.

Her blouse was all torn up.

I guess he made a grab for her.

I guess mr. Miller's in big trouble.

He's in the principal's office now.

Thank you.

Mr. Daley, I have been telling you That this is all some terrible mistake.

I wish that's all it were.

Come in.

Mrs. Ewing...

This is mr. Daley, the principal.

Pamela ewing.

Lucy's aunt.

You've heard what's happened.

Nothing happened, mrs. Ewing.


You must know that.


Lucy ewing comes running out of your office Screaming, clothing torn?

I'm going to have to call the police.

Don't do that.

I'd like to talk to lucy first.

Mr. Daley, you know lucy ewing.

She's done everything to avoid school.

Sir, I have a family.

So do i.

And this is too serious.

First thing monday morning I'll have lucy here.

I'll assume the responsibility.

Monday morning?

First thing.

You dug your own grave, miller.

I hope this lady can pull you out of it.

So do i, because you sure won't.

No, I won't.

I warned you.

What did he warn you about?

That jock ewing...

That it would be unwise to give jock ewing Any bad news, that he had a lot of power.

Mrs. Ewing, if he finds out about this, He won't stop to ask questions.

It's more than my job I'm worried about.

I could go to jail or worse.

You brought lucy back.

You asked for my help.

I'm asking for yours.


Yeah, bobby?

Can I bother you?

Come on in.

Just wondering if maybe you'd do me a little favor.

Well, sure.

What can I do?

Let me in on the secrets of your power of persuasion?

Oh, well...

There's no secret.

Just runs in the family.

Well, look at all the years You've been out there persuading While I've been stuck at that desk.

That's just it, j.r., I'm not on the road anymore.

Yeah, I do know that.

Surely do.

I'm gonna tell you how, How you filled your daddy's heart with joy When you decided to settle down And come into the business with me.

Well, that's just it.

I'm in the business, I think I have a right To know everything there is to know.

Do you?

Well, not as simple as that.

I don't see why, j.r.

We're brothers.

We're not enemies.

No, of course we're not enemies.

But while you were out there Sowing your wild oats, I was learning the business.

While you were out there playing football And winning all those honors and everything...

I'm not saying anything wrong with that...

But I was here, Busting my butt under our father.

And let me tell you, He's not an easy man to work for.

I think I can appreciate that.

Can you?

And the last few years, you've been out there Spreading the bs around, Wining and dining friends of ewing oil, And hanging out with fancy women And in general being charming, I've been making the company work, And I've been making it grow.

Well, that's true enough.

Ever since I can remember, All you ever thought about was running ewing oil.

Seems to me you're doing the thing you love best.

I am.

Yeah, I truly am.

But what I'm trying to say is this...

I've had to make decisions, and I've had to make deals That the man who runs the company has to make, And that's my business and mine alone.

And as long as I'm running this company, bobby, That's the way it's gonna stay.

Does that answer your question?

Oh, yeah.

Answered a few of 'em I didn't even ask.

Get in.

Walking is good for my figure.

Why did you do it?


Mr. Miller scared me half to death.

It never would have happened If you hadn't made me go to school.

Do you know what this could do to mr. Miller?

Do you really care about mr. Miller?

I care what happens to him.

Then monday, I'll go to school and I'll tell them It was just a little misunderstanding.

And in return for this magnificent gesture...

Well, you just make sure no more letters Come to the house when I skip school, And you keep miss ellie Believing I'm in school every day.

You really worked this beautifully.

Thank you.

See what happens when you care about people?

Sue ellen: lucy, are you back In that school routine now?


I'm even beginning to enjoy it.

You really looked pretty this morning.

Regular betty coy.

Betty who?

Betty coy.

Was that one of the outfits pam bought you?

Yes, it was.

I admire her taste.

Well, she should have good taste After all those years Working in the department stores.

Excuse me.

Telephone, miss lucy.

Oh, thank you.

Francisco, coffee in the living room.

Pamela, I for one am grateful for your interest in lucy.

Oh, thank you, miss ellie, but I haven't...

Yes, you have.


I said ok.

8:00, 9:00, Who cares?


Hi, sugar.

Want to take on the winner?

Oh, not right now, thanks.

A boy from school called And asked if I could go to a party with him.

What kind of party?

Lucy, a gentleman never calls a lady On the evening of a party.

He apologized, granddaddy.

He said his folks were having some guests over And he didn't know that kids were invited.

Otherwise, he would have called me sooner.

Well, nevertheless, I don't think it's a good idea...


Sue ellen: lucy, what's the boy's name?

Roger hurley.

Doc hurley's boy?

I don't know.

I think it's doc's grandson.

Well, as long as his parents are giving the party, Ok, you go right ahead.

Oh, thank you, granddaddy.

Have a good time.

Thank you.

You gotta stop treating her like a child, jock.

She's gonna have dates.

Makes me feel old.

Junior, you were born old.

You want to talk about it Or just sit there and comb your hair all night?

Oh, come on, honey.

I thought you'd have been happy about it, Mama comin' over to your side like she did.

I don't understand what upset you.

It's just she thinks I have lucy in hand.

Well, don't you?

I don't know who's got who.

Lucy thinks I'm doing this To make points with your mama.

Instead of caring what happens to her?


Well, what?

Well, why are you doing it?

I don't know.

Maybe lucy's right.

Oh, come on.

I don't believe that.

You're not that kind of person Who goes around trying to score points.

If you were, you sure wouldn't have married me.

That's for sure.

Ha ha ha.

I believe you might just see A little of pamela barnes in lucy ewing.

Do you, now?

I believe also you probably understand her A lot better than the rest of us, And if you didn't care for her, You wouldn't sit around here Moping instead of getting dressed.

Getting dressed for what?

For the opening of the new disco In downtown braddock tonight.

It wouldn't be official without bobby ewing And his charming new bride.

Besides, if we spend Much more time up here in this room, J.r.'S gonna have it bugged, Find out what we're doing that he's not.

Now get dressed.


Jock: don't stay out too late And drive careful, you hear?

Yes, sir, I will.

Give my best to your granddaddy.

I will, sir.

Good night.

Good night.

Good night, miss ellie.

Good night, grandma.

Good night, granddaddy.

Bye, baby.

He's a nice boy.


The sort that reminds me how smart I was.

Smart about what?

Marrying a man with dirty fingernails.

I love you.


Stop it.

Stop it, roger.

Hey, didn't we have an understanding?

You know, I can clear mr. Miller in 2 seconds.

I hate you for this.

You'll feel different later.


Come on, let's make a night of it, ok?

Your granddaddy said early.

He falls asleep.

Let's go dancing.


Dancing makes me very affectionate.

And then?

You know a good place?

If you've got i.d.

Honey, I got everything we need.

Say, you're pretty good.


Ray, I've got to talk to you.

This is hardly the time or the place.

You've gotta help me, ray.

Come on.


Be right back.

Just come and help me.

Ok, now, what is this?

What are you doing here?

This creep.

He made me go out with him.

You've gotta take care of him, ray.

You know what he wants.

That's between you and him.

Ray, come on, Just get rid of him for me.

Come on.

Lucy, this is crazy.

Somebody's gonna see us here.

I don't care.

I won't go home with that guy.

I'd rather go home with you.


Come on.

Roger, isn't it?


Hi, mrs. Ewing.


This is my husband bobby ewing.

This is roger and...

I don't know.



Aren't you together?

Uh, no.

I'm with lucy.

She's over talking to somebody.

You're the one who called lucy tonight?


Take her home.

Wait a minute, bobby.

Oh, bobby!

Easy, cowboy, easy!

I only wanted him To help me get rid of that creep roger.

Pamela, take her home.

I'm ok.

Come on.


Well, I figured you had that one coming.

You want any more, Let's just go right on outside.

No, I figure it's finished.

Is it?

What was it about?

About you and lucy.

Sure about that?

Well, if it ain't about me and lucy, We got nothing left to fight about.

Pam's your lady all the way, not mine, bobby.


You saw what happened in the school, didn't you?

That's the only reason I can think of Lucy would be out with you.

You're just going along with this To get friendlier with her, right?

Mind your own business, I don't need your help.

Like it or not, you've got it.

Monday morning, you're going to school with me, And you're going to tell them exactly what you saw.

Now why would I do that?

Because if you don't, I'll tell my husband You've been blackmailing his niece, And, roger, he won't take kindly to that.


Get lost.

I'll go with her.

Well, are you happy now?

Not really.

You know what?

You make sue ellen look sincere.

She's a simp, But she doesn't fling it like you do.

She says how nice I gotta look and talk.

She really believes it matters, though.

In her own way, she's trying to help me, Not like you.

You know something?

You're a ewing already, you know that?

Yeah, because...

Because you already know How to use people, lie about it.


Now what was all that?

It was personal.

Where's that boy you were with?

I don't know.

Well, how do you plan on getting home?

I'll manage.

No, I'll manage from here on in if you don't mind.

Now why did you come down so hard on pammy?

Why don't you go ask her?

Well, you know when she first started Taking me to school and everything?

Never mind.

You thought she cared.


She does.

Lucy, you and pammy are...

Don't go telling me how much alike we are.

I wasn't gonna say that.

I was gonna say that pammy probably cares about you More than anybody else.

Oh, yeah.

Shortcake, you know how it is.

We love you, but we never have the time To...

To give you any guidance.

I don't need guidance.

No, of course you don't.

You're just perfect in every way.

Come on.

She cares and you know it.

Now let's go find her.

Come on.

Look, I know we all got a lot of talking to do, But, uh, come on, I got 2 of the prettiest girls in texas.

I think we oughta dance till dawn.


You heard the man.