Pom Poko (1994)

♪ Mr. Raccoon Mr. Raccoon can't
you play with me somehow. ♪

♪ No, I can't. I'm eating dinner now. ♪

♪ What's for dinner? I want some. ♪

♪ I am eating pickled plums. ♪

♪ Can I have a little crumb? ♪

♪ Don't be such a greedy bum. ♪

♪ Get your own. ♪

Subtitles By:
Mighty Mike

Yes it's true we raccoons
like to live near humans.

But not to steal their food. Let
me clear that up right now.

The reason we live by humans is
because humans live on farms.

And where there are farms there are fogs
and grass hoppers and mice and moles.

All sorts of things for raccoons to eat.

And then there's all those
fruits that fall off the trees.

Which humans won't touch.

It's just so much better for
us to live near a farm

than say, in some mountain highlands.

Then last spring this
farmhouse was abandoned,

no one seemed to be coming back.

So, we decided to move in.

The house was just a dream.

It was a lovely level two
bedroom with a loft,

garden, a huge yard for the kids.

Oh, we spent a glorious year living there.

But then.

Uh, we raccoons generally get
along well with each other.

But um, all of a sudden
things were different.

I go out looking for food.

And no matter where I went

there'd be a raccoon their.

More kept showing up, and then

fights started breaking out over food

and burrows until one day.

Autumn, year , of the Pom Poko era.]

So many raccoons have been displaced
from their homes in Tama Hills,

that alliances begin to form.
Finally, tensions rose so high

that the opposing alliances
engaged in battle.

The leader of the red army was Gonta
young hotheaded. A raccoon of action.

The blue army was led by Seizaemon
older less quick to strike but still

a formidable opponent.

Although not a widely known fact.

Raccoons do walk on two legs
when humans aren't around.

As you see here.

Each side eagerly pummeled the other.

But their battle was soon interrupted.

♪ Blue, blue k*ll the red.
Red, red knock blue dead. ♪

♪ It doesn't matter which side wins
you're all still all going to lose. ♪

♪ k*ll 'em all who cares
who side is who's. ♪

♪ Red may lose today but
blue will lose tomorrow. ♪

♪ There are too many that
know where to burrow. ♪

♪ When you win the battle
where do you plan to stay. ♪

♪ While you all were fighting
the forests went away. ♪

♪ Red will lose tomorrow and
blue will lose today. ♪

♪ Slaughter everybody k*ll
as many as you can. ♪

♪ Wipe each other out
that's part of our plan. ♪

♪ m*ssacre annihilate
sh**t down the reds. ♪

♪ Do us this favor and we'll
give you our thanks. ♪

♪ It's about time our numbers shrank. ♪

♪ Those of us remaining must
keep our family small. ♪

♪ Have another cub and
you will lose it all. ♪

♪ The forest is shrinking
at such a rapid rate. ♪

♪ We must act soon let's
hope it's not too late. ♪

Moved by Oroku, words.

The raccoons ceased fighting to have a
look at the situation for themselves.

They were stunned.

The destruction stretch for miles.

The situation was far
worse than they realized.

Don't you see this is madness.

This is not the time for us
to be fighting each other.

In the 's, Japan was entering
golden age of economic growth

and the demand for housing in
and around Tokyo exploded.

Developers snapped up giant
tracks of farm land and forest.

Creating a maze of poorly planned suburbs.

Then in the government decided
to build a completely new suburb with

maximum residential potential.

They called the development New Tama.

The suburb would house over , people.

In less than square miles of land.

To do so, they needed to clear forest,

level mountain's, demolish
farms and fill in valley's.

It was the largest urban
development project in history.

All to be built in the
raccoons, Tama Hills.

Uh, clearly, a' we raccoons
underestimated these humans.

Uh, in the past we had always thought that

humans were animals just like us.

But, you know, now we realized
that these guys were powerful.

Maybe as powerful as "the gods."

In response to the situation.

Raccoons throughout the region secretly
gather at the abandoned Manpooko Temple.

Which was hidden deep in
the forest of Tama Hills.

A motion was made that Osho, the
temple's year old resident raccoon

be the chairman of the meeting.

The motion was approved unanimously.

So, due to the severity
of the current situation

we must forgo our natural
tendency to sleep during the day

and be prepared to take action whenever
necessary. Be it day or night.

Despite the fact that raccoons have
trouble taking anything seriously.

They manage to agree to
stop the development.

The motion passes and today's
meeting is adjourned.

The raccoons quickly disbanded leaving it

to the elders to formulate
the course of action.

The elders adopted a five year
program with two objectives.

One: Research and monitored humans.

And two: Revive the ancient
raccoon art of transformation.

Next they decided to bring in the masters

of transformation from
Sado and Shikoku Islands.

Osho ask the elders, "Who
will volunteer to go."

Although the plan was superb,

the journey was long and
raccoons are notoriously lazy.

All the elders pretended to be asleep.

Well, let's wait for the
young ones to go up

then they can make the journey.



The hamburgers which were
provided to facilitate discussion

were enthusiastically received.

The discussion however
immediately concluded.


The raccoons began step one
of the five year program

the very next day.

Dad, the signs say no dumping.

The best way to research and
monitor humans they concluded

was to watch TV.

The situated the television in
the main hall of Manpooko Temple

which became the group's
official headquarters.

- good evening,
- good evening.

The arrival of the television
had an unexpected results.

Dozens of raccoons crowded into the temple,

watch TV all day,

and lost all desire to
accomplish anything else.

To learn to transform you must achieve the
highest degree of mental concentration.

So you can rearrange the very order
of your cells in an instant.

Lesser forms of transformation
such as changing color

can be achieved by chameleon for example.

But the true art of transforming
can own be practice by

fox's, raccoons and a few cats.


The fact that you were able to
change your appearance like that.

Means you've already
mastered the rudimentary

techniques of transformation.

This is something all of
you will be able to do.

If you pay attention and practice!

At least in theory.

To begin the lesson, I
will do a demonstration.

Aren't you supposed to
put a leaf on your head?

Leafs are only for amateurs.

Haven't done that in a while.

, - Pom pom.

With Oroku guiding the way.

The raccoons made steady
progress toward their goal

of reviving the art of transformation.

The students were eager and enthusiastic.

And some were quite talented.

Well done, Shōkichi!

I've been fascinated with humans
ever since I was a little cub.

I knew that according to raccoon laws,
I wasn't supposed to go near them.

But that just made me even more curious.

And my dad always encouraged me.

He said that, "Careful observation
of humans and their ways

was the key to transforming."

And getting near the
humans was essential.

Over here!

My turn, catch!

Hay guys.

Keep it going.


I guess that's why I'm a bit
ahead of the curve today.

Unfortunately, not all the
students were talented.

Some of them in fact were quite pathetic.


To become adept at transforming
requires technique

and extreme physical and mental discipline.

Unlike fox's who are known for being
clever raccoons are known for being lazy.

And those raccoons who weren't gifted
transformers were easily distracted.

Hay there!


♪ Disturbing to every sacred
high ground we can think of. ♪

♪ Some are this and some are that.. ♪

Back then, all I thought
about was transforming.

I never dreamed that my friend Ponkichi
might just wanna be a normal raccoon.

♪ Some are this and some are that. ♪

♪ Some are this and some are that. ♪

One day at dusk, as the moon
rose above the mountain.

A man went walking through
a familiar mountain pass.

He noticed a pine tree
which somehow appeared

different from what he had remember.

This struck the man as very odd.

So, he said aloud, "There's
never been a branch

on that side of the tree before."

And lo and behold the
branch switched sides.

And then the man thought
that look wrong too.

"That's not right there were branches
on both sides, I'm sure of it."

And sure enough aother branch appear.

Then all of a sudden
there was a large crash.

What do you think had
fallen out of the tree?

A raccoon!

That's right. And why do
you think he fell? Gonta.

He was a loser. I wouldn't have fallen.

Good answer, thank you Gonta.

Sasuke, why do you think the
raccoon fell from the tree?

He had to use both of his
arms to make two branches.

Very good. And what lesson should
we learn from this story. Shōkichi?

That were overly
accommodating towards human.

We're too eager to please.

That's right. We raccoons
are to good-natured.

We shouldn't, … try so hard to please.

This is where we all go wrong.
Do you understand?

- Yes, Master Osho.
- Yes sensei.

So, what do you do if you hear,
♪ Mr. Raccoon, Mr. Raccoon ♪

♪ won't you sing with me somehow? ♪

♫ No we can't we have to study now. ♫

You see! All of you just fell for that.

Don't be so gullible.

The raccoons tried to stay focused

on researching humans and
learning to transform.

But once winter had ended,
the flowers and trees

were blossoming and love was in the air.

Recalling Oroku warning not
to have any more cubs.

The raccoons decided to
refrain from romance.

Until their battle for Tama Hills was won.

It was left up to the females to
fend off the male's advances.

The females were remarkably successful.

Meanwhile, the New Tama development
project was picking up steam.

Forest were cleared the earth was leveled

and the construction zone
grew bigger every day.

The raccoons watched with anger and sadness
as their forests were stripped bare.

♫ Hey there Post Man, what did you drop? ♫

Since the females were now free
from the duty of raising cubs.

They too began to try their
hand at transforming.

When the male's tried to transform
into women or children

the results were neither
convincing nor pleasant.

But with the females
participating the males

followed their example
and quickly improved.

Naturally the females soon wanted to try
their hand at transformed into men

but they experienced similar problems.

Oh, ah, I would like all the male's
to stay after class today please.

Osho decided it was time to let the
male raccoons in on a little secret.

Now then, noticed this fine red
blanket we're all sitting on.

Want to know what it is?

My raccoon pouch.

It's square feet and it
retracts quite nicely watch.

Finally, it was time for the transforming

students to test their
k*ll in the real world.

The exercise was conducted like
a driver's training lesson.

The students ventured into
the streets of Tokyo,

while accompanied by advanced instructors
who could help out in case of emergency.

Sasuke, Sasuke.

Get over here!




Transforming requires
extraordinary amounts of energy.

Especially when assuming human form.

The dark circles or masks commonly
seen around raccoons eyes.

Are the results are sheer fatigue.

Even the most experience
raccoons carry pick-me-ups

so they can replenish their
strength at a moment's notice.

Even so, if their pick-me-up
isn't fast acting enough.

Out pops the fur, then the
tail, and within seconds

the raccoon is back to his original form.

The recent rise in popularity
of fast acting energy drinks.

It is almost entirely due to the
needs of transforming raccoons.

To graduate from basic training

the students had to pass one final test.

Each was required to go out into
the world and earn at least $ .

- through honest labor.
- Replacement.

Some raccoons work in teams and took
turns impersonating the same human.

Are you all right?

One raccoon posed as a monk
and collected donations.

One female work in a bar but spent
all her money on energy drinks.

One raccoon hit the jackpot
at the Pachinko Parlor.

One lazy raccoon broke into a donation box
but all he found were a few of pennies.

Rather than show up empty
handed he transformed

a pile of leaves into a
pile of dollar bills.

When I told you to go out into the world

and make some money I did
not mean it literally.

Soon after finishing the tests Gonta
received an urgent report from home.

He raced through the forests to
witness the devastation for himself.

The construction had reached his childhood
home. Gonta went mad with grief.

He hurried back to headquarters

and forced Osho to call a meeting
of the elders where he announced.

"Change of plans we began
attacking the humans NOW!"

I am completely opposed to that.

- Whys that?
- It's way too soon.

We're still in the first
year of our five year plan.

We've all completed basic training.

Let's put our k*ll to work.

Oroku what you think?

Are your transforming
students ready for battle?

It's true they've mastered
the basic techniques but...

But want?

They need practice even the smallest
mistake and our secret will be discovered.

One question Gonta?

I think that your anger over what
happened to your childhood home,

might be clouding your judgment.

No, my judgment is not
clouded in the least.

This action will benefit all of you.

I guarantee it.

Of course his judgment is clouded.

Don't forget, it wasn't long ago that Gonta

was trying to take over
some of our territories.

Shut up! We raccoons from
my part of the woods

will attack with or without you.

If Gonta's going to risk his
life then I'm going to help him.

Are you sure, Shōkichi?

Shōkichi, thank you.

So there!

You can stop us now. We're
off to fight some humans.

Not so fast!

You can stop us!

Pay attention I have one final
peace of advice to give to you.

If the humans catch you transforming,

there is a trick that you can
use to protect our secret.

So, uh, what is it?

Pretend that you're a dead fox.

Summer: Year of Pom Poko era.

With Gonta in charge young raccoons

put their new transforming k*ll to work

and executed a surprise
attack against humans.

The battle has finally g*n.

- Here they come!
- Ready!

All right! This way! This way! This way!


We did it! Yay!

Disaster struck today, at the
New Tama development site.

at approximately :
in the afternoon

a series of bizarre accidents
k*ll three workers.

And destroyed a section
of a residential complex

which was under construction.

police suspect that the
accidents were caused by

reduced visibility and
soil erosion from heavy rains.

but the seriousness of the accidents

and the fact that they
occur simultaneously.

is causing local residents

to express some concern.

many citizens believe
there are fundamental

problems with the New Tama project.

and they requested that the

development plan be reviewed. .


Hold on everyone.

This isn't a time for celebration.

Three humans died because of us.

Shouldn't we be paying
our respects to those

poor people who are v*ctim
of this operation.

Well, I have to agree with Osho.

Raccoons, we should have a moment of
silence for the unfortunate v*ctim.

And then, right after
that, we can celebrate.

Hurrah! Hooray!

All pray.

I'd like to say a prayer for
the v*ctim of this operation.

We wish that we could save our
forest without harming any humans.

That was never our intention but
our forest is near and dear to us.

We save our forest! We save our forest!

We saved our forest!

Hey, it's Gonta!

You are my hero!

Hey, you did it, Shōkichi.

Nice work Gonta! You youngsters
have brought back hope

to this old heart of mine. Well done son.
Well done.

Well done? We're not done.
That was just practice.

Raccoons, this w*r has just g*n.

We will not stop attacking
until we have battered,

pulverize, and squeezed to death

every last human in Tama Hills.

Shōkichi, you should say something too.

And then we'll plant fruit trees.

And in a few years all
have to do is eat fruit.

Let's slaughter some humans.

Kick out humans!

Ok, ok will b*at up some
more humans, but first

we need to have a little
victory celebration.

Yeah, but there's one
thing I'm worried about.

What now?

Do we really wanna get rid
of all of the humans.

Of course we do.

Can we just a few of them live
around here, like the old days.

No way! The world is crawling with humans.
Like roaches.

We need to destroy as many as we can.

See your point, but you know what?
I can't stand humans either.

Although some of them are not so
bad, but mostly I hate their guts.

It's just that.

What, Ponkichi?

It's just that, if we get rid of
all the human then that means,

we'll never eat tempura again.

Or beef jerky.


- Or popcorn.
- Hamburgers, doughnut, potato chips,

pepperoni pizza,

chicken wings!

Oh, I can taste it.

Hum, so then, do you think
it would be all right

if we kept a few humans around Gonta?

We have no choice.

A good decision by Gonta yet again!

♪ Shine, shine, shine on Gonta. ♪

♪ Pom pom-pom pom pom pom-pom-pom. ♪

♪ You show the world what we can do. ♪

♪ Why don't we tell you too. ♪

♪ All the kids are cheering for you. ♪

♪ That's the truth we adore you. ♪

♪ Hail to Gonta ♪

nevertheless a government
spokesman stressed

that the people of Tokyo
are in such desperate need

of living accommodations
that the New Tama

development project
will not be delayed

despite today's tragic accidents. .

What was that?

It was needles to say an
unfortunate accident.

Gonta, the mastermind behind the
dangerous attacks agents the humans

now suffered multiple fractured
and internal injuries

that would take nearly a year to heal.

The situation plunged the
raccoons into depression.

But the raccoons soon realised their
attack had not been a complete waist.

Some of the human who
sold their land to the.

New Tama developers were
highly superstitious.

I think it was a bad
idea to move those

shrines just to make
way for more housing.

Can you elaborate?

All those accidents. Maybe the
spirits were exacting their revenge.

Weren't there many sacred objects
moved to make way for New Tama.

Yes, there were dozens of them.
That's what worries me.

I asked the developers to
hold the proper ceremonies

before moving them but...

And what are your thoughts
about the situation professor?

Your basic spirit or deity is generally
associated with a certain location.

If someone moves that
spirits shrine or statue

this spirit will become
extremely agitated

and wreak havoc on those responsible.

I'm sure if this is just the
beginning of your problems. .

Maybe we can save Tama Hills after all.

Shōkichi immediately led the
raccoons back into action.

A man with land for sale in
the section of Tama Hills

tour his property with
two New Tama developers.

To the landowner surprise he saw far more

sacred statues on his
land than he remember.

He told the developers, "I
better give this more thought".

And he postponed signing the
contract to sell his land.

Meanwhile, in another
section of Tama Hills.

A priest was holding a ceremony
at the Shrine of the White Fox.

Which was slated to be moved.


A raccoon appeared on the roof
disguise as the white fox himself.

The fox's eerie cry so overwhelmed
the ceremony participants

that the relocation proceedings
were brought to an immediate halt.

The witnesses to the event
bowed down to the fox

and vowed that it's shrine
would be left where it was.

The raccoons were on a roll.

The raccoons played tricks on
trespassers all over the forests.

Each trying to outdo the other.

[font face="Pieces NFI"]Go away.

[font face="Pieces NFI"]Put that away.

[font face="Pieces NFI"]Take it away!

Pick up that tempura, you don't
want to be a litter bug.

Huh, tempura.

[font face="Pieces NFI"]Leave it there.

Uh, is everything ok hear miss.?

Miss. What happened?

I have no face.

Help! Somebody help!

I-I-I just saw a...

- A m*rder?
- N-N-No.

- It was a…!
- Not a m*rder?

Well, that's too bad.

T-T-There was a woman.

Was she a vampire?

No no, she look like aah...

Was it something like this?

Did she look something like this?

The raccoons took great pleasure
in frightening the humans

and because raccoons have a
weakness for throwing parties

every time they scare a human
they had to celebrate.

Gonta however, so no reason to celebrate.

Although his wife did all she
could to nurse him back to health,

she could not soothe Gonta's frustration
for being out of the fight.

Furthermore, Gonta's, thought his
fellow raccoons were acting like wimps.

So, did either of you
watch the news yesterday.

They ran a peace entitled
New Tama ghost town.

Featuring an interview with
the policeman we scared.

But the news crew started laughing
so hard that the police man ran off.

What good did it do?!?

You idiots! You think that
will stop the developers?

Don't just frighten them!

We need to hurt them!

Inflict some serious pain!

Not again!

Just as Gonta predicted, the
development did not stop.

Rivers were paved with concrete.

Forest trails became cement roads.

Massive amounts of building
materials were trucked in

and the construction of thousands of
New Tama Apartments got underway.

The raccoons pranks however
had not been forgotten.

Tabloids and talk shows continued
to give nationwide coverage

to the strange occurrences
at the construction sites.

The raccoons became more and more
confident of ultimate victory.

Autumn: Year of the Pom Poko era.

By way of a enthusiastic
game of rock paper scissors.

The raccoons chose two
representatives to seek

out and the world's most
advanced Transformation Masters.

The young and dashing Tamasaburô was
chosen to travel to the Island of Shikoku.

While the husky and robust Bunta was
chosen to travel to the Island of Sado.

So, on the night of the next full moon

the two raccoons said their farewells

and set off on their long
and dangerous journeys.

What's that smell?

While they waited for Bunta
and Tamasaburô to return

the raccoons continued haunting
the construction sites.

The raccoons seem to enjoy using
their transforming k*ll

whether it helped prevent the
New Tama development or not.

- Out with demons!
- Daddy!

I'm starting to get nervous.

What if our little pranks
aren't doing any good at all.

What if the humans level the entire
forest, then where are we going to go?

Maybe Gonta's right. The only way
to stop them is to get violent.

I don't want to have to hurt anymore
humans. It just doesn't seem right to me.

But what they won't stop. Then what.
To be or not to be.



What's going on? Are you ok?

Is something wrong
with your neck?


I was posing.

I was hoping you'd tell
me that I looked pretty.

Oh, sorry.

Ow, now something is wrong with my neck.

Well, you looked pretty.

No. Too late.

But I mean it.

Ok, but I could use some practice.

Everyone loves that song, don't they?

It's stupid, but I kinda like it too.

Hey, do you like the hunter song?


It's, pretty good.

My dad used to…

♪ There once was a hunter
who sh*t a big raccoon. ♪

♪ Who fried him up and ate him... ♪

Did you know a hunter sh*t my grandfather?

Sorry, I didn't know.


It's ok.

My grandfather wasn't fried up and eaten.

The hunter sold his pelt
for a whole lot of money.

Well, you got beautiful fur too.


It's so nice of you to say that.

So, what about the hunter's song?

Oh, my dad used to sing it
to me, when I was just a cub.

Sounds like your father was kinda strange.

Uh-huh... he'd sing,

♪ "Fried him up and ate him." ♪
Really loudly.

And then he'd give me a lecture.

About what?

He'd say, "Did you hear that son?"

"Even in children's nursery rhymes."

"Humans sing about how
they love to sh**t us."

"And then fry us up."

"Humans are sick cruel heartless beast
and don't you forget it Shōkichi."

Hey, wanna play ball with me?

Oh, sure. Right now?

Here, I'll make one.

Hay, let me try that.

♪ Mr Atkin where you from? Higo sir.
Higo, that is where? ♪

♪ Kumamoto sir. Kumamoto that is where?
Senba sir. ♪

♪ A Ratka came from Senba and
he wandered into town. ♪

♪ Along came a ♪

When are you going to do that
plan you were talking about?

The Operation Twin Star?

I don't think I'm going to do it anymore.

Why not? That was such a wonderful idea.


Why don't we do it? Just you and me.

Are you serious?

Yeah. Don't you think I can do it?

No it's not that. It's just...

That I...

Come on Shōkichi, I'm
dying to do something.

Then lets do it. I think that you and
I can be really frightening together.

How sweet.


Well, look what we have here.
What can we do for you girls?

Where is our home?

We just got back from
our trip to the stars,

and our home's gone.

A trip to the stars?

We travel from the red-eye of the Scorpion,

to the swollen Cygnus’s great wings.

Around the coils of Hydra the Water Snake
to the forehead of the Little Bear Cub.

And we sprinkled each
day with dew and frost.

As we journey along the stars.

Hay, what the heck is
wrong with you?... ahh!

We're cold and we wanna go home.

Mister, do you know what
happened to our home?

Not-not me!...

I-I-I don't know anything
about your home.

Don't look at me! Come on, get out of here!

We should call the police.
Let them deal with it.

What are you doing?

Now you get off of there!

Come on come down!

T-T-They must be spirits.

What do you mean spirits?

Please, please spirits don't be angry!
W-we didn't mean to destroy your home!

Ah c'mon. Hold on a minute. You wanna'
raise? We can work something out.

C'mon guys, wait!

Look I don't care how much you pay me.
I'm getting out of here!

I've never seen anything
that creepy in my life.

Hands down.

Don’t do this to me. Please.

People warned me that Tokyo was a scary
place, but this is way too scary for me.

And if you know what is best for
you, you’ll get out of here too.

Hay c'mon you guy's...

Someone or something doesn’t
want this project to happen.

Surprisingly the racoons
decided to celebrate.

The evening celebration
was especially grand

in honor of the spectacular performances
by both Okiyo and Shōkichi.


Way to go!

That night for the first time in weeks

the construction workers
barracks were dark and silent.

But the next morning...

There seemed to be and
endless supply of humans.

No matter how many the racoons got rid of

more showed up to take their place.

Now some of your employees
have suggested that these

incidents are the work
of foxes or raccoons.

What I'd give for that to be true.

We could just skip the
criminal investigation

and put out a few animal traps. .

The raccoons feared the humans
were catching on to their secret.

You must admit the
similarities between these

events and the old folk
tales are uncanny.

How would you explain
these similarities?

That's easy. Who's ever
making up these stories

isn't even clever enough to
come up with something new.

We did not make anything up!
We saw it with our own eyes!

Fine you win.

Yeah, little racoons and
foxes from old folks

tales are responsible for
all these incidents.

As soon as you catch one in the act,

you give us a holler. We'll
exterminate it for ya'.

That is... if it doesn’t
just transform away. .

Shōkichi began to worry, whether using

their transforming k*ll
was the right thing to do.

He was not the only one.

As you all know, there was a
time a few hundred years ago...

When transforming was openly
performed by racoons.

It was a highly respected art form

and was a popular subject for the
artist and writer of the time.

But unfortunately we racoons went to far.

We were to conspicuous with our k*ll.

And we aroused the resentment of humans.

Since then, we’ve been hunted for our pelts

and our fur has been used to make
paint brushes and tooth brushes.

This is how the humans
exacted their vengeance.

And remember the last few decades
have been very peaceful for us

because we've shown restraint
with our transforming.

When humans see racoons these days
they generally just ignore us.

This was not always the case.

The ability to transform
is a double-edged sword.

So, be sure to use your
sword with discretion.

We can not afford to evoke the
hatred of the humans yet again.

Following Aroku lecture,

the young racoons spirit were dashed.

Furthermore, Autumn was now upon them.

A time of year when racoons
need to find plenty of food

so they can store ample fat and grow
long fluffy coats for the coming winter.

The young racoons focused their
attention and there transforming k*ll

on finding as much food as possible.

Now more than ever they
needed the advice of experts.

They were desperate for the masters
from the island to arrived.

Then finally one day, an unfamiliar
raccoon arrived in Tama Hills.

Hay it's ok, I'm a raccoon too.


Thank you.

You seem to be quite exhausted. How
far did you say you have traveled?

From Fujino Woods.

Oh, is that on Shikoku Island or Sado?

Uh... neither. It's just on the
other side of the mountains.

Huh, what do you mean?

Aren’t you a
Transformation Master?

Transformation Master? Oh no. I’m
sorry, you were expecting someone else?

That's ok well just have to
wait a little bit longer.

Right, not your fault that all.

So, what brought you to Tama Hills then?

I was trying to find out.

Who in the world keeps dumping dirt

into our drinking water
and on top of our homes?

Truckloads of dirt which had been excavated
at the New Tama construction site.

We're being illegally dump
all over the Fujino woods.

The dirt polluted the streams
and cause frequent landslides.

Which devastated the forest.

The animals of Fujino Woods.

Knew something had to be done.

To find out where all the
dirt was coming from.

They decided to send a raccoon.

The raccoon disguised himself as a human.

Snuck aboard one of the dump trucks.

Which was responsible for
the illegal dumping.

Unfortunately, he was not k*ll
at the art of transformation.

The swaying of the truck and
the stress of the journey

so exhausted him that he was
unable to maintain human form.

It's not just Fujino that's in
trouble, its other woods too.

And now there are garbage dumps and
golf courses all over the place.

First, the developers dig up
Tama Hills and cause us to suffer

then they dump the dirt on Fujino Woods
and cause you to suffer as well.

The insanity just never ends.


Yeah, I was shocked when the
dump truck brought me here.

I just assumed all the dirt
was coming from some enormous

construction site in the middle of Tokyo.

But were in the country side here.

I'd never dream they'd dig
one forest so they could...

Dump it on another.

Why would the humans do such a thing?

So, if we find a way to stop
the New Tama construction,

we'll be saving all the
raccoons in the Fujino Woods

as well as the Tama Hills.

You think it's possible
to stop the construction?

All of you here are so accomplished
at the art of transformation.

I bet with your impressive k*ll,

you could easily stop the development.

It'll be a piece of cake.

It's, not that simple.

We've tried everything we could think of.

If only Bunta and Tamasaburô would
return with the Transformation Masters.

I wonder why we haven't heard from them?

Soon winter was upon them,

but there was still no
word from Tamasaburô,

Bunta or the Masters of Transformation.

Food was scarce and the raccoons needed
to use all their energy for forging.

Therefore, they were unable
to continue transforming.

And all the work they did, haunting the
construction sites was soon forgotten.

The media quickly moved on to the usual
celebrity and political scandals.

♪ Snow, snow, snow's falling down. Snow's
falling down but we're still cold ♪

♪ We'll free Santa's ice cream.
Ice cream covering the ground. ♪

♪ Now just pass the fudge and caramel.
Pom, pom, pom, pom, pom. Pom, pom. ♪

New year day, year of the Pom Poko era.

All of Tama Hills was covered
with a blanket of snow.

And most of the construction workers had
already returned to their hometowns.

And were enjoined the
holidays with their families.



- Wait for us!
- Will help.

Hey, that's our rig.

What's going on?


Oh no!

What, raccoons?

♪ We smashed your tractor_?_ ♪

♪ But you made our home
a construction zone. ♪

♪ If you don't want to
be so accident prone. ♪

♪ Keep off our forest and
will leave you alone. ♪

Hey, don't point the finger at us.

The raccoons did it. We all
saw it with our own eyes.

Get off our backs.

Nevertheless, police still suspect
these workers were responsible.

And that they were inspired
by the numerous pranks

which occur at this
construction site last fall.

Police are searching the
area for footprints.

But the snow around the crime
scene has already melted. .

Why in the world could do that Shōkichi?

I don't think there was anything
wrong with what we did.

You should have done more than that.

No. Shōkichi was just trying
to encourage the raccoons

who can't transform by
letting them help out.

Should we be worried Osho?

Mmm, I think we'll be ok this time.

It was just as Osho predicted.

No one believed that the raccoons
were responsible for the incident.

Rather, most believe that the
construction workers were guilty.

Due to lack of evidence
however, the men were released.

To this day the case remains unsolved.

Soon, it was springtime.

And love was in the air once again.

After refraining from
romance for an entire year

the raccoons were unable to
control themselves any longer.

The air was filled with the
sounds of lovers' quarrels,

and sweet nothings,

and the raccoons courted each other
until even the skies turned rosy.

Hey, wait up!

Wait for me!

Come on Gonta, you gotta catch me.

Don't tease me! Hanako!


As soon as it's springtime
everybody goes crazy.

All of a sudden they wanna get
married and have families.

Nobody seems to remember Oroku's warning.

That were not supposed to have any cubs.

The second the sun hits their
fur they fall in love.

But not us, you don't see us chasing
after each other like we're lunatics.

We can handle not getting married.

And not having cubs, don't you think?

Of course we can.

I'm so pleased. It's just
what I'd hoped you'd say.

You're, wonderful!

Yeah, we can hold off. I don't need
to kiss or cuddle or rub noses or…

Oh, Shōkichi!

That was a mistake…

Kiyo and Shōkichi were soon married and had
four charming raccoon cubs within the year.

Ooo. Wahh.

During the previous Autumn.

Tamasaburô had managed
[Kinchô Daimyo Shrine]

To reach the Island of Shikoku
[Kinchô Daimyo Shrine]

Despite a long and difficult journey.
[Kinchô Daimyo Shrine]

Despite a long and difficult journey.

As soon as he arrived he
presented his request for help

to Kinchô the IV, one of the
Masters of transformation.

But then he collapsed and was
gravely ill for many weeks.

Luckily, Kinchô had a daughter,

Koharu, who stayed at Tamasaburô bedside and
miraculously nursed him back to health.

With the coming of spring the bond
between the two young raccoons deepened.

And Koharu soon bore Tamasaburô three cubs.

Inside the shrine, the elders
of Shikoku Island held

a meeting to discuss the
situation in Tama Hills.

They all agreed that putting a
stop to the New Tama project

would send a much needed
message of hope to raccoons

in similar situations all over the country.

But the elders were divided as
to who should go to Tama Hills,

who should stay behind to
govern Shikoku Island,

and if any of the masters died
while on this dangerous mission.

Who should replace them.

Even after months and
months of discussions,

they were unable to reach a consensus.

Father the elders never stop talking,

they should get outside.

It's such a beautiful day.

I can't believe that they've been
debating for over six months now.

I'm beginning to wonder if
they'll ever come to a decision.

I hope they never decide what to do.


I beg you, don't go back to Tama Hills
with the Transformation Masters.

The thought of you being so far
away from me and the children

I can't stand it!

It breaks my heart!

Ah, darling. I too wish we
could stay together forever.

But you must understand…

No we don't understand.

Why can't you stay here with me.

The Masters can make it to Tama without you

I'll talk to father and the elders.

Why don't you stay behind
and be father's successor?

While Tamasaburô struggled to decide
whether or not leave Shikoku Island.

Bunta roamed the fields and
mountains of Sado Island.

Searching for the islands
Master of Transformation.

Oddly, not a single raccoon on the island

knew the whereabouts of
the renowned master.

Back in Tama Hills the raccoons
were facing some serious problems.

Their woods were continuing to shrink
due to the New Tama development.

The recent baby boom double the
number of mouths they had to feed.

And poor summer weather brought
about a serious food shortage.

The chestnut and persimmon
trees on witch they always

relied provided no where near
enough food to go around.

Having no where else to turn the raccoons

with transforming k*ll went
in search of human food.

Despite all their efforts
they were still unable

to collect enough food to
sustain the raccoon community.

Finally, even raccoons
who couldn't transform

began scavenging around human homes.

Desperate to find anything
to feed their cubs.

Inevitably many raccoons lost their
lives on the roads and in animal traps.

I can't take this anymore!

We got to stand up to the humans now!

Even if it cost us our lives!

Right Shōkichi?

Wait a minute… have you healed yet Gonta?

Of course I have! Watch this!

You're better than ever.

Hey, we should have a party and celebrate.

There's no time for a
party, it's time to attack!

Hold on Gonta, but I think
that we should wait for the

Transformation Masters to arrive
before we plan another attack.

What is wrong with you, Shōkichi? You're
too young to be such a big coward.

You're wrong, we can't
underestimate the humans.

If we attacked them head
on they will destroy us.

We have waited long enough!

Calm down, give Shōkichi a chance to speak.

I propose we adopt three policies
while we wait for the masters.

One: Have the raccoons that can transform
go to the city and gathered food.

Then we'll all share the food equally.

Two: Train every one in traffic safety.


Three: Organize rescue squads to
free any raccoons caught in traps.

That's it.

Shōkichi, you sound like a human. Are
you sure you're ready a raccoon?

Yes! And don't you ever doubt it!

Well then, assuming will
work out all the details

later I think we should take a vote.

All those who agree with
Shōkichi's proposal…

Stick 'em up!


What kind of nonsense is this Gonta?

Shut up! It's for real.

Anybody who dares to oppose me from now
on will be k*ll by my private guard!

- Got it?
- Yeah!

You need to think about
what you're saying Gonta.

You'll address him as sir Gonta!

Raccoons! We all know the
humans are dangerous!

But if we attack without concern
for ourselves we will win.

As the old saying goes,

"When a mouse is cornered
he will bite a cat!"

- He's a mouse?
- He's not a mouse.

He means that if we're desperate
enough we can b*at anyone.

That's right. When a mouse is cornered he
can find the strength to defeat a cat!

Is what I said.

But we're not mice though.

Why would we want to
b*at up a cat you know?

I'm starved. Sure would like to have
a mouse to eat right about now.

- A good mouse tempura can't be b*at.
- Yeah.

Not true. Plane deep fried is better.

I don't know, I think the tempura
batter is what really makes it.

The thought of the crispy
tail makes my mouth water.

What is the matter with all of you?!?

I say that.

♪ That mouse tempura is the best.
Oh yes it is. ♪

See, Gonta. We can't fight, all
we can think about this food.

I think it's best if we wait for the
Transformation Masters to get here.

Sorry about that.

If only we could have held
off on having more cubs.

But nobody wanted to listen.

I guess it was too much
to expect from every one.

You're wrong!

Instead of reducing our ranks we should
be reducing the number of humans!

The forest where we used to live are
now occupied by swarms of humans!

Their the ones who are the intruders!

We should kick them out!

Kick out the humans!

Kick out the humans!

Kick the humans out!

k*ll them all!!!

Little did they know, at that very moment…

Hey, taxi!

- Wow look!
- Oh my goodness!

I'll go tell them you're here.


The Masters from Shikoku Island are here!

You did it, Tamasaburô!

Raccoons, on our way here we witness

the devastation that is
occurring in your forest.

We feel your pain.

Call all the raccoons in
the area, we will hold

a meeting tonight to address
this problem immediately.

Autumn: Year rd of Pom Poko era.

The masters had finally arrived.

The raccoons gathered to greet
them, their hope restored.

I am pleased to see such
a fine moon out tonight.

Fellow raccoons, I am
Hage of Shikoku Island.

In a few days I will be years old.

Raccoons, why is Tama Hills
ravaged by development

while our island is nearly untouched.

That's because we raccoons of Shikoku never
stop haunting our forest and our mountains.

Therefore, the humans on our island are
well aware that disaster will befall them

whenever they dare to enter our territory.

In fact Master's Kinchô, Hage, and myself.

Are so good at frightened humans.

The various forms the three
of us take ARE WORSHIPED

In shrines and temples all over the island.

My name is Gyobu and I
have led the raccoons

of our island to peace and prosperity.

I can lead you there, as well.

Allow me to formally
introduce myself as well,

I'm the Kinchô the IV.

In order to frightened every last
human being out of Tama Hills.


We've decided to execute Operation Specter.

Our plan which relies on our
mastery of transformation.

This plan requires extreme
amounts of mental energy.

So much energy in fact

that any one of the three
of us may not survive.

But my fellow raccoons we the Masters of
Shikoku are willing to take this risk.

If we all combine all our efforts
at successfully carry out this plan

the humans will be so frightened

they will never set foot
in Tama Hills again.


And then…

once the human beings are
fully primed with fear

we'll be able to stop their
infernal development

of destruction of the
forest once and for all.

Mark my words we will prevail.

We have brought to a boat, a
boat that will swiftly ferry

the raccoons of Tama Hills
back to an era of greatness.

Fellow raccoons, we promise you
we are now in this boat together!

What a spectacular moon.

There is nothing better than moonlight.

Let us all bow our heads and
pray to this gorgeous full moon

that Operation Spector will be safe
sound and extremely successful.

The Masters immediately began
a special training regimen.

To prepare the raccoons
for Operation Spector.

Congratulations on your
th birthday Master Hage!

Thank you, everyone. Thank you.

Thank you.

Master, will you reenact the tail of
the young samurai who sh*t the fan.

Ah, I'll need some help.

Yes, today's the day.

Winter: Year of the Pom Poko era.

After months of preparation the day for
Operation Specter had finally arrived.

The winds were calm. The skies partially
cloudy. Temperature °. Humidity %.

Perfect transforming weather.

♪ Pom ♪

♪ pom ♪

♪ pom ♪

♪ pom ♪

♪ pom ♪

♪ pom ♪

♪ pom ♪

♪ pom ♪

♪ pom ♪

Raccoons have always been able to transform

themselves into simple
ghosts and goblins forms.

For Operation Specter to be successful

the raccoons had to become
much more advanced.

The Masters taught them to utilize
not only their own energy.

But also the energy of
the world around them.

In fire, earth, water, and air.

The training was so physically
taxing and intense,

its nearly beyond description.

All the raccoons participated.
Whether they could transform or not.

And together they generated and focus
phenomenal quantities of power.

That night the fighting spirit of
the raccoons was greater than ever.

In fact their enthusiasm was so boundless.

They began transforming into
a parade of frightening

specters long before they
reached the human city.

♪ Pom ♪

♪ pom ♪

♪ pom ♪

♪ pom ♪

Hey, look at that?


What is that?


Make the trees bloom with flowers!

Hey what's going on?

What's going on?

Let the trees bloom with flowers!



- Hey mom, we're missing the monster parade!
- Honey, wait.

I used to see stuff like
that too when I was a kid.

You know, monsters in the closet.
That kind of thing.

You know when you're young
they seem so, so real.

I swear I saw these ghost.

Dancin' on my ceiling.

Just have another drink
you'll see them again.

Isn't that weird? Now where
do you think you see that?

Do you think ghost really exist?

Huh? Don't be stupid.

It's your brain playing tricks.

It must be… your brain plays
tricks on you when you're young.

Things like the bogeyman and
monsters in the closet.

They're all in your head because of…

all the scary stories
people tell you as a kid.

It plants the seeds in your brain.

So, as a kid you think it's real.

Kids are suckers because there's no
way those ghost stories are real.

Still… they frighten you have to death.


The brain is scary that way.
You think things

and then you see them whether real or not.

You ima... imagination.

There really are monsters out there.

See, we talk about ghost
and you start to see em.

Hi, dear.






The trees!

Master Gyobu!

He's gone.

Master Gyobu!

- That was unreal!
- Come on honey let's go.

- Mom!
- I've never seen anything like that my whole life!

Aw, is it over already?

That was really great wasn't it mom.

- Yeah.
- Alright bedtime, let's get inside.


Hey, don't forget to brush your teeth ok?

Ok mom.

That was amazing. I feel like
I just woke up from a dream.

I know. What in the world
you think that was anyway.

I don't know.

- Maybe they were UFOs.
- Some things you just can't explain.

Long ago when various raccoon families
were feuding on the Island of Shikoku.

Yoko Labelle then allied
himself with the enemy

his betrayal led to the
downfall of his clan.

Yoko so profoundly regretted his
actions that he took a solemn vow.

To devote his life to further injustice.

We must ensure that his sacrificed
to this cause was not in vain.

We must continue his
noble quest for justice.

And we must vow that we will keep
fighting until our day of victory.

♪ Praise to Gyobu. ♪

♪ Praise to Gyobu. ♪

♪ Praise to Gyobu. ♪

♪ Praise to Gyobu. ♪

♪ Praise to Gyobu. ♪

♪ Before he got here our
lives were a mess. ♪

♪ But Operation Specter
was a big success. ♪

The raccoons were so
convinced of their success

that even the ones on monitor duty
pay no attention to the news.

Big success. Big success. Big success.

The videotape is completely blank.

I have no idea what happened.

It came through this crack and then
it flew around the kitchen ceiling

It was terrifying.

I swear, there's no way someone
could have stage that.

Uh yeah, something strange is
definitely going on in New Tama.

I'd like to move out but
I just can afford to.

Tune in at midnight tonight
for a special program

which will cover this evening's
bizarre events in greater detail. .

The more the humans investigate
Operation Specter

the more they'll be forced to admit

that what they experienced
was not their imagination,

a dream, or a hallucination,

But irrefutable fact.

Then they'll turn to science and
technology and their fancy machines.

When that fails to solve this mystery
the humans will finally be humbled.

And now since they've witnessed something

they can't explain no
matter how hard they try,

they will be forced to
realize that humans are not

the only worthy form of
life in the universe.

Raccoons, the changes may take
time but why wait to celebrate.

It's time to party.

Come on its time to sing and drink
and dance until alights out, yes.

♪ We're dancing we're dancing.
Master Hage Hage Hage Hage. ♪

The next day however,

events took an unexpected turn.

It appears that the massive
parades staged yesterday.

In a recently constructed portion of
the New Tama residential complex.

Was a publicity stunt for Wonderland.

A theme park now under
construction in the area.

Police say the responsible
party will be

fined for staging a
parade without a permit. .

You're kidding!

However, residents of the New Tama
complex remain convinced

that what they saw yesterday could
not have been a publicity stunt. .

That's more like it!

The president of Wonderland
admitted that last night's parade

was an unauthorized
promotional event. .

It was not!

Let me eh... apologize for any inconvenience
you... might have had from our little parade. .

Who is that guy?

Our intention here at Wonderland Theme
Park was just to let the community know.

How wonderful our wonderful
Wonderland Theme Park will be.

So, we thought the best way er...
Was to er...

Give the public a taste
of Wonderland for free.

As the park's president I take full
responsibility for the decision

to stage this unauthorized but
truly spectacular event for free. .

Liar oh.

We've received an overwhelmingly
positive response to our parade.

Yeah the public's enthusiasm
quite frankly was astonishing.

Because of this I must admit

I do not regret my decision to
hold this parade in the least.

I'll have you know, that even if
I have to go to jail for this

I believe that your positive
reaction was worth it.

Is this for real?

He stealing credit for
all of our hard work!

I believe that your positive .

- You liar!
action was worth it. .

The news sent the raccoons
into a state of panic.

Meanwhile, at Wonderland
headquarters, the president

was desperately searching for
those responsible for the parade.

No way, are you nuts?
We can't back down now!

Just find out who put on that parade?

And then hire them all!

Yeah! Throw as much money
as you can at them.

Pay them whatever they want!

What if raccoons are the ones that did it?

What you mean raccoons!

I don't care if it was raccoons
or penguins or gopher's.

You go find them and get them
working exclusively for me!

Uh, wait a minute… why did I say raccoon's?

Oh I'm sure you're just joking.

Where'd you come from?

Who are you? You're not
supposed to be in here!

Don't worry, your assistant let me in.

I'm Ryûtarô. I called
you earlier remember?


I am the only one who
could possibly lead you

to the ones responsible for
that spectacular parade.

But I require my fair
share of the business.

Forget it! How about me $ , , .

While Ryûtarô negotiated highly
lucrative terms for his partnership.

The raccoon's were dumbfounded.

This bizarre human had
completely stolen their thunder.

And at first they railed against
the unfairness of it all.

But soon the sheer hopelessness
of their situation

began to sap their will to fight.

Meanwhile, with no footage
of Operation Spector.

Media coverage quickly
petered out and the public

soon lost interest in the whole affair.

You're a fox, isn't that right?

You have a good eye.

Indeed, I am a transforming fox.
I am Ryûtarô, at your service.

I am honored to meet such a world renown
raccoon's such as yourself Master Kinchô.

I've heard much about you.

I am nothing more than a
sixth in a long line.

So, what business brings you
all the way out to our forest?

I wanted to congratulate you on
the fabulous parade you staged.

You knew we were behind it. Did you?

Of course. And I give you my condolences

for Wonderland stealing all the credit.

Thank you.

Of course, as a fox you would
understand that it was raccoon's.

I wasn't surprised by what happened
after the parade Master Kinchô.

How's that?

Ryûtarô was needless to
say as sly as a fox.

He and his silver tongue lured Kinchô
into one of the swankiest clubs in Tokyo.


Now don't you worry all the
girls here are fox's too.

What's the problem? Don't
you like them this way?

Were you rather they were foxes?

Or perhaps you prefer
they were raccoon's

I'll get right to the point then.

There's no future for the
raccoons of Tama Hills.

They'll die off soon. Just like the foxes.

So, that's what happened to all the foxes.

Yes, I'm afraid so.

Except for those of us
with transforming k*ll.

We have learned to survive by
living among humans like this.

As humans?

It's the only way to survive if
you plan on living near Tokyo.

And that is why I wanted
to meet with you today.

To invite you raccoon's to live
the same way as we do here.

Now hold on a minute!

I know we may sound a little strange
but allow me to complete the picture.

You won't be living like ordinary humans.
You'll be filthy rich.

You'll be extremely well fed.

And you will be working in the luxurious
environment of Wonderland Theme Park

with your fellow transforming raccoon's.

You're insane! Do you
think we'd work for those

liars who stole credit for our work!

Let's not get upset.

It's a fact that it's time
for you to live as humans.

But here's the problem.

♪ The human world requires
wealth and greatness

♪ so how will you make
the money you need?

♪ You use the k*ll you
have and you will succeed.

And where do you think you can earn
the most money for your k*ll?

I'm afraid that would be your great
enemy, Wonderland Theme Park.

They tell me that you'll get benefits too.

Let me just show you the
amount of your monthly salary.

And of course I will be the only
one who knows your raccoon's.

It'll be our little secret.

So, how about a little snack?

It's not good to make big
decisions on an empty stomach.

I've heard such fabulous things
about the food on Shikoku Island.

It must be hard on you. Eating the measly
scraps you can find at Tama Hills.

That's not important to me.

I'm concerned about this.

The raccoon's who can
transform can live as humans,

but what happens to the
raccoon's who can't transform?

Those who can't transform will
have to fend for themselves.

It's sad but only the fittest can survive
in order for the species to continue.

We foxes were also forced to abandon
those who couldn't transform.

So, they all died.

Yes. We had no other choice.

Ah! It's not fair!

Look on the bright side,
you raccoon's unlike us

foxes can eat just about anything.

Those who can transform might do all right.

Meanwhile, the elders gathered
at the temple to consider

what might be done to improve
their depressing situation.

We'll ferry you back to
an era of greatness.

We were idiots to think those old geezers
could help us out in the first place.

Mmm, reminds me of the saying,

"Don't sell the pelt till
you caught the raccoon."

Now, no one could have anticipated
the outcome of Operation Spector.

You shouldn't blame the
masters for what happened.

Why don't humans respect us? They
never say "Sly as a raccoon."

They all say "Sly as a fox."

Isn't that weird?

You're worried about stupid human
sayings at a time like this?!?

No Gonta, I'm just saying that we
need to study the humans a bit.

Shut up! It's Time To Challenge All
The Humans To A Fight To The Death!

Control yourself, Gonta!

It seems to me that we
raccoons have finally come

to a point where we've
absolutely no choice.

We must reveal to the humans that we were
the ones who stage Operation Spector.

Have you lost your mind Osho?

We can't let the human know. That's
an ironclad rule. You know that.

She's a right Osho if the humans find
out about our transformation abilities

they'll never stop hunting us down.

Yes but, it's just not fair.

Somebody else got the recognition
for our spectacular masterpiece!

I just can't take it, I wanna scream!
We Raccoons Did It!

Osho, what could we do to convince
the humans that we were responsible?

We would need to get the message
out to the whole world.

We can write to the television
stations or the newspapers.

Yeah but, the humans
were just think that it

was somebody playing another prank.

Then one of us could go on
TV and prove it to them.

Ah, give me a break. It's
like Operation Spector.

They'll think it's staged and
we'll be exploited again.

See, were just wasting time.

Gonta was right.

The debate dragged on until morning and
still they didn't have a solution.

See, just wasting time.

But if we run out into the world
and start attacking the humans

they're going to turn
on us and wipe us out.

We won't let them know it was us. How
many times do I have to tell you.

Something that's small won't be effected.

Oroku's right the only answer
is to do something big.

I think that we need to regroup and launch
another even bigger Operation Spector.


What makes you so sure things won't
turn out just like last time, Shōkichi.

Because, all of us have experienced now.

We can do it even better.

Huh, you are just stalling
because you're afraid to fight.

If I didn't know better, I'd
think you are a little girl.

Don't make fun of girls Gonta.

I'll show you how girls fight.

All I meant was that if he were
a girl he'd be the sissy kind.

Yeah well, this sissy
is gonna start getting

ready for Operation Specter Part II.

By yourself? No one gonna listen to you.

What! You think they'll follow you?

Shut up you!

Hey, break it up!

Listen everyone…

I have a proposition. Please take a seat.

All we have to do is use
our transformation k*ll

the same way we did for
operational specter.

Operation Spector clearly overwhelmed
the humans and won their admiration.

So much so indeed that
a human being is tried

to claim responsibility for our great work!

So, how could we possibly
benefit from this?

How can you make an egg a stand on end?

Mm mm-mmm.

Sound impossible?

This is how Columbus did it.

- Ooh.
- So that's it!

He must have a very clever solution.

The solution is, from this day forward
will be living as human beings.

- Ahh!
- That's stupid.

Now hold on. You should all
take a moment to consider it.

Yeah but, what about the
ones who can't transform?

This is stupid.

From the Tama Hills Raccoons.

The raccoons were incensed
by Kinchô's proposal

without Osho things quickly fell
apart and the meeting adjourned.

For months now Operation Spector had taken
precedence over preparing for winter

the raccoons scrambled to
find food for their families.

But Gonta spent his time
rounding up raccoons

who wanted to participate
in guerrilla warfare.

Master Hage rounded up the
raccoons who couldn't

transform and started a
Buddhist dancing cult.

At the raccoon had finally gone senile.

♪ I'll have to rent a
boat and sail to_?_ ♪

♪ if you would like to join
me just jump in my boat. ♪

♪ Come sail with us to Nirvana
with my Buddhist guards in town. ♪

Well, that's a depressing sight.

Hage has been mentally sound for
all these years and he spends

a few months in Tokyo and he's
completely lost his mind.

Tokyo is a strange place, Tamasaburô.

I don't understand the people here at all.

If we were to have
executed Operation Specter

on Shikoku Island it would
have worked beautifully.

Offerings at our temple would have tripled.

Master Kinchô please take me
back with you to Shikoku Island

and train me to following your footsteps.

There's nothing that would value more.

I see. Tamasaburô?


Do you honestly wish to
become my successor?

Yes, Master Kinchô.

I've been hoping you would say that.

However, you must assure me

that you're not making a selfish decision

and abandoning your fellow raccoons
just to get back to my daughter.

Are you?

Of course not master!


Only what? Tell me.

Even you Master Kinchô have lost
the support of the other raccoons.

So what good can we
achieve by staying here?

There is something. Come with me.

Wow, what an amazing place!

Do you like it? The people
that you're about to employ

assured me that this visit
would be memorable.

Look, I'm everywhere!

Unbelievable! This is worth every dime.

Hurry up and get it! Hurry up and get it!

And so the raccoons of Tama Hills

not only got their revenge on the
credit stealing Wonderland president.

They also obtained a substantial
sum to finance future operations.

The president ran to the
authorities to report the theft of

$ million by a pack of raccoons...

But this time no one would listen to him.

Meanwhile, Gonta and his
crew of rebels were taking

various steps to prevent further
clearing of the forest.

Are you ok?

Attention all environmentalists

you must not interfere with our attempts

to exterminate this snakes
in the Tama Hills area.

If you do not leave the area immediately

you'll be subject to
prosecution for trespassing

and for possession of dangerous w*apon.

This is your last warning.

Leave the area now or you will be
a arrested and remove by force.

But Gonta and his army of
rebels refuse to budge.

They're threatening tactics kept
the police, snake exterminators,

and construction workers at bay.

Even as night fell both parties
remained at an impasse.

Don't just sit there. Gonta's
out there risking his life.

We all need to get out there and help him.

Can't you hear that? The riot police are
already here. It's too late Shōkichi.

I'm gonna see what I can do!

- Shōkichi I'm coming with you!
- Sasuke you too!

- Are we ready?
- Yes!

Now, let's hear the kamikaze motto.

" Even if we should fall
in the heat of battle.

Our deaths will not be in vain.

Our sacrifice is certain
to rally our brothers

to fight on until the day of victory."

That is the kamikaze spirit.

♪ If you don't want to
be so accident prone. ♪

♪ Keep off our forests and
will leave you alone. ♪

♪ Amen. ♪

- Special forces!
- Make way!

- Wait!
- Don't do this!



Although Gonta and the
rebels fought bravely

their battle did end with their deaths.

Mr. Raccoon?

Mr. Raccoon, Mr. Raccoon.

Meanwhile, in another part of Tama Hills…

a television reporter and his crew arrived.

Mr. Raccoon?

Please come out there's
no need to be afraid.

Feel free to take whatever form with
which you feel most comfortable.

I and the entire staff of
Action News are on your side.

We're your friends.

Apparently there hesitant
to show themselves.

♪ Mr. Raccoon Mr. Raccoon won't
you talk with me somehow. ♪

♪ No we can't we're too hungry now. ♪

Unbelievable they answered!

So, the raccoons letter we
received was indeed real!

Please come out raccoons!
We've read your letter

and we want the world to know
all about your troubles.


There they are! There they are!
Raccoons! Raccoons! Wait!

Just tell us, are you raccoons
responsible for the Wonderland parade?

Of course we are!

Can you give us some proof.
Why don't you transform

yourselves into something for our viewers.

Otherwise no one will believe you.

Not every raccoon can transform
into something else.

That's why if our woods disappear
will not know where to go.

Raccoons listen please.

If you don't give us some form of prove,

this news report will
look like it's a hoax.

Aren't you the ones who requested
this interview in your letter?

This is for your own good.

- Osho?…
- Mmm.

We have no choice. I think it's time
that we tell the humans everything.

He came out! He came out!

A ceramic raccoon figurine
is walking towards me…

Mr. Raccoon, a-a-a word for our viewers?

We'd like to say... That we were ah…


Go on.



The forest of Tama Hills are our home.

So, you can't keep destroying them all.

This plea is from every living
creature in the forest.

♪ The ones you loved
yesterday are gone today. ♪

♪ The ones you love today
may be gone tomorrow. ♪

♪ We do not know what
the future will hold… ♪

Master Hage the last surviving
witness of the age of the samurai

was years old.

Over the years he had earned many
honors and seen many fascinating sites.

But now he had seen enough and he
decided to bid the world, farewell.

With a song of triumph the raccoons
stretch Master Hage's pouch to the limit

and turned it into a magnificent ship,

trimmed with gold, and loaded to
the hilt with exotic treasure.

Dreaming of their heavenly destination

a large number of raccoons
who couldn't transform

boarded Master Hage's great ship.

They danced and sang in joyous celebration
of leaving this world of suffering behind.

And so, on that kind of moonlit
night that Master Hage adored

the ship set sail down
the Tama Hills river.

Pulled along by a balmy breeze.

Gently the raccoons drifted
off towards Nirvana.

They partied like never before.

And the Pom Poko sound of the raccoons
b*at on their bellies like drums

could be heard throughout the Tama Hills
until the wee hours of the night.

Although they knew the raccoons
aboard a ship were happy

the raccoons that were left
behind could do nothing but weep.

As if in a dream, the ship sailed past
forest and fields shrouded in mist.

The raccoons aboard the ship
strained to see through the fog

and catch a glimpse of their
glorious destination.

Despite the fact that the closer they got
to paradise, the closer they were to death.

And so the ship crossed
over to the next world

and the raccoons sailed away

on a trip from which
they would never return.


Well, I guess we're no
match for the humans.

Bunta? Bunta, is that you?




- It's Bunta!
- It's good to see you.

You made it!

- Welcome home.
- Sasuke! Shōkichi!

How was your journey Bunta?
Were you able to reach.

Sado Island and locate their
Transformation Master?

Yes sir, however, my news is quite grim.

Many years ago when food was
scarce he was… k*ll by a hunter.

How sad…

I was looking forward to meeting him.

I'm very proud of you, Bunta.

So, what has been happening to our forest?

It's only been three years,
I feel like Rip Van Winkle!

We did everything we could
to try and stop it.

But every inch of the wood has changed!

How could the land be so transformed?

We're so sorry. This must
come as quite a shock.

So the humans did all this themselves.

That's right. They transform
all of Tama Hills.

But how! Only raccoon
should be able to do that!

We're the only ones!

Who do you think you
are, you stupid humans!

Raccoons are the ones who transform things!
How could you do this!

How could you do this!

The only way this makes any sense
is if all you humans are raccoons!

You're all stupid, evil, selfish, raccoons!


How about one last try?

Let's use whenever strength we have left to
put Tama Hills back the way that it was.

That's an idea. We'll show those humans
the right way to transform this land.

Mmm, that sounds like fun.

I can remember every last little
detail of the way things used to be.

Oh yes! Time for one last gorilla attack!

Wait, it's already too late.
It won't do any good.

Oh, it'll be fun. Let's have some fun!

Good idea. It's our playful
spirit that keeps us raccoons.

And that's what really matters.


Yeah, so then will you
give us a hand Kinchô?

Yes, of course. Although it may end
up looking like my home instead.

- Ponkichi?
- Here I am!

Want me to round up all the raccoon's?

Yeah, you mind lending us some energy?

No problem.

Hey look!

What is it?

Wait for me!

Oh, that looks just like my mother.

Yoshi? It's Yoshi!




That's us! That's us when we were cubs!

- Hey! Raccoons!
- Aw, there's so cute!

- Aren't those raccoons?
- Uh-huh.

I wonder what they're doing here?

They don't usually come
so close to the city.

Hey, wait raccoons! Don't go!

Aw, they're gone.

I wish we could have fed them something.

I wonder if they can change
their form like in fairy tales?

After that, our last hurrah,
Manpooko Temple was knocked down.

And the New Tama development
continued without delay.

Soon residents settle in and the town
became an ideal place for humans to live.

In fact the hill where
the temple stood is now

the most popular section
of the development.

Also, I'm happy to report
that revealing ourselves

to the humans did have a positive effect.

Now humans are concerned
about preserving nature.

And they're setting aside
little bits of the forest

that they develop for parks
and nature preserves.

Even the newspapers published
articles proposing

various ways to help humans
and raccoon's to coexist.

Unfortunately, these changes came too late
for our group of raccoon's to benefit.

Some of us tried moving to
the other side of Tama Hills

where some forest and farmland still remain

but there were raccoon's already
living there of course.

And with all the construction
and traffic in the area

it was a daily struggle to survive.

So, we finally gave in and
followed Kinchô's advice.

Those of us who could transform
followed in the fox's footsteps

and started living as humans.

Some raccoon's sold real estate

and unable to resist the
money they could make

promoted leveling even more forest.

I got a prime piece of forest
just waiting to be developed.

I now have a desk job. While my
wife Okiyo works at a snack bar

but most could barely handle the
stress of living in the human world

and they wanted nothing more
than to return to the hills.

I'm constantly impressed by the humans

it takes a lot of stamina
to live the way they do.

Eventually many of the
raccoon's quit their deskjobs

and started begging and
living in the streets.

As for Ponkichi and the
others who couldn't transform

they adopted a lifestyle
perfectly suited for raccoon's.

They lived for the moment.

Knowing their lifestyle
was dangerous they made

sure to fully experience life each day

and never letting the
destruction of their homes

or accidents on the road get them down.

They had cubs, relaxed,
ate, drank, and died...

all too quickly.



It's Shōkichi!

You look great!

No, you look better.



Uh... Hello.

Many of you have probably heard.

Someone on the news saying how animals
are disappearing because of development.

I don't think that's quite accurate.

It's true that some raccoon's can
transform and disappear although,

What about things like rabbits and badgers.

They can't transform, so where do they go?

Subtitles By:
Mighty Mike