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04x13 - Back To Square One
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Author:  bunniefuu [ 11/16/15 21:15 ]
Post subject:  04x13 - Back To Square One

In accordance with the authority vested in this Council by the Realm, we hereby sentence you, Emma Alonso, to have your powers stripped at the completion of this spell.

You too, Lily?

I'm not surprised those two would try something like this.

They've done it before.

But I thought you were on my side.

I am on your side, Emma, but you're out of control.

You know this doesn't have to be permanent.

Just until you can show you can handle your powers.

Oh, I can handle them.

I can more than handle them.

Try telling that to the pool.

Lily: She's out of control, a threat to us all.

Thus we ask this grim recall.

For all the days and all the hours Take from this one all her powers.

Quick, Emma, get out of here!

Treachery, treason, betrayal, shame, return this spell whence it came.


You didn't!

Wait... what just happened?

Reflection Spell?

That's extremely advanced!

How did you...

A little help from Hex.

What did you do?

Our powers!

How dare you?

Don't worry.

This doesn't have to be permanent.

But it could be.

♪ I cast a spell it takes a hold of you ♪
♪ I see my dreams and they're all coming true ♪
♪ Come on, let's go you and me together ♪
♪ Look up ahead there's a magical adventure ♪
♪ Every witch way-ay-ay-ay-ay ♪
♪ I'm trying every witch way-ay-ay-ay-ay ♪
♪ I'm going every witch way-ay-ay-ay-ay ♪
♪ Every Witch Way ♪♪

??? that you did to the Council!

Where did you learn a Reflection Spell?


I really should start reading more books.

I'll put that in my notes.

"Tell Jax Jr. to read more books."

Do you think I went too far?


I don't think you went far enough.

I think you should've turned them into caterpillars and put them right in the middle of Highway A1A.

Hey, did you talk to Jessie about moving in with your mom?

I couldn't.

When I got home, she wasn't there.

Neither was dad.

What? Where did they go?

I don't know.

Dad has houses all over the world.

He could be anywhere.

Are you gonna look for her?


I mean, she might be an annoying pest, but she's my annoying pest.

I'm bored.

What's the point of coming all the way to Australia if we're gonna just sit here all day?

Just need to make sure that you're safe.

Safe? Safe from what?

You keep telling me what a powerful wizard you are.

You can protect us.

Come on, I want to see koalas and kangaroos and...

Tasmanian devils!

Those animals can be quite aggressive.

But how about...

Aww, he's so cute!

What is he?

Can we keep him? Please?

Well, it's called a sugar glider, and we'll see.

But for now, you can play with him.

Hi Mr. Sugar Glider.

Or are you a Miss? A Mrs.?

I'll call you "Mugsy"

That works for a girl, or a boy, like Jessie!


How many times do I have to tell you?

We do not put emojis in our spreadsheets!

How 'bout a selfie sesh, Mugsy?

Hey, how's it coming?

Any progress?

Progress on what?

Getting me back to my other life?

The Everglades?

Oh, right.

No, not yet, but that was only yesterday.

I haven't done anything yet.

I've got a ton of stuff going on.

But it's second on my to-do list.

Right under "eat lunch."



I'm gonna do it.


Carry on.


Hey, Aggie! Your shoelaces are untied.

I know.

I'm still learning how to tie them!

The bunny going 'round the tree...

Oh, it's just so complex!

(text alert)


"Hey big bro, I can't tell you where I am right now. I just wanted to let you know that I'm okay and that I miss you. XO, Jessie."

Where have you been?

Oh, with nurse Lily.

I think it's safe to say you're officially off of her Christmas card list.

Which is too bad 'cause her cards are always so cool.


I didn't take any powers from her.

That's not really the point.

She was your biggest fan...

Second biggest fan.

She always supported you in the Council.

(scoffs) You call that support?

Getting in on the, the...

Triangle of Traitors?

"Secret of the Triad".

Although your version of it does have a better ring to it.

Look, I know what the Council did might seem a little drastic, but they're still the Council...

And I'm still the Chosen One!

Last time I checked.

Dude, I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I think it might have been better if they did take your powers away.

What? Not forever!

Just 'til you've had some time to simmer down.

(intercom beeps)


Mr. Novoa, the delegation from North Korea is here.

Thank you, Steven.

I'll be back shortly.

You need anything? You hungry?

I'm okay, thanks.

(speaking foreign language)

Come on, we're going back to Miami.


It's so boring here, just sitting and watching Dad work.

But Mugsy is cute, though.

Come on, Mugs, let's go.

There's not enough time.

(speaking foreign language)

Look, Em, no one thinks having magic powers is cooler than I do, but when you really get down to it, you don't need them.

I mean, not on a daily basis.

You didn't object when I used them to turn a certain video game zombie into a real boy.

What? Don't bring Phillip into this!

I know.


And I know lately with my magic I've been going a little...

Nutty? Over the top?

To Crazytown?

A little far.

But I didn't ask to be the Chosen One.

The Realm gave me a lot of power and I need to know how to use it.

That is true.

If that means getting a little out of hand, isn't it better that I learn it now than when it really matters?

So what you're saying is you're just testing out the limits of your powers, like taking them on a test drive at 200 miles per hour?


But you're not gonna do anything crazy with them.




Okay, well...

Just be careful then.

Of course.

That felt so weird just now.

"Be careful."

Who am I?

You're my best friend...

Who gets to eat all my fries.

No way!


That's Desdemona's powers.

Oh, phew...

I mean, everybody knows Agamemnon tastes better on potatoes.

Do you think it's weird that we named our fund-raiser before we decided what to raise funds for?

When inspiration strikes, you just gotta go with it!

"Panther Paws for a Cause" is brilliant.

So glad I thought of it.

I thought Diego did.

But we're a couple, so I'm allowed to take credit for his ideas.

That's how relationships work.


Pass me the Panther Pink paint.

Thank you.


So fun! That is never gonna get old.


Look what you made me do!


White furniture?

You're basically asking for it.

Clean... it... up!

You know, you probably shouldn't paint in here.

Oh, and where else should I paint in my house?

I don't know, maybe the painting studio?


That is Maddie's lip makeup bathroom!

Come on!

Where are we going?

The painting studio.

I have to fix my lip gloss after all the shrieking and gasping.

The bunny runs around the tree, but, uh-oh!

He sees a dog and jumps into the hole.

This is impossible!

Are you saying that humans can do something you can't?

I will conquer you.

Learning to tie our shoes, are we?

Ah, to be four years old again.

What do you want?

To broker a truce between you and Emma.

Out of the question.


Let's at least hear her out.

You say you want to take Emma's powers away because she's getting out of control.

But she's not.

Oh, really?

She's just experimenting, pushing the limits a little.

But she's not going to do anything crazy.

Oh, really?

What are you proposing?

That you have a real conversation with her.

Really listen to her and she'll really listen to you.

As long as you're not interrupting every two seconds with...

Oh, really? Oh, really?

Look, if you make an enemy out of Emma now, you'll never get her back.

I think it's a reasonable idea.

We cannot even consider anything like that until we have our powers returned to us.

Take that message to the Chosen One.

She'll never go for it.

She'll think it's a trick.

Well, then we have nothing else to discuss.

Guys, come on.

Let's at least give it a shot.

Yeah, I mean honestly, not really speaking from a position of strength here.

The Chosen One may think she holds the cards, but she's only won this round.

We have deposed a Chosen One before.

We can do it again.


What are you doing here?

Looking for you.

What's up?

I was thinking about what you said the other day, this other life.

I just started to wonder if it might actually be possible.

I know it is.

Diego and Maddie saw it, they can tell you.

Why don't you tell me about it to start?

Liana: I knew you were home when I heard Maddie scream.


Hi, Mom!

I was so worried about you!

Thank goodness you're all right.

Let me take a look at both of you.

My beautiful, perfect family.


I can believe you lived in the Everglades, and you had a snake named Billy, but there's no way I can believe the T-3 were actually helpful.

Are you sure they weren't punking the alligators?

It's true.

And not "lived" in the Everglades.

I live there.

I just need to find a way back.


If you say so.

So, I live there too?

Yeah, and you were amazing.

You were the best wilderness guide in the Glades.



You didn't just help the animals, you took care of people, too.

If somebody got hurt, you took care of 'em.

You knew how to splint broken bones, suck the poison out of snakebites.


(scoffs) That totally sounds like me.

The other day, I got a blister from my sandal and I knew exactly where to put the bandage.

Well, that's something.

Is Emma there?

In this other life?


Never even heard of her, or Iridium High.

I'd barely even been to Miami.

It's just you and me.

Best friends and a couple.

That sounds... really nice, actually.

It is.

Am I late?

No, I'm early.

Just thought I'd do a little reading.

What are you looking for now?

Nothing in particular.

General knowledge, interesting observations, et cetera, et cetera.

So, where's the family?

They're on their way.

It feels so weird to hear that word, "family,"

I mean, applied to me.

Weird but great, right?

Your mom seems cool and Jessie's... a hoot.

That's one word for her.

I'm so just so used to living on my own, I mean, with my dad, which is basically living alone, that it's going to be strange living with them.

And don't forget the Van Pelts.

How could I forget?

Maddie's always yelling at me to get out of her bathroom.

I just don't understand how mom thinks that the Van Pelts are gonna protect her.

Maddie's mom doesn't even have powers, and my dad is ten times more powerful than Maddie.

And not like she'd lift a finger to protect you if she could.

She wouldn't want to chip a nail.

I guess if anyone's gonna protect 'em, it's me.

And me.

I got your back.

Hi, there!

I've been so looking forward to this dinner.

So, what's good here?

The pizza.

They'll customize it however you want.

My dad and I like to get a little... crazy with the toppings.

What about the salads?

I want to be sure my kids eat healthy.

What can I get for you guys?

I'll have a pizza with salad on it, so that I can save time.

I'll have the chicken salad.

Cheese pizza, please.



Oh, sorry, Gigi.

No problem.

What can I get for you... (text alert)

No way!

I've gotta answer this text... here!

Oh, my gosh. Wow, does that happen...

Both: All the time.

Well, then, in that case, what do you think, Emma?

Pizza, salad, or pizza and salad?

I guess I'll get both.


Oh, just up there.

You were a million miles away there.

What were you thinking about?


Just stuff.

Your mom is so great.

We're splitting the tab.

So is Everglades Mia a Kanay?

You know, I'm not really sure.

If she...

I mean, you are... I don't know about it.

Maybe you are and you don't even know about it yet.

(text alert)


Is that really what time it is?

I have to get back to Vero.

Do you like it up there?

The kids at school are okay but I don't have like a best friend or anything.

And you live with your cousins, right?


They're okay too but we're not like, super tight.

Who does Everglades Mia... me, live with?

Your parents.

Your dad was our veterinarian.

He took care of all the injured animals.

You know you learned most of your skills from him.

My dad?

My parents?

They're still alive?

Yeah, they're...


The last time I saw my parents was when I was seven, before they were taken out by witches.

In your...


Your life, you get to see them all the time?

I'm really sorry.

I didn't mean to upset you.


This is...

I've gotta go.

Ursula, Maddie?

We're back.

Maybe they went out.

They're not home?


Maddie's makeup kit, here I come!



I'm not gonna touch it.

I just want to look.

I never knew there were so many different shades of pink!

Well, I think I'm gonna go up to bed.

I'm starting to think you only like me for my mom.

That's not true.

There's your hair, too.

Jessie: Jax, come quick!


I don't know!

I just found them this way.



Stay in your room! Lock the door.

Maddie, Mrs. Van Pelt!

Are you all right?

Can you hear me?

Maybe they ate that blowfish that paralyzes you when it's not cooked.

Stand back.


Maddie's silence I do approve, but show me why she can't talk or move.


That means...

You're correct, son.

Whoa, there's no need for any of that.

I didn't hurt Ursula or her very talkative and opinionated daughter.

(muffled shouting)

What are you doing here?

What do you even want?

I'm here for you.

Both of you.

You belong with me.

We're not going with you.

Your mother is not who she is...

Stop it!

I don't want to hear what you have to say.

I believed in everything that you had to say about mom for too long.

You're right.

I shouldn't have lied, but you need to understand...



I think you'd better go now, Mr. Novoa.

Not without my kids.

Both of you.

Not a chance.

Emma, get Jessie out of here.

(muffled shouting)

Emma, keep going, we've almost got him!

Jessie, come out.

We're safe now.

(muffled shouting)


We are okay and that is what matters...

My... stuff!


What did you do... with my stuff?

Maybe we should go, like, right now.



Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!


I thought you were your dad.

So, you didn't find him?

He's not here.

Well, he's not at any of the other houses.

At least not the ones I know of.

What does a guy need with ten houses anyway?

We must have driven him into hiding.

Should we bring them in?


Liana: Is it safe?

It is for now.

I'm surprised, though.

Why would you want to live here?

Well, I lived here when you guys were little.

I always liked this house.

And besides, we don't have anywhere else to go.

W-What if he comes back?

I can't be here all the time.

I can make it safe.

That's right.

You can cast a protection bubble around the house to keep him out.

Oh, Emma, that would make me feel so much better.

You sure you have anything left?

I mean, you did use a lot of magic tonight.

I've got plenty.

To keep away any Jake Novoa trouble, wrap this house in a protective bubble.

Thank you so much, Emma.

Now we can relax.

I hope it doesn't keep out food deliveries.

Who's up for pizza?

You were amazing tonight.

I really appreciate everything you did.

You were amazing.

You really took charge.

I couldn't have done it without you.

You are one powerful witch.

I have been practicing.

The Chosen One has to know her own powers, right?

Well... it looks good on you.


Feels pretty good, too.

I've made a decision.

Oh, me too.

I am done eating corndogs.

You know, I always think I'm gonna like them, but then I get all that breading stuck in my teeth...

I think...

No, I know I can bring my mom back.

I don't care what it takes.

I'm going to do it.

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