Dawson's Creek Transcript Index

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Dawson's Creek". Aired: January 1998 to May 2003.
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Four friends in a small coastal town help each other cope with adolescence.
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Dawson's Creek Transcript Index

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We work very hard providing Dawson's Creek transcripts for you. You are more than welcome to link to them. You may even save or print a copy for your personal use (click on the link at the top left of each transcript that says print view to read the transcripts with black font on white). However, you may not republish anything from foreverdreaming.org without obtaining written permission! Read our Copyrights

Most transcripts were courtesy of "Dawson's Creek Script Archives", which is now a defunct GeoCities site (dwscrk).

Season 1

01x00 - The Pilot

01x01 - Dirty Dancing

01x02 - Prelude to a Kiss

01x03 - Carnal Knowledge

01x04 - Blown Away

01x05 - Look Who's Talking

01x06 - The Breakfast Club

01x07 - Escape From New York

01x08 - In The Company of Men

01x09 - Modern Romance

01x10 - The Scare

01x11 - Pretty Woman

01x12 - Breaking Away

Season 2

02x01 - The Kiss

02x02 - Crossroads

02x03 - Alternative Lifestyles

02x04 - Tamara's Return

02x05 - Full Moon Rising

02x06 - The Dance

02x07 - The All-Nighter

02x08 - The Reluctant Hero

02x09 - The Election

02x10 - High Risk Behavior

02x11 - Sex, She Wrote

02x12 - Uncharted Waters

02x13 - His Leading Lady

02x14 - To Be Or Not To Be...

02x15 - ...That Is The Question

02x16 - Be Careful What You Wish For

02x17 - Psychic Friends

02x18 - A Perfect Wedding

02x19 - Rest In Peace

02x20 - Reunited

02x21 - Ch..Ch..Ch..Changes

02x22 - Parental Discretion Advised

Season 3

03x01 - Like A Virgin

03x02 - Homecoming

03x03 - None Of The Above

03x04 - Home Movies

03x05 - Indian Summer

03x06 - Secrets and Lies

03x07 - Escape From Witch Island

03x08 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

03x09 - Four to Tango

03x10 - First Encounters of the Close Kind

03x11 - Barefoot at Capefest

03x12 - A Weekend in the Country

03x13 - Northern Lights

03x14 - Valentine's Day m*ssacre

03x15 - Crime and Punishment

03x16 - To Green, With Love

03x17 - Cinderella Story

03x18 - Neverland

03x19 - Stolen Kisses

03x20 - The Longest Day

03x21 - Show Me Love

03x22 - The Anti-Prom

03x23 - True Love

Season 4

04x01 - Coming Home

04x02 - Falling Down

04x03 - The Storm

04x04 - Future Tense

04x05 - A Family Way

04x06 - Great Xpectations

04x07 - You Had Me At Good-bye

04x08 - The Usual Suspects

04x09 - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

04x10 - Self Reliance

04x11 - The Tao of Dawson

04x12 - The Te of Pacey

04x13 - Hopeless

04x14 - A Winter Tale

04x15 - Four Stories

04x16 - Mind Games

04x17 - Admissions

04x18 - Eastern Standard Time

04x19 - Late

04x20 - Promicide

04x21 - Seperation Anxiety

04x22 - The Graduate

04x23 - Coda
Season 5

05x01 - The Bostonians

05x02 - The Lost Weekend

05x03 - Capeside Revisited

05x04 - The Long Goodbye

05x05 - Four Scary Stories

05x06 - Use Your Disillusion

05x07 - High Anxiety

05x08 - Text, Lies and Videotape

05x09 - Hotel New Hampshire

05x10 - Appetite For Destruction

05x11 - Something Wilder

05x12 - Sleeping Arrangements

05x13 - Something Wilder

05x14 - Guerilla Filmmaking

05x15 - Downtown Crossing

05x16 - A Lonely Place

05x17 - Highway to Hell

05x18 - Cigarette Burns

05x19 - 100 Light Years From Home (100th Episode)

05x20 - Separate Ways

05x21 - After Hours

05x22 - The Abbey

05x23 - Swan Song

Season 6

06x01 - The Kids Are Alright

06x02 - The Song Remains The Same

06x03 - The Importance Of Not Being Too Earnest

06x04 - Instant Karma!

06x05 - The Imposters

06x06 - Living d*ad Girl

06x07 - Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell

06x08 - Spiderwebs

06x09 - Everything Put Together Falls Apart

06x10 - Merry Mayhem

06x11 - Day Out of Days

06x12 - All The Right Moves

06x13 - Rock Bottom

06x14 - Clean and Sober

06x15 - The Castaways

06x16 - That Was Then

06x17 - Sex and v*olence

06x18 - Love Bites

06x19 - Lovelines

06x20 - Catch-22

06x21 - Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

06x22 - Joey Potter and the Capeside Redemption

06x23 - All Good Things...

06x24 - ...Must Come To An End

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