05x17 - All the Time in the World

All episode transcripts for the TV show "Alias". Aired: September 2001 to May 2006
Sydney Bristow is an international spy recruited out of college and trained for espionage and self-defense.

While Alias concluded in 2006, after five seasons, we continue to discuss the show and you are more than welcome to join us.
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05x17 - All the Time in the World

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Flash-back: Sydney is at the bottom of the crack and starts to dream. She reminds her Pre-school

TEACHER: It looks like Austin is going with... an astronaut. And Kelly's drawing a police officer. I'm not sure "elephant" counts as a job, Laurence. What about you, Sydney? Are you having trouble getting started? That's okay. I can help you. I want you to close your eyes and tell me the very first thing that pops into your mind when I ask you this question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Sydney is still at the bottom of the crack inside the snow.

LOS ANGELES: After the expl*si*n.

JACK: (to Dixon) I just spoke with Zurich. Sloane hit the twelve. They're all d*ad.

DIXON: He's solidifying power.

JACK: I must contact Sydney. Get Marshall and Rachel. We'll rendezvous at Mikro storage. Trust no one else.

DIXON: (to Rachel) You will be all right. Rachel, we have to leave. We don't have time to mourn right now.

Jack calls Sydney.


VAUGHN: (Coming down the crack) Syd, Syd, Sydney. Sydney, Syd. (He starts a cardiac massage) One, two... three. Come on! Come on! One, two, three...Come on! You're stronger than this!

Flashback: Sydney is 6 years old and arrives in a room where his father speaks with an officer.

JACK: (To a man) Excuse me. (To Sydney) Sydney, something’s happened. Your mother was in an accident. Her car skidded off the road, and...She's gone. Your mother...She's d*ad. Sydney, sweetheart, I need you to be strong right now. I need you to be... strong. It's okay.

End of Flashback: Sydney gets conscious again.

VAUGHN: You're okay. Everything's gonna be okay

In a street, Sloane meets Sark and Peyton.

SLOANE: I saw the news reports on Los Angeles. Good work.

SARK: I'm not certain "good" is the proper word for it, but thank you. I've dispatched a team to the location you acquired at Mt. Subasio.

SLOANE: I want to be airborne as soon as they find something.

SARK: Understood.

SLOANE: Were you able to make contact with our friend in Hong Kong?

PEYTON: Yes. She sends her regards. (Sloane opens the box which contains the sphere of life) Should I tell her we have a deal?

SLOANE: Yes. Let her know the transports will leave just as soon as they're ready.

SARK: Am I to understand that we're still going through with this?

SLOANE: Don't tell me you're having second thoughts.

SARK: Of course not. It's just it's not every day one gets to be a part of global genocide.

Sloane takes them to a storage facility where Sark and Peyton discover two trucks with nuclear m*ssile.

LOS ANGELES. Inside a facility.

JACK: (To Dixon) If I can get a signal down here, I maybe able to tap into Langley's network. I can spoof the origin. They won't be able to trace the hack. Sloane will try to seize control of Prophet5's operations as quickly as possible. We should look to identify any unusual activity in their holdings. (Telephone) Bristow!

VAUGHN: It's me. We're in Siena.

JACK: So Sydney is with you?

VAUGHN: Yeah. We're both okay.

JACK: Thank God. We've had a situation here. Home base has been compromised. Tom... didn't make it. Stay at the safe house. Once we gather some more information, we'll forward it to you there.

VAUGHN: Got it.

JACK: Vaughn, How is she?

VAUGHN: She took a pretty big hit, but she'll bounce back.

Sydney is looking outside the window

Flashback: Sydney (6 year old) looks at Irina’s photos. She plays with an odd set of blocks which are from Project Christmas.

JACK: Sydney?


JACK: You did this? Can you show me how you did it? (He looks amazed when he sees his daughter assemble the puzzle alone)


JACK: It's a test; called an "indicator" People in my line of work use it to identify people with a highly developed sense of 3-dimensional reasoning. Very few people can do it. I can't do it.

SYDNEY: You can't?

JACK: Sydney, What it means, Sydney, is...You are a very special...girl.

MOUNT SUBASIO: Inside the chalet.

SYDNEY: Twelve hours ago, two intercontinental cruise m*ssile were stolen from a storage facility in Moscow

VAUGHN: We think it's Sloane?

SYDNEY: Whatever he's up to, he said it was too late to be stopped.

VAUGHN: He also said that he'd wipe out everyone at A.P.O. He was wrong.

SYDNEY: Still, how can we find him? It's impossible. We don't have a single lead.- We can't trust the C.I.A

VAUGHN: Sydney, stop, alright? Let's not overlook the fact that you basically died today. You and I have gotten pretty good at impossible. I'm gonna have to deal with this wound. I don't have any anaesthetic. It's gonna hurt. (He looks after Sydney’s neck where there is a deep wound). Just hold still.

SYDNEY: Sorry. Why would Sloane steal the m*ssile?


SYDNEY: He just wiped out the Twelve, right? Which means that he controls their assets? He wouldn't steal m*ssile. He'd just buy them on the black market. I think I know how to find him.

SYDNEY VOICE OVER: We start with the money. If we can hack into the system, we can I.D. who the payoffs went to.

View of Jack hacking a computer. View of Marshall hacking the Russian bank network.

SYDNEY VOICE OVER: Then all we need are phone records.

View of Rachel stealing a mobile phone in a man suit.

SYDNEY VOICE OVER: If I'm right, they'll lead us right to Sloane... Or at least, someone he's been working with.

Using phone records and satellite telemetry, someone locates Peyton. Vaughn and Dixon stop her when she is about to take a lift. Inside the facility, Sydney takes off the hood of Peyton’s head.

SYDNEY: We know you're working with Arvin Sloane, and we know about the I.C.B.M. She's recently acquired. What we don't know is where they are or where they're headed. Now I'm well aware that you're tough, that you've been conditioned to withstand t*rture. But I have something you don't have. I have your former best friend.

RACHEL: And I know what you're afraid of.

A snake comes upon the right shoulder of Peyton, who looks scared.

SYDNEY: If I were you, I would stay extremely still.

Sydney goes outside the room.

SYDNEY: (to Dixon, Vaughn and Jack) She has no idea where those m*ssile are.

DIXON: Are you sure?

SYDNEY: Positive. What she does know: Sloane is planning to target two cities with high civilian concentrations.

JACK: He's not interested in the devastation. He plans to profit off the reconstruction. Sloane controls Prophet5's network, communications, pharmaceuticals, finance, he'll make billions.

SYDNEY: It gets worse. Sloane is in Mongolia.

MONGOLIA. Mountain landscape. A jeep arrives among some tents. A lots of men digs on an excavation site.

A MAN: (To Sark) Good news. I think we found it.

Sloane and Sark go out of their car and follow the man. They go inside a cave which has the mark of Rambaldi on the top.

Flashback: Sydney is in the faculty with Francie.

FRANCIE: Put on your dancing shoes. We are going out tonight.

SYDNEY: I can't tonight.

FRANCIE: "Can't" is not an option. Charlie got us passes for that new club in Silver lake.

SYDNEY: That job fair is tonight. I really wanna go.

FRANCIE: Job fair? What? Syd, you have four years to figure out what kind of job you want.

SYDNEY: I just had a meeting with my advisor, and she yelled at me 'cause I haven't picked a major yet.

FRANCIE: Education. Done. You can be a teacher like your mom. I mean, you always talked about how happy she was.

SYDNEY: I thought about that, but I've always thought about teaching as my safety net.

FRANCIE: Teaching's no safety net. You know how dangerous it is to be a teacher? Kids bring knives to school these days.

SYDNEY: I hate the thought that I could make a decision now that would affect the rest of my life.

FRANCIE: Well, I say go with education. Charlie is bringing a friend tonight, Danny something. We'll pick you up at... I'll see you later.

SD6 AGENT: Sydney Bristow, I was hoping I might have a moment of your time. (He gives her a CIA card).

In a facility. Sydney is training with a g*n.

SYDNEY: Tell Dixon we'll touch base as soon as we cross into Mongolian airspace.

RACHEL: Marshall and I are gonna hack into the N.R.O., see if we can use their optical satellites to locate the m*ssile.

SYDNEY: Rachel, listen. Prophet5 is gone. Your family is no longer in danger. You don't have to do this anymore.

RACHEL: People have given their lives for this. I'm not gonna bail on them now. I'm in this until it's over. Of course, if we don't find Sloane, that may not be very long from now…

MONGOLIA: Sark and Sloane enter inside the cave.

SARK: Did it have to be so filthy? I mean, really, if Rambaldi a prophesize the future, he might have advised me not to wear 500$ shoes. Structural imaging shows that there's a chamber about 200 feet below us. That's quite a climb.

SLOANE: You needn't worry. The next step is for me alone. (Leaving Sark behind, Sloane descends to Rambaldi's burial chamber. He poses the lamp on the tomb and open the box) At last, after almost 30 years.

NADIA: Is it everything you imagined?

SLAONE: Nadia, I'm so glad you're here. If I didn't have someone to share this with, I may have doubted my own eyes.

NADIA: You're talking to your d*ad daughter. This is an odd time to question your sanity.

SLOANE: Perhaps.

He places the Sphere atop Rambaldi's tomb between the two signs “<” and “>”. The sphere starts to spin and light. Above it appears the red hovering ball.

Outside, Vaughn, Syd and Jack infiltrate the camp above Rambaldi's tomb. Syd sneaks into the underground chamber.

Inside, Sloane looks at the red ball which flies above the sphere of life. The red ball empties itself in the sphere of life.

NADIA: So that's it? All this time, that's what you wanted.

SLOANE: This, sweetheart, this is what everybody has always wanted. And I've found it.

Sydney arrives inside the room and holds Sloane at g*n.

SYDNEY: It's over, Sloane.

Outside, Vaughn kills a guard but Sark puts is g*n on his head.

SARK: Correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. Vaughn, but aren't you supposed to be d*ad? I suppose we'll have to rectify that.

Jack arrives behind Sark. Unfortunately another guard just appears behind Jack.

SARK: Well, then, it appears we have a predicament.

Inside, Sydney moves near the tomb.

SYDNEY: Don't move.

Syd grabs the Sphere.

SLOANE: No! Sydney, don't!

The liquid from the hovering ball splatters.

SYDNEY: What is this, Sloane?

SLOANE: Sydney, please don't be rash.

SYDNEY: Give me one reason why I shouldn't destroy this right now.

SARK: Suppose I were to give you two good reasons?

Sydney looks back to see that Sark has just arrived, holding Vaughn and Jack at hostage.

In the facility.

MARSHALL: (To Dixon) Rachel and I hacked into the N.R.O.'S global surveillance system to look for the m*ssile. We noticed some weird network activity on the E.W.S.

RACHEL: Someone's trying to disable our defence satellites. They've released a virus. It's eating through our entire grid.

DIXON: Sloane, he's gonna strike the U.S. Can you purge the virus?

MARSHALL: No, not from here. But I did pinpoint the origin. Someone uploaded it from Hong Kong.

DIXON: (To Peyton) Who's in Hong Kong? Who are you protecting?

MARSHALL: Should I get the snake?

PEYTON: Don't. Sloane had to call in a partner. He needed something he didn't have.

DIXON: What's that?

MONGOLIA. Inside the chamber.

SLOANE: (holds Sydney at g*n) Hand me the sphere, Sydney. I'll let you all walk out of here. I won't insult you with pretence, Sydney. We know each other too well for that. Oh, I know you're trying to figure a way out. Just hand over the sphere, and I will let you all walk away.

SYDNEY: If I give this to you, what's to guarantee you won't sh**t us anyway?

SLOANE: Despite what you may think, I'm not heartless. Come on, take my offer. It appears that Vaughn is back. Go. Be a family. Frankly, I don't think you have any other option.

SYDNEY: If you want this, we'll walk out of here together, and then we'll talk.

SLOANE: Well, remember, Sydney, it's your choice.

Sloane moves first, sh**ting Jack. Syd drops the sphere to go over to Jack while.

SYDNEY: Dad!Dad!

Arvin catches the sphere. Vaughn dispatches their captors. Syd sh**t Sloane. He tumbles into the red liquid on the tomb, d*ad. Sark makes off with the Sphere.

Flashback: Sydney arrives at home.

SYDNEY: Dad? Dad?Dad? Are you home?

JACK: (phone) That's right, they're having problems with their tail rudder controls. Yeah. Okay, well, I'll get back to you. Hello, Sydney. (She gives him a file) What's this?

SYDNEY: Open it. You've been paying my tuition. I thought I should at least help out.

JACK: What'd you do, rob a bank?

SYDNEY: Sort of. I got a job at a bank. It's just part-time for now, at least. It's...It's, a French bank. It's called Credit Dauphine. They have a very international clientele.

JACK: Credit Dauphine?

SYDNEY: Yeah, they have 12 branches around the world.

JACK: You're already working there?

SYDNEY: About a month. I wanted to make sure it would work out before I told you.

JACK: A month. Good. It's not too late to quit.


JACK: Sydney, listen to me.

SYDNEY: I'm not quitting this job. I like it. I'm good at it.

JACK: I imagine you are. That's not the point.

SYDNEY: What is the point?

JACK: Sydney!

SYDNEY: God, if mom were here, she...

JACK: If your mother was here... If your mother was here, she would want you to focus on school, which is what you're going to do.

SYDNEY: (nearly crying) I didn't come to ask your permission. I've already made my decision.

JACK: This is not your decision to make. (Sydney leaves) Sydney, come back.

MONGOLIA. Outside.

Vaughn and Sydney lift Jack outside who's badly wounded.

SYDNEY: OK. Right here.

VAUGHN: All right, Syd.

SYDNEY: You're okay, you're okay.

JACK: It's okay. I'm gonna go call for help, okay?

SYDNEY: Okay, just be still. Look, you're gonna be okay.

VAUGHN: (call Dixon) We have a problem. Jack's been sh*t.

DIXON: How bad?

VAUGHN: It's critical. We need air support.

DIXON: (To Marshall) Contact Salim Behari in Ulaanbaatar. Have him send a med vac unit. Tell them to hurry.

SYDNEY: Dad, keep talking to me.

JACK: I'm doing fine. It's...It's just...It's just a scratch.

SYDNEY: I'm just gonna take a look. (She finds an horrible bleeding wound on his chest) You're gonna be okay.

MARSHALL: (To Dixon) Chopper's on its way. Should be here in half-hour.

DIXON: (To Vaughn) Did you hear that?

VAUGHN: Yeah Listen. Sloane's d*ad, Sark got away. He's got the artifact.

DIXON: I think we know where he's going.

VAUGHN: Mede vac's on its way. How's he doing?

SYDNEY: His heart rate's up. I think the b*llet penetrated his lung. He's not getting enough air.

VAUGHN: Sloane has a partner. We know who's behind this.

CHINA. Irina calls Sark.

SARK: I have the artefact. I'm on my way.

IRINA: Good. See that it gets here intact.

MONGOLIA. Outside.

Wait, Vaughn...Wait, Vaughn, wait!

JACK: Irina!

VAUGHN: He traded her the m*ssile. Marshall managed to access the launch protocol, but he can't shut them down. She's in Hong Kong, preparing to strike as we speak.

JACK: Listen to me. We have to stop her.

SYDNEY: Listen to me. Dad, you have been sh*t in the chest. The medical team is on their way. You...I can't risk moving you. Right?

JACK: (To Vaughn) I can't... Vaughn, get the transport ready.. (Vaughn runs).

SYDNEY: Wait, Vaughn... Wait, Vaughn, wait! Dad, what are you doing? You can't go anywhere.

JACK: Sydney, Sydney, your mother's not the type to make empty thr*at. If she's acquired m*ssile, she intends to use them.

SYDNEY: You can't even stand up straight. How do you expect to confront mom?

JACK: I'm not coming with you. You have to go to Hong Kong. There's no other way. I am not leaving you here. You're the only one who can get to Irina in time. You're the only one who can b*at her.

SYDNEY: I can't.

JACK: Yes, you can. I never wanted this life for you, you know. I never wanted you to bear this kind of responsibility, but you...you were a very...difficult little girl...You were far too driven, far too strong to let someone like me stop you from becoming who you are.

SYDNEY: Dad, the medical team is coming. If you'll just sit tight...

JACK: Sydney, listen to me. There's no one in this world that can do the things that you can do. I can hold out until help arrives, but you have to go. You have to stop your mother

SYDNEY: Okay...Just...Okay, good. Just...Keep applying pressure, please. You... you can't afford to lose more blood.

JACK: Just get moving.

SYDNEY: I love you, dad.

JACK: I love you, Sydney.

SYDNEY: (Crying) I don't want to leave you.


She reluctantly leaves her father. As the jeep is leaving, she looks her father who has just stand up. As soon the jeep is gone, Jack falls.
Hong Kong. In a hotel room.

IRINA: Did everything go according to plan?

SARK: Your daughter arrived, mucked things up a bit. Sloane's d*ad, and we lost the tomb.

IRINA: But the artefact's intact.

SARK: There's a reason my fees are so high.

IRINA: Sloane's death doesn't change our agenda. Contact controls. As soon as the satellites are down, launch the m*ssile strikes.

SARK: Have you decided on the final targets?

IRINA: Washington and London.

SARK: Right away.

In space, a satellite starts to burn and fall on the earth. Sark enters a control room.

SARK: What's our status?

VOICE: Mil-sat one just hit atmosphere. The rest of the satellites are right behind it.

SARK: Initiate the countdown.

LOS ANGELES. Control room.

MARSHALL: Oh, my God. They've started the launch.

Hong Kong. In a hotel room.

SYDNEY: So that's it. It's the Horizon, isn't it? You sh*t the man I loved. You betrayed my trust. You risked my daughter's life, all for that.

IRINA: I don't expect you to understand. We're very different, Sydney. You still cling to naive ideals. I learned, at a very young age, the only currency worth anything in this world is power

SYDNEY: And the Horizon gives you that?

IRINA: You've never seen Rambaldi for what he is. You dismissed his work as the labour of a madman. You blind yourself to his true potential. I've spent a lifetime acquiring power. With this...And I'll never have to give it up. Rambaldi is life, Sydney. Through him, we can live forever. (We have a view of Sloane who rises with his mortal wounds healed). I offered you an out. I gave you your daughter. I was hoping you'd settle down, leave me to my affairs.

SYDNEY: You don't know me very well, do you?

IRINA: Sadly, I think I do. After all, I'm still your mother.

SYDNEY: That doesn't mean anything. Not anymore. I am through being disappointed by you.

IRINA: I hate that it's come to this.

SYDNEY: I suppose it had to.

IRINA: I've come too far to let anything get in my way.

SYDNEY: Then you'll have to go through me first.

Flashback: Sydney enters Sloane’s SD-6 office.

SYDNEY: You wanted to see me, sir?

SLOANE: I've been reviewing your evaluations since you arrived at SD-6.To a letter; they're nothing short of exemplary. I've upgraded your clearance, and I'm considering promoting you to field officer.

SYDNEY: Really?

SLOANE: Now, Sydney, I want to know that you have given this job its proper consideration. I realize that you have a romantic notion of the espionage trade, but this job...is more than just brush passes and d*ad drops. You will be facing life and death situations on a regular basis. Do you understand that? You will be forced to make decisions that will haunt you for the rest of your life. This job requires sacrifice, and you need to know that you are able to live with that.

SYDNEY: I can, sir. For as long as I can remember, I have been searching...for what I'm supposed to do, for what I'm supposed to be. This is my purpose. It's in my blood. It's who I am. I have never been so sure of anything in my life.

Hong Kong. In a hotel room.

Sydney and Irina fight a ferocious battle. It ends when both of them pass through a glass window. They fall together on the roof, among all the pieces of glass. They’ve got a lot of wounds all over their bodies. As they try to regain their breath, they roll on their back and watch the sky.

IRINA: Why are you fighting me on this? The defence satellites are destroyed. (Satellites ignite in the sky such as sh**ting stars).

SYDNEY: «The stars will fall from the sky."

IRINA: Even if you manage to b*at me on this rooftop, it's still too late to stop the launch.

SYDNEY: You think I came here alone?

Hong-Kong. Control room.

VOICE: Sir, beginning final preparations..

SARK: Excellent. Proceed according to...

Vaughn catches Sark and punches him hardly.

VAUGHN: It appears we have a predicament.

MONGOLIA. Inside the chamber.

NADIA: You did it. You were right all along.

SLOANE: I will never forget your sacrifice. I promise. The Horizon is gone. Your mother is probably dividing up my spoils as we speak.

NADIA: Then we should get moving. We don't have to hurry anymore, Nadia. We have all the time in the world.

Jack gets back in the chamber.

Hong-Kong. Control room.

VAUGHN: Give me the override codes.

SARK: I don't have the codes, I swear. (Vaughn sh**t Sark in his leg) You sh*t me!

VAUGHN: Yeah, and I'll keep sh**ting until you either give me the codes or bleed to death. Your choice.

SARK: You know, I didn't want any of this. Mass extermination isn't exactly my passion, Michael. I'm a businessman. You know, I simply wanted to come out on the winning end. I'll give you the codes, but you have to let me go after I do.

VAUGHN: Codes first, then we negotiate.

LOS ANGELES. Control room. Marshall is on the phone with Vaughn.

VAUGHN: ---alpha--tango---. 6 4 7.

MARSHALL: (On the screen : LAUNCH ACTIVATED) Come on. Come on! (On the screen: LAUNCH ABORTED) Launch aborted!

Hong-Kong. On the roof.

IRINA: I'm afraid I can't allow you to be such a complication in my life any longer.

Irina punches Sydney two times in her head.

IRINA: For whatever it's worth, I truly do love you.

Sydney kicks Irina onto a glass skylight just out of reach of the Sphere. We can hear cracks.

MONGOLIA. In the chamber.

JACK: I owe you an apology, Arvin. I never gave your faith in Rambaldi the credit it deserved.

SLOANE: There's no need to apologize, Jack. You're a practical man. I'd always admired that in you. Jack, I didn't wanna sh**t you. Sydney forced my hand.

JACK: Yes. She can be very... stubborn at times.

SLOANE: You're dying. I can help you.

JACK: I don't want your help, Arvin. You've...caused my daughter so much pain. I could have prevented it. I won't continue to make that mistake.

SLOANE: I think you've overestimated your position, Jack. You can't hurt me anymore.

JACK: True. But I can keep you down here with me. (Jack, show a strapped with expl*sives around him).

SLOANE: What are you doing?

JACK: You b*at death, Arvin. But you couldn't b*at me.

Jack knows now that Sloane can't die, but as he wants to be sure that Sloane never makes it out of the cave, he triggers the expl*sives.

Hong-Kong. On the roof.

SYDNEY: The glass won't hold you. Mom, you need to come back. (Irina stretches for the Sphere without listening at Sydney who urges her to crawl back). Mom. You can make it. Give me your hand.

IRINA: I'm sorry, Sydney.

SYDNEY: Mom, come back!

Tiny cracks spread through the glass. Irina falls through to her death. Sydney looks down and cries. Vaughn arrives and takes Sydney around his arms. A sh**ting star passes above them.

MONGOLIA. In the chamber.

In the cave, Sloane is buried in the rubble. Nadia's ghost appears.

SLOANE: Nadia? I can't move.

NADIA: I don't think there's anything I can do

SLOANE: I can't move.

NADIA: Well...as you've said, you have all the time in the world. Unfortunately, I think you'll have to spend it here.

SLOANE: Well, at least you're here with me … (she fades away) No, Nadia, don't leave me here. Noooo….

He screams, alone in the darkness.

House of Vaughn and Sydney. 5 years later.

Isabelle plays in front of her beach home.

ISABELLE: Daddy! (Vaughn appears and sees Dixon) Uncle Dixon!

DIXON: Isabelle! How are you, sweetie?

VAUGHN: Deputy Director.

DIXON: Please, this far from Langley, you can just call me "sir." Good to see you.

VAUGHN: Did you have a hard time finding this place?

DIXON: What, are you kidding? I had an impossible time finding this place.

VAUGHN: Well, I guess that's sort of the point, right?

They walk to the house where Sydney waits them with a baby in her arm.

SYDNEY: Hello, stranger.

DIXON: Hello, Sydney. And this must be...


DIXON: Hello, Jack. Marshall sends his best. He wanted to tag along, but Carrie’s stuck at home on bed rest.

SYDNEY: Another baby? Oh, God, I don't know how she does it.

DIXON: This makes four. All boys.

SYDNEY: Well, come on inside. You'll just have to pardon the mess.

Inside the house.

VAUGHN: (To Isabelle) Speaking of mess, didn't someone promise to finish unpacking her toys before dinner? Go on.

SYDNEY: Go on, Isabelle. (To Dixon) Can I get you something to drink?

Isabelle arrives in her room.

SYDNEY: Why do I get the feeling this isn't a purely social call?

DIXON: Truth be told, I could use some field assistance. A merc team hit the national research facility in Paris yesterday. I need someone to intercept the seller and retrieve the hard drive.

SYDNEY: Can't you put Rachel on it?

DIXON: She's on deep cover assignment in Santiago. I can't risk pulling her. Besides, this job has...sentimental value. (He shows a file with a photo of Sark).


SYDNEY: Don't look at me. You're the one that let him go.

Isabelle opens a box.

DIXON: We've already prepared the mission specs. Low risk insertion, simple areas. Who knows, it could be fun.

SYDNEY: That's what you say every time you show up on my doorstep. Then next, you know, I'm jumping over canals and tree and shield while Napalm explodes around me.

DIXON: Yes. That's how I define "fun".

VAUGHN: Why don't we finish this conversation over dinner?

SYDNEY: And you haven't lived until you've seen our sunset. Isabelle, dad and I are going for a walk.

Meanwhile, Isabelle finds the Project Christmas building blocks and effortlessly connects them. She breaks the puzzle and comes back to see her parents.

SYDNEY: What have you been doing back there?

ISABELLE: Nothing, mom.

Together they walk on the beach.

The final episode ends with this sentence:

« Thank you for five incredible years. »
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