01x10 - Let There Be Light

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Dracula". Aired: January 2020 to January 2020.
Series introduces Dracula as he arrives in London, posing as an American entrepreneur who maintains that he wants to bring modern science to Victorian society. In reality, he hopes to wreak revenge on the people who ruined his life centuries earlier. There's only one circumstance that can potentially thwart his plan: Dracula falls hopelessly in love with a woman who seems to be a reincarnation of his d*ad wife.

Were NBC right to cancel the show? Many are outraged and cannot understand. Have your say about Dracula.
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01x10 - Let There Be Light

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Previously on "Dracula"...

Who do you think might have sent them?

They're from you.


I refined the process. You will finally be able to walk in sunlight.

m*rder, t*rture, r*pe, wholesale slaughter...

That is the stock and trade of the Order of the Dragon.

From the moment we demonstrate the viability of geomagnetic technology...

No more Order of the Dragon.

Great news. The Board of Health, they've removed the quarantine.

Welcome, Mr. Harker.

I swear on my life I won't ever place my own needs above those of this sacred Order, so help me God.

From this night and every night until they yield, blood will flow.


Bon appétit, boys.

This is Kaha Ruma, our leading huntsman.

I've summoned the Sicilian.

Loiza Scaverra?

You'll need a good seer.

The children!

Who in God's name would take my children?

You wouldn't happen to know anything about the disappearance... of Browning's two children?

What is it to you?

It was Grayson, wasn't it? Goaded you into confronting me?


Do you love me?

Don't ask me that.


Jonathan, why?

Because you love Grayson.

If you insist on behaving like a monster, then I'm going to make you one.



You do not wanna miss this, ladies and gentlemen.

The future has arrived.

Tonight, the citizens of London will have a historic opportunity to see for themselves the wonder of clean, wireless electricity.

Come one, come all, join me.

Alexander Grayson...

[Continues indistinctly]


Sir, Dr. Van Helsing is here to administer your infusion.

Show him to the cellar. I'll join him there.

I am very much looking forward to seeing the financial pages tomorrow.

I suspect a precipitous drop in the price of oil.

Yes. I expect so.

He's just being testy because I was right about direct engagement.

It wouldn't have been necessary, had you adhered to the plan.

The plan... the plan. The accursed plan was taking too long.

Were it not for me, the resonator would not have been released and our plan now back on track.

So, Abraham, why don't you motor to the big event with us?

Later, as soon as I finish here.

I have much to do.


What about that other little problem...

Mr. Browning's children?

I take it you've resolved that?

Have the police again contacted you?

Have you seen anything in the newspapers?

Not a word, sir.

Very well.

You'll be along, then?

You wouldn't want to miss the moment we bring our greatest enemy to his knees.

I will savor every second of it. I assure you.

[Gasps] No! Close the shutters. I have a shattering headache.

Perhaps I should call Dr. Hubert?

No! No doctors.

I just need some sleep.

Please, mama, promise me... No doctors.

Very will, but I will, if you haven't improved by tomorrow.

Yes. Tomorrow.

What are you doing here?

I thought... um...

I didn't think you'd be in.

I was... I was just on my way out.

Um, I wanted to give you this.


It was your mother's.

I don't want it.

I could never bear to see it on anyone else.

I thought someday this would be our home.

I warned you to stay away from him.

You don't understand...

No, you don't understand. Can't you see?

Grayson's ruined me.

Made me do things, vile things, and he'll do exactly the same to you.

It's not like that.

Then swear to me.

Swear to me on your mother's grave that you don't love him.

I take it you'll be at the grand demonstration?


[Upbeat music]

[Overlapping shouting]

Mr. Grayson!

Mr. Grayson!

Mr. Grayson!

[Cheers and applause]

Mr. Grayson.

Welcome one, welcome all!

Mr. Grayson.

Lovely to meet you, sir.

Running final checks. We're on schedule.

Light rigs?

Going up as we speak.

6:00 P.M., and half the district will be lit up as bright as day.

Splendid, Mr. Kowalski. Splendid.

Mr. Renfield, any word from Mr. Harker? He's been missing for two days.

We've been unable to locate him.

When you do locate him, bring him directly to me.

I will, sir.

Huntsmen, your attention please.

I'm sure you've all heard of our legendary seer?

Loiza Scaverra.

There it is.

Il sangue di Cristo.

[Hushed murmuring]

The blood of Christ.

The most sacred relic in Christendom.

Our tactics are as follows.

Our seer will utilize this relic to locate the nests.

You will be dispatched in teams of two or three.

You will then signal to us.

One flare per k*ll.

Do you understand?

All: Yes.

Then by the will and the blood of our savior, today we will annihilate the Fell One and his spawn.

All: Yes!

[Dramatic music]

Season 1, Episode 10

"Let There Be Light"

Where have you been? I've been tryin' to contact you for two days.

I'm sorry.

You must have heard about lord Davenport.

What does that bastard have to do with...

Oh, no.

Harker, you didn't!

I don't know what came over me.

I've been drinking.

The whole thing, it's a blur.

Except I've done some dreadful things.

Some terrible things.


Pull yourself together.

Did anyone see you?

No one saw.


Now, you listen to me.

If you don't want to get caught, you're gonna put everything else aside and trust me completely.

Can you do that?

First, you're gonna have to deal with things as you always have.

I don't think I can.

You must!

There are press outside, and you have to deal with them as you've always dealt with them.

Can you do that?


Look, I know how you feel, but if you can get through this day, you're gonna be fine.

Now... get cleaned up. Get to work.

[Indistinct shouting]

[Breathing heavily, wheezing]

How many vampires can you see?


Tutte le stelle in cielo.

All the stars in the heavens. There are so many...


Well, find me one and tell me where it is.


Holy relic, through your blood show me where the vampires are hiding.

Ruma, 95 Lower Street.

Huntsmen, come on!






Two flairs. Take this down to Lady Jayne.

Yes, sir.

Message for you, sir.

What is it?

Nothing of any consequence.

You're leaving?

You seem to have matters in hand here.

Two green flairs!

95 Lower Street.

Two kills!

[Cheers and applause]

Sir, is something wrong?

Death is coming.

Alexander, these, um...

These men, they wish...


What do you want?

They're... They're from The Times.

They wish to photograph the resonator for...

A special feature.

Mr. Grayson, if you don't mind?

I see.

The Times of London.

Welcome, gentlemen. f*re away.

What's wrong with you?

Look, I'm trying the best I...

Pull yourself together, man.

I told you, stay calm. It'll all be fine.


Half past 4:00.

Where's Van Helsing?



Track him down. I don't like this.

She's had some kind of nervous collapse. She got a package.


Agnetta, what has happened?

He says he'll send another piece every day.

A what? Another what?


You bastard!

They're gone because of you! You have to find them!





[Upbeat classical music]


What is going on here?


I have no idea.

I just stepped outside, and then I, uh...

I hear this terrible crashing.


I have no more use for Grayson, and now the solar vaccine has been destroyed, and Grayson will never walk in sunlight again...

Much like yourself.


Grayson, sir!

Mr. Grayson!

Mr. Grayson, Mr. Grayson, what do you say to those who claim your contraption isn't safe?

They're afraid of change.


If you are right about your technology, how do you think Mr. Edison will react?

Well, considering he chose not to invest in my company, gravely disappointed, I'd wager.

We'll put the scoundrel out of business by year's end.

[Overlapping chatter]

Is that a fact?

Perhaps you should go prepare the demonstration.

Mr. Grayson! Over here, please.

Mr. Grayson, they say your technology will put thousands of men in the petroleum industry out of work.

What do you have to say to them?

I'm hiring.

[Cheers and applause]
You there! What's he doing down there?

Uh, gentlemen, this is Mr. Kowalski.

Uh, Grayson energy's chief engineer.

The brains behind the operation.

I wouldn't put it like that. What's he doing?

I was just reloading my camera.

I think that's enough pictures for now.

See what you can do about getting the boss back in here.

I'm gonna need his help if we're gonna make the schedule.

Of course.

Uh, gentlemen, please.

Is it set?

It's set, all right. Inverse polarity.

Five minutes after they power up... boom.

What do you mean "boom"?

I mean I wouldn't want to be within a street of this place when it goes up.

It was just supposed to malfunction.

This is the Order, boy.

We don't take half measures. Grayson is the enemy.

Remember that.


Harker: Mina! Mina!

Please be here.


[Band playing march]

Nursey, nursey, I would never do such a thing.

Thank you.

You're a naughty, naughty boy!

[Kids laughing]

[All clapping]

I got your message.

I did as you asked.



Billy: Daddy!

Help us!


What's this?

[Breathing heavily]

Where are my children?

Do not worry. You will be reunited soon enough.



Right there. That's far enough.

Keep perfectly still, Mr. Browning, or I will sh**t you.

I brought your money. It's all there.

Yes, I'm sure it is.

[Case clatters]

Do you not recognize me?

Should I?

Abraham van Helsing.

You slaughtered my family.

That hardly narrows it down, does it?

You are a monster.

More vile than the one I have unleashed upon you and your brethren.



Billy: Daddy?



Oh, God!

You bastard. You will pay for this!



Wha... you madman!

Where are my children?

They're all right, Mr. Browning. They're down there with you.

They're just a little shy.



Rose, come out, sweetheart. It's me, it's daddy.

[Groaning, panting]

Oh, thank God.

Oh, dear Rose.

Where's your brother?

Here, daddy.

Oh, William, I'm so sorry.

It itches.

Come. Come to me.

Come to your father.



No. No!


I fed your children Dracula's blood.

Now they can feed on you.

[Screaming continues]

[Slurping sounds]


Van Helsing!


[Screaming] [Screams]

Oh, thank you, sir.



I'm Alexander Grayson.


I'm sure by now some of you have noticed the electrical devices on the stage as well as those we have installed outside and throughout the district.

Some of you no doubt have asked yourselves, how did they wire all these devices in one single day?

The answer is as astonishing as it is simple.

They need no wires...

[Crowd murmurs]

For the breakthrough you are about to see is the first practical transmission of wireless electricity.


Vedo Dracula.

I see him. [Gasping]

Where? Where is he?

Down by the river...

Standing before a vast crowd of humans.



Another gift from the papal armory.

To the docks. Now! Go!

Grayson: Eight months ago I arrived in London to engage the world's leading scientific minds, men who had a vision of the future.

Men determined, like me, to see that vision become a reality to the benefit of all mankind.


A dear friend of mine recently told me that she admired my honesty.

Show us!


Show us!

Show us!

[All chanting "Show us!"]

Crowd: Show us, show us, show us, show us, show us!

Mina, we have to get out of here.


The resonator.

Five minutes from when it's switched on it's set to explode.

Mr. Kowalski.

Stage one...


What have you done?

Show us, show us, show us, show us...

There's no time.

Move! Out of my way!

Don't push me!

Stage two... Mark!


[Cheers and applause]

Stop! Stop the demonstration!

It's been sabotaged. The machine has been sabotaged.

You have to shut it down.

Sabotaged by who?

I don't know. Jonathan's just told me.


Shut it down!

She's not responding!

Come on.

[Alarm blaring]

[Cheers and applause]

[All screaming]

Mina, we have to get out of here.

Don't touch me!

What did you do? What did you do?

The generator.

We reversed the wires.

[Alarm shrilling]

Get her out of here now. Mina! Go with Harker!


Go with Harker!

No, no, no, no!

Get everyone out of here right now before the place explodes!

Come on! Everybody out!

Get out of here! Move!


[All screaming]



That's it, stay calm.

[Frantic shouting]

Alexander? Alexander!

He's d*ad.


He's d*ad.


He wouldn't have survived.

No! No!



You're a m*rder.

You m*rder him and all these innocent people.



Oh, my God.



Grayson, you bastard. I know you're still alive.


Hello, Jayne.

I know who you are.

You've always known.

Deep down.

Admit it.

Walk away, Jayne.

From me.

From them.


Life is precious.

[Click] No.




That's more like it.

I thought you loved me.

I lied.





Sorry, Jayne.

I've grown immune to all your toys.


I know what's inside you.

The darkness.

I live in the darkness...

But I yearn for the light, even though it burns.

I want life.

And you think that you can live through Mina Murray?


You can never be what she needs...

You undead thing.



k*ll me.



Don't turn me.

You owe me that.



Come to me, mother. Kiss me.

Lucy, I was so worried.

Hold me, mama. Hold me now.

Oh, my darling.


Oh, I thought I had lost you forever.









I was so afraid that I had lost you.

I'm here.

I'll always be here.



She's someone I've always loved, as long as I can remember.

From a past life?


From a past life.

And here, now.

But how?

I don't know.

I've asked myself that same question since first I laid my eyes on you.

By some miracle.



[Footsteps approaching]

I got your message.

Mr. Harker.

Please, have a seat.

What can you tell me about Grayson?

Everything you need to know to destroy him.

His name...

Is Dracula.
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