1x10 - (US) Everyone

US Seasons 1-7 and UK Original Version Complete Collection. Aired: February 2007 to August 2013.
The story of a group of British teens who are trying to grow up and find love and happiness despite questionable parenting and teachers who more want to be friends (and lovers) rather than authority figures.
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1x10 - (US) Everyone

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TONY: What happened?

Eura happened.

You don't speak, do you?

You do know they're going to put you in a clinic.

Family should treat you better.

We should all be better.

TEA: Michelle know you're here?

TONY: What would Michelle care?

I love you too.


Do you want to have sex?

Michelle, you're taking all your clothes off.

This is all your fault.

♪ Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ♪
♪ Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ♪
♪ I was told that the end of fall ♪
♪ Is here to stay ♪
♪ Closing in on a place I know to hide away ♪


Got you strawberry whirl.

♪ Leave it and you'll never know ♪
♪ Leave it and you'll let it show ♪


Yeah, see you.

(Door opening)

(Door closing)

♪ We're following the eye ♪
♪ Linger on in a dream I used to keep away ♪
♪ Unaware of the past ♪
♪ And what it came to say ♪
♪ Could be the day to go out ♪
♪ And see the day that waits ♪
♪ I need a map of the moon ♪

JIMMY: I'm telling you, Renee, I don't know what's going on.

He just lies up there all week now.

No noise. No getting up in my face.

No undermining my authority.

I'm telling you, Renee, it's creeping me out.

RENEE: Well, why don't you, you know, speak with him?

Ask him what's wrong?

Are you crazy? Last time I talked to him he was 9, dressed like Luke Skywalker.

RENEE: And what'd you say?

I told him I was his father, he should get his ass with the program and stop waving that mother (Bleep) light saber indoors.

He kind of went downhill after the cat.

Downhill since then.

Made him put a cat down. So what?

I mean, what's with these kids?

They just get crazy.

What did I do?

RENEE: Maybe you shouldn't have forced him to work on the truck all those weekends.

Oh, come on.

What kind of kid goes into his life without knowing how to fix a transmission?

RENEE: I'm sure he appreciates everything you do for him, Jimmy.

Now it's like we don't exist for them.

RENEE: They're just a little self-absorbed.

They'll grow out of it.

DR. RICH: Why don't you put that away, Cadie.


DR. RICH: So, what's happened since I last saw you?

Nothing much.

I dumped my boyfriend.

DR. RICH: Oh. I wasn't sure you had one.

I thought I told you.

We had the thing in Milan, then his parents told him he couldn't marry a Jew, which was, like, totally anti-Semitic.

Anyway, we just took the Maserati and drove the hell out of there.


Yes, but we got arrested at the Swiss border.


He has to run a shipping line right now, but he'll come back for me as soon as the share price rises.

I see.

Tell me, Cadie.

Why do you tell me these stories?


Well, you're not Jewish, for example.


Isn't that why I'm here?

To tell stories?

I guess.

I guess that's true.

Listen, why don't you tell me a story that's, I don't know, say 75% true.

I could do 30. No dice; 60.

50. Deal?

50% true.

Yeah, I could do that.

Go ahead.

I like a boy and he likes me back.

All we got to work out is which 50% of that is true?

Thing is, I'm crazy, so I don't know.

You like me, don't you?

What's not to like?



DR. RICH: I'm looking forward to my story.

CADIE: Yeah. See you next week.

DR. RICH: Next week.

Hi, Eura.

He's being funny today.

DR. RICH: Hello, Eura.

I'm going to write in my report.

And if you decide you want to talk today, you just come right in.

All right?

MICHELLE: It's nice.

STANLEY: Sure. It's nice.

MICHELLE: It's peaceful without Tony.



A little boring.



Are you going to call Cadie?

What is stopping you?

I don't know, really.

I guess I'm growing out of humiliation, you know?

I got to go.

Got my creativity assignment to do.

Daisy's going to show me how.


See you around.


If you wanted to get creative, I'd really like to see that.

It's not nice to follow people around, Eura.

Whatever he wants, tell him he can (Bleep) off.


"I've never been here before, "so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say or do.

"Trying to think of what I can say to you.

"Don't run away from this.

"Unless we try, it's going to be something "we look back on, "like when we soul danced in your club that night "and you wanted me right there.

Don't say you didn't want me."

Looks like you should have looked a little closer, kid.

This isn't for me.

You must really love the little bastard.


TONY: Don't come in here.

Michelle texted, said what you did.

You shouldn't have done that, okay?

No, I don't want to talk about it.

♪ I believe you don't deserve my love ♪
♪ I believe you don't deserve my love ♪
♪ I believe you don't deserve my love ♪
♪ I believe you don't deserve my love ♪

REALTOR: Now just step through this way and take a look at what we got here.

WOMAN: Oh, my God.

REALTOR: The owner built it himself.

WOMAN: Oh, can I go up?

REALTOR: Yeah. I think you'll see it's real nifty.

Apparently it reminds him of his mother's stilt house in Bangladesh.

WOMAN: Wow. REALTOR: Yeah. Go see.

(Cell phone buzzing)

ABBUD, OVER PHONE: Get out of there, man!

My dad's Realtor is giving a tour of the place.

Mission abort! Mission abort!


Get your ass out of there, Chris! Go! Go! Go!

REALTOR: You can see the lake. WOMAN: Really?

CHRIS: Oh, shit. WOMAN: I love the lake.

REALTOR: It's going to be your day, I can feel it.

CHRIS: Jesus. Oh, my God.

REALTOR: Careful on the ladder.

WOMAN: Oh, nothing g g bother.

REALTOR: Now you don't see something like that every day, am I right?


(Body thudding)

Did I do that?

♪ If you want to be with me ♪
♪ Is it all about the ebb and the flow ♪
♪ Or losing your mind sometimes and letting go ♪

What is this, stalker central?

It's cold out here is what it is.


Well, don't waste your time.

I'm working all night and I'm tired, okay?

My time's never wasted, Bets.

That's wrong. You sure put a lot of time into that boy.

And he put a lot of his penis into you.

Look, I just thought...

I don't know what I thought.

They clear up your clap?


Yeah, they cleared that up.

Look, I just want to go somewhere alone with you and have coffee and talk.

I've got a doctor's appointment.

They fixing your ankle?

Yup and it's going to hurt, so let me be, okay?

Could you go now?

Yeah. Sure.

♪ I look at the stars ♪
♪ And I see the moon ♪
♪ I look out my window and I see the birds in the sky ♪
♪ I look in her eyes ♪
♪ And it's as beautiful as outside my window ♪
♪ She smells like flowers and tastes like butter ♪

I mean, that's all I really have so far.

What do you think?

Why in the name of Christ did you take a music expression assignment anyway?

I got to get an A, okay?

If I don't get an A then I fail the semester.

And I fail the semester, then I fail the year.

If I fail the year, then my dad looks bad.

If my dad looks bad, then my mom is going to keep doing her fitness instructor over at Dimension Makeover and then my dad will go all introspective and hang himself from the beam of my garage.

Wow. So got a lot resting on this.

Everything... Everything is screwed.


Have you talked to Cadie yet?

Everyone says that.

No. She's still seeing Warren, the man mountain.

He's so ripped he walks funny.

Just got to send her the signal, Stanley.

The signal? What's the signal?

Never mind.

No, really. Show me how to send the signal.

Okay, fine. But just this once.



That's pretty good, actually.

Self-expression, man.


Keep practicing, Stanley.

(Door closing)

ABBUD: Are you sure she's gone?

I'm starting to like this.

CHRIS: Shut up.

Grab this here, and slide.

You sure Tina's gone?

Yeah. Went home to North Dakota for some space.

They got a lot of that, apparently.

So you're just going to move in?

She'd probably be happy somebody was looking after the place, right?

Okay if I stay tonight?

I think my dad's so pissed about the tree house screwing up the sale he might put me on the plane to Dhaka.

Where's that?

That's in Bangladesh, man.

Cool, get some weather.

No, dude. It's a Muslim rehab.

I'll probably have to get a beard, and that's a problem because it only grows under my ears.

And I'll never get to see Daisy's breasts again.

I don't care how many virgins are waiting for me.

That's like way bad.

Virgins? What do you have to do to qualify?


Seems a little out t there.

Anyway, you're not that into Daisy.

It's just mindless banging, right?

She got me, man. I love her.

That's a breach of contract.

Oh, my God! Dais' is so going to dump me for caring.

We're both screwed, man.

We got too much love to give, man.

Lot of stuff gone down. Yeah.


Let's get drunk, 'Budda brother.

(Phone line ringing)


TEA: Hi. It's me.


What do you want, Tea?

Because you know I'm kind of busy.

Right, right.

I just wanted to say...

I'm sorry.

For what?

For making you want me.

I liked it.

I liked that you wanted me.

I love you, Te'.

I know.

I'm sorry for doing that.

(Phone beeping off)

(Cell phone chiming)

(Cell phone chiming)




Look who it is.

It's Miss Clitoris.

They told me you didn't go into the OR yet.

I know you told me not to stop by.

Yeah. I said that, baby.

You okay?

Oh, yeah.

They gave me a shitload of drugs.

And I've got to tell you, they're (Bleep) amazing.

They're going to bust my ankle and screw me together good as new.

I'm not going to remember a thing.


Will you forget you hate me?

Oh, no. I totally hate you.

You don't care.

You screw around with boys.

What have they got that I don't?

Okay, okay, that doesn't work.

And you just, like, totally don't give a shit because you're just a bitch.


You're wrong, Bets.

I try.

Sure you do.

Hey, look, I got nothing on under this stupid thing.

Get in here.

I don't think I should.

Screw it.

Screw everything.

I want you in here.

I always want you in here.

MAN: Hey, Stan. Good. Good.

GIRL: Hi, Mom.

(Indistinct chattering)

WOMAN: Wave, Michelle.

MAN: Where are you?

WOMAN: Stanley.

MAN: Tony, get out of the...

WOMAN: Lookie. Look at Mommy.

Tony. Be careful now, boys.

(Cell phone ringing)

STANLEY: Go away, Tony.


MAN: Get him. Get him.

(Cell phone ringing)

Piss off, Tony.



Where's Warren?

He's usually around.

Warren went.



Why Wyoming?


When? Wednesday.

One way?


Somebody wanted to know about you and me.

What'd you say?

I said that I didn't know if it was real.

Why is that, Stanley?

Oh, no reason, really.

Apart from ever time we get together, you mostly try to k*ll yourself.

Maybe we're just a story we like to tell each other.

I don't understand.


So, what happens now?

You have to figure out how it ends.

Go figure.


The truth.

♪ Head in the water ♪


(Cell phone ringing)

Just leave me alone. Jeez.

You shouldn't tell me to do stuff.

What did I tell you to do?

I'm not ready.

I don't want to know what's true, okay?

I don't know if I can take it.

What's his name?


What's the worst way it can turn out?

It's like...

It's only a story.

How does it go?


What happens?

What do you want?

I got a problem.

That's funny. When did you ever have a problem?


Look, Michelle doesn't want to talk to you.

Nobody does, really.

I mean, they may act like they do, but in fact...


Will you please help me?

I don't know where Eura is.

(Michelle speaking indistinctly)

(Door opening)

MICHELLE: Jesus, Chris.

What are you doing here?

I borrowed Tina's place. What's it to you?

Chris, your psychology teacher isn't supposed to be within 600' of you.

Living in her apartment is pushing it, wouldn't you say?

MICHELLE: Totally pushing it. Hey.

What are you doing here?

MICHELLE: Oh, come on. DAISY: Oh, great.


So Stan, you're calling a reunion.

(Door opening)

(Door closing)

What's she doing here?

I don't know. ABBUD: Just leave it. Michelle.

I wasn't asking you.

Shit, Michelle. Why don't you just...?

Eura's gone.


So call the National Guard.

TEA: That's nice, 'Chelle.

STANLEY: That serious enough?

TEA: Someone's taken her? Jeez.

Six messages so far.

It's a joke.

She never jokes.

Ton, you have to tell your dad. Call the police.

No. We'll give it 2 hours.

We'll see everyone she knows...

Who's that? Who knows Eura?

(Cell phones chiming)

STANLEY: What does it say? What the hell is that?

CHRIS: I know where that is.

We should go. This is screwed.

Tony, I can take you there.

(Techno music blaring)

(Crowd cheering)

(Rock music playing)

TONY: Eura!

TEA: Eura! Eura!


Any sign?



Keep looking!


Eura! Eura!

Hey, what's with you, man? Bitch.

Hey! Hey!

Look! There!

Dad! Can you hear me, Dad?

Tony, where are you?
Dad, something's happening!

Where are you, Tony?
Dad, come quick!

RENEE: Jimmy? Where?

Where? Say the...

Jim, what's happening?

Jim, where are you going?

(Tires screeching)

(Techno music blaring)

STANLEY: That's pretty mean.

What are you doing to him?

Is he here?

What are you talking about?

Yes, he is here, Eura.

We are all here.

What's he doing?

He's going crazy.

Good. Got out of bed then.

You know you're the only person in this world that he really, really loves?

How could you do that to him?

You never understand anything, Stan, do you?

No, I don't.

You stupid dildo.

He looks up to you.

It's you he loves.

Don't be stupid, okay?

He came around right?

He asked you to help find me.

So? Who else would he...?

And the boy-girl of course. He loves her as well.


So, what do we do now, huh?

Tell him I'll see him back home.

Are you kidding?

You can't just get up and leave.

Where did you stay last night?

With her.

STANLEY: That's great.

Nice one, Cadie.

I have a big house.

You don't even know each other.

We're troubled teens. They have places for people like us.

Stanley, you can have anything you like, if you just know what it is.

What do you want, Cadie?

I want you to do something.

Just once.


Just go crazy; see what happens.

Come on.

Express yourself.

Fine. Fine.

What about this?

Hey, give it back!

Get off me, Stanley!

Get the hell off me. It too late. I'm pissed now.

And I'm not finished with you either.

EURA: You idiot.

Get off me. Stanley, you assh*le.

Put me down.

Stan. Stanley. Hey!


Tony, I got her!


STANLEY: Shit, Tony, where are you?

Eura's here, Tony.

Tony, she's here.

What the...

Hey! Hey!


STANLEY: I'm with the band!

I'm with the band!

EURA: Put me down! I'm going to kick your ass!

(Crowd booing)

♪ Shout, shout, let it all out ♪
♪ These are the things I can do without ♪
♪ Come on ♪
♪ I'm talking to you, come on ♪


♪ Shout, shout, let it all out ♪
♪ These are the things I can do without ♪
♪ Come on ♪
♪ I'm talking to you, come on ♪
♪ In violent times ♪
♪ You shouldn't have to sell your soul ♪
♪ In black and white ♪
♪ They really, really ought to know ♪
♪ They really, really ought to know ♪
♪ Shout, shout, let it all out ♪
♪ These are the things I can do without ♪
♪ Come on ♪
♪ I'm talking to you, come on ♪
♪ Those one-track minds ♪
♪ They took you for a working boy ♪
♪ Kiss them goodbye ♪
♪ You shouldn't have to jump for joy ♪
♪ You shouldn't have to jump for joy ♪
♪ Shout, shout, let it all out ♪
♪ Let it all out ♪
♪ These are the things I can do without ♪
♪ Come on ♪
♪ These are the things ♪
♪ I can do without ♪
♪ I'm talking to you, come on ♪
♪ I'm talking to you, I'm talking to you ♪
♪ Come on, come on ♪
♪ Shout, shout, let it all out ♪
♪ These are the things I can do without ♪
♪ Come on ♪
♪ I'm talking to you, come on ♪
♪ Shout, shout, let it all out ♪
♪ These are the things I can do without ♪
♪ Come on ♪
♪ I'm talking to you, come on ♪
♪ Shout, shout, let it all out ♪
♪ These are the things I can do without ♪
♪ Come on ♪

I know! Huh?

I know you love me, okay?

No! No!

It's not like that!

I'm not in love with you, I promise!

You got to believe me!

Jimmy. Oh, God. Jimmy.

What's happened?

Mom, it's okay. Everyone's okay.

RENEE: You just took off.

I couldn't get anybody on the phone.

For crying out loud, Jimmy.

Can you tell me what's happening?

Hey, hey, hey. It's okay, hon.

Maybe I misunderstood.

The kids were out late.

I guess I blew my lid. You know what I'm like.

So that's it.

You're both grounded.

Yeah, and you're boring me with this shit.

And, uh...

Yeah, that about covers it.

So get to bed.

Good night, Mom.

Uh, good night, sweetie.

She spoke.

It's not fair, Dais'.


You just... You just can't walk around looking like that.

I don't follow you, boy.

I'm only saying you can't expect people to be totally mindless about you.

I'm just telling you, okay?

Okay. Why?

Because it's you.

And it just isn't possible, because you're you and I'd rather get it over with now, all right?

So dump me.

Go on.

Dump me.

Hey, 'Bbud.


I showed Stanley the look.

What look?

This one.

You getting it?


It's even better if you do this.

(Belt buckle clacking)

Oh, baby. You do it right.

♪ Somehow, we see ♪
♪ No matter how we feel ♪
♪ And it all breaks down ♪
♪ Will you be standing by me? ♪
♪ Don't want to fall in love ♪
♪ Again and again ♪


♪ We have to say goodbye ♪
♪ And just be friends ♪
♪ Loving you has to be the hardest thing ♪
♪ That's the way I feel ♪
♪ Getting to know you well ♪
♪ As the walls break down ♪
♪ And the daylight comes ♪
♪ Don't want to fall in love ♪
♪ Again and again ♪
♪ Just want to let you go ♪
♪ And numb the pain ♪
♪ We have to say goodbye ♪
♪ And just be friends ♪
♪ Loving you has to be the hardest thing ♪

(Both laughing)

You sure this is all right?

Yeah. My pops went to DC, so you can sleep in his bed as long as you don't puke in it, all right?

Can you manage that?

Sure, man. I'll do it here.



Chris is staying over.

He's still a little bit delicate.

(Chris retching)



You'd do anything for your friend.

No matter what he's done, he's still your friend.


I guess that's how it goes.

And what about me?

Is it the same for me?

Do it now, Stanley.

♪ I look in her eyes and what do I see? ♪
♪ She smells like flowers and tastes like butter ♪

It's going to be a mess.

Let it wait.

♪ But the knife in my hand didn't understand ♪
♪ That she was like a book that I had to read ♪
♪ But I hadn't brought my glasses with me ♪

CHRIS: Hey, p*rn stars!

Quit boring me!

Let's party!
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