01x09 - Blackbeard

Complete collection of episode transcripts for season 1. Aired: May 2014 to August 2014.
Set during the golden age of piracy in the 1700s and centers on legendary pirate Blackbeard.
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01x09 - Blackbeard

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What we did, you and I, there are physical consequences.

You're... ?

I am.

Is it safe?



What is it? What's wrong?

What have you done?

How long has she been mad?

Antoinette, his new wife.

Don't take Lowe.

Take Charles Rider.

We rob the rich under cover of nothing but our daring.


We track down that armada; we find Blackbeard.

It's him.

Turn us about.

Commodore, the plan... Is null and void.

Come on, William.

Come on!


[Cannons booming]

I wanted him to know what you've forgotten.

And what's that?

That I'm Blackbeard.

Good night, Judas.

You will tell me where Blackbeard is sooner or later, Charlie boy.

So there's been no bleeding?

No abdominal discomfort?

None, no.

No loss of appetite?


And you're sleeping?

As well as can be expected.

How well is that?

Is there a baby, Tom?

It's too early to say.

Do you want there to be?


And if you get your wish, what shall we do?

That's a decision that needn't be taken until it needs to be taken.

If the child is mine...


Is a child property, then?


And a woman?

Is she property?

A prize to be won like a cow at auction?

No human being can belong to another.

Except through choice.


And your choice?

If I were given that choice, I'd be yours, for you to do with as you will.

But when you say that, do you know what you're asking for?

Do you know what it means to give yourself to another person?

I believe so, yes.

You want to, but you don't.

Then tell me.

It's not something that can be told.

Only learned.

[Bell ringing]


Welcome home, Tim.

It's good to be home, miss.

I have to go. Spoils to be divided.

There are no spoils.

Make taut those lines!


Is it done?

It is done.

I am sorry.

It's done.

It had to be done.

He is d*ad.

Why be sorry now?

[Footsteps approaching]


Mr. Eisengrim, how may I be of service?

We've come to speak to you about Charles Rider.


You've been meeting in secret behind my back.

Not in secret...

Secret from me.


And why was this secret kept?

We thought it right to weigh our judgments before acting.

It wasn't from fear, then?

Oh, there was fear, Sir, aye.

There was fear of you, but that fear was leavened by the desire to do right by our Captain.

And by your Captain, you mean?

We mean Charlie Rider.

Oh, I see, and what did it find, this parliament of gulls who thought to sit in judgment on me?

That what you did to Charlie Rider amounts to m*rder, and we would be remiss in our obligations if we let that m*rder go unpunished under the law.

Whose law is it?

It's ours.

So what's to become of me?

Well, we won't do you the indignity of throwing you in a cell.

So it's what, then?

House arrest, I suppose?

If you'd agree to it, Sir, without gratuitous bloodshed.

At what point does bloodshed become gratuitous?

You're who you are, Sir, and you're fearsome, but you're also one man.

We are many.



Then let me make this suggestion, Oswald.

Lay a hand on me, and let's see how swiftly a twohanded fellow such as yourself can be rendered unidextrous.

Shall we?



[Loud whooshing]

[All yelling]

[All coughing]


[All yelling]

[Woman shrieks]

Help us! Help us!



[Woman screams]


Stop the b*mb now!

Call it off!

You assured me!

You wanted only the Commodore, no one else!

Well, this is just to soften them up, Charlie boy, let them know we are in earnest.


You told me they'd be spared.

And so they will, if they give me Blackbeard willingly and expeditiously.


Prepare to go ashore.


It's Jagger.

What's he doing here?

I don't know.

Then how did he find us?

I don't know.

You always know.

Not today, it seems.

He died... Charlie.


Because if not, if he lived, he must have told Jagger where we are, either in the name of revenge or because he was tortured.

Charlie must have led them here.

Charlie's d*ad.

But what if pity stayed your hand, Edward?

What if he lived?

Pity did not stay my hand.

Then what did?

Because something did.

It's written all over your face!



What did you do?


[Dramatic orchestral music]

Port side, hold the line.

Port side! Hold the line!

Port side, hold the line.

There you are.

It'll be fine...

[Baby crying]

Someone attend that baby.

Prepare for att*ck.

[Baby crying]


What is it?

Don't be afraid.

You're safe. I promise.


Tom, I need you to get Kate away from here.

Sneak into the mountains. You can do that.

I can't, James.

I can't turn my back on these people, and she'll never turn her back on you.

And the child?

Is ours to protect.

All of us.


At the ready!

Let him come.

And you don't get to depose a commander midbattle, Oswald.

This is the law by which you chose to abide, so abide by it.

There's a good chap.

I come to you invoking the rules of emissary, under which no messenger under a white flag may be harmed.

Say your piece and run home, son.

The Governor general of Jamaica extends to all citizens of this island a king's pardon with but one condition.

That you surrender the outlaw known as Blackbeard into the custody of the King.

We don't use that name here.

This assurance will be offered only once and permits neither debate nor negotiation.

You are outmanned and g*n.

You're a brave chap. Stand with us.

I beg your pardon.

Stay with us.

We at least offer fraternity, if not refuge.

You have until noon.

God save the King.

Ay de mi alhama.



Man the barricades. Prime the g*n.


We should discuss this amnesty.

[All muttering]

Take a vote on it.

I know William Jagger well, and you can be assured that he intends to rain carnage and desolation upon us all.

If you surrender, he'll sh**t you where you stand...

Man, woman, and child.

But we can't b*at him.

We're outmanned and g*n!

Let them come.

We'll eat them alive.

How do we achieve this thing?


Because thankless dog that you may be, Oswald, I take 1 of you at my side to 100 of them and count my victory assured, and that goes for every man and woman on this island.

To any monarch, king, sultan, pope, despot, or emperor, you are no more than a means to an end, a means to acquire riches, a means to acquire power, but we are an end to our own selves and only our own selves.

We that stand are abject dogs and bastards.

We are killers and malefactors.

We are thieves and scum, and we are brothers and sisters.

So if they wish to make us their means, let them come and meet their end!

[All cheering]

Bring them forth, and let's have it!

[All cheering]

[Dramatic music]
♪ ♪


Fix bayonets!

Prepare to att*ck!

[Martial drumming]

[All yelling]


[All yelling]


[Distant g*n]


Call him.

Call Edward.

I think he will come.

Call him.


[All yelling]









[Baby crying]

Please. Don't.



I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


Concentrate your f*re!


Let's take them!

Do you think it's too late to change sides?

Give me a moment. I'll ask them.


They're considering it.








[Fuse sizzling]






Do you remember Selima, his wife?

She's that way.

[Gate creaks]



I knew you'd come for her if you heard her siren call.


She's waiting for you over in the trees behind me, but first you must strike me down, for Blackbeard is a creature of revenge, is he not?

You burn to avenge yourself on me for the deaths of your son and daughter.

And should I not?

It's not my sin, their deaths, Edward, nor that of their mother's, the mad whore who you wed.

It's your sin.

Had you been a better man, they would live still.

And I wanted you to hear that before I put an end to you.

[g*n, b*llet ricochets]

[Birds squawking]

And do you know what truth you fear, William?

You came here craving my vengeance because without me, you have no meaning, but if I m*rder you, you live forever.

A shadow cast by my light.


[Door creaks]

[Door latches shut]




[Blade scraping]





[Blade slicing]

I led Jagger to the island, Tom, as vengeance for what the Commodore did to me.

None of this is your doing, Charlie.

Between men like the Commodore and William Jagger, what hope was there for any of us?


Okay. What do we do now?

Mr. Fletch, gather up a contingent of men and women.

Instruct them in how to treat the wounded.

Are you ready, Mr. Fletch?

I think you're ready.

And the wounded?

The English... what do we do?

No prisoners.

Where are you going?

There's a job still to be done.

Do it well.

[Solemn music]

♪ ♪

[Distantly] Father!


[Children screaming]


[Dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[Waves crashing]

[Mournful piano music]

♪ ♪

[Clocks ticking]

[Door squeaks]

The town stands.

Your victory is complete.


Though the price of it was unacceptable.

Oh, well... According to whose ledger?

You led them here, Commodore!

Jagger and his men and their g*n.

And why would I do that?

For the same reason you do anything, 'cause you chose to.

And what of it?

All these elegant notions in which you profess to believe...

Freedom from tyranny, that depraved distinction between rich and poor, great and small, master and valet, Governor and governed...

And yet there's nobody you wouldn't sacrifice in the name of your revenge!

You don't consider it a victory, then?

If victory it was, then may God save us from any more such victories.

Every great citystate needs its founding myth, Mr. Lowe...

Rome, Athens, Carthage.

And this will be ours: A great battle against a wicked oppressor and impossible odds, bonds of blood and brotherhood forged in the f*re of conflict and sacrifice.

What you saw today was not my revenge.

It was a crucible, the birth of a nation.

Then you planned it all?

I did.


And still you're blind to the truth.

Pardon me. It's been a trying day.

What is this truth that I've failed to acknowledge?

You speak of freedom and dream of liberation, but this island and its people will never be free, not so long as you sit in that chair, and neither will you.

You do so yearn to be free, Commodore, yet I never saw a man more shackled.

To what am I shackled?


Do you not believe that I love this place?

No. I know you do.

I know it.

Just as surely as I know you'll destroy it, just as you've destroyed everything else you've ever cherished.

You can't help it.

It's in your nature.

I suppose you've come here to address this monstrous imperfection?


I'm here to take your island, Edward.

Then forgive me if I feel compelled to rip the heart from your chest.

You are, of course, welcome to try.

But you can't win.

I've already won.

'Cause you know I'm right.








[Glass shatters]




Clever fellow.

Well done.

[Clocks stop ticking]


Listen up.

The day has been long and arduous beyond reckoning, but we're still here.

We stood together, and we prevailed, but there's work still to be done, so let's get to it.

Left, left.

Left, left.

[Horse neighs]

I know you.

You're Thomas Lowe.

I don't use that name anymore.

Then what should I call you, Sir?

Damn it, then.

Say what you've come to say.

Take that back to England.

Become the most famous man in the empire, or keep it as a paperweight.

Do with it as you will, but leave us alone.

To prey on our ships?

Sometimes, if you're fool enough to make them our prey.

That is not an acceptable condition.

That is not an acceptable reply.

And if... I should order my men to k*ll you now?

Then you'll find out what became of your predecessor, 'cause you'll be joining him.

Fame or death, Sir. One or the other. Fame or death. The choice is yours.
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